Stanley Cup Final off-day transcripts: Brad Richards, Henrik Lundqvist


From the NHL/ASAP Sports:


Brad Richards

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please, for Brad.

Q.  Having been through a lot of these series before, is there any conscious thought about the fact you don’t want to go back to New York down 0?2?  Do you want it to be 1?1?  In the flow of the game, you just want to win the game?
BRAD RICHARDS:  I don’t think it’s smart to start thinking we don’t want to do something or what if we’re down 2?0.  That’s not how you want to have your mindset going into a game.
We feel we win a game, we’re back tied 1?1.  But it’s still to 4.  Definitely you don’t want to have that in your mind going into a game.
Just win a game, that’s the mindset right now.

Q.  The coach was just saying their centers in the last game, they’re pretty strong, that you needed to manage the puck a little better.  Would you agree with that?
BRAD RICHARDS:  Yeah.  Center, whatever position, as a team we just stopped managing the puck as the game went on for some reason.  We all know that, recognize that.  Whether it’s center or whatever, we just got to be better at those areas, the details.

Q.  Obviously you never want to lose a game, but losing the way you did on a play like that, having two days off, maybe you think about it more, how it happened, or is there nothing to that?
BRAD RICHARDS:  No.  Danny was down for a few minutes.  Everybody kind of picked him up.
That’s a tough bounce.  It just happened that that was the overtime goal that the bounce happened.  We got a bounce on the second goal that went off their D men in the net.
We didn’t give ourselves a good enough chance in the third period.  Who knows where the overtime would have went.  But those things happen.

Q.  Bringing your A game, what has been discussed about that?
BRAD RICHARDS:  It’s pretty obvious.  If we win that game in overtime, we’re still having the same meeting probably today, the way the game went.  Sometimes you don’t win a game, you have to realize where you are.
We have to expect they’re going to be a lot better.  We have to be better or you’re going to be down 2?0.
You know, that’s normal.  We recognized that right when the game was over.  You know, it’s this time of year.  You get one crack at it.  You got to raise it.  There’s no other option.

Q.  John Moore was talking about he felt like he let you guys down.  With the potential of him coming back, can you talk about maybe you try to pick him up.
BRAD RICHARDS:  John, he’s a very good person.  Not that other guys aren’t, but he’s the type of guy that would affect, being suspended.
But that’s over with.  He’s excited now, that the suspension is over.
But we talked about it briefly.  That stuff happens.  It’s a play in hockey that he probably would have done something different if he had the hindsight.
He’s able to play now.  We’ll move on.  Hopefully he can come in and help.

Q.  With the extra off day, was that a good chance for you to mentally get away, or would you have preferred to get right back at it?
BRAD RICHARDS:  I can tell you after the game you wish you didn’t have the off game.  But as we go in today, get a good practice, now it’s good to have that day to kind of regroup.
As a player, you always want to get right back into it when you lose, especially an overtime game where you’re that close, one shot away.
Now tomorrow is so much closer, you don’t think about it anymore.

Q.  How important is the first 10 minutes going to be tomorrow?  What do you have to do in the first 10 minutes?
BRAD RICHARDS:  Same thing we always talk about:  the details of making them play 200 feet.  We got to play north/south.  When we play north/south we’re a lot quicker, can use our speed a lot more.
We expect a push.  But why can’t we push?  That will be the attitude.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Brad.

Henrik Lundqvist

Q.  We talked to you a lot about what it meant to get to a Cup Final.  Did you find yourself feeling that it was different?  Did it seem the same?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  Well, you were definitely excited to go out for warmups and play the first period.  You could definitely tell it was different.
But at the same time you were pretty focused on what you needed to do.  It was just fun to be out there and play the first game.  Especially when you have a few days between games, obviously you tend to think a lot.
It was just nice to finally get going.  We didn’t get the result we wanted, but there was a lot of good things we can build on for the next thing.

Q.  For yourself personally, were you satisfied with how you reacted with the extra pressure?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  I think I did the things I needed to do, I guess.  When you go into a game like that, it’s a 2?2 game, we could easily have won that game.  Actually, a breakaway with 30 seconds to go.
As a goalie there’s obviously a lot of things you can’t control.  I felt like the things I could control, I was in the right place mentally, and technically I felt pretty good.
They made a couple good plays.  The last goal, it’s a good shot.  I thought I covered enough to make that save.  But, you know, you have to give it to them as well.  It was a good shot.

Q.  Was it in any way comparable to some of those big Olympic moments or was this a totally different experience for you?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  Well, I think it’s a mix of a little bit of everything, being here.  I told someone it feels like you’re at All?Star weekend because there’s so much media that normally you don’t see.  There’s a lot of people that come up and ask you different types of questions right now.
But then at the same time you’re really focused on what you need to do.  So it’s a mix of being in the Olympics, being at All?Star weekend.  But it’s fun.  It’s a lot to take in, but it’s also exciting, you know, to just see a different side, I guess.
It’s still the same game, but it’s a lot going on.  I think that’s exciting.

Q.  How are the Kings different compared to the way you played them in November, video, compared to the way they played the other night?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  They played exactly the way we expected them to play.  We had meetings going into this game.  We talked about what to expect.
After the first period, I think AV asked us if we were surprised, didn’t expect that.  We all looked around the room and realized this is what we’ve been preparing for, this is the way it’s going to look.
They’re pretty consistent the way they play.  That’s why they’re here.  I think the reason we’re here is we’ve been consistent, especially the second half of the season, the way we’ve been playing.
I think parts of last game were really good and there’s parts we can improve.  We’re going to correct that for tomorrow.

Q.  How about traffic in front of the net?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  Well, you definitely have to work for it, be very aggressive, be active to try to find the puck.  That’s how they play.  They come down the wing.  They have two guys coming to the net, throw pucks in, go for tips or rebound.
Obviously the rebound control is important.  Just try to find the puck.  They’re good at it.  They’re really good at it.
But as a goalie, it’s a fun challenge, too, when they’re putting the heat on you.  Especially in that third period, it was a lot of action.  But it was a fun challenge.

Q.  You have such great team speed.  From your perspective, if you were on the other side, what does it do to a goalie when all that speed comes at you?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  Well, as a goalie, when you feel your own team is in control, even though the other team plays with a lot of speed, you feel more relaxed.  The tough part is when you feel like you’re not in the right place, as a team you make a mistake, they’re coming in three?on?ones, three?on?twos.  You try to be patient, believe in your game, not be overaggressive.  I mean, that’s for me.
For Quicky, it’s probably something else because we play pretty differently.
But, you know, I think both teams play with a lot of speed.  A lot of it is how you place the puck.  You can skate into pucks.  That keeps you, you know, from stopping too much.  You can just keep going.
We’ve been using our speed a lot, especially during the playoffs, in a good way.  I think we can keep doing that in this series.

Q.  You mentioned the third period.  Did you think there were a lot of really good scoring chances, a lot of action?  How did you survive that third period?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:  I felt like we kept them to the outside for the most part.  But they like to throw pucks from the outside, go for rebounds.  A lot of times you might not think there’s a big chance, but a lot of times they create something from second and third chances, not necessarily from the first shot.
It’s important that you don’t relax even though you feel like you have everything under control maybe in the first sequence.  That’s when they can surprise you a little bit.
But I think we did a good job.  Obviously they had a lot of pucks coming down the wings, shooting from different angles.  I think our D did a great job of taking care of loose pucks, guys in front of me.
Like I said, a lot of things were good, and there’s some things we talked about now that we’re going to try to correct and do better tomorrow.  We’re ready for this challenge, try to even this up.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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  1. Even though the Kings always come back from leads, I still think getting the first goal tomorrow is crucial. Falling behind early spells doom. Let’s face it, the Rangers don’t catch up notwithstanding the craziness of game 5 in Montreal.

    As much as Richards seems to do well as the team PR man, it irks me to hear his crap because he’s a liability on the ice 75 percent of the time. He’d make a good coach maybe. Just please buy him out after this season!

  2. CARP,

    Someone asked on your CHAT earlier:

    Comment From Bowser
    Question for Miami Pimp (if present) – I’m going to be in South Beach for games 3 and 4. Any bars to watch at that will likely have sound?

    For sound, try “Burger and Beer Joint” (1766 Bay Rd) or “Drexel Irish Bar” (1436 Drexel Ave) (may be closed).

    For more people scene (but not guaranteed sound), go to “The Playwright Irish Pub & Restaurant” (1265 Washington Ave)

  3. I can’t believe Brodeur is actually going to leave the Devils. Three rings, and is the greatest of all time, but he *has* to play another year and for a different team. That blob should retire a Devil.

  4. I love that people are still trying to throw Richards under the bus.

    The sad thing is that he’ll “have” to be bought out because the NHL changed the rules…he’s had a good year, a GREAT comeback, and has a ton of clutch plays in the playoffs. We’re not in the Finals with Richards.

    Meanwhile Rick Nash is looking like the difference between lifting the Cup and taking a knee.

    2 years ago I would have bet my life Nash is the difference maker that put us in the Finals against NJD, and now he feels like the hinderance.

    Seriously, Rangers don’t win this how do you ever forgive Nash for his perimeter play? How can he sit there and watch midgets Zuccarello and Marty be the difference makers???

    and this guy wants to complain about what Brad Richards says to the media.

    take a lap.

  5. Not throwing Richie under the bus. Throwing him under the whole Greyhound terminal. ‘Like rain falling on oceans- useless, useless.’ (Jack Kerouac)

  6. To an Athlete Dying Young
    By A. E. Housman

    The time you won your town the race
    We chaired you through the market-place;
    Man and boy stood cheering by,
    And home we brought you shoulder-high.

    Smart lad, to slip betimes away
    From fields where glory does not stay,
    And early though the laurel grows
    It withers quicker than the rose.

    Now you will not swell the rout
    Of lads that wore their honours out,
    Runners whom renown outran
    And the name died before the man.

    And round that early-laurelled head
    Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead,
    And find unwithered on its curls
    The garland briefer than a girl’s.

  7. I wish an NYR fan would kidnap The Good One, and sit him down on a chair, tie him up, put him in front of a TV, and put on the game against Columbus from March. Force him to watch that game on repeat until he understands exactly how he needs to play.

    We badly need *THAT* Rick Nash.

  8. Wayne Gretzky on NY Ranger Fans: “one thing about them, their honest. You can’t cheat them.”

    Paging Mr. Nash.

  9. More Gretzky on NY Ranger Fans:

    “They don’t care if your not the best player, they just care that you give your all.”

    Paging mr. Nash.

    Paging mr. Richards.

  10. I think Brad does give his all…he just doesn’t have much left physically. He scares me on the PP cause he’ll be out there for 75% of it and heaven forbid the puck squirts by him at the end of 90 seconds theres slim to no chance he’s gonna be able to get back.

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    Pouliot>Nash. Zucc>Nash. THE>Nash. Boyle>Nash. Rico Fata>Nash. Gene Carr> Nash. Pierre Jarry>Nash. Jack Egers>Nash. Mark Heaslip>Nash. Kelly Miller>Nash. Bill Fairbairn>Nash. Jean-Guy Talbot>Nash. Oh, wait……. Scratch that last one.

  12. iManny-O-War on

    I have to say, I really love Richards. He really knows the process. So valuable.

  13. iManny-O-War on

    Why can’t someone just hammer it into Nash’s head that if he plays that way, the GOOD way, for -4- 5-7 games, he can retire with a GREAT legacy. This series will define his LEGACY. That should be huge for him.

    Get dirty, Richard.

  14. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    This series will not define the legacy of Nash just as it will not define the legacy of Lundqvist. He has too much time remaining in his career.

  15. Game day tomorrow Manny, going to need ratio updates and don’t give me that vacation nonsense.

  16. iManny-O-War on

    Great point, C-Dubs. Yesterday a manatee swam up to me. It looked a lot like Brodeur. Probably a bad sign for the Rangers.



  17. Doc Jpe,

    What’s the verdict on caffeine-free coffee? Health-wise, is it better or worse for than regular coffee?

  18. I think this year will define Nash’s time in NY. Two years in the playoffs and nothing to show for it. He just doesn’t have what it takes to play in the big markets.

    He’s better off in Florida, Phoenix, Nashville, etc.

    The stage is too big for him here.

  19. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Washington cut the cherry tree down, now we know that’s not history

  20. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Scenes from a nights dream, poor little Nemo ….Nemo get out of bed

  21. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Papa – regular coffee has some natural anti-carcinagines (sp)

  22. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Dragons breathing fire….mushrooms tall as houses…..poor little Nemo

  23. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Once he went to the carnival of nations
    Dancing with the princess through the night
    Found themselves on a moving platform
    Ten ton weights above them
    Seeking audience with King Morpheus
    Scenes from a nights dream, poor little Nemo

    Nemo get out of bed
    Don’t tell me stories I don’t want to know
    Come on you sleep,you head, we’re waiting to go

  24. “This series will not define the legacy of Nash just as it will not define the legacy of Lundqvist. He has too much time remaining in his career.”

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I think Nash has already been defined as a wash up/choker… we rinse our hands of him as soon as possible no matter what he does for the rest of the series.

    Lundqvist on the other hand….this absolutely could define his legacy. If the Rangers win this series the single biggest shame would be that Lundqvist (as far as I know) would not be allowed to accept the trophy directly from the commissioner, as goalies cannot act as captains.

    But this would be HIS cup, of that there is no question. He may never see a Final again. This could/would quite literally define Henrik Lundqvist’s career.

    I thought I would be happy just getting to The Final, I really did. But after seeing how they can play with LA, how they coughed up that win… god damn I want them to win so badly it makes me sick. What an incredible story, so many layers to it all. To finish it off would just be so fcking perfect, it would be a sports story that echoes through New York even after we are all gone.

    Or we just get terminated by the Kings, 100 people in LA care for a weekend, and maybe we go on to sniff the conference finals every now and then for the next couple of years.

    This feeling though, this knot in the stomach of knowing whats on the line…I guess that’s what makes the experience, win or lose. Exquisite agony…and we’re just watching.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Salty – I totally agree. I said to myself after beating Montreal – I don’t even care if we lose…felt it was anticlimatic…but, now? Mutha fugga. I want to beat those bastages so bad. I feel worse today than I did yesterday.

    Let’s go rangers
    Let’s go rangers

  26. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    A loss in this Stanley Cup will not define the legacy of Lundqvist. He has plenty of time remaining in his career to win the Stanley Cup.

    The same logic applies to Rick Nash. Perhaps Nash is not capable of thriving in New York, but he is not unable to thrive elsewhere.

  27. Doc Joe, you ever hear of a guy named Dan Marino? Do you know his story? Look into it.

    You ever hear of a guy named Roberto Luongo? How many shots at the Final did he get? Not as many as he expected, I can assure you that. And he won’t ever be back there, I can assure you of that as well.

    There is quite certainly a LEGACY on the line here and everyone knows it. It may not be LQ’s one and only shot…but it damn well could be.

    You’re foolish to expect this opportunity to come again anytime soon, as a fan and as a player.

    Quick loses this series, he’s still got a ring. LQ would trade all the records for a ring.

  28. and one final point to drive home…if NY were to win this, this year…it will forever be known as HIS. THAT is what a LEGACY is about.

    Assume for a second the Rangers continue this way and that, assume they actually become a dominant team top to bottom and they win in a strong year…yeah LQ gets the ring, but who is to say what those imaginary teams would be like? He could have an awful playoffs and be carried by offense…that could happen. That changes a legacy.

    Marc Fluery has won a cup. Corey Crawford has won a cup. Their numbers will never hang in any arena. There is no LEGACY attached to those guys as there is a guy like Cam Ward who seemed to win a Cup on his own.

  29. Robby Bonfire on

    Larry Cahan>Nash; Arnie Brown>Nash; Val Fonteyne>Nash; Irvin Erwin>Nash; Nash>Wayne Gretzky if and when Gretzky dies first.

  30. come on…you are joking, no? Marc Fleury will not have his number retired

    what is your little avatar manchestbody?

  31. Why wouldn’t they retire his number? He helped them win a Cup in 2009, he’s the all time leader in wins & shutouts. He’s definitely getting his number retired at the end of his career.

    I don’t know why you find that so shocking. Not like I’m saying he’s a Hall of Famer.

    And the avatar is Verne Troyer enjoying a day at the beach!

  32. Richter has one ring, 301 wins

    Giacomin has no ring, 266 wins

    Both are retired by NYR.

    Fleury has a ring, 288 wins. He’ll have his number retired. He’s the greatest Penguins goalie of all time. They’ll honor that when he retires. It’s not even up for debate.

  33. Barrasso 2 consecutive cups in pittsburgh, among other accolades…you’d think if they wanted to put banners up they’d put his up. Especially when they were the lowest attendance team before the crosby rig, they could have made a couple of nights around it and made some money.

    Fluery has that Cup but you could argue he has cost them a couple more. He’s been a running joke for several seasons, THE playoff choker. He’s young and they are probably gonna make a goalie move once Crosby gives the okay…I just can’t see them retiring his number after all the hairballs he’s coughed up in the post season. You could say he cost PIT their chance at a dynasty the last several years.

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