Game 1: Rangers-Kings in review



1) I’m not sure what to make of Game 1. Why? Because I thought it was kind of what we should have expected. The Kings are a bigger, heavier team who beat the crap out of you and give up chances. The Rangers are a faster team that won’t be intimidated and have the better goaltender. The Kings and Jonathan Quick are the best team and the best goalie the Rangers have faced in these playoffs. The Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist are the best defensive team and by far — FAR — the best goalie the Kings have faced.

2) And so, it was a 2-2 game, no matter how it looked at times getting there, until OT, when a bad hop, a flat tire, a bad pass, and too many Rangers flying the zone gave the Kings Game 1. Despite the Kings’ controlling the second half of the game, or more, and dominating the third, the Rangers had chances to win it late in the third, and it could have gone either way.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game One

3) A veteran hockey guy whom I like very much and respect even more asked me after the game, “so do you think it’s over? Was that the Rangers’ shot?” And I just chuckled because we have seen in virtually every series but Montreal-Tampa this springtime how the next game just changes the complexion of the series. Rangers win Game 2, everybody’s back on board. Rangers lose Game 2, everybody’s bailing … until they win Game 3. That’s how it goes. One game isn’t determining anything, unless it’s an elimination game and the team leading the series wins that game. I don’t see LA winning this thing in four or five. I just don’t.

4) But I’ve been wrong once before.

5) King vs. Kings. During the third period came the tweet of the night by my buddy, Dave Lozo: “Henrik Lundqvist made more saves in the third period than Corey Crawford made in seven games of the West Final.” The Kings were skating downhill from late in the first period on, and Lundqvist was sensational, not just with his saves, but also with a couple of fab poke checks, and with the way he directed angle shots into the corners and out of trouble. People talk about him stealing games. He almost stole this one.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game One6) Quick was pretty fabulous, too, BTW. The save on Martin St. Louis and the save on Carl Hagelin short-handed in the final minute were game-changers. And don’t forget, he stopped Hagelin on the short-handed goal, too, only to have his D-man kick it in.

7) Battle of the D-Men. Everybody’s saying Drew Doughty is the best defenseman in the league and it’s hard to argue he isn’t. His goal was spectacular, but so was his cough-up. He took some shots, maybe one that deserved a penalty, and he gave some, and he was called for embellishment. In this game, though, I thought Ryan McMonster was better. He tends to stand out even more when the opponent is spending a lot if time in the Rangers end and he’s the guy getting it out and then joining the play. I thought he, like Benoit Pouliot, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello, flew the zone early on the game-winning goal.

8) Carl Hagelin has been one of the Rangers’ most consistent players throughout these playoffs. Speedy Gonzalez. Hagelin’s SHG was not the worst allowed by Quick to the Rangers this season. How about Hagelin face-raking Justin Williams after Williams bumped Lundqvist.

9) Pouliot’s strip of Doughty, who is arrogant (in a good way) enough to attempt a toe drag just inside the blue line, and finish on the breakaway was pretty cool. I thought he and Brassard and Zuccarello, again until the GWG, were really good most of the night … though they, like all the other lines, didn’t establish enough forecheck. Did anybody else think Pouliot might take an offensive-zone penalty on his breakaway?

10) Down the middle is where the Kings are strongest, and the Rangers are not. Brad Richards had the giveaway to Anze Kopitar, who was robbed by Lundqvist early third at 2-2. The giveaway by Derick Stepan led directly to the Kyle Clifford goal late in the first. Brassard took an offensive-zone penalty on Dustin Brown that easily could have been a major … and I won’t repeat about the GWG.

11) Speaking of which, the Kings sure spent a lot of time going after Brassard after the hit on their captain. Once upon a time, you dared not hit a captain like that or you would catch the wrath. The Kings’ reaction was old school, and you don’t see that much anymore, and I like it.

12) Going back to the play by Girardi, etc., I thought he fought the puck a log, and so did Marc Staal. Don’t know how much of that was the Kings’ size, or if any of it was nerves — finally a first Stanley Cup Final game for most of these guys. Staal failed to tie up Clifford after the Stepan cough-up and after Anton Sttalman lost a battle with Jeff Carter. Staal, I thought, was too high chasing the puck when Doughty went around Derek Dorsett like a traffic cone to tie it at 2-2. Dorsett didn’t play a whole lot after that, and I thought that the fourth line didn’t play its usual effective forecheck game. Coincidence? Stralman also threw two bombs of open-ice hits. He’s gotten pretty adept at that.

13) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Rick Nash was involved early., Had one really great chance early. Drew the penalty. He’s not on the PP much anymore. Got the benefit of the Doughty diving call. Botched the late 3-on-2 without a pass or a shot. Made the pass on the late Hagelin short-handed breakaway. Didn’t score. Needle didn’t move.

14) I didn’t think much of Chris Kreider’s game, either. He finally found at least one guy — Kopitar — who can match his strength. Kreider took a stick in the mouth. No call. I thought he got away with a forearm shiver to Doughty’s noggin, too.

15) That said, this was one of the better officiated games of the playoffs.

16) I thought early on that the Rangers’ forecheck did cause problems for the Kings’ D. They will need to get back to that. The Kings’ forecheck is a lot louder, though. Jarrett Stoll racked up Kevin Klein. The hit count was lopsided, and I didn’t think it was home-cooking by the statistician. The Kings might beat the tar out of the Rangers over seven games, and it might take a toll, but as I said earlier, they’re not going to intimidate this bunch.

17) I thought the Rangers’ special teams were very good, especially the PK, which didn’t allow a shot on the first three attempts and had the shorty, and then the late short-handed break. The power play really did have good looks. Probably going to need some PPGs to win this thing. PS, I think I noticed Marian Gaborik twice in this game.

18) Still chuckling over Gary Bettman boasting about how the league is serious about concussions. LMAO. Brandon Prust got two games for interference and the referee who saw it didn’t even call a penalty. Now that’s serious.

My Three Rangers Stars:2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game One
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Benoit Pouliot.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. tie, Ryan McDonagh, Benoit Pouliot.

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  1. Go get game two. Way too many passes. Talking to you Stepan. Shoot this guy gives up tons of rebounds. Congrats to the kings for the great third period and the girardi brain/foot cramp. Get game two.

  2. Nice write up!! Lundqvist- awesome last night. Would of been nice to see a bit more from the top line. They need to use there depth across the board in order to win this. From every line.

  3. Just disgusted today because I wonder was that a game we could have stolen yet failed and I believe the kings will only get better. Question is can the rangers play consistently like they did throughout first 2 periods.

    I said Marc staal needed play at a all star clip and he was far from it.

    St. Louis to Moore 3-0 5 sec later step turnover 2-1. Huge swing

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi needs to make that play. His partners and the forward ‘left the zone’ because their former All Star Dman was about to make a play most Squirts can do in the sleep.
    Steps giveaway was preceded by a very weak pass up the boards by Staal who then could not tie up his man even though he had inside position.
    If these two guys make those kind of mistakes…turn out the lights, the parties over

    Nash-o-meter is stuck alright. As in no movement because he does very little. Had his usual jump early and then crickets. Is the guy not in shape that he cannot sustain the effort? That 3on1 he botched was classic Nash, not shooting and trying to beat a man to the middle. Oy vey…

    Our PK is lethal. Hags…jeez, what hustle
    Doughty is a whiner and he spends most of his time cross checking forwards in front of the net
    Thought Brassard’s hit was questionable, Brown turned, but like most of the Kings were doing during the game. Like to dish it out, but….

  5. bull dog line on

    4th line struggled all night. did not like trying to match them with Kopitar early on. should think about Miller for Dorsett. as good as Hank was, he was beat on the short side twice, and from the side of the net once. it is all about timely saves, and Quick made them. I liked Kreider’s game more than Carp did last night. every time he was on the ice he created some forecheck. that line needs to shoot more. did not like Brassard’s line as much as Carp did. thought they were to up and down. got hemmed in often. best line was Richards. Klein, and Diaz really struggled. as did Staal and Girardi.

  6. Norm Merton on

    C&C — a great solace. Great hockey game last night. Rangers had a chance to steal it, but there’s no question the Kings earned it. Quick looked shaky early on, but he sure straightened himself out. If he decides to go all Conn Smythe on us, this series won’t last long.

  7. Love the review Carp. I have recommended your blog to so many fans. Again, I am not blowing smoke here, but when it comes to Rangers writers, you are at the top of the list.

    What a bummer. OT wins are beyond exhilarating and losses, the opposite.

    But, hopefully the Rangers have learned that they can play with these guys. They need to find a way to get the speed and forechecking that they had in the first period, repeated throughout an entire game. They are going to need to be relentless.

    I have total faith in AV to make the proper adjustments. I think he is the best coach the rangers have had in many moons. The Rangers are lucky to have him.

    Felt bad for Hank. That 3rd period was total domination by the Kings. Hank was so good it was ridiculous.

    The exposure by the Kings of Girardi’s lack of foot speed was troubling. Dan is going to have to step it up since the minutes that duo logs are huge.

    Doughty is as good as advertised, but then again, so is Mac. Guys, we are seeing the emergence of Mac as an ELITE defenseman in this league. He is 24 years old. Holy Cow! SCOTT GOMEZ.. LOL! As I have said many times, the greatest trade in Ranger history and Karmic payback for Rick Middleton.

    I sure wish the game was on Friday night. I want back at it to wipe away the bad taste of that one.

    My Favorite Ranger fan of all time returns to us tonight after 5 months abroad!!!!!!!




  8. Stephan’s TO was the turning point to me. We get out of the first period up 2-0 we win IMO. Carcillo!

  9. Admiral Akbar on

    It was a winnable game for the Rangers that the Kings deserved to win and did.


  10. Rick Nash – It’s the Stanley Cup Final and he still plays with the same amount of passion I have while ordering a bagel on a Tuesday morning. Sadly the more you watch him the more you realize he’s just not all that talented, just big. And he tries the same exact moves all the time, usually leaving himself off balance or having the puck so far out in front that an average D-man can easily knock it aside.

    Top line performs like that for this series and we’re toast. They need to step it up BIG TIME and get the puck on net.

    That being said, it sure felt good for 40 minutes. Definitely felt like the Rangers belonged here. Last 20 mins…not so much. But the Rangers simply stopped skating. Stopped using their lone strength against the Kings.

    The national broadcast, it has to be said, is a joke. The Drew Doughty slobbering is already reaching Crosby-esque proportions. Forget that he coughed up the puck to cost his team a goal and only scored on his move because Hank let it slip by (should have had it easy). It’s like they got a memo to push Doughty as the next coming of Bobby Orr. Just embarrassing.

    Rangers need to look at the video and realize they let this game get away. Rangers can play with the Kings, they proved that. But they need some players to realize this is not the time to get fancy with stupid passes…Stepan and Nash being the worst culprits.

    Also already got some blood boiling in this series. Gotta like that if only to keep it interesting.

    Not depressed by a long shot. It’s only one game. But it’s a game they COULD have had and probably SHOULD have had.

    Get it back Saturday

  11. This looked like a lot of playoff games this year, and a lot of regular season games too. Too much trying for the perfect pass when a shot on goal and driving to the net for rebounds would have been MUCH better. I know they talked on the broadcast about the pass to St Louis which would have been an empty netter for him if he got it. But you know what? Watching that play, if they shot the puck and got the rebound, which Quick was given up early, it’s over too, and that’s a much higher percentage play. This game could have been a blowout early if they just shot more.

    I don’t know what it was about that game, but once the Kings tied it, I had this resigned feeling that they were going to lose, and I lost my excitement for the game. I just felt at that point that they’d lose somehow. I’m starting to feel that if we win the series it will be fantastic, but if they lose, to me they lost to a better team and I won’t be really upset or disappointed. I’ve never felt that way, even in ’79 when they played perhaps the greatest hockey team I’ve ever watched. Reading all the stuff about the series, all those “intangibles” the Rangers have had since game 5 of the Pens series, are matched by the Kings. And watching that game, when a supposedly tired Kings team actually looked LESS tired than the Rangers in the third, I’m just having that feeling that the Kings just “have it” this year.

    And yet, we still could have won the game, and we could still win Game 2 and I’ll probably feel much differently :)

  12. Was there some Jet Lag there? The Boys were fast at the beginning… then slowed significantly later.

    Alain V. will need to show his Coaching savvy to overcome that slowing in second halfs on PSTime.

    What’s he saving the timeout for?

  13. Nice review, Carp…LOL about French Poodle offensive penalty on the breakaway…cudda gone either way last night, Saturday is (not just) another game.

  14. NBC sure loves Doughty…praised his goal but no heat for trying a toe drag from the blue line and giving Poulliot breakaway goal…Stephan needs to play better if we are going to win…tough turnnover and he passed up a few open shots. Hopefully one of AVs adjustments is to show Nash where the slot is….he goes no where near it and thats why he does not score/create

  15. Boiler, heard that timeouts are for wimps!;>)) How many timeouts has AV called in these playoffs? 2? 3?

  16. Okay, it’s just one loss so I am not totally deflated. Not on the ledge yet. But…looking at the two goals we scored, on the first, a breakaway where the trailing defenseman fell over, and the second, a breakaway which was stopped and knocked in by the defenseman. So our offense largely benefitted from a couple of lucky bounces, and that was it. Need to do better in game 2.

  17. Yes we got a couple bounces go our way, but so did tje Kings. Hank wants the Doughty goal back and the other two were favorable bounces for them.

  18. Everybody add talking about how great the pace was from the beginning, but if seemed slow to me, like they were feeling each other out. Is it just my nerves?

    I thought the fourth line played well. I’m amazed Carp can keep track of all this stuff in such detail; I can’t tell you who played particularly well or poorly except for on goals and penalties.

    And Larry David left before the third.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    This loss is all on DannyG. He sucked all game long and it cost McD chances to rush up the ice and join the offense. I said before the series that other than the obvious, the key to this series is how Girardi and Staal play. After game one both stunk, but the OT goal was all Girardi. Just an awful play. Keystone cops level garbage.

  20. I have to agree with NJ Heat on the turning point being the Stepan turnover. The Rangers were in control until the Kings cut the lead. The Blueshirts never seemed to raise their compete level after that.

  21. Did they turn u the heat in the building mid way, looked like Rangers were skating in water. That’s one way to slow em up.

    AV will make small changes plus John Moore will be back.

  22. As for Timeouts… I remember one that Torts did where he said and did nothing… just a timeout. No coach said anything either & the team didn’t need rest, they needed a reset button.

    We all like AV very much & understand his approach is totally opposite Torts, but a silent timeout last night about 3-5 minutes into 3rd period would have had some value I think anyway.

  23. Stepan and Nash are just infuriating at times. Stepan refuses to shoot and Nash refuses to take it to the net. And yes the Stepan turnover was huge. Missed opportunity

  24. Girardi will bounce back. I am concerned with Staal. Bad throughout the Montreal series and not too good last night. He needs to step it up

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Of our top 9 forwards – 1, as in one, is a righty – Step and he doesn’t shoot.

    PK generates a lot of chances as it exposes Kings’ D lack of speed

    If the refs let the off puck stuff continue, we are toast.

    Some moments during the game we were passing like the 1976 Red Army team; fun to watch.

  26. Not all that worried yet about the series, but I am worried about the constant giving up of shooting chances to make that extra (low percentage) pass. St. Louis had a great chance early that he instead tried to pass to Moore (that went about 3 feet behind him), and Step gave up an opportunity or two.

    Shots are going to be at a premium for this team all series, can’t waste them trying to be too pretty. North-South, fellas! Shoot, shoot, shoot!

  27. jimG the desertrat on

    My goodness what a third period. Too many distractions on the left coast?

  28. Good morning, boneheads!

    Excellent review, Carp.

    May not be the best played game considering how much this one meant, but it was a very entertaining, high level, back and forth game. Speed skill, physicality, great goaltending. Totally worth SCF. And the Rangers are a big part of it. Just think about it for a moment and let it settle. I enjoyed it, in relative terms. It’s harder when you’re so invested in it emotionally, but I did nonetheless.

    Carp described it so well, I don’t feel compelled to discussed any particular plays. But I hope all those who said the Rangers will be steamrolled realize now how wrong they were. It could’ve easily been 1-0 Rangers. But that’s hockey.

    One thing, though. Paphael Diaz was the reason why McD had to play 30+ minutes. They need John Moore back. Bad.

  29. I do wonder about jet lag, but, the game was started at 8PM Eastern time, so theoretically, the bodies should be used to the starting time. I just think, for some reason, they stopped skating. Maybe it was an adjustment that Sutter made. Maybe the hitting took it’s toll. Not sure. And yes, SHOOT THE PUCK!! How many times have we said this after a loss during the playoffs?

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I had the three stars the same as Carp.

    You could see as the second period carried on that LA was getting a foothold in the game (beyond the score) and was really beginning to dominate possession. The third period was embarrassing. Lundqvist was amazing, although he bobbled a few more pucks than I would have liked to see, but fortunately was not made to pay the price.

    The Kings completely take away anything in front of their net. It’s going to take a lot to beat them.

    I don’t think we are going to make it to game 6 at this pace.

  31. The third period made it seem like the Kings were the team with 6 days off.

    Yes, they were pretty good for 40 minutes, but it felt like the Kings were in a warm up, and then said, “Okay, we’re ready now…”

    Sorry, I really think they lose big time on Saturday. Game 1 was ripe fruit and they let it fall to the ground to rot.

  32. ThisYearsModel on

    The Rangers finally started to push back late in the 3rd, and I thought they were going to take this game in OT. They had jump and looked dangerous on the 3rd until Girardi went all Pee Wee on us.

  33. Man was Girardi’s overtime cough up stupid. There wasn’t a single Ranger on the right side in the zone (and barely any on the left) when he tried that hail mary from his knees. Pretty dumb play and surprising from such a solid player.

    I think one of the biggest issues last night was that the 4th line didn’t match up at all. Dorsett looked totally lost out there and I’m not sure Miller is the answer.

  34. Good news..guaranteed 3 more game reviews…bad news..possibly only 3 more game reviews..Kings just played their game..we didn’t play ours…stay thirsty my friends…better days ahead..I hope!

  35. My suggestion is All Rangers is shave off their itchy beards, at least it will give us some advantage in such hot weather over the bearded Kings. When my beard grows long enough it starts to bother me, I am sure at least some Rangers are in similar situation. And they will not intimidate the Kings with their beards anyway, so what’s the point?

  36. I said to my friends during the game that Girardi did not look like himself… was slow getting to the puck and seemed tentative when going into the corner. Several times he let the Kings player get their first and then try to defend/reclaim puck posession.

    the other thing I noticed is that the Kings D pinches ALL THE TIME. They must know that the Rangers are looking to bump the puck up along the wall to clear the zone.

    AV will make some adjustments and we’ll see how it rolls in game 2.

  37. Staal should retire he seems very disinterested, produces zero offense and shies away from any physical contact.

    Against the Kings I would use Girardi and Staal as my 3rd pair.

  38. It’s high time that we started referring to Stralman as “The Executioner”

    And geez, that first Stepan giveaway. I know I’m I the minority here but I just don’t see with home what you guys see. I guess he’s better than our alternative but I don’t think he’s special in any way…more questionable decisions than good plays.

    For the 15th year in a row, Who teaches our team how to clear the puck?

  39. Our Checking line got a lot of icetime and you would expect them to check, but Moore and Dorsett registered 0 hits. What’s up with that?

  40. One other thing I noticed is that the Rangers kept looking for the long bomb pass out of the zone (such as the one Girardi tried to make). It looked like the Kings were ready for it, especially after the first 10 minutes or so of the game. So to counteract that they need to be making crisp, short passes, and then dump and use their speed to get to the puck if they can’t skate in. Early in the game they were winning all the puck battles because of their speed. Later, not so much.

  41. Stepan is partially to blame for a bad clear, but everybody makes a bad clear once in a while.

    On the 2nd Kings goal Staal was poke checking up high instead of retreating towards the net and Dorsett instead of taking the body on Doughty was doing his Staal impression trying a futile pokecheck and Doughty just went around him and scored.

    Some of these players are obviously not getting what is at stake here and are not giving a 100% effort.

    We need to weed out the pokechecking cancers on the team and replace them with players that will take the body hard.

  42. 18. _Still chuckling over Gary Bettman boasting about how the league is serious about concussions. LMAO_

    Carpus, Bettman is serious about concusions. *Serious-ly delusional.*

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    In the highly improbable event that the Rangers win the Cup, does LeNeveu get his name on it now along with Henrik and Talbot?

  44. No way do the rangers get blown out on Saturday, if you think so you don’t have to apologize for it tho. Sorry i think the rangers get blown out on Saturday. You apologizing to me? You even watch the game last night? Rangers should have had 5-6 goals if they shot more. Quick is way inferior to lundqvist. This is going six or seven.

  45. Unfortunately, Staal is not the same player he was before his brother drilled him. He seems to make a lot of poor decisions. It drives me nuts when he shoots. It invariably misses the net or gets blocked.
    Third period the Rangers looked like they were playing in a pre-season scrimmage and not the Finals. Way too many passes. Not enough desperation. I think game two they will play like it’s the Stanley Cup.

  46. In the first period, LA couldn’t handle the Rangers’ speed.

    After the first, they negated the speed by some clever tactics: interference, but not enough to get called – stepping in front of someone, small quick bumps, quick grabs, holding in scrums along the boards,etc. This caused he Rangers to think when they got the puck, instead of reacting instinctively.

    Result – LA took over the game in the third.

  47. I don’t think it mattered much and I tght the game was well officiated-ish.. on the Doughty goal was M.Richards (blech) holding Stralman in Front of the net? Otherwise, I tght Stralman was really good last nite (even without the big hits)..

  48. The Doughty Goal…….

    Dorsett made a high risk / high reward decision to go for the poke check. If he gets it’s, he’s may be off to the races on a breakaway. If he doesn’t it’s going to result in a prime scoring chance for a great talent. He lost.

    Doughty did make a tremendous play but Stralman may have had a legitimate chance to get to Doughty if his stick wasn’t held by a Kings forward Mike Richards.

    I went back and watched the replay because I wasn’t sure. The replay angle from behind the net is the definitive confirmation. Richards holds Stralman’s stick with his right (high hand) a tugs it, pulling Stralman and turning him away from Doughty. I thought Stralman had a legit shot at stick checking Doughty if not for Richards tug.

    *I thought it could have been a call on Richards as his stick holding tug facilitated an A+ scoring play*

  49. Don’t know why the Rangers stopped skating in the third period? Same reason your puppy stopped peeing on the floor after you whacked him with a rolled up newspaper over and over. Bad sign. Hopefully you hit memory erase and Saturday return undaunted- remember, at this level finesse is no good without finish.

  50. Good observation Papa Bear- I wondered what caused Strahlman’s body to turn like that.

  51. Nobody talking about M. Richards hook on Stralman in front of Hank that allowed Doughty all the time he needed to pick a spot for goal 2?

  52. papa – was that a response to my question? …or just coincidence that we both tght of that at the 10:30am mark??.. great minds…(?)

  53. However my 10:32 aside…I do agree with Carp. the officiating was solid last night. A little bit old school maybe?

    Boyle’s slash though, why that is an “automatic” penalty?

  54. Please please stop with the ridiculous jt miller talk. The kid hasn’t had it all season. Maybe next year if he isn’t traded he will get a look.

    It’s just one game that we had every chance to win…RTFU people!!

  55. Nobody is talking aboot how Dough Boy kicked Hank in the head with his knee after his sick goal…

    That was pretty slick…

  56. Wick, I agree.

    We can play with the Kings. Hopefully the boys learned something last night.

    Really, We were a great glove save by Quick on Hagelin in the last 30 seconds away from winning this game.

  57. OK so Staal has many critics here and in other places.
    I am certain that his eye is still quite damaged and will always be. His best days are behind him due to this and yet he still can be one of the top 20 defensemen in the NHL. Pretty impressive for the less than perfect sight.

    No doubt there are some off plays he makes, yet there is still many really great ones too.

  58. NYR_FAN I mentioned it several times last night. Naturally NBC & NHL won’t but if that same thing happens to any other goalie DURING (not after a goal) a play it is a penalty and likely reviewable. 100% Headshot… Why does the NHL ignore intent on some plays? Like the headshot/slapshot that Jesper lost his tooth to against Pittsburg.

  59. Rob in Beantown on

    My understanding is LeNeveau would get his name on the Cup because he was in the lineup for a SCF game.

  60. nash did not play bad but he is there stud scorer and because of that and about $7 mill other reasons he has to shoot the puck. he had about 3 good opptys when he never even got the puck on net let alone scored..

    I disagree on the 2nd period, I did not watch the game live but watched after the fact and the rangers after 40 I think definitely had more chances or should have.

    3rd period. yes shot wise they were dominated chance wise much less dominated. in OT kings had 1 shot the winning goal which was a turnover breakdown of the rangers who all left girardi out to dry. they are so anxious to turn to offense like they are going to score!!!

    kings will physically beat up the rangers I agree but the rangers if they choose not to try to match which is a good idea they can compete with these guys…

    puck management that is the magic phrase not more accurate shooting or anything else. rangers be smart with the puck, take the smart safe route out of the zone, they can compete and beat these guys. if the rangers continue to pass up shots, look for the highlight play, and give up stepan, girardi, type tunrovers it will be over quickly…

    kings have more margin for error then the rangers do..

  61. The Rangers were slower in the second half of the game. A lot of standing around. Except for Carl Hagelin. I think the Kings hitting the Rangers takes its toll by the latter part of the game.That makes them a little gun shy. It is the only weakness that the Rangers cannot account for.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    While game 2 isn’t must win, getting a split will be most delicious. Rangers had great chances on the PK aside from the Hags shortie. Girardi seemed slow to the puck all game. Kings’ D can completely back of Stepan as he doesnt even pretend to shoot. On a PP in the 2nd, he had the puck on the left circle, cradled it, and the entire sequence he had his back turned to Quack. I don’t understand his unwillingness to shoot. Quack can be beaten.

  63. Carp (I know you are not up yet) but what was Stepan doing on that first LA goal. He gives it away and then he does not take anybody. Get back in there and play a man!

    Don Cherry is right. McDonagh flees the zone much too fast. He has got to be back on that play. Pouliot also is not watching behind him and does not come back.

    I still feel the series will go at least 6, but if Rangers lose No. 2 watch out!

    Stepan passed up 2 shots on one PP and Nash has got to shoot on that 3 on 2. Enough with the dip and spin move!

  64. Right, the Rangers picked last night to start getting gun shy about taking hits. Nothing to do with LA being the objectively better team or the flight out west or any of that.

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    Getting a split by winning game 2 will be great, but man it stings that we couldn’t have stolen that one last night. I keep having Hags’ short handed breakaway at the end of the 3rd flash through my mind. It’s crazy how much my mood would be improved if that stupid puck just goes in.

  66. What E3 said. The ol’ “a series doesn’t start until a home team loses” mantra is pretty dead on.

  67. Anyone still solely blaming Girardi for the last goal needs to rewatch. Dumb play by him, but Pouliot as the near side guy has to stay back on the boards to help. McDonagh can’t just flee the zone. It’s OT in the Finals, the whole line needs to make sure that puck is out.

    Also, not saying it happens often but AV got outcoached last night. Sutter pulled the right strings and AV didn’t reel in the troops when it got lopsided in the 3rd. Hopefully he makes the appropriate adjustments.

  68. ThisYearsModel on

    I love this “fly the zone” talk on the winning goal. Girardi had all day to move the puck. There should have been no worries by his teammates that he would mess it up so badly, including throwing the puck into 3 black shirts when he had the entire zone to use. It was nobody else’s fault but his. The Rangers failure last night was not having 4 goals in the bank by the 3rd period. They stopped skating in the 3rd, and got nothing from Nash, Richards or St. Louis. Henrik was very good, and he deserved better.

  69. The comments on the ESPN articles are just hilarious. LA is already hoisting the Cup after this one game apparently.

    Imagine if they go up 2-0. They might as well cancel the MSG games.

  70. Stranger Nation on

    They weren’t fleeing the zone. They were moving forward counting on a hockey pro Dman to make a Squirt play. or maybe they should all just hang back and make sure everyone can make every simple play and lie down and block shots and never get an offensive rush and ….

    enough..Girardi screwed up…he will play better next game or we are screwed because that was just one of many

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The frigging Kings are a damn good team. They are like the “Terminator” as they just do not stop. Down 2-0 on the road, to the defending champs, game 7….. No worries. Down 1-0 early in game 7 on the road against the Sharks…No worries…..Down 2-0, last night, no worries…..I’ll tell ya, that team is for real. All that said, the Rangers win Game 2, and it’s series ON.

  72. I usually temper my emotional response until at least Game 3. Way too early to go into panic mode. Plus, the Rangers lost Game 1 3-2 in OT to Vancouver in ’94.

  73. Are we talking about the same Staal who was the Rangers best D-man in the playoffs(including McD) through a majority the Penguins series?

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers need to ramp it up one or two notches. They certainly did not play in 5th gear for 60 minutes last night. Up 2-0, they had several good chances to make it 3-0. But it doesn’t matter how big a lead you get on the Kings as they are never folding up the tent….Rangers need to go hard every shift. Let’s win game 2, and it’s on to NY and let’s win there….

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – get out to beach. Even with the typical June swoon overcast mornings, the ocean is great place for a walk…

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    “The comments on the ESPN articles are just hilarious. LA is already hoisting the Cup after this one game apparently.”

    The comments pretty much everywhere outside of Rangers fan forums had the Kings hoisting the Cup from the moment the Kings took game 7 against Chicago, to the point where I was expecting Bettman to bring out the Cup after the Clarence Campbell Bowl.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The cup winner has to collect 4 victories. Kings are good, but so are the Rangers. Win game 2, boys. Just win….

  78. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Still believeing “Why Not”??


    But, I have to ask 2 questions of Pierre, because I simply have not heard it ANYWHERE on the NBCN telecasts:

    1. Who is that defenseman on LA, begins with a ‘D’?

    2. Did Dominic Moore go to college? If so, where??

  79. The kings will be better, the rangers will be better.

    Should have taken Game 1, but they know they can put the Kings on their heels.

    Some rangers looked slow all night, like all the time off, zapped some of theirs legs. On the whole, the team looked slow in the 3rd.

    Just like that Boston game in march, the rangers needed to net a few more of the chances they had in the 1st while the kings were lackluster. If it’s 3-1, 3-0 heading into the first intermission, the game plays out much differently.

    But the kings are good. We knew that.

    They are the best team the rangers have faced in the playoffs, we knew that was gonna be the case.

    The rangers can beat them though. No doubt

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    3. In which league did a large portion of the Kings play their junior hockey?

  81. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Carp, simplly great review. Like Yev, I has invited so many other true blue fans here. Only place to be. You are the best beat writer covering this team by far.

  82. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    After a game like last night I was confused, too. Is LA that good that they can take over a game at will? Were we tired from their checking, size, jet lag, or not in game shape because of the 6 days off?

    Regardless, we had chances. The 3rd didn’t look pretty, but our speed (how good was Hags????) showed through and AV will do more to pry guys open. We had chances. Could have won almost as much as we lost.

    Tell you this, we win game 2 and we all look back thinking, OMG, we could have been up 2-0, a little luck here or there!!

    LGR!! LGR!!!

  83. Rob in Beantown on

    Which junior team did the current Kings captain and the former Rangers captain play on? Anybody know this vital piece of information?

  84. Rob in Beantown on

    Oh and if you find out which team the Kings captain and former Rangers captain played on, please let me know which league that junior team is a part of.

  85. Rangers lost Game 1 to both Vancouver AND the Devils in ’94 so freaking out about a Game 1 loss is just silly.

    A loss in OT means a bounce went against us. Could have easily been for us. That’s the best way to look at it.

    Worst part of the lead up yesterday, for me, was the ridiculous amount of ’94 coverage that I actually changed the channel to Seinfeld. This is 2014 and THIS team is in the finals. How about spending time on them?

    And do I REALLY give a dusty f*** about Ron Duguay on Broadway? I view him as a distraction and someone looking desperately for attention with his goofy outfits. Trying to be the Rangers version of Clyde Frasier (Memo to MSG, Duguay is NOT a Rangers legend)

    Just very, very disappointing lead up to the game for me. I wanted to embrace everything about the 2013-2014 team and it was just the wrong time to shove 1994 down our throats.

    My own personal opinion, of course. ’94 will forever be the greatest sports championship of my life. I will love that team and those players forever. But how about giving THIS team the spotlight?

  86. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Pierre – “soon enough I’ll be kissing Kristopher LeTang on the mouth”

  87. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Pierre merely repeats the same stupid trivia about what school, what junior team, name your player went to….

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, yes, it was a penalty, but not for holding the stick. It was just regular old hooking. But that’s a really tough call for the ref to make in real time because he and Stralman were really jousting with each other’s sticks.

  89. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Pierre – “Dustin Brown is from Ithaca NY. That’s where Cornell is. Cornell is an Ivy League School. Harvard is an Ivy League School. Dom Moore went to Harvard. They both realized that they would someday playing each other for the cup as long as they can remember given that kind of pedigree. Now MAF, come here and kiss me on the mouth”

  90. McD will look at the tape and recognize the gamble was not worth it, but for a moment before the puck hopped on Girardi, it looked as though he might be able to join Brassard on a 2v1 while Voynov was coming off for Greene. He would have wanted to stay flat, but neither he nor Pouliot nor Zook ever left the zone. Girardi panicked, should have taken it behind the net to buy time.

    Pouliot will not enjoy watching himself take a nice, wide rink turn facing away from the play, instead of stopping to stay with Richards.

  91. Stranger Nation on

    Someone earlier mentioned the 4th line was ineffective. Well, how many chances did Gabby and Kopitar have 5v5..not very many.
    Double Ds had a great 5v5 chance in tight and the line was cycling keeping the Kings #1 line pinned in. In fact, Stutter scrambled the line in the 3rd.
    Kopitar best chances were when Mr Ed coughed up the puck in the PP.

  92. Two different games happened last night. Rangers came out flying, did so for a bit in the second period too… then ran out of gas a bit. Ever flown out west before. When did they arrive Tuesday? Hey Carp how’s your Jet Lag doing?

    Having two full days in LA timezone and weather should give them a bit more zoom throughout a full 60+ minutes on Saturday. MSG should re-schedule Monday’s game for noon to screw with Kings timing!

  93. Matty"DidYouKNowDominicMooreWentToHarvard??"Boy on

    Hope Dominic’s hand is ok. That was some ‘hand block’!

  94. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    The East-west travel back and forth is not easy to deal with…I’ve made that roundtrip about 50 times and it’s rough. When I was younger, wasn’t as bad – found going from the west coast to the east more difficult as you “lose” 3 hours. 8am meeting time on the east coast always meant my body was dealing with a 5am reality….

  95. _Someone earlier mentioned the 4th line was ineffective. Well, how many chances did Gabby and Kopitar have 5v5..not very many._

    Dorsett-Boyle-Moore had the lowest shots + missed against rate last night of any of the forwards and not by a little. They did their job.

  96. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Matty – werd. That looked like it hurt. Dom is a beast, let’s hope it didn’t break anything…

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    The puck was hopping all night on everyone. The team would be wise to recognize that and make safer plays to help prevent the negative ramifications from those hops like the one suffered by Girardi.

  98. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    MrD – plus Dorsett just missed sliding one in during the second period…

  99. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers need to pass less. Shoot more. Sounds simple enough…

  100. Here’s a sub-story of the night, especially given all the hype of the 20-3 3rd period … Rangers only attempted one less shot than LA. Blocked shots were only 15-12 in favor of the Kings. But the Rangers missed *21* shots to the Kings *11* which is why the shot discrepancy ended up +16 for LA. The third line attempted 15 shots (good) but only 4 actually reached Quick (bad).

  101. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Girardi probably panicked a little once he fell….he had more time than he thought….

  102. Hockeys Cycle of Outcome*

    It’s a high speed game of knowledge (training, practice, systems ) and split second: 1)evaluations (what are my options?) 2) decision (risk vse reward) action (executing the decision selected) 3)reactions (how will I react to the consequences of my action).

    Then,,,,,the cycle begins again.

    *Posted courtesy of PB, author of The Consequence of Decision: Playing and Coaching Hockey

  103. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    MrD – add to that all of the shots given up for passes that never became an attempted shot or passes that were made then turned over.

  104. Hockeys Cycle of Outcome*

    It’s a high speed game of knowledge (training, practice, systems ) and split second:

    1) evaluations (what are my options?)

    2) decisions (risk vse reward)

    3) actions (executing the decision selected)

    4) reactions (how will I react to the consequences of my action).

    Then,,,,,the cycle begins again.

    *Posted courtesy of PB, author of The Consequence of Decision: Playing and Coaching Hockey

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t get why our team constantly is shooting it wide to the far side. It almost always leads to an odd man rush the other way.

  106. Rangers made 2 very big mistakes last night

    Stepan A+ mistake (brain spasm, like recklessly driving against oncoming traffic on the wrong side of a high speed highway)

    Girardi A- (suffered a blown tire than lost control of the vehicle)

  107. I don’t buy into All the talk of the Kings “totally dominating” the 3rd period.

    For sure, the Kings had more puck possession, and shots. But, I thought many of the shots were of the Rick Nash variety, harmless and not necessarily legitimate scoring chances. Hagelin had the best scoring chance of the period

    The last 5-10 minutes of Game 7 against the Penguins, I thought the rangers were dominated.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, if they could hit it at a higher percentage than Fulton Reid, I might be more OK with it.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, just the logistics of the play dictate short side shots. It’s a shorter distance to the goal. If you miss wide on the short side, the worst case scenario is a change of possession deep in the zone that the opposing team would have to get through your entire team to remove the puck from the zone. And the best case scenario is it takes an angle that it bounces out in front for a rebound opportunity (BUT NOT IN LOS ANGELES, EDZO, IT’S GOT SOME OF THE SLOWEST BOARDS IN THE LEAGUE!). Shooting far side is a longer distance, and if it goes wide, best case scenario is your defenseman traps it at the blue line, with their entire team still between you and the goal. Worst case is an oddman rush the other way.

    Just makes no sense.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m surprised Hagelin’s speed was so evident, but THE Kreider was invisible pretty much the entire game.

  111. Stranger – it’s a squirt play, but you know what else is a squirt play? Not fleeing the zone as the near side guy. Stupid by everyone on the ice.

    Doodie – they are shooting wide far side because it’s known that Quick overplays and gives up huge rebounds in the slot on shots to his far pad, only problem is they are missing.

    What they should do, which they kind of did last night, is shoot near side wide. Get the puck to bank off the back boards because Quick is too aggressive and will be way out of position.

  112. seriously…I’m feeling absolutely paralyzed right now after this game. This is the worst feeling.

  113. I’d be happy if they could hit it at a higher percentage than your NYR series predictions.

  114. Doodie….where to shoot? …..(see “Hockey Cycle of Outcome” @ 12:49.)

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, but the shots are high. It’s not even like they are shooting at his pads for a rebound. They’re just trying to pick the top corner.

  116. Rob in Beantown on

    _The day after an OT loss in the playoffs, ugh, such a crappy feeling._

    Yup. That feeling you get immediately after you open your eyes and remember the morning after a playoff loss, especially one like last night, is the absolute worst feeling a sports fan can have. It’s 100x worse than the feeling right after the loss, in my opinion.

  117. “Oh for Pete’s sake, he’s fleeing the interview! He’s fleeing the interview!!”

    Marge Gunderson _Fargo_

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, this is getting lost in the shuffle, but Rapha Diaz had by far his worst game as a Ranger. And Kevin Klein continues to impress me with his play over the last 10 games or so.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, and Richards wasn’t garbage? Hell, Hagelin’s two breakaways came shorthanded. I’m surprised THE couldn’t manufacture a similar play based on his explosive first step.

  120. Richards did not hook stralman on the doughty goal he held his stick…

    the refs did not see it. stepan turnover killed considering he is a smart hockey player and should have simply used the board. kyle Clifford who has les skill then dorsett by far had 2 points last night.

    I think av went away from his game a little with cutting the bench etc. they got here by rolling 4 lines and 3 d pair, needs to keep to that. John moore will help(he can skate) terrible hockey iq but can skate big time.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    Who has a replay of the Doughty goal that shoes Stralman getting his stick held. From the replays I’ve seen, it looks like Richards is holding his own stick with both hands, then puts it in Stralman’s waist and pulls him.

  122. I don’t think anybody has a replay that shoes Stralman, but if someone does in fact have one, show me instead!

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Stralman’s stick is between Richards’ legs, who then turns with the stick there. But it’s Stralman who put his stick there in the first place. Seems fine by me. It’s not like Richards squeezes his legs together to not allow Stralman to go anywhere. Meanwhile, Richards has his stick perfectly horizontal and clearly in Stralman’s waist, with the blade turned into Stralman’s body. I mean, the optics of that is the textbook definition of hooking.

  124. Diaz not ideal, but AV had McD, Girardi gassed from overuse.
    Benching Dorsett in third questionable. Forechecking disappeared.
    Must have been a time when timeout could have helped.

  125. Girardi stunk that whole game.

    Once again, classic Rangers: get chances, can’t bury them.

    I was at the game. It was rough to have my buddy’s 7 year ol daughter hazing me after that OT goal.

  126. it is quiet.

    I think the feeling we have right now is what Habs and Philly felt for a lot of those series…like even when they played really well they’d still let games get away.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, she’s lucky you aren’t a Philly fan. Then she might have ended up with a face full of puke.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, when you described it that way, I was really hoping to see a turtle shell hit him before he spun. Would have been an awesome gif.

    He totally deserved the 2 minutes and was lucky not to get called.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    Amazing that this is the first time we’ve lost game 1 this season.

  130. NBC had a replay that clearly shows Richards hooking Stralman and preventing him from defending on that goal.

    Carp: Hank did steal that game last night but the Rangers like good citizens gave it back to the rightful owners compliments of the D zone turnovers

  131. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Is the ledge full already?

    Kings are going to be tough to beat, but we knew that going in.

    Hags almost stole the game on his last breakaway!!!!

    If only…..

  132. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Ricky could have skyrocketed to “HERO” status, had he leaned on ONE at the end.

    But that’s what goal scorers do, unfortunately he is not one of them in *big* games.

  133. Doodie – don’t disagree about the shooting. You either shoot low far on Quick or high at his blocker since he can’t control those rebounds well.

    As for Klein, he’s played very well, but last night he was awful. Wondering how much of that had to do with Diaz though.

  134. And even though I’m usually negative, I still see this going 6 or 7. The Rangers made two horrible mistakes and still almost won the game. They play smart last night and they win. Fixable mistakes.

  135. We can definitely play with these guys. Just 2 different styles. If we play clean then we win last night. Don’t get me wrong there will be turnovers and goals scored off the turnovers caused by defensive pressure BUT the 2 turnovers we committed that cost us goals were unforced. Careless and undisciplined.

  136. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Greene & Gaborik are too much for this team :)

    Rangers might get one win…… not sure which one.

  137. I see a lot of people: fans and media types talking about how the kings woke up and then dominated the 3rd period. They were out of sync and then in sync, and thats why the rangers looked good at the beginning and bad at the end.

    Well we watch this rangers team a lot. And what I saw was a team in sync at the beginning and out of sync and tired at the end.

    And I say what we saw in the 3rd period, was more directly due to the rangers not skating well and out of sync, then the fact that the kings was just dominating rangers.

    I didnt sense that. I thought a lot of Kings players were quiet throughout the whole game.

    I think a handful of kings and the rangers play in the 3rd did they in.

    The Rangers lost this game, it was theirs to win with a 60 minute effort.

  138. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Kings are SO STRONG down the middle. The will crush our centers.

    Dom probably broke his hand last night grabbing the puck.
    Stepan couldn’t shoot through a barn door if it was open, he would still pass the puck.
    Brassard is working on his Broadway acting classes.
    Richie – looked like he had ankle weights on last night.

  139. Hey Carp Nash had a few big giveaways and predictably passed the puck (which was predictably intercepted) when the Rangers absolutely needed a shot on goal in the third. But he gets a pass from you and all his apologists of course. What a joke!

  140. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    I agree jpp. Rangers had their chance to steal this game, late in the 3rd and OT.

    But the Kings out hit, out skated, out pressured the Rangers, it was just a matter of time before someone made a mistake. I was just bummed it was Girardi, because he seldom does.

  141. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Rangers need to steal the next game. 2 days rest for both teams should help the Kings recover from a win :(

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    The Brassard embellishment was so blatant it made Plekanec blush. Then he threw his head back from the feeling of blood rushing to his cheeks.

  143. Doodie, you should know that goes without saying. Neigh is always garbage.

    I wish AV would move THE around when the top line is not working. He’s such an effective player when he’s on his game. That’s what Sutter does with some of his guys.

    And I said it last night, The Good One’s tree goals came against an AHL goalie, so if you’re expecting him to step up in the SCF, then you’re going to be disappointed.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, the first of Nash’s goals came against Budaj, who was deemed to be worse than an AHL goaltender.

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    Lost in all of the hoopla of Stepan’s turnover on the Clifford goal was Carter absolutely undressing Marc Staal in front of the goal and a GREAT save by Lundqvist on Carter’s chance in close.

    What a beast Carter still is, which is amazing in comparison with Mike Richards, who is disintegrating as an offensive player in front of our eyes.

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    We win Game 2 and all of this will be forgotten. Huge game on saturday.

  147. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    The Monster Nash just isn’t the same anymore.

    Gaborik has 12 goals, at least he is scoring goals, and helping his team win important games.

    Still plenty of to be played.

    Rangers need to steal 1 on the road.

  148. Staal was atrocious. He needs to play at level of Mac and Girardi and form our version of the big three. Without his solid play consistently we are doomed.

    Stepan needs to shoot the damn puck. Kings no looking at tape he is first pass guy.

  149. Salty…@2:18 hope you don’t mind, I took tkphe liberty of adding TWO wordS….

    “Amazing that the Rangers are in the finals and *VERY SAD* Rick Nash has 3 goals.”

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, Stepan can shoot it high and wide just as well as anybody else on the team.

    The real issue with him not shooting is that means we don’t have a single right-handed shooter among our forwards. We become too easy to defend when every shot is coming from a left handed stick.

  151. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Eric – no kidding. They don’t even stand in front of him anymore, because they know he is pass first.

  152. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Stepan has a great shot, why does he feel he has to get Nash going ALL THE TIME?

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    last year against the caps, the rangers lost games 1,2,and 5 on the road vs the caps….I, like all of you, prefer to not head down that path again…

    Game 2

    Rangers 5
    Kings 0

    GWG Brassard

  154. Doodie look again…..from the camera angle behind the net. M.Richards, with his top hand (right hand) grabs Stralman’s stick and yanks it. Holding the stick to allow a goal scoring chance. Horrible, game changing non-call.

  155. Somebody mentioned last night how it’s funny that Carter was 10 ft pole Carter in 2012 while NYR were gunning for Nash, who is not even close to the player Carter is today.

    And just imagine how much better the Kings would be if they held on to Simmonds & Schenn instead of trading them for Mike Richards. Those guys would fit so perfectly on the Kings. Both had 20+ goals this year.

  156. is it pathetic that I’ve often wished we could beg the Kings to just let us win cause they are fresh off a Cup and we are desperate?

    I have seriously thought about that…it goes through my mind, like what would it take for them to back off a little and let us have it.

  157. The worst a Nash play was on the PK in the 3rd. Puck went behind the net and the d-man chased behind. Nash looked to the slot and somehow didn’t see the Kings player (I think Richards) there and instead covered the pass to the point. This left Richards wide open for a pass that was thankfully saved and broken up by Stepan.

    Nash started well, played simple. Then he tried doing too much and it backfired because this isn’t October against the Panthers. You don’t have space to dangle.

    Pond hockey all-star. Hope they can trade him at the draft since this team has gotten this far in spite of him.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    I never thought Carter was 10 ft pole Carter. I just thought he couldn’t be the #1 player on your team. Guy is a pure sniper.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, it’s time to take off your Rangers-colored glasses. I’ve watched that angle, freeze framing it repeatedly. His hand never leaves his own stick. You lose sight of Stralman’s stick because it goes between Richards’ thighs, and his pants are black. At no point did Richards take his hand off of his own stick.

  160. Doodie Machetto on

    Look at the next angle after the behind the goal angle, and you’ll see the blade of Stralman’s stick coming through Richards’ legs.

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    The blade becomes very clear when it is contrasted with the red pants of Moore.

  162. Staal has been bad since the Montreal series. I thought he’d snap out of it from being psyched that it’s the Cup Final now, but no. He’s regressing.

  163. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie said penis

    how would Hitch’s cock or Bab’s cock respond to the Kings’ strategy?

  164. Robby Bonfire on

    What I saw last night was a “Deer in the headlights” team that looks completely intimidated by the more physical opposition. But then, I watched the third period from which everyone else was tuned out. To suggest that this team “won’t be intimidated and has the better goaltender” (point #1, above), is myopic folly, and Land of OZ self- delusion, at best.

    I can’t think of how a loss could be more demoralizing, other than a blowout loss. You have a two-goal lead in SC game one, on the road vs. the favored team = you CANNOT blow it! Your opponent has played three seven-game series, just finishing the most recent, three days prior. You won a six-game series and had six days rest. AND YET, the supposedly tired team with the more grueling schedule found the resources to come back from down, 0-2 and win!

    If that is not enough, as I stated in an earlier post, the Rangers best chance to win this series is for Hank to post at least two shutouts. Anyone still think the Rangers and Hank will be shutting out this LA juggernaut machine even once in this series?

    The Rangers look badly over-matched, purely and simply. How can anyone conjure a scenario where the Rangers can take the physical punishment and marathon travel, still be hanging around after six games, and somehow, win it all in a game seven show down? Last night we learned why the Rangers have just a “committee” and don’t need a captain. No one around here is going to be called out to “Come get the Stanley Cup.”

    This will be done in five games at the most, with “The Sweep Monster” an even stronger possibility. THEN, we can talk about what a “great job” Sather has done, not promoting any rookies this year and leaving the first round draft pick cupboard bare, until 2017.

    Great job my ass!!!! With all the soft ice cream cones on this roster, it is obvious that the Syracuse Crunch would have stood up to the Kings better last night, than this local lightweight contingent did.

  165. eddie eddie eddie on

    Diane – ignore my puerile posts….I’m not really me….I’m much more mature…

  166. “Hope they can trade him at the draft since this team has gotten this far in spite of him.”

    Yup. The big story “Nash cares more about winning than numbers”…yeah and if you don’t win the numbers you didn’t have are gonna be glaring.

    I hope we can trade him, win or lose. He’s a likable guy but what a choker. There is a CUP on the line and this guy is still peeling away from the net with the puck.

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    Agree, Diane. Staal is the opposite of every single Ranger. He was awesome in every game up to Game 4 against Pitt, but has been lousy ever since.

  168. Nash was always a power(less) forward. Most people didn’t see that since he played for Columbus though.

  169. eddie eddie eddie on

    robbie – you need to look up how to calculate a standard deviation.

  170. Robbie Bonfire, lighten up. It was only one game and we’ll see if the Rangers have it in them to learn and adjust and come out better in game 2. Don’t give up just yet.

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    say what you will, but the best thing to happen was to LOSE game 1. Rangers know they are in for a battle. Game 2 is ours for the taking!!!!

  172. Doodie, that wasn’t Stralman’s stick going through Richards leg, it was his penis.

    But yes I see what your saying….and I’ll never take off my Ranger Glasses. Never :)

  173. Nash would fit in great in Florida. Doesn’t have to play defense, can skate around and stickhandle all game, and he helps Florida reach the cap floor.

    I agree with Eddie too. Kings learned what the Rangers were about early in the game and the Rangers learned about the Kings towards the end.

  174. Robby Bonfire on

    Eddie Eddie Eddie –

    Let’s be friends, but, please, don’t tell me the standard deviation for four numbers is a number that is far BELOW, the lowest of those numbers.

    The way you calculate S.D. is to square all the numbers; add the sum of the squares; divide by the number of cases; and then hit the square root button. Voila, Eddie, all those years at P.S. 148 were not wasted!!!

    Try doing it the correct way, Eddie – you will feel better about coming up with a correct result.

  175. eddie eddie eddie on

    robbie – indeed, let’s be friends. But,

    let me repeat. look up how to calculate a standard deviation and understand what it means. You do realize that its possible to have a standard deviation of zero if the data points are all the same. The standard deviation measures how data is scattered…..Looks like PS 146 needs to revise their curriculum :)

  176. Robby Bonfire on

    Diane –

    Thank you and yes, stay positive, it’s a great quality. But, Diane, I have to confess, you are right. I have absolutely given up on this team that was made to make the playoffs, having any chance against an opponent that was built to win the Stanley Cup.

    It is painful to face this reality, but in earlier rounds, shots MSL missed last night, would have dented the net – meaning that we cannot overcome a superior opponent with bonding and inspiration, any more – that time was beautiful for all of us, but, I fear, it has passed.

  177. “The plan with Nash was that he’d flourish surrounded by talent.”

    That should have been the plan with Gaborik. It was. Except the “talent” was Nash and Richards. Now look at Gaby surrounded by talent.

  178. eddie eddie eddie on

    robbie – The standard deviation is found by taking the square root of the average of the squared DIFFERENCES of the values from their AVERAGE VALUE.

    it’s all good my brutha.

  179. ThisYearsModel on

    Nash is what he is. Scott Howson does not look so dumb now. Nash is a perimeter player and is very far from being a clutch player. He seemed engaged early, but that was it. Made terrible choices with the puck in the offensive zone. Pouliot is a better player than Nash. He is a lot less expensive too. 3 goals over 21 playoff games for $7.8 MM per? Terrible.

  180. eddie eddie eddie on

    anyone else care to chime in on statistics 101? Robbie, once again,

    for the numbers 22, 7, 20, and 15, – the mean is 16 and the standard deviation is 6.

  181. Robby Bonfire on

    Eddie –

    You lost me there, with your last post, maybe your fault, or maybe mine. So let’s just review your example of yesterday.

    Rangers went to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1950-1972-1979-1994-2014. Those are gaps (deviations) of 22, 7 15, and 20 years.

    First, you square these four numbers so that 22, 7, 15, and 20 become: 484, 49, 225, and 400.

    Next, you add the sum of these squares and get a total of 1158.

    Next you divide 1158 by four case histories and get: 289.5,

    And finally, you find the square root of 289.5, which is: 17.0, which is your standard deviation result. Meaning that, on pace to participate in the Stanley Cup finals every 17 years, the best estimate is that the Rangers will get back here in 2031.

    For you to suggest that 6 (!!!) is the standard deviation of 22,7,15, and 20, Eddie, is closer to the moon than to the ballpark of reality we are discussing, here. So come on back to earth, if you will.

  182. eddie eddie eddie on

    robbie – you were robbed when you were taught in school. Honestly.

  183. Ha, thats one way to look at it Ronny Bonfire.

    I can assure you the Rangers aren’t demoralized. This is a game, they were reminded a few weeks ago about what really matters and what doesnt.

    they are playing a 7 game series against the LA Kings. Whoever gets to 4 wins, is crowned champion.

    This stuff is decided on the ice playing a game. Non of what the experts, or naysayers or doubters say matters.

    The rangers had a 2 goal lead 15 minutes into the game, but it was a 2-1 game at the end of 1 and a 2-2 game at the end of 2. They played poorly in the 3rd, still made it to OT, had started playing better in OT, and then a mistake proved costly and they lost bc of it. Its an illusion that the Rangers got dominated, the kings played really good and the rangers played poorly in the 3rd.

    If you for a second think they are questioning themselves or demoralized I don’t think you have a clue the type of confidence these guys have in themselves and each other.

    You are speaking from a defeated mentality and they dont have that mentality.

  184. Robby Bonfire on

    Also, Eddie, the standard deviation is always going to be close to the Arithmetic Mean. How in the name of Hanna can you come up with an arithmetic mean of 16 and a standard deviation of 6??? Not good, Eddie, but I’m afraid you need some logics classes, as well as the math brush-up classes.

  185. Gravy made my day by pointing out that we lost game 1 in 94 also. 3-2 in OT.

    Rangers hockey for 60 and we have a real shot at heading home 1-1.

    I take one- one in every series, all the time, always.

  186. eddie eddie eddie on

    robbie – what is the standard deviation for the data points 100, 100,100,100,100,100,100,and 100?

    put down the crack pipe

  187. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ill give you a hint, it starts with a “z” and ends in a “o”

  188. Robby Bonfire on

    Eddie –

    For how many years were you a boxer, because the cranium damage is coming home to roost?

  189. Seems like a bunch of people need to pick up a text book. Forgetting X minus X bar,sample vs population….

  190. Rob in Beantown on

    Mean and standard deviation don’t always need to be close.

    500, 462, 538, 521

    Mean: 505
    Std Dev: 33

    Intuitively I think you’re confusing standard deviation and the mean.

  191. eddie eddie eddie on

    rob – go ahead and calculate the SD for 22,15,20, and 7 and see how close you get to 6.59545297914

    thx in advance

  192. TYM,






  193. wow!
    had work today
    so i didn’t go on here ’til now
    and it’s already getting ugly.
    of course,
    i’m sure i would have been supra-ugly
    if i posted much last night.
    GREAT write up Carp
    team now knows what to expect
    better get their
    cooke together

  194. eddie eddie eddie on

    jjp – when the values comprise the ENTIRE population, you divide by the that total….only if the sample is drawn from a larger parent population do you divide by n-1

    i don’t need to pick up a book, thx anyway….

  195. Isles trade draft pick to sharks for Dan Boyle rights before July 1.

    No way he signs there

  196. Robby Bonfire on

    Hey, Eddie –

    After a brief foray with optimism, I gave up on the Rangers; BUT, Eddie, I NEVER had any hopes for you. jajajajaja.

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    papa – ask robbie if you want the wrong answer :)

    but the angle of the dangle is equal to the heat of the meat

  198. Good afternoon all! Thanks for the heads up jpg…I just finished work and signed in, too, but think I’ll avoid the ugly.

    I still believe, and will until the last horn of the game sounds. On to Saturday!

    Carp, how you get to enjoy at least a minute of being out there outside of work. Safe flight home buddy.

  199. I actually turned to Sonny Boy after Nash’s 3rd shift last night and said….”the big dope looks like he came to play. Do you think they told him LA is a suburb of Columbus?”

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