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  1. Rangers in 4. Why the hell not?

    (my real prediction is Rangers in 6. Why not us?)

  2. Czechthemout!!! on

    want to address this Kings invincibility stuff being talked about and written about everywhere.
    While I admit that the Kings are a big, tough, skilled team, the notion that they are invincible is total bullkaka!

    SJ had a 3-0 lead against them and as usual, crumbled under pressure. Joe Thornton and Anti Niemi choked in several of the games after the. 3-0 lead.

    The Ducks played with 3 goalies in their series. The first 2, Hiller and Anderson sucked! Gibson was better but not good enough and it was too little , too late when he entered.

    The only reason the Kings beat the Blackhawks was because Corey Crawford was awful in that series. I watched every game and the amount of soft goals he gave were scary. Every game he gave up at least one or two softies and sometimes more. They were lucky to beat the Hawks. If Hank was the Hawks goalie, that series would have ended in 5 games in the Hawks favor.

    The key in my opinion in this series is Hank and the Rangers ability to get away from playing along the boards. The Hawks were ver good at coming up the ice through the middle and not along the wall. The Kings in many instances could not handle that type of game. What hurt the Hawks was Crawford’s poor goaltending. If we try all our transition game along the wall, the Kings will destroy us. If we mirror the Hawks transition and breakout strategy, we have a great chance. The keys to the series on our side other than the obvious is DannyG and Staal being able to play faster than they usually do with the puck on their stick.

    Bottom line is that the Kings are beatable and Hank is by far better than any goalie they have faced this playoff season. So let all the so called ” experts” make their predictions of doom for us. We can win this series if we play them the right way.

  3. ?@renlavoietva 1m

    Ryan Callahan and Lightning are still talking about a contract extension. Callahan will be UFA July first. #tvasports

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