Game 1: Rangers at Kings … It’s Go Time!


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Rangers at Kings.


For the first time in 20 years, ya boys will play a Stanley Cup Final game tonight.

They haven’t played since May 29, when they eliminated Montreal. The Kings last played Sunday, the OT win in Chicago punching their ticket to the Final.

They are the first two teams to play seven-game series in each of the first two rounds to reach the Final, the Kings adding a record third Game 7 victory in the Western final. So if this series goes to a Game 7, the two teams will have combined for one under the maximum games played.

The rested Rangers will not have their entire roster available. Backup goalie Cam Talbot remains sidelined with an undisclosed injury that is hockey related, the team confirmed. So David LeNeveu will back up Henrik Lundqvist in Game 1. Jason Missaien was called up to be the emergency third goaltender.

The Rangers will also be without John Moore, who served the second of his two-game suspension, and will be replaced by Raphael Diaz; and without Daniel Carcillo, serving the fourth of his 10-game suspension, which was reduced to six after his appeal.

J.T. Miller has resumed practicing with the team and should be available if needed.


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    Let’s go boys. Most experts think you are going to get smoked. Prove them wrong and make us proud.




  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Well who would have thought we would have a Go Time with us in the Final? Very cool. LGR!

  3. According to The Hockey Experts, Rangers will be lucky to score a goal against the-already-crowned Champions. I say let’s avoid the impending embarrassment and just hand The Cup over to Los Angeles.

  4. Rangers win Game 1 i dont ever want to see Biron and Carter on MSG again. Both said Kings win

    LETS GO RANGERS. This one wont last a lifetime!!

  5. Holy shishkyerbobs!!!! Don’t ever do that again!!!!!

    Sighhhhhhhhhhh….OK, let’s do this!!!!!! mama love Carp, but you had me quaking in my lucky Wegian socks….

  6. boy Carp
    chats day after day after day
    you must really want to stay out of the
    cauliphonea sun

  7. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    Is something wrong with my TV? We look so much smaller than the Kings.

  8. Crap already off to bad start. Was on MSNBC for first 15 seconds of coverage… am I still allowed to post?

    Went from MSG to MSNBC!!!

    No Doc?

  9. so am late on this
    does THE’s whole mustache/beard
    look like
    he’s impersonating a
    Guy Fawkes mask?

  10. now
    i’m getting nervous
    then there’s this

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brothers and Sisters, we have arrived!

    Opportunity is knocking and we are gonna kick the door off the hinges.

    Let’s Go Rangers !!!

  12. Of course Beer-On goes against NYR. Why would he pick the team that forced him into retirement?

    DJ Cah-Tah? Probably pissed that he’s not included in the MSG pre-post game shows. Too bad for him! Loser!

  13. I’m such a nervous wreck that I almost forgot to check the blog!!!
    Let’s Go Rangers!!!! Let’s do this!!!

  14. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    We will sweep LA!

    How Sweep It Will Be!


  15. Just want to say hello to my daughter who is on a 2 day stop over in Ecuador on her way back from the Galapagos Islands. She said she will be following this thread tonight! :-) She will be back in NY Tomorrow and we will be watching a Stanley Cup final game together for the first time in her life. She was 10 months old when the Rangers won the cup in 94!

  16. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    Stop saying “LA already won” that’s Negy talk! Unacceptable. Pozys ONLY!

  17. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Boyle will score with a backhand goal
    Rangers will terrify every Cali-soul
    The victors are the underdogs.
    Best team in the National Hockey *LOG*


  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on





    Lets gog ggo gg og googgo gogogog!!!


  19. This is the best part of the game … All the promise , anticipation …and the Kings haven’t scored yet

    Hopefully no crowded ledges after period 1 at least

  20. Let’s Go Rangers!

    Put the fear into the kings….I want to see Kreider, Stepan, Nash and Zuccarello stepping up tonight! In Hank, We Trust!!

    All – Have a great time watching the game!

  21. AV: “One shift at a time, we’ve been waiting a long time, let’s get it going”


  22. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Oh, you think you’re better than me? Go ahead, pick
    out any Stanley Cup in the room here. I’ll lift it up over my head.

  23. Ok, folks. Just want to say that it’s been a pleasure to have you all as my friends and fellow Rangers fans. We’ve become a little family over the years, and it’s now our time to enjoy the ultimate run. LGR!!!!!

  24. RangerSwede on


    “LA will win it because they have 15 Canadian players” ehh…

  25. Yep my hearts beating awfully fast… sweet memories of high school & college games waiting for the anthem

  26. Admiral Akbar on

    I hate those hideous black uniforms!!

    Beat L.A. Beat L.A. Beat L.A.!!!!!!!

  27. Admiral Akbar on

    How the hell has LA remained healthy and un suspended when they’ve played 21 playoff games this far???

  28. Blogmama
    Yev, that is awesome….all the soup for you!!!!

    June 4th, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    Thanks Bro! one of my proud accomplishments is how much she loves the Rangers and suffers right there with me! ;-)

  29. Well said ilb…. I don’t post often but I’m on everyday! I hope all fans that read here enjoy the game and the series!

  30. Watch our boys stand tall at the blue line until the colors leave the ice. Love that.

  31. iDoodie Machetto on

    Have to remember, only 5:20 there. Crowd will increase as game goes on.

  32. I’m down in South Florida and no one here appreciates hockey!

    But, it’s great to be here with all of you!!! Ditto ilb!

  33. What will it take for this peenis Pierre to say out loud that the Rangers are a finalist too?

  34. Please please please Hank Hank please plead pleading please, You want this, Lead us, help us…..

    My cat’s shavied belly has a better beard than Brown….

  35. Admiral Akbar on

    The Rangers look they can play with these guys.

    Kings size is showing.

  36. sry heads, i dont see us winning unless nash breaks out. they have too many good scorers and we have hank and a couple old farts(neigh and loooie loooiiiii, ohh we gotta go ))

  37. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    There’s nobody there now at the Magic Pan to roll the
    crepes. We gotta close it up!

  38. Ooohhhhhh. You bastage,,,,,triple dang you like wicky earlier!!! You jinxing idiot!!!!

  39. I agree Admiral… Nash has good skating legs.. WE NEED HIM TO SCORE!

    Come on boys.. SCORE THAT FIRST GOAL!

  40. we have to be oppurtunistic and score any chance we can. kings are way better and have a goalie equal to ours

  41. Admiral Akbar on

    Nothing against Doc, but this game is sooooo much more enjoyable to watch with Kenny on the mic.

  42. Admiral, it’s better with Kenny, period.

    Ok,,I said I wasn’t gonna post tonight, but I only am here,…nice to have like minded heads

  43. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Stuck at the stylists, my son is donating his hair – how are we doing?

  44. I don’t buy all this crap about how Tortorella was stifling McD’s offense. Just think the guy wasn’t ready at the time – still need to credit AV for McD’s game this season, though.

  45. Zuccarello doesn’t care how many inches or pounds his team gives up to the Kings. Always plays big.

  46. Admiral Akbar on


    Kenny really makes a difference. He makes even (future Pittsburgh GM) Pierre less annoying.

  47. Holy hartnell Izzy…no way! And if you think so I apologize!!! Can not tick off Mr. Mandelbaum…. Don’t rope me behind a car!

  48. Norm Merton on

    Nash on the edge of breaking through, but is he spending more energy than his defenders? Will he disappear again?


    STUPIDDDDDD POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kenny learned from the best…before the best went nutso….he honors a fine tradition that seems to have been lost….and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  51. iDoodie Machetto on

    Wait, I thought Drew Doughty was the second coming of Jesus Christ and Muhammed on defense?

  52. McDonuogh looked like he hurt his shoulder hitting Kopitar last shiFt.


  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    HHAHAA I have a few buddies talkin over here and yell out , ” BREAK AWAY!!! BREAK AWAY!!” andd…BLAMO , POULIOT scoresssss!!!!

  54. Papa Bear
    Speed Kills.

    Kings die.

    Book It.

    June 4th, 2014 at 8:29 PM

    *I see dead people*

  55. speed kills!!!!!!!!
    take ’em any way we can get ’em!!!

  56. Admiral Akbar on

    IDoodie –

    Not only Jesus, Mohammed, but second coming of Moses as well!

  57. Norm Merton on

    I’d rather be us than them, the expression goes, though the Kings treat 2-0 leads like opening whistles.

  58. Nice chip shot by Clifford, but the Carter chance right before it was better. Bad shift.

  59. iDoodie Machetto on

    Terrible shift by Stepan. Not just the turnover, but the recovery was poor too.

  60. Overall good period. One really bad shift, but they controlled most of he second half.

  61. jpg…hahahha….so calm and funny

    hey, we’re ahead!!!! Keep vibin all!!!!

  62. God damn late goal
    . What the hell
    Is staal doing and Stepan doing. Chance go up 3-0 now 2-1 dammit

  63. I didn’t think that was Henriks fault. Great shot to elevate the puck when in so close. Great hands.

    Well, the Kings are big and can throw the body, but so far, they haven’t been skating as well as the Rangers. Bring that speed, it will create chances.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Goal by Kings started with a weak clear along boards by Staal and ended with him unable to tie up man even though he had inside position. In the middle of that was a god awful clearing attempt by step child

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—all that screaming by the PA guy makes one appreciate Joe Tolleson, eh?

  66. I’ll take that period everytime… Thought they looked dominant for the majority of play. Keep it up!

  67. that makes up for the self goal by LA. move on.

    I am pretty happy with this period. Rangers are not sleepwalking like they have been off for 6 days.

  68. Admiral Akbar on

    Rangers can play with these guys.

    Speed is essential.

    Henrik is essential.

    Can NOT make many mistakes.

  69. Stranger Nation on

    So I guess our speed is giving some problems. Saw LA starting to grab and hold in the second half of that period.

    we had a ton of scoring chances. have to convert

  70. God, will someone teach Staal when to poke check and when to hit! Or better yet! Teach him how to poke check! Sheesh!

  71. Put the damn puck on net u never know that could be a huge freaking swing. Dammit

  72. First tjey say somebody forgot to tell Rangers are underdogs.

    Now they see we said they had a chance. BS.

  73. Not for nuttin. Strallman hooked trying to clear the puck on the LA goal.

    Not for nuttin.

  74. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Just keep it up. The rest certainly helped the Rangers. They are miles faster than the KANGS.

  75. as expected we are playing very soft and Kings are hitting as hard as they can any chance they get.

    Staal is looking really bad and soft out there.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Good CALL E3!!! whoa you DO see dead people.


  77. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Quack looking overwhelmed. Rangers need to get shots on. Nash needs to settle down. He’s way hyped.

    Boyle/Hags are very dangerous on the PK. Very dangerous.

  78. NBC, NHL Net, etc. need stop bringing up MSL’s mother. Let the woman rest in peace already!

  79. Being outhit 23-9. That can take its toll in a series. Need to throw some checks as well!

  80. iManny-O-War on

    Not that you guys care but I’m on a plane and I can totally watch the game on GAMECENTER.

    Ah. Modern life. Louie CK is right.

  81. Who counts the hits?

    Slightly tilted to the Kings 23 : 9.

    I didn’t see it like that.

  82. Hope nobody is throwing up yet.

    Good first period by the Rangers. Imo 1 lucky bounce for each team. If the Rangers can handle the Kings net presence I think it will be a close series.

  83. All….this is the SCF….Can I please ask that we all try to get along, just for the sake of karma….please please pleading please….vibin!!!

  84. Too bad Staal isn’t 6’4, 220, then he might be large enough to hit someone. Oh, wait, he is.

  85. So sad about Zimm. Loved him when he was Yankees Bench coach. Always will remember that POS Pedro Martinez throwing poor Zim to the ground.

  86. Admiral Akbar on

    Zim was another key figure in the Torre-era Yankees. Bench coach. Will miss him.

  87. LOVE that NYR are flipping the puck high up into the neutral zone. So far it’s gotten them an SHG and drawn a penalty!

  88. PP must look better than that first one. Don’t overpass. Put the puck on the net.

  89. Norm Merton on

    Richards not overpassing at all, damn it. Forcing shots at the net, one after the useless other. Pass the puck!

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Yes sir Admiral

    got to pin the kings in when Greene is out there

    dude is slow, slow, slow

  91. MrTFN (mister two first names) saying the score, Lundqvist leaving rebounds, no avatar. If it looks like a duck….

  92. NYR miss too many chances, and Dorsett goes for a pansy aasen poke check. Looked like Stralman got hooked again, though.

  93. Norm Merton on

    2-0 against the Kings is necessary but temporary, as the Hawks know well.

  94. @rangersreport

    Yet another needless offensive-zone penalty, and lucky to be a minor in today’s NHL.

  95. Dorsette got burned. Learn next time. Drew is a dangler. Like a better subban. He can be shut down.

  96. iDoodie Machetto on

    I expect that kind of bad offensive zone penalty from Pouliot, not Brassard.

  97. I didn’t like the hook Richards was putting on Stralman on the tying goal. It should have been a penalty.

  98. Good penalty by Brassard, this is the time to injure some Kings early in the series.

  99. iDoodie Machetto on

    Diaz struggling mightily. Probably nerves. Just not a good time for them.

  100. Anyone notice how much more subdued this crowd is as compared to Montreal? More like MSG. ;-)

  101. Admiral Akbar on


    I’ve noticed the same thing regarding the crowd.

    Now if they can only get rid of that clown-like obnoxious goal horn…

  102. Kings taking liberties with Hank. Refs need to watch it. Teammates need to punch them to the ice often

  103. Rangers players are always looking somewhere else whenever the opposing goalie gives up a rebound.

  104. Admiral Akbar on

    Notice the 2 rangers goals were on breakaway plays – nothing from the cycle or forecheck yet.

  105. “Rangers players are always looking somewhere else whenever the opposing goalie gives up a rebound.”

    They weren’t expecting the shot to be on net.

  106. Admiral, NYR have generated some good chances off the forecheck though – just haven’t converted.

  107. Pierre I don’t need to know every college or junior team.. I’m not impressed!

  108. Good hustle by Dorsett. Doesn’t atone for his lame poke check on Pillsbury Doughboy’s goal, though.

  109. Admiral Akbar on


    This is true. So far no conversions though. Kings have a couple.

  110. Poor Doughty got a butend but nothing about kneeining Henry for no reason at all.

  111. iManny-O-War on

    Shot blocked.
    Shot wide.
    Shot wide.
    Shot blocked.
    Shot blocked.
    Shot wide.

  112. “Brassard should go to the box for that piece of opera. Very Canadiens.”

    Not really. He actually got touched.

  113. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Everyone including quick knows Step will not walk it in and shoot. Always passes.

  114. guarantee someone is going to make a gif out of that Brassard spinorama. like a dreidel

  115. Does Stepan ever look to shoot. It’s. freaking do obvious. Never looks at net.

  116. Norm Merton on

    Stepan walks in free and passes back to the high point. How about a pass to a MORE dangerous shooter.

  117. Stranger Nation on

    this team needs a righty shot from the wing something awful – maybe move Diaz down to the slot

  118. The Rangers are squandering too many chances. There is tons of open space on the ice and the Rangers are waiting too long to shoot and making too many passes.

  119. Actually since refs don’t like to call it. The rangers should embellish very hold. Maybe the refs will wake up.

  120. iDoodie Machetto on

    Brassard with the disgraceful spin. Looks like he was on the Canadiens.

  121. Step thinks a center has to be a playmaker above all. Put him on a wing, maybe he’ll shoot the rubber.

  122. Doughty’s gotta stop crying like a little biatch…take the glove to the face and take it like a man.

  123. Diaz looks a bit overwhelmed. I think Falk would have been a better fit against the Kings.

  124. Doughty might wish Carcillo got 10 with the Therrien style he’s starting to play.

    Knee to head on HLQ
    Begging refs for buttend

  125. Johnny"we arent built for this" boy on

    We just aren’t built for this.. are we???

    Great start, I’ll take a tie in the third in 1st game away.

  126. Brassard had to act for the call. The high stick took him out of an important defensive play. If call is missed… easy goal for Kings

  127. Prob minority here at this stage pp is snout results not great puck movement. It needs to get it done.

  128. NO excuse for Brassard to play-act there. Got to get that crap out of the game, and soon. Soccer can have it.

  129. Stranger Nation on

    NYR with some very impressive passing sequences. Move the puck and you can’t get hit. find the open man and skate.

    Mitchell, Greene and Martinez are not fast skaters

  130. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    It makes sense not to walk in and shoot. Definitely the play to make is to pass it back out for the well-defended weak Richards slapper. High percentage area, for sure.

  131. gotta believe on

    Richards holding stralman stick so doughty gets shot off w no problem and scores…

  132. ThisYearsModel on

    This will be series fatal if this game slips through our fingers. If we could shoot straight it would be 5-2.

  133. “Let’s get stralmanical, stralmanical,
    Let’s get stralmanical, let’s get into stralmanical.
    Let me hear your body talk, body talk”………..

  134. #gottabelieve

    That’s what I saw too. No way he gets that chance without that infraction. King are dirt cheap rangers should embellish every time they hold.

  135. They’re playing a solid road game. It will be interesting to see how AV adjusts after each game.

  136. Kinda agree Glitch. Kings beginning to smell like Therriens Canadiens or Penguins

  137. They skated better in the first. If they can skate that way again, they have a great chance to win this game!

  138. Richards has zero desire to hold the puck if it means absorbing the body, no matter how bad giving it up could be.

  139. So far, after 2, at least nobody are talking about LA dominance. Not even close. Absolutely beatable, with plenty of their own mistakes. Rangers just needed more concentration in defense and more opportunistic in offence. However, Staalsie and Diaz are really bad.

  140. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gotta watch the Kings every minute. Hawks got a 2-goal lead, blinked, and ended up going golfing.

  141. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Capt. Morgan must be so pissed they spent all the $$ to sponsor the “captain’s profile,” when only 1 of the teams in the final has a captain.

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    Never liked Will Ferrell. Stupid isn’t always funny. Sometimes it just stupid.

  143. 4evenger

    Yea they are beatable, and I’d give them the edge in hits, but the Rangers have had better chances imo.

  144. Stranger Nation on

    Kings like facing boards when they make the play and then turn to ref for call

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ditto Adam Sandler, Olga, IMO

    Substitute “retarded” for “stupid”.

  146. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Shots are 46-0 this period. guys, can’t score if we don’t get shots on.

  147. Stranger Nation on

    I hate our 4v4 play, mostly because Richards is even more of a defensive liability

  148. That felt like a better no call. Either way, I’ll take Nash for Doughty over and over.

    (If you didn’t like Billy Madison, you are soulless.)

  149. leetchhalloffame on

    Please Slats – If you have even a tiny brain in your head you’ll buy out Richards.

  150. how many of these LA shots have been quality though? About half were simple shots sticked into the corner…

    Rangers still playing terribly though.

  151. iManny-O-War on

    Kenny rules. I wish he was on the radio right now. (Not that LaGreca is bad but that Kenny is THAT good)

  152. If have signed up for 2-2 at this point, especially the way they played most of the third.

    Oleo is right, not a lot of quality chances on Hank.

  153. leetchhalloffame on

    Can you say “overmatched?” The only way we win this series is if LA gets lost on their way to the rink.

  154. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Keep on passing to MSL and Nash, hoping their experience can will it in. Our guys who have never played in a Cup game need to get their Adams Apple out of their noses.


  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tied with 5 minutes left in the third? Definitely winnable by Hank. Stick to the positive waves…

  156. Ok Carp..

    Kenny PLEASE shut up with the Ranger non-shots already. We heard you many times.

  157. These bastids are gonna make this go to overtime…

    Can Rick Nash score a goal please? He is making almost $8 million this season, g-d it.

  158. Our Grizzly vets Richards and St. Louis just keep refusing to take the body even in the Cup funals.

    Girardi is getting burned by faster forwards.

  159. Remember when that sort of play used to mean Nash lowering his shoulder and monstering into the paint?

  160. Nash what a disappointment. No onions. Crash the net with the puck don’t pull up! Geez!

  161. Looks like Boyle just proved me right, what a terrible penalty. This is probably the Cup right here

  162. seriously Staal?!?!?!
    put Moore in for him
    might as well put Miller in for Stepan because
    he’s completely forgotten the concept of
    shooting the puck into the opponent’s net

    so effin’ angry right now!!!!

  163. Joke of a call. Richards is talking to the official that a stick can’t break that easily, and he’s right. That wasn’t an extreme enough slash.

  164. Put Powe in for Boyle, because he’s slow. But, play Falk instead of Diaz or Staal?

  165. torture…………

    A buddy just called, “what a great game eh?”

    I said, “unless you care who wins”.

  166. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Don’t forget HALEY!!!! GREAT PLAYER!!!! Take Hags out, put in HALEY!!!!

  167. I’ve officially had enough of Nash. Yes- he’s good defensively with his back checking and PK situations… But jeez, he’s awful with his decision making in the offensive zone. Just embarrassing…he’s supposed to be our top player? Disgraceful

  168. That first Kings goal was such a bad play by Stepan it is almost beyond words…

  169. Admiral Akbar on

    This has actually been a very enjoyable game.

    Both teams playing well.

    Henrik getting it DONE.

  170. Stranger Nation on

    Latona – you are correct, Hags had the backhand.

    guy has played great all POs. imagine him with a two way center??

  171. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Would love to know what Staal was thinking on that last shift? He got his assen turned inside out.

    Can he stay with Tiffoli and Kopitar? Verdict still out.

  172. Nash and Stepan frustrate the piss out of me

    On the other hand, kudos to Hags, McMonster, and Hank

  173. Hagelin = Nintendo Hockey small player
    Nash = Nintendo Big player

    Never though that 80’s video game would be so accurate

  174. Admiral Akbar on

    I’m not feeling nervous at all…

    Kinda strange?

    Could it be confidence rangers will pull this out?

  175. Richards and Staal are brutal, and Girardi got exposed this game, if I am AV I cut Girardi’s minutes and increase Stralman’s and Klein’s.

    Get Richards off the PP already or at least off the 1st PP unit.

  176. leetchhalloffame on

    What in the world has happened to Staal? Hard to believe he was once supposed to be what McDonagh is.

  177. Forsooth, Stranger. Hagelin is one of my favorites – wasn’t a knock on his play, just an observation. He is an example of a player who’s elevated his game these playoffs, unlike some of the other NYR.

    JBytes, dead on. NYR have wasted too many opportunities.

  178. Rangers have a bad habit of losing early in overtime; plus they’re on the penalty kill. I have a bad feeling!

  179. iDoodie Machetto on

    We are going to lose.

    I’m so tired. Such a long day. So emotionally draining. I don’t know how I will last.

  180. Admiral Akbar on

    Today is my son’s first birthday – would be cool to win this thing tonight.. :)

  181. Have to give quick some credit on some of those chances but I think the Rangers had more quality chances.

  182. Don’t forget to keep hydrated Boneheads. Makes the vomitting easier. Hate the dry-heaves

  183. yeah,
    i’m going over the top about Staal and Stepan
    they’re having a LOT of BAD SHIFTS

    MSL remind ’em they’re in the Cup Final.

  184. THE is due. That’s all I’m saying… He’s got the speed and you know AV is gonna push them to move their legs. Just make it through the PK.

  185. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Well, the world is watching and they ARE seeing a great goalie in blue. It is KING HENRIK time!!!!

  186. akbar- u might be experiencing a severe version of the jedi mind trick. its been known that after years and years of utter disappointment, this version of the jedi mind trick will be self induced as a natural reflex

  187. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    nice of Richards to show up on the LA break. He at least made it to the blue line.

  188. Remember when Jeff Carter’s effort level made him 40 foot pole at the same time we were chasing Nash? How things change …

  189. iDoodie Machetto on

    Lundqvust still struggling with rebounds.

    Kings masterfully defending cross ice passes in their own zone. We have no answer.

  190. Girardi makes a play like that every game. Gets bailed out more often than not. No matter how good the guy is, he has a habit of sheer boneheadedness.

    NYR blew this game.

  191. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Well, this is a really, really good team we are playing. Let’s regroup.

  192. Can one of you boneheads remind me who’s name to use for F? Please. I really need to use it in a sentence with Girardi!

  193. I have to work two more days and then paint a room on Saturday before they play again. I have the most tragic life in the world.

  194. Admiral Akbar on

    Sh1ttee way to lose what was a fun game.

    I hate that crap.

    Ice looked awful in that OT.

  195. All three goals could have been stopped and two of the goals should have been stopped.

  196. Another defensive breakdown…should have eaten their Wheaties this morning…

  197. That’s on Girardi, but it’s also on McDonagh and Pouliot. Girardi had no outlet pass at all.

    Disappointed because they only lost this game due to mistakes. Should’ve won it.

    And if I see Nash not shoot or pass on another odd man rush, im just gonna laugh because he really doesn’t get playoff hockey.

  198. Badly outplayed for long stretches, deserved to lose, but know they can compete. Lundqvist will need to find his Pittsburgh form, though, or it will be a short series.

  199. This game was reminiscent of a PIT loss – NYR gave up two really cheap goals. Doughty goal was a great individual play, but preventable with proper defending.

  200. Quick did outplay hank no doubt. Hank played a solid game as far as normal shots, but didn’t really make a big save unfortunately.

  201. Mister D. Tragic does not adequately describe it. Saturday has become a must win game.

  202. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – I’m not at the game. Won’t be able to get away until game 5. There’s a chance I’ll be at that one….How is LA? Get to the beach. Walk along the ocean. Email me, I’ll recommend some places…

  203. ThisYearsModel on

    Imagine playing the entire 3rd period in your own end, then give the puck directly to LA for a gift-wrapped game winner. Very sad. This might just be a short series,

  204. NYR – too many blown opportunities and too many mistakes. Kings played well, but NYR did themselves in.

  205. And of course it is Justin Williams that scores in OT.

    Oh well, I had a feeling it was gonna go down this way.

    Scratch Richards and play Miller or Fast instead.

    The only way we can win is SPEED.

  206. Time and Space.

    And that goes for all of us too.


    Time and space!

  207. ThisYearsModel on

    Maybe they can give Girardi a black jersey for next game. it will make it less confusing.

  208. Stepan did not clear the zone, the Doughty goal could have been prevented with better defending, and the winning goal was due to a bad and unforced Girardi turnover. This is not a good way to lose a game of this magnitude.

  209. Things I will take from this game.

    -The kings don’t waste chances

    -The kings are beatable

    -the kings bleed too

    -The Rangers need a better effort from their top guys like Nash, Richards.

    -the Rangers can still win

  210. Where’s LW and the glad we didn’t sign willie Mitchell thing??

    All we need Is a split in the first 2.

    Longer the series goes, better for us.

    I hate 2-0 leads against the kings!

    J Moops over Diaz any day.

    Size wins game 1, need to try to and stay away from walls and down low.


  211. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on


    We will win! The Kings were just lucky. We have this series in the bag! I’m told it’s not a series unt someone wins on the road!

    Was it over when the Canadians bombed Pearl Harbor?

  212. Admiral Akbar. Thanks! I guess we gear up and anxiously wait for game 2 Saturday. Clean slate since momentum doesn’t transfer from one playoff game to the next. LGR!

  213. Looking at the play again. It was a really unlucky bad bounce and it looked like girardi panicked.

  214. Stepan doesn’t make that pass and Rangers are up 1-0 in the series.

    Love they want to make it a track meet, but they still had to play smart. Making a pretty play in your own end won’t work against the Kings. Henrik kept them in this game and they blew it.

  215. Somewhere in Bryant Park, a serious fan cursed on the Williams goal and then had another attendee tell him/her to “calm down” because “its just a game” and “this was fun no matter what”/.

  216. seems like our new trend is getting a 2 or more goal lead and then giving up that lead.

    Can somebody explain how did we give up a ton for a turd like Nash?

    And why did we give up so much for MSL who is only effective within a 2 week period of his mother dying?

  217. Orr watch his line mates they anticipated he would be able to pass up ice. The bad bounce screwed the whole play up. Though girardi could have done something else at that point. He had three kings on him.

  218. I do not want to see Nash on this team following this season. I do not want to see Nash ever again. Ship Nash to Iceland.

  219. Can someone explain to Paul that you need to dress at least six players to play a game?

  220. ThisYearsModel on

    Kids in juniors make that play, not $5MM per veteran alternate captain defensemen. Well, unless they are Dan Girardi.

  221. “The fuggin idiot could have just backhanded the puck around the net, MZA was getting there”

    He could have done basically anything except what he did.

  222. Hagelin had the game on his stick at the end of the 3rd, got off a real good shot, Quick made a nice glove save.

    Williams had the game on his stick, made a close to perfect shot and Hank didn’t.

  223. Paul – MSL played fine tonight. And that 1st rounder is #29 at best.

    Orr – he should’ve just held it. The issue was Pouliot and McDonagh took off already and gave him no options. So he lost an edge and panicked. It’s on Girardi, but he needs outlets there. It was 3 on 1 so he was screwed.

  224. bad loss. I know these NBC guys need to turn every mention of a goaltender into gay porn, but I really didn’t think Lundqvist was particularly good in this game – at least 2 of the 3 goals were soft and the disproportionate shot total in the 3rd wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as Kenny Albert, who must have read off the shot totals about 30 times over a 5-minute period, and the rest of those clowns wanted to make it seem. About 10 of the shots were dump-ins, guys…don’t just blindly read numbers for the sake of having something to say.

    and I said it a few weeks ago, and I’ll say it again now: Dan Girardi is the Ranger defender most exposed by the shift from John Tortorella to Alain Vigneault. In the more open portions of the game the guy is going to get beat to puck every time; he’s simply not a quick enough skater to not throw in miscues like the 6 or 7 he had tonight.

    the positives: Carl Hagelin looks like a superstar this postseason. Guy is faster than every other player by a wide margin. wish he could have finished that partial break shorthanded at in the 3rd but he still had a hell of an effort. Boyle is another guy who continues to try his heart out and while there’s a very low ceiling for him skill-wise, he’s been playing with a ton of heart.

    thank god we won’t have to see Diaz again

  225. Glitch, you can’t expect your teammate to fall down when he has the puck. I’m not going to blame them. It’s all on Girardi. He fell down, felt the pressure, and threw a desperation pass like pee wee hockey player. Girardi lost them the game.

  226. They teach you in mites that you don’t leave the zone until the puck leaves. Pouliot and McDonagh forgot that.

    Girardi will be the scapegoat but that was a full team fail.

  227. Girardi got burned at the end but he got burned so many other times in this game it was a matter of time.

  228. Girardi should have moved the puck around the net, could have even used his hand, instead he panicked and looked like a clown.

    Lundqvist just stood there and didn’t even make a save attempt.

  229. God what scares me is I thought kings played awful tonight, well at least for first 40 mins….I will not panic until we lose a home game but this was one where we had it…imagine 3-0 going into second period instead of 2-1, that weak arse goal late 1st made me Mad. Rest and regroup and win next one. Defense needs to do better and I think Moore return might help because Diaz/Klein was scary out there…….posy LGR……

  230. Nash needs to play harder on the puck whether he is shooting or not. Had some good shifts early, was a turnover machine after the first 10 minutes.

    He’s got no onions.

  231. Orr – that’s not even close to true. As the near side winger, you can’t leave until the puck leaves. Your job is to help in case the puck doesn’t get out.

    As for McDonagh, no idea why he took off there. He should’ve been in front of the net to help Girardi. You can’t assume that puck gets out, especially on OT of a Stanley Cup Finals game.

    And Stepan’s pass hurt them more than Girardi. That turnover got the Kings going.

  232. remember what they used to call Roberto Duran? “Manos de Piedra?”

    we can apply that to Rick Nash, too

  233. Missed opportunity- should have been 3-0 on St. Louis pass to Moore- instead Stepan gives one away and the momentum with it. You’re not going to win many Stanley Cup games when you give away two goals as bad as the two we did. Can’t blame Hank on this one- but he’s a different goalie in overtime. We have to bury the chances we get- well, we at least have to get a shot on goal on odd man rushes. We’ll get another chance to test this teams mettle on Saturday-don’t think we dented LA’s confidence level.

  234. Rangers game involves
    stretch passes and getting passes behind defense..problem was Girardi lost edge

  235. MSL played fine? Did he score or even come close to scoring? Did he hit anybody?

    We gave up Callahan and 2 1st rounders for him, doesn’t matter what # the pick is.

  236. Stranger Nation on

    Norm Merton
    _Well, the right team won it anyway_

    A true fan who bleeds blue…

  237. Paul – glad you have no idea what you are talking about. Was waiting for more people like you to show up.

  238. AV desperately needed forechecking in the third period, so he sits Dorsett. Not complaining, just sayin’.

  239. yeah but apart from about half of the first period, you’d be hard-pressed to make a credible case that the Rangers “deserved” to win this game. not to say that the Kings necessarily did either, but they were certainly putting in more effort.

  240. Hell, the bastard could have just passed the puck back to Hank.

    Like Latona said, he could have done anything except what he did. Stupid is the best word to describe it. He owes the whole team dinner for the next tree days.

  241. Stranger Nation on

    papa – all true on nash, with the caveat if he ONLY shot the puck on the 3 on 1 (not trying some dumbassen move) and scored, I would forgive those transgressions.

    The weak-arse play on top of the lack of scoring is just bloody, bloody painful.

  242. Disgusting 3rd period was a by product of that turnover. Rangers play in neutral zone last half was terrible

  243. maybe he sat Dorsett because he didn’t want to see more plays like the one that resulted in the Doughty goal

  244. It was one 1st rounder and a 2nd. And yes he came close to scoring. Had the 2 on 1 shot and a few chances in front.

    He created a lot too. If you watched off the puck you’d see the smart little plays that count when it comes to tight playoff games like this.

    As for Henrik, outside of doing a back flip, what would you have liked him to do on that last goal? That was a perfect shot that he did try to stop, but no goalie is stopping that. Had McDonagh been in the zone where he should’ve been, Williams isn’t open. Had Pouliot been on the boards instead of the blue line, the puck never gets turned over.

    It’s a team game and they made team mistakes. If you want to be the guy that singles out one player when it was an overall team mistake, go ahead. It just proves you don’t know what you are watching.

  245. Late 1st period was key momentum shift in game. Kings game gradually got better after that goal. 3rd period we couldn’t sustain shifts or puck cintrol

  246. Stranger Nation on

    We had more scoring chances in the first 30 minutes – need to finish
    Refs allow the off puck stuff, it will be a painful watch
    diaz has to sit
    we need a RW on the PP

    This game was a microcosm of our season

    Hags is playing GREAT

  247. Lloyd – bingo on both points. Rangers didn’t deserve to win, but they did enough to steal it. That Stepan pass killed them. Doughty’s goal was sick, but Dorsett overplayed it a lot.

    The good news is it’s preventable mistakes. Bad news is the Kings will be rested and better for game 2. This is a very even series though. More shots at Quick from odd angles are needed because he’s so aggressive.

  248. jpg's sister on

    didn’t they seem tired/slow 2nd, 3rd, OT

    what happened to conditioning?

    6 days off in the sun too long

  249. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    One might also say our ‘big’ players need to come out to play. Not so sure Secretariat, MSL, Nash, ‘the big 3’ had even average games. Richards as the slowest guy out there is a target for a crushing hit (don’t want to think of the repercussions), Nash IS ‘the turnover, ‘don’t hit me, please” KING.

    We need more.

  250. speaking overplaying, Jonathan Quick maybe…maybe didn’t overplay 2 of the shots he faced all night. I’ve watched him enough to know the difference between he’s playing aggressively and when he’s blindly guessing, and he was guessing all night long. of course, the guy on the other end wasn’t good so all it evened out.

  251. Klein thought he was Bobby Orr when he was really like Colton Orr. He needs to stay back, especially once Moore comes back. That’ll be some what of a blessing.

  252. Staal’s play has had me worried for a while…not sure what is wrong with the guy.

    He really should have defended Clifford better on that goal. That was a pretty weak effort on his part…I feel like the old Marc Staal would have put Clifford on his aasen.

    And, Girardi needs to be smarter than that in OT. If Girardi eliminated those occasional mental lapses, he would be at another level!

  253. It took the Canadiens 2 games to slightly adjust to the Rangers speed game.

    It took the Kings 1 period to adjust.

    The Kings are far and away a better team than the Canadiens.

  254. Jonny D – if Girardi mistake is team mistake, then is Stepan mistake also team mistake? To me it just looked like two guys making absolutely terrible plays.

  255. Lloyd. Dors was in good position on that play with Doughty. The man just put it between his legs and did a Bobby Orr. Maybe you could have stopped it.

  256. Girardi looks like he doesn’t even recognize that we lost because of him, no remorse whatsoever.

    interesting stat:

    Kings had 2 players with 0 hits this game, Rangers had 9. Half of our players did not register a hit playing the Cup finals. Shows how committed they are to winning half a team did not hit.

  257. He’s been guessing a lot all playoffs. I think he relies too much on his athleticism. Richter was similar where they needed d-men to clear out stuff when they overplayed. Mike learned to reel it in a bit. But Quick will always been extremely overrated to me until he learns to balance aggressiveness with staying in position.

  258. coos, Dorsett went for an all-or-nothing poke check and failed. Should have just stayed with his guy.

  259. Dorsett was reaching when he didn’t need to. The play Doughty made was basically unnecessary because Dorsett pulled himself out of position going for that poke. If you’re skating in on a defender and he commits himself in a direction you’re not going, you can do a pirouette, a cartwheel, or just skate in a straight line and you’ll burn the defender.

  260. Which player thrust his stick at Doughty and allowed Doughty to go right around him?

  261. “The play Doughty made was basically unnecessary.” I thought I had heard it all, but I guess not.

  262. Stepan one was a team mistake because Staal didn’t get position on Clifford. Also yet again, Kreider and Nash were nowhere to be found for the outlet pass. They were floating in the neutral zone. Ok if one of them does it, but one should’ve been closer to the boards up by the blue line. So yes he probably made the biggest mistake there, but his help wasn’t there either.

  263. Even though some of you guys have a dearth of humor, you nonetheless make me laugh. Dorsett bashing, lol.

  264. so you were actually watching the game and think Dorsett made a good play on Doughty

    oh boy

  265. Turnover by step and Girardi did them in. I’m more perplexed at the atrocious 3rd period.

  266. BickelsPickle on

    I wonder what “adjustment” LA made…. as far as I could tell, Rangers looked off like the first few minutes at their first practice in LA.. and then it seemed like they didn’t want to match the intensity

  267. Got to go to bed- I’m so tired I almost commented on one of Paul’s posts. AV had a good game plan- Kings adjusted- found their legs and won a home game. Heard both teams agreed to play game 2 outside in the parking lot on a smoother surface.

  268. Stepan , Dorsett & Girardi should know better. Could have 3 or 4 -0 in the the 1St period if MSL was sharp. Did Nash play tonite. Need to score with your quality oprtunities. Still a long way to go. Haglan is playing great. Rangers looked slow in the last period

  269. coos I know how easily impressed you are by Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury but you should try watching rather than parroting what they say

  270. I’m going to parrot Lloyd from now on. Truly knows the game through and through.

  271. The Good One looked pretty good in the first period. The guy was moving. He just couldn’t do anything right, offensively, as usual. Then he started playing “good” and that was that. Back to his useless self.

    The failed 2 on 1 was just pathetic. So typical of this guy.

  272. Doughty definitely knee’d Hank in the head immediately after he scored…No call…

    Couch cushion fine perhaps?

  273. From what I saw, Kings can be had. When the team stops skating you put the 4th line out to get the intensity up again. No…Dorsett sits????

    Hagelin was the only threat on his line tonight…Horseteeth with his usual multi turnovers from backhand passes to the center of the ice…was in mid season form. MSL missing too many opptys.
    Kreider invisible tonight…not a physical presence at all…put no pressure on or backed up LA’s d-men.
    Gnash just going through the motions…I’m resigned to the fact that he will never step up. Maybe he can be traded down here to the Panthers since they need to add contracts every year just to get to cap minimum. Elite player….my ash.

  274. ThisYearsModel on

    Nash is what he is. We have to get used to it, I guess. He made a complete mess of a wonderful 3 on 1 opportunity. Constantly overhandles the puck and then does not get shots through. Horrible.

  275. I wish AV would trust THE a little more. THE could be so useful on the PK & Faw on faw. He doesn’t trust the kid enough. You can’t expect him to improve faw on faw if you don’t play him there in the regular season. Even for five minutes in OT.

  276. BickelsPickle on

    THE took some tips from his line mate. Dude was making some questionable plays out there tonight.

  277. Let’s also remember that in ’94, the Rangers lost game 1 in OT as well. Just have to hope this series plays out the way that one did.

  278. ThisYearsModel on

    They are gong nowhere without contributions from “the de-facto captain” Richards, Nash and St. Louis. They got squat from any of them in this game. Richards was brutal all game, Nash was after the 3rd period and St. Louis had one good chance all game.

  279. ONIONS.

    Whether it’s mites, squirts, pewees, bantams, juniors, high school, college, minors, men’s leagues, open hockey or the NHL, it’s usually pretty easy to identify the players who have them and the players who don’t.

    You can blame Nash’s poor play on many things, I’ll start and end with “lack of onions”

  280. from what I saw the rangers the first half of this game could have been up 4-0. They seemed to miss wide open nets after being up 2-0 and than the kings seemed to capitalize on every ranger mistake which led to goals. The kings also seemed to get stronger as the game went on. I also noticed that again the rangers were called for some penalties that were borderline and the kings got away with interference penalties. Rangers have to win the 2nd game or this wil be a short series.

  281. The Rangers wearing down in the third would not have mattered had Hank made one of two routine stops.

  282. Would love to know which of those goals was a routine save, MrT.

    Or are you watching on NBC’s super-duper slow mo and thinking that’s really what he’s seeing?

  283. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    This series is far from over. Even if it ended with us winning….long way to win 4.

  284. JMoops is not (yet) the ideal D-Man, but he does have wheels. And we could use a ripped shot or two from that position, wot?

  285. Robby Bonfire on

    I thought I was watching an NFL game, when Hagelin was tackled. Then I knew I was watching an NFL game when there was no call on the play, which looked like a borderline penalty shot call.

    The best the network guy could do was say “Hagelin may have been slightly impeded.” Right, you’re a network hack, NEVER criticize the bumbling, incompetent officiating – it’s in the contract.

  286. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Nash and Pouliot will skate with their Big boys , we missed too many open nets and golden chances . Nash did screw up and the guy is trying . Any True hockey player knows Nash was CONCUSSED earlier in the year and is not the same. The same Idiots or sorry , the same un-educated ( of course spelt wrong)fans booing MSL the day his mom was dying.

    Everyone media based have counted us out …I like our chances.

  287. ThisYearsModel on

    Hank was just fine. Others were not….Captain Richards being on top of the list. Looks like the magic of the St. Louis situation has worn off. Nash continues to be plain infuriating to watch. Girardi….well, he gets the nail in our coffin award for this game.

  288. robby, agree, I was livid, rangers getting called for some borderline penalties mean while not once, not twice but several times ranger players getting interfered with, to me, those were obvious calls to make than some of the calls that went against the rangers but what else is new. I expect that from the nhl.

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