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  1. Rob in Beantown on


    I’m not going to bother reposting my Carped comment from the other thread. Suffice to say it was a good moment for the show, though.

  2. Who supplies the microphones for these Pressers, Marcel Marceau Enterprises? No wonder we’re losing the space race!

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    That sucks, Eric. I haven’t gotten a followup email yet but I assume it will be the same.

  4. ‘L.A.’s fine, the sun shines most the time
    And the feeling is “lay back.”
    Palm trees grow and rents are low
    But you know, I keep thinkin’ about
    Making my way back.’

  5. Just got officials for cup final

    Brad Watson 23
    Steve kozari 40
    Dan o halloran 13
    Wes McCauley 4


    Dave Jackson 8
    Marc joanette 25
    Dan o rourke 9
    Kevin pollock 33

  6. Manny-O-War on

    Just chatted with a sales person at NHL Shop:

    “I apologize there was a pricing error on this item. Since the order quantities were so great we expect to have an answer for all of our customers regarding their specific orders by the middle of this week. You will receive a cancellation email by Thursday or a shipping confirmation early next week.”

  7. Manny-O-War on

    So by Thursday you will either get a confirmation or a shipping confrimation.

  8. Manny-O-War on

    Remember that amazing line Change where Staal fell onto the ice? I think someone made a gif of it somewhere…

  9. Here’s a Jed Ortmeyer tweet from May

    @4ortie1: Am I the only one that wishes to have a Pierre mute button while watching NHL? #Painful #CaptainObvious


    Ortmeyer – D.Moore – Hollweg – One of Tom Renney’s favorite lines. He used to have them on the ice in the final minute of a one goal game all the time until a team scored. Then he gave up!

  10. If Kenny Albert can find a few spare hours to fly in and trim my lawn, it wouldn’t go unappreciated.

  11. Did they ever call the penalty on NYR? I can’t remember!

    One of the best was one of Renney’s last games, I think NYR had tree or faw players on the ice and nobody realized it. That was a brutal year.

  12. for *Manny*

    Prust sat out the pair vs. New York with his suspension, but he didn’t miss Games 3 and 4 against Boston with an aggravation of a rib injury, as was widely speculated.

    “Healthy scratch, a coach decision,” he said Sunday, Michel Therrien parking him in the press box for two games.

    “I didn’t play very well in Game 2 and I knew it. I think (Therrien) was trying to wake me up and spark me and make me realize I wasn’t playing well.

    from Stubbs’ one on one with Prust

    you were *wrong* i still ♥ you

  13. Jeff in South Dakota on

    If a Staal falls on the ice and no one records it, does it make a noise?

  14. Robby Bonfire on

    LA is -170 (lay $170 to win gross $270); Rangers are +150 (lay $100 to win gross $250), to win the Stanley Cup at http://www.bovada.com.

    What the books are saying is that LA has a 61.54 chance of winning this Final Series, to the Rangers 38.46% chance. Best hedge bet would be to take the Rangers at this +150 price, and IF the Rangers win game 1, they will become favored to win the Cup, so that you can jump on the adjusted price for LA, will will be over even-money, and be locked in, at that point, to make money on this series.

    BUT, LA wins game 1, Rangers and hedge bettors are in big trouble…

  15. Not to be a pedant, Robby, but its more Vegas trying to balance dollars than trying to present odds as actual odds of winning.


    Never fear boys, I am here
    And soon We’ll all be there

    Because I BRUNGS IT to LA.

    I am The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Drink special cider
    Yes I’m the Kreider

  17. “The face value of Rangers tickets ranged from $480 to $2,490, while Kings seats cost either $349 or $629.”

    Might be cheaper to fly out to LA to see a game.

    Dolan is a criminal.

  18. It is cheaper, Papa. Already did the math.

    Don’t blame Dolan. Blame the NYC socialites who are driving up the prices to obscene amounts because they want to have a picture next to DeNiro…

  19. On this day I seek to recall the wisdom of the indomitable DUCKBILL PLATYPUS, who spoke the following words greater than one year’s time before the Blueshirts triumphed over the Canadiens:

    “Might this duck comment on the vituperative nature of the “Monreal’ faithful(no marion)?”

  20. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Just rough priced it airfare (economy) hotel and tickets still less than $2,490. Dolan is a greedy bearmanpig.

  21. Jeff in South Dakota on

    LA @ $629 w/hollywood type stars > NYC @ $2,490 w/NYC socialites

  22. Still holding out hope, Rob. Haven’t gotten an email yet and just checked NHL.com and the order hasn’t been cancelled yet.

  23. I don’t think they are shipping anyone! You’ll see these jerseys in a short while on their site for full price.

  24. Robby Bonfire on

    MR. D –

    Balancing the flow of wagering is the same thing as posting odds, since the odds directly correlate with the flow of money. When 60 per cent of the money is bet on a team, it has much closer to 60 per cent chance of winning. You don’t get 60 per cent of the money wagered on a team with a 50 per cent chance of winning. The payoff would be too small, relative to the risk and players (bettors) would bet the other way.

  25. The wise guys like equal amounts of money bet on both teams and profit on the Vig. When it tips too far, they adjust the odds/points.

  26. There were times in the past (and still may be) when the NY books had the Dolphins +2 and the Fla books had the Jets +2 for that very reason. If you had a contact in FLA, you could middle the game an if the points fell right, you could collect no matter what happened.

  27. Would have replaced kozari with o rourke but I can live with it. The other three joanette pollock Jackson had to go.

  28. iManny-O-War on

    I swear that the NHL will make anything if they think it will make them 85% profit. They even make a straw cowboy hat with the Rangers logo. In fact, you can get any team’s logo!

    For the important thing is that Joanette is gone.

  29. Jets -2 in NY, plus 2 in Fla. NY needs Dolphin bettors, Fla needs NY bettors. That’s called betting with your heart.

  30. Coos, how’s the cash flow?

    Why don’t we hop a flight west, pick up Eddie, head down to game 2 on Saturday?

  31. iManny-O-War on

    NYR: NHL rep told me today, via chat, that we would know by Thursday (I posted it above). Either way I’m reporting them to the Attorney General.

    In 2012 the airline El Al offered a deal on round trip flights to Israel. The third party that posted the flight deal forgot to add in the fuel surcharge and the price was listed at $345 round trip to Israel. The airline released a statement saying that honoring the purchases made was the “right thing to do” and everyone who jumped on the deal got their tickets despite the airline actually losing money.

    Here the NHL isn’t losing money. Just making less.

  32. ThisYearsModel on

    Rangers are getting ZERO respect out here. The 18,000 hockey fans in LA are already planning their Stanley Cup gathering of 20,000 people at Staples Center. The most frequent word they are associating with our team is “trash.”

  33. Papa, my accountant says that this is a very bad time. I think my stocks are down. I’m cash poor, or something. I’ve got no cash flow. I’m not liquid. Something is not flowing. I don’t know, but those people got a language of their own those guys.

    Woody Allen, ‘Manhattan’

  34. iManny-O-War on

    If this was a mom and pop shop in Manhattan that sells sports memorabilia and they listed the Jersey as $63.33 in the Paper they would be forced to honor that price by law.

    They would have to take a major loss because they couldn’t buy the jerseys direct as the NHL does. They probably pay about $80 per themselves.

    But the big bad NHL gets to do what they want.

  35. False advertising and Word of Mouth got 5,000 new potential -customers- suckers to their site.

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