So it will be Rangers-Kings for the Cup


The Rangers have played the Kings twice in the playoffs, winning preliminary series in 1979 (en route to the Cup final) and in 1981, a series that included a wild bench-clearing brawl. Click here to see that video, described by Jim Gordon and Bill “Big Whistle” Chadwick.

FWIW, which is not much, the Rangers were 1-1 against the Kings this season, a 3-1 win in the second game of the season, in which Jonathan Quick gave up that 180-foot short-handed goal to Ryan McDonagh, and a 1-0 shutout loss to Ben Scrivens in the rematch at the Garden.

Alain Vigneault’s Canucks played the Kings twice in the postseason, a first-round win in 2010, and a first-round loss in 2012.

Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. Robby Bonfire on

    Beating the Kings is tough, enough. Beating the Kings plus the officials is impossible. Hope this bias in favor of LA stops right here.

  2. Steve Sullivan ?@Sullivan26 47s

    Make sure all electronics are charged NYR. #longflight #CoastToCoast #Ambien

  3. iManny-O-War on

    Did you already write that Carp? That was fast. Did you have two prepared? Very professional.

  4. Admiral Akbar on

    Here comes the Hollywood goon Squad out in full-force supporting their “beloved” Kings with those hideous black uniforms!!

  5. Dannyboyayyo on

    Looks like there’s going to be a real life Game of Thrones…LA Kings vs King Henrik!

  6. Damn it, now that we know it is the Kings I am even more convinced that speed is the only chance we got against them and Boyle does not have speed you do the math.

    BTW Powe went to the Stanley Cup finals in 2010. And I bet he is hungry to not just win the Cup but to get back in NHL.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    _Wednesday 8:00 pm; Saturday 7:00 pm_

    that will be a 6 days off and 2 games in 9 days

    Hope the rest works for us

  8. iManny-O-War on

    LMGO. My wife said “Bandwagon Bulimics!?” That’s a good one. We will have to keep that going!

  9. So in addition to the obvious that I love my rangers and NEED them to win for life to have meaning, now it’s about beating LA! Is there any place I despise more? Any team I’d like to beat more? (Other than the usual suspects we already trampled over) as a New Yorker this is big.

  10. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s true. Powe is hungry for a Cup. He should probably be in the lineup for the Final against LA instead of Hodor.

  11. Kings fly home tonight. Media day Tuesday. Jump on them Wednesday. Game 1 vital. We win all three game 1

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Is Boyle still on the team? I thought we traded him last year?
    Can’t score goals, can’t skate, can’t pas the puck.
    Let’s get rid of this guy….


  13. Keith Jones is a tool. Rangers have a chance because this series went seven games? Tool.

  14. From what I obsserved, Kings play a zone defense, constantly rotating to the strong side. Hawks players were constantly finding the cracks, St Louis, Zucc and McDonagh are going to have field days.

    Oh, and Hank is not Crawford, will be interesting to say the least.

  15. Good thing Gaborik sucked so much against Lundqvist in practices that he lost his confidence to shoot in the shootouts.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    SeeDubb – getting that hatred going early!! Me Likey!


  17. Chicago looked like they were totally out of gas, we would have easily beat them. Kings will be tough.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers need to send an 8 ball to Carter and Richards’ room before games 3 and 4.

  19. CraigWeather on

    Yup… Bole will be scratched for the most clutch playoff performer ever to don a Rangers Jersey…Darrol Powe. I also think we should sit Stepan for Asham. Asham’s so much tougher and his jaw never would’ve cracked from Prust’s clean hit…

  20. Well Kings barely beat Blackhawks and Rangers I think have a better overall team than Blackhawks so…

  21. 7:30 Saturday night only non 8 pm start. So 5:00-5:20 out in LA. Rangers better fly now get adjusted

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, here comes 4-plus games of the neutral zone trap and the Rangers getting the crap kicked out of them. Hopefully, Quick’s .850 GAA keeps up.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – rangers are actually used to playing at cup final scheduled times… The Kings are the ones not used to starting 5pm CA time

  24. Eddie

    Kings played 5:00 6:00 games vs hawks this round and all home games vs devs in 2012

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – no way. Amarante’s hair is natural. Looks fake, but that weave is all natural.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – their regular season games are all 10 pm or 10:30 east coast time…

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – games against the sharks and ducks were 10 pm and 10:30starting times too

  28. Stranger Nation on

    LA has some slow D which can be exploited if we survive the physical onslaught in the first 3 games.

    NYR Road Warriors need to take first game.

  29. 45 hits a night is pretty scary. First game is pretty big, maybe we can catch them napping.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers need to come out flying in game 1. Win it and Hank steals game 2. Come home up 2-0. Believe and it will happen.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Good point CCCP. We finally get that inevitable crushing we were supposed to get two years ago (s)

  32. in 2012 we would have been destroyed, this time I am not so sure. We actually have a coach and a system now. But both teams improved their lineup since then.

  33. Imagine how pumped Powe would be if AV put him in net against LA? It’s worth a try! (s)

  34. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, it’s all there in front of Henrik now. Win this series and he guarantees that his number 30 will hang from the rafters, and that he will make the hall of fame.

  35. Agents surround 1,200 naked Sutters at Camp Deliverance. Holding Burt Reynolds captive and starting brushfires.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alternate Captains Richards, Staal, and Girardi : Come get the Stanley Cup

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sutter on facing the Rangers:

    “Rubba tubba hubby dubba. Ruby Doobie toobe kanoobie. Bammy whammy jammy.”

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Slatsko Folkyerself



    Kings in 5 see you in October.


    Talk about a bunch of IDIOTS!!!

  39. If we had had Mike Tyson, he would have bitten Prust’s ear off. Another one bites the Prust.

  40. Great…we’ll be flooded with nbc close ups of beckham and his kids.
    Rangers in 6.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    AV knows the kings well from prior years but gabby wasn’t on those teams…

  42. Maybe it was just this game, but LA defensemen did look pretty slow.

    And their physical play didn’t seem to affect smallish Kane.

  43. Macaulay Culkin’s agent desperately trying to score free glass seats to revive his ‘career.’

  44. “Alain Vigneault’s Canucks played the Kings twice in the postseason, a first-round win in 2010, and a first-round loss in 2012”

    wow, nice, AV should have a good idea what he is dealing with.

  45. Lloyd Braun on

    watched most of this series and sorry, just not that impressed with the west, nor am I buy into the inflated goals/points stats. this L.A. team has now played more than a quarter-of-a-season’s worth of games in the postseason, many of which were against teams with swiss cheese defenses (and, frequently, swiss cheese goaltending). they won’t have anywhere near the freedom against this Rangers team, nor will they be staring down a middling goaltender for another 7 games.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    This series is over in less than 6 games. I have no idea who the victor is, but it’s less than 6 games to prevent me from attending.

  47. Staal will need to wake up a little.

    crazy how Sutter mostly uses his 1st and 2nd line forwards on the PK.

  48. Greetings from Ireland… one at 1pm. Tough start. Lots of shaky goals of what I could see on highlights from last night. Fore!

  49. Greetings from Ireland… one at 1am. Tough start. Lots of shaky goals of what I could see on highlights from last night. Fore!

  50. Well, it’s 6am Monday morning and I’m already sick of listening to analysts talk about the series.
    I mean, should they even bother playing? Everyone’s talking abo

  51. Well, it’s 6am Monday morning and I’m already sick of listening to analysts talk about the series.
    I mean, should they even bother playing? Everyone’s talking about the Kings dynasty already. And then they quickly add “well they still have to win another series”..really?
    Maybe just a fragment of respect or impartial discussion? sheesh

  52. Vibin, James. Take comfort in knowing those same “experts” picked the Pens and Habs against us too.

  53. Admiral Akbar on

    I can see the Rangers winning and starting a dynasty of their own.

    Why the hell not?

  54. Very true, seeedubb. Plus Suter should know in advance that the Rangers have yet to solve Ben Scrivens. Thus, if Quick gets taken out by Krieder we all know it’s 100% unintentional.

  55. One thing is for sure- if the Rangers get a lead in a game, lead in a series, put LA on the brink of elimination – none of it will mean squat. So the whole pitiful games mid series thing needs to get avoided this time around.

  56. one of the reasons the Rangers are so balanced this year (and somewhat in years passed) is because our 3rd/4th liners are pretty much the best PKers on the team – Boyle, Moore, Hags, Dorse with Stepan the only exception.
    That pretty much means you can throw out a top scoring line straight after a PK against other teams lower lines and D-pairs.

  57. This is why I hate posting from my phone…

    I was saying that they’re on NHL network on Sirius right now doing a raa raa raa for LA and while praising Quick actually said “I guess it’s two of the best goalies in the NHL going at it…I’m going to have to stay away from media coverage for the next 2 weeks

  58. Good morning, boneheads!

    JamesG, to me, let the media talk about Kings dynasty. The more the better.

    Either team would represent serious challenges, either team has a weakness or two. It’s up to AV to exploit that. For the record, with all this talk about Kings being a physical force, I don’t think the Rangers will be pushed around or physically intimidated.

    It didn’t matter to me which team they’d play. But since I always try to find positives, how about this: I don’t think it would easy for me to hate Blackhawks. Hating LA? I think I’ll be ok with that. Because we know we will hate them very, very soon, no? So LA it is.

  59. Remember….Flyers have a great chance of beating Rangers….Pens in five, too much talent, too much Crosby…and of course…Rangers jinxed at Bell Centre, no way they could win there….And who exactly is in the finals?

    I have watched the series on and off, and almost all of the last two games and I’m unimpressed. Seemed BH had many many open chances on Quick. LA looks a step slow, and we’ve proven over and over again, speed kills. You can’t hit what you can’t catch. Let them all talk like it’s a foregone conclusion that LA wins. It takes enormous pressure off the NYR and that’s fine by me. We win the goaltending matchup. Quick has looked ordinary. Outside of Doughty, I’m not overly impressed by their D, and they gave up a LOT of goals that series. They might have some better scoring forwards in Carter and Gabby, but the rest of them haven’t looked super. Kopitar hasn’t scored in a Nash-worth of games either.

    Should we win? No. Will we? Why not us? LGR!!

  60. Carp, thanks for the link.

    Love The Big Whistle: this could set the game back 10 years. I remember watching that series!

  61. As much as I loved the team of Sam Rosen and JD, I really miss Gordon and Chadwick. To me, they were the classic Rangers announcing pair. Of course I grew up listening to them (and Marv Albert on the radio with Sal Messina), so I have a soft spot, but Gordon’s style was just perfect for hockey.

  62. Sioux-per game 7 on

    Pimp – what a stage for THE KREIDER. The mean, lean, screaming machine will be NEEDED. For sure.

  63. Sioux-per game 7 on

    Doodie – Rangers in 7!

    Because Hank doesn’t lose in game 7’s.

  64. Sioux-per game 7 on

    Carp – thanks for sharing the ’81 fight video.

    #3 – Beck. Now that’s a cheap shot. Hit a guy while the ref is holding him. That’s about as cheap as it can get.

    Was he always like that?

  65. I BELIEVE Sioux on

    Rangers are rested. They can steal a game on the road, if not 2 :)

    Hen-rik will have to steal 2 of the 4 wins.

    It WILL happen.

    I believe.

  66. Manny-O-War on

    Ilb is 100% correct. Hating the LA Kings and their bandwagon fans and stupid uniforms and 99 Degree hockey weather is pretty easy.

  67. Manny-O-War on

    When the Rangers are flying all the way to LA LA Land, do they Coaches fly in Coach or do the players fly in Coach while the Coaches fly in 1st?

  68. Nobody in the hockey world thinks the Rangers have a chance in this series…

    Nobody in the hockey world thought we could beat the Pens or the Canadiens.

    I’m just thinking back to video of Bill Parcells talking to Lawrence Taylor on the sidelines during the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers back in ’91. Parcells exact words to LT as they were celebrating the victory and a ticket to the Super Bowl:

    “Nobody thinks we can win this, you know.”

    Great moments are born from great opportunity.

    The Rangers need to seize the moment and use the strengths that got them this far: Speed, defense, goaltending.

    The Kings CAN be beaten. Three Game 7 victories this playoff year? Just means they were THAT CLOSE to being beat. They’re not a juggernaut, they’re not the Oilers of the 80’s.

    They CAN be beaten.

    Let’s Go Rangers

  69. I BELIEVE Sioux on

    Same is the voice of Rangers Hockey.

    But I could listen to Kenny Albert call any game.

    I really enjoyed how he called the Game 7 in Chicago last night.

  70. Manny-O-War on

    *Carp*: Do you know anything, or have you heard anything, about Ulf pulling a Keenan and negotiating for the coaching position in Carolina throughout these playoffs? It seems that he’s got that job all sewn up.

  71. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Manny would you Blame ULF if he took a head coaching job?

    I don’t think I would.

  72. Yes, Manny. I think I noted that in here a few weeks ago. He’s very close with Ron Francis. I think the reason no announcement is that the Canes are waiting for the Rangers’ season to be over.

  73. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Manny I like the Black Kings Jersey!

    Don’t think for a New York minute I want them to win, but I like the Jersey.

    It’s the one Jersey I’m Missing, black GREENE with the A on it.

  74. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    The won a cup together in Pittsburgh right?

    ULF 1’st head coaching job in the NHL. He would be a perfect fit.

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t take Staal with him.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks again for all the warm wishes yesterday. It meant a lot to me.

    Carp, one of the big Canadian reporters (I can’t remember which) said a week or two ago that he thinks Ulf to Carolina is a fait accompli, and like you, he thinks that they’re just waiting for the postseason to be over.

  76. Nash finally gets the opportunity he whined himself out of Columbus for.

    We can do this!

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    No thanks to him. 1-2 in games in which he has scored.

    Oh yeah, and he’s only scored three goals this postseason.

  78. CJP, good analogy but a slight mistake. Parcells actually said that to Carl Banks on the sideline after the 31-3 win against the Bears in the Divisionals. “Got one more?”. Banks, “Oh Yeah”. Parcells – “No one thinks we can win, you know?” Banks – “I know”. He was referring to the upcoming game against the 49ers: the “ThreePeat Game”. Best NFC Championship Game in history followed by the best Super Bowl in history.
    So let the A-Hole analysts talk. LGR!!!!!!

    BTW, for what it’s worth, Jim Gordon was also a truly great football announcer. He was the radio voice of the NY Giants for many years.

  79. Truly believe rangers need win game 1. Like the other series especially 2 days off after game 1. Play from ahead. Kings can get there legs after game 1.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually think the opposite. I think Rangers come out flat from having too many days off. Like the Penguins in game 1 of that series.

  81. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Let’s face it. This is David v. Goliath. Hopefully, a tired Goliath!

    That game 6 against Montreal was about as good a 60 minute effort as we have had all year and for decades. Especially the ‘lock down’ 3rd period. We need to repeat that every period, every minute, every game at a higher level vs. the Kings.

    Then, we have a chance!!

    WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

  82. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Would we have beaten Boston after the grueling Boston v. Montreal 2nd round? Could we beat LA after the grueling 3 rounds it’s played??

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know who wins the series, but it will be in 5 or less games, just to ensure I am not at a single one.

  84. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    AV will have all 4 lines ready.

    Diaz is getting his name on the Cup!

    Marty St. Louis, Richards, & Nash will lead this team.

    Just to have Stepan, Moore, Hags, & Zucc get the game winning goals.

    McMONSTER & G will shut down the Kopitar Gabby line.

    We got this!!!

  85. If carcillo did what beck did at the beginning of that clip carp posted, he’d be suspended for 100 games!

  86. I really hate those hats that say “STANLEY CUP FINAL” and have an LA logo on one side and a Rangers logo on the other. People who wear those are fans of the tournament I guess?

  87. I thought we could match chicagos speed AND their size.

    We can match LAs speed, but their size is worrisome.


    Rangers in 6

  88. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    I can’t wait to order my new Stanley Cup Champion Hat!


  89. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s going to be especially tough to match LA’s size when we’re scratching Boyle for the series

  90. Stranger Nation on

    We couldn’t afford TV in our cave but we did have a little transistor radio. When we scavenged used batteries, we were able to listen to Marv and Red Light call games, a pure delight while waiting for a meal that rarely arrived.

    Some of you guys really had it well off with yachts and all…

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    I did Sioux. I already committed that if I don’t get it I’m going to quit my job and picket NHL HQ for as long as it takes until they give me my $60 jersey.

  92. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – I too am very worried about LA’s _playable toughness_

    Their bottom D is not very mobile and like the Hab-nots, will have to get their 3rd pair out against one of our top 3 lines and me likey that scenario.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    FWIW – in last nights game there was a scrum at the Hawk’s goal when Stoll went in hard and was being roughed up and managed to rip off Crawford’s helmet.

    Behind the goal, Williams was being held/restrained by a linesman. When the fracas escalated, Williams chopped down on the official’s arm, jerked away and joined the scrum.

    If that was Carcillo, they might have executed him on the spot; no hearing, no trial by peers, no blindfold.

  94. Whoever Paul is he’s lost about Boyle. Man have been dumbest thing I heard all season

  95. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    If they take your money they have to honor it :)


    Thanks to *MANNY* I’m a proud not owner of a McMontser Jersey.

    I traded my white Callahan for the Lundqvist 3rd Jersey when I was there my 2nd time.

    Have Gaborik in Blue, if only you could get the Miller name plate…. LOL. I could use two of them.

    And now McDonagh!!! So here’s hoping it shows up in 8 days.

  96. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    I like *BOOBY’s* statement :)

    I would explode if Kristo got the call!

    AND got his name on the CuP!

    Yes Sir…. done…. see you all in Heaven.

  97. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Kristo wouldn’t answer my tweet, so I ordered the next Captain Jersey :)

  98. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    I’m thinking if he had a choice he would wear 77 as a Ranger.

    His number 7 was ONE LUCKY number for the Sioux.

    Both Kristo & TJ OSHIE wore the number.

  99. Rob in Beantown on

    Game 1:
    Rangers 3
    Kings 1

    GWG McDonagh from the Rangers’ faceoff circle

  100. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Oshie has 74, so Kristo could pick 47.

    So I’m stuck, or does he take the number that is available at the time he gets the call?

  101. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    The only regret…. I should have ordered McMONSTER for the name plate. Just to make sure they didn’t have that in stock :)

  102. I think we should ALL start writing the Attorney General.

    I mean, they LOCK US OUT every few years and now they make a mistake and we have to suffer for it?

  103. Ann B. Davis died yesterday. RIP Alice. You made the Brady Bunch undoubtedly *metal*.

  104. Robby Bonfire on

    Somebody be sure and count the number of times Jack Nicholson gets camera time on the sidelines. THAT is really what this series is about, to the TV dorks.

  105. Nash will breakout.

    Hot streak coming.

    9 goals in 6 games.

    Papa Bear loves Rick Nash!

  106. Sioux says Rangers in 7 on

    Rangers sign Andersson from Sweden.

    Another top Prospect in the loop. Stralman Sundays future replacement??????

  107. Carpus, I’ll pick up some extra typewriter ribbons and paper for the trip out west. You’ll see, I’m a great wing man.

    Larry Brooks in the press box to security before game #1: “What the hell is that?”

    Security.. “Just some big old lug in Grizzly Bear suit, carrying around Carp’s Royal typewriter. He’s ok.”

  108. What is status of Carcillo appeal? I haven’t read anything in the news about it since last Friday’s hearing

  109. Its like Pandora’s box, but only if Pandora were a native of North Dakota and a Fighting Sioux superfan.

  110. I think it’s time for Renaud Lavoie to join his team on beautiful golf courses located in the Province of Quebec —->

  111. The *jet lag series*…two days between each game for much of the series, including a travel day…as one who travels on business out West, I would not want this schedule!;>((

  112. I hope *KRISTO* gets traded ASAP so I don’t have to hear about him anymore

  113. I don’t think the Kings have come up against a D-corps who are as defensively sound as our guys are yet, i also read an interesting article on the minor tweaks AV had made to negate the Habs powerplay.

    I thought it was guys making risky plays but when you see the little passes the D-men were making consistently throughout the series (like the one to Boyle before he released Hags for the breakaway shorty) – it was a tactic to negate the Habs powerplay who play with 2 at the blue line and 3 down low, essentially giving the killing team the centre part of the zone to play the puck and clear. Clever guy, hope he has a plan for Doughty, Kopitar, Gaborik, Carter, Richards, Brown…..yeesh!!!

  114. _I hope KRISTO gets traded ASAP so I don’t have to hear about him anymore_

    What if he gets traded for a conditional draft pick with the condition being that the draft pick must come from ND?

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thinking about going to game 2. Just got some Botox injections, some face surgery, fake ab implants, and artificial pec muscles added on. Look for me among the other 20,000 plastic surgery attendees.

  116. Rob in Beantown on

    Annie: It’s so clean out here.
    Alvy: That’s because they don’t throw their garbage away, they turn it into television shows.

  117. So Justin Bieber stands/stpes on the Blackhawks logo and the next season they lose in 7. Coincidence?

  118. Disregard this notion that kings are wearing some superpower mantras, – all kings are naked…

  119. Rob in Beantown on

    Alvy: I don’t want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light.

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boobie – Ilb : THE’s surgeon was unavailable. I went with DR. Hack. He also put in a complete set of fake teeth, new jaw line, the cutest nose a guy would ever want, calf, thigh, and quad implants. I’m totally ripped. The only problem is that I can’t blink my eyes nor smile at all. Face is frozen. But damn, do I like totally hot in a completely artificial way.

    I love LA

  121. My wife, a/k/a Mrs. Manny, accused *Carp* of being an Islanders fan when I told her that he isn’t a Rangers fan.

  122. speaking of Carcillo. What happen with that meeting Carcillo had with Buttman? Has there been a decision on reducing Carcillo’s suspension?

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My face itches and I can’t reach it to scratch it due to my arm muscle implants. Help, it really is itchy.I have to admit, these artificial biceps are really something. All these chicks waiting for plastic surgery are totally checking me out. But damn my face really itches…

  124. I’m going to throw up all over the NHL. Can everybody get off the lap of the Kings and Hawks? Great game? It took 9 goals to win it. They weren’t ALL flukes. Come on people.

  125. SPORTSNET: ‘Even if Carcillo’s 10-gm suspension stands after FRI’s hearing, he can still have his name on the Stanley Cup even though suspended for series.’

  126. I really can’t take NHL radio right now. It’s like people don’t know that the Kings took *7* games to win each series!? They act like they swept.

  127. “You can have a big name and a big career, but it can be hard to find a fit somewhere,” Columbus GM Kekalainen said. “Gaborik just didn’t fit.”

  128. If somebody really scares me in those kings 2nd coming, it is their lips-less, mumbling fuhrer – utter Sutter.

  129. Anyone have any luck on TM? I’m beside myself as i had a single for Game 6 in the checkout but TM sent me a pop up saying someone checked out faster and I have to look for new tix…there were only about 12 blue dots on the map all singles…i have been saving $$$ so was willing to spend the $700 (insane) but it was not to be. As you all now, minimum resale is $1200 (ludicrously insane) so looks like I’m watching this on the TV. Hope some of youses (besides those that had ST) were able to get a ticket. Let’s Go Rangers

  130. Sutter reminds me of Barf from “You can’t do that on television”…does he have any other family members who have been involved with the NHL over the years? Ugggh.

  131. That Gabby, Brown, Anze line is scary!!! Gabby’s history of completely undressing Hank and the Rangers is scary and his whole “Rangers didn’t want him anymore” motivation storyline is perfect for the theme that exRangers crush current Rangers. But that said, we have just as good a chance as anybody and if we shut them down and the 70s line then there’s no reason we can’t win the Cup. LGR!

  132. Federal agents surround 1,200 naked Sutters in Deliverance, Georgia for taking Burt Reynolds an Ned Beatty hostage and starting brushfires.

  133. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    SNation – I mentioned Williams smacking the refs arm about 4 times last night….far more egregious than whatever it was car bomb did….

    # inconsistent rules

  134. Not sure if I’m looking too much into this, but when the Rangers won the ECF, Richards waved the whole team over for the pic. Brown was there by himself.

    This is just one example, but it seems like a pretty tight group.

  135. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Implants looking good….might go for the super grande “the Pecka Rinne”

  136. We going to hear about that all series long? The Sutters….. I’d rather Pierre tell us which junior high crab soccer team Jonathan Quick played on.

    Interesting series here in southern Connecticut- new haven area. A lot of support off the local boy but tons of us ranger fans would like to see Quick get lit up.

  137. The Gaborik story has very little meaning for today’s Rangers. The guy who wanted him out – Torts – is history, and the trade was necessary anyway…everyone knows that. Plus, Gaborik left on very good terms with all of his ex-teammates.

  138. Norm Merton on

    Carcillo a depth guy at this point, takes nobody out of the current line-up. More important depth guy might be Miller at this point. What’s his status?

  139. Monday, not Wednesday
    If I go onWednesday, I’ll have all the seats I need, plus the seatbelt extender

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