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  1. Sirens in the background of the AV audio.

    Who’s the narc who called the fuzz?

  2. We got a second email from NHL and it looks like my son is getting his jersey at the discounted price. :)
    I’m guessing it is being based on popularity of player and time of order.

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Richards has bigger onions than the ones he woke up with this morning?

  4. Will we have a go time thread for tonight.

    I like hawks and there champ pedigree and resolve to get it done.

    A dynasty in making perhaps

  5. You guys should reply to the NHL that this onslaught of discounted jersey sales comes from Rangers Report and its wonderful residents.

    That siren — they held AV’s presser outside the practice facility under a tent. One of my more immature buddies on the beat said, “The Rangers were so happy to be in the finals they pitched a tent.”

  6. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    As Papa knows, I have been saying all along, since pre-playoffs, those Kings are for real. I’m not stopping now, but I sure hope Chicago beats them tonight.

    When you think of the size of LA’s defensemen vs. Chicago’s, and that 2 of Chicago’s are Odouya and Roszival, I’d much rather play them. I mean Seabrooke is awesome, but I never thought either of the former deserve to play on a cup team. I still don’t.

    We didn’t want to play the Bruins. Not so sure we want to play the Kings.

  7. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Hey, I’m wondering if, because, you know, this is the Lord Stanley Cup Finals and all….if AV wants to have a:


    or if the old slate will do, now.

  8. I appreciate the kind words in the last post. Thanks!

    Just got back from Modells. Everything but the ECF hat. Too bad! A lot of bandwagoners too!

    And what a dweeb that Columbus writer is. They probably would have lost to the Flyers. BOB is overrated.

  9. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I ordered the red Eastern Conference Champion yesterday as well….at first I thought I’d wait till they win the cup and then order…but glad I got EC hat. Guess I’ll have to order a cup hat once they win…

  10. I really don’t want to face the Kings…but I also think the Kings are just too good to lose tonight…

    The Hawks can shock the world tonight. Remember, the Hawks were down 3-1 against Detroit last year in the 1st round and came back to win…

    They can become the first franchise to do it twice in seasons, I believe…

  11. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers will beat the hawks. The kings – I’m hopeful – but worried should we play them.

  12. Sorry, my mistake. Minnesota actually did it twice in 2003 in the same run! Just looked it up…

    Gaborik was on that team! 17 pts in 18 GP

  13. iDoodie Machetto on

    Just one last thanks to everyone on the last post.

    Orr, my condolences.

  14. Admiral Akbar on

    I hate that we have to compete with the bandwagoners to score some ECF Rangers Champ gear at Modells…

    Wait a minute – there’s actually ECF Champ gear with Rangers logos on sale at Modells??!!!

  15. Rob in Beantown on

    Justin Falk @JuicerFalk
    Couldn’t have picked a worse guy to catch some sun with the tarps off. @ChrisKreider #freak #shouldadonesomecurls


  16. Man, you reach the final and all of youse grow up?

    Nobody commented on my “pitch a tent” comment in the previous thread?


  17. Rob in Beantown on

    Tablot is day to day. Would be funny if the Rangers won and LeNeveau got his name on the Cup

  18. Good late afternoon all!!

    Here ya go Carp….hahahahha. Carp said pitch a tent…

    ORR, mama love…sorry to hear about your loss.

    I will not be watching tonight, but you all enjoy…I got enough late, stressful school nights ahead…I’ll just let it be a surprise in the morning.

    Carp, that column was awesome…mama love to institutional memory and why camp is so so so lucky to have you.

  19. He’s your friend *because* he’s immature. I was going to ask what was his bonehead name?


  20. Lone Ranger on

    Doodie Read about your loss earlier. My prayers and thoughts go our to you and your family.

  21. Going to get Chinese food wife and son. By the time I get back at 7:30 I would like go time thread.

  22. CraigWeather on

    I must say, I’m 100% enjoying the role of underdog from this point forward.
    Look, EVERYONE is quick to say BOTH teams will discard of us in a fast manner and that our chariot is set to turn into a pumpkin come Wednesday night.

    I’m PERFECTLY fine with this.

    I wholeheartedly believe our team is fine with this as well.
    And let’s be clear about something- The pressure… is on both of those WC teams.
    Unlike our 94 cup winning team, we’re playing with house money. Yes I understand that the ultimate goal for EACH nhl team year in and year out… is to bring that shiny silver piece of hardware back to their prospective cities.
    But…. not every team EXPECTS to contend for it.
    I’m sure the “hope” was there for the NYR brass, but never was it a foregone conclusion that this HAD to be the year.
    Steal game one or two… come back to the Garden… (which I HOPE will be rocking, but who knows with these RIDICULOUS ticket prices), and we can dare to dream about a “canyon of heroes” 20 years later.
    Well, we as fans can… but our boys in blue better keep their eyes on the prize :)
    Who’s ready to shock the world?

    PS- I’m SO pissed I didn’t jump on those $63 Jerseys when I had the chance!

  23. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Craig – sounds like those of us that jumped on the 63 dollar jerseys might not be getting one either.

    #unfair marketing

  24. Carpus, I’m waiting …please don’t ruin the mojo now..

    guess what day it is???

  25. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    People call me Eddie the Camper ’cause I’m always pitching a tent.

  26. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “if I don’t get my jersey I will destroy NHL HQ and everything inside it. The marketing department will need all new people as soon I finish killing everyone there over and over again. Guns, knives, swords, chainsaws, my pet great white shark and 20 foot black mamba will be on my persons to do this deed. I will go Aaron Hernandez on the whole store. I will never rest until I’m finished and even then I won’t rest”

  27. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    At least I got my triple X tube sock. Little snug, but it’s ok as long as I wear it in cold weather.

  28. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    NHL Customer Care: Dear Lucic, your jersey has been sent first class mail. You should have it by Monday. Please don’t kill us.


    NHL HQ

  29. NHL Store: Mister Lucic, upon reoonsideration, you will be happy to know that your 4XL Daniel Carcillo jersey is indeed in-stock and will be shipped ASAP.

  30. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    NHL Customer Care – “dear Lucic, it seems that we mistakenly sent you a Dale Weise special edition Habs Jersey and we regret to inform you that no other sweater is available. Hope it fits and that you like it”

    NHL HQ

  31. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    JR – “the only thing more exciting than a game 7 is a game 8. But since 8 is an odd, no even, Ummmmmmmmm since 8 is a number then it should be even more exciting than game 7.”

  32. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “you will get a special edition killing and when I’m through there will be nothing left of you except for air that won’t be breathing as your lungs will be useless since you’re dead”

  33. Mr. Lucic, we were unable to fulfill your special order 4XL hunchback Lundqvist jersey, but in the interest of amity and to ameliorate your (understandable) bellicosity, we are forwarding to you a $1,000 gift certificate and a Bruins penis pouch, sized XSmall.

  34. Aaron Hernandez: ‘Not for nuttin, but if that guy hadn’t bumped into me and made me spill my drink, he and his buddy would still be alive. Just sayin.’

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “hey kooz, your 5:40 sure had some big words. I ain’t smart, but I can kill, and u r next on my list. You’ll be writing a lot of big words after I chop off both of your arms. Ha ha. See who is laughing now? Oh that’s right, you won’t be seeing much either after I gouge both eyeballs out. Go and hide with the other two soon to be armless, legless, and headless friends papa and seedub. You four can laugh together – except you won’t laugh, cause I’ll have killed you”

  36. JR: “The Rangers pitch tents better than any pitcher in the Yankees bullpen”

  37. Mr. Lucic: SeeeDubbb is wealthy and Papa has houses all over the place. eddie has an outdoor hot tub and an exquisitely stocked wine cellar. I am just trying to get my tomato plants in and find food for the table. I am also a Victor Hugo fan and have nothing against hunchbacks, but I can’t speak for the other three aforementioned. So you and I are tight, right?

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “tight? The thing that will be tight will be the noose I’m strangling you with after I’ve shot and stabbed you. As for the other three, they’ll all be wishing they weren’t dead but that will be impossible cause they’ll be plenty dead. As for your hunchback comment, I played quarterback so haha. Now why don’t you say something funny while you still have a voice”

  39. Carp, I’m just curious…Any Mark Messier sightings recently? I wonder what he thinks about this team. I saw we had a few of the ’94 team at the game the other night.

  40. E3, Coos, hysterical. Guffaws aplenty.

    Go Hawks in triple OT! Hope the game is interrupted frequently by a parade of stretchers.

    Just season ending stuff, not career ending stuff. Like Papa, I’m not an animal.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Current cup odds:

    Rangers 6/5
    Hawks 8/5
    Kings 12/5

    Once the west is determined, that team will likely be the favorite but I don’t expect the rangers to be huge underdogs.

    I truly believe the rangers will win the cup.

  42. “Lucic – “tight? The thing that will be tight will be the noose I’m strangling you with.”

    There’s a noose?

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Money I sent, to pay the rent, thang is bent, but I’ll pitch a tent, away she went, Clark Kent, anger I vent, Reznor Trent, fender I dent, I’m a gent, what I meant ……is to say, rangers play, on wednesday, let’s all pray, Ron Duguay, is here to stay, dock on the bay


  44. Brian Beast Mode Boyle was at the center of the two most critical game changing plays in game 6 of the ECF, the back check to grab the loose puck out of the air on the Helicopter save by Hank and the killer forecheck and
    reflect no look pass which led to the DMoops goal.

    Love the Boyler!!!!

  45. Told Sonny Boy today……when we go to game 3, he better be sporting a different Ranger Sweater than the “obscure” Lindros Jersey he wore to game 3 of the Penguins series. He laughed and asked me for some extra cabbage so he could rock away with a Blue The Kreider #20.

  46. ThisYearsModel on

    Why worry Boneheads?

    Final 40 Regular Season Games

    NYR 25 11 4 54 120 79 41
    LAK 21 15 4 46 96 86 10
    CHI 18 14 8 44 109 105 4

  47. iManny-O-War on

    *Carp*: “Pitch a Tent” reminds me of a hysterical band called “Sweat Pant Boners.” They are hilarious. First album is called _Save Your Virginity Until We Come to Your Town_

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