Game 7: Kings at Blackhawks … It’s Go Time!


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Kings at Blackhawks.

As you might be aware, ya boys have a stake in the outcome of Game 7 in the Windy City tonight.

Cool stuff, this Western Conference final series has been. blackhawks

Unbelievable hockey, especially that OT in Game 5. Remarkable late comeback by the defending Stanley Cup champs in Game 6.

Some eye-popping stats. The Kings look to become the first team to win three Game 7s in order to get to the Stanley Cup final. The Rangers were the first team to win two Game 7s in the first two rounds and reach the final.

Chicago is 13-0 in Games 5-6-7 the last two years. Holy shishkebob!

The Blackhawks are 5-0 in elimination games, the 2011 champion Kings 6-0.

Los Angeles has already wiped out an 0-3 deficit to win a series (vs. San Jose in the first round).  But the Kings have already lost three in a row twice in these playoffs (vs. San Jose and vs. Anaheim) and have now lost two in a row to the Blackhawks after leading the Western final 3-1.

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  1. That a boy carp

    Prediction 3-1 hawks.

    Rooting interest zero

    Each team challenge awaits. Pick your poison

  2. Papa Bear
    Brian Beast Mode Boyle was at the center of the two most critical game changing plays in game 6 of the ECF, the back check to grab the loose puck out of the air on the Helicopter save by Hank and the killer forecheck and
    reflect no look pass which led to the DMoops goal.

    Love the Boyler!!!!

    June 1st, 2014 at 7:28 PM

    Papa Bear
    Told Sonny Boy today……when we go to game 3, he better be sporting a different Ranger Sweater than the “obscure” Lindros Jersey he wore to game 3 of the Penguins series. He laughed and asked me for some extra cabbage so he could rock away with a Blue The Kreider #20.

    June 1st, 2014 at 7:33 PM

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Go time for these guys? In that case I will pick my poison. I would like to see the Rangers play Chicago.

  4. If you could go A vs. A, B vs. B, all the way down the roster, with the player at that position in ’94 vs. the player in that position in ’14, I can’t think of one player I’d take from ’14 … Maybe Lundqvist over Richter. Not sure. He might have to get a ring before I’d do that.

    But, Graves>Krieder, Messier>Stepan, Amonte>Nash (if you want to go post-trade deadline, I’d still take Anderson over this Nash probably).
    1st LD, not yet a contest. You could argue Staal over Lowe (six rings).

    Not a chance I trade the ’94 bottom six for the ’14 bottom six.

    Wells was better than Klein, BTW.

  5. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    didn’t see a “Fresh, New, Clean Slate of a Post” entry, Carpy.

  6. Just caught up. Condolences to Doodie and Orr. My grandma isnt battling cancer (thank G-d) but she is fully blind and her dementia is getting really bad. Cherish every moment with her because she really is the best person I’ve ever met.

    I dont really care who wins but travel wise I like Chicago. Hopefully it goes to OT.

  7. my pick is LA… Just think they are too deep…

    Carp, you traveling for the finals?

  8. Started this journey on October 1st today June 1st 8 myths later and rangers still freaking playing. Hard to believe.

  9. Said earlier in playoffs I don’t see anyone beating hawks 4 times. So I guess play kings however don’t want see gabby and doughty.

    Who the hell knows.

    Glad we only have to play one and not both.

  10. Kings 5-3

    Carter 2
    Gabby 1
    Williams 1
    Doughty 1

    Kane 2
    Seabrooke 1

    Looks like I be burying my Marcel Dionne hockey card.

  11. Shouldn’t they switch it up to a Ranger vse BlackHawk / Kings chick on the treadmill challenge for the finals. I mean c’mon, Boston and Philly?

  12. Over under on Kenny “New York Rangers” tonight? 7 and I have the over.

  13. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Who would I rather play? Chicago. Smaller defense, plus a guy named Roszival. Despite the great Kane and a lot of offensive depth, an MAF goalie-type. I’d rather play Chicago.

    Who do I think will win? LA. Have said it a number of times. Size, skill, some speed. Quick. Better than Boston. And they don’t care who they run through. LA, 5-3.

    (I’m never right, by the way)

  14. Carp, sorry if you’ve addressed this already, but what team do you think is better matchup for Rangers?

  15. Think LA will win tonight but would rather play Chicago… Think we would have some advantages against Chicago in the bottom of the lineup that we won’t have against LA… That and the goaltending advantage

  16. iManny-O-War on

    I would rather play the Hawks I think. The ex Ranger I would not like to face is Gaborik. Crawford is the worse of the two goaltenders. Roszival gets ice time on the Hawks so we should be ok against their 3rd pair.

    The Kings explosiveness and size horrify me.

    Also if the Hawks complete the comeback they might have spent their mojo with the Hockey Gods

    Anyone else?

  17. The stat on hawks being 13-0 in last two postseasons games 5-7 is so unreal it’s scary.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Hawks are running on fumes. Have been this entire series…. They’ll win game 7, but the Rangers will win in 6 or less.

    Kings too physical and Quack can steal games. Joan Crawford not so much.

  19. Lol there’s something very funny about a lot of us sitting here hoping for Chicago while the Blackhawks are up 2-0 before this one even started

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Again, why wasn’t Williams ejected? He slapped the ref’s arm???

  21. I’m rooting for the Hawks. I rather the rangers play the Hawks.Hawks are a original 6 team, it’s closer geographically, I rather face Crawford than Quick. Quick is really good, not so much Crawford. Hawks are the defending champs and I think the rangers match up better against the hawks than the Kings.

  22. iManny-O-War on

    Thanks for the responses, Boys.

    Both teams are horrifying by the way. But Chicago is slightly older I guess. It’s like choosing what type of gun you want to be executed by

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Clock has struck midnight on the kings. They never should have escaped the first round.

  24. Carter and Richards kill rangers from past though. Who knows. Why can’t we play Anaheim.

  25. iManny-O-War on

    If the a Rangers play the Blackhawks will they travel by Original 6 standards and take a Coal train? Of course complete with full dining car and black tie staff.

  26. iManny-O-War on

    So if the Rangers play Chicago will they wear Throwback Sweaters and original six padding?

  27. Talk about toying with our emotions. Can they end this freaking game so I know how I’m mentally going to prepare for this.

  28. Do they know how play defense in the mighty, mighty West?

    Defense wins Championships.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Why didn’t Williams get ejected for smacking the ref in the scrum behind Crawford earlier?????

    # Double standard

  30. I want us to face Chicago because:

    1. they aren’t as physical as LA
    2. they aren’t as hungry to win the Cup having just won last year and in 2010
    3. They might be more emotionally drained having come back to beat the Kings

    Kings scare me a bit more because of their size and physical play, but I could see us being able to beat both these teams.

    But Chicago goal “song” is really annoying.

    LA is definitely more of a challenge, but they also might be very worn out and emotionally drained playing in 3 very physical 7 game serieses

  31. Admiral Akbar on

    I realize its frivolous, but I cant stand the Kings black and white uniforms.

    I liked the Gretzky-era black and whites, though.

  32. DoooGay hosting Ranger paddlewheel boat trip and fashion show, Lake Erie to Huron, to Lake Superior, then RR to Chi-town. Will be debuting the Dead Lindsay Nelson, Calypso Joe, and John Waters collections.

  33. Wow both goalies look awful and on to of that neither team appears able to play any defense. I actually like the Rangers chances. These teams are not used to playing against good D and good goaltending and neither of them can defend at all.

  34. Kings’s black & white uniforms are intimidating.

    Blackhawks red uniforms look disgusting.

  35. Who does Gretzky root for in a Ranger-Kings series? Who does Steve Larmer root for if its Rangers-Hawks?

  36. When these defenseman keep jumping in like nobody’s business and the Rangers control the neutral zone like usual payback going the other way will make the western champs life miserable. Just the way the Habs had to stop letting Subban and markov et al loose on offense so too will the west champ.

  37. It appears Chicago is running on fumes. I don’t think Chicago has enough left in the tank to pull this game out.

  38. iManny-O-War on

    So many defensive breakdowns. Sure it’s a fluke but he’s ALL ALONE.

  39. Wow lots of weird bounces in this one. Good preparation for the MSG ice when it’s 85 degrees outside

  40. iManny-O-War on

    Kings can’t deal with speed and the Hawks can’t deal with a forecheck.

  41. After watching half game with no rooting interest I decided I rather play hawks although I don’t see us beating them 4 times. The kings are just horrifying with there speed and SIZE.

    Hawks 3rd and 4th liners are small although there def deeper I believe then kings 1-6

  42. iManny-O-War on

    Hawks look dead. No jump. Would rather play the tired looking team.

    Willie Mitchell! Former future Ranger.

  43. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    Blackhawks are going to win this!

    Pretty tough to beat Toews, Kane, Sharp, Keith, Crawford at home.

  44. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    Future Ranger Matt GREENE could shut them down.

    If he does, look out for Gabby & Kopitar.

  45. That looked like a Ranger 5 on 3. Pass the puck around for 30 seconds and then shoot wide

  46. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    Both deeps are deep in talent.

    Crawford could be the easier of the goalies to beat, but I’m not sure the Rangers scoring can keep up with Toews & Co.

  47. This looks like an early December game not a game seven. C’mon pick it up.

  48. Toews & Co will have a lot less time and space against the Rangers. NYR will not be trading breakaways with them; that’s for sure.

  49. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    Blackhawks – are either going to win this game on the power play or lose it.

  50. What a freaking pp for a game 7. Mostly good calls though.

    What a save by quick.

  51. This isn’t a typical game of this series by any stretch, but if either of these teams plays that type of a game against NY, I like our chances.

  52. I realy believe the Rangers will get to play their game against Chicago- while LA will try to shut them down with a smothering, physical, more defensive game. The Hawks will believe ( and they may well turn out to be right) that they are a superior skating team to the Rangers- and so the Rangers will get to skate. All year long the Rangers have excelled against teams that choose to skate with them- though the Hawks are a high powered team- if Hank plays the way he can we have a pretty fair shot (and if he doesn’t play well…well, you know). Of the three teams we’ve faced, none of them can be described as defense oriented really- though the Kings have scored a lot of goals in the playoffs, prior to that defense was their game. My two cents.

  53. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    Blackhawks goal song is the same as the Sioux!!!

    Bring on the Blackhawks vs Rangers.

    Original 6 all the way Baby!!!

  54. For a team that hasn’t played well defensively, in net , or on the pp, Chicago sure has four goals after two periods with two on the pp

  55. Robby Bonfire on

    Let’s hope the surviving team, tonight, continues to play undisciplined hockey. If that comes to pass, it will represent the Rangers best chance for success. The Rangers at least have a system.

  56. Some people say great hockey, I say two teams that can’t defend and have suspect goaltending.

  57. Not saying the Rangers are the favorites, but they can beat either team.

    But, *DOOMED*

  58. Rangers will be close to a 2-1 underdog in Vegas

    Prob plus $180

    Hawks minus 200

    Bet 100 win 180 on rangers

    Risk 200 to win 100 for hawks

  59. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    I thought the Kings had the better defense, the Blackhawks with the better offense.

  60. I can make *square avatars* appear on demand now, not sure how effective they are.

  61. First time poster, long time fan.

    I agree with igravy. Both teams have had horrible goaltending throughout the series, I’m actually not so scared anymore.
    Crawford is overrated (or at least was overrated throughout the first few rounds), and quick is way overrated. He played well a few seasons ago, but nowadays, his average game look like Henrik’s game 5 vs MTL.

  62. I think it’s a bit too early to go from underdogs to “we are better than any of them”. Those are two excellent teams, both of them are better than anyone NY played so far.

  63. Even if we win cup I will still say these teams are better. We will need a few bounces along way.

  64. It’s crazy how bad Crawford looks… Just gotta get him through the next 13 minutes

  65. Agreed, ilb. But for the next 12 minutes, neither scare me. Once a winner is decided however,panic will ensue.

  66. Gaborik of course all of those bad rebounds you knew one would end up in the back of the net

  67. Which ever team we face we have advantage in speed and I am thinking we might need to maximize it by scratching Boyle and dressing Miller or Powe or Fast.

  68. London Broil on

    We can play shutdown defense, but we can also look foolish & give up goals in bunches. Both these teams can dominate the possession and wreak havoc in the neutral zone vs. us.

  69. Why do I get sense kings can score whenever they want. They need very little chances

  70. iManny-O-War on

    Me: “hey. What do you think Hank does when this Advil commercial comes on while he’s at home?”

    Mrs. Manny: “He’s never home. That’s where his wife and kids are.”

  71. CraigWeather on

    Paul… you’re joking about Powe, right? Please tell me that was said in jest…

  72. Sioux Rangers in 6 on

    This is a tough game to pick a winner.

    I have 3 Gaborick Jerseys vs 3 Toews Jerseys.

    Still haven’t found the Greene Jersey in Black that I want yet.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Much rather play Hawks – better style match up but the choice is would you rather face an angry Pit Bull or a vicious Rottweiller

  74. iManny-O-War on

    Jinx Gravy!

    “Marc Staal’s family, which is tremendous, Sam, owns a Saad farm.”

  75. I pointed out many times on this blog how Gaborik scores all of his goals. Off the rush, or off of rebounds out front with quick hands. – really off the rush or garbage, and the way the kings have him playing with kopitar and brown is a total setup to score those kinds of goals and that’s where they are all coming form.

  76. Muzzin should score 30 a year the way Doughty sets him up for the open shots off the cross ice pass.

  77. wow!!! if this game goes to OT and the hawks win it would be exactly what I hoped for so hopefully it goes to 4 ot’s and the hawks win.

  78. Rangers need more guys that have played one game in the lineup. Fresh legs. Scratch Bole.

  79. You lost me on scratching Boyle there, Paul. We need more players who can elevate their game in playoffs, not less.

  80. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    So Gaborik had 5 against Hank once while with Minnesota. How many you figure he’s good for with some motivation?

  81. Rob in Beantown on

    Right now at this moment very glad not to be a fan of either of these teams

  82. ThisYearsModel on

    I really think Chicago is a better match up for the Rangers. Plus, I cannot bear to lose to LA and have to endure their smug, annoying fans.

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    I have tickets to see the Hawks over here in Saskatchewan on my birthday (come preseason) .Was suppose to be the Rangers but they backed out :( so thats the onlt reason I cheer them plus a better schedule for us. Other than that Im all LA!!

  84. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    Boyle is the only player responsible for killing penalties. Rubbish.

  85. Oh but I do love my Powe song. Pow Pow Pow Pow! (It’s a line from “bootylicious” by destiny’s child and I’m certain Beyoncé was thinking of hockey at the time)

  86. Everyone that’s Canadiening about Nash having just 3 goals:

  87. iManny-O-War on

    Guys. I’m sorry. I tried to tell my wife it’s *Bole* but she insists on Boyle….

  88. London Broil on

    Gabby has more goals than Torts & Sullys power play w/ the Nucks this year. :)

  89. It’s been said that Sutter gives some of the most inspiring and rousing between period talks. It’s just that no one can understand him.

  90. Overtime! Get tired get disenchanted get delirious get hurt (kidding) get drained of all energy!

  91. Well as we all know Boyle is by far the slowest player on the Rangers. If we want to overwhelm the other team with our speed, maybe taking Boyle out of the lineup and using a very speedy player in his place is enough to give us serious edge. 4 lines that can fly.

    And really Boyle is a bit overrated, especially his PK ability.

  92. Ryan Whitney ?@ryanwhitney6 1m

    Not entirely convinced the Stanley cup isn’t being carried out to the winning team tonight

    i really cant wait to make people like Whitney eat some crow

  93. Paul, with all due respect, I’m not taking out one of my best playoff performers to date for Darrel Powe.

  94. Sioux-per game 7 on

    If King win it would be the FIRST TIME EVER a team has won 3 games 7 in the same year to get to the finals.

    That’s a record that will never be broken.

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks 5
    Kings 4

    GWG Matteau Matteau Matteau

    And the rangers have one more hill to climb, baby

  96. Sioux-per game 7 on

    I would be cheaper to fly to Chicago for tickets.

    that’s a plus over NY or LA.

  97. Paul

    With all due respect stop watching. Your lost if you want Boyle scratched. It’s infuriating listening to this.

  98. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Well, this is a great game. Has been an awesome series. Sad one of these teams has to lose tonight.

    And then the other has to lose in about 2 weeks.

    Feeling sorry for all these guys ……

  99. Maybe Paul is one if those people that only looks at how many points a player has, then list them in descending order to determine how valuable they are.

  100. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    Boyle is a bit overrated by the homers. He is a quality player, though.

  101. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Lev, just compare Nash to Crosby. Cindy was pouting and shaking his head with every missed opportunity. Sure, Nash isn’t scoring but it has not affected the other aspects of his game one bit. In fact, he’s raised his defensive game.
    Still wouldn’t mind seeing him wander in between the circles a bit more.

  102. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Yea, if Sather still intends on re-signing Boyle he made another….oh……about $3,000,000.00 mistake.

    It’s only money, Jimmy!!!

  103. Hey at least I am open minded and trying to think outside the box. I knew nobody would like that idea, but if we are after 3 or 4 games are losing it is worth a shot.

  104. I’m taking

    Tofoli and hossa.

    I do however feel kings will score. Trail 4 times come back.

  105. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Im hoping Bickell wakes up. It’s usually a non-star. Handzus?

    Just not a King, please.

    And not for about 4 overtimes, also.

  106. Sioux-per game 7 on

    Good thing they put that disclaimer in there on the Oshie Commercial :)

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric why would you sell your MSG cup tickets only to fly out to see a road game?

  108. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Is there any use explaining to anyone who doesn’t know just how important Boyle is to this team? Perhaps in the regular season it was a little hard to tell, though some of us could. But, really?? In the playoff’s has that line stood out just, maybe, a little bit? His PK? His size?

    Oh, that’s right. He’s not a scorer. That must have been some other guy, #22 with the great forecheck and keyed up pass to Moore for the only goal in game 6……

  109. And why I take Powe over Boyle? Because Powe is a more effective hitter and a much faster skater and also a very good PKer and pretty good on faceoffs.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    Give me Kopitar and Hossa for the non scorers of the schnide.

    Give me Williams and Kane for the frequent heroes.

    Give me Gaborik and Seabrook (almost traded for Prucha) for the Rangers’ stomach punch.

  111. The key for the Rangers will be to play their game and not get caught up in a shootout.

  112. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Gotta love Sutter. His ‘d’ is pinching like it’s the first period. So what if they let up odd man’s. Got balls.

  113. If by some miracle rangers were up 3-1on hawks I would consider seeing what trip would cost

  114. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    So hard to believe all the chips are on the line here for both teams.

    Wish next round started tomorrow at 1 pm.

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – oh

    I’ll be in Pismo Beach Thursday Friday and Saturday. We are considering, not likely tho, going all the way down to LA for game 2.

  116. The west should just send both of these “teams” and than we can kick their assens on alternating nights.

  117. London Broil on

    One team thats played more than 18 gms in the 1st 3 rounds is gonna win The Stanley Cup for the 1st time in histoyr.

  118. CraigWeather on

    Well…..That’s that.
    Our boys are going to have their work cut out for them and in order to win will have to play the series of their lives.
    LA looks strong… real strong.

  119. Can’t wait to watch Matthew Perry and the rest of the bandwagon bulimics root against our real deal team! Let’s go RANGERS!!!

  120. Sioux-per game 7 on


    LA vs NY

    LA wins 3 game 7’s

    NY wins 2 game 7’s

    Quick vs LUNDQVIST

    It doesn’t get much better than this!!!

  121. Admiral Akbar on

    Those hideous uniforms.:.

    And now a hollywood star-studded Finals…. Ugh.

  122. Robby Bonfire on

    LA the tougher opponent, plus it was your typical OMG officiated game. Awful bias in favor of the Kings, including that offsides “goal.”

  123. Honestly the Hawks defense looked weak sauce tonight. The king were allowed to just get rebounds right in front.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mrs manny – not to mention all those hot sculpted plastic surgery Botox bodies

  125. Damn it, now that we know it is the Kings I am even more convinced that speed is the only chance we got against them and Boyle does not have speed you do the math.

    BTW Powe went to the Stanley Cup finals in 2010. And I bet he is hungry to not just win the Cup but to get back in NHL.

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