Moore, St. Louis storylines make this Cup run special


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By Rick Carpiniello

Great teams usually have something special among them.

Especially hockey teams. If player 20 doesn’t do his job, it might not matter what player 1 does.

And when it’s special, when there’s a bond, there often are stories behind the individuals that make up the group.

The Rangers have had their share. Two of them happened to score what, so far, are the biggest goals of the season: Martin St. Louis’ overtime winner in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference final, and Dominic Moore’s game winner in the 1-0 clincher in Game 6 on Thursday.

You know their stories by now.

Moore lost his wife, Katie, to cancer in January 2013 and sat out the entire shortened season before signing with his original team, the Rangers. St. Louis came at the trade deadline in a difficult (for both sides) trade for Rangers captain Ryan Callahan, and, with the Rangers trailing favored Pittsburgh 3-1 in the second round, found out that his mother, France, had passed away.

“There’s been quite a few story lines this year, and those two are obviously big ones,” Brad Richards, a close friend of St. Louis’ from their Cup days in Tampa 10 years ago, said. “I think as you go through runs … there always seem to be little things that you can grab and build on, and that’s what makes it so special to win a Stanley Cup.”

Hockey crazy: Area fans revel in Rangers’ playoff run

Moore’s line, with Brian Boyle and Derek Dorsett, has been the Rangers’ engine since December, providing depth, energy, some offense, tons of defense, and wearing down opponents with important shifts — none bigger than the one before Moore’s 0-0 tie-snapping goal with 1:53 left in the second period Thursday.

Moore also stepped in for Derick Brassard when he missed Game 3, and for Derek Stepan when he missed Game 4.

“Like any player on the team, you want to do your job,” Moore said. “You take pride in doing your job and doing it well. And obviously in big games like this, every little bit counts.”

It’s impossible, though, to actually count what the player means to the team, and vice versa.

“I just feel tremendously proud to be a part of this team,” Moore said. “I owe a lot to my teammates for helping me get through this last year and a half, and I feel tremendously proud to be part of this team, especially amidst the circumstances of going to the Stanley Cup final.

“There’s always ups and downs this time of year. Obviously, we’ve had some things individually that we’ve shared together — Marty’s mother passing away was something we rallied around, and Marty showed leadership, so we all rallied around him.”

St. Louis’ season was difficult before he lost his mom. His own general manager, Tampa Bay’s Steve Yzerman, snubbed St. Louis for the Canadian Olympic team. St. Louis eventually was selected as an injury replacement, and won a gold medal, but there was a rift. He requested a trade, and wanted to come to New York, close to his Greenwich, Conn., home.

Ten years after winning the Cup, he’s back in the final, a leader who became a central figure through tragedy.

“It means a lot,” St. Louis said. “Obviously it’s been a tough year for me. This makes it pretty cool. Being somewhere for 13, 14 years and changing teams, and to get a chance to play in the Stanley Cup final with these teammates of mine, who have been nothing but great through my tough time in the past few weeks — it makes it even more special.

“I am proud to be a Ranger and do it alongside these great teammates.”

You can see that pride in Richards’ eyes when he talks about St. Louis.

“The stars have to align,” Richards said about his two teammates, “and it’s great that those guys have the feeling that someone’s watching over them and helping them out.”



The Rangers won the Prince of Wales Trophy Thursday night. They treated it like a skunk.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly presented the award, which goes to the Eastern Conference playoff champ, to alternate captains Brad Richards, Marc Staal and Dan Girardi after their clinching 1-0 win over Montreal.

Staal and Girardi, having never done this before, looked to Richards — who won the Stanley Cup 10 years earlier with Tampa Bay — for advice. Most teams’ captains won’t touch the conference trophies, due to superstition and the belief that those aren’t the trophies for which teams play.

“That just happened, when we were on the ice,” Staal said. “I asked (Richards), ‘Do we want to touch it?’ He said no. So I said, ‘OK.’ So I went over, shook (Daly’s) hand, took a picture and went off the ice.”

“Marty (St. Louis) and I have been there and (with Daniel Carcillo, the only other Ranger with a ring, suspended), no one else was dressed that’s been there,” Richards said. “We won it without touching it, and it was instructed (by Tampa Bay captain Dave Andreychuk, who did not touch it) that way when we won. … It wasn’t much debate: ‘We’re not doing it,’ and that’s where we went with it.”

For what it’s worth, in 1994, Mark Messier did pick up the trophy, pose for a photo, then put it down. That night, though, before the second overtime, Stephane Matteau had broken a skate lace and went back to the locker room. When he emerged, the trophy was blocking his way. Matteau touched it for good luck and went out for the second OT. And, well, you know what happened next.

Limited Cup final tickets: Tickets for the Cup final will go on sale Monday at noon. Extremely limited tickets will be available on Ticketmaster via and Ticketmaster charge-by-phone, 866-858-0008.

Fans will be eligible to purchase a maximum of two tickets total for all games at the Garden, the team said. All ticket orders are subject to service charges. People with disabilities should call the Garden’s Disabled Services Department at 212-465-6034 for tickets.

Notch for Vigneault: Alain Vigneault joined a club you might have guessed would be more exclusive. Four of the last six coaches to get the Rangers to the Cup final did so in his first season: Frank Boucher (1940), Fred Shero (1979), Mike Keenan (1994) and Vigneault (2014).

No news on Carcillo: Winger Daniel Carcillo had the appeal of his 10-game suspension heard by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman Friday morning, though no decision came down. It could take a few days.

Carcillo was automatically suspended 10 games for abusing linesman Scott Driscoll in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference final. He has already served three games, which is the minimum for any category of abuse of officials.

Defenseman John Moore will miss Game 1 of the Cup final, serving the second of his two-game suspension for a head shot against Montreal’s Dale Weise in Game 5. He missed the clincher of the conference final Thursday. It is expected that Raphael Diaz would step in for Moore again in Game 1.

Any player who plays a game in the final gets his name engraved on the Cup if his team wins.

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  1. iManny-O-War on

    Haha. C-Dubs! WeBleedBlue (who I’m done with after they made a t shirt using a derogatory term for women) are meaning shirts that say “EARN IT”

  2. iManny-O-War on

    Haha. C-Dubs! WeBleedBlue (who I’m done with after they made a t shirt using a derogatory term for women) are making shirts that say “EARN IT”

  3. BickelsPickle on

    Mike Prisuta @DVEMike

    According to multiple sources, Pierre McGuire has been telling associates he’ll be in Pittsburgh today/tonight for 2nd GM interview w/Pens

  4. ThisYearsModel on

    So if Pierre McGuire convinces Mario that he can be a puppet GM, he gets the job? Shero got canned because he had a clause in his contract giving him final authority on player moves. Looks like Burkle and Mario got rid of him because Mario wants to make decisions on players himself. Otherwise, they would have just canned the coach.

  5. Hey guys, haven’t posted in a real long time but this order # 1825124 on is ( I think) accidentally priced at 63.33 for the stanley cup jersey. I just ordered brassard. Thought I’d let you know! LGR

  6. every time Lemieux suffered a heavy check, he had a press conference to call the NHL bush league.

  7. I think its because of the (potential?) move from Reebok to Adidas after the season.

  8. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I never thought I would buy a Sweater but that’s pretty affordable. I could always re-sell it

  9. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    The NHL shop is unable to customize the Jersey to have Boyle. WTF!

  10. Apparently they took it down but if you use that order # it will still show up. lol

  11. Wow…I just ordered a Zuccarello Cup jersey for $63 on


  12. Carp, in 2012 – ‘If you want a guaranteed long-term jersey, buy McD’s.’ :)

  13. Carp in 2015: Glen Sather announces the Rangers have traded Ryan McDonagh and their next first-round pick (2023) to San Jose for Joe Thornton.

  14. @RothmanHockey

    #Rangers Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh, Derick Brassard all at Yankee Stadium today, according to @YESNetwork.

  15. Next year on NHL site: ‘Finish off your McD jersey with a ‘C.’ $75.00 for the iron-on C.

  16. iManny-O-War on

    Lol, C-Dubs. I thought about it. The shop wouldn’t let me order Boyle or Bole.

  17. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Just ordered #16 -Avery- Brassard. And sweatshirts for the family

  18. I have a hard time wearing a shirt or sweater or jersey with someone else’s name on the back, but I can understand.

  19. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Instead of “A” or C, I ordered my Brassard jersey with GWG

  20. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Just fluffed it up….now have to change my order and go with a size bigger


  21. I ordered my Richards sweater that says: ‘I May be Slow, but I’m Faster than Ewe.’

  22. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Richards is leading that room. I’m done teasing him …..he’s the C right now.

  23. Richie learned to follow microphones like burps follow cucumbers and the Press anoints him Mark Messier.

  24. I have yet to see Richie in the same TV frame with his wings unless he is planted on the PP.

  25. Phil Mickelson accused of buying a stock following a tip. Half the Senate and House became millionaires by following tips.

  26. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers’ 4th line might be the best in the league right now. I wouldn’t want any other trio….

  27. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Anybody catch the introduction of #16, 21, and 27 at Yankee stadium today?

  28. London Broil on

    St Louis & Dom are such special people. Amazing men. Id bet if we win… Marty gets the Cup from Bettman & he hands it to Dom first.

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    I always thought I’d get McD but I think I’d want that in blue. Zucc or St. Louis would be pretty cool in the away whites.

  30. Saw a guy in a Bickel #41 at Rangetstown last week. Full on, official sweater. It wasn’t Stu but I’m guessing it was a relative of his.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    No matter what happens next round or next year or after that, St. Louis with the SCF patch would be a really cool memento of this season.

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Good ol Cr9 , guy just can’t keep the same name. He turned into a snob the last few years towards me . Funny , Im the guy who actually listened to his garbage. His loss.

    Wicky , yeah that word is just trouble!!!

  33. iManny-O-War on

    Good call, Rob. Plus if they ever get Christensen back you have the #26 good to go

  34. London Broil on

    huh Greggy? Youre my favorite.

    if we win, ill get the Henrik, Step, McD, Kreider, Marty, DMoore, Nash, DanG, Richards, Zuc authentic Stanley Cup jerseys & a Henrik each for my niece & nephew. if we lose, i wont get anything because i hate being reminded of having been so close.

  35. London Broil on

    that jersey for 63.33 isnt the authentic sweater worn by the players on the ice.

  36. ThisYearsModel on

    I have been waiting for the correct post to write this in. Slow day today, so I thought I would write it here.

    I have been here several times in my life. 1970, 1979, 1994 and now. It is always the same, exciting but more so, an affirmation of the loyalty shown through very painful years of futility. Ranger fans are a loyal bunch. Not only have we endured years and years without championships, but have also endured carpet bagging franchises entering our market area and winning championships in our suburbs, with all the abuse that goes along with it. Some of the weak changed allegiances, but we die-hards did not. This run is our reward. I find it easier to sit back and enjoy the ride in my old age. Regardless of how old or young any of you are, make sure to enjoy the ride.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    Oh, true. But I read even the so called authentics aren’t even the real ones anymore either. The “Edge” jerseys you can buy are made in Indonesia, but the ones the players wear are made in Canada.

  38. Pimp, a little upset with you!

    This post MUST be revised:

    Miami Pimp

    May 31st, 2014 at 1:41 PM

    New post with Revision:

    Miami Pimp

    May 31st, 2014 at 1:41 PM

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. That is all…..

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Aww tanks Cr9 , I’ll take that with NO sarcasm . Nice to see ya ’round . How ’bout that Jaromir Jagr , another season comming up!!

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Happy late bday Yev!! 26 years old !! Wonder if we were all born at the same hospital?

  41. Nice post, This Years. I wonder if this is somewhat different in that we weren’t really expected to be here?

    Some of you did see it. Credit to you. Me, I wasn’t convinced but I’m so glad we’re here and as you suggest I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

  42. Was told by my garden rep that tix on Monday extremely limited and will be in 100 level highest priced and mostly single seats.

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    I just can’t pull the trigger on one of these sweaters. What if I pick the wrong one? I’m the worst shopper in the world.

  44. iManny-O-War on

    I had that problem too, Rob. I went Girardi because I love him and because it wouldn’t let me purchase Bole.

  45. ThisYearsModel on

    I did not expect this. I expected to beat Philadelphia, and I thought there was a chance with Pittsburgh but after Game 5, I thought they were done. I admit it. To see them come together like they have, to see a display of onions from these guys that I thought did not exist, to see them gel in the face of tragedy like this is impressive for sure. It goes to show that anyone who makes the final 16 has a chance. For me, they are playing with house money now. I am proudly wearing my Ranger gear out here in SoCal as I have for the 14 years I have lived here. My kid plays hockey, so I am in rinks all the time. Another reason why I want Chicago in the finals because I don’t want to have to endure the abuse from these lightweight Kings fans. Reminds me too much of the Islanders and Devils fans, and those are painful memories.

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    I went with my gut and got St. Louis because of the patch. If it didn’t have the patch I would have gotten Zucc

  47. I am reposting ThisYearsModel’s post because it is beautiful. My wife and I married in 1965 and we both wanted guaranteed Rangers loyaly in our wedding vows. Although the Vatican wouldn’t permit it, we did it at the reception in Union NJ. I repeat your post sir in great spirit and apologize for any misunderstanding. UNlike your post. . . . . We wish for an LA win so we can finally go to a Rangers final.

    “I have been here several times in my life. 1970, 1979, 1994 and now. It is always the same, exciting but more so, an affirmation of the loyalty shown through very painful years of futility. Ranger fans are a loyal bunch. Not only have we endured years and years without championships, but have also endured carpet bagging franchises entering our market area and winning championships in our suburbs, with all the abuse that goes along with it. Some of the weak changed allegiances, but we die-hards did not. This run is our reward. I find it easier to sit back and enjoy the ride in my old age. Regardless of how old or young any of you are, make sure to enjoy the ride.”

  48. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I dreamt the Rangers won the cup in 6. Tays in the handshake line.

    Do you believe in miracles????


  49. The Kreider isn’t the only one who BRUNGS it.

    Looks liked Carpus BRUNG it to the New Yawker.

    Nice going!

  50. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    NYR fans are the most passionate in all of sports. That is a fact and it’s indisputable.

  51. Good evening all! Don’t know if this is a mistake, or a great marketing move, but if you want a legit jersey with something special, here’s your chance….

    I bought two for less than the price one. It’s real, and it’s spectacular….

  52. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo mentioned in the New Yorker Magazine is a tribute indeed. An aside, I wonder how many people read the nonsense we post and just don’t comment.

  53. Nice to have a son who shares you passion, being both a Rangers fan and a doctor. Text from him:

    “Good game last night, no? Another one tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s at least 4 OTs with both goalies getting IV NS push during each intermission”

  54. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I think it’s time to predict who scores the cup clinching goal. I’ll go first.

    # 16. Derick Brassard

  55. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ilb – 4 OTs???? I hope they don’t finish till Wednesday morning.

  56. So far, out in my yard……

    I buried an Orange, we beat Philly.

    I buried a picture of Burgess Meredith ( played the Penguin in the 69’s Batman TV series young bucks) we beat Pittsburg.

    I buried my Guy LaFluer autographed puck, we beat the Canadians.

    I’d like to bury either Doughty or Kane next…

  57. oops…I see late that the jersey deal was already posted…lots of chatter in the twitter and FB verse about the reality, but I’m willing to see what happens….I’ll either get a great deal or a refund….

  58. Eddie, does Carpus know the Blog was extremely slow during game 5 of the ECF?

  59. KingE3V1… please!!!! wtb??? I missed that!

    and the answer it, plenty……

  60. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Papa – I’ll let him know….

    Ricardo – the blog was uber slow during game 5 in Montreal. I posted something last Tuesday and it just made it on this morning. FYI

  61. Carp!!!!! Holy hartnell!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!! You’re my favorite sportswriter too!! ( I leave out the “local”….that writer must live in Westchester)…but that is tremendously tremendous!!!!!

  62. All, Carp knows the blog has slow at certain times…all he can do it tell the folks who work the IT about it…I’ve been there done that with him….don’t blame the blogger….

  63. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I love Cassis from HNIC. I totally would let her be QEEEVI for a night or two….or three…..or forever

  64. London Broil on

    ilb, you can always take me in your sons place if he cant make it. my birthday is right around the corner ;)

  65. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Mama – does carp know about game 5? Blog was slow that day!!!

  66. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Looking for two tix to game 6 if necessary. Willing to spend 75K for a pair.

  67. Orrsie, my wife said LA wins, since I think I’m the “King of the Castle” I should dig a very large hole and jump in. She’ll finish the job.

  68. London Broil on

    but my birthday is one day before a certain special lady. so thats that :)

  69. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ilb – actually, my birthday is same day as games 3,4, and 6. (Was very long labor)

  70. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ilb – I didn’t want to leave. It was so cozy inside the womb sac. I really miss the old country.

  71. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Tiki – werd.

    JR – “Happy president’s day everyone”

  72. My 26th birthday…thanks ilb, will hopefully be parade day…that is all….

    hey blogdoc….any OTC advice for an ear ache? mama love

  73. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Mama San – also, try morphine. It’s quick and to the point….you’ll have people screaming in your bad ear in no time..

  74. One thing I appreciate from Kenny and Dave on the radio, is that they tell you who the damned penalty is on before they go to four commercials. SalmonJoe you just bite your fingernails while the network tries to sell you Chevys.

  75. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    That incredible $63 price for jerseys in only for the whites. I’ve always preferred the white over the broadway blue …

  76. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I wonder what JoeM thinks of THE’s incredibly strong masculine hard well shaped body.

  77. iManny-O-War on

    Here is some confirmation that the $63 Sweaters are real and will be honored:

    @TheNYRBlog: Another confirmation. RT @NHLRumorsDaily: @TheNYRBlog Just spoke to Jocinda from the NHL Store. It will be honored and shipped

  78. iManny-O-War on

    NHL also said they will restock the Sweaters but not at the glitches price of $63.

    Good job everybody!

  79. 35 years ago, you could of had a regulation size Ranger sweater Tattooed on your torso for $63.

  80. Rob in Beantown on

    i.e. it’s a bigger glitch than somebody just typed in the wrong price for the Rangers sweater

  81. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I got a confirmed email on my purchase which included a hat and a bunch of sweatshirts…

  82. iManny-O-War on

    They, the NHL, say they are going to honor all purchases. I don’t know much about Internet law but if this was an in store Modells thing they would HAVE to honor the price.

  83. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Manny – when did they go discontinued ? I looked just a bit ago to order another and it was still good….

  84. Eddie, They say that dimples on the balls allow the players to put English on their shot. You getting English on your shots?

  85. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ilb – my Triple X tube sock was already delivered – it’s beautiful….too small tho….I need a bigger size. I also point out that I pee underwater.

  86. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Papa – especially my money shot. Gobs and gobs. Not sure I’d call it English tho…..

  87. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Mannu, anyone? That link now shows discontinued and only the Rangers jersey as $199.99. Anyone know wazzup?

  88. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Here I am trying to put food on their head and a roof on their table…..and all youse wanna do is buy ranger sweaters

  89. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Man, that 4th line was cooking serious “Hab’s a la Maison” Thursday night. Great night for them.

    Boyle’s lucky he got a point, because he otherwise sucked (S).

  90. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Eduardo, contemplating buying a Chi-town jersey. That price you could resell it on Ebay and be ok, no? I’ll take a dozen.

  91. ILB, ordering sweaters from his 90 foot Yacht as it cruises the Mediterranean while he’s stuffing his face with caviar and oysters and getting a pedicure in his silk robe.

  92. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Matty – we all jumped on that discounted price. Looks like it prompted an emergency Saturday afternoon meeting – and that ended that….

  93. iManny-O-War on

    The song the Rangers were playing, ” _Get right back to where we started from_ ” is in Slapshot. Is that why they use it?

  94. Robby Bonfire on

    “Half the Senate and the House become millionaires by following tips.” (The other half become Billionaires doing the same thing. Unlike their counterparts in the first category, they don’t enjoy public life trailer trash.)

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Greg that link you posted -” On Facebook 4282 liked this” – lol – liked it so much they had to discontinue it….like a 1929 rush on the banks….

  96. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ilb – I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy traveling the world, and elsewhere, in high first class style….I just wanna know…..can you spare a brutha some spare change?

  97. I got my McDonagh jersey today and it say MDLD. I don’t know if they’re economizing or if they mean 1,545.

  98. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Thanks, Greg. Seems those bastahds discontinued it before I could get my mitts on it!

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    aww dam .. sorry Matty , I checked a hour ago…looked now , yip its gone.

  100. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Seeing Kovalev the other night made me immediately think of some great memories. He was a brash, talented kid back then. Awful good skater, serious hands. No doubt, he couldn’t have won the cup by himself (as he probably thought he could), but he was a pretty big part of it.

    One of the FUNNIEST Ranger moments EVER was when he stayed out too long on a shift and Keenan waved him off; wouldn’t let him come back to the bench. Ah, Coach Keenan. He wasn’t much of a nuts and bolts kind of guy, but if you understood his humor………he was a pisser!!!!!

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Getting Kovalev the second time was quite the trade for us , he was lighting up in Pittsburgh that we had to have him back!!

  102. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Haven’t seen many ‘2nd time around’ trades that have worked out.

    Gotta be tough for the player as it is for everyone. Heck, Kovie didn’t speak English the first time around. He comes back he can converse and he’s got a pilot’s license and a plane. Life had changed for him just a little bit.

  103. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Doodie, we tried to call you!!

    Seriously, I did, too. Missed opp.

  104. iDoodie Machetto on

    Well if anyone is just looking to make some money instead of keep the sweater, and ordered it in a size large, I’d be happy to buy it from you.

    So pissed I missed out. No way am I dropping 200 on that.

  105. iManny-O-War on

    I ordered mine in Brodeur size, Doodie. It’s a bit more roomy than te goalie cut.

  106. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Why not!

    Listening to a Chicago beat writer on NHL Radio today. He was asked a question, prefaced by the comment “I, too, think whether it’s LA or Chi, both with run through the Rangers in 4 or 5 games”. He was asked who would win if your team gets to the final?

    The guy said, “don’t kid yourself. That NY team is fast and we might not be able to handle their secondary speed. THey also have the best goalie”

    So, why not????

  107. I’ll take the glitch…and the gear…as I said on a FB group, I have two authentic jerseys, both gifts…not everyone can afford those, and lots of fan wear “lesser” jerseys…I don’t care. Happy to get my patch and two jerseys for less than price of one…

  108. sorry all, some excellent folks alerted us here early, but I wasn’t on…I actually got a call from a Rangers friend who alerted me in time…

    Just goes to show ya….visit here often and early…

  109. iDoodie Machetto on

    Mama, I understand what an investment the jersey is. I’ve had my Leetch since 2003.

    I got a blank as a gift in 2005 (because nobody knew who would be on the team in a year or two), and bought myself a bootleg Messier white (pretty decent fake) for 40 bucks in 2011.

  110. OK, while it’s quiet, I’m going to go out on a ledge..

    I pray and hope we win. I think it’s any team’s game.

    I had a chat with a friend and we wondered…is it worse losing the ECF or making the SCF and losing…

    He said he’s rather lose the ECF than lose to Chicago.

    I say….we did it! We have every chance to do it…and I am with my boys throughout and no matter what happens, LGR and I am proud to be a Blueshirt!!

  111. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Hey, Mama, congrats on the jersey(s)

    My two cents: It’s been an awesome run. Just so happy to be alive and feel a part of it!!! Win or lose, it’s great!! Win and it’s unreal!!

    What a run this has been!!!!!

  112. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    In ’94, they were expected to win. Tough to be a President’s Trophy team and win. Much better being the underdog we will be this year. Only us diehards are hoping. Everyone else has the Cup being declared tomorrow night!!

  113. Long story short that I won’t share, but my brother has a signed Mess jersey courtesy of me….at least he has it framed in house…

  114. Matty, thanks, and what you said….this has been a great run. I hope for the best…any negative Nancy’s can, well, you all know what….

  115. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    A bought a white Jersey and put #11 Messier with the ” C” back in 1994 , that year we won the cup . That is my Stanley Cup Jersey!!

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    I got that ’94 jersey at the start of the season and won!! I got a new jesrdey 2 years ago and was convinced that we’d win that year…I was sooo wrong!!

  117. We are destiny’s chosen child. We’re that team that no one saw coming. The team that got hot at the right time. I know it’s weird and feels wrong because it’s the Rangers and we’re Ranger fans but don’t look now, we’re that team.

    We’re in the Final and I like our chances.

    (Disclaimer: I’ll only feel this way until game 7 of the WCF is decided and then terror will consume me)

  118. iDoodie Machetto on

    I don’t get all of the hoopla regarding Katie. It’s great that there’s a female reporter. What am I missing?

  119. Look, the played slightly better than .500 hockey all year. If they do that in the next seven games, guess what happens?

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – MDLD would translate to 1950, it’s incredibly awkward and not “grammatically” correct as MLM would be Roman Proper. It’s not math…

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    Nines in Roman numerals are the 10 preceded by the 1.

    For example, IX for 9, XC for 90, CM for 900.

  122. I’m glad I have mucho bucks (not as much as ILB, but who does?).

    I don’t want a discounted sweater, especially one when you pull a loose thread the sleeve falls off.

    I’ll pay the proper price.

    Why shop at Target when Kohls will do?

  123. @rangersreport

    Vigneault’s Vancouver teams were 1-2 in three playoff series vs. Chicago, 1-1 in two series vs. LA.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – I think MLM also gets you 1950. That is, 1000 + (1000-50)

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But certainly more common seems to be MCML but no less correct is MLM. Whenever the smaller “letter” is to the left of a larger “letter” subtraction is warranted…

  126. Carp, a few days ago you mentioned working on a story on AV;
    I was wondering if this was published somewhere & I missed it
    or still a work in progress?

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – I stand corrected. In theory it would seem that MLM = 1950, but it seems it violates the Base 10 ordering of the Roman numbering system…since M is 10^3, you can only have 10^2 immediately to it’s left. Since L is further left number wise than C, it doesn’t work. Thus MCML is Roman proper whereas MLM would be Roman ebonics, my brutha.

  128. iDoodie Machetto on

    I don’t believe that is correct. I don’t think you can just subtract letters that way willy nilly. I think there are set rules on when you can subtract preceding numbers. I believe it’s only powers of ten that can precede.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That 103 should read 10 to the 3
    And 102 should read 10 to the second.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – I should have known better but I haven’t taught a math for liberal studies course (where this is a tiny topic) in about 20 years…

  131. iDoodie Machetto on

    I understood what you meant.

    Being right on this was a small consolation for missing out on the jersey.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – Someone in Premium Jersey HQ must have gotten wind of something paranormal going in….A massive volume of Ranger sweaters flying out the door – and it was squashed. I ordered a Brassard – and nearly pulled the trigger on a Hags and McDunner as well…stupid stupid stupid me

  133. Roman numerals? Barf! Learned it in medical school years ago. Doodie is right.
    Which reminds me. I’m yet, after nearly 30 years of practicing, to figure out why I had to learn Latin for a year and a half in medschool.

  134. Pierre McPenis the new GM of the Pissburgh Penguins. Imagine that? Crosby’s balloon lips all over that walking talking penis. Scary!

    He seems to know his stuff though. I’m surprised he hasn’t had a crack at the GM job these last few years.

  135. From wikipedia…

    “Following his departure from the Whalers, McGuire became a scout with the Ottawa Senators. On November 22, 1995, he was elevated to the position of assistant coach. *On January 23, 1996, McGuire was fired along with head coach Dave Allison and goaltending coach Chico Resch*”

    How cool would it be to fire Pierre McPenis & Chico?

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d bet every penny I have that the Rangers come out smoking and take game 1 – whether it’s LA or Chitown.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kristopher LeTang – “Pierre, I had a great season. I want a raise”

    Pierre – “of course. Now come here and let me kiss you on the mouth”

  138. don’t bet all your pennies, but very often the underdog runs in and steals Game 1. And very often it means nothing as the series progresses.

  139. Pierrepenis: “Boys, remember when I told you to go out there and have fun? Well, I lied. You’ve had TOO much fun.”

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    They’ve won every game 1 and dominated in doing so this year. They’ll be well rested, well practiced, and game ready. Whereas their opponent will be tired at best – mentally and physically – especially LA if they win as they’ll have to win Sunday and then fly back home to get ready for Game 1.

    Game 2 the series starts. And if Hank could ever steal a game, it’s game 2. Heading back to MSG up 2-0 will have Me vomiting vomit left and right.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – get rid of some of that load by unloading that one wood by swinging that shaft to and fro.

  142. Pierre to Lemieux:

    ‘Pull the string and I’ll wink at you; I’m your puppet.
    I’ll do funny things if you want me to; I’m your puppet.’

  143. Stranger Nation on

    _Haven’t seen many ‘2nd time around’ trades that have worked out_

    D Moops??

  144. If a big dope Canadian former Goaltender turned broadcaster can make it as a GM (JD) then why can’t a penis with ears (McGuire)?

  145. Stranger Nation on

    even if Pierre gets the GM job, he needs to continue to broadcast between the benches

  146. Stranger Nation on

    Excited to buy Game 3 tickets just need to refinance the house first.

    Not all of us are yachting around lighting cigars with $50 bills…

  147. Everyone I hear is saying whoever wins tomorrow night gets to beat the Rangers to win the cup. We get no respect. It’s like we crashed a party that the Penguins or Bruins were invited to.

  148. Haven’t heard anyone refer to a driver as a One Wood since I demoralized Bobby Jones with my brassie and spoon play.

  149. March, July, October, May
    The Ides falls on the fifteenth day
    The Nones falls on the seventh day

  150. Stranger Nation on

    My (not so) Funny Ranger Sweater Story:

    Was on a Ranger Cruise and brought a Kids Rangers Sweater and some sharpies. This is the Bure days but all the studs from ’94 were there and Mayor of Rangertown; Rod Gilbert. Wanted to get a jersey signed for my then 7 yr old son.

    Long story short, during the night I have Richter, Messier, Leetch, and Gilbert sign the back and put it on a hanger in my son’s closet. (also had some of current players sign the front so keep the back for the Ranger Royalty)

    The next year I find the jersey on the floor of the closet covered in stains. I asked my son what happened and he excitedly told me he wore it during a street hockey game with friends and it got muddy. Couldn’t get mad as it what you do with jerseys, but sheesh.

    Still have it, stains and all…

  151. ‘Kids!
    You can talk and talk till your face is blue!
    But they still just do what they want to do!
    Why can’t they be like we were,
    Perfect in every way?
    What’s the matter with kids today?’

  152. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

  153. Reminds me of my brother to whom I loaned my vintage ’59 Sunburst Fender Strat for an extended road tour and he returned without it. He was 23, not 7.

  154. First time I saw that flick, I was channel surfing and came upon DeNiro and Pesci arguing in a room. So real, I thought it was a documentary.

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My ranger sweater story I’ve shared in a guest blog but it was a few years ago….so, I’ll tell it again.

    I had my blue road ranger jersey on and it was the infamous 12/23/79 game against the Bruins. An amazing game. It ended with Esposito on a breakaway in the cliosing seconds…but as Espo came in on Cheevers (I think) someone had thrown a tennis ball on the ice and it was almost on his stick, with the puck, and as a result he missed tying the game. Next thing you know, someone in rhe stands grabs Stan Jonathan’s stick and all hell broke lose and Milbury and the shoe ensues…but I digress. I had scalped a pair isms center ice orange tickets just above the reds for 80/pair (could have paid 70 but I wanted those seats). After the first period I’m walking up to get a beer and who do I bump into? Peter Beard and Cheryl Tiegs. A guy in front of me asked for an autograph – she then looked at me and I said “just a handshake” we shook hands and she looked at my jersey and she said “oooooh Rangers” as if she was reading the letters the way a kid sees a new word for the first time….I smiled and said yeah, Rangers (thinking WTF, it’s a ******* ranger…what am I supposed to wear) – anyway rangers lost 4-3, great brawl, and I met a beautiful super model.

  156. Rangers West on

    Can the Rangers fire Sather and hire Ray Shero? Guy took one for the coach. Classy move and he’s made some great trades.

    Is it Wednesday yet?

  157. Sonny Jurgensen, when refusing to run laps and windsprints: “I don’t throw with my belly.”

  158. BickelsPickle on

    apparently theres some at the nhl store, if you want to be seen buying that crappy Eastern Conference Champions hat in person.

  159. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Just got an email from NHL customer care. Due to a pricing error, they are only honoring that price on a first come, first serve basis for the limited jerseys they have in stock blah blah blah blah…..I received a confirmation email indicating that my order was received but I won’t know if my Brassard is being sent until I get another email telling me it’s being shipped


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