Rangers don’t mind waiting for their opponent


The Rangers did not learn on Friday which team they will face in the Stanley Cup final, and that was fine with the Rangers.

The Los Angeles Kings had a chance to close out the defending Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks in Game 6 of the Western Conference final Friday, but the Blackhawks — who trailed the series 3-1 and fell behind 3-2 in the third period — forced a Game 7 in Chicago on Sunday with a 4-3 win at Staples Center.

The Rangers, by the way, became the first team in Cup history to play two seven-game series in the first two rounds and reach the Cup final. The Kings now have a chance to become the first team to play three seven-game series and get to the final.

The Rangers have played the Kings twice in the playoffs, winning preliminary series in 1979 (en route to the Cup final) and in 1981, a series that included a wild bench-clearing brawl. Click here to see that video, described by Jim Gordon and Bill “Big Whistle” Chadwick.

The Rangers have not played the Blackhawks in the playoffs since the 1973 semifinals. They have met five times, Chicago winning four of those series (1931, 1968, 1971 — the famous Pete Stemkowski triple-OT series — and 1973), the Rangers winning one (1972).

The Rangers were off on Friday, after disposing of the Montreal Canadiens 1-0 in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference final Thursday at the Garden. They will also be off Saturday and regroup on Sunday for practice in preparation for the final. They will open on the road, in either Chicago or LA, Wednesday and Saturday, before returning home for Games 3 and 4 Monday and Wednesday.

Limited tickets go on sale Monday at noon via Ticketmaster and newyorkrangers.com.

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  1. I wish the loser of this series played Montreal in a consolation series. Would kick the whiny Habs’ butts.

  2. How are there people out there that don’t love this sport hands down best out there. I’m freaking addicted and my obsession is getting worse. I can’t get enough.

  3. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Anyone think LA is getting tired? Three 7 gamers in a row??

    Anyone think Chicago is getting tired? Grueling series in PO’s AND had more players play in Olympics than any other team?????

    Tired. You are getting sleepy…..

  4. Speaking the Montréal, my Canadiens-loving buddy finally gathered enough courage to call me today to [no, not congratulate the Rangers] whinge about THE Kreider’s premeditated crime against Price.

  5. Chicago Folkyerself on

    HAWKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now it’s on to Chicago, and let’s win there…

  6. Good night boys and girls.

    Will be breaking down game tape for AV and company this weekend. Try and figure out how to beat these two stud teams.

  7. Anyone think IF the rangers win the cup sather retires to go out on top so to speak?

  8. >>Hockey IS the greatest sport.

    You know, I really don’t see the need for hockey people to constantly throw out the word “greatest” every time they speak of the sport. “Greatest Sport”, “Greatest Trophy”, “Greatest Tradition”: it’s all quite silly, really. It’s akin to having to constantly tell your wife she’s the most beautiful woman alive. Just love and enjoy the sport; no need to compare it to others. I’m a hockey fan and fútbol player and fan. Each one offers something special; and each one has its weaknesses. “I could care less” which one is The Greatest.

  9. _Crawford had some great saves. He’s no slouch._

    Matty, I know you know better. He ain’t yet run into The Kreider. He ain’t yet had it BRUNG to him like The Kreider BRUNGS it.

  10. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Papa, he made some pretty clutch saves in incredible traffic at the right time. Me thinks if we play them, Rangers should give him unscreened shots. After this series he probably has no idea how to handle them!!

    Wow!! What a game!!

  11. Matty, we play defense, they don’t.

    Defense wins championships! At least that’s what my Pops used to say about the Green Bay Packers!

  12. iManny-O-War on

    ORR: my wife has a friend, she’s married to a basketball coach at an impressive D-1 school. Point is: his sisters, hot as hell, play handball in Europe to pay for their MD’s. Doctors, ORR.

  13. BickelsPickle on

    So the hot handball playing European women are ALSO doctors? Is that even real? pic or it didn’t happen

  14. BickelsPickle on

    Well, my bracket went down the drain when I predicted the Avs winning it all. I’m still 3rd in our league. BOOYAH.

  15. Carp,

    Just wondering what ever happened to the Friday Carrillo hearing? We all know how Carcillo get’s fired up against former teams ie. Philly. So if they see LA next round, who’s very physical, and is the team that let him go, he could possibly be a big difference in the game IMO.

  16. Just realized he was on the Blackhawks too. Looks like wrong team each year. In terms of cup winners.

  17. SHOUT OUT TO CARP FROM AN ARTICLE IN THE “NEW YORKER!” How freaking cool is this. The author does have good taste in sportswriters!

    “Sather is best at trading, and his best trade may have been sending the woeful Scott Gomez, and the wicked contract Sather gave him, to Montreal for the young defenseman Ryan McDonagh, who has developed so handsomely that my favorite local sportswriter, Rick Carpiniello, of the Journal News, calls him Ryan McMonster.”


  18. Robby Bonfire on

    My input late yesterday got “axed,” so to speak, by the “New Post Monster.” So I will repeat the tenor of that submission…

    And that is that the reality of this spectacular run for The Cup by the Rangers is that this is a ONE-SHOT, meaning, that it will be more than just “nice” if this Rangers team wins out, it is mandatory that they do so, given the fact that this team has been constructed for the short-term and the team’s accomplishments of this year have just about zero chance of spilling over into more serious Cup contention, beyond this year.

    I know this sounds “negative” and “defeatist” and the timing is poor, given all the inspiration and positives surrounding this team, at this time.

    BUT, this team is loaded with question marks which will directly beset this team’s immediate future, beyond the SC Finals – starting with some big, locked-in contracts, some key aging and declining-performance players (Nash, Richards, and Girardi, for starters), and, most of all, the General Manager’s adamant refusal to flow new, talented young blood – the vital replacement parts – up to the parent roster, this year, so that roster transition, following the SC Finals, will, in some ways, be blocked, but could also become top-heavy, by necessity, given the fact that many other elements to this year’s team will have to be moved, creating some major holes going into next season.

    I am adding this overview because some people here are defying the naysayers (a class of skeptic here that I belong to) to say something negative about the job our G.M. has done this year – so I am taking up that gauntlet.

    For starters, Sather, for over a decade, has been trying to patchwork a team that can make a deep SC run, such as this year’s team has done. So that we now have this current, SOLITARY success stemming from the myopic, short-term patching philosophy of this man, to go with over a decade of utter frustration, starting with the routine stonewalling of young talent, and the importing of a glut of less than stellar free agents under exhorbitant contract conditions, starting with the nightmare importing of Redden, Gomez, Drury, and Richards, et al.

    At no time has Sather attempted to emulate the phenomenal success of the Detroit’s and the Chicago’s, and to a lesser extent Pittsburgh and LA, by loading the Rangers personnel pipeline with long-term, organizational blue chip value young players, granted that this FA carnage and devastation has, in part, been neutralized by his penchant for making some really good trades, so that he does deserve credit for having this one, strong suit.

    This season represents our superb goaltender’s one serious chance at gaining the recognition he deserves as the NHL’s best goaltender, overall, and under this enormous Cup Finals pressure. Because, as I see it, beyond this year the catching of lighting in a bottle, where D. Moore is concerned, and the emotionally-wringing circumstances revolving about the major contribution we have gotten from MSL, and its corollary, the bringing together of this team, are something we are unlikely to witness and benefit from again in this lifetime of hockey fandom.

    So wax sentimental all you like about his G.M.,and the job he has done this year, but do so with the understanding that there is a piper to pay for this singular, isolated, one-shot run for glory,and the tab is coming due sooner, rather than later.

  19. CraigWeather on


    Need your help.
    I’m a Meteorologist/Reporter for one of the stations down here in West Palm Beach, FL.
    I’m obviously a HUGE Rangers fan and ran it by the boss to do a few lighthearted/fun pieces on the “Stanley Cup finals experience.”
    So here are my questions:

    1)Would I still be able to get a press pass for game 3?

    2)Who would I need to contact to get one?

    Any info you can shoot my way (at the required email address I provided) would be very much appreciated-
    You’re the man, I love this blog, I love all of you… Lets go Rangers!
    Thanks so much!!


  20. Admiral Akbar on

    Robby Bonfire

    Unfortunately, much of what youre saying, i do agree with.

    This squad is built to win now. The trade for St. Louis proves that.

    That said, this team does still have a youthful core group (McDonaugh, Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin, Zucc, Brassard) which combined with an elite goaltender who will probably remain elite into his later 30’s shows this team has some staying power.

    One hopes the loss of draft picks can be made up for by some good trades, a good free agent signing here and there.

    We will see what time brings – but for now, lets enjoy this ride. Its been a long time coming!

  21. Robby your negativity sucks. I won’t disagree that there are some major flaws for the long-term outlook for this team – the Richards contract and even Lundqvist’s contract are points A and B. That said, in a salary cap world this is not a bad team on paper and given the constraints it’s about as good as you can get. You construct a team that makes the playoffs then if they ‘click’ at the right team you’ve got a chance.

    Don’t waste your breath bringing up Detroit, Chicago, LA or Pittsburgh with me. Detroit benefited immensely from drafting unknown Europeans in the late 90’s/early 2000s. That has run it’s course and they can’t recreate that advantage. Chicago missed the playoffs for 5 years and did a full scale rebuild – not an option in NY. LA is lucky to be here, winning the cup from an 8th seed and now in their third game 7 of the year – hardly dominant. Pittsburgh did a full scale rebuild and had tons of 1st round picks plus the lucky Crosby lottery, they’ve hardly had long term success and are no were close to a dynasty.

    No team will be perfect on paper in salary cap world without an extreme amount of luck. You can bitch all you want about Sather but should probably just accept the fact that he’s not going anywhere. If it bothers you that much, you should probably find another team.

  22. I thinks a playoff hardened core becomes easier to plug pieces into. We have that now. I mean a ton off playoff experience. Girardi the leading playoff Ranger ever? That’s a lot of games in a fairly short time ? I think that helps a bit going forward.

  23. Robby Bonfire- on

    Admiral –

    You make an excellent point re our having a good, young nucleus in place, at this time. I should have more strongly emphasized the area of my primary concern, the fact that not one player from Hartford, given a trial, was retained, this season.

    A GM needs to keep the pipeline of young players flowing to the top, else the team becomes stockpiled with older players you would like to move, but have difficulty replacing. If we do have, say, six rookies on the roster next year it will be nothing more than a transition year.

    And how do we induce Slats to stay the hell out of the FA market, for at least a couple years? Some restraint on his part would go a long way toward restoring balance on this roster.

  24. Morning all,

    So Robby Bonfire, way to drop a buzzkill on the blog. Glad you’re playing GM now.

    Keep building, keep building. Yes, its true the cupboards have to be replenished. But look at the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers. All that young talent. Year after year they play like Prust during the regular season, get top-end draft selections and don’t make the playoffs. What’s the reason?

    Which situation would you rather be in. Stanley Cup Finals or pouring over the draft board and trying to entice your fan base with fake news.

    There’s really no guarantee either way.
    Unfortunately, youth isn’t always served.

  25. *Ode to Michele*

    By THE Kreider

    Wipe your tears
    Michele my sweet dear.
    For when I arrived
    Your boys lost their jive
    I’ll jump from a pool
    While you play with your stool

    Yes I am The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Drink special cider
    Cause I’m the Kreider
    And I BRUNGS it
    I Caused a RUC-KUS

    The Habs are Clown-Fest,
    Prust is a jest
    Michelle, You’re a fella?
    This I can’t tella
    It’s after game six,
    And you have no more tricks
    Time four a hike
    On the Canadian Pike

    Yes I am The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Drink special cider
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    I crunched PK Slew
    And made him loose poo
    Went Airborne one night
    And The Price wasn’t right
    Michele cried boo-hoo
    Then sucked his thumb blue

    Yes I am The Kreider,
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  26. Carp, please consider removing Dave Stubbs and his whining self from over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>


  27. “marji
    Carp, please consider removing Dave Stubbs and his whining self from over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>


    May 31st, 2014 at 11:02 AM”

    RIGHT ON! Dave Stubbs is a JOKE! I tweeted to him after the series was over. I have NEVER in my lifetime read a journalist who was so shamelessly rooting for the team they cover. He is about as bad as that HACK Ken Campbell.

    I agree Carp. PLEASE, PLEASE remove him from the feed!!

  28. Thinking about it McD has played in 52 games already. Wow, three years. Boyle? Staal? How many for them?

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    Rewatching the third period of game 6. Only slightly less nervous this time than the first time!

  30. iManny-O-War on

    Where is this HockeyHouse thing? Supposedly the Prince of Whales trophy is there and you can go there and not touch it.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    No, it’s on my DVR. Rangers just got jobbed out of a 5 on 3 – should have been a delay of game. I’ll keep you all updated.

  32. Rob, that was a heck of a third period. Total domination and only a couple of panic moments, for me personally.

  33. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – game 5 vs Montreal….the blog was really slow….just a heads up…..

  34. Craig … the deadline for Cup final credentials was at least two weeks ago. … I honestly don’t think I can help you. Apologies.

  35. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – can you get me in as your assistant? I’ll sit quietly except when I’m screaming for the rangers.

  36. I can’t get myself to read Robby’s comments (in brief: enjoy this, but know it’s a one-shot deal, yada yada yada the Rangers are going nowhere in the future because of Uncle Glennie’s short-sidedness blah blah blah). However well intentioned – because, after all, we Rangers fans are a tad fatalistic and pessimistic – I’m not letting anyone spoil the great feeling that we’re all feeling now. It’s been too long in getting here. Plenty of time for that when this series is over.

  37. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    My can is shaped like the Stanley Cup. Just dropped a giant Hab into same.

  38. Just throwing out there that this is a team playing it’s NINTH playoff series in three springtimes, with a chance to win the Cup, and nobody retiring. Don’t see how in holy hell this is a one-shot deal. Might never, ever, get here again, but that’s true with Pittsburgh and Boston and the LA-Chi loser, too.

    This team can contend for several more years.

    Though Kreider and McDonagh are getting kind of old.

  39. I’m a short order cook and I drive a Hummer, which in some ways in similar to a Zamboni. Can I apply for free tickets to Game 3?

  40. BTW, I was searching the web and still no word about Carcillo’s appeal. Bettman will probably wait to announce Carcillo’s lifetime ban during the second intermission tomorrow night. (s)

  41. Carp, couldn’t agree more about the success this team has had and it’s prospects for the future.

  42. NHL network has game six in now, early in the second. Still zip zip. I think the fourth line will get one, their due.

  43. To repeat what I mentioned about Carcillo yesterday: He had his appeals hearing Friday morning. No decision expected until, probably, Monday. I am guessing there’s a good chance they change the category of abuse to an automatic three-game suspension. That’s a guess. If Bettman thinks he really went over the edge with Driscoll, it stays 10.

  44. Rangers must sign Zuccarello, Poo, Boyle, and Moore in the offseason. These are the glue guys…

    Not sure what you do with Nash and Richards….

  45. ThisYearsModel on

    That New Yorker article was terrific. Congrats CARP. Glad the other series is going 7 games. Either opponent will be very difficult to beat, but I an through underestimating this club. Just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  46. Carpie, don’t forget the prospects:

    we have the DuClair kid in Junior

    And the kid who likes beer, coeds and frostbite in Hartford (you know the kid the crazy guy from North Dakota likes)

    And Manny’s former favorite, Kyle Jean ( not to be confused with his current favorite, MCIlrath)

  47. Does Buttman have the onions to drop it to three games? Doubt it. As the ultimate phony politician, Buttman sees 77 on-ice officials and their plethora of alumni on one side, and a little gutter waif who needs a haircut on the other.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    Need to enjoy this Magial Mystery tour. In the age of Buttman Bonus points and Breakaway contests the reg season drags on, but this sport more than any other, gives any team a punchers chance in the POs.

    It is very challenging to draft offensive stars after the first 5 or 6 picks in the draft and even then you may be getting some over hyped young buck who may not have the onions to bring it at this level night after night.

    My hat goes off to AV who took a team that nobody thought had enough top line talent and put together three lines of offensive forwards and forced other teams to choose which line went againt the third pair and/or their fourth line.

    That and Henk and Frances St Louis and D Moopss and beating the Filth and beating Pissburg and now in the Cup?!?!

    Enjoy the ride my friend…enjoy the ride

  49. Yeah, definitely Bros-hard, Orr. I think you also need to sign Stralman if the price is right. We have no defensive depth in Hartford, unless maybe Punisher or Skeij are ready…

  50. Signing the guys we need to sign is just one more reason #19 has to go. Still hope he can give us a few in the final.

  51. We will NOT be cannon fodder for the western champ. Honestly, I like our chances.

  52. Torts: “I had my owner up here talking about the Stanley Cup. That’s a bunch of bull(crap)!”

  53. You guys rule.

    Yes, I plan on going to Chi or LA. Might get shot down for Games 1 and 2. But probably going.

  54. I could care less about what you couldn’t care less about. See what I did there?

  55. Thought it was silly and the cup puzzle even more so. But with only four pieces to go, I kinda like it. :)

  56. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t mind the puzzle. It worked in Major League.

    The slogan is so dumb though.

  57. Speaking of Royal typewriters, Jack Warner of Warner Brothers, referring to writers: ‘Schmucks with Underwoods.’ He referred to (among others) Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, John Steinbeck and Raymond Chandler.

  58. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t really like Faulkner. I actually feel badly about it. But I just don’t.

  59. Good afternoon, boneheads!

    Full disclaimer: was here in am, saw Robby’s post and wrote a long response. But decided not to post it. Decided to enjoy my morning instead. I just say this: if ( *IF* ) there is SC Parade in Manhattan this summer, and it happens to drizzle, some of us will concentrate on that being a rainy day.

    The other part was discussing what could be done in offseason. But I’m not talking *offseason* yet :-)

  60. iManny-O-War on

    Haha. C-Dubs! WeBleedBlue (who I’m done with after they made a t shirt using a derogatory term for women) are meaning shirts that say “EARN IT”

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