Limited number of individual Cup final tickets on sale Monday at noon


From the NYR:

Monday, June 2nd – 12 PM

New York, May 30, 2014 – The New York Rangers announced today that tickets for the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals will go on-sale Monday, June 2 at 12 p.m. Extremely limited tickets will be available on Ticketmaster via and Ticketmaster charge-by-phone, 866-858-0008.

As tickets will be very limited, fans will be eligible to purchase a maximum of two (2) tickets total for all games at Madison Square Garden. All ticket orders are subject to service charges. Please call the Madison Square Garden Disabled Services Department at (212) 465-6034 for tickets for people with disabilities. For more information, visit

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  1. Yeah baby! “Extremely limited tickets” and ” fans will be eligible”….major oxymoron

  2. I’m not going to say who I’d rather play, cause both are tough, but Quick vs Lundqvist is a real Stanley Cup Final goalie duel.

    Crawford is overrated. Like I’ve said, he’s the Marc Andre Fleury of the Western Conference. You can put a lot of average goalies in net for the Hawks, and they’ll look pretty good with that team in front of him.

  3. Game 2, first shift, John Killer Moore takes out Kopitar or Kane. How or why? Do t ask questions that you don’t want to know the answer to.

  4. THE Kreider to Stepan after the game:

    “Derek, I told you I was going to BRUNG it.”

  5. It’s always sweet when the team moves on.

    Against the crybaby coach and his Whiny group of embellishing Habs, extra, extra sweet.

  6. It’s actually spelled Knots, but in French Canadian, all Ks and biotches are silent, or should be

  7. You know, I thought that cup picture puzzle in the locker room quite lame. I thought, what’s the point? Five, six pieces if we’re lucky.

    The damned things almost complete.

    LGR !!!

  8. Papa, you said it….All of my Boston cousins but one are so happy we beat Habs, ironically pro-Rangers…the one is still spitting green envy…hahahahahaha

  9. Who turned out the lights on SeeDub? Pay that damn electric bill and stop drinking your sorrows away

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Do People with Ranger season tickets that complained all year deserve them?

    – First they say , ” Ive been through hell with this team , I deserve this!! I deserve to sell ’em if I want!!”

    -Or do they say ” Ive stuck with this team all year and I was with them all the way . I supported them when the chips were down so yeah I deserve to be there!!!

  11. Not to sound all creepy, but did you guys watch the lockerroom video from last night … and see how freakin’ big Kreider is?

  12. Lone Ranger on

    Where are the fire Sather shouts now and has Cally spoke to his agent lately. This season and where we are now; A combination of a smart coach, AV with a great staff, a specific 3 zone defensive system, 4 line rotation, puck possession at its finest, additions of D. Moore, MSL, the resurgence of Boyle, the return of Kreider, the unfortunate passing of MSL’s mom. In short, a coach with this youth, talent and depth has allowed his team to grow into his system patiently while they were woven into this united product. All for one and one for all. Great unity. What an ironical coach swap. Doesn’t get any better. This has been one hell of a fun year. We want the cup

  13. I’m living in the moment and giving credit where credit is due.

    Sather this season, he’s one of two GM’s still standing. (Credit)

    Show me the fan who believed this could happen during the disaster of an opening road trip? Sure wasn’t me.

    Heck, I’ve evening stopped complaining about Nash and Manny, Wicky and Coos have _almost_ stopped complaining about Stralman. (just kidding guys)

    It’s all good in Rangerland.

    Someone ‘s singing Lord, Kumbaya.

  14. THE could be the first truly promising Gordie Clark first round pick. He’s picked a couple of duds these last couple of years. THE has all the makings of star.

    It would be nice to have a player that every other team beats themselves up for not drafting.

  15. Wow I thought same thing as Kreider. Not sound creepy but as Moore was talking I kept staring at Kreider build.

  16. I think it’s pretty cool how the Organization has been bringing some of the players from 94 back to the Garden lately.

  17. The Kreider BRUNGS it in more ways than one.

    He has a Football Players neck.

  18. jeff in South Dakota on

    But yes, you can’t jump straight out of a pool and be a small man.

  19. Kreider is a BEAST.

    He is bigger, stronger, and faster than 95% of the guys he goes up against. He has a great shot. Once he figures it all out, he is going to be a great player. He still has a lot to learn, IMO. Seems AV is letting him learn as he goes…

  20. Does anyone have a link? I’ve also been kind of impressed with his athleticism.

  21. jeff in South Dakota on

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better…stronger…faster; or we can just sign THE KREIDER.

  22. Carp
    Thanks for the great review last thread!

    Also, since the creepy is going on, is Stepan or brassard physically bigger? I have a hard time believing some of the player stats in bios.

  23. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Sutters, heck of a family. If your car broke down near their ranch, heck they’d make you some flapjacks.

  24. ORR, MTL drafted Leblanc with the pick before THE. I bet they were ruing it last night.


    Size ✓
    Power ✓
    Speed ✓
    Strength ✓
    Shot ✓
    Passing ✓
    Vision ✓

    Turned the Team Around when he came back from Injury ✓

  26. Admiral Akbar on

    Islander fans all over social media posting jealous comments like: how Billy Smith was G-d if Henrik is King, and how game 6 was sloppy and poorly played.

    My message to Islander fans is: if the Rangers winning is so bothersome, don’t even watch hockey.

    Jealous cockroaches.

  27. And, for those of you who may have missed it,

    The KREIDER even found time to post on the Blog yesterday!

  28. It will be spectacular next season when The Kreider decides pay back Prust for the stick attack with a violent Rag Doll all over the ice.

  29. The only thing I’m rooting for tonight…..injuries (season ending not career-ending, after all I’m not an animal) to:

    Doughty, Kopitar & Quick

    Toews, Kane & Keith.

  30. Apparently The Kreider has a nice six pack, not that I would know from looking.

  31. In the beginning of the video, you can see Dolan enthusiastically embrace Hank. Then he kind of shakes D. Moops’ hand like “who the hell are you?” Hank’s probably the only NYR he knows!

  32. Regardless of who we want to face i assume we all want the Hawks to win tonight in 10 OTs with Seabrook and Tofolli playing as emergency goalies due to *fatigue* to the starters/backups.

  33. Carp hanging with ‘New Yorker’ writers. Should have known from the Harrison bio. :) I remember the days when the New Yorker sportswriter covering Ivy Football, would write: “Mr. Drake tossed a nifty fifteen yarder to his tight end, Mr. Todd to set up the winning field goal.”

  34. Poor Kreider, carrying around all that weight. If he were 5’5, 150, imagine how he would scoot?

  35. I wish Sam could call some of these games. At least let him be a third man on the radio broadcast or something!

  36. Hopefully Sam makes a taped calling of us winning the cup.

    Kenny and Joe M had huge smiles when they said Rangers already clinched lol. They probably couldnt care less who wins this game as long as Rangers win in the end

  37. Sam is very likeable, but he has the Damoclean Dolan sword hovering over his head.

  38. London Broil on

    Hi guys, it’s the poster formerly known as Tiki…. Congrats to all of you… this is a special team & exciting time. But I ask that you leave my name out of stuff that goes on here…. Im a dislikeable person w/ controversial views, but Im not a troll. Whatever the differences between me & Carp were, we’ve worked them out & I regret my role in those differences. In hindsight, I shouldve altered my behavior to conform to Carps rules, as this is his domain.

  39. After watching Crawfords attitude… Kinda want Kings in final. Plus I like to see Gabs again

  40. THE KREIDER on


    Whoever it is that wins the west, I don’t care cause I’m gonna BRUNGS IT like it’s never been BRUNGS before!


  41. I really don’t care who the rangers play but I would like the hawks to win tonight so the kings and hawks can play a game 7 and I hope it goes to 4 ot’s and they beat the crap out of each other.

  42. I would be shocked if Gaborik makes it through the Stanely cup finals. I waiting for him to get injured.

  43. Who are the former NYR’s with each team? Gaborik for Kings & Rosival for Hawks… Anyone else?

  44. At least he’s not checking out The Kreider like it seems several heads have been doing lately. (led by you know who)

  45. Yep lotta luv for THE on the board… Yet strangely sigh lent from the ladies on the Carp Blog

  46. London Broil on

    eric, i want injuries too…nobody cares how ya won, only that you won.

  47. I watched that video of the locker room last night. Yes Kreider is a big boy ………….

    He will win any physical contest, but he is still so lost in the defensive end…after playing hockey for over 10 years…

    I am glad he is on the Rangers… he will just get better for the next five years…

    great pick Gordie. He is already a significant part of this team….

    McIlrath needs about one more year….He will play for the Rangers….

  48. gotta believe on

    Kreider pool on YouTube is just amazing,,no wonder why he is do explosive and strong…we can win the this all with guys like THE doing it

  49. Admiral Akbar on

    Jesus – Hawks just missed a 2 on 0 against Quick!

    I thought that stuff only happened with the Rangers

  50. Admiral Akbar on

    Dont care about who we face in the Cup Finals – but would prefer Hawks – i dont like the all-black LA uniforms at all.

  51. Chicago Folkyerself on

    Just got out of the hospital today. I was on an elevator and a well endowed woman stepped in. As I was ogling her she said “Press one, please.” So absentmindedly, I did.

    I don’t remember too much after that.

  52. Leetch I’ve tried all afternoon to find out about Carcillo. A decision must have been made by Buttman. Awfully quite tho.

  53. I find it interesting, the constant whines about The Kreider’s “lack of defense” and hockey Sense. Seems like he’s doing pretty well too me.

    I for one am not among the smart Hockey Set who like to comment (complain ?) about his “lack of DZone IQ”.

    Meanwhile, he had the highest +\- on the team at 14. (But I know, +\- is an insignificant stat, unless of course you correlate it with players like Larry Robinson)

    But, let none of us dare measure Nash by anything other than, “he’s trying hard or making an effort on the D side of the puck” because, of you dare to bring his inability to score goals you are admitting that you just “don’t understand the game”

  54. RE: Carcillo. Hearing was this morning. Will take a few days to determine outcome. Probably Monday.

    I am guessing they will reduce it to the lower category, which is a three-game suspension, and he’ll be done and eligible for the finals. Unless Bettman really thinks Carcillo crossed the line. No way to know.

  55. I remember in the 70’s when some experts were saying how Rick Middleton was a weak defensive player, a liability, only played on the offensive side of the red line.

  56. I believe we don’t go to 7 games with the Flyers if The Kreider is healthy,and playing from game 1.

    I know we don’t come back to beat the Penguins if he doesn’t come back in game 4.

  57. Thanks, Carp, for the Carcillo update.

    Late-reaction comment here but in the game tonight, the national anthem singer made me want to lose my dinner. She was brutal.

  58. The Kreider may just be the best pure passer on the rush of any forward on the team.

  59. Dorsett thinking: What Gorilla Salad did has no part in the game, ten games should stick. :)

  60. CARP ought to travel to the local library and take out a copy of “The Elements of Style”.

  61. I delayed my annual trip to Israel this year to late June. Watching playoff games every single day from 3am-6am is brutal.

  62. How hard do you think the Rangers laughed at that Crawford/Quick bump at the end of the 2nd? Probably praying it escalates

  63. They way Dorset played last night, the only way he leaves the line-up is through injury or suspension.

    Kid had a game last night. If ever the would consider a 3rd assist on a goal, he would have had one lady night.

    Well either Dorset or the referees left skate.

  64. iManny-O-War on

    Just watch the Kreider one legged squat videos. If you’ve ever been to the gym you get it.

  65. Carp, is it the shorter plane ride? family in Chicago? An old college buddy? A chance to see the Cubbies? A old Gumada? Or the Bratwurst?

  66. Carp, great review in the previous post! One question – what is the 6 on 4 at the end of the game you keep talking about? They didn’t take penalties in the 3rd period except the caryover from Richards one at the start.

  67. What’s the over on Kenny Albert saying “New York Rangers” tonight?

    Whatever it is, I’ll take the over.

  68. To be fair to Kenny, most of them were just mentions that the winner would be playing the winner of this series in the final. Not the obscure segues he usually makes.

  69. Orrsie, put a 1 before that faw. By the end of the game, maybe put a tree in front of it.

  70. After watching Kruger break his stick with a wide open net. sorry Olga. It ain’t happening this year.

  71. *Don’t know if anyone else agrees,I think Joe M is doing a tremendous job on this broadcast.*

    It’s must be Sam that brings him down?

  72. Only the genius NHL would schedule a Cup Final game Belmont Stakes day. Please tell me the game is at night.

  73. >>Does Colin Hanks count as a “celebrity?”

    I recognise him from Dexter, and Fargo. Draw your own conclusion. Since I don’t follow people, I have no idea who is or isn’t a celebrity.

  74. Ryan Whitney ?@ryanwhitney6 5m

    The two best d men in the game right now 8 in black and 2 in white. Dominating.

    and the 3rd best is having a beer right now with his feet up on the table watching

  75. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on


    1. thanks for Carcillo update

    2. thanks for New Yorker article, and CONGRAT’s on being quoted and complimented!! You deserve it!

    3. Loved how the author was quite frank about Sather’s destruction of our farm system and how barren it is. Lack of drafts. And turning to undrafted players with minimal chance to make the NHL. It’s true folks!

    4. Absolutely awesome review yesterday!!

    5. Kreider = Moose. Absolute moose. Nice draft pick, Gordie!!!!!

  76. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    What an absolutely SICK game. Speak of champions instincts. Do both teams have it or what? What a great comeback by BOTH!!!

    Two GREAT teams!!!!

  77. With the amount of goals these teams give up, how are the Rangers *not* beating either?


  78. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    I can’t tell which team I fear more. But I wouldn’t mind LA tying and Chicago winning in 3rd OT!!!!

  79. Stranger Nation on

    Patrick Kane – OMG – guys is keeping Hawks in this almost single handedly. Good thing he didn’t go to UND…

  80. Champ pedigree of hawks is sick. Another cup this year there a dynasty 3 in 5 years.

    Again unless we really are a Disney/Cinderella story where hockey gods will takeover how we beating these teams.

  81. Eric,

    How bout we give the Cup to the winner of this series and we call the finals CONSOLATION!!!!

    hang in there buddy…..the KREIDER will BRUNGS it for the Finals!!!

  82. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Papa, wait till he matures. What’s he gonna be 240 and solid?

    Kind of like LeBron. If I were playing defense? I’d be a matador with him freight training around. Thats what the whole NBA does with LeBron. You could get killed!!.

  83. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Well, Chicago has faced double elimination and beaten the LA Kings twice. LA only beat oh….San Jose and The Ducks in these PO’s. No big deal.

    Chicago proving it, big time. So is/has LA.

  84. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Wow. Even Gary Butthead has to be proud. Great hockey. Not that he knows what that it, but still.

  85. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Kenny Albert on National TV: “The New York Rangers hoping for a 5 OT game on Sunday night..”

    A rare homer call by Kenny. Not upset. But didn’t think he needed to mention that.

  86. It’s really a toss up between these two teams, but as for goaltending, Quick hasn’t been all that great though so far in the playoffs.

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