ECF morning skate transcripts: Alain Vigneault, Michel Therrien


Interview transcripts from the NHL/ASAP Sports:


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach Vigneault.

Q. Just curious, your reaction to the suspension that John Moore was
given yesterday by the league.
COACH VIGNEAULT: Doesn’t matter. So I don’t have any reaction.

Q. Talk about Diaz, how he fits in there with Klein?
COACH VIGNEAULT: We have Diaz or Falk that are available to us
tonight. Diaz has played a little bit of left side. When he has, he has
been good. So we’ll make that decision come tonight.

Q. What are you expecting from the crowd tonight? One of the
biggest hockey games in 20 years at MSG.
COACH VIGNEAULT: You pretty much said it.
Should be exciting for everyone, fans, players, coaches, everybody.
It’s going to be a great game. Two teams that are competing real hard,
battling for every inch on the ice. It should be a lot of fun.

Q. Just knowing the way that Henrik bounced back in that Philly
series after being pulled in Game 6, what are you expecting from him
COACH VIGNEAULT: I expect him to play like he always does. I mean,
he’s a great goaltender. He strives when the pressure is on. He knows
that tonight’s a big game.
I heard Benoit Allaire say when we walked in ‘tonight’s a big game’.
I think he picked up on that and we’ll be fine (laughter).

Q. Can you talk specifically what you like about Diaz, what he
brings to you?
COACH VIGNEAULT: He’s a good defenseman in the sense that he’s not
overly physical, but he’s got good instincts, he moves the puck well, he
can help us on the power play.
He’s going to be all right. I mean, every time we’ve used him this
year, he’s been good for us.

Q. Klein seems to be up in the play a little bit more lately. Has
that been a point of emphasis or is he just going with the flow?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Sometimes in a game, players — the situation
dictates that you either defend or you can attack a little bit more.
In Kleiner’s case, there’s been some opportunities for him to jump up
on the attack. Our D’s have the green light.

Q. Do you use that five-minute stretch in the second period in Game
5, especially where Nash was pressing the issue, as an example of how your
team needs to play?
COACH VIGNEAULT: We’ve moved on past Game 5. We’re focused on
tonight. We know how we need to play. We’ve gone through it with our
Our players know the type of execution that they need on the ice.
They’re going to go out tonight and put it on.
Thank you.



THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach Therrien.

Q. Is there any regret about having Dale come back given that the
symptoms, obviously, came on after the game?
COACH THERRIEN: You’re presuming it’s a head injury.

Q. Am I not correct?
COACH THERRIEN: You’re not correct.

Q. Is Emelin available tonight?
COACH THERRIEN: Game time decision.

Q. The crowd is going to be excited, wanting to jump on you early.
How important is it for you to keep the crowd at bay the first 10 minutes?
COACH THERRIEN: Both teams want to set the tone for tonight’s game.
But, yes, in the first 10 minutes, it’s always crucial. But I’m
going to tell you something, the entire 60 minutes is going to be really

Q. I know you touched on it briefly, but can you explain the
difference and what happened between the third period for Dale, when he was
let back in the game, now not being able to play tonight?
COACH THERRIEN: Well, after the hit he went to meet the doctors, saw
the doctors. He was feeling fine about finishing the game.
For us, what is really important is player safety. This is important
for us. It’s been like that all season long. It’s not going to change.
For a player not able to play the next game, this is something that
we could see on a regular basis. You can see Stepan finished a game with a
broken jaw, get an operation the next day, miss Game 4, and came back after
his operation.
So those are the things that you see at this time of the year.
But right now he’s got a body injury. He won’t be able to play

Q. Prust’s return is timely. What do you expect from him?
COACH THERRIEN: He’s going to be hungry to play. He’s going to go
hard. He’s excited about playing tonight.
We’re glad he’s back in our lineup.

Q. Can you share what the criteria a player has to meet to get back
out on the ice? As much as it’s commendable to say he felt fine, wanted to
play, any hockey player is going to want to get back out there.
COACH THERRIEN: Those are the things that I don’t know. As a coach,
I never get a concussion.
But one thing I trust, we trust our medical staff. We trust our
doctor. So when they’re saying that he’s good to go, he’s good to go.
But right now he’s having a body injury.

Q. How does your lineup change when you take Weise out and put Prust
in? What does that do to the look of your team?
COACH THERRIEN: You’ll see tonight.
FastScripts by ASAP Sports

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  1. Miami Pimp

    Don’t worry, gentle men … THE KREIDER will BRING IT tonight.

    There are no gentlemen. Men alive are troublemakers. Gentleness is a posthumous honor. – Yevtushenko

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I have been through the five stages of grief and have already arrived at acceptance. Game over, season over. Lundqvist and the Rangers choke the series away.

    My only question is which will be higher, Rangers goals or offensive zone penalties.

  3. I will be at parking garage shortly. May sit in my car for hours. Didn’t schedule any appts this afternoon. Who could think
    About work.

    By the way how does weise play after hit now is out with concussion.

  4. gregm_oldsection403 on

    AV: “Our players know the type of execution that they need on the ice.
    They’re going to go out tonight and put it on.”

    I certainly hope so. These guys are professionals. They better know what it takes to win.

    We expect the best execution too. Go out and earn it!

  5. In the last thread someone asked if Diaz played in the Philly series. He DID play game 4 vs. Pittsburgh, so he has played in the playoffs. And from what I read about it, he looked good that game.

  6. I’ve started to prepare mentally for the choke. I need to now so when Saturday occurs it won’t be a shock.

  7. Boomer, my dog, barks every time the Rangers score. Let’s hope he’s barking early and often tonight :)

  8. I hope the Rangers treat the game like they treat elections in Chicago: Score early and score often.

  9. I like Diaz and would like Diaz here next year. I don’t like dropping him into the lineup as part of a righty-righty pair, especially with a little fear he might play like he’s trying to prove something to Montreal.

  10. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Yes, Diaz has looked pretty good when he plays. He has a good shot and good offensive instincts.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, I said it at the time: he should have been in the quiet room for 20 mins minimum, and instead he was back out on the ice in less than 5.

    Of course, the same could be said about Stepan in game 3.

  12. Eric, for what it’s worth, Therrien said it was not a concussion, but is an upper body injury.

  13. Busiest day at work EVER!!!


    I think a part of me wants to be nervous, but the Positive Side won’t even LISTEN!

    Leaders will lead tonight.

    I believe EVERYONE will fire on all cylinders!

    The Rangers will come at the HABS in wave, after wave, after wave. It will be 3-0 after the 1’st period, type of wave.

    I believe.

  14. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Also hoping the blog commenting is smoother tonight. Carp, did the tech guys figure out what the problem was? or were there too many Boneheads on the site at once?

  15. I can’t deal with another Game 7, but I’m going to have to because they’re *DOOMED*.

    So, which UFA’s should they re-sign in the *offseason*?

  16. Eric is at the Flying Puck, helping them stock beer and set tables so they can open earlier.

    Hang in there, kid. I’m rooting for you.

    LGR !!!

  17. I’m going straight to Blue, when I get home!!!

    It’s worked the last games.

    Can’t mess up a good thing.

  18. My confidence by game status hasn’t changed since post Game 4 …

    Game 5: ~40%

    Game 6: 85%

    Game 7: Negative one billion percent

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I have my jersey in my bag, mustard stain removed.

    Oxyclean was the answer.

  20. “We have no chance of winning tonight. Zero. Coin flip in game 7.”

    I completely agree.

    These no-talents are – as I predicted before the season even started – done.

    That’s it.

  21. Falk’s wife is 2 months pregnant again. He will play in NY if needed, but won’t travel.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I think we lose tonight by so much that the Canadiens start game 7 with a 3 goal lead.

  23. Gravy, so does Brad Richards. I saw MSL being interviewed and BR was next to him and they got a nice shot of his butt on camera. I was distracted to say the least.

  24. I’m not sure what he said before the hearing, but Katie Strang tweeted that he said he did not suffer concussion.

  25. I’d really need to see it bare to make a judgement.

    (Please don’t send pics)

  26. And after I scrolled through the posts, I realized that it’s a bit nervous here. Relax, they’ll bring their best game tonight.

    On that note, I also realized that if I keep reading and posting I won’t be able to keep my concentration and focus. And I can’t afford that in my line of work, so I’m out. Talk to you all later.

  27. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    LOL now Weise doesn’t have a concussion? After John Moore got 2 games partly on the basis of causing the non-existent concussion? LOLOLO

  28. Diaz = rare Ranger that makes effective cross ice passes when setting up powerplay

  29. Leetchhalloffame on

    Hate Lucic but sure hope he follows up on his threats to kill a few Habs next season. Oh, and Therrien is a buffoon.

  30. ilb2001, Very nervous here. I posted in the other thread that I think I’ll need a strong drink or a Valium.

  31. “It should be a lot of fun.”

    No, AV, it’s going to be agonizing for fans. Not even sure you can say it will be “fun” for the players.

    I can’t think in terms of “fun” with these damn games!!!

  32. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    I know he has a Lambo, a Bentley, and a Maserati. Maybe he wanted to minimize distractions so he just took the Porsche today.

  33. Carp, whats your take on reporters seemingly never laying it all out with “we saw Subban save Weise from a faceplant after the hit”? Feels like the start of the PEDs in baseball cycle all over again: Reporters stay quiet and don’t press for the good of the game / team / player (debatably) then get outraged later when outrage is in vogue.

  34. 5 years ago, he smashed one of them up on the Saw Mill River Parkway on his way to practice.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    MD, I think it’s one of those things where no matter what you say to Therrien, he’s just going to say it’s not a head injury. Literally every reporter is saying it was a head injury, despite Therrien saying otherwise.

  36. Parked and heading over to Starbucks. Paper work and emails rest of day.

    About 10 cups coffee to follow.

  37. _MD, I think it’s one of those things where no matter what you say to Therrien, he’s just going to say it’s not a head injury. Literally every reporter is saying it was a head injury, despite Therrien saying otherwise._

    Yeah. And maybe its not a big deal what Therrien claims so long as he’s not playing tonight anyway. If he plays, that’s a major problem.

  38. Manny-O-War on

    Good point, Coos. Weise was really good in the Boston series though. He does have really weird hair for a balding guy.

  39. Manny-O-War on

    Off Topic but NHL Radio is talking about whether Rich Peverley can even play hockey next season. He still hasn’t gotten his heart rate elevated since the incident. Man. This is *so* depressing.

  40. I guess fatigue isn’t a factor yet for LA

    They are still leveling people left and right with clean hits

  41. Manny-O-War on

    _ilb2001, Very nervous here. I posted in the other thread that I think I’ll need a strong drink or a Valium_

    Diane: Strong drinks are *heavily* encouraged by all Boneheads on game nights such as this. I might suggest that strong drink *and* a valium!

    (Disclaimer: never mix benzodiazepam’s and alcohol please. This was a jest)

  42. *I see square avatars and weird link thingys and did not do it myself this time*

  43. My avatars are square and my site is all messed up. This is a good sign I think.

  44. Manny-O-War on

    Dale Weise will *not* play tonight.

    Also the blog is back to not horrifying

  45. ThisYearsModel on

    Need to see a contribution from the Richards line tonight. Also, Brass’ line needs to remove their heads from their posteriors.

  46. is there a problem with the blog or not … hard for me to decipher these messages.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  47. Saving lives is more important to ilb than Ranger blogging. That’s what happens when you get too educated.

  48. What a weird season. I want to go back in time and tell October us that in May, someone would say “the Zucc-Brassard-Pouliot line needs to get back to playing as well as they were so we can win one more game and advance to the finals” and people would be like “yup, they sure do”.

  49. That’s me multitasking, but how did you guys fight thru my hoarding without me knowing, to set up that camera outside my john’s keyhole

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Will I never escape that photo? You take one picture with your rock band guitars in your underwear while holding a gun and laying with a collection of guns and you never live it down.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Fat guy, plenty of those guys still roaming the upper bowl.

    And then roaming the toilet bowls.

  52. I’m surprised young players in all sports show up for all these games. Must be the money.

  53. And say what you will, but that first picture is proof that I never skip tricep day at the gym

  54. Rangers win it 4-2. With an empty net goal. Richards going to have a good night.

  55. Manny-O-War on

    If *Sally* didn’t ditch us all the time she would already know about *Brodeurs*

  56. Ref info for tonight

    Number 13 Dan o halloran

    Rangers reg season 4-3 playoffs 1-2
    Habs 3-3 reg season 2-1 playoffs

    O halloran calls 13.9 percent more pen on road team more then any official left in playoffs.

    Number 4 wes McCauley.

    Rangers 4-3 reg 1-2 playoffs
    Habs 4-3 reg 2-1 playoffs

    Both worked game 2 ranger 3-1win

  57. I must have been hanging out on that other blog where they don’t talk about babysitters all day.

  58. Manny-O-War on

    Old Time hockey players are attempting to remind players today to *KEEP YOUR HEAD UP* after making a pass and stop getting injured.

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Most important home game to date this season is TONIGHT!!

    WE start out strong and bury 4 quikies on the rookie and send him to re-hab.

  60. Richie’s glaring problem is that we play 4 on 5 in our own end and in center ice on each of his shifts.

  61. Nobody wants that, Manny.

    I’m so glad that I took today off so I can start getting mentally prepared way ahead of time today. I really needed all this time to sit here and worry.

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Eric , please …are you serious? No offense but that info is the most useless news I’ve heard about a hockey game.

  63. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    In the scheme of things everything that isn’t the actual hockey game is just useless g(j)ibberish

  64. Manny-O-War on

    I actually *REALLY* appreciate the ref info, Greg. I think a lot of hockey fans that pay attention to the game on the ice do.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    nice sarcasm Manny , I could mayyybe see if the ref stats were way tilted…but they are not .

  66. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    Would it be awesome or terrible if we could have animated avatars?

  67. Manny-O-War on

    But that’s the point, Greg. The ref info actually matters. If Joanette was reffing those of us who know what that means would be horrified. Ref info is vital to the game because the NHL doesn’t have a pair of refs work the whole series. So each night we don’t know what type of game we are in for.

    Those of us who live and die with every minute of this team are probably interested in that info.

  68. Manny-O-War on

    I don’t know what that has to do with MALE BABYSITTERS but it’s awesome, Sally.

  69. I wish I had paid more attention to the ref tendencies over the course of the playoffs outside of thinking “THIS GUY SUCKS”

  70. Manny-O-War on

    *AV* to the team when *Staal* is in the bathroom:
    “Don’t mess around with the guy in shades Protect Staal”

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Those of us who live and die with every minute of this team are probably interested in that info -manny

    That’s a load of Crap but whatever.

    Ive been living an dying with this team all my life. Trying being the best Ranger fan in a Central Canadian province. I am the best over here and I’d say I’d show a few over there about how to love a team . When people see Rangers in this city ..they think me.

  72. IF we lose tonight, I propose we offer the guy in Manny’s first pic a one day contract to play goal in game 7.

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on



  74. Funny seeing fake Ranger fans on tsn

    Who the heck ever said “go rangers go”

    A complete giveaway.

  75. AV – “When I talk aboot unconditional love, I talk of Greg L of [insert central Canadian province].”

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Sonic Youth=Not Metal.

    Although, they were on the Simpsons in its prime, so they’ve got that going for them.

  77. LOVE IT SALLY!!!

    maybe someone needs to play that for the team before 1st period

  78. _Old Time hockey players are attempting to remind players today to KEEP YOUR HEAD UP after making a pass and stop getting injured._

    Did you see the Broad Street Bullies ™ video from a few weeks back? They peeled off instantly without the puck. All of this “back in my day” crap is basically crap.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    too funny gravey , that made me laugh . gooose frabbbaaaa …relaxxxxx

  80. Manny-O-War on

    I assume it’s more like, when people see Greg ZZzzZZZZZzz they think “where is the nearest police officer.”

  81. Orr
    5-0 lol.

    We would never be so lucky. Lets take 2-1 and move on.

    We shall sweat tonight if we win. Would be no other way.

  82. Good afternoon all! I really wish I could be put into a medically induced coma until 8 p.m. My stomach is killing me!

    The good news so far is that the finals schedule, which hasd the potential to really mess up some plans, will not. Now let’s just get there, shall we?

  83. Doodie, I was just thinking about that episode yesterday!!! Smashing Pumpkins was on the radio and I had a flashback. Homerpalooza!

  84. Manny-O-War on

    Sonic Youth is *not* metal. Interestingly enough though, their arrogant, idiot lead singer, Thurston Moore, recently put out a black metal album that was widely laughed at.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Manny , Your sweet , aww come’mere gimme a hug buddy!! Bring Eric too , we”ll have a tri-fecta cuddle session.

  86. THE Kreiderst 5 miur better not take a penalty in the first
    5 minutes like he did last time, screewed up that game.

  87. I like the ref stuff. It IS important.

    Anyone remember Paul Stewart? He was the biggest Ranger hater ref this side of Joanette. He was on NHL Radio yesterday with the HNIC guys and he was ranting about how bad the coaches are for letting their players play this way and yap at the refs. He also said because there’s so many refs these days, players and coaches never develop the relationships that they had in his day, and it hurts the game. Leads me back to my theory that if there was one set of officials per series, you’d have better games.

    BTW…the man sounds like he needs a few Valium. He sounds completely off his rocker!!

  88. Manny-O-War on

    That was a great interview, Steve. I loved Paul Stewart’s idea for reducing/stopping embellishment.

  89. hey, if there’s a game 7 (and I don’t even want to really consider it, but…) is it Sat night or day? I have to go out Sat night (last bowling night of the season and we are bowling for 1st place), so I’m hoping for a day game.

  90. never said Sonic Youth was metal
    who did?
    aggressive in spots, yeah but…

    didn’t Ryan Adams make a black metal album too?

  91. Sally love! I have to run out and stock up on all the “healthy ” supplies required to get me through this evening. Til later all!


  92. Manny yea, that was his best idea. The man was definitely hopped up on something though!!

    His idea was 5 minute misconducts for any player who embellishes. Three times misconducts for embellishment and you are suspended a game, Four and it’s two games. His reasoning is that players HATE losing ice time and if they are forced to, they might stop doing it. I would make them 10 minutes and a 2 minute minor that nullifies the original minor penalty on the opponent as well. After all in my eyes, it’s unsportsmanlike conduct. That would stop it.

  93. I like that idea Steve. It’s time to end the acting it’s a black mark on a great sport, and maybe it would help the officiating a bit too.

  94. I like the concept, but I think officials are going to be less likely to call it if the penalty is more severe.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Making stiffer penalties will not deter embellishment. What it will do is deter embellishment calls, rare as they already are.

    Think about it. As a ref, you’d have to be pretty damn sure to call a dive if it meant a 10 minute misconduct or a double minor, etc.

    As a singular minor, they already barely ever call it. Now imagine if it really could decide a major portion of the game.

    No, the best answer is to just keep the rule we already have, stress to refs that they are to enforce it, and then publicly shame any divers found upon review of the games.

  96. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    I agree with Gravy. Also, I hate major penalties just in general since they can really swing the outcome of a game. I don’t think the solution should be more major penalties.

  97. Stranger Nation on

    Sally with an extended stay on the blog, but no Carp.

    Life is irony…

  98. Jeff in South Dakota on

    “It’s the unconquerable soul of man, not the nature of the weapon he uses, that insures victory.” General George S. Patton, Jr.

    Now, LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Jeff in South Dakota on


    You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    In high school and college, I reffed youth soccer (ages 10-14). I could not believe the amount of diving that was going on, even at that level.

    Before the games, I’d have to meet with both teams individually to do inspections, which basically was a league liability test (confirm the players were who they were supposed to be so we knew we had releases for them and make sure they were wearing shinguards and cleats.

    While I was there I would tell the players I wouldn’t tolerate diving or faking calls. I told them it was a gentlemen’s game and I expected them to play like gentlemen. If I caught a player diving, I would talk to him after a whistle and warn him. If he did it again, he got a yellow card.

    More importantly, the diving players built up a reputation with me, so that if there was a play I didn’t quite see that may or may not have been a foul, I would assume they dove and not call it. At the same time, I built up a reputation with the players that I wouldn’t accept diving. By the end of the season, nobody was diving in the games I was refereeing.

    I don’t see why I was able to singlehandedly control diving in under a season for $15 a game but NHL refs can’t do this for enormous salaries.

  101. iManny-O-War on

    I thought about that Doodie. My hope was that the league would review calls. Maybe a team could request a review and the league could determine a player had
    Embellished (serious embellishments only) and give that player a strike.

  102. iManny-O-War on

    Who is Doodie pissing on? The babysitter? Are we making that “preferred” or “required?”

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Against the rules. You know, you stupid when you do that, just some English pig with no brain.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    The shaming has to be public, though. They supposedly already do something privately.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    I told the sitter I would pay her with something golden. She was very disappointed when it came time for payment.

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lucic – “next season I will kill every Hab ever to wear a sweater. I will use guns, knives, swords, baseball bats, grenades, tanks, atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, fire, and any other weapon I can find. I will feed their remains to alligators. Then I will have the alligators vomit and I’ll feed that vomit to s shark. Then I will force the shark to vomit and then I will eat that shark vomit. Then, I’ll vomit and incinerate whatever is left.”

  107. Eric has his own segment.

    Season Over w/ Eric Bonehead.

    Let’s Go Rangers !!!

  108. Pierre on with Francessa. One ranger to watch tonight he picks Nash. Lol. Pick anyone but him to score.

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    I just vomited on some students in my office. Then they vomited on me. I called their vomit, and dropped a deuce in their lap

  110. eddie eddie eddie on

    if you are stiff and hard on the puck, it’s easier to bang home a rebound inside the crease.

  111. eddie eddie eddie on

    Papa – you should have seen the Hab I Squeezed on the can this morning. I almost didn’t want to flush it. It was like a chocolate carvel swirl.

  112. Sometimes I like to start the play behind the crease. Adds the element of surprise.

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    seedub – I love to go two on one. Fist, I deke hard to the right, then I deke hard to the left. After that, I sit back on the bench and watch the play develop.

  114. Everyone is always aware of the five hole, but the two hole is also a tight area to shoot at.

  115. Gravy, do you find that the added room *behind* the crease this year is *helpful*?

  116. An excellent strategy E3. A seasoned player, indeed. Most rookies tend to go up the middle and then lose the puck too soon.

  117. It makes it easier to enter the slot area, but it shouldn’t be a problem either way if you have a quick stick and hands.

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    If I could put money on any playoff team right now …

    How many of youse would pick the Rangers?

    Seriously , who has the vegas odds but I’d say the Rangers are the front runners. Not saying we get a free bye cuz of Montreal but TONIGHT we will do what we normally do . win.

  119. Johnson always goes stiff and hard to the slot. That’s why he gets to play with Falk.

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    seedub/gravy – anytime you can penetrate the slot are with a hard shot, good things can only come of it

  121. You guys are killin it! Thanks for taking my mind off of the *terror*.


  122. Stranger Nation on

    Falk is true to his name…wife is preggers again.

    Wonder what Wang is doing?

  123. Good point E3. If you can’t, I guess you can always practice your stick handling.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, if Manny is your shrink, I think he should have his license revoked.

  125. But, you can’t shoot too quickly, or you will lose your scoring opportunity.

  126. eddie eddie eddie on

    gravy – last two on one I had, I was glued to the bench. I was forced to watch but allowed to dictate the play.

  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Hi , Im Eric . Im so stressed out man. I can’t believe that we are in the stanley cup playoffs still. Im amazed!!! Ive watched us all year and we always suck!! I can’t even believe how we bush -leagued in ( opps a little Miami ). I love this team but I need to stay a sceptic so I don’t get hurt. I need to be prepared for the big HURT. I’m not letting this team ruin my xmas. and , and If I had a drury mobile Id drive on outta here really fast!! Im reaally hoping they win but I just wont show it.

    BTW , that was all in fun . I love everybody on here . ALL MY FELLOW RANGERS BONEHEADS!! The only blog I’ll ever be on.

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on



    Start the game already!!! COME ON!!!

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    Even if your head is down, its ok….. Rise up to the challenge….

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on



    Garden will be a ROCKIN!!!!

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    gravy – definitely don’t want to shoot too quickly. Scoring chances come only so often….

  132. It’s OK to watch the play develop when you have a two on one. Don’t shoot just for the heck of it.

  133. Manny-O-War on

    *WAIT* I just realized that Quoting GOON is a bad idea. Goon was written by Jay Baruchel who is a big time Habs fan!

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Penguins are DONE!!! We got ’em gooood!!!
    Filthy philly are toast.
    Now these Habs need a little NYR spankin and it aint gonna be pritty. Tonight we lay in all on the line .

  135. eddie eddie eddie on

    Gravy – It was really hard to not shoot early. I had to squeeze my stick extra hard……

  136. eddie eddie eddie on

    gravy I had a three on one develop once…I almost lost my head in the shuffle

  137. Manny-O-War on

    I am personally placing a hundred-dollar bounty on the head of Tim McCracken. He’s the head coach and chief punk on that Syracuse team.

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on


    The RAAAAAANGERS are in the houwsee TONIGHT!!!!

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on


    embellyshment …ummm no but I do get called for a 6 pack.


  140. The pre-game suspense is killing me. Go in’ to play nine holes. I will try my best on the 5 hole.

  141. Manny-O-War on

    The fans are standing up to them! The security guards are standing up to them! The peanut vendors are standing up to them! And by golly, if I could get down there, I’d be standing up to them!

  142. Booby NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Uinta is a beer company from Utah. Mormons are all strict and stuff. So no _scoring_ wink wink like as in sex but also as in goals which we need!

  143. Lots of Zs, whats the logic in NYR over LAK if you’re looking to place the best bet?

  144. Jeff in South Dakota on

    You know, there’s a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don’t all bring you lasagna at work. Most of ’em just cheat on you.

  145. Diane
    If you mix the drugs and alcohol, call me…just don’t use my cell, use the landline ;)

  146. Don’t be afraid to use a timeout, just make sure you come out hard afterwards.

  147. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Mr D , LA is scary . They could be the front runners. Maybe they are . My bets are NOT always logical . Sorry , I’m kinda like fred flintstone when ever I hear bet..

  148. Manny-O-War on

    Here’s a name for you nostalgia fans: Clarence “Screaming Buffalo” Swamptown. I’ll never forget an exclusive interview in which Swamptown revealed that he calls his hockey stick the “Big Tomahawk,” and he usually refers to the opposing players as “the little scalps”.

  149. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Good crowd out there tonight, boys, let’s really try to win this one.

  150. Lloyd Braun on

    I fully expect the Emrick-Olczyk-McGuire circle jerk for Dustin Tokarski to be out of control tonight

    expect Olcyzk and McGuire to take turns serving as concubines after Tokarski gloves a dump-in

  151. Manny-O-War on

    The one thing Dustin Tokarski can’t stop is the endless love the broadcasters will give him…

  152. Diane
    Also don’t forget when you call to say “I need all 4 shirts with extra starch and the babysitter will pick them up”

    Then hang up

  153. What was the chick’s name that used to post here a long time ago from buffalo and always liked the guy that picked his nose?

  154. Report is that weise’ chin has a concussion and they are sending in marchard’s snoziologist to help diagnose

  155. Sappy, that right manny, thanks bro!!

    Love that listening to the song part!!

    “Trade me right Falking now!!

    And hang up

  156. Manny-O-War on

    And remember I went up to your room afterwards and you were dressed in chick’s clothes? Yeah, you had on this black bra with tassels! You were dancing in front of a mirror with this kinda zebra skin jockstrap.

  157. Jeff in South Dakota on

    The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to “complain” about movies and share “awaiting moderation” with one another.

    The clean version take that moderator!

  158. Manny-O-War on

    That’s a REALLY great one, Doodie! I was thinking Dianne Keaton but that takes the cake. She was SO adorable.

  159. Lloyd Braun on

    One of my favorite insights Edzo and Pierre share is how Dustin Tokarski drops down to take away the low shot whenever the puck is within 25 feet of him. Sure, just about every goalie in the league has done that for the past 10 to 15 years but Dustin Tokarski is obviously responsible for popularizing that style.

  160. Ooohh, manny giving a girl his email….

    Manny and Diane sittin’ in a tree


  161. Doodie Machetto on

    It wasn’t me who suggested it, although I share Gravy’s suggestion as the first Diane that comes to mind.

    But our Diane is no Diane like that. Our Diane is cool.

  162. Jeff in South Dakota on

    They spent their own dough to get here, and they came here to see us! All right, let’s show ’em what we got, guys! Get out there on the ice and let ’em know you’re there. Get that “frackn” stick in their side. Let ’em know you’re there! Get that lumber in his teeth. Let ’em know you’re there!

  163. Manny-O-War on

    When Norm is around, and when Fat Guy took the time to have an avatar, we had a little *Cheers* theme going on.

  164. Manny-O-War on

    IT’s really funny how many times Gravy is hilarious and then I give credit to someone else. EVERY SINGLE TIME

  165. Manny-O-War on

    Alright guys. Let’s try to behave from now on. Diane is around now and it’s time we cleaned up our acts and acted like impressive hockey fans.

  166. Lloyd Braun on


  167. Paul Stewart, ex-ref, hands down his safety and protocol opinions like was Pope Pius X!!. Some of us remember that his whole hockey career was spent beaucoup gooning it up.

  168. how many minutes into the game will Pierre call Tokarski “battler,” and say how “he’s been like this ever since juniors” ?

    And Emrick will let us know what grade school he went to.

    And Edzo will reference horse racing…

  169. Hi, Jim Carr again. Denis, I know that some in our audience don’t know the finer points of hockey. Could you tell them, for example, what is icing?

  170. Lloyd Braun on


  171. Manny-O-War on

    Well, um, icing happen when the puck come down, bang you know, before the other guys you know. Nobody there, you know. My arm go comme ça then the game stop then start up.

  172. Ha ha Sally! Too many men penalty overlooked again. Maybe this the Habs blog. LOL

  173. The fans are standing up to them! The security guards are standing up to them! The peanut vendors are standing up to them! And by golly, if I could get down there, I’d be standing up to them!

  174. Lloyd Braun on


  175. Diane, hah! Ahhh it’s good to have another pair of ovaries around here.

    Let’s get you an avatar!

  176. Manny-O-War on

    I agree, Sally! Go get us some women pieces to get in here and annoy us with their wandering uteruses

  177. Lloyd Braun on



  178. Manny-O-War on

    *HAMBONE*: if your Ovaries or Uterus isn’t distracting you too much can you please meet me on *GChat*

  179. I like the Diane from Cheers pic!
    I also like it when Latona has Kermit.

    Nobody ever listens to me.

    LGR !!!

  180. Fallopian tubes has always been one of my favorite things to say.

    So if I could remain a dude, but had fallopian tubes, that would be the ultimate because I could talk about them all the time.

  181. Lloyd Braun on

    someone tell me how to make an avatar for this site, I’ve got one I need to use

  182. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Sally are you still upset at me for calling your boots ” hooker boots” a few years back? I did say sorry : (

  183. I work at a gyn office, and tried SO hard to get the Dr to put “At Your Cervix” on her cards.

  184. Anyone remember all the old spleen injuries from the sly, tugging sticks and spears?

  185. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    At one time we had like over 10 ladies on the blog at once ..oyy vey , I miss LINDA!!! LINDA!!!

  186. Jessica Summers on

    hey guys. i’m a girl! i’m 28 and live in northern Jersey. I have been reading the blog for a while and decided to comment because of all this boys vs. girls stuff! us girlies have to stick together!

  187. Manny-O-War on

    Hey Jess. Welcome aboard. Thanks for bringing a fresh *young* perspective.

  188. Welcome, Jessica. I’m sure Alain appreciates the googling time you saved him.

  189. I love the smell of burnt Hab in the morning……..

    Smells like……..VICTORY!

  190. Jessica Summers on

    thanks for the welcome. i dont know if im hot gravy but thanks i think. i have to get to my job soon (blech!) so lets go rangers!!!

  191. Manny, I can’t help myself. 28 and from Northern NJ ar two of the three things I like the most.

  192. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    aww come on Sally , have a heart . Yeashhh !! Forgive but never forget..I see I see.

    Linda , the one whom sister have that car accedent. She was like a super reg. I have her email too. She was super cool.

  193. Lloyd Braun on


    in truth, I was hoping it would be a bit easier to see than it is

  194. Manny-O-War on

    All of us like that stuff, Gravy. But if you approach something too aggressively you can scare it off.

  195. The Kreider just arrived at MSG and told Stepan……”Derek, I BRUNGS IT”

  196. Dustin Christ, well let’s bury him tonight and who will care what happens three days from now.

  197. Did anyone ever play Mutant League Hockey? It was a pretty awesome game. The rules were basically the same ones the Habs play with: special plays that can cause things to happen like making the puck explode when it is picked up by an opposing player, bribing the referee to call fake penalties against the other team, and land mines and holes on the ice.

  198. Lloyd Braun on


  199. I’m very direct, Manny, and if you’re a 28 year old girl from Northern NJ…look out!

  200. Manny-O-War on

    “You know what. Ha ha ha [Gravy], laugh all you want but if you call too soon you might scare off a nice baby who’s ready to party.”

  201. ‘You’ll never know how great a kiss can feel
    ‘Til you stop at the top of a Ferris wheel –
    When I fell in love, down at Palisades Park

  202. Jeff in South Dakota on

    And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, “O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.” And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large chu…

  203. Jeff in South Dakota on

    If you want to join the People’s Front of Judea, you have to really hate the Romans.

  204. Lloyd Braun on


  205. I plan to hear plenty of Brass Bonanza tonight, even if I’m humming it to myself as I drive to Joisey screaming “JESSICA!!!”

  206. Lloyd Braun on


  207. THE KREIDER on

    Hey Miami Pimp, this one’s for you tonight. It’s gonna be good cause I really BRUNGS IT TONITE!!”

  208. Out of curiosity, how do the avatars even work? How is that gravatar/Wordpress site possibly linked to this one, and do they know what they’re getting themselves into? I hope the blog works tonite cuz Ima gonna beez on FIYA PLAYAH!

  209. THE, to Byfuglien: “Want to try jumping out of a deep pool with no hands?”

    “Uh, no.”

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, know anyone good? Eric said Manny is his shrink, but judging by Eric’s state of mind, I think we need somebody a little bit more qualified.

  211. Doodie Machetto on

    Byfuglien would rather dive into a deep pool of gravy (no, not you, gravy).

  212. I put a smiley face after Doodie’s gravy comment, and the site says, ‘you already said that.” When, Tuesday?

  213. Last you hear of me tonight. So I’ll leave you with this:

    You are the only fans maybe in the history of the National Hockey League that will ever have this opportunity to see it twice. These no-talents will lose again and lose big. Boys, if I were you I would be so disgusted of that I would just throw up. It’s not going to come easy. This is a club that’s going to torture you. They are going to try and tease you. You are just going to succumb to them, just cry, just sob, just curl up and just weep. You do that because there is no question what the result is going to be tonight. Keep your hope aside. There is nothing that they can show you out there you haven’t faced a number of times. Right? Right!

  214. The Kings are leaving body bags and police tape all over the ice. Guys in opposing jerseys have been struggling back to their feet for 19 games and counting. Great to see, until its us. I’m no soothsayer, but I see some concussion protocols in our future.

  215. THE KREIDER on

    Never fear. I am here.
    But soon I’ll be there.
    And when I arrive
    Your boys will thrive

    I am The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Yes I’m the Kreider
    Yes I’m the Kreider

    The Habs are Clown-Fest,
    Prust is a jest
    Michelle is a fella?
    I cannot tella

    Cause I’m The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Yes I’m the Kreider
    No Easy Rider

    I’ll go to the slot,
    A goal I will pot.
    I’ll crunch PK Slew
    I make him loose poo

    Cause I’m The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Yes I’m the Kreider
    No Easy Rider


  216. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kristopher LeTang, Pierre, and Tokarski walk into a bar…..who comes out first?

  217. Does Tom Robbins whistle for the Potvin chant by using Susan Sarandon’s marvelous breastices?

  218. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Welcome to the blog, your a reg that never wrote!! Oh btw , Like you , hateee your avitar ; )

    YO Carp …Is it GO TIME yet?

  219. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    JR – “If the Rangers win tonight, Game 7 is in Montreal”

  220. E3 – that’s a trick question because u know as well as I do that Pierre won’t let either of them leave alone

  221. Let’s hope they’re tired from throwing *44* hits a game for the last five weeks. Sheesh.

  222. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    LETS DO THIS!!!!



  223. Bernie Taupin on

    Hey, The Kreider,
    Keep your day job….
    But join a lyric contests
    Maybe you’ll get lucky.
    Like me.

  224. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    FG – Pierre loves tricks….especially man made ones….

  225. That was a super trick question, Fat Guy, cuz * Tom* Robbins wrote _Skinny Legs and All_

  226. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Brassard – “I’m scoring the game winning, series clinching, cup finals here we come, goal tonight”

  227. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Is it Keider like Spider? or Kreider like speeder?

    I say Kreider (like spider).

  228. That’s why he keeps his head shaved so smooth – so he can change his wigs quickly into the team colors of the guys he services that night

  229. THE KREIDER on

    Don’t look at me Pru-sty unless you want me to get all Lucic with you.
    Don’t be fooled by my Catholic education.
    I’ll effing burn you like a match on dry leaves. When you cry for mercy, maybe I’ll let my dog PK piss on you.

  230. Carp is definitely on bath salts right now, running around MSG to get psyched for this game

  231. THE KREIDER on

    Cause I’m The Kreider,
    No Easy Rider.
    Yes I’m the Kreider
    No Easy Rider


  232. Who would Kreider be in Henrik the Kind and Little John Boyle’s band of merry men?

  233. THE KREIDER on

    And then I’m Gonna BRUNGS it to
    his girlfriend three times.

    Why? Because I can.

  234. Lloyd Braun on

    Triple Eddie:

    Pierre totally has a Scotty from Boogie Nights vibe with every player in the league but I suspect it goes full-blown Mark David Chapman when Tokarski’s involved

  235. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “I will torture every Hab till they are dead. Then I’ll kill them until they’re tortured. After that, I rip their heads off and gouge out their eyes.”

    #am I deranged?

  236. THE KREIDER on

    Hey Diane, where you gonna be after the game. I’d like to show you my trophy.

  237. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lloyd – say what you will but Tokarski really can battle. He battles all night long. He is battling as I type. Man, can he battle. He also competes. And he battles.

  238. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Hi Alana. I’m Eddie. I’m a libra and I’m trying to find the essence from within. Also, I love you.

  239. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    E3’s train is pulling out of the station soon. All aboard. Next stop…the pleasure dome.

  240. SIOUXper win TONIGHT! on

    PIMP – Thanks for sharing THE KREIDER’s interview.

    I missed that.

    Great questions, and even better answers.

    I love the Bigger, Faster, Stronger, *MEANER* Kreider :)

  241. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Doodie – Tokarski really battles hard. It’s rather incredible. What a battler.

  242. Forgot to tell youse, really cool heart-stopping video up top. Please click early and often. Please. Thank you.

  243. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “let’s see Tokarski make some saves after I’ve ripped his arms from their sockets and chewed off his feet. Bit tricky to make a kick save when your ankles are stubs.

  244. Hi, I’m coos. Sagittarian. I like long walks on the beach, expensive dinners and cigars. Seeking wealthy woman with golf cart who needs a plethora of tax-loss carryforwards.

  245. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Doodie – not even close. Tokarski really battles. A total battler.

  246. I can’t even consider watching any pre game crap or the NHL network.

    Start the game, I’m ready.

  247. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Hi again Alana – watch out for kooz….he often takes those long walks on the beach with a shirt drenched in Chloroform.

  248. Lloyd Braun on


  249. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Alana – my favorite women in the world are 37, live in jersey, named Alana. It’s like total fate.

  250. Lloyd Braun on

    I had the biggest crush on a girl named Alana when I was in Junior High School. I used to try to ply her with gum. Needless to say, she did not share my affection.

  251. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    My second and third favorite women in the world are named Diane and Jessica. But worry not my beauties…there’s 3 eddies….one for each of ya…

  252. The obvious Motley Crue song should be the soundtrack for today.

    Disclaimer: Motley Crue sucks and is not *Metal*

  253. Lloyd Braun on


  254. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    When those girls threw themselves at Tokarski’s feet, he always made the save and pushed into the corner – because he’s a battler.

  255. Alana, it would help my walks if you had a very large house right on the beach, just to save time.

  256. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—good video. Glad you decided to shoot it in an illuminated area of the Garden. Your comments on the Habs, Therrien and the Department of Player Unaccountabilty were right on. LGR and LG Boneheads.

  257. Coos, I got a house on the beach. It’s semi-large, but not a semi.

    Don’t like walks with men though. I guess that makes us a no go?

  258. By mendaciously informing the League that their Wookie was concussed, they guaranteed JMoops 2 games. Pretty shrewd. The owner, GM and coach should be fined, heavily.

  259. No place for mendacity in hockey. Cat on A Hot Tin Roof? Yes. The NHL Playoffs? No.

  260. Will accept a short, dumpy, ignorant woman who likes to travel alone on long vacations, leaving me house keys and Mercedes if substantial wealth is in proportion to my needs.

  261. If it’s okay, I will call you SID. Short, ignorant, and dumpy. You can call me Richie; (I never get defensive.)

  262. Nerves? No problem.

    A little taste of Redbreast (rocks) will get me calm enough to see.

  263. iManny-O-War on

    Oh. Looks like you guys are back to “boy’s club” in which you frighten all the womyn.

  264. Admiral Akbar on

    This blog segment has already had aboot 650 posts and it ain’t even “Go Time!” yet!!

    Kudos to Carp, longtime Boneheads (you know who you are) and new ‘heads just coming out of the woodwork in late May.

    This blog is a looney bin of pathetically die-hard fans who live for the posts and comments on this blog almost as much as we do the Rangers.

    I love this blog and I love all of you guys. (And I love knowing there’s a Ledge out there, just-in-case!)

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Papa’s date: “Why do they call you Papa?”

    “Because my porridge is hottttt.”

  266. I’m even going back to Coronas for you guys. Purple Dimetapp of Benedryl for the kids?

  267. Rangers 6 Foreigners 0

    taunting ole chant will start in the 2nd period

    seasons over chant midway through the 3rd

    Prust you suck chant early in the 1st

  268. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on



    LETS DO THIS!!!!

  269. iDoodie Machetto on

    Waiting in front for my brother Doody. There’s a nervous buzz in the air

  270. iManny-O-War on

    Dimetapp is delicious. It’s on par with many single malts. I read that it doesn’t do anything beneficial though.

  271. One hour from now, we’ll be up 4-0 and laughing that this was ever in doubt. Goals scored by Pouliot, Klein and 2 from Henrik.

  272. Send these Quebecoise used car salesmen back to the golf course! Les Habs should be given tee time privileges for the entire summer…starting tomorrow! And no peanalties please, Rangers!

  273. ThisYearsModel on

    Game time is 5:10 Pacific, which means I have plenty of time to party after the game is over. Wish there were some NYR fans out here.

  274. iDoodie Machetto on

    Falk on the ice for warmups. I bet he’s even more surprised than I am. I wonder if he even had his equipment here or whether he had to borrow things or make a quick run to Modells

  275. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Falk!? Is Diaz out there too!? Is this only because of a Lefty/Righty thing!?

  276. iDoodie Machetto on

    I bet without looking it up, you couldn’t tell me Falk’s number.

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