John Moore suspended two games by NHL


And the clown show that is NHL Player Safety continues.

Two identical hits, one ruled a head shot, one not. One player with a history, one with none. Same penalties. Though reports are now that Dale Weise did indeed suffer a concussion on the John Moore hit in Game 5.

Since Brandon Prust’s hit, which broke Derek Stepan’s jaw in Game 3, was deemed late and was identical, there’s no way Moore should get the same penalty.

The NHL has no interest in eliminating head shots. None. And feel free to laugh every single time they say otherwise.

Also, Derek Dorsett (alleged head butt) and Rene Bourque (who received a game misconduct and major penalty at the final buzzer, for a high cross check to Dorsett) were absolved without hearings.

So three suspensions so far.

From the NHL:


NEW YORK (May 28, 2014) —  New York Rangers defenseman John Moore has
been suspended two games for an illegal check to the head of Montreal
Canadiens forward Dale Weise during Game Five of the teams’ Eastern
Conference Final series in Montreal on Tuesday, May 27, the National Hockey
League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.

The incident occurred at 10:41 of the third period. A match penalty
for illegal check to the head was assessed to Moore.

For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please
click here.


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  1. Keep your head up

    and also…


    Carp my Ipad usually works fine on all games, but in Montreal last night I also had problems. took my post like 5 min to load.

  2. Subban’s getting so much TV camera time, now he’s removing his helmet on the bench to drink it all up.

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Once again, the NHL proves what a joke their office is. Brett and Eric Lindros should pull the NHL-concussion negligence lawsuit together ASAP. There is a long list of guys that could participate. Apparently, that must be done for the NHL to take the issue seriously.

  4. Completely agree. I really believe they just spin a wheel to determine suspensions.

    And if Weise did suffer a concussion, why was he allowed to return from the quiet room?

    I wonder if Stephane “my heart is still in Montreal” Quintal determined the suspension.

  5. The consistency of inequities continues.

    Carp, sorry but I won’t “click here” for the explanation with video.

    No justice, no peace.

  6. 4generations 4 cups on

    so…a broken jaw on one play, surgery involved, no penalty, 2 games.

    no breaks, no issues, no problems, no history, 2 games.


  7. I think NHL fans should band together and bring class action lawsuit against the leaguer department of player safety based on “duplicity”

  8. 4G – Don’t forget Prust had a prior suspension as well, JMOORE 1’st time.

  9. Weaver threw a late, blind side check against Brass that sidelined him for three games. It didn’t concuss him, but it could have paralyzed him with whiplash. No penalty. No Review.


  10. Prust – non penalty interference, had NO call, NO penalty to his team, NO POWER PLAY for the Rangers.

    JMoore – 5 MINUTE Major, ejected from the game. Habs scored on the power play.

    HOW is this evenly called.

    I don’t get it.

  11. Papa, don’t think the MTL fans know anything about a “class” action law suit. :)

  12. If both Prust and Moops got 10 games and the league decided that a ‘deemed intentional or reckless’ head shot cost the perp 10% of his salary and the 10 games, and they did this consistently, we might see no more of it.

  13. Now DIAZ will get to play against his “old” team. Poetic justice when he knocks them out, get the next game in the Finals, which qualifies his name to be on the CUP!

    Keep it Positive Boys!!!

  14. So the Best news I have today. One of my poker buddies is in Washington DC today.

    Shane his son, is competing in the National Spelling Bee.

    How cool is THAT?

  15. Question to the Stephanie Quintal- Can you explain how you reached your decision to suspend John Moore for two games

    Stephanie Quintal- Well after long deliberation and reviewing of the incident. We decided it was the same hit as the Brandon Prust

    To Stephanie Quintal- I thought you had quoted as saying, initially you were going to give Brandon Prust a 1 game suspend, but added a game because of injury and Dale Weise wasnt injured.

    Stephanie- Oh, yeahhhh… As I was saying the NHL has concluded its investigation and we are handing down a two game suspension.

    This league is a fraud Carp. Im telling you, and right now, bc the canadians are in the conference finishes, they are acting like this in everyones face..

    Im not saying sports are staged. You can’t push a team through a regular season and the playoffs, but if a team does their part, you better believe strings are pulled to aid certain teams in all pro sports. Its plain as day.

    The owners want it this way. I dont know the way professional athletes contracted are written up and the clauses. But the players should come out and call it out and call for reforms and revisions. They are the talent, ownership wants to make everyone seem replaceable, but these leagues, couldn’t force their players out and remain the viable institutions they are, the players have them by the balls on this. Its not a money issue, its an integrity, they have every right to bring it up. They are the ones who play these games.

  16. Let’s face it, Moore’s play was stupid, just what the Rangers need to avoid. Whether he’s suspended a game, two or three, makes no difference. Lack of discipline and not an isolated instance. Last night’s game was not one they will want to remember. This is the playoffs…they need to skate like they want to finish off the Habs.

  17. Why is it so tough to accept the refs missed the Prust call but that doesn’t mean they should miss future calls?

    (Also, Montreal should face some discipline as a franchise for the handling of Weise. Dude almost face-planting after getting up from a hit to the head and they let him come back out for more shifts.)

  18. Thats what makes this run so amazingly enjoyable. The rangers are doing it in everyones faces. Ed Sniders, Crosby, Bettman and the Pens, the canadian NHL mafia.

    Either team in the finals will be fitting bc in the end, to win the cup the rangers will have to have beat one of the two previous Cup winners.

    Last night was an off night, like Game 6 in philly , had the same feel except the rangers were able to come back quickly in the 2nd period as opposed to that philly game.

    The rangers will win one of these next two. They are better then Montreal and they will play like it

  19. Oh, and whether he is suspended 1 game, 2 or 3 will make no difference in deterring future flagrant head shots, agreed

  20. why would anyone who is not a fool be surprised with the league decision? the canadiens always get away with murder. again moores hit was half as late as prusts.. head first totally subjective…

    the bigger farce is the 5 minute major and the no penalty on Prust.. The nhl is proud of themselves they called plekanic for embellishment once. they missed the subban fake slew foot via pouliot penalty but hey they got 1 call right..

    no moore is no big deal. diaz is way better then previous years backup up d men the likes of bickell and others. diaz also has a good shot. they will be fine. this is over in 6….

  21. To be honest the Rangers really have not played well the whole series but they are more talented then the canadiens.

    rangers turn down to many good shot opptys. looking for a highlight reel play all series long.

  22. Papa Bear thanks for keeping the Brass hit on the blog comments. I’ve been Therriening aboot that hit since I saw the replays that day!

    If J Moops gets two w/o priors, Weaver hit gets revisited by league of misfits.

  23. Rangers WILL OUT PLAY,



    Out HIT,

    and KNOCK the HABS *OUT* tomorrow .

  24. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I hope Diaz gets the game winning goal tomorrow night
    I hope Prust gets blown up during the game ( legally)
    At least the 2 suspended Rangers are our 6 th D and a 4 th line grinder. We will win without them
    I hope Tokarski has a nightmare of a game
    Let’s Go Rangers!

  25. The team claiming Steps broken jaw was “fishy” is now claiming a concussion? I wouldn’t put it past those low-lifes to putting an act on here. If they accuse….you know the rest.

  26. Norm Merton on

    re-post from this AM, to point #12: ‘“Prust comes back for Game 6. That’s just wrong.” But if the hits were the same and Moore should get only one game, Prust should have played last night, no? I thought the Carp school was that the injury aspect should not enter into it. Weise could just as easily been concussed as bell-rung—say he’s concussed, does Moore now get an extra day? There’s actually no way, in my opinion, to get all these decisions “right”. Until there’s an actual desire to reduce head injuries, reflected in something like automatic 10-game suspensions for any and all head blows, things will remain as they are. The NHL has zero interest in actually fixing the problem, knowing the fans absolutely want the big, dangerous hits in the game, and that there’s a good supply of replacement players. It’s up to the players themselves.’

    This evening: so Weise is indeed concussed, and there’s the extra day. Comparing the replays dispassionately, Moore’s hit is marginally more of a head shot than Prust’s, even if it arrived closer to the interference time limit. I bet that’s that what balanced out the history/no history “injustice”. In any event, to suggest the office is doing anything other than trying to get it right given all the gray area is unprovable. There’s simply no way to get it right. And as Coach Emerson once said, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

  27. Lone Ranger on

    I’ve said this many times as Henrik goes so does the Rangers. We play a very disaplined type of game in all three zones. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much for us to unravel. Henrik and our defense have to get past the 1st 5-8 minutes without a stupid penalty or a soft goal. We play extremely well with an early lead. Last night, Once the Habs immediately scored the 2nd goal after we tied it I felt there was no way we were going to win, even after we came back with three fast goals, because this is not the type of game we play. For every game Henrik was super there were other games where he was not and our defense had to play so much better. We should have lost the 2nd game but won. We should have won the 3rd game but lost and conversely should have lost the 4th game but won thanks to MSL. Henrik must play God again as he did during the end of the Pittsburgh series. If we lose tomorrow there is no way we could win the 7th game in Montreal. Got this bad feeling that we’re just going to play too many 7th games and screw ourselves. Man, do I hope I’m wrong.

  28. To me, Norm, they are identical hits. Moore’s is not late, Prust’s is.

    How Quintal can possibly determine that Prust’s hit, which broke the kid’s jaw, is not a head shot, is to me a clown show.

    And if the NHL punished these hits with longer suspensions than these pansy-ass two and three gamers, they wouldn’t have to have all these freakin’ hearings and injuries because they would take place less frequently.

    But they obviously are scared cooke-less to suspend players. And Quintal is a joke.

  29. leetchhalloffame on

    NHL is a joke. The Rangers so far have played these playoffs against 4 opponents: Philly, Pitt, Habs and NHL. Also, I see all of these Tweets to the right of my page, some by former NYR players so just asking….Carp – any word from former Capt. Cally throughout this run?

  30. leetchhalloffame on

    Platonic should have gotten 2 games for the worst acting job ever last night.

  31. iManny-O-War on

    Less Suspensions > More Suspensions.

    Suspensions make the NHL look bad. They need to find a way for these things to police themselves. If the ref calls the Prust hit then Prust is thrown out and the a Rangers get a 5 Min PP.

    I just don’t like the suspensions. The game shouldn’t be officiated 48 hours later in a room in Toronto

  32. @TGfireandice

    Lundqvist in: Game 7s: 5-1, 1.00 GAA, .965 save%, 1 SO. Last 12 facing elimination: 10-2. 1.32 GAA,.957 save%, 2 SO….cont:


    Lundqvist in last 5 Non-Game 7s with chance to clinch a series: 0-5 , 5.53 GAA, .808 save%, pulled four times.

  33. iManny-O-War on

    I posted it earlier, Leetch but I love what Paul Stewart said on NHL radio today. His idea was:

    Embellishment carries a 5 Min Misconduct penalty. Three of those penalties in a season and you sit with a one game suspension. Each following embellishment penalty would be a one game suspension.

  34. Norm Merton on

    Carp, fair enough, but my view of those replays tells me they’re different, that Prust hits chest and neck first (thus the jaw in the end) whereas Moore hits the head like it’s got a bullseye on it. If I see it that way, no doubt someone in the league office (Doodie, too, I think) sees it that way, too. Where we’re in agreement, I think, is that it’s entirely on the players to police the game and protect each other. They are not at war with each other, they are routinely traded, and their jobs are to entertain, not destroy fellow comrades’ careers. The league, to the extent it represents the fans’ hard-earned cash and desire to keep it flowing their way, are not going to get rid of the Colosseum aspect of the game any time soon. It’s us, the fans, that are ultimately to blame. Ain’t nobody not going to games for fear there’ll be too much violence.

  35. IMO, gotta suspend and suspend long to get rid of headshots. Otherwise go back to the Scott Stevens, Mark Messier days when headshots were allowed and let the doctors handle it.

  36. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp will you be sharing any of that Cally conversation here or in an upcoming article? Thanks!

  37. Admiral Akbar on

    THE nearly bailed out his lesser talented, clownlike, choking teamates with a 4-point performance on an “off night” l!

  38. Why is no one reviewing the push from behind of Miller into the goalie -post. An Injury and if Miller hit the goalie. I a sure he would have gotten a penility.
    But he would not have gotten hurt. Something is pretty fishy.

  39. Admiral Akbar on

    Plankton should be tarred and feathered for his awful thespian performance last night.

    Plankton needs to go to the B.S. Subban School of Fine Theatre for remedial coursework in “Diving and Embellishment Performing Arts”.

  40. How do you justify the same 2-games for a first time offender and
    A repeat offender. Make no since. NHL sucksssssssss and I live for the game. Something has got to be done.

  41. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Well…those stats don’t inspire any sort of confidence…..

    Just how much we are arguing about each hit, which we can watch in frame by frame slow motion, shows how impossible it is to actually judge these things in a consistent manner.

  42. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    All I’m saying is that they are trying to monitor and regulate hockey in a manner completely different from the manner in which the game is played. Looking at things under a microscope doesn’t make much sense to me. Things happen fast on the ice. Better to let it all get settled on the ice than in a stuffy office at 8AM.

  43. Norm Merton on

    Carp, I can see why you get in trouble with some posters here. “Asinine” is totally uncalled for, but good to know you’re human like the rest of us!

  44. My advice send out Asaham. Let him take out there hero. So he gets 10-20 games. He ready to retire anyway. This will force the NHL to deal appropriately in the future. No more two games. 10 games minimum for everything. The game will be cleaned up. Let the boys fight.

  45. Admiral Akbar on


    Coach French Poodle Terrier
    Lucky Charms Gallagher
    B.S. Subban
    Lars Ulrich
    Justice Renee Bork
    Day Har Neigh
    Dustin Great Wall Tokarski
    Former-Ranger Judas Priest
    Alexei M.L.N.
    Bornival Again
    Josh Gorgeous
    Dale Weeze

    Dumb-Bell Centre

  46. Lloyd Braun on


    I have an answer. The NHL utterly dropped the ball on everything to do with the Brandon Prust hit. That they allowed a borderline NHL player to blindside hit a top-six forward in the hit and skate away unscathed was strike 1. That he walked away with a virtual slap on the wrist. That a Ranger decided to retaliate, in essence showing up the league by calling their bluff, was strike 3. The league is a total joke and yes, there are different standards depending on the jersey involved, like it or not.

  47. carp…I know a lot of guys don’t like pierre…I do….he is extremely knowledgable,sometimes to a fault,but he sure knows the nhl and the players…any chance you could get him for a live chat?that is,if you even know him…he can probably give us a sauer update as well

  48. Lloyd Braun on

    Pierre McGuire is knowledgeable when paired with someone like Mike Francesa. When opposite someone who watches hockey more than three times a year, he’s a moron.

  49. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Prust is not a borderline NHL player. He’s a highly coveted 4th line energy/checking guy. He was attempting to make a game changing hit with his team down 0-2 in the series and facing virtual elimination. He was very, very late with his hit and also pretty high. It was uncalled for.

    You have to remember it’s the playoffs! Being suspended 2 games is a lot. Also, look around at the more recent suspensions. Ryan Garbutt got 5 games and John Scott got 6, in the regular season, for what I think is a *much* more egregious hit.

    To claim conspiracy makes you sound unstable. It just can’t be so.

  50. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Pierre during the games is insufferable. Pierre as coach of the Hartford Whalers is insufferable. Pierre in an interview or just talking Hockey is simply amazing. Guy knows his stuff.

  51. Admiral Akbar on

    The League also feels the pressure from Montreal and most if not all of Canada for not disciplining Kreider strongly enough for his “premeditated accidental” attack on Canadian Hero and Goal Medalist, Carey Price.

    The League thusly turned a blind eye and allowed Judas to take out a Ranger player to even the score.

    Furthermore, the league has largely instructed its on-ice officials to turn a blind eye from the Le Thespians diving and embellishing.

    This series and this sport is tainted. Just sayin’

  52. Lloyd Braun on

    Brandon Prust is invisible in this series if he doesn’t break Stepan’s jaw. If that’s what you consider the mark of “a highly coveted 4th line energy/checking guy” I wonder if you’d be fine with Derek Dorsett breaking one of Subban’s legs tomorrow night.

  53. Lloyd Braun on

    I would love to know what you’ve learned from Pierre McGuire apart from perfecting the ability to count 6 Montreal Canadien players

  54. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t really know where you’re trying to go with that, Lloyd…

    Dorsett, or another player, could unintentionally break Subban’s leg. He could block a shot and get hurt. What are you insinuating?

  55. Rangers bury the Canadians tommorow no doubt. You can tell they are done with this sideshow too. I think they come out motivated and focused.

  56. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You guys know that people have been getting injured, sometimes seriously, while playing hockey since the sport was invented, right? Sometimes it’s your guy and sometimes it isn’t.

  57. Lloyd… might be tougher for SueBan to slewfoot or act with a broken leg.

  58. Admiral Akbar on

    People do get hurt playing hockey…

    Sometimes accidentally on purpose, sometimes purposely purely accidental.

    Seriously though, this head-shot garbage has to come out of the game. Its sad.

  59. The game certainly needs cleaning up… whether its back to the old days with goons or the Refs & league gets it right.

    The way things are witht he league now… goons are just as consistent. Sad.

  60. No way, Eric. Kings are going to show the Rangers how to close a team out. Pay attention, AV.

  61. Yeah, I know him and probably could get him to do it, sammy. I think too many people here hate him, though.

  62. Pierre in-game is bad.

    He is on Mike Richards every day..and he is different….pretty good.

    just listen to CBC if you feel you are about to throw-up.

  63. Norm Merton on

    Ironically, I am quite asinine, though you would have no way of knowing that… hold on, checking with legal staff… turns out it might be possible to determine that after all.

  64. Kings should board plane now.

    Habs or hawks one of them completes the comeback.

  65. CARP here’s my suggestion to eliminate embellishment once and got all…..

    (repost from Monday for those who may have missed it)

    The NHL refs have a difficult job, probably the most difficult in ALL of professional sports due to the speed, contact and violence inherent in every game. The unsportsmanlike embellishments by the players in today’s game is not only embarrassing, but making a difficult job (refereeing) so much more difficult. Everyone but the on ice officials have an advantage watching replays – it’s unfortunate but the refs ( the most important arbitraiitor) just don’t have the ability to see the replay.

    I have a real simple suggestion on how the league can eliminate the BS embellishment that is prevalent (especially it seems with certain teams and organizations) today.

    Each game, allow each Coach a single replay challenge specifically for embellishment – If the replay determines (either by review in Toronto or at the game site by a replay official – preferably not an on ice game referee) that the player who drew the penalty “embellished”, that player’s team should be punished with a double minor penalty and the original
    penalty should be voided out.

    Get this crap out of the game. It has no place.

  66. iManny-O-War on

    I’m surprised the NHL doesn’t put some sort of Stanley Cup logo on the playoff Jerseys/Sweaters. Seems like the would create a whole new line of Jersey/Sweater sales.

    Unless they do. Am I missing it?

  67. iManny-O-War on

    It’s supposed to be “Propagandhi” C-Dubs. They are a Canadian punk band. They LOVE hockey.

  68. I pretty sure they do it for the finals, Manny. There is usually some sort of crest on the front of the jersey.

  69. iManny-O-War on

    I’m just surprised they don’t have a “playoffs” one, a WCF/ECF one. You know? Create more sales

  70. iManny-O-War on

    That’s like that Dave Chappele sketch with the takeoff on the Real World. And Charlie Murphy is like “YOU SIT WHEN you pee!” Like giving rules to the white kid.

  71. Seedubb, there’s a reason I say you’re the smartest guy on this blog.

    It’s because you are! :)

  72. Carp, do you think fatigue is getting to be a factor for the Rangers now seeing them take all these penalties? They have had their first two series go seven and I hope they can re-charge the adrenaline to close this series out tomorrow night.

  73. If they’re fatigued now, they should just mail in tomorrow’s game because they can’t win the Cup.

  74. iManny-O-War on

    I understand the question though, Diane. No need to jump all over the newcomers guys!

    The Rangers have taken a ton of undisciplined penalties lately. Many of them hooks and holds and lazy guy penalties. In the offensive zone nonetheless.

    I think that fatigue CAN’T be a factor. Because although the Habs had a short first series they had a hellish second series and have not rolled four lines. They have looked utterly gassed at times.

    It’s the playoffs. Everyone is running on their reserve or second wind. That’s hockey.

  75. I’m not a newcomer to hockey, I’ve been a Ranger fan since ’79. Them going 14 games in their first two series, I was just wondering what the guys’ attitude was if they seemed tired. Mtl looked gassed to me as well. It would be terrible to not be able to oust these lowdown Canadien team with their diving and whining. So annoying and a disgrace to the game.

  76. Chicago Folkyerself on

    So far, so far. Hawks can’t hold a 2-goal lead for any length of time.

  77. The Chicago/LA game started out eerily similar to the game — if you can call it that — last night. Doughy took a penalty 30 seconds into the game and Chi scored a PP goal. 3-2 after two.

  78. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I just meant newcomer to POSTING here, Diane! It’s really great having new perspective on here. Keep at it please.

  79. They will beat Montreal tomorrow.

    those penalties were lazy.. I don’t think they are tired.

    2012 they were tired…and not nearly as good.

  80. Okay, Manny. I wasn’t sure what you meant. I’ve been lurking for a while but this recent series has given me the need to “vent” a lot. LOL

  81. Tomb, I agree. That team that was coached by Torts had a totally different style. That team was playing on their hells and laying on the ice, trying to protect one goal leads. They were unwatchable and was so frustrating; had me yelling at the tv an awful lot.

  82. So nice to watch this WC hockey. Lots of skating with very little obstruction. The way the game should be played. So different from the EC. Rangers can really freewheel if we make it. Will be nice to see.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – you are making too much sense, it could never happen

    Every sport should have off ice officials to support the on ice ones. in hockey, you can remove a ref, keep them in the arena as an onsite official to review close plays to make sure they are ruled correct

    the game is just too fast now

  84. If the Rangers are counting on the crowd noise at MSG, they shouldn’t bother showing up, Alain.

    and please stop repeating other posters’ comments.

    have you completed your cartwheels yet?

  85. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You just go to that website, enter the email you use to post here, add a picture and then BOOM it just shows up!

    It separates you from the troll people that show up and try to ruin our day.

  86. Alain Amour on


    Fatigue has been a factor. The Rangers have been more undisciplined with the puck and the penalties as the series has progressed. They need to feed off the adrenaline from the crowd noise early tomorrow night and jump out to an early lead.

  87. Robby Bonfire on

    Just checked at, Rangers are a big -180/+160 favorite in game six. (No house rake would split the difference and put both teams at -170 and +170 = the Rangers have a 63 per cent chance of winning.

    They better cash that in; blowing a 3-1 games lead vs. this bunch of Canuck thugs doesn’t work, and would offset the brilliant Pittsburgh series comeback.

  88. Diane, don’t cave to Manny’s incessant demands for an avatar. I like you just the way you are!

    CARP, as much as I rag on Pierre, it would be really awesome to have him join a Charp. I would behave (see my beaver integrity as the latest example of abandonment of troublemaking), and even Foghorn might have to come out of the chicken coop to chat with Pierre! McGuire, that is.

  89. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Diane – it takes 5-10 minutes to show up.

    Please don’t listen to Latona. He’s just like a troll except he never leaves.

  90. Robby Bonfire on

    Checking at, Rangers are a -180/+160 favorite to win game six. Splitting the difference to + and – 170, Rangers are attracting 63 per cent of the win money, which dovetails with their having a 63 per cent chance of winning this game.

    They better get this done; losing out to this bunch of Montreal thugs would offset the ecstasy of the Pittsburgh series comeback.

  91. I think a muppet pic is a good choice for an avatar, frog muppets, that is.

  92. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Oh man, If someone had Kermit….wow. That would be epic. Maybe better than an entirely Black avatar. None More Black.

  93. Robby Bonfire on

    That’s Rangers costing $180 to win a gross $280; Montreal cosing $100 to win a gross $260.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    Now that Latona, hes a smart one. Understands the peculiararities of this here game and doesnt buckle to the crowd like some two dollar card table. Right as rain some say.

  95. If they are too fatigued to not take bad penalties or not blow simple defensive coverages, they are done.

  96. Stranger Nation on

    Pay attention son! You just might learn something. I’m talking right but you ain’t listening.

  97. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Pierre has what you would call a *busy* schedule. Busier than Kenny Albert even. How he fits in time to know where every player is from and recall all those stories is beyond me.

  98. Alain Amour on

    They are not done.

    The Rangers have the best goalie in the NHL to hide the team’s mistakes.

    The Canadiens can err in decision and execution, too.

  99. During the season Pierre got on my nerves but in the playoffs he’s been very good. I am enjoying his commentary.

  100. Captain Obvious comment here but Hank has to turn around 180 from his game last night, and so does the Ranger D. They all had a horrible game and didn’t help him much. Staal and Girardi were a horror show.

  101. Oh, I thought you said they took penalties and made mistakes because of fatigue.

    Must have misread that.

  102. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I remember the time Pierre took over the Hartford Whalers and the team recorded a spectacular, and all too common, 27-48-9 season record. They *just* missed the playoffs that season.

  103. It is a boss avatar, I only wish I could see it as a square, like Gravy does. I imagine it’s quite grand.

  104. Orr

    Do my best to scream my head off. I may pop a blood vessel or just pass out.

    Diane- pleasure have you. I’m the doom and gloom of the blog.

    Love to hear your thoughts on break up day Monday.

  105. Diane, don’t list-, I say, don’t listen to Manny! I implore you! Entreat you, that is.

    Pierre, I say, Pierre McGuire is busier than a centipede at a toe countin’ contest.

  106. Did we already mazel tov Nasty for his 3rd baby human? It’s a happy day for the Bonehead Family!!!

  107. Carp, thought posting was slow last night due to volume on server… but it just happened now. Don’t think volume an issue now.

  108. Stranger Nation on

    Now that Pierre fella you refer to has a head as smooth as a baby’s bottom and a mind filled with inane facts that nobody cares about. He does not want your boys in blue to win and ruin his backup goalie story.

  109. Yea but Pierre would be a good guest on future Charp. Real hockey brain under that dome.

  110. This is total BS.

    1. Moore’s hit was similar to Prust’s, but cleaner and the head was not principle point of contact

    2. Prust was a repeat offender

    3. Moore got 5 minutes major and was thrown out of the game, Prust got nothing.

    4. Prust’s hit was targeting one of our top players; Moore obviously just wanted to hit and the guy he hit was Waiver Weise.

    5. player that Prust hit was injured and required surgery, the player Moore hit is fine

    NHL is a joke

  111. Why didv’t AV put Lundqvist back in after we tied the game at 4-4?

    I was very disappointed how shaky Talbot looked. Lundqvist too disappointed.

    And why does AV never call a timeout? I don’t get it.

  112. Admiral Akbar on

    Lots of love being shown for Pierre around these parts…

    Surprising, since he has no interest in seeing Blueshirts win and ruin his little rookie goalie story.

  113. Funny how Carcillo suspension appeal has to wait like 7 days for his majesty Bettman.

  114. Crawford has no confidence. Not mentally tough at all. Hawks are in big trouble…

  115. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Prust got LESS than Moore. He wasn’t penalized on the ice. Nor was his team.

    Fair? ethical??

  116. I’m fine with two games for Moore, though it seems wrong in context with Prust’s suspension.

    Habs fans still think Moore should have gotten more than Prust somehow.

  117. If there’s one joke that gets me every time, it’s ones about assassinations. ;)

  118. None have been as worse as Plekanec. Subban has been bad, but the league wont do a thing aboot his embellishments. Those two by Plekanec were embarrassing.

    At least with Subban, those were legitimate penalties, for the most part.

  119. I thought the Flyers were just as bad as the Canadiens with the diving bullcrap.

  120. Chicago Folkyerself on

    Back in the 60’s President Johnson was under such tremendous pressure from all directions. Late at night he took a walk to the Lincoln Monument for inspiration. He sat in front of Lincoln’s statue. He even spoke to it.

    “Abe, you faced many of the same situations I do, the country is in a unpopular war, civil rights is a controversial topic, the population doesn’t approve of you, congress is fighting every move. I wish you could give me some advice on how you got out of all this.”

    After a moment, the statue replied in a booming voice…

    “DON’T go to the Theatre…”

  121. LBJ profited from the war, lady birds company brown n root made a fortune. Just like Cheney with Haliburtan. It all about $ boys n girls.

  122. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Don’t know what the money line is saying about those odds from the other night for the final 4 teams, but LA now has to be odds on favorite.

    For this OT, I’d say 90% chance LA wins. (goalie disparity, size and skill disparity, too).

    I am not Jimmie The Greek!!

  123. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Chicago players are crawling to the bench after shifts. Tired? Worn? Dunno. I know they can’t be, but look at them.

  124. We got 5 min major and a game for Moore. Prust got nothing. They both get 2 games suspensions. Rangers got it worse. Those are facts.

    Anyone who saw both would say Prust hit was worse. Give me a break.

    Btw nationality of all refs and linesmen from last 3 games…wait for it…Canadian. I am just pointing out facts. I find it impossible to believe that little kids growing up in 70s were not Canadiens fans. Those are the refs in a league where 3 of 4 teams in cup semis are from USA.

    You know how often conspiracy theory had turned into conspiracy fact in the last 2 yrs in the financial world I live in? Way too many…

    Hank gives up 1 or less tomw. Take that to bank.

  125. I would never accept the word asinine when referring to Normie. Fatuous? Have to think about that. :)

  126. Just curious…

    Did anyone bring up the fact that the New York Rangers are on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week?

    Probably explains their Game 5 performance better than anything. Should they lose the next two games I would definitely wonder…

    Check out the wikipedia entry on the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Sure it’s an urban legend but MY GOD are there a ridiculous number of instances backing up the Jinx theory.

  127. ‘Wonderful, wonderful family, Sam. Last summer I…”
    “Goal! Sorry, Joe, you were saying…?”

  128. Robby Bonfire on

    Matty –

    Good point re the team leading with three wins in a series having a huge advantage in O.T. games. The other team’s attack is greatly limited by virtue of the fact that they cannot afford to allow a single breakaway, a 2 on 1, or a 3 on 2 break. It usually is just a matter of time before the team leading in the series pots the winning goal.

    Having said that now Chicago will probably win and Carp will take an expensive (never “cheap”) shot at me for my idiocy in not seeing the outcome before the fact. lol.

  129. The speed and skill level displayed in the OT was truly amazing, reminds me why despite all the b.s. from the league office this is still THE sport- sigh…no matter what, soon hockey will end- although summer is a pretty good consolation.

  130. _Horton hears a who_

    I think the Swedish version if that story is called Hjalmarsson hears a fjord.

  131. iManny-O-War on

    Mrs. Manny refers to the girls on the treadmill as “Pig Face” (Bruins fan) and “Pocahontas” (Philly Fan)

    I concur

  132. Sorry, for me summer is life the whole rest of the year is just waiting. My wife says I’m solar powered- but we don’t get a tax break.

  133. Prosecutor says today Aaron Hernandez murdered a guy and his friend, neither of whom he knew, because one of them bumped into him in a bar and spilled his drink. Knew he had to have a good reason.

  134. I listened to CBC for a minute…you can tell they dont card…like they are broadcasting a golf match

  135. spent a small portion
    of evening
    arguing with folks on
    that either felt
    Moore should have received
    moore games suspended

    didn’t care to get into with the person
    who brought up THE

  136. Keith Jones says Montreal an Rangers should root for 7 games between Chi and LA because someone could get hurt. Can’t make this up.

  137. just finished watching the
    blackhawks double OT win over the kings
    such a
    to watch hockey
    without my blood pressure going up
    as well
    seeing two teams compete
    minus all the bull-cooke drama and
    that infiltrated our series.

    here’s to hoping that the Rangers
    have a strong cup of coffee
    and play a strong game
    and finish this series

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. iManny
    i thought you follow me

    in case you don’t

    just to warn you
    i post other stuff besides hockey
    enjoy or

  139. “I took a pretty scary Rinaldo before. The kind that makes that “fffffttthaaa” sound. OT hockey makes me nervous!”

    Orr, that has to be the post of the year!!

  140. Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe!
    I seriously cannot see the difference between the two hits other than, Moore’s is not as late as Prust’s and Weise didnt have his chinstrap done up – does he get a couch change fine for equipment malfunction?

    The fact that the ref’s called the two incidents completely differently despite them being at center ice says a lot – there is no leadership and accountability when it comes to calling and penalising this kind of hit. Should be a referee review panel to penalise bad officiating. The penalty is you have to ref games in Phoenix, Buffalo or Columbus for a month.

  141. As for Darren Pang’s comments about goalie protection in the wake of the Kreider/Price incident – he makes no mention of contact with the goaltender DUE TO THE ACTIONS OF THE DEFENSEMAN.

    We should call it the Brodeur rule – ol’ fatso would be flopping all over the place trying to earn a powerplay

  142. SergeiNemchinov on

    At the start of this series the Rangers seemed totally focused on the task at hand (advancing to the finals). They thoroughly routed the Canadians in game one and won game two relatively easily. But after Prust’s hit on Steppan the whole tenor of the series changed. The Rangers have seemed to have lost focused and gotten caught up in the muck the Canadians are tossing around. Players up and down the lineup have looked sloppy and they have taken far too many mindless penalties (albeit many of them were highly embellished).

    It is time for the Rangers to truly focus on the task at hand as they were able to do in Pittsburgh and beat the Canadians at the Garden tonight. I for one want no part of a Game 7 at the Bell Centre.

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