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Q. Is Stepan a go for tonight?
COACH VIGNEAULT: There are a lot of things that have to happen for
him to play tonight. We are going to talk to him this afternoon and see
how he reacted to the practice. Nutrition, obviously, is an issue at this
time, so later on today we’ll talk to our doctors and we’ll talk to him and
we’ll see how it works out.

Q. You’ve been in this position before, but how tough is it to get
that final win to knock a team out?
COACH VIGNEAULT: You know, the NHL 2013-2014 started the first of
October with a game between Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens in
an Original Six match-up. Today is the 27th of May, you know?
We’re the first team this year that has an opportunity to win one and
move on to the Stanley Cup Final. We’re going to be ready.

Q. When you still have that one win to go, can you allow yourself to
think of how close you are to this ultimate prize?
COACH VIGNEAULT: We are thinking about what we need to do on the
ice. We went through a very specific game plan with our team this morning,
the areas that we want to focus on. Players are aware. They know that
they need to focus on that and they know they need to stay in the moment,
and they’re going to be ready for it.

Q. It would be a huge benefit to have your four full lines together.
How do you guard against wanting that too much to insert Stepan back in?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Yeah, well, the only way he’s going to play tonight
is if he gets full medical clearance. That’s not going to be up to him.
It’s going to be up to our medical staff to make sure that they feel he can
play. Like I said before, there are a lot of things that have to fall into
place for him to play tonight.

Q. What kind of consultation does he have to go through, Alain? And
you say it’s not up to him. He’s going to want to play.
COACH VIGNEAULT: Yeah, I couldn’t give you the full dynamics of
this. I know we’ve got three doctors that are here that have obviously
been talking to him since the operation. To get into the specifics, I
couldn’t tell you. I mean, they’re going to talk between the player and
the doctors, and obviously our therapist, and they’re going to make the

Q. Taking the medical equation out of it, with your eyes on the ice
this morning, what did you see from Step? Did you see a player who was
COACH VIGNEAULT: You know, it’s a morning skate. I mean, we’ve made
sure today that we’d put him through in a normal situation, normal lines,
normal work. See how he reacted and we’ll find out here in probably the
next five, six hours.

Q. Just how important is Step to your lineup?
COACH VIGNEAULT: I mean, he’s been — I could be wrong here. I
think the last game he missed was his first one in four years, right? He’s
played all the games I’ve been here except for the last one, and prior to
that he’s played all the games since he’s been a New York Ranger. He’s a
good, young player that is a big part of our team. He plays huge minutes,
plays five-on-five, power play, penalty killing. He’s the only
right-handed face-off guy. So he’s a big part of our team and has been a
big part of our team’s success.
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  1. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Today’s *METAL* selection comes to us from Sir Christopher Lee. You may know him as Dracula or you may know him as Scaramanga from the Bond film Man with the Golden Gun or you may know him as Sauraman the White from Lord of the Rings. Regardless, you know that he’s an elderly British Actor (now 92).

    He is also a Metal Vocalist putting out historical METAL albums using Symphonic Metal as a background. Today’s selection is known as _Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross_

    Doodie: If you’re interested the most recently released (5/26) album he did, at age *92*, is based on Don Quixote.

  2. Put him in, let him play Eric. Nash & THE KREIDER carry the line anyways. He was the MVP of the playoffs, leading scorer for the Wolfpack, the kid can play.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I could tell my wife that the Rangers are my first true love and she would leave me alone, permanently.

  4. Hammer films and Christopher Lee made me fall in lust with Central European vampiresses in period costumes

  5. Considering Nash and THE just had one of their worst games, not sure they didn’t miss Stepan.

  6. I highly doubt playing Lindberg instead of Fast would have any effect on who wins this game?

    Tokarski has played 2 great games in a row. Hard to expect a 3rd from the kid.

  7. End Prust’s Season tonight Stepan….ultimate in-your-face response. While Peust is in street clothes.

  8. Can we get past tokarski. I expect him to play well. We need a pp goal tonight keep them off the board on there’s and we got a shot.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, it jus takes one bad shift for the puck to be in the back of our net. I trust Fast more than an unknown at this point.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Any word on Carcillo’s appeal? NHL was to use “best efforts” to hear it before tonight’s game.

  11. I would play Fast as well, but I highly doubt a 4th line rookie (who wont play in the 3rd period anyway) will make a difference.

    Sure anything is possible, but it’s highly unlikely that it he will cost them a game.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    With Step back in, AV can get back to the roll 4 line approach and grind Montreal down. Even now, I can’t believe that Montreal beat Boston. They are simply not that good.

  13. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Tokarski is *not* good. He has a decent glove that he exaggerates a la Ryan Miller. He loses his net constantly and you can easily throw the puck cross ice for an open net and he also comes out too far on breakaways.


  14. bull dog line on

    no she wouldn’t, would she? LOL.
    on Fast or Lindberg. if I had seen Lindberg play in the regular season, I would probably lean more towards him. Fast does not add anything to the mix. but without seeing Lindberg play, I would play Fast, he won’t hurt them.

  15. Clive Diggs on

    I heard Carcillo’s appeal was set for Friday. So much for best effort.

  16. Ref info for tonight

    Number 40 Steve kozari

    Rangers 1-3 reg season 2-1 playoffs 3-4 overall
    Habs 2-1 reg season 0-2 playoffs 2-3 overall

    Number 23 brad Watson

    Rangers 3-1 reg season 3-0 playoffs 6-1 total
    Habs 3-1 reg season 0-2 playoffs 3-3 total.

    Both refs call more penalties on home teams

    Home teams 8-11 42 percent in playoffs under kozari Watson since round 2 working together.

    Of the remaining 8 refs Watson calls most pen on home team.

  17. Can we please get back to our regularly scheduled gibberish?

    Anything less and this place is in danger of becoming the Yankees’ LoHud blog…which is about as fun as being trapped in a revolving door reading the same Pennysaver for eternity

  18. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    That pair doesn’t upset me, Eric.

    I have a bad feeling about tonight. But I always have a bad feeling.

  19. Carp

    Quick question: Do you and others on the beat show any signs of the disrespect and contempt you all undoubtedly feel when you see Lupica arrive in the press room after having wholly ignored the NYR for years?

  20. It should be great game tonight.

    Dom looked good, but I would like him to stay on the 4th line.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, you see how I am on this blog? Imagine me in person. I’m lucky she’s still around as it is. Then to tell her she’s second?

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I would ask you the same question Stemmer asked about Duguay, but I know he would never make it to the press or dressing room.

  23. Apologies for incorrectly identifying the gentleman Benny who got his ring from Mark Messier in the lockerroom … his last name isn’t Ercolani. Benny Ercolani works for the NHL. My old brain got confused (again). I will think of Benny’s last name eventually. Sorry.

  24. _Tokarski is not good. He has a decent glove that he exaggerates a la Ryan Miller. He loses his net constantly and you can easily throw the puck cross ice for an open net and he also comes out too far on breakaways._

    This is where I am too. He might not be allowing goals, but he’s far from in control and just feels due for a 4+ GA outing.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Yankees regular season interleague play game or Rangers conference final game: which blog gets more traffic? I imagine it’s still the Yankees, right?

  26. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Amen, Doc!

    Doodie: You’re different in person? Details please.

  27. I have been to every home game and a lot of practices and I have yet to see Duguay.

    Sam, Kenny, Dave, Joe, Giannone, all those guys, see them all the time.

  28. I know you don’t want to give a game away, but do you roll the dice that they can win another without Stepan? If they can manage to knock the Canadiens off tonight, it gives him around 8-10 full days to heal.

    Also, would the Final start sooner if both conferences were decided, or do they wait until two days after the hypothetical 7th game would be played in the WC?

  29. Rationally, Habs fans and press cannot overwhelmingly praise Tokarski’s play and simultaneously claim Price being out is the reason they lost the series. If NYR win, why do I feel like this will happen?

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    No, Manny, I’m exactly the same. Irritating. Opinionated. Argumentative. Grating.

    And I’m not much to look at, either.

    Honestly, I don’t know how I tricked Mrs. Machetto into giving me a chance, let alone staying with me for this long.

  31. Gravy. I don’t think so. If he can play he plays. You take nothing for granted.

    Play to win today. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

  32. Doodie

    I know a guy who bought game 6 cup finals tix on stubhub for $1100 a ticket in your section.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, that is exactly what will happen. And they will blame the Prust suspension. You know, the thing he deserved to get suspended for.

  34. whatever happened to that guy who would rudely come on several times a day and mock me for saying the Rangers were top three in the East?

    And I’m not talking about Hedberg. He was just breaking chops. The other asshat.

  35. While Tokarski has been good and already has stolen a game in this series, you have to think that by now the Rangers players and coaching staff have enough of a read on him to come up with a strategy. St. Louis showed his glove can be beat and Hagelin showed the 5-hole.

    My hope for tonight is the Rangers exploit him the same way they exploited Emery in the first round. Rangers didn’t play well at all in Game 4 (8 penalties will do that)…they rarely put up back-to-back stinkers

    Can’t wait for tonight. I have vague memories of ’79 when the Rangers beat the Isles, when I was first aware of hockey. I remember ’94 like it was yesterday.

    For the 2013-14 New York Rangers to make it to the Stanley Cup Final tonight…that’d be something to cherish.

    One shift. One period. ONE MORE GAME

  36. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I thought you gained 1/2 a Brodeur, Doodie? That would make you a bunch to look at!

  37. I hear you, Carp, and I tend to agree. Was thinking with a lead in the series and coming off a win with him out of the lineup, you could err on the side of caution.

    Any idea about the Game 1 start if both conferencs end in 5 (which is LOL because the Rangers are going to lose in 7).

  38. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    *Clive* is a cool guy’s name. I wish my name was Clive.

  39. If both series end by tomorrow I still expect a week off till Wednesday June 4th. The last possible day cup final game can be played is Wednesday June 18th according to nhl. The nhl in finals does Monday Wednesday Saturday games. Been doing it last few year. They want cup lead into awards draft free agency.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    $1100 will wind up being a steal, I imagine. Can’t picture tickets going for less than $1,500 a pop, especially if the Rangers are up 3-2.

    I had this conversation with one of my coworkers last week. What it would take for me to sell my game 6 ticket if the Rangers had a chance to clinch. $10k was the answer. Anything less would set me back a while, but it wouldn’t be worth the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Rangers clinch on home ice.

    At $10k, though… that is a lot of money.

  41. Yankee fans are a dime a dozen and shop at Kohl’s and purchase 90%- off merchandise from the ground. Boneheads are fewer by far, but astute cubed and shop at Men’s Warehouse.

  42. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    To take it a step further, Carp and Gravy, if Stepan can play you want to get him game time experience now, while the pressure is off a bit. It’s probably going to take some adjustment for him to play with that stupid thing on (even though he isn’t _that_ far removed from College) and I would rather he get that experience in a game where they are trying to close out than in a game where they are desperate to prevent a game 7.

  43. I think the 4th win is going to be a grind tonight.

    I’m not sure how I feel. With or without Step in.

    MSL won the game, here’s hoping he can win one more FOR FRANCE & FAMILY tonight.

  44. Today’s *METAL* selection is manganese. *Manganese* is a gray-white or silvery brittle metallic element, occurring in several allotropic forms, found worldwide, especially in the ores pyrolusite and rhodochrosite and in nodules on the ocean floor. Manganese is a hard metal and is very brittle. It is hard to melt, but easily oxidized. It is alloyed with steel to increase strength, hardness, wear resistance, and other properties and with other metals to form highly ferromagnetic materials. Manganese is reactive when pure, and as a powder it will burn in Oxygen, it reacts with water (it rusts like Iron) and dissolves in dilute acids. The Atomic Number of this element is 25 and the Element Symbol is Mn.

    Today’s selection is *Manganese (new and improved)* produced by elementguy27 who just brings it non stop for 15 minutes at a time, check it out dudes and dudettes.

  45. I like to worry about today, tomorrow and the next day all at the same time
    My shrink says that’s why I eat so much

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha! Yes, there is a bunch of me to look at.

    Nothing worth looking at, though.

  47. _Honestly, I don’t know how I tricked Mrs. Machetto into giving me a chance, let alone staying with me for this long._

    “He has a way with celebrities I just find intoxicating.”

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I come on here every day and am rude to you, but it has nothing to do with your pick of Rangers as top 3 in the East.

  49. Though it took St. Louis a whole bunch of tries to finally get one past that glove, CJP. And that one was a hell of a shot. :)

    I think the kid’s been as good as Price would have been.

  50. The only people I know that are consistently rude to Carp (and everyone else) played junior(s) hockey.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    You know, manganese. A lot of people don’t even know what that is.

  52. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I think Tokarski has given up as many goals as Price would have. But, I still don’t think he has played as well as Price would. I think the Rangers have had plenty of opportunities to slap home rebounds and have missed them.

  53. Tokarski isn’t having meltdown. He’s over that hurdle. I expect him play well now.

  54. Carp – Wouldn’t LoHud let you auction off 2 Finals tix during your first ever Finals Charloney?

  55. Clive Diggs on

    Believe it or not, Clive Diggs is not my real name.

    Clive Diggs is the coolest guy I ever got a phone call from…wrong number back at Rutgers.

  56. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Is that a real story, Clive!? That’s how you got that name? That’s really cool.

    My favorite made up name is “Thad Phallinger” Huge fan. But I made it up. I also made up, and love, the name “Bunpar Punjab”

  57. Carp – you mean the Isles fan? He’ll come back here next season after the Rangers lose 2 games in a row.

    As for me, I said they weren’t a top three team either, but I’ve been proven wrong. I’m still sticking with the Nash trade being a mistake even though they’ve done well. I personally think they’ve slightly overachieved and got a gift of a fail from the Penguins.

    This new playoff format has given them a ton of help too. They would’ve had to go through Montreal-Boston-Pittsburgh to get to the cup finals and I’m not sure they would’ve been able to pull that off. Having Philly first and being able to get their game going has been a blessing. Doesn’t mean they couldn’t have done it in the old format, I just think playing Montreal and Boston consecutively isn’t easy.

  58. Lots of rebounds off Tokarski. Problem: waaaay too often, no one in front of net in our colors.

  59. Man 8-1 for the Blackhawks is a great bet right now. They are the most talented team left.

    Nothing beats when the Giants were 50-1 in Week 16 2011 though.

  60. I question whether Boston would have been as tough for the Rangers as some think. The Rangers speed would play well against them.

  61. Always there lately. Too hard to get to you. I love how Katie sits right next to you. If my wife had Katie’s job be awesome.

  62. I think after the season I’m going to put up one of those three stars polls and have you guys vote on the funniest Bonehead. Was talking to Matty about this at MSG the other night. Would be a tough call. I’ll ask you all for nominees first.

    Now I can’t wait for this to be over.

  63. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    If you drink the water you won’t have much of a choice, Carp.

  64. Tell gross stop stuffing his face. His wardrobe is hideous. Orange purple shirts sticks out

  65. We should have the First Somewhat Annual Bonehead Awards. Funniest, best post of the year, most *metal*, etc.

  66. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    The problem with most of us Boneheads is that we are sarcastic and very selfishly humorous saying things that for the sole purpose of making ourselves laugh. Not many of us are _actually_ funny.

  67. I actually got Married in India.

    I had 1,500 Indians circling me for 6 hours, so I know what Custer felt like :)

  68. _I question whether Boston would have been as tough for the Rangers as some think._

    Today, yesterday, any other day down the line, I’ll swear the most important game to the Rangers season was Game 7 Montreal @ Boston.

  69. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Apparently Brian MacLellan cried at his press conference. Washington is *SOFT*

  70. Gravy – I’m not saying individually they would be tough, just having to play all three series in a row (especially in that order) would be tough. This team was almost done right up until the unfortunate passing of St. Louis’ mom and after that they finally got going and haven’t been playing at a very high level. Not sure if that was coincidence or it helped focus the players on the game, but it’s had to have some sort of impact.

    Playing the Bruins before all of that happened when they were still figuring it out wouldn’t be easy at all.

  71. Agree Doc.

    The Rangers would have their hands full with Rask, not so much with the rookie the Habs have.

  72. Clive Diggs on

    Thad Phallinger is a great made up name…is that French in made up origin?

    Sounds like a guy who would have officiated Game 4.

  73. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Lol. He does sound like a Ref. It’s the name I use on Amazon when I review products. Mostly I’m just Manny on the internet. Which is Carp’s fault.

  74. Doodie – I thought if I could play cowboys and Indians for the rest of my life it would make it interesting.

    Little did I know.

  75. Agreed Jonny, would have been the toughest road. They did wind up beating two of them, though, albeit under different cicumstances. Plus, the Flyers were no pushover with the rivalry and history, etc.

  76. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Sioux has one of the best Wife’s in the world now. Go Sioux!

  77. Doodie – Funny thing Clive’s name Thad Phallinger is REALLY close to my name. Scary close.

  78. I just clicked “no” on whether your headphone review was helpful, “Thad”.

  79. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I know, Sioux. When I first learned your real name, through Facebook, I burst out laughing. I mean, your name is SO close. I was really jealous.

  80. I wonder if Step will have some fava beans and a nice Chianti with his pregame meal.

  81. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    For which headphone, Doc? You should reply with some absurdity.

  82. Latona – who gives a crap what the whiny crybaby Montreal fans say if we win? They can take their dirty cheap-shorting team, their low class disgrace of a coach, and start a big old bonfire in their town as far as I’m concerned. And they probably will. Let’s move on tonight and concern ourselves with competing for the Stanley cup!!

  83. U guys realize we win tonight we play for the cup. Hard to freaking believe. One shift one period one game.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    No way , Im super-funny when im not all Ranger serious. Infact im holding onto my best stuff…im gonna be here on the blog for another 5 years or so . I can’t over do it just yet. Plus ORR is funny , E3 and many many others. To do a poll would be an insult to the many funny peeps ; )

  85. London Broil on

    This blog gets more traffic than regular season Yankees games. In large part due to Carpy and his work ethic.

  86. _U guys realize we win tonight we play for the cup_

    20 years to the day we last did. Gonna barf.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Where’s Olga been ? In re-hab …

  88. ‘Cause they said it really loud,
    They said it on the air
    On the radio
    Whoa, oh, oh, oh
    On the radio…’

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Maybe I need a new not so scarey avitar? I made it just for Olga and do I get a shout out for it? NOPE , what a waist.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, I know. I just reference Punjab as a joke.

    At first, I did a double take to see if Manny wasn’t just making a joke about your name being fake.

  91. Tough to vote for the funniest Bonehead.

    But if I had to I would vote for the “Dog Breakfast” guy…….what’s his name :)

  92. Francessa just confirmed what said earlier that finals will begin Wednesday June 4th week from tomorrow.

  93. Carp – if you went to India. You would have no choice.

    The curry runs right through you :)

  94. Seriously considering buying tickets to the Cup finals on Stubhub (currently at about $1100) and then reselling them. Seems like an easy way to make some money.

  95. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    It will never settle in that the team is _this_ close to a *Cup*

  96. Subban for the Canadiens plays it cross-ice, into the far corner. Boyle swoops in to intercept. Boyle behind the net, swings it in front, HE SCORES! BOYLE!! BOYLE!! BOYLE!! BRIAN BOYLE!! AND THE RANGERS HAVE ONE MORE HILL TO CLIMB, BABY! BUT IT’S MOUNT LOS ANGELES! THE RANGERS ARE HEADED TO THE FINALS!!!

  97. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Zip just said Stepan didn’t wear a full cage but instead wore a plastic shield with an additional jaw guard.

  98. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    That’s great, Lev. Way to contribute to MSG being as quiet as a morgue!

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh damn it! Finals on June 4!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Now I’m definitely missing games 3 and 4 because I’ll be on vacation.


  100. Sioux, thinking if i go through with it then Game 6 for sure. Maybe Game 4 as well. Profit for a winter vacation next year.

  101. I’m liking my Ranger ticket more and more each day at 20-1 :)

    Can’t wait to cash it in this summer :)

    It’s going to happen.

  102. Funny how Washington replaced one ex-Ranger who could throw them and played in the ’86 series in which the Rangers beat Washington and went to the ECF with another ex-Ranger who could throw them and played in the ’86 series in which the Rangers beat Washington (he scored in OT in Game 1 in Landover) and went to the ECF.

  103. Lev I almost bought 4 season tickets to the Jets, just for a fund raiser, because you can’t get tickets to a game up there.

    I would sell all but a couple of games, it took 3 minutes for them to sell out, now the list is 20 years long.

  104. Here’s my mock schedule for finals

    West winner wed June 4th game 1
    West winner sat June 7th game 2
    East winner Monday June 9th game 3
    East winner Wednesday June 11th game 4
    West winner Saturday June 14th game 5
    East winner Monday June 16th game 6
    West winner Wednesday June 18th game 7.

    Trust me I will be right.

  105. First things first.

    But THE KING vs The Kings, is looking like it’s going to happen.

    The Rangers vs Gaborik. Who scores more goals?

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    I was so close. I thought two five game series and they could have game 1 on Sunday and I could be home for game 3 on Friday or Saturday.

    Ugh, Kings in 5 means I don’t get to go to a single game. sadklfhasdfklhasd;lkhasd;dlkh;laksdh

  107. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    I’m getting married in July but it was supposed to be June, only we couldn’t get the venue. Looks like I might have gotten *really* lucky. I never would have ever lived it down if there were a SCF game on our wedding night.

  108. Doodie where are you going on vacation?

    How do you miss the Rangers in the Cup Finals?

    What vacation is better than watching the RAngers play for the Cup?

  109. _I never would have ever lived it down if there were a SCF game on our wedding night._

    “I said I’ll consummate *AFTER OVERTIME _CAN YOU PLEASE JUST WAIT!!!!!!!_*”

  110. Lloyd Braun on

    I felt like Game 3 was going to be a bounce game and I felt the Rangers would win Game 4 (a bit easier than they did, btw). Tonight is a game they should definitely win and I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s a dreaded “must win” since I think they’re better off getting the extra rest and avoiding any scenario in which Carey Price gets to play another game this season.

  111. Stepan – The Masked Man? or the Lone Ranger?

    I think he’s going to play! Close out this game tonight, and heal up for the Finals!

  112. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I will be on vacation from June 4th – June 9th.

    This could potentially be a *GREAT* problem to have. Are the Final games on NBC?

  113. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Lets go already! Is this thing on? I used to tolerate Montreal, their fans and their bias — now I hate them more than the Pens! I hope the Rangers kill them tonight and Montreal burns in a Franco Apocalyptic riot of Wagnerian proportions!

  114. “Funny how Washington replaced one ex-Ranger who could throw them and played in the ‘86 series in which the Rangers beat Washington and went to the ECF with another ex-Ranger who could throw them and played in the ‘86 series in which the Rangers beat Washington (he scored in OT in Game 1 in Landover) and went to the ECF.”

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    Going to Maine. Booked this trip back in March. Was a pretty safe bet then.

  116. bull dog line on

    you never book a vacation for June, or get married in June. as a Ranger fan it should always be just in case. Rookies!

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Having Hank in net , I’d say we are the favorites. Try to take a cup away from Hank this time. Just try it , I dare ya.

    Carp , the Rangers and the dynasty that we are witnessing will over shadow Yankees just you wait. Yanks winning are over , sorry to say. BRING ON THE RANGERS!!

  118. Gravy

    We’re still going to look back at this conversation and laugh about how we were talking about offseason moves when the Rangers win the Cup.

    May 9th, 2014 at 2:01 PM

  119. I think the funniest bonehead is Greg zzzzzz, but it’s just due to his typing skills…or lack there if ;)

  120. Or maybe it’s Jonny D and his lack of understanding of physical hockey ;)

    Too soon?

  121. I do think it would be funny to nominate someone who really isn’t funny for the funniest, is that wrong of me?

  122. Lloyd Braun on

    whether Chicago or Los Angeles, the Rangers would have their hands full. but let’s just see the Rangers get a crack at playing for a Stanley Cup and let the chips fall where they may. honestly, if they manage to get there again for the first time in 20 years, I’ll be happy no matter what happens.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Bar Harbor.

    Bull dog, it was either June or nothing due to my work schedule. And this particular week in June due to the schedules of more senior people than me.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    NBCSN? Great. Now I won’t even be able to watch the games in the hotel room. I’ll have to watch them on my phone or something. This sucks.

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yanks are a great NY team with lots of Championships and heritage . They been around a long long time. With that being said MLB is full of cheating, stealing , steriods ,spitting tobacco and eating popcorn . Its always fun to watch your team play well but in all reality its not as COOL as Rangers hockey . Jeter’s gone soon and everything that represents baseball will have an * ( aristic to it) Baseball should have closed down when everyone was caught steriod cheating ( Pete gambling Rose what a class act..) Babe Ruth would have been embarassed.

    The only true , pure team that been around since 1926 is the COOLEST most famous team in the world …The New York Rangers , now that’s something to be proud of.

  126. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I will be in Tampa, Doodie. June 4th (take off at 7:50PM) until June 9th (land in NY at 6:09PM)

    Planned it in March also. Who knew?

  127. My vote goes to Eric or doodie as the funniest followed closely by kaspar and Mickey m.

  128. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Why can’t the Final be on *NBC*. Plain old NBC. So I can see it!

  129. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Wickyyy I saw that ” or lack there if ” good one.

    Im been working on the bad typin over the last few years. Ive notice peeps not laughing @ me as much : )

  130. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    So I show my wife the video of MSL’s overtime winner. She had off and on watched part of the game and got disinterested.

    Her comment: “What’s so great about that shot. The Montreal player did the same thing for the second goal!”


  131. Stranger Nation on

    Eric has my vote…that Stephen Wright doomsday delivery. Has to be an act, right?

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, having met Eric in person several times, I can assure you, it is not an act. The only thing that doesn’t come across through typing alone is that the doom and gloom is presented with a smile.

  133. Greg zzzzzzz
    I was just busting your onions samsquatch, you know I love ya and your typing is a hell of a lot better than what it was.

    I think you, Orr, nasty, and I are some of the most tenured boneheads here actually

    Been a long great ride!!!

  134. Jonny
    While I don’t agree with your view (respectfully). I was just kidding around, no offence intended.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    The two I will be unavailable for. That I have tickets for. That make me so furiously angry, and will make Mrs. Machetto so endlessly happy at my frustration.

  136. Wicky – no worries I knew you were kidding. Hence why I said I laughed. All in good fun over here.

    And we disagree on the need for physicality (I don’t disagree with you that much, I just don’t like to sacrifice speed for slow hitters), but we do agree that we want to see the Rangers win the cup.

  137. iManny-O-War on

    Hoping my flight had NBC Game 1 so I can watch the game on the way down regardless of who’s playing in it. Nothing makes a flight Go by faster than hockey.

  138. On Step, the jaw will be fine in that mask. I’ve had a broken jaw, and the bigger issue will be nutrition. I lost 20 lbs on the “broken jaw” diet. Everything is through a straw. I expect him to live on protein shakes and things like that. Hopefully he’ll be able to maintain his stamina for a whole game. If I’m AV, if he plays tonight, I’d be very conservative with his use. Give him every third shift off, don’t use him on the PK. Things like that. As much as I want to win tonight, if he’s not 100%, I feel we have a game to play with. I wouldn’t risk it. We won without him, and we could do it again, even with the top line being pretty bad without him.

  139. I don’t care how many times I watch it, the Matteau goal gets me every time.

  140. _I don’t care how many times I watch it, the Matteau goal gets me every time._


  141. Lloyd Braun on


    agree with everything you said. although you can get all the nutrients you need without eating conventional solid foods, I tend to doubt he’s used to getting his nutrients that way. that he’s not been able to eat the way he normally does and has been on a radically different diet for a short enough period that his body’s not had time to adjust to it.

  142. Lloyd Braun on

    no joke but I cry every single time I see the Matteau highlight…and I mean literally every single time.

  143. Lloyd Braun on

    also, wrt the Matteau goal, it doesn’t matter if it’s Rose or Rosen on the call…seeing that puck trickle through his legs and hearing the roar of the crowd is what gets me; I’d tear up watching with the sound off. friggin’ hell I just got chills thinking about it.

  144. iManny-O-War on

    Rangers fans calling NHL Radio to tell Cup stories.

    Getting ahead of ourselves here….

  145. One time in city ball, I got hit in the cup at 3B and pretty much froze in place for 3 seconds. It was pretty brutal.

  146. iManny-O-War on

    You guys realize we have SEVERE emotional problems. Right?

    I am only brought to tears by sports. Only

  147. Where is the matteau clip you guys keep watching? I must have missed it in the thread, the only vid links are an awesome *METAL* link and a couple of links manny posted!!

  148. At third in high school, was told to play in, then charge for an expected bunt and the batter swing away, blasting a rocket right by my ear, but I’m still here. Sort of.

  149. Lloyd, you’re a good and smart fan. Too many people here will not appreciate this run whenever it ends, unless it ends with a Cup. This has been a fabulous springtime. No matter what.

  150. iManny-O-War on

    This has been *UNREAL* however it ends Carp.

    The benefit of never expecting this is the shock and not when good things happen.

  151. Lloyd Braun on

    should also add in that Valeri Zelepukin trying multiple times to trip Esa Tikkanen during the celebration infuriates me every time I see it.

  152. bull dog line on

    I have been saying that all along. playoff runs do not come around that often. fans should sit back and enjoy, and not worry about a 1st round pick.

  153. Who’s beard is way longer than they expected it to be?

    It’s gettin a little warm ovah heeyah.

    LGR !!!

  154. If this ends with Montreal in the finals, I’m not sure I’ll ever have the ability to appreciate it. Finals, doesn’t matter what happens.

  155. Carp
    Love the shout out about being that other ass hat!!!! Lol I know what you meant. But I can’t believe the Rangers are the best in the East, wow just wow. The coach has set a great tone and we are playing fast, so fun to watch. A million light years from early in the season. I went to a NY/Philly game early in the year and it was one of the worst games I ever went to and I been to a lot of bad games. Can’t believe I’m leaving the country for the finals (Ireland n golf) so I will get my info off this blog in the middle of the night. Also a irony I’m heading to Banff this July first time. I have a mutual friend of our GM who I introduced you to last yr at the trading deadline. Might get to she uncle Glenn’s shack it’s in architectural digest. Maybe with the Cup on the mantle? Waaaaay ahead of ourselves.
    Keep up the good work……certainly 3rd best in the east :)

  156. London Broil on

    If we lose in the Finals, Ill appreciate that the Rangers mgmt has made progress & that we have a better coach. If we blow this 3-1 series lead and lose the series, there wont be anything to appreciate.

  157. iManny and those who do not have the cable channel try: that will have every playoff game and most other sporting events.

  158. iManny-O-War on

    The next round is called the “Final”. Just like it’s called Junior.

    You guys would know that if you had played.

  159. Lloyd Braun on


    I am insanely critical of this team because I’ve invested a ton of myself in them over a 30+ year period. But there’s a certain point at which the relentless criticism gets a rest, and playing for a Stanley Cup is that point.

  160. Thanks Lloyd.

    The only thing that makes me tear up is sacrifice and honour…but I’m a bit of a cynic and not a fan of sheeple.

  161. Jonny

    If the format was the same as last year the Rangers would likely still play Pitt in the 2nd round since TB probably loses to Philly in the 3 vs. 6 game.

  162. It’s been incredible.

    Made sweeter by being here. Believe it or not I consider you to each be the smartest guys in your respective hockey room. The insight shared is fantastic, plus the jokes!

    Love it.

    LGR !!!

  163. Lloyd Braun on

    that Matteau goal is possibly the most emotional Ranger moment any of us fans have had in our lifetimes. like, you’re supposed to get moved by something like that.

  164. ThisYearsModel on

    LLOYD–you said it perfectly. I am even going to have to stop calling for Sather’s head for trading away #1 draft picks. This has been a great ride, and is a team and a coach that is very easy to like and support. All the youngsters up here have to realize that these finals visits have been very rare for the Rangers. This year would be only the 5th in my lifetime. Enjoy it!

  165. would have been freakin hilarious and tremendously tremendous if blogs were around 20 years ago this week.

  166. bull dog line on

    Matteau’s goal is probably tops for me as well, but game 6 against the Islanders in 79 is a very close 2nd. on the negative side, losing to the Islanders in game 5 in 84 was as low as I have ever felt as a Ranger fan.

  167. Yes, this run was unexpected. If by some miracle they win the Cup this year (LOL), then it may even pass ’94 for that reason. In ’94, anything less than a Cup would have been a disappointment, even after 54 years, etc., etc.

  168. could you imagine the ledge after Keenan benched Leetch and refused to pull Richter for an extra skater, and after the Game 5 loss? Or for that matter, after Games 5 and 6 in the final? With the Keenan stuff swirling?


  169. Just read the transcript from this mornings skate & really like the answer by AV when asked,”how tough is it to get that final win to knock a team out?”. His mindset on the Rangers accomplishment this year & how they not only are still standing, but are on the verge of being the first team to move on. I think is a good indicator of some of what will be said pregame before they hit the ice. Also good on Step for wanting to suit up & help the team take the next step. Hope we all get our wish tonight. 20 years is too long

  170. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP..Can you imagine the ledge hanging in that series….in the 7th game alone? The late goal that tied the game? Holy crap. Then the 3-1 series lead against Vancouver, it evaporating? Of course, at today’s rates the posts would be worth about $0.07 per.

  171. Lloyd Braun on

    bull dog,

    unfortunately, I was barely 2 years old for the ’79 Finals appearance so it carries about as much significance for me as the Yankees winning the WS in ’78. the loss to the Islanders in ’84, however, is my first lasting hockey memory and I agree with you – to this day it is the worst moment I’ve had as a Ranger fan.

  172. bull dog line on

    the look on Potvin’s face still brings a smile to mine every time I think about it Carp.

  173. Alain Amour on

    There is no settling for a Stanley Cup Finals appearance. Suppose the Rangers advance past the Canadiens and then get squished in a Finals sweep, would anyone go into the offseason happy?

    Stanley Cup Finals appearances do not come around often. The team would have to seize the opportunity, especially with the “best” goalie in hockey.

  174. Maybe twenty years from now, we talk about some of these games and goals with the same reverence as the 94 run?


    (No, no shut it down CW, shut the thought down. )

  175. Lloyd Braun on

    Have to say that for as incredible as it would be for the Rangers to win the Cup this year, nothing will ever surpass ’94.

  176. Lloyd Braun on


    For all intents and purposes, the Rangers have played for a championship once in my lifetime. Let them win tonight and everything else is gravy.

  177. and there’s the absurdity of being unable to appreciate and enjoy a run like this. Also reading comprehension problem.

    It’s not settling. It’s appreciating a run that doesn’t happen very often, and enjoying it while it happens, and enjoying reflecting upon it afterward.

    Has nothing to do with settling.


  178. What is this “next round” you all are talking about? :-). Will you all shut up?

    London, between the same place we had it last year and our house. Still debating.

  179. London Broil on

    I couldnt stop crying rewatching Marty’s game winner. I threw out by back and shoulders doing fist pumps.

  180. Lloyd Braun on

    if you’re a fan of the New York Rangers and are guilty of “Steinbrennerization,” please link me to all the championships you’ve seen that I haven’t.

  181. Can see it now: Blog post — Keenan negotiating with Detroit and St. Louis as Rangers battle Vancouver.

  182. ThisYearsModel on

    Let me tell you…..the semifinals that got the Rangers to the finals against Boston in 1971 was tremendous….and losing to them was devastating. The Rangers had such a terrific team in those days and should have won more than once from 1970-75. I was a kid, and took those hard. 1979 was good, but beating the Islanders was the thing. The final was disappointing but also anti-climactic. The Ranger teams from 1980-1984 were all pretty good, but could not beat the Islanders. By the time 1994 arrived, many of us were so jaded that we expected some sort of epic failure. We nearly had it several times. Another decent year or 2 after that, and then the dark ages for a long time. I did not expect this run, other than getting past Round 1.

  183. Alain Amour on

    Let them win tonight and everything else is gravy.

    That is settling.

  184. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    If blogs had been around then, Carp, they would have been promptly shut down forever.

  185. The run is incredible, enjoy it while it lasts. The beginning of the year I honestly thought we weren’t going to make the playoffs, just too much confusion. The middle of the year I thought we just got into a great hot spot, the end of the year I thought, not enough grit and lack of scoring talent. Now it’s magic carpet time, dream baby dream and enjoy everything this gritty group gives us. We the fans do deserve it.

  186. Alain Amour on


    It is not “Steinbrennerization.”

    It is wanting the team to seize a rare opportunity to win the Stanley Cup, or at least make the most of the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup by not being beaten in four or five games.

  187. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I think “Steinbrennerization” means that you will “accept nothing but the Cup.” All else is a failure.

    That’s an *insane* method of thinking in Hockey.

  188. Are youse guys nuts?

    When I make it to the Finals, I don’t want to kiss MY sister (lose). I want to kiss YOUR sister (win)

    Any season that ends with me kissing my own sister is a colossal waste of time and failure. Plus I’ll probably need someone to bail me out

  189. London Broil on

    None of that stuff matters because we havent done anything yet. We havent achieved anything. We have to close Montreal out first before we can worry about winning it all. Focus on the goal in front of us… winning tonight.

  190. Lloyd Braun on

    thinking that anything less than winning a Stanley Cup is indicative of failure is an insane method of thinking when you are a fan of the New York Rangers.

  191. If you think that way you will be one miserable fan for pretty much every game and every season your whole life. That goes for every team, too, every sport.

  192. Stranger Nation on

    an ECF win will be one of the more unlikely events in pro sports for me. A NYR Cup this year will be the most unlikely win and match the Gmen beating the Pats in the Supe v.1
    Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine this team could do it.

  193. Stranger Nation on

    No – just a remark on the soft toss you threw at fat guy. I am surprised you didn’t ask if she was fat and ugly, but that would have been rude…

  194. This entire playoffs has been incredible, except the montreal cnandian/refereeing nonsense. I still think I’m dreaming and waiting to wake up.

  195. Alain Amour on

    Reading comprehension is a problem. Not for me.

    This year and this year only, not winning the Stanley Cup, or at least making the most of the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup, would be a terrible result. The opportunity does not present itself often.

  196. Alain Amour on

    thinking that anything less than winning a Stanley Cup is indicative of failure is an insane method of thinking when you are a fan of the New York Rangers.

    When the opportunity to win presents itself so rarely, a loss in the Stanley Cup Finals becomes more traumatic.

  197. Alain Amour on

    So only this year it would be a terrible result?

    Yes. If the opportunity arises with another win against the Canadiens, it would be a calamitous result for the Rangers to be swept or lose in five games in the finals.

  198. Lloyd Braun on

    Alain, I hate to say this but you give me the impression of someone who isn’t actually reading the comments of the people you claim are “settling.”

  199. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Anybody else going to MSG to watch the game on the Jumbotron?


  200. If the rangers do make it to the finals I am expecting the rangers to lose in 5, like I expected them to lose in 6 against Pittsburgh, like I expected them to lose in 6 against the Canadians.

  201. I read that in his youth, Elton John played the piano ten hours straight. I can believe it, except for the straight part.

  202. Robby Bonfire on

    I once counted 18 “You know’s” in one minute, uttered by a professional athlete. I guess that interview infected this coach’s speech pattern. Seriously, why does “You know” have to be duplicated, in print?

  203. Losing this series would be a terrible result only because they are up 3-1 and are playing a team that is no better than them. If they get to the finals, I think the only thing that would devastate me is if they are up 3-0 or 3-1 and blow it. Other than that, I’ll deal with it.

  204. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Remember when the Habs won a huge back to back set against the Bruins?

  205. Lloyd Braun on

    oh, wait a second, losing to the Canadiens would be terrible. and I’m of the opinion that if they don’t close it out tonight they’re going to be in a lot of trouble. I just don’t view a loss in the next round (should they make it) as anything I’m going to condemn them for.

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    I expect the Rangers to lose in 5 to the Kings, just like I had expected them to in 2012, before those pesky Devils ruined everything.

  207. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I agree with what Lloyd said.

    Blowing this lead to the Habs with a baby child in goal (12 NHL games!) would be ugly. And it would be very, very painful because of the lost opportunity.

    Should the Rangers close out and enter the Cup Final? WOW. Whatever happens happens.

  208. Alain Amour on

    Alain, I hate to say this but you give me the impression of someone who isn’t actually reading the comments of the people you claim are “settling.”

    When a person such as yourself says “win tonight and everything else is gravy,” that is settling. You are essentially saying “I am happy with advancing to the finals and if they lose it is okay.”

  209. Reading comprehension has very little to do with it. He’d disagree with you( and anyone else for that matter) even if you told him it was Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day.

  210. “Anybody else going to MSG to watch the game on the Jumbotron?”

    Are NYR doing this? Or do you think it would be silly to go? I couldn’t tell what the (s) was for.

    I remember several years back NYR used to have viewing shenanigans all the time at the Felt Forum. I went to the Leetch and Graves number retiring ceremonies there. I don’t understand why they haven’t done that throughout the playoffs.

  211. Lloyd Braun on

    you’re telling me I’m settling and I’m telling you I’m not.

    that’s a pretty airtight case against your ability to read, Alain.

  212. Doodie Machetto on

    MSG is booked too heavily to have viewing parties there.

    Anything else they don’t get enough of the $$$ to make it worth their while.

  213. Regarding broken jaw –
    I had a broken jaw my junior year of high school 23 years ago – yikes!). I was roughly 130 lbs and athletic. (I’m 5’7″ for reference)
    I had to eat through a straw for 5-6 weeks. Milkshakes with peanutbutter / bananas… I’d water down pasta with sauce, blend it up, and slurp that up too. I was also on multiple-per-day ensure beverages. I didn’t do athletics while I was wired up (although I physically could have – my parents were afraid something would happen like getting hit in the mouth by accident and really mess me up).

    When it was all said and done, I weighed about 115 lbs.

    I think consuming enough nutritious calories via a straw is going to be the hardest thing for Stepan. I realize these are professional athletes with nutritionists at their disposal, but I still think this could be an issue. I know I lost my appetite for the same few things I could get thru the straw!

  214. Alain Amour on

    “Win tonight and everything else is gravy” is a pretty airtight case that you are settling.

  215. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    But if they had a viewing party I might be able to afford to go there.

  216. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Thanks for sharing KingLear. That’s a crazy story.

    Wasn’t it Bobby Hull who played through a broken jaw once?

  217. Good evening all! My stomach is in nervous knots. I’m going to let all this bickering ruin my playoffs.

  218. London Broil on

    Appreciating a season and regretting a missed chance to win it all are not mutually exclusive.

  219. Personally, losing game 7 to the Flyers in 1974 was my low point- it was also a low point for the sport. Rolfe- Schultz, to this day, turns my stomach ( five minutes each for fighting)- by 1984 I was jaded, warning my friend between the third and OT “Only the Rangers could lose this game.” Someday I will recite my poem “Only the Rangers” on this blog- or maybe not. 1979 game six was pretty special- people forget that team did not lose in regulation until game 2 of the finals. Expect the guys to play well tonite- can’t play worse than Sun.

  220. It was pretty cheap, they had concessions available, and between periods they’d have NYR alumni and the television crew come out and take questions! I really enjoyed going. Much more affordable for someone like me who has to till the fields in order to feed myself while some of the posters are on a non-stop pleasure cruise around the globe.

  221. I think its a difference of personality types. When you’re an uber-winner like Alain, accustomed to nothing but winning all the time in every facet, 2nd place is the first loser. I bet he still has that t-shirt.

  222. So far I’ve enjoyed a season that saw my team start w/ an incredibly difficult schedule. Initially, a few wins against teams that I thought were pretty good and some loses that had me terribly depressed thinking this was going to be an unbearably long season. What is has turned out to be is a wonderfully long season. A season that has led, so far, to 11 of 16 pieces of a post-season puzzle being put into their proper position. Just a few more hours until the twelfth piece joins those already in place. Hope you guys can savor the competition and the total team effort as we move on to the next round. Enjoy!!

  223. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    _Appreciating a season and regretting a missed chance to win it all are not mutually exclusive._

    Yup. I think any of us would be upset and disappointed if the Rangers got to the SCF and lost, but that would not mean it was not appreciated.

  224. Doodie Machetto on


    My cruise makes stops. Unfortunately, one of those stops is in two weeks from now.

  225. If there’s anyone who knows about “clinchers”, and the importance of being at them, it’s AA.

  226. is it just me, or are others having a slow time connecting here? Technically, on the interweb mean….:)

  227. Lloyd Braun on

    Alain, it seems you’re pretty committed to contradicting yourself at every turn. Not sure why.

  228. Oy, if I cant type now, I fear for what will come out of my fingertips later…TA for now!

  229. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    *London Broil* and anybody who doesn’t have an avatar. You can get an avatar and become avatar royalty by going to this website and signing up:

    It makes your posts *stand out* more.

  230. Alain Amour on

    If I had two first names, my 2nd first name would be jealous of my 1st first name? 2nd first name is just not good enough.

  231. Thanks Doodie….yeah Carp, before game time, you may want to alert camp staff … and good luck!!

  232. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Miami Pimp’s head just exploded.

    I’ll let you decide which one.

  233. Lloyd Braun on

    Anything else Alain or just going to pretend you’re not contradicting yourself?

  234. ThisYearsModel on

    MIAMI—Alyonka on board! Time to add Paulina and Kathryn to the THEKREIDER harem!

  235. Alain Amour on

    Lloyd Braun:

    “Let them win tonight and everything else is gravy.”

    “I’m not settling.”

    Lloyd, meet contradiction. Contradiction, meet Lloyd.

  236. _You know who else used to take one post and reptetively quote it?_

    I can’t think of anyone who did that.

  237. _You know who else used to take one post and reptetively quote it?_

    Was there someone here who used to do that?

  238. iManny-O-War on

    Re-Post and hearty *second* of Rob’s post.

    London Broil and anybody who doesn’t have an *avatar.* You can get an avatar and become avatar royalty by going to this website and signing up:

    *It makes your posts stand out more.*

  239. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Carp – or somebody willing:

    How was Keenan rated among fans and beat-writers during his rather brief stay in NY?

  240. No viewing party at MSG as far as i know…. my boy just got his diploma from Baruch there.

  241. ThisYearsModel on

    THE will personally execute the Habs tonight. Hope they boo him every time he touches the puck. With Step back out there, THE will rule.

  242. Heading out for celebratory dinner then hopefully make it back for Stanley Cup finals clincher with you guys. Once in a lifetime…

  243. Fans mostly didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes or how much the players hated him. As a beat writer he was fabulous — always available, usually polite enough, outspoken and opinionated and controversial.

    He hugged me after the draft in ’94. I was going in for surgery. He told me he would definitely be back.

  244. Please make it a game like the first in the series. I would love to enjoy this game. From on my couch, not under it.

  245. Doodie Machetto on

    “‘You know they call corn-on-the-cob ‘corn-on-the-cob,’ right? But that’s how it comes out of the ground, man. They should call that ‘corn.’ They should call every other version ‘corn-off-the-cob.’ It’s not like if you cut off my arm you would call my arm ‘Mitch.’ But then reattach it and call it ‘Mitch-all-together!'”

  246. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Carp – thanks for the insight.

    NHL wasn’t televised here before way beyond 2000. Seen much of the old stuff on youtube – doesn’t tell that much about the coach, though.

    That Zubov really looked like a keeper…

  247. You know what’s amazing about LA, as good as that team looks? The Kings have already lost three in a row twice during these playoffs.

  248. Carp – I could see the players hating Keenan, who benches Leetch? ….. I can imagine that had to have some fall out in the locker room, how could he not be hated by some.

  249. OK, done with work and on the train headed home. What is the latest on Stepan guys? Playing or not playing? Carp what do you think?

  250. Doodie Machetto on

    Yev, no definitive word. Signs point to him playing, but nothing official.

  251. Carp, my friend called me sunday and invited me over for a barbeque and watch the game. I explained to him my feelings about watching the game. Lets just say he talked me down from the ledge :). I’m glad I came to my senses.

  252. Because of that Carp, I think the Kings look beatable.

    Chicago would worry me more.

    Not that either team is going to be easy. But the Kings looked like they had trouble scoring.

    The Rangers D is better, Hen-rik is much better, so I would think Rangers vs Kings is the matchup that I would want.

  253. I married a nurse who worked at Lenox Hill in the 90s. She got me tix to sit w/ one of the team Drs. during the 94 season. During the game he told me everyone associated w/ the team, not just the players, despised Keenan. Said he treated everyone like pooh.

    One huge difference between this season and that magical time… anything less than the Cup in ’94 would have been considered a failure. We were in contention in the two previous years. This year’s run has been special as it’s largely unexpected and we’ve witnessed this growth predominatly within a single season. If we had been eliminated by Pitt this year and made this run next year you could argue it was predictable. Enjoy this special time!

  254. Robby Bonfire on

    AB Indy:

    My three low points as a Ranger fan are:

    1. Blowing the 4-1 lead with 12 minutes remaining in Montreal in game one of the 1967 first round. We lost 6-4, and proceeded to get swept. We just collapse, the D, after Howell and Neilson, was really weak, with Arnie Brown, and Wayne Hillman an especially porous tandem.

    2. Losing to Chicago, at Chicago, in game 7 of the semi-finals in 1971, by one goal. They got the home ice advantage for winning the expansion-division regular season title. We had a better season’ record with a balanced, round robin schedule for all teams in the league, that year.

    That Bill Jennings (Rangers President) allowed the NHL to perpetrate this crass scheduling inequity on the Rangers, is not Chicago’s fault, it was his fault. How weak can you get? We would have beaten Montreal in the finals, and Chicago had them on the ropes, leading 3 games to 2, and leading 2-0 in game 7 on their home ice, before letingt the Habs off the hook. The Black Hawks were all-world against us, but all-world chokers against Montreal – year after year, back then.

    3. Of course, the 1974 Philly series, combined with Dave The Hammer Schultz’s bad act, and Vic Hadfield’s screwing himself out of the Rangers captaincy and right out of New York. Who can forget that nightmare scene in the final minute of play, where Vic was laughing and joking with some towel guy with his team’s season hanging in the balance. Vic and Emile NEVER spoke with each other, again. They were like father and son, before that embarrassing incident. A sad chapter in Rangers folklore, that is.

  255. Stranger Nation on

    _Much more affordable for someone like me who has to till the fields in order to feed myself while some of the posters are on a non-stop pleasure cruise around the globe_

    That boy is rallying the cause, I see. Thats the trouble with that fool dog, always shootin his mouth off.

  256. Heave Ho – it feels like that, after being down 3-1 to Pittsburgh. It feels like we are playing with “house” money :)

    That said Rangers are up 3-1, it is even more important to put the Habs away, take nothing for granted.

    We still need 5 MORE WINS!!!

    I can’t believe we had to wait 20 years for this to happen.

  257. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yo Miami Pimp , Tell yer boy to WAKE UP!!!!

    Where oh were did the OLGAAAAA go oh where oh were did she pass out …as drunk as drunk as she usually gets she usually staggers on hereeeee , With her fake Slatsko nameeee or what ever swear word she usesssss , Chicago suck and isss gonnaaa get eliminate oh where oh were can she be? Our team neeeeds her support but she too busy cryyying about last night losss.
    Booo oh hoo I really dont care Im never gonna pager , so bring on the Habs and we’ll have a good time cheeering …on our …Rangerssss. Yaaa yaaa yaa!!

  258. ThisYearsModel on

    If Step can do no more than win a few faceoffs, be defensively responsible and make a pass or 2, he should play. If not, let him sit and let Lindberg play. I bet we see him out there. When your jaw is wired shut you can’t eat. How the heck do you breathe properly?

  259. Regardless of tonight’s outcome… remember that what makes this experience special is that, undoubtedly, this is among the hardest of championships to win in all of professional sports. I subscribe to the belief that it is the hardest! AV and staff have our boys prepared, focused and ready to kick some Canadian assen! It’s happening tonight!

  260. Norm Merton on

    The Canadiens will likely be on fire tonight, not wanting to lose the series in front of their religious fans. The Rangers, on the other hand, have shown themselves to be the better team so far, and you’d rather be Blue than Red if they execute. But when, after the game should the Rangers lose, we commence with the bashing of Lundqvist — he can’t be truly great until he wins a Cup, etc.; the scapegoating of Richards and Nash — how can players at their salary level not score every night, etc.; the excoriation of Pouliot (my particular weakness) as well as AV for sticking with him; the newly popular badmouthing of Staal… I hope that some of us will remember that each Ranger on the ice tonight has played an important role in getting this team so unexpectedly deep into the playoffs, a run that nobody here expected; that we remember that athletes don’t perform at their best every night, not a one. Further, should it all unravel, as it might, and the Rangers join a multitude of teams to have lost a 3-1 series lead, I hope some of us will remember how this team had no business to be here to begin with, save for having possibly the best goalie in the game today, and that we’ll be grateful for this incredible ride. Well done, all you Rangers, from Jesper Fast to Glen Sather.

    OK, that comment pansification out of the way, LGR!!

  261. Twenty years to the day to get back to the final. How sweet would that be?

    (No, no, cut that out)

  262. BickelsPickle on

    Sorry to walk in on all of your nostalgia parade but was everyone here born in the 18th century?

  263. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Far as Im concerned , the Rangers have made moves over the last few years to get them to this spot .Our team has floundered many times which lead them to this right now. Over the years we have become who we are , we have an identity. Everything to this date has been earned and with hard work we are 1 win away from the cup final…had no business to be here to begin with ? That makes no sense , we did our time now its ours time . We earned it.

  264. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    I still have a funny feeling the Rangers will lose 4 straight

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! wow man , I saved that one for you buddy!!! too funny how a prediction makes an assen of ya self.

  265. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  266. Riverindian on

    The Rangers are on the verge of the Stanley Cup Finals and both the N Y sports stations were dominated today by talk of the firing of a Mets batting coach!

  267. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Ummm Carp are you selling any shares ?

  268. ThisYearsModel on

    I guess the Habs dove so much last game that it really irritated Edzo. He dropped the hammer on them just now.

  269. Riverindian on

    Mets are awful, their fans don’t support them, their owners don’t have a clue and Mike F and Mike K dedicated their shows to them today.

    Let’s go Rangers…….

  270. @thisyearsmodel

    What did he say. I don’t usually turn on the pregame stuff.

  271. After I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added-
    checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment.

    There has to be a means you can remove me from that
    service? Cheers!

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