Game 4: Rangers-Canadiens in review


Click here to read Josh Thomson, 26’s story about Martin St. Louis’ overtime heroics.


1) Well, now I guess you can say that Alain Vigneault is better than his predecessor, since he’s gotten one game farther … that’s sarcasm, of course. Vigneault’s done a terrific job with this team, especially through all the lunacy surrounding what the Canadiens have created — an  idiotic sideshow of a series. Maybe before Game 5, Michel Therrien and his boys can worry about, you know, the score and stuff, instead of all the whining and accusing and threats and garbage.

2) Seriously, though, the Rangers are a game closer than they were in 2012, and as close as they’ve been since 1994, but they have to get this done, and they have to get it done quickly. Cannot let this be another one of those Game 7 situations.Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Four

3) And the easy part will be playing better than they did in Game 4, because I didn’t think they played well at all in Game 4. I mean, they were as good or better than the Canadiens, but they were sloppy, undisciplined and dumb throughout the game. You don’t need me to recount every one of them, but there were eight penalties, seven of those in the offensive zone, several of those behind the goal line. Ridiculous. For that alone they deserved to lose this game. Their PK, their goalie, and the Habs’ power play, bailed them out. And Vigneault — who is no Torts in terms of stapling players to the bench for repeated indiscretions — was forced to keep rolling out the same guys because he lost J.T. Miller for a long portion of the game, and was already without Derek Stepan (whose jaw was interfered with by Brandon Prust in Game 3).  But they must be getting free buffet coupons or frequent flier miles for trips to the penalty box, some of these guys (coughBenoit Pouliotcough).

4) Pouliot had plenty of company. I know a lot of you guys cry conspiracy theory and Canadien bias and all that other ridiculousness. I think it’s simply incompetent officiating (new game, new rulebook). And of the eight penalties the Rangers took, I’d say roughly, oh, eight or so, were deserved. If you want to tell me one of them was a bit of an embellishment, OK, I’ll buy that maybe. But if you want to argue that there were also a ton of missed calls — including the can-opener that sent Dan Girardi into the wall, or the cheapshot by Andre Markov that TKOd Miller into the turnbuckle (post), I’ll give you those, too.

hagelin goal5) OK, enough negativity. But geez, it was slovenly at times. The Rangers PK has been fabulous, and the best pair for pretty much the entire season has been Brian Boyle and Carl Hagelin, and man did those two hook up for a beauty of a critical short-hander. Hagelin’s been the best forward on either side in this series. Boyle’s been a monster all playoffs. Hagelin also, as you know, made the pass to Martin St. Louis for a relatively important goal later.

6) And before I forget, what a terrific little play by Ryan McMonster, who slid in front of David Desharnais, then sidestepped Brendan Gallagher, his nemesis in this series, before banking the puck to Boyle for the touchdown pass to Hagelin. I’ve been wanting to write a column about McDonagh and happily revisit the No Gomez trade, and with the game going past deadlines, my story about McDonagh ended up in all editions. And I had no problem with that, even comparing his seven-points to the dramatic P.K. Subban, who has one point, tied with Henrik Lundqvist. Click here to read that column.

7) Lundqvist. The Subban goal was actually tipped by Gallagher, changed directions very late. The other goal was a 2-on-1 created on a bad read/chase by Anton Stralman. He was damn good. He is the best goalie in these playoffs. How about the eye-popping save early on Brian Gionta on the Thomas Plekanec rebound? Got a huge break on the Alex Galchenyuk rocket off the crossbar that sounded as if it went in.

8) Martin St. Louis. I’m not backing down from my assertion that you need more guys like Ryan Callahan, not fewer. And I understand that the draft picks that went the other way hardly made the deal a steal. But to replace Callahan with a super-skilled guy like St. Louis, exactly the type of scorer they need, was a great, great get for the Rangers. And that goal he scored, after being robbed repeatedly by the kid goalie Dustin Tokarski, is exactly why St. Louis is a special player. Yeah, Brad Richards and Hagelin made the play, and who knows where in holy hell were Alexei Emelin and the rest of the Canadiens? But St. Louis fired a shot that not many could have buried. Huge goal for him, much bigger for a team that really wanted no part of a 2-2 series, and probably deserved a 2-2 series.

9) Another guy who can fire it, who plays big in playoff games, and who must have felt a lot of sweetness, was Derick Brassard. Just before his wind-up breakaway slapper that got stuck in the back of the net as Tokarski, maybe, heard it go by, Brassard was chased from the faceoff circle. There he lined up against Mike Weaver — the guy who took him out with a late, high, dirty hit in Game 1. Brassard appeared to have words with Weaver, and I think he gave him a little slash, too. Moments later, Girardi was flinging the TD pass up the middle to Brassard for the 2-1 goal.

10) Stepan. The Rangers really missed him. He was playing really well when he went out, and I thought his linemates suffered. Chris Kreider had his worst game of the playoffs, I thought, and Rick Nash — going to get the Daily Nash-O-Meter out of the way here — had a couple of hits early and was in the paint where you all want him to go often — didn’t get much done offensively.

11) Miller left the bench for a long time. When he came back, AV said he “lost” him because of the lengthy absence. Wonder if he’s hurt, though. And if he is, who goes in for next game (assuming Stepan doesn’t come back). I guess it has to be Jesper Fast, no? Miller did take a really dumb penalty — join the club — knocking Weaver into the net.Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Four

12) Tokarski. I’m sure the Habs will whine (only when their lips are moving) that the Kreider slide that knocked out Carey Price in Game 1 cost them this series. But Tokarski has played as well as Price possibly could have. His glove is sensational, and he had St. Louis reeling with some of the stops he made on the future Hall of Famer. He will be the last reason the Habs lose … if they lose.

13) As part of the Garden renovation and new state-of-the-art A/C and dehumidifier system were put in to help with the ice conditions. I’m told that the Garden ice — the officials rate the ice — has ranked near the top of the league this season and in the playoffs. But it was really warm outside and in the building last night, and the ice, I thought, caused a lot of problems for the skill guys — of which there are many in this series. I don’t think, under those temps, that ice could be good in any arena.

14) I thought some of the Rangers’ top guys struggled at points in Game 4, just as they had in other non-elimination games during these playoffs. Start with the Marc Staal-Stralman pair, and Richards at times, and Girardi once or twice, and Kreider the entire game; of course Pouliot. Even Mats Zuccarello. They’ve all got to be better in Game 5 in Montreal, and smarter. Though the Rangers do own that building (sarcasm). Novel idea: One day off, then another game.

15) You know, seeing St. Louis and Richards celebrate together, I can’t get it out of my head that Richards and Tortorella often have said that the 2004 Lightning had absolutely no idea, not a clue, that they could or would win the Stanley Cup. You’d have to say that would apply to this team, no? I mean, could they really come out of nowhere and win the Stanley Cup? Could they?

16) Game 5 will be on the anniversary of Game 7 of the ECF in 1994. You know, the Matteau, Matteau, Matteau game. If the Rangers win that night I’m going to call my buddy Howie Rose and ask him to recreate a “Mount Chicago” or “Mount Los Angeles” call for me.

My Three Rangers Stars:st. louis star
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. The Rangers have yet to play with their normal four lines in this series and most of the time they’ve been making do with 11 forwards. If Stepan is not ready for game 5 we seem to be down to Fast although I’d put Diaz on the fourth line. If Stepan is ready I think that gives the Rangers an edge.

  2. Felt, heading into the OT that from the Hab point of view- they couldn’t have blueprinted a better game- undisciplined Rangers, no Super Hank- just regular Hank, some friendly refs, an early injury to shorten Ranger bench- and was poised to say that AV maybe hadn’t been outcoached by Therrion but rather outmaneuvered- and they still couldn’t win. Got to be disheartening. Maybe this is a series where playing better doesn’t guarantee victory but, fact remains, Habs have yet to beat the Rangers in regulation in four games. Oh, yeah… THAT was the goal St. Louis came here for: the shot AND the situation.

  3. The Carp review post win.. With that cup of coffee in the morning… Nothing beats it!


    1. The Rangers deserved to win game 3 and lost and deserved to lose game 4 and won. Go Figure?

    2. This was the worst game, in my humble opinion that they played since game 4 Vs. Pittsburg.

    3. They really, really, missed Derek Stepan. Praying he can indeed come back and play with a full cage. The #1 line was starting to look like a number one line ever since Kreider returned.. “You don’t know what ya got till its gone!” (Paved paradise!)

    4. Loved the McDonagh story Carp. I have said many times on this site that this was the greatest trade in NY Rangers History. And the Kid is only 24 years old! As I have also said, it is KARMIC PAYBACK for the Rick Middleton deal. (I am not sure just how many here are old enough to remember watching Middleton on the Rangers, but I am)

    5. There have been a lot of discussion about Kreiders speed Vs. Hags. Kreider is blazingly fast in a north/south powerful way. Hags is like a littel Jitterbug. He seems like he can go from 0-60 in a second. The forechecking by MSL, Hags and Richards on the winning goal WAS TENACIOUS!!! A thing of beauty.

    6. MSL: Wow, what a class act! What a player! What a leader! I always liked and respected the guy, but as he now clearly bleeds blue; ya gotta LOVE HIM. I agree with Karp, that we gave up a lot for him and we miss Cally’s blue collar work ethic and hitting; but there aren’t a lot of players in the league who make that shot that won the game!

    7. I love Dom Moore. He is an excellent 4th line center, he should not be centering the #1 line. We must all pray for Stepan’s speedy recovery. The 4th line suffered without him. I hate to say this, but we missed Carcillo very much as well. Boyle/Carcillo/Dorsett did a very admirable job.

    8. Brian Boyle. I hope he doesn’t get greedy and really wants to stay in NY. He is perfect on that 4th line! He was AWESOME on the PK last night and his pass to Hags for the breakaway was a beauty.

    9. PLEASE, PLEASE boys, end this in 5! That being said, I think the Habs are playing MUCH better and winning a third game in Mtl is going to be a VERY tall order!

    10. 1 more win and we are in the finals? #PINCHME!




  4. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Great review, and great column on McDonagh. Yes, this fall the Rangers will name another Ryan as captain (the 2nd Ryan in a row (a team record).

    Aside from Hank, McDonagh is by far the best player on the ice in this series. By a mile. A complete game. Fabulous skater (absolutely fabulous), shut down dman. And yes, Montreal, the kid can score.

    McDonagh > Subban (by a lot).

  5. bull dog line on

    all those bad trades Sather made really came back to haunt the Rangers last night. Brassard (goal), Dorsett, and Moore, for Gabby. how is Columbus doing? does Gabby still play for them? St Louis for Ryan ( I want to go home) Callahan. and Klein for Michael ( his numbers are good) Del Zotto. just a lousy job by Sather. by the way, has Cally fired his agent yet? fool!

  6. Shootthepuckbarry on

    Great review Carp
    Rangers stole this one and need to play better to finish them off.

    How about a mention of Kevin Kline. I think he has been solid and jumping into the offense.


  7. Carp, The Canadiens and their fans are acutely aware of how horrific the Gomez/McDonagh trade was! Almost every time they mention something positive that Mac has done; they remind themselves of “THE TRADE.”

    For instance, this is from Pat Hickey’s article this morning on the game in the Montreal Gazette:

    “Brian Boyle’s two-line pass from deep in the New York zone gave Carl Hagelin a clean breakaway and he went to his backhand to beat Dustin Tokarski at 7:27. To add insult to injury, Canadiens castoff Ryan McDonagh picked up the second assist on the goal.”

  8. Carp, great job as usual.

    Quick question I should know the answer but, can nyr call up anyone from hfd?? Or has that ship sailed when their season ended or nhl playoffs started? I wouldn’t mind seeing a veteran like Asham or Powe go into lineup rather than Fast. Thoughts?

  9. bull dog line on

    can’t mention Klein barry, he was traded for Del Zotto, and we were all told how bad a trade that was because Del Zotto has a future, and Klein was not any good.

  10. BickelsPickle on

    What a messy game. I don’t think the Habs are a better team. For a while though I was thinking these are the Rangers we all know and love – the ones that, you know, can’t finish. That kid goalie got flaws, and they need to expose him. I’m pretty confident the Rangers will play a much better game on Tuesday… they seem to always bounce back after these messy games.

  11. BickelsPickle on

    I like Klein. He’s a real solid D-man. He has cough-ups like everyone, and he’s also playing with a youngster in J. Moore. He also seems like a really good teammate from what I’ve seen off-ice.

  12. Man did I chew my playoff towel to pieces last night. When St. Louis scored I could barely muster any energy to flip out. These games are an inch away from going the other way.

    What a game by Boyle and Hagelin. I thought the refs we’re ok but not great. I will have to watch the tape again later today but can all 8 of those really been truly a penalty.

    Pouliot I mean done of his weird just awful. Carp right so many guys struggled but when you have a scorer in St. Louis who could come through in a big spot wow just wow.

    Three down one to go. Nothing else should be discussed. These last 60 mins will be the hardest.

  13. Not their best game by amyeans but the breaks were there.
    If/when the Habs lose this series it be as a result of the Price injury, just not because of goaltending.

    That whole “we’re healthy late in the post season” thing is over. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that they throw another cheap shot at yet another center last night. This series has taken off in a direction I didn’t expect. I figured Pittsburgh would be the side show opponent.

    Either way like St Louis said last night – they have to close this out. They do not want to let these guys back into this series again especially with important guys needing some healing time.

  14. For the most part I haven’t has any issues with the way Pouliot has played. But he doesn’t take some terrible penalties.

    No matter what happens the rest of the way here, I don’t think you can complain about guys like him, Boyle or Moore anymore. They’ve all been a huge part of what this team has been doing

  15. Klein deserves a ton of credit too. Can’t bad mouth that trade anymore.

    Certainly can’t argue w Tampa taking a first rounder from us anymore either.
    Wonder if Callahan is watching any of these games..

  16. Good morning, boneheads!

    Carp, nice review, but bite your tongue on #15, will ya?

    I’m glad you mentioned it, because Hagelin wasn’t the only hero on Marty’s GWG. Nash kept the puck in the zone by winning his battle on the far boards, went for a change. Richards( who was far from spectacular yesterday ) came on and kept the puck in the zone *twice* by winning his battles before sliding the puck to Hagelin. MSL was left alone by Emelin who decided to have a better view of what his partner was doing instead of covering his man. The rest is history. Speaking of Emelin. Therrein was forced ( again) to resort to 2 D-pairs in OT because he can’t trust his 3rd pair, while AV kept rolling 3 pairs. Who knew this team could have better depth than Montreal?

    They need to try and close it in Montreal. The book on Tokarski is out- he goes forward aggressively and commits early. Make a pause and shoot hard up high.

    Exciting times, folks. Enjoy the ride!

  17. Theweeds300 on

    Another cardio inducing game…could have gone either way.

    Any thought to Toronto actually being able to make any of these missed calls (both ways)? So many missed calls it’s not funny any more. Those knees suddenly contracting last night were a joke. How about fining officials for being so bad?? Likely can’t do that, as fines might outpace their pay for the playoffs!

  18. “If only Nash would start being a force ……”

    Tell me about it…if Nash had been doing what he’s paid a lot of money to do, this series would be over already and we’d be waiting for the winner of LA vs. CHI. And the previous series wouldn’t have gone seven games.

  19. Minimum Garden gets another hockey game this season. Jimmy can get a bigger house on the little Island he lives on.

    I think the OT penalty was D Moore trying to embellish for a penalty since the Refs seemed to fall for a couple prior to OT. But he got snagged.

  20. Robby Bonfire on

    I may be the one Ranger fan who is really pissed off, today. Look, it has come down to the reality that this team CAN WIN the Stanley Cup this year, IF if puts Carl H. on the power play. Hags has become one of the two timely offensive forces on this team, along with MSL, in these playoffs, but STILL he gets no PP time.

    I do not see this physically undermanned team getting by LA or Chicago, IF they get that far. Certainly if they get to the Finals, they will be heavy underdogs. When you are the underdog you have to step up and take chances to change that dynamic.

    Let me give you a good analogy about a reticent, underdog team that did not take the bull by the horns and got blown out… Back in the mid 90’s the Eagles were a prohibitive 13-point underdog vs. the Cowboys in an early playoff round. On the first possession of game, Philly moved the ball to the Dallas six yard line, where it became fourth and goal. You can “play it safely” here and kick a FG; or you can take immediate control of the game and change the underdog dynamic,if you take a shot at the end zone and succeed in scoring a touchdown. The tentative Philly coach opted for the FG, and the Cowboys then took control of the game.

    This is the position the Rangers are in. The Rangers need to step up and make one dramatic upgrade to their offense, to get over the top, and not be shy about it.
    Isn’t it easier to score a PP goal than it is to score a short-handed goal? Look, with the injuries and the suspension, Hags is not just a role player any more. He is now a principal offensive weapon.

    I hate to see my team go down because of a lack of vision and the lack of a little ration of guts. What the hell is wrong with AV that he buys into what was Torts’ limited vision of what Hags could mean to this team?

    We lose a closely-contested SC Final, I am going to be the most irate and disgusted Ranger fan who ever came down the pike.

    As matters now stand, Chicago, if they get past LA, is just too deep, too talented, and too confident, given their recent Stanley Cup Finals victories, for the Rangers not to take effective compensating measures, starting immediately.

    We are not as talented, physical, or healthy as was Boston last year vs. Chicago, yet Boston came up short with the chips down on their home ice. We need to improvise some changes that will catch Chicago off-balance, starting with the obviously mandated upgrade to our Power Play.


  21. @ilb:

    Good analysis of the last shift leading to the goal. Richards, Hags and MSL were so strong on the puck on that last shift. Each one made fantastic plays to keep the puck in the zone.

    MSL is unreal. the way he backed away and found open ice in anticipation of Hags/Richards keeping the puck in the zone along the boards..

    Go watch the replay of that goal and see how spectacular that line was on that shift!

  22. That MSL goal wow… I was trying my best to tell him to stop shooting to the Kids best weapon, his glove side. MSL ignored me thankfully.

    As they say sometimes you have to win going through an opponents strengths.

  23. As always, thanks Carp for your review. Coffee and Carp’s review, who could want more every post game morning?

    I agree that we should have won game 3 and lost and we should have lost game 4 and won. Karma?

    I thought all 8 were penalties to be honest, but, at least two were embellished so obviously that Oscars could have been handed out.

    Pouliot. I think the guy played his heart out the second half of the season, but he seems to be resorting back to the game that had most of us saying he should be benched. Discipline dude!!

    Best forward on the ice all series has been Hags. His speed kills and he just plays hard and smart. I’m surprised Therion isn’t having him targeted by this point (maybe he is, and they just can’t catch him :) ).

    I always defended MDZ, but the trade of him for Klein was exactly what we needed to give us a legit third pair. He’s been really good, and even show’s some offensive skills.

    If I hear any more about how great Tokarski has been I’m gonna puke. He’s been average. As Carp said, they aren’t down in the series because of him, but he’s beatable. He gives up juicy rebounds, is vulnerable up high if they can keep him back in his net (and the Rangers, you know, actually HIT the net). The Habs have blocked a ton of shots and have been good at getting to rebounds. It seems the Rangers are just missing getting to the puck.

    Still don’t want to make the St Louis trade? Or the Gabby trade? Or even the Nash trade?

  24. Sioux-per-man on

    Good morning boys!

    Spot in review Carp!

    Thank God for St. Louis’s OT goal last night. Biggest goal of the of this series!

    How sweet to win a game that you could have easily have lost. Up 3-1!

    You know the Habs made another trade, Miller did injure himself, we could call up another player, just to pour salt into the wound, PRUST saying!

  25. Robby can’t you relax and enjoy the ride? Could anyone (except maybe me) see them getting to this point in the season? With this team? Enjoy this as a magical ride and realize that we just aren’t supposed to be here. Management has a bit more work to do. I agree that both LA and Chicago are probably deeper than us, but so was Pittsburgh. I’ve seen Crawford the last few games and he’s looked terrible. Goalies make a difference. Quick could match us there though. I’m content to make the finals and of course I want us to win the Cup, but you know what? I will look back on this season a month after, no matter what very fondly. The boys found their onions, and they’ve been a fun watch most of the season.

    I really don’t think Hags being on the PP would change much of anything. Heck, we are up 3-1 and one game from the finals. What more do you want? If we win the Cup will you be complaining that they could have been better?

  26. Sweet game…winning in OT against a team that rarely takes penalties…..justice! I thought they would disallow Haglins goal because of two few men on the ice. I am not sure how fast Brassard’s shot was…but it took three replays and a change of angles for me to see it..and I am still not sure I did. AV…I used to ask on this very website if AV had a pulse…obviously…no pulse is necessary to survive in playoff mode….he just may be the French version on the most interesting man in the world..stay thirsty my friends!

  27. Robby Bonfire on

    You nailed it Steve – the difference between us. I am NOT content “Just to make it to the Finals.” You, apparently are. That’s your privilege.

    I want Dom Perignon champagne, not Gatorade. I want the Stanley Cup on Broadway, not The Styrofoam Cup runner-up award.

  28. bull dog line on

    you wouldn’t like any of it Robby. you are not capable of enjoying it.

  29. Btw..and I said it at time…Del Zotto for Klein..was huge. Teams deep in the pkayoffs need dmen like Klein..not MDZ…having a reliable third pair is so important….they eat minutes and while there are mo.ents of scramble [just like our top two pairs] they usually get the job done. On visitor ice their job becomes more difficult..but tbe road had been kind to them this year due ti ther work ethic..may the wind continue to ge at their backs.

    Howie Rose..used to sneak into MSG with him during our QC days..apparently, he still gets in for free..well, he has earned it! Give him my regards…

  30. Robby Bonfire on

    Bull Dog –

    Good add, the 24 minutes logged by Hags, BUT, if I may add, his PP time allotment was ZERO minutes.

    HOW you deploy your talent is as big a factor in winning (or losing) as is how much talent you have. Hagelin’s best talent, his ability to out-skate the competition and get to an open ice area, is being wasted and squandered by this coach. Especially as we now know he can score, one-on-one, on this goalie.

  31. bull dog line on

    these 6 forwards played the power play last night. Brassard, Pouliot, Zucc. Nash, St Louis,, and Kreider. Richards played the point. which one would use Hagelin instead of?

  32. Robby, hags stinks on the pp
    SteveNJ yea I would like the Nash trade back. Overall Sather knows how to trade, no idea about managing cap money or free agents though. Trade Nash up north some where, cut Richards who btw was awful last night until the last play of the game.
    KK did deserve a shout out by Carp as well

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Very Choppy game – if refs call it both ways we are talking about the battle of the PPs and not how the embarrassment, er..embellishment calls are making a mockery of the officials and the game.

    Fact of the matter, this series should be over. The Habs are a one line wonder with little push from the bottom 6. That said, this is far from over, but the road warriors are going to put to bed the ghosts up there once and for all.

    Hags – jeez, this guy is just so impressive. What a motor and desire to play winning hockey. Not easy covering up for Bucky in Dzone.

    Henk was good not great, but Staal has reverted to slo mo and J Moore can be a fright show. Seems like Staal needs to be away from home to play well because he has been off both games at MSG.

    Nash – please, enough with the kudos of the leagues’ most expensive defensive specialist. This guy is a schlub. Turnover machine.

    D Moore – worst game so far, but look what he has to work with. Blew a 2 on 1 shooting into Goalie’s logo and not even recognizing open winger

    Boyle and Dorsett played great, just need a banger on that 4th line, not Rafi Diaz or some kid (Fast, etc) Fine with Miller there if he is OK.

    MZA- didn’t show up on score sheet, but a great game. Becoming aggressive on PK as well.


    Lord knows you won’t make it easy on us…

  34. Robby, I want it all too. Of course I do. But I also realize that this is a magical ride. This isn’t the ’94 Rangers, which was about as perfect a put together team as I’ve ever seen, and yet, they barely won the cup. As I’ve been saying all series, we are playing with house money at this point. By our record, we should have been out a round ago, and now we are one win away from the SCF!!! Yes it’s a flawed team, but so are all the other teams left. Would Hags playing on the PP make a difference in our situation? How COULD it? How can I get pissed off at where we are now? I don’t need to win every game 6-0 to enjoy the ride.

  35. Re #4 … I won’t / wouldn’t claim anti-Rangers bias because I think that’s dumb. I will speculate about longer series bias and leading vs trailing bias. None of the calls individually were egregious, just the tilt in number and the fact that a disciplined team set their season high mark just 44 minutes into Game #100 on the season. Maybe coincidence. Maybe not. But not anti-NY bias.

  36. Carp pleasure meeting you last night.Sorry I couldn’t here you so good.I must be getting old. People in my section were asking me who is that,I told them his name is Rick Carpiniello&He has a blog called Rangers Report check it out.Maybe you picked up a few more readers.Coffee & you’re review in the morning good start to the day.

  37. Admiral Akbar on

    Martin St. Louis is a player coming from the same tradition of great players who can CONSISTENTLY elevate their game in playoffs and become the difference makers:

    Messier, Leetch, Richter, Doug Gilmour, Steve Yzerman, Esa Tikkanen, Zach Parise, Patrick Roy, etc…

  38. I really agree with point 10. Sather the bum did good in the Klein MDZ trade also. Lets see where MDZ winds up and for how much moolah and see if he ever figures things out. Believe it or not time is starting to be an issue.

    Zucc is a heck of a player, great compete and vision… I thought Staal did not have his best game and Kreider did struggle. I thought the Miller penalty should have been on the canadiens also…

    Richards has looked tired/slow last few games and regardless of what the Rangers or he does they must buy him out for the teams long term success. MSL has been really good in the playoffs but by no way did the Rangers get a steal of a trade , 2 firsts is a huge bounty. They got value and gave up value. Not sure why Callahan had this idea of what he was worth that is so out of line accept if the Sabres over pay by a lot for the local boy, and his persona which they may do but is not worth the cost. Not sure if Ryan is having fun either mowing lawns with his brother right now or playing golf but he gave up the captaincy of the Rangers for what an extra 2 years and $12 mill.. Either way he was going to be set for life financially…

  39. I refuse to discuss the delegation of ice time and situation play for individuals at this stage of the game. It’s game 4 of the Conference finals not a Wednesday night in early December. We’re all entitled to our opinions though so I wont say you’re wrong Robby.

    I will say this though- A lot of analysts mumbling already mumbling about these two teams playing for a chance to get beat by either LA or Chicago. Biggest reason they need to close this out early is to try to get a few extra days of rest and not get beat up for an extra 120 minutes. You won two in Montreal already. Go take a third.

  40. Carp, great review, thanks.

    That was a tough one to watch, the terror:excitement ratio was through the roof.
    Pleasure to be able to watch NHL network again, so much easier and for me, only possible, when we win.

    Get well, Step. We’re going to need you.

    LGR !!!

  41. Admiral Akbar on

    Lots of comments here about ref’s bias towards trailing team – but try this:

    Could any of this undicsciplined play be attributed to the fact the Rangers are in the ECF and are sniffing the Cup Finals? Could it just be the pressure mounting on a team of which not much has been expected beyond getting through a round of the playoffs? Could this “un-disciplined” play be also partly due to the side-show games played by Therien since game 1?

    I think just calling “ref bias” is simplistic and not really true.

  42. Need to add this comment- I never realized how intense of a player St. Louis is. He’s always had a reputation as a great player and teammate but the intensity isn’t something you see in a lot of players in this league these days. He’s old school.

  43. The Rangers penalties were penalties…..geez we start sounding like Pens or Devil fans at home……most way away from our own net. Lucky. The Habs yea the like to embellish, keep your sticks down, hit like Dorsett did on Georges, that will free up pucks all night. AV says they are penalties so enough with the conspiracies.

  44. they were penalties but the embelishments were penalties also… how is the canadien players collarbone on the supposed high stick to the face?

  45. Admiral Akbar on

    Anyone hear from “Slatsko Folkyerself” (Ryan Callahan for that matter?)

    Glen Sather = monster

  46. Agreed Admiral. Since there’s so much talk of 1994 lately, it’s only fitting to mention that back in that era that hit from Prust wouldn’t have been anything out of the norm. You can go on youtube and fine Messier in a Rangers uniform throwing his elbow into people’s faces like nobody’s business. It’s what happens in the playoffs. I think the worst part of any of it is the refs just not getting a lot of it right. Is Montreal embellishing,diving, whining and trying to hurt players? Absolutely. Is it going to get any better for either team in the Stanley Cup Finals? No. At the end of the day it’s going to happen. The important part is that the refs get it right. And they haven’t done so consistently.

  47. I don’t think that anyone was arguing about the validity of the calls against the Rangers. The only arguable one was the Miller call, where I think Weaver went to hit him and lost.

    The thing is, they called 90% of Rangers infractions, and less than 50% of Montreal’s. Agree with MD, too often they call based on series/score.

  48. exactly, Gravy. The officiating has been lousy. that doesn’t mean that the Rangers didn’t commit the penalties they were assessed.

  49. Can someone post a clip of Subban’s Swan Lake performance? Puts even soccer players to shame.

  50. iManny-O-War on

    The rangers committed all but one of the penalties called on them.

    The problem with the officiating was that it didn’t get called the other way.

    The officials also let a LOT go from both teams.

    Rangers are so lucky to have won.

  51. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Yev, @ 6:52…..VIBIN’!!!!!!

    Everything vibin’, too!! Except I’m doing it at 10:29 am because I couldn’t freaking sleep after getting home and watching the post game show endlessly to see what I missed till 3:00 am!!!!

    But, seriously, I am sitting with a cup of java, kitchen counter, first thing….ONLY thing I want to do is read ‘The Review’, wonderful as it is, Carpy, wonderful!!

    Kev, all of your points, right on!!

  52. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Yes, and Bickle @10:28, that was visible in the arena from our seats, too. This team is ‘skilled’ at embellishment. But, most certainly Dorsett does it, Carcillo, or most all of our players and they get 2 minutes, too!!

    It was a little hard to take the 3 times it happened. Get high sticked? Let the ref make the call. He doesn’t need help.

    Disgusting that Montreal stoops to that. Disgusting that the inept ref’s fall for that. One freaking embellishment call will put that out of sight.

  53. Matty”WhyNot!!”Boy
    Yev, @ 6:52…..VIBIN’!!!!!!

    Thanks Brother!


  54. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Man, we did have a couple of booming hits. Georges got creamed by Dorsett. Nice, clean hit.

    Vanek got sandwiched on the other end by 2 Rangers? A thing of beauty!! Clobbered in the 3rd. (was on the other end, could see, but think #18 was one of them)

  55. CARP here’s my suggestion to eliminate embellishment once and got all…..

    The NHL refs have a difficult job, probably the most difficult in ALL of professional sports due to the speed, contact and violence inherent in every game. The unsportsmanlike embellishments by the players in today’s game is not only embarrassing, but making a difficult job (refereeing) so much more difficult. Everyone but the on ice officials have an advantage watching replays – it’s unfortunate but the refs ( the most important arbitraiitor) just don’t have the ability to see the replay.

    I have a real simple suggestion on how the league can eliminate the BS embellishment that is prevalent (especially it seems with certain teams and organizations) today.

    Each game, allow each Coach a single replay challenge specifically for embellishment – If the replay determines (either by review in Toronto or at the game site by a replay official – preferably not an on ice game referee) that the player who drew the penalty “embellished”, that player’s team should be punished with a double minor penalty and the original
    penalty should be voided out.

    Get this crap out of the game. It has no place.

  56. Good morning all! I’m not letting anybody ruin my happy day, even though it’s gorgeous and I have to work.

    A win is a win and I will take it no matter how we come by it. Praying we wrap this tomorrow and move on up!!!!

  57. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Brassard likes the big stage. Is he consistent enough for all the Haters?

  58. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    It was amazing how Hags just could not be stopped by MTL. At this point in the PO’s, they are just too slow. He was all over them most every shift.

    That same speed was not evident from THE. No center? Off night? Sore? Whatever, we need more from him and a handful that did really struggle last night, listed above.

    The ‘feel’ in the arena, late 3rd, was almost like the feel from the 2nd on in game 4, Pittsburgh. We didn’t forecheck, had way too many penalties, couldn’t get to the front of the net for rebounds, couldn’t protect ours as well. Not much hope.

    Quieter than one would expect in such an important game? Yes. But there were spontaneous LGR chants almost every minute.

    It was a surprise that they won. I believe most people felt that way.

  59. Did they arrest the sniper who kept shooting Habs from the stands all night?

    Was it Lucic?

  60. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Klein was excellent last night. All the PK time and he had to be moved up. Not only was he solid but provided some offensive bursts.

    Re-sign Klein.

  61. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “I will never rest until I kill every Hab player over and over. Like a Swiss clock”

  62. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Usually in the WWE of the NHL, the ref’s even up the calls or come close to it. Rarely have we become accustomed to such a lopsided number, including one in OT.

    Their calls may not have been meant to be game changing, but the lack of equity, given the amount of ‘missed’ calls on MTL was worthy of note.

  63. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    I’d like to know what Therien can complain about prior to game 5?

    Therien: “We had too much PP time. Disrupted our flow.”

    Therien: “Price is still injured. Kreider still ran him.”

    Therien: “The extra day off hurt us. We were too rested.”

    Therien: “The Rangers had too few working centers. I guess it confused us all.”

    Therien: “We missed Stepan. His lack of speed is what we had accommodated to.”

    Therien: “There were a few missed calls by the refs.”

    Whine, baby, whine.

  64. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    It’s so awesome that, finally, The Rangers are being discussed on tv and radio. Man, finally!!!! Took 20 years!!!

    LGR!! LGR!!

  65. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Matty – one of the Habs blogs mention the refs were screwing Montreal over by calling all those penalties given their lackluster PP.

  66. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    As bad as the rangers were, the Habs were even worse. Five more PPs and each team with 29 shots. The Rangers really need to use their speed and set up zone time. Brassard’s line is adept at crashing the net…need more from THE and Gnash

  67. Robby Bonfire on

    Good God, Steve, your statement “Hags stinks on the PP” is completely unfounded. Hags, and I check this every game, has ZERO PP minutes the last two seasons under Torts and AV.

    I guess, as an intense horse player for 15 years, I learned some lessons the hard way that I now take for granted, lessons that many people have no conception of – starting with “The best bet in the world is the one in which you are guaranteed to either win or break even.”

    Apply this concept to the Rangers recent 0-34 Power Play drought. How in the Hell can anyone say that trying Carl Hagelin, in the middle of that impoverished streak, would have made it worse? YOU DON’T KNOW THAT! There is zero evidence to support that “theory,: besides which, it would have been mathematically impossible to become worse below zero production.

    Carl Hagelin, along with MSL and Hank, is now one of the three stars of this impressive Rangers playoff run. You show me one other team in the NHL which refuses to give PP time to all of its top offensive players? This crap is an extension of the Sather mentality that young Rangers organizational players are just roster fillers and role players, and can never graduate to more important responsibility, and can never become more productive, beyond mediocrity.

    It is crazy. As currently coached, managed and administered, if this club makes it to the Finals, I see this club getting bounced in five games to Chicago or LA.

    This Rangers – Montreal semi-final is the losers bracket, consolation round match-up. Whoever advances gets creamed in the Finals. And yet, with the physically-hurting roster we have been reduced to, we have people here who refuse to become flexible in their thinking, and evaluate the situation based upon reality, rather than their fantasies.

    Good luck with that.

  68. I’ve watched the replay several times, I still don’t see DMoores stick making contact with diehardnails on the tripping call that led to the tying goal.

    DMOOPS swung it in a slashing / chopping downward motion and the player fell, but I didn’t see any contact.

    Am I missing it????

  69. and yeah, the statement that all 8 of the penalties called against the Rangers were actually penalties is lunacy, too. whether you want to put that down to the league trying to bury the Rangers or simply incompetent officiating is really immaterial. I know it’s very easy for people to claim that conspiracies are dumb without taking into account that every money-making venture in the world conspires to an extent to insure its continued existence, but I also tend to think a lot of the people who rail against conspiracies are missing why it would be in the league’s best interest to see a series that’s clearly got all kinds of heat attached to it go longer than 4 or 5 games.

    regardless, one of the absolute penalties called last night was Pouliot’s utterly brain dead holding-of-the-stick in OT which was not only the kind of thing that can cost a team a series (given the timing) but underscores a somewhat scary trend from Pouliot of playing very stupid hockey. that it seems to be trending upward in the playoffs makes it all the more problematic. Pouliot simply isn’t good enough to take the kinds of penalties he takes and get away with it.

  70. Carp, your reviews here should be required reading for hockey beat writers around the U.S. Nice picture on top…THE #20 should be penalized for embellishment on that play!

  71. The best way to stop whining is to WIN WIN WIN

    So let’s close this out on Tuesday and get everyone into the rehabilitating whirlypool

  72. Great read Carp !

    “It’s our turn now, it’s our turn.. No doubt it’s our turn” – Marty St. Louis
    That gave me goosebumps.

  73. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Robbie – you better include Brassard on the list of Ranger Stars….every one of his 5 goals in 15 games has been huge. You want a horse man’s sure thing? When #16 scores, the Rangers win.

  74. Discussion on Hagelin going on the PP, Who takes his minutes on PK? The guy will run out of gas with special teams and regular shift. I know Nash and St.louis do it but I think they manage their time better as they have much more experience in the league. Who do we take off the PP, don’t say Richards because like him or not he gets the puck to the net and seems to settle down the 1st unit. He’ll get his shot when Richie and St Louis are gone. Can’t we enjoy Nash for what he does bring? Granted he was brought here to be the power forward goal scorer but he has contributed to the PK and been very good defensively. We got Bure to be a goal scorer years ago but he never backchecked and unfortunately was never the goal scorer due to bad wheels. We’re one game away from the SC finals! How many games is Lucic away? How much better is Boston playing in the ECF? Enjoy the collection of misfits that don’t play as well as we want but have a legit shot at the SC finals.

  75. Robby you have no clue on Hagelin/power play. Hagelin has great wheels, that by far is his greatest skill. He beats guys to loose pucks which is not really valuable on the powerplay since the Pkers are playing a pseudo zone and aren’t going to chase him

    Play making, seeing the ice and being a good shooter are the valuable power play skills. You would never say Hagelin is ahead of Brassard, Zuccarello, Richards, Nash, St Louis, Stephan or even Pouilet in any of those.

    He’s having an awesome playoff year, no argument there but it’s simple to see why he’s not on the power play.

  76. I think Richards has no business ever being on the point in a professional hockey game. I don’t care how many game 7 “wins” he’s got. The guy is a liability on the point.

  77. bull dog line on

    there is no doubt that Boyle is a big time play off performer. he has stated that he wants to stay. I hope he means it. he has earned a new deal with the Rangers. I think Boyle is smart enough to realize what it means to be a Ranger. unlike that fool of a former captain. if the Rangers offer Boyle a fair market deal, he will take it like Girardi did.

  78. ThisYearsModel on

    Great column on McD. Can’t help but think the Rangers stole one last night. Let’s hope they finish it tomorrow night.

  79. Robby Bonfire on

    If Montreal had a decent power play, we would be in trouble, there. I would rather upgrade our own PP and take my chances on a refitted Rangers PK with whomever gets slotted there in place of Hags. Except it is not going to happen.

    My wishful thinking for a Hags upgrading of our PP does not impress, nor impact the Rangers thinking, if they even know about it, which I doubt? Do AV and Sather come here to access our opinions? My guess is – not a chance. We are merely “fans” with an opinion, as low on the food chain as it gets.

  80. bull dog line on

    Boyle is the type of player you win with in the playoffs. that is where is real value is. the regular season he would not be missed much. playoff time he would be missed a lot.

  81. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Buyout Richards. Sign Dubinski. All we need then is a big crease clearing monster D man and we will make a run in the east every year….

  82. Wow. One of those great, amazing nights at the Garden. They’re all fun, but there are not many like that. That one will rank up there with the Richards goal against the Caps in game 4 2012. Though the Rangers were pretty sloppy at times, when they were 5 on 5 and got som flow going they were actually pretty good, and I anticipate they’ll play better next time.

  83. While I don’t necessarily think Hags should be on the PP, he does have good hands around the net.

  84. I’ll take Hagelin on the power play over Brad Richards any day of the week

  85. I don’t know what gets into Brassard once the playoffs start but between this and the last postseason, he becomes a superstar in May.

  86. The Kreider up top with his patented swimming pool leap. This dude could dunk on Pat Ewing. Has to use this move on the ice somehow. Somehow. Suggestions?

  87. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    The Rangers need to win the puck battles and puck races. Then it’s game, set, match, Championship.

  88. A leaping kung-fu kick into Subban’s chest followed by poking home the loose puck in front of Tokarski?

  89. Yes, Lloyd, the league would like to bury the Rangers because, let’s say, NY-LA SCF would mean a tremendous revenue loss for the league.

  90. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lloyd – totally agree. Some players just simply rise during the post season. Brassard is uber clutch.

  91. look, Kreider does take a lot of stupid penalties and his hockey sense isn’t where it needs to be yet, but there’s so much to be excited about in his game. the guy is a legitimate monster and has an edge to him. he needs to play no matter what.

    and if the bearded shrimp is still coaching this team, Chris Kreider’s probably still in the press box.

  92. bull dog line on

    the Rangers won last night while not playing there best game. they now have leadership on this team that will makes sure everybody knows they did not play well. I expect them to play really well tuesday.

  93. I’m always amazed at how many people think #21 is Stephan. Mostly because his name is on the back of the sweater.

  94. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Bulldog – indeed. I expect a blowout win. Game 5 will be a Ranger masterpiece.

  95. one thing from Carp’s post that I do agree with and it echoes what you just said, bull dog, is that the Rangers didn’t play very well. between the stupid penalties and the 15% of the game spent in the penalty box, it just seemed like they didn’t have the same effort Montreal did. yet they won anyway. I also expect them to come back strong tomorrow night and send these bums off to spear-fish or whatever people in Montreal do in May.

  96. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    While it certainly is energizing to hear your home building roar with approval, the sweetest sound in sports is when you’re on the road and the building is ensconced in silence as a result of the assen whoopin you put on the home team.

  97. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Bulldog – I said to myself in 86, Rookie Goalie, too much pressure, he’ll fold like a tent. I’ve always hated that neck twitching tool.

  98. Long time since I posted here. But I’m always reading the post-game reviews. We have GOT to stop going to the box so much, especially in their building. That said, Subban fell like he was shot yesterday when he felt that stick hit his skates. Milbury is right, there needs to be an immediate HARSH penalty on the ice for embellishment, because I’m sick of seeing Subban/Plekanec/any other NHL player doing all this extra stuff for a call.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Great reading Carp ( Josh too), lots of stuff and even the MCD article that ya wrote . I’m going back to reading with my Coffee to finish ( rest of column and what you wrote ) . I didn’t know if ya saw but I finished a marathon yesterday and as right now , really really stiff .

    Now I dunno if this was said but , that goal by MSL was his biggest goal as a Ranger , right?

  100. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Sue ban is a fraud. A showman without ability. Booming shot from the point, sure. But a tool nonetheless.

  101. Jus to be honest Carp. Their is a ton of people on Canadian social media saying the Habs got clear ref favoritism. It’s all over the place not just Ranger town. You don’t have to call it a conspiracy when it’s plain in site. You can take the bi-partial stance that’s fine, but you’d have to be blind not to see more than a dozen missed calls on the Habs that we’re more than worth a penalty call.

    As far as the penalties the rangers didn’t deserve. BB for touching plaekanics shoulder, JT miller for interference when he was engaged and won a battle. I don’t agree with the Richards penalty either since the Rangers have been slew footed every game now several times.

  102. London Broil on

    Montreal didnt get a penalty for the final 29 minutes of the game. I think we all know it had nothing to do with refs being blind or sucking or stupid. It had everything to do with bias. They decided this game in favor of Montreal and it took a superhuman performance from Henrik and a superhuman finish from Marty for us to win. 6 on 10. Wouldn’t the league make more revenue with Montreal in the finals instead of New York? I guess that puts an end to the idiotic excuse that the NHL would love the revenue associated with New York in the Finals.

  103. Brother texted me at start of overtime it was time for St Loiuis to score…..officials extremely frustrating again…if they are calling tight game it has to be consistent for both teams..and it wasn’t…by the way if league is fining for water bottle squirts how about for embellishment….at least shed some light on certain players making a mockery of the game

  104. London Broil on

    If the NHL wanted New York to win so badly, every rule the commissioner, owners and players association institute wouldnt be designed to hamper New York’s financial advantage.

  105. bull dog line on

    the Canadiens are like the Cowboys in the NFL, and the Yankees in MLB. they get the calls in the big spots. and when they don’t they whine about it till they do. it is just the way it is.

  106. ThisYearsModel on

    Montreal had the puck in the Rangers zone far too often without the penalties. Rangers could not string a few passes together to get out of the defensive zone. 2 breakaways when their D were asleep and the turnover and 3 goals. They will have to be a lot better tomorrow night.

  107. Rangers PP at 27% for this round, returning to the better ice in Montreal tomorrow. Yeah, definitely time to panic and re-engineer the power play.

  108. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    And the Academy Award for Embellishment goes to……….Sue Ban, for his performance in the second period. It’s the story of a D man getting nudged in the face causing him to jump three feet in the air BOTH SKATES.

    An amazing bit of acting.

  109. Totallt agree about Hags speed working against him on power play. His strengths don’t benefit the PP.

    I think we all know the youngsters can become great someday, but need guidance. Hence the current need for Richards, Gnasher & MSL oh and also Hank for giving Talbot a template for success.

    Also guys like Nash get way more attention in the Playoffs & allows more space & opportunity for others. We put our best on Cindy & he did about as well as Nash… but nobody else was able to step into the void Cindy’s attention offered up.

  110. I don’t think it’s because of league revenue why their was clear favoritism. My guess is two things. Either betting, or just political friendships within the business.

  111. London Broil on

    Thats completely false. New York gets screwed in every sport. In baseball, too. Again, every rule instituted is designed to hamper New York. They dont get the luxury of anything in their favor. As a Giants fan, the Cowboys also dont get all the calls. If they did, they would be better than a .500 team since 1998.

  112. How often is possible say Milbury is right on this blog & not be sarcastic or ridiculed.

    There does need to be a solution to the soccer flop bleeding into our great & noble sport.

  113. London Broil on

    Completely absurd. Blind, dumb, suck, revenues, blah blah blah blah blah. No, they are just anti New York. There’s no shame in acknowledging the truth. It’s not a conspiracy.

  114. Can’t imagine that Klein attacked in the O zone so much as he did without the green light from AV/Ulf. And McD, in his pairing (30 minutes) generally stayed back and played steady D. Unexpected tweak?

  115. The boiler I remember JD when he was play calling used to be disgusted by it as well. When it started creeping in more during the 90’s. It really should be the worst infraction because it’s dishonest. Crosby and co brought it to a new level, and I stand by myself when u say that cup they won a couple of years ago was not deserved in the slightest.

  116. I’m not looking ahead (not yet), but I will so look forward (when/if we do) to the boys showing the world (and a lot of you boneheads) that they are not going to simply roll over for LA or Chicago. That’s not going to happen. I expect whichever team we face (when/if we do) (am I hedging my bets or what?) we will have a really tough series and no one is walking over the Blueshirts!

  117. Extenze Sather. That’s all!

    I’ll admit, I didn’t like the Del Z/Klein swap. But Klein has been solid. So unless Del Z turns into Drew Doughboy or Duncan Keith, I wont say a bad word aboot the trade.

    And last night I was giving Girardi shyte for the Bouillon Cube goal. It was actually Stralman. My mistake. I’ve been confusing those two a lot lately. I feel like Sam Rosen!

  118. bull dog line on

    guess you are not old enough to remember the “Hail Mary” play london. or maybe Jeffrey Mair. I can go on, but won’t.

  119. Some of you guys are spot on today. Manny has it right too- just win win win. play your game and go right for the throat in game 5. I said earlier this morning that the Price injury will be what sinks Montreal, but it won’t be because of goaltending. In the end it will be because theyve made a circus out of things. If this was their mind set against Boston they would have gotten swept or lost in 5. Need to close it out before they decide to get back to playing hockey.

  120. Shocked at all the seemingly increased diving. It’s beneath the dignity of hockeyists.

  121. Glitchgoal… I relly miss JD in the booth. But he’s been a good trading partner for us since he left.

  122. London Broil on

    Jeffrey Maier, almost 20 years ago, and you’re still pointing to that. We’re not in the 1990s anymore!!! The Hail Mary. More than 20 years ago.

  123. Shoot me for saying it, but Carillo’s request for a hearing to lower his 10 games could prove helpful if we get to the finals.

  124. bull dog line on

    does it matter when these plays took place? they took place, that is all that is relevant to this discussion.

  125. Most of those penalties were actual penalties. The high stick on Plekanec was BS. The D.Moore trip, honestly, NBCSN showed one clip of it, and I couldn’t tell. A few were soft and should have been let go.

    I’m not going to say it’s a conspiracy against NYR. If that were the case, THE would have been given a major for the collision with Price.

    To tell you the truth, a part of me thought this was some kind of punishment for the Carcillo incident and AV calling out the linesman in his presser. I’m not going to read to much into that though.

  126. bull dog line on

    I guess I can’t bring up the to many men on the ice penalty against Boston in 79. game 7, Boston up by a gaol, late 3rd. against Montreal, at the Forum. ring a bell?

  127. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think it is more a nationalism issue. Canadiens are a very nationalistic people, particularly when it comes to hockey. They have not had a champion in a very long time, hence the bias. The fact that they are playing against NY makes it easy.

    Dont get me wrong, I think 4-5 of our penalties were legit. That said, the Habs were not penalized on at least 6-7 different occasions when there were obvious penalties.

  128. Pity that it was impossible to trade Richie for that threesome instead of Gabby.

  129. Its possible Czech, but the root of the problem is that the refs have too much power, and they wind up most of the time deciding games. I think maybe hockey has become too fast to call on ice.

  130. eddie, Any athlete will accept almost any kind of officiating so long as it is consistent.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Habs will come out flying in game 5 but after the Rangers score twice in the first 2 minutes, it’s over.

  132. Congrats to Ovechkin and Malkin for winning yesterday in the world championship. I would also like to add, who cares ?


  133. London Broil on

    A few calls that went in the favor of those teams from more than 15 years ago is all you can remember. If doing a +/- of calls, the baseball team you mentioned has a -13500 over the past 15 years. There’s a reason they already lead the league in challenges overturned this season, because all of the close plays that have gone against them for the past several years can now be overturned with replay.

  134. Alain Amour on

    The game was officiated fairly. The Rangers were undisciplined. End the conspiracy theories.

  135. bull dog line on

    thanks James. I don’t know anymore than the next guy. maybe just watching sports a little longer than some here. I am only nearing 49 years of age.

  136. Wfan called me today for my insight. Was at pool with my son the producer wanted my opinion.

  137. Stepan joining team in. Montreal. His dad told me had extreme headache. We shall see

  138. Sorry its not that simple Alain. You can’t deny what you see. Even people who are bipartial are admitting it. The just accept it with no argument isn’t going to help.

  139. London Broil on

    Jaromir Jagr’s been my hockey hero for the past 10 years. No longer. Marty is my new hockey hero. What a man, what a leader, what a legend!

  140. Gregg, congrats on the 26 miles, i’ve run many Marathons (including Boston) and halfs.

    Best way to assure a good and expedited recovery, hop in a tub of ice water within 2-3 hours after the race and stay in as long as you can (at least 30 minutes but you can also get in out multiple times over a 2 hour period ). Makes a huge difference in recovery.

  141. Robby Bonfire on

    Hey, Norm, when you are 16 years old, as I am, you make rash comments. lol.

  142. Good Afternoon Boners! It’s a beautiful day in Rangertown. Here’s to the Rangers in 5 and feelin alive!

  143. Good afternoon, Sally!

    Yes, a shoutout to Kevin Klein is due. He has been a fabulous upgrade. My only arguments with him earlier were that people suggesting he was going to fill in for Girardi or Stralman if either didn’t get re-signed. He’s not a top-4 IMO. But he’s been terrific on the third pair. … we were joking in the pressbox when he had a couple of those chances that an NHL bylaw declares a series over if Klein scores. Go directly to the handshake line.

    nyr13, the Rangers have a taxi squad of Hartford guys practicing in case they need any of them, yes.

  144. As for Hagelin on the PP … don’t you think they’ve seen it in practice?

    He doesn’t have the hand skills or vision to play the point and he’s not better than any of the six or seven forwards who play PP minutes, where his speed becomes much less valuable.

  145. Welcome back Gene Rayburn to today’s episode of Match Game! The first question:

    When BLANK from the Rangers LoHud posters shaves in the morning mirror, there is a 5:2 chance that a penis is staring back at him

  146. I’m not getting ahead of myself, I’m only asking out of curiosity, but *IF* NYR win the Cup, does TJ Miller Justin Falk/Faulk and Raphael Diaz get a ring?

    Miller played 30 games this season & faw playoff games

    Diaz played 17 games between NYR/VAN & 2 playoff games

    Falk played 21 games, no playoffs.

  147. BTW, and belated … so confused I really don’t know what day it is …

    Happy Memorial Day! Take a minute to appreciate the significance.

  148. I went to med school to study interfered jaw surgery. Couldn’t take insurance for it though.

  149. I’ll answer my own question!

    Looking at Carcillo’s stats. He played 23 games for the Hawks and faw playoff games, and got a ring.

    So TJ Miller definitely would get one, along with Carcillo.

    Still not sure aboot Diaz & Falk/Faulk

  150. Glad there’s only one day between games- can you imagine what lunacy Therrion would come up with in his desperation:
    “Habs coach tells french media that Canadiens doubt that St. Louis mom is dead. ‘I’m just saying, if she wasn’t this whole thing would be a disgrace’ said Therrion- Gallagher chimed in with ‘Someone says they saw her shopping in Saskatoon.’

  151. Voice, I’m guessing here. I think they can make as many rings as they want. Whether their names go on the cup is a different story.

    The ’94 team all got rings, and then there were replica rings for all the staff, trainers, etc., and then replica pendants for all the wives, etc.

    One of the best moments was during training camp the following year when Mess presented a ring to Benny Ercolani, who was a 90-something Rye resident who used to wash the team laundry at the practice facility, and shine shoes, etc. Just loved being around the guys and treating them like grandsons.

    Messier called the entire team and staff into the lockerroom for the ceremony and they all cried like babies.

  152. Orr

    I believe you need play 41 reg season games or 1 final game. Not sure.

    However don’t jinx it or think it. Long way to go.

  153. bull dog line on

    it used to be if you played in 40 games for the team or played in the conference finals, you got your name on the cup. I am not sure if that still holds true.

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    I think it is more a nationalism issue. Canadiens are a very nationalistic people,

    Actually when you refer to Canadians , its not spelt the way the habs say it . ” IE ” is not the correct way , Prust saying.

    Papa , thanks so what about today ? No ice just hot shower or something? I iced my legs down after the race .. so , for today heats better? Whoa Boston marathon !!?? Your a fast one arnt ya , impressive. Thanks E3!

  155. gotta believe on

    Hope step plays…he going to Montreal… It would be a huge boost…just stay out ta the box and we r in gr8 shape..

  156. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vegas money line to win the Cup. As of right now:

    Rangers +152
    LA +162
    Chi +340
    Mont + 2075

    Let’s go rangers

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    *Congratulations to James Dolan, Glen Sather, Coach AV, the staff, the fans, carp and E3. But most importantly, the Players. Captain Brassard, Come get the Stanley Cup*

  158. Argue with the NHL suspensions but shut up about the calls. Again you guys sound like Pens/Devil fans. The high stick maybe didn’t hit the face…. Real close but it’s still a high stick. Boards are embarrassing today. Play smart

  159. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Who will score the Cup winner? I think you all know by now:

    *Ranger goal, his third of the game, and 14th of the playoffs. Number 16. Derick Brassssssssssssard*

  160. leetchhalloffame on

    Has Dr. Briere told Rangers management when Stepan will be available to play again?

  161. Therrien ran into AV at the Garden last night:

    Therrien: “I saw him coming and I told him to go away because I didn’t want him to hit me and he laughed about it. He thought it was funny.”

  162. *new fresh clean slate full of Habs quotes.*

    FYI, NYR meeting the media this evening in Montreal … so those quotes will be late.

  163. I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else
    experiencing problems with your blog. It seems like some of the text on your posts are running off the screen.
    Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This may be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Thank you

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