ECF off-day interview transcripts: Boyle, St. Louis, Richards, Vigneault


From ASAP Sports/NHL:

Q. A lot of additions to this team in the off-season player-wise
or even during this season for you guys like Klein, Carcillo, Marty, has it
been difficult to assimilate new players or have you guys been able to?
BRIAN BOYLE: I don’t think it’s been too difficult. I think the
additions have been some good people. We’ve gotten guys that have helped
us that are obviously good players that fill the need, but they’re good
people. We get along so well as a team, and if there is a new face, I
think as a team from the leaders and right on down, we try to get them
acclimated as fast as possible. You feel pretty comfortable with your
surroundings it can help you maintain a level of confidence. I think for
the most part our structure and the way we play is pretty straightforward.
You’re asked to do the essential things like skating and forechecking
and being responsible defensively. Those are traits that our team likes to
carry, and we’ve had guys come in here and it’s been pretty seamless.

Q. What is the danger of looking ahead to what you can accomplish?
BRIAN BOYLE: We’ve had some — I mean, we had one game in these
playoffs where we weren’t totally focused. It was Game 4, I think, against
Pittsburgh. But you weren’t totally focused whether it be mentally or have
everything physically. It sticks out. You can tell that if you’re not
100% in the moment and focused and have all your energy on what’s the task
at hand. We were embarrassed in that game. It can happen quickly, and
momentum, obviously, can turn quickly in series and throughout games even.

Q. With all that’s gone on in this series and the back and forth
with the coaches, how have you guys been able to keep that out of the mind?
BRIAN BOYLE: It’s not hockey. It’s not on the ice. It’s something
that hopefully it’s over and done with. But if it isn’t, it doesn’t really
matter because the team that plays the best on the ice and wins the game
gets to advance, and that’s really all that matters.

Q. Are you always looking for that pass to spring a breakaway?
BRIAN BOYLE: I heard — I was yelling for Mac. We try to make small
plays like that if we can get a higher percentage play to get it down the
ice, so I was yelling for Mac. He gives it to me, and I kind of hear this
build up in the crowd. Before I could even look up I thought either a ‘D’
man fell down or we had two-on-one. I looked up and Hags was on the other
side of the rink, it looked like. So I just bared down and tried to rip
it, luckily he handled it. I was pretty surprised he was up there though.
It was a good read though obviously.
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Q. Boyle was saying that you guys in the playoffs Game 4 against
Pittsburgh where you felt like you guys were in the moment or maybe not
focused at the task at hand, and he said you guys got embarrassed. Was
that a good learning tool anyway to avoid looking at it and kind of stay
MARTIN ST. LOUIS: Well, for sure. Obviously, at that point our
backs are against the wall. We had come off Game 3 where I felt we
probably played one of our better games and I think got shut out 3-0. And
the following game we weren’t very good at all.
I think Game 3 was very deflating, and you felt it in Game 4, and now
our backs are against the wall, and it’s at a time where you can’t worry
about yesterday. You can’t worry about Game 6. You’ve just got to take
care of Game 5 and get in the battle and get it going. I thought we’ve
done a good job at really staying even keel and I think it’s helped us
obviously keep moving forward.

Q. Is it hard when you’re so close to something and it’s obviously a
MARTIN ST. LOUIS: Yeah, sometimes it’s harder than others to stay
even keel. But we’ve done nothing yet, you know? We keep reminding
ourselves we understand the fourth game is the toughest one to win, and we
know we’re going to have to bring our best and more.

Q. Players go through a time when you’re playing against friends for
former teammates and stuff like that. Can you appreciate the uniqueness
that Alain and Therrien have? While they’re close friends but it’s been
kind of contentious for varying reasons in this series and maybe the
awkwardness that’s there?
MARTIN ST. LOUIS: I think we’re all competitors. I think I have
friends around the league and once you get in a battle, there is a sense of
pride and a sense of competitiveness in you that just wants to beat,
whether it’s your best friend, your brother. Obviously, I don’t know how
good of friends they are. I know they have similar backgrounds how they
came in the league and everything, but I know they both want the same
thing. As coaches, it’s just like players. They’re fighting for every
inch out there.

Q. Does having been in this situation that the Canadiens find
themselves in now so recently, is that in any way an advantage for you guys
when you’re on the other side?
MARTIN ST. LOUIS: I don’t understand the question.

Q. You guys were down 3-1, so you know what their mindset might be
like. Is there any advantage for you guys?
MARTIN ST. LOUIS: I don’t know if it’s an advantage for us. I think
because of sometimes you’re on, you know, the other side of the coin, so
you understand what they’re going through, how they’re thinking and how
they’re feeling.
So that’s why you can’t take anything lightly. You don’t want to
give them any hope, you know? I don’t think it’s an advantage. I think
it’s more of an understanding what we’re up against and I think it’s
helping us to try not to get the foot off the gas.

Q. Xs and Os-wise on the ice when you came to this team, did the
structure help you assimilate into a new team quickly kind of the way the
system was played or what did you find about kind of how the Rangers play
as a team?
MARTIN ST. LOUIS: Yeah, I can’t say my transition was smooth by any
means. When you come to a new team, you’re trying to do the right thing
all the time, and sometimes when you’re just thinking about doing the right
thing all the time, you’re not playing with your instincts as much because
you’re trying to be in the right place. The reality is it’s really hard to
play a perfect hockey game. Hockey is a game of mistakes, and it’s how you
read the game along the way.
But for me, what was very — what stood out to me is how the Rangers
played before I got here. When I first got here the first couple weeks,
I’m like, this team plays like they’re in the playoffs right now. I’ve
played on teams before where you feel you have to turn the switch on a
little bit. Once the playoffs start, it’s a different style. There is a
switch almost that you try to turn on, and you talk about it, too, amongst
teammates. We have to raise our game or there are certain things we might
have done in the regular season, and guys, we can’t do that right now.
That wasn’t the case when I got here. I was impressed at how they played
such a playoff-style hockey game. It was very encouraging for me knowing
that once I got going this was going to be a good opportunity because this
team is built for playoff hockey.


Q. How much does being in the position that they’re in right now,
being down 3-1 and having to sort of build games, how much does that form
how you have to treat this series?
BRAD RICHARDS: Yeah, they’ll be a dangerous team. Little bit of
hope can change everything. They’re at home which helps even more. We
just did it, and we had two road games out of the three to win, and they
could possibly have two home games. So they’re going to feel comfortable
here and feel that they can win one. They probably feel like it’s going to
go 7. So it’s far from over.
Like I said, once the game starts, the 3-1 or whatever the series is
never really matters anyway, because you’re in the game. I know the
feeling. They just want to get in the game and get in the battle, and
that’s the most comfortable place they can be right now. So we’ve got to
be ready for that.

Q. Marty just said before he played here he watched you guys play,
the Rangers, and felt like the team played playoff style even in the middle
of the regular season. When do you feel like you guys got there, and why
do you think you got there?
BRAD RICHARDS: From talking with him, I think what he meant, we
didn’t give a lot to other teams for no reason. We didn’t play a
high-risk, east-west game. Where it seemed like he always watched from
afar when he was coming and talking. We didn’t beat ourselves too often
for no reason. I think going into playoffs, I’ve played on lots of teams
where you, especially if you’re on a talented team where you can have some
nights where you can rely on talent and just win on the power play or win
because you turn it on.
Although we have some talent, we’ve stayed pretty focused in what
we’ve been doing all year and playing that north-south hockey game and
trying to limit the amount of stuff where you can hurt yourself. Sometimes
teams have to switch it on in playoffs, and we’ve obviously had to do a
little bit there. But we’ve played a certain way and probably because we
had to win to get in. If we didn’t do that in the last half of the season,
we weren’t getting in.
So we had to kind of play close to the vest. I know there is a lot
of talk about A.V. being offensive and changing our game. I don’t
necessarily think he’s — he’s offensive, maybe, but we had to hammer home
details defensively or we would have never gotten into the playoffs. We
had to take care of that part of the game. That’s just the reality of how
we started the season. I think that’s what, when Marty talks about it, I
think we played that way for a long time going into the playoffs so it
benefited us.

Q. As players, you guys go through the whole time playing against
friends. Guys you’ve played with before. Can you appreciate on a coaching
end the close relationship that A.V. has with Therrien and their history
together, despite how contentious it’s gotten in the series and maybe the
awkwardness of that?
BRAD RICHARDS: Yeah, I don’t know much. I know the hockey world is
a small world and we’re all very fortunate to be part of it, whether it’s
coaches or players. You’ve seen players play for coaches and end up
coaching against them later in careers. You’ve seen all different types of
I just played against one of my longest friends in the Philly series.
I played with him since I was 14 years old. It’s definitely awkward, but
you both want to win. It’s weird to just kind of the — it’s the way our
sport is. I’m sure two coaches have had a past. I don’t know exactly all
of it, but I’m sure some day they’ll look back at the series and be happy
they got to take part in a great match-up Eastern Conference Final. But
right now it’s just all about winning.

Q. Is there any sense of history with this franchise and its fan
base, how long it’s been since they’ve gotten to a Stanley Cup Final and
how close you guys are to doing that?
BRAD RICHARDS: With us? I haven’t really…. You can feel the
difference in the city and going to the Garden now a little bit. But you
can’t get involved in that. That’s something to look back on when the
season is over or talk about it at other times. I played on a team that
won a Cup that was only in the league ten years. We didn’t have any
history to rely on. But it didn’t bother us. It was trying to win what’s
in front of you. A great part of playing with an Original Six team is the
history. But we’re trying to create our own history and moving and looking
forward, doing that. But hopefully we can add to some other great things
that have happened in New York.


Q. Do you have any update about Stepan?
COACH VIGNEAULT: He’s made the trip with us like Dan Carcillo. The
only player we’ve left behind in New York is J.T. Miller. He’s got an
upper body injury, so he won’t be with us here for the next couple of days.
That’s it.

Q. Is Stepan potentially available to you?
COACH VIGNEAULT: I couldn’t say right now. I have no idea.

Q. Would he need to participate in the morning skate for you to put
him in the lineup?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Yeah, that would be a minimum.

Q. Is it your understanding he’s going to have to wear a cage when
he does come back?
COACH VIGNEAULT: If he does come back, it is my understanding that
he’s going to need some facial protection without a doubt.

Q. What did you think of Derick Brassard’s performance yesterday?
COACH VIGNEAULT: He played a big, strong game. Got us a goal in the
end of the second period, and in the last minute of any period, which is
definitely a pressure point in games, start of periods, end of periods,
that was a big goal. He played some important minutes considering we were
shorthanded for the amount of time that we were. He’s not a player that we
use to kill penalties. It was good to see him back in the lineup, and
hopefully he’ll just get better. He missed a couple days there, and
hopefully he’ll just get better.

Q. There was kind of a fun shot on TV. I believe it was Hockey
Night in Canada, as you were driving into the Garden before Game 4 and
bumping into Michel and you had a bit of a laugh. Can you talk a bit about
that? Was it funny? Was it awkward?
COACH VIGNEAULT: You know what, I’d rather not say what I said at
that time. I don’t think you can print that. So we’ll just leave it at

Q. Were you thinking about mowing him down?
COACH VIGNEAULT: No, I think it’s time for hockey, and if he wants
to discuss it, it’s up to him. I’ll talk about hockey and I’ll leave it at

Q. Because one of Pouliot’s strengths is winning these puck battles
in the offensive zone, do you have to live with these mistakes because he
has to be aggressive to do that?
COACH VIGNEAULT: You know, as a coach, players bring different
elements, and Benoit plays on the edge a lot of times, and he hits a lot,
and he forechecks. Sometimes they walk that fine line, and sometimes, like
last night unfortunately his first penalty was totally accidental. His
second one I could go either way on that one in overtime there.
So you’ve got to live with that just like sometimes your more skilled
players, right before Marty scores his goal he turns it over. I mean,
you’ve got to live with one of the reasons why they’re good players is they
play on the edge and they try certain things. You can’t take those things
away from them. You just got to encourage them to do it at the right time.
I think that’s probably a better way of putting it.

Q. You went right back to him after the penalty in OT?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Some people question how smart I am doing that, I
think. That’s fine. That’s fine.

Q. Was there ever any hesitation? Is it this time of year that you
don’t kind of have time to sit a guy down and have a learning experience or
is that just generally your thought?
COACH VIGNEAULT: No, you know, I think at this time of the year I
really know players’ intentions are to do the right things. I know Benoit
wants to do real well, so you look at what he’s doing, you look at your
options, and then you come up with what you think is the right feel for
your team.

Q. Why do you think you guys have been able to assimilate new
players so well? Whether it’s from the start of the year from last season
or the Klein comes in, Carcillo comes in, St. Louis comes in?
COACH VIGNEAULT: I think we play a pretty simple game that’s easy to
understand. And the culture of coming into this organization is the right
one, and I think players understand what they have to do, and they just go
out and do it.

Q. Just ask you one more thing about Michel. When it’s all said and
done, you guys are shaking hands when the series is over and you have that
beer that you talked about, will it be awkward? I know players go through
it all the time, but it’s a unique situation.
COACH VIGNEAULT: You know, we all have friendships in life.
Sometimes friends push the limit. You know, sometimes they do things that
you’re not crazy about. But there is a reason why they’re your friends, so
relationships are about giving and taking. So right now he’s trying to do
what he thinks is right and I’m trying to do what I think is right. When
it’s all over, then we’re going to move on.

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  1. so I looked at Habs roster and does anybody know why following physical players were healthy scratches for most of their playoffs:

    Jarred Tinordi
    Travis Moen
    Ryan White
    Douglas Murray
    Mike Blunden

    they would have better chance with those bigger physical players than with their smurfs like Gionta.

  2. because those guys couldn’t catch a cold, much less Kreider, Hagelin, St. Louis, Zuccarello, Moore.

  3. Carp, enjoyed that McD article.

    AV and BRich saying all the right things. I really liked Richards saying “we’re trying to make our own history”. Like him or not ( I am a not) I feel he has stepped up and taken on the role of captain and done a fine job of it during this run.
    I could be way off base but it feels that way to this fan.

  4. Murray used to be a physical force for the Sharks and while he might be slow if he catches several players with a good hit they are out with injuries.

    Gionta and Desharnais have 1 goal a piece in the playoffs.

    The way to beat Rangers is with size and physical play, not trying to match our speed and trying to outsmurf us.

  5. Orr

    I honestly don’t care who wins because either team we will be heavy underdogs. I guess 7 games is best.

    Let’s beat habs as no chance we close it Tom. Game 6.

  6. Eric, I kind of agree.

    But I think we are a much bigger underdog against the Kings, their impressive depth and Quick in net than we are against the Hawks, their less impressive depth and Crawford in net.

  7. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kane and sharp have disappeared. We’ve beaten the Hawks twice. Crawford beatable.

    LA more physical. Rangers historically don’t like traveling to the west coast. I’d much prefer the Hawks.

  8. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Re: ranger’s first goal yesterday —- Boyle said he heard the crowd start to roar before looking up once he had the puck from McDunner

    Very cool

  9. you’re right, I think, SeeeDubbb.

    Paul, the Rangers’ speed has given bigger teams a ton of trouble, and the Habs defense can’t cope with it. Putting slow guys in now, they might as well line up for the handshakes.

  10. Starting to think, too, that even if Richards gets the buyout, MSL is going to be wearing a letter next season.

  11. Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but we weathered the storm in pitt with Hank so either team is beatable (as we did in the regular season)so long as we dont go cold on offense like games 2-4 vs pitt.

  12. Eric,

    Saying I prefer the Hawks is probably akin to a condemned man saying I’ll take the chair over a noose.


    Doughty is the best DMAN on the planet right now. He’s a threat every time he’s on the ice.

    Carter is hotter than a pistol.

    Kopitar is a beast with skill.

    Gaborik is a sniper again.

    And, Quick is better than Crawford.

  13. Bayou Booby on

    Can’t share any of my Grandfathers WWII stories right now. A bit too wordy…but would y’all like some of this sour kush?

    Top notch choice for -Bone- heads.

  14. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Yev, that 5:20 was something special. Thanks!

    Paul, that would be like putting anchors all over the ice and watching guys like Hags, THE and Pouillot incessantly skate around them. They had some of those big boys in against Boston for a reason. Murray played, I think 3 games, and was SO slow he was lifted.

    It does show Montreal’s depth.

    Against the Rangers you need speed and skill. Therien has the right players in.

  15. iManny-O-War on

    Paul: a lot of Habs fans were angry about Ryan White being benched since he was 100% and Prust was not.

    Mine was not 100% during the Bruins series. I imagine that played into it.

    I see what Paul is saying. I have said, and continue to believe, that physicality can negate speed. But that physicality has to be athletic and I don’t know that the Habs have physical athleticism. They have a bunch of 4th line guys. Not enough 3rd line talent.

  16. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Im hoping for a nice comeback win for Chicago tonight. Pushing for a 7 gamer!!!

  17. If Canadiens had size and physical play they would have a chance to win through intimidation. But instead they thought their smurfs could outskate and outscore ours and it was fairly obvious that that wasn’t the case.

  18. “Carter is hotter than a pistol.”

    Hotter, I say, hotter than a sweatband in a fireman’s helmet.

  19. Who on any of these final 4 teams are intimidating? Prust played games 1-3 and they netted one win off a flukey goal in OT.

    Rangers seem just fine wiht no intimidation.

  20. Expect hawks rebound tonight. Too much champ pedigree I believe lose 3 straight.

  21. iManny-O-War on

    You don’t actually step in the cake, Coos. You walk in a circle until the music stops.

  22. Blackhawks don’t scare me too much, they got maybe 3 very physical players and they aren’t as hungry having just won the Cup. Only thing that scares me about them is their excellent coach.

    Kings are big and physical that is not a good matchup for us.

  23. I don’t want see Oscar lindberg tomorrow. Moment too big for kids in diapers.

  24. Bayou Booby on

    If nobody else, Fast should go tomorrow. At least he’s responsible on the *D*

  25. J.T. Miller doesn’t yet leave me with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

  26. iManny-O-War on


    Remember when we were down 1-3 to the Penguins?

    It’s possible that we lose here

  27. Hardest working man in America the one and only Kenny Albert . Unreal his schedule

  28. Fast seems the obvious choice if Step can’t go. He’s been solid in his playoff appearances. Hasn’t done anything to lose a roster spot other than having a better, veteran player become available.

  29. Gut feeling tells me 2-2 3rd period Thursday night game 6. Is it over or are we going 7

  30. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Paul – Brassard texted me and said “we aren’t intimidated”

  31. Habs are toast.

    Book It.

    There is no leadership on the Habs club.

    Brian Gionta an NHL Captain? Thats a joke.

    Team with no leaders. That’s why the Coach has such a big mouth.

  32. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers will score on the first shift inside a minute.

    *Lucic kills dead people*

  33. if Douglas Murray is so slow how does he get so many hits?

    Therrien is a moron for not playing Murray.

  34. iManny-O-War on

    I’m not scared right now. This team
    Bought itself one game of calm from me. Or at least one day. Probably freak out tomorrow.

    But seriously, I don’t think the Habs, without Carey Price, are a better team or even as good. But I don’t think they are following over tomorrow night.

    This could easily get ugly.

  35. That little Irish kid forward from the north keeps getting stepped on by the big Irish kid DMAN from the south.

  36. Gionta is a joke, he had 1 great season like 10 years ago and that’s it.

    Their entire roster is really underwhelming, a bunch of average players mostly.

  37. Paul, what the hell are you talking about?

    tell me when the Rangers lost a game because they were imtimidated?

  38. Can’t wait to get out of this bilingual series. Missing all the good stuff.


    Vigneault said in French main reason Stepan traveled with #NYR is you can’t treat a broken jaw, so he’d rather be with his teammates.

  39. Dors and MSL (might include #27) have those Messier eagle eyes that make you think they’re in a tree, spotting prey.

  40. Gionta had a 48 goal season with the Devils. He’s had a five straight 20+ goal seasons after that. Last tree seasons he hasn’t been scoring as much. Still a useful player to have around for a young team. He’s the Captain for a reason.

  41. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t think Paul is insane. He’s got a point. And it’s nice to have some fresh perspective around here.

    I don’t think THIS Rangers team has been intimidated. Vigneault has done a great job getting them to rise above. Don’t know how many seasons that can work for but man oh man is it working right now.

  42. “What’s that smell? Somebody washed the cards! God didn’t make Poker to be played this way!!?

  43. Murray would drive them to the hospital. The guy is 245 pounds and averages over 4 hits per game. Slow or not he is the type of hitter that destroys careers just watch his hits on Youtube! absolute monster hits.

  44. Exactly Orrsie,

    Gionta is the Captain because the Habs have leadership issues.

    (Irony – when I type Gionta on my IPAD my autocorrect wants to put in ‘GIANT’)

  45. Gaborik is really a great example of a player who adapted successfully to the circumstances of his career. Throughout his time in MIN and in his first season with NY, it was that deadly wrist shot of his which scored many of his goals. When his injuries really began to mount up and he lost some of that release, he adjusted to become an in-tight goalscorer. Good for him!

  46. Forget about the Redskins controversy, Thomas Jefferson would be appalled by the name ‘Kings.’

  47. We will likely lose against the Kings but the good thing is our management will finally realize that our soft Dmen are not cutting it and concentrate on getting a more physical Dmen instead of Staal, Stralman and John Moore.

  48. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    So, the fact that Step traveled on the plane is seemingly good news in that he wouldn’t if he had a concussion, right??

  49. Sauer was nothing like Murray, but I loved Sauer he was nowhere close as physical as Murray but he was a shutdown Dman.

  50. iManny-O-War on

    Pretty sure the Rangers/Habs would lose to either team in the West and probably any of the last remaining 4 out there. Maybe all 8.

    Kings are on fire right now

  51. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers wouldn’t make the playoffs in the East or West this year.

  52. Chicago we could beat because I think we are faster and deeper and better goaltending.

    to beat the Kings we would need to bribe the refs, and a lot of luck.

  53. For the Hawks here’s the good news / bad news:

    Good news: we still have 44 minutes to get back in the game.

    Bad News: Kings are scoring at a clip of 1 goal every 5 1/2 minutes.

  54. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t know what Crawford is. I have always referred to him as a “bag of holes.” After his cup speech I called him a “drunken bag of holes.”

    Then all I heard all season was how underrated he was.

    I know he sucks. And is overrated. But he might also be underrated?

  55. The funny thing is McIlrath is not really a big hitter like Murray, he is/was a good fighter, but is not a great hitter like Murray, not even close. So yeah we did waste a 10th overall pick.

  56. iManny-O-War on

    I disagree there, Paul. I think McLlrath is a better hitter, in open ice and high in the defensive zone, than he is a fighter. I don’t know where or why he got the rep of a fighter because he isn’t very good at it.

    He’s much better at playing high in the defensive zone, standing up at the blue line and hitting in open ice

  57. ThisYearsModel on

    Chicago appears to have packed it in. Not good news, because the Rangers could beat Chicago. I don’t see them beating Los Angeles.

  58. I hope I am wrong, but I haven’t seen McIlrath throw too many big hits. And yeah on NHL level he is not a very good fighter, but he used to be very good in WHL.

    We need to trade Staal, Stralman and Moore because our defense is too soft, but I am not sure if McIlrath is the answer.

  59. It sucks that Capitals signed a good coach, I was hoping Trotz to sign with Vancouver.

  60. I don’t know, all I know is I can’t watch him anymore. Maybe a physical Dman like Gryba and a 2nd rounder.

  61. I think Henrik plays his best when he has the spotlight on him…like a battle of the goaltenders. Svensk Henrik vs.Canadian Price, Quick vs. King Henrik.

  62. iManny-O-War on

    Pouliot take a a lot of horrendous penalties. But he’s got potential. Nash skills with a more aggressive heart.

    Stralman = UFA (about to be way overpaid)

  63. It isn’t that Stralman is very soft, he is a good player, but I feel like he could be a lot more physical and could try more offensively, but doesn’t for some reason.

    In his 1st season with the Rangers he was physical and hit on regular basis and even used a deadly hipcheck. But sadly he stopped doing all that and turned himself into a Staal clone(except he is a little better than Staal IMO)

  64. Good convo…now I’m catching up

    Remember when Murray was with the pens and knocked Boyle aasen over head.

    I’d take Murray as a third pair d man in the nhl still, you don’t need to have hagelin speed to clear the crease.

    Mcilrath can hit and plays tough as hell and stands up for his teammates without hesitation. He is best known as a knuckle thrower tho because *HE BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF 99% OF THE GUYS WHO FOUGHT HIM*

    Mcilrath can beat 80% of the NHL guys he would fight. The other 20% will realize he doesn’t defend that well, but can take a punch.

  65. Rangers sign Stralsie to a four year fourteen million dollar deal….

    Manny’s head explodes, literally.

  66. The D man I would like to add is mcquaid.

    Engelland is also an option to me but mcquaid is the guy I like.

  67. they are going to make Staal and Girardi look stupid I can see it already.

    maybe if we dress the speediest lineup that we can muster we will have some chance to beat them.

  68. iManny-O-War on

    McQuaid is not that good Wick. We have had this argument before though.

    The D Man I would pick up is MCLLRATH. Affordable 3rd pair guy

  69. Our defense will get exposed for the garbage that it is. They will get destroyed by those big fast physical LA forwards.

  70. iManny-O-War on

    Also McQuaid is signed through next season and I doubt his owners, The Bruins, would trade with us.

  71. Manny
    I know you hate mcquaid, but he’s a better D man than you give him credit for.

  72. iManny-O-War on

    My problem with McQuaid is that he’s a more expensive McLlrath. He’s a bit bigger, a bit older and a bit more surgically repaired.

  73. I thought Paul was related to you!!!

    If he’s a better player tho, then I go mcquaid.

    I’m all for mcilrath and you know this, but if he isn’t going to crack the line up, then I want a physical guy that is rough and tough back there…mcquaid would be a good fit.

    Fwiw, I really want a tough 4th liner with size also…bordeleau or gazdic

  74. I wouldn’t mind McQuaid though if the price is right, although he gets injured a lot, but he could be just a glorified Falk.

  75. iManny-O-War on

    *Paul*: I hope you keep posting around here. Awesome to have your insight and point of view.

  76. They just said that LA coach tells their players “don’t defend, check”. That explains their insane hits stats. I wish we would be doing the same.

  77. iManny-O-War on

    Those guys are great and once Gazdic doesn’t have to wear a visor by rule he will be my hero.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    _Expect hawks rebound tonight. Too much champ pedigree I believe lose 3 straight_


  79. Stranger Nation on

    Klein has been the most consistent Dman. Not the best, but the most consistent of any Dman whose name doesn’t begin with M, that is…
    Physical, smart, playing with a kid who is just learning PO hockey. Some Offense as well. Good stuff

  80. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t see how Rangers could beat Kings in a series. Just don’t see it happening. Kinda sucks.

  81. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t really see how any team from the East could beat any team from the West.

    Kings vs. Sharks had like 141 hits

  82. check this out:


    @kfraserthecall @rangersreport has coined a phrase this playoff “new game, new rule book” hard to disagree sometimes…


    @blueshirtfan77 @rangersreport Great marketing slogan. Question is do you think it will sell?

    That’s Kerry Fraser responding to a fan telling him my saying. :)

  83. We are going to need two blogs…one for carps ego and the other for the rest of us ;)

  84. The scary thing is this LA Roster is a lot better than the one in 2012 that won the Cup.

  85. Paul, FYI, multiple links in the same comment tend to get recognized as spam … so you know.

    also, Murray’s done. He’ll hit you hard if he catches you, but he would be spinning in his skates watching the Rangers go around him. also a penalty machine now.

  86. Stranger Nation on

    Really, really want to end this clown show of a series tomorrow. Does Therrien wear the floppy shoes with the red nose and small purple hat?

  87. Admiral Akbar on


    What about Gaborik? Is he the difference maker in a NY-LA series?

    LA has a lot more going than just Gabby. Love Gabby, too bad Rangers would have to play him in SC Final, if both NY and LA make it, that is.

  88. Stranger Nation on

    No conjecture on next round until this one is in the books. Who the heck do we think we are?

    Oh man, cannot believe it is this close. Will have to eat a double helping of crow and follow with a full serving of humble pie for all of my posts starting with, “you know this team cannot compete for the Cup so….,

    Victory will never taste so sweet. Clean slate, Grab it boys!

  89. ThisYearsModel on

    Gabby back checking, scoring goals, etc. of course, his center is Anze Kopitar and not Eric Chrisiansen. So he’s got that going for him.

  90. Gaborik is actually the least scary thing about Kings.

    Our “stars” like Nash would have to play out of their minds if we are to win against the Kings. Staal would have to go on a quest to find his testicles again. Brassard and Poo would have to remember why they were top 10 draft picks. Boyle would need to sleep with Underhill. Kreider would need to crash the net on every shift. Beaver will need to join Staal. Stralman would need to get the old hipcheck going again.

  91. Yea we should just forfeit and root for Prust. Maybe he can keep up with that powerful Kings team. Holding hands with Murray.

  92. Douglas Murray is a horrible hockey player and will be in the KHL next year when he doesn’t get an NHL contract.

    Also the Kings hit so much because they struggled early and didn’t have much puck possession. Same in these playoffs. They were dominated in puck possession time by the Sharks, Ducks, and now Kings. But like the Rangers, they forecheck hard and create turnovers for odd man rushes the other way.

    The only difference is that the Rangers sit back a bit more and play more positionally sounds since they have more front end speed so they want to make it a 200 foot game where as the Kings want it to be a 100 foot game.

    The Rangers don’t need to be physical to win. They need to play smart two-way hockey like they’ve done for the last 4 months. Wanting physical guys just because they hit (which btw, takes them way out of the play and screws up the man to man defense that AV wants them to play) is a complete waste for this system. Trading Staal for a hitting d-man would be worse than the Esposito trade.

  93. Ah, I meant Sharks, Ducks, and Hawks.

    I should note too that the Rangers don’t hit as much and as big as people would like because it takes away from their greatest strength, their speed. Big hits take guys out of the play and you lose the advantage of bolting back you ice. It slows the game down and makes it a grittier game. The Rangers want a fast game where they can use their speed up the middle rather than fighting along the walls. Having guys who just throw big hits takes away from that.

  94. “Gaborik >> Nash”

    As far as goal scoring and offense, that’s always been the case! But Nash is “good” and has played well.

    Love watching Gaby and Kopitar…great pair!

  95. Alain Amour on

    Gaborik >> Nash

    Scoring is not all that matters. Right?

    Nash plays more defense, plays on the penalty kill and is more physical.

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