ECF off-day transcripts: Brian Gionta, Tomas Plekanec, Michel Therrien … ICYMI, Stepan is flying with the Rangers to Montreal


ICYMI, Derek Stepan is flying with the Rangers to Montreal today. No further update on his “interfered” jaw is available. Rangers will meet the media this evening in Montreal.

From ASAP Sports/NHL:
Q.        Is there anything from 2010 that you guys can draw on coming back in the series?
BRIAN GIONTA:  Well, the guys that were here, you know, you remember the situation and you remember the feelings that you had.  At no point in that series did we feel we were out of it, and the same holds true now.  We believe in the team that’s in here, and we believe we can win this series.

        Q.  When you have a goalie who is young like Dustin, do you go out of your way to try and lift him up may more than usual?
BRIAN GIONTA:  No, no, no matter who it is.  A key loss like that, you’re going to try to support him, whether it’s Carey or it’s Dustin.  He’s played extremely well for us.  He gave us a chance to win last night, and some of the big saves he made were the reason why we were in that game still.

        Q.  When facing someone like Lundqvist, is there any tendency, anything at all that he shows that you guys feel like you didn’t exploit yesterday?
BRIAN GIONTA:  No, he’s like any goalie.  He’s great at making the first save, and you’ve got to get screens and tips and rebounds on him and make sure you get second and third opportunities.  That is how it is across the board with all the goalies nowadays.  It’s tough to beat them on that first shot.

        Q.  In terms of energy, overall energy, looking at the two games in New York as a whole, did you guys have the energy level and the urgency that is required for the situation?
TOMAS PLEKANEC:  I definitely think so.  I think it’s more just we’ve got to start playing more with the confidence, making the right plays at the right time.  When there is a play, we’ve got to make it.  When there is no play we have to go for the puck.  Sometimes we didn’t make the right decision.

        Q.  Do you remember when you were down 3-1 to Washington that year?  How does it turn psychologically or was the confidence always there?
TOMAS PLEKANEC:  I think when your back’s against the wall, anything after that is playing kind of loose.  Just going out there every shift and going hard and trying to get, like I said, trying to do everything you can to keep the series going.

Q.        Are you and the players encouraged to see Carey out on the ice, even in just a light capacity?  Even though you’re not expecting him to be back from this series?
COACH THERRIEN:  He’s not going to play, like I said before.  He’s not going to play in the series, you know.  It’s just part of the rehab, that’s all.  It’s a great sign.

        Q.  The Rangers have scored first in three of the games in this series and you were able to overcome that in Game 3.  But what is it about this year around the league, one goal, the opening goal seems to give such momentum to the team for the night?
COACH THERRIEN:  Yeah, prior series against Tampa Bay and the Bruins we were the team scoring the first goal and it gave us a lot of momentum and confidence.  Obviously, in this series, it doesn’t happen.  But we did not to try to change our game plan.  We want to score that first goal, and we know it’s important.  It gives confidence to teams, so we’ve got to be ready.
We’ve got to play hard right from the start and try to make sure we score that first goal.  But at the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world.  Because usually to win a hockey game, you need to get three goals to win games. Usually.  Yes, we’d like to score that first goal, but even if you score early and we get scored, there is still a lot of hockey to be played.

        Q.  With all the goings on in this series there is a portrayal that you and Alain have been at each other’s throats and mind games and whatnot.  There was some TV footage yesterday of when Alain was driving into the Garden and you guys had a little chat, and it looked like it was pretty amicable.  Can you just share at all what that was about?
COACH THERRIEN:  I saw him coming and I told him to go away because I didn’t want him to hit me and he laughed about it.  He thought it was funny.

        Q.  As a follow, what’s it going to be like down the road after this series when you two get together?
COACH THERRIEN:  You know what?  Like I said before the series, and what I said yesterday, I’ve got tons of respect for Alain Vigneault, but right now we’re competing for the same thing, and we want our team to participate in the Stanley Cup Final.  So he’s doing everything he can to prepare his team, and I’m trying to do the same thing.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s nothing personal because we both respect each other.  When the series will be over, it’s going to be over.

        Q.  When you have a tough loss like you did last night with a young goaltender in Dustin, how do you approach him?  Do you speak to him about it or how did you handle that?
COACH THERRIEN:  I let Stephane Waite deal with the goalie, so…

FastScripts by ASAP Sports

 Photo by Getty Images.

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  1. repost:

    Therrien ran into AV at the Garden last night:

    Therrien: “I saw him coming and I told him to go away because I didn’t want him to hit me and he laughed about it. He thought it was funny.”

  2. Nurse to Step: ‘Tsk, tsk. Hockey can be such a rough game.’
    Step: ‘Thanks for the insight.’

  3. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Rangers up 3 games to 1. They only need two more wins to clinch the series”

  4. AV has given the boys Tuesday night off, risking forfeit. Now THAT’s confidence!

  5. Glad to see we have stopped crying about the Ref’s. Time to move on up 3-1 in ECF play hard, play smart.

  6. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Carp@2:49pm, right back at you. A pleasure to meet you. Thanks for all you do for us!

  7. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    E3, you jest about the money line, no? Right now, I’d have LA as prohibitive fav’s. Chicago next. Us 3rd.

    I don’t care who wins out there, but it needs to go 7. Badly.

    We need to win tomorrow night. Badly.

  8. Greggy, day 2, if you feel up to it try a 2-3 mile walk (45 minutes) at a brisk pace. Helps to Get the remaining lactic acid out of the muscles. I never use heat. After the walk. Ice again. Ibuprofen 2 times today as well. Once in the morning and again before bed. Should be back to normal tomorrow.

  9. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Hedberg, I get what you are saying. And it is true. AV has been preaching it all year. It is the way to be. Any Ranger fan has to be proud of his demeanor.

    That being said, supposedly the league reviews games to evaluate their referee’s work. If they do so, I hope someone with quality and equity in mind does so.

    Yes, I’m over it, but ref’s are supposed to be well-trained, willing to discipline, and provide equity. The officiating in this league, the regular season, PO’s, and in specific this and the Boston-Montreal series, has been anything but. That cheapens the product and diminishes the focus away from the product.

    Let’s not forget that this product, currently, is getting great ratings and publicity in the biggest market in the country. Let’s not ruin it, shall we?

  10. Carp, what a great story about Messier and the ring ceremony to the 90 year old. Chokes me up thinking about it!

    Thanks for sharing that one!

  11. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Anyone see today’s NY Post, for example? Front page top. Full back page. And, 5 pages of content placed at the front of the sports section.

    Awesome to see our sport in all local and many national publications making news!!

    Let’s keep it about the players, teams, stories. That’s where it belongs.

  12. Memorial Day shout out to my Pop, who fought in Korea and has been gone for 32 years this month. Thanks Pop. Miss you every day.

  13. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    E3, that’s a stunner. No, don’t tell me. Is JR now involved in fabrication of the money line?

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “if I were a betting man, I’d have to say the Penguns are the favorite.

  15. Matty
    The league fans and players deserve way better ref’s, but let’s give it a rest on how we are getting screwed when we play the most undiciplined playoff game in memory. The league suspensions have been terrible for a couple yrs, now we have players turning their backs hoping to get hit and embellishing all over the place. It’s not what I grew up with.
    My point is AV said they were penalties and 40 yrs of watching hockey I say they were penalties, so let’s clean it up and stop complaining.
    If we don’t the Kings/Hawks will surely make us pay.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s not that the refs suck, it’s just they’re not very good

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Wicky , I love Pouliot too !!! Hes awsome with the puck , he what Nash should like. Even anouncers call him Nash by mistake. Penaties were bad but the guy is reaaly strong on the puck.

    Papa , I moved around alot today and actually sawed some trees in my yard . Hope that helps the acid. I’ll take the Ibrophen right now , thanks doc . Love to hear about your Boston time , your good run times and bad .

    Eddie’s attitude is amazing .

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some posters as the season was ending

    “Let’s not go overboard with AV, he hasn’t even won a series yet”


  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I drove almost 30 miles the other day….jumped out of the car straight into the hot tub…..was better the next day

    Go with heat

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My best time in the mile 7 minutes. Top that. Ran 7 miles every other day in just over an hour….that was 15 years ago. Now I can walk 6 miles in 2 hours.

    Give me the gold

  21. Robby Bonfire on

    EDDIE Eddie eddie: I see at, at 3:25 E.T. Monday: RANGERS are +140; LA is +160; Chi is +300. and Punch & Judy are +1800.

    Best value bet on the board, to me, is a hedge bet, taking both LA and Chicago. LA wins the Cup you win a gross $260 on a $200 investment. Chicago wins the Cup you win a gross $400 on the same $200 investment. Wish my banker would give me generous rates like these, 365 days a year.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Eddie , can’t say I’d top 7 min mile but I do run 7.5 miles every other day in around 1hr 10 min. So E3 yer an old man now? New York running is way harder then my cold Canada running. So yeah you get the gold!

  23. I’m glad today is a holiday. I’m dragging today after not being able to get to sleep psyched up after that win.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Robbie – my brain agrees with you totally, but my heart says Bet on NYR.


    I think you guys will enjoy this “crowd sourced” video of the OT goal. It is really cool to see people rise out of there seats and hear the noise level go upwards when MSL receives the pass from Hags. It is even better to watch the Garden explode when MSL buries it.

    Each goal last night were beauties!

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Greg – yeah I’m getting old…..I never did speed workouts – was a serious tennis player and ran for distance. I could never run fast but I could run a ways at the same pace. Never ran longer than 7.5. Ran one race at that distance. Time was 63 minutes and change

  27. Robby Bonfire on

    My heart says the same, Eddie. So make the bet.

    Rangers lose the Finals (assuming something called “Getting there”), YOU GET PAID. Rangers win the Finals = you lose money and talk about it being worth it! What each one of us here would give, if we could BUY the Stanley Cup for our boys. (Which we could, if we could get to the referees. See: Pittsburgh – Seattle Super Bowl; See: Philies – Rays World Series; See: about a million boxing matches and horse races; See: Stock Market Exchange insiders; See: NBA and NCAA basketball numberous point shaving scandals: See: every embezzler who ever lived: See: Every politician who ever…. well, you get the idea. lol.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ll likely drop money on the rangers. Historically, when I’ve bet NYR, it’s a sure loss. Hence, my ambivalence.

  29. Amen to that, Papa. To your pop and mine and everybody’s pop or mom or brother or sister or cousin or friend or self who ever wore the uniform, those who gave all or some. All painted with the same brave brush in my book.

  30. Robby Bonfire on

    Carp –

    On the chance that, A. This outcome is not fixed; and B. on the chance the outcome is fixed for my team. See: World Series, 2008!!!

  31. Robby Bonfire on

    What would you rather do, lose honestly or win dishonestly? For me it’s a no-brainer, plus, when you are in on the fix before the fac – it is PROFITABLE!!!

  32. If this series was fixed, wouldn’t Kreider have gotten a major and game misconduct and suspension in Game 1?

  33. despite his brainlessness sometimes, I still think Pouliot has been one of the best Rangers forwards for the better part of 100 games, especially the last 40 or so.

  34. Robby Bonfire on

    I didn’t say this series is fixed. Even with the refs piling on Montreal opponents, as much as they do.

    Let’s face it, this league is all about Toronto and Montreal and 28 little step-children.

  35. I agree Carp. Pouliot has been a big reason Rangers are in the spot that they are, but he obviously comes at a price with his bad penalties. Though I have to say I think there has been a concentrated effort to disrupt that line. They can really make some amazing plays with some time and space.

  36. Latona
    Yev, great video. Thanks for sharing. How’s the rib soup coming along?

    May 26th, 2014 at 4:40 PM

    Wish we could post photos here. The Ribs have been in the smoker since 12pm. they will be done in 45 minutes. 3 hours of smoking and then three more hours in the smoker wrapped in foil. My wife and kids like them that way because when you take them out of the foil, the meat is so tender, it falls right off the bone. No sauce of course. only my special dry rub that is absolutely delicious. some corn on the cob, a corona to wash it down with… HEAVEN!

    And naturally the first course will be “RIB SOUP!” ;-)

    And yes, that video is so great. It really captures the intensity of the moment.

  37. In honor of Memorial day, I am going to post something I put up on facebook. I always think of my Dad ( who is now going on 89 years of age) and his Service. I especially think of my Great Uncle Bill who lost his life in a Kamikaze attack during the Battle of Okinawa.

    This post is in honor of Yev Kassem Sr! ;-)

    “When my father was stationed in occupied Germany, he was stationed with a young German couple, Sophie and Erich Mange, and lived in their house. Erich had been a member of the Wehrmacht and had been wounded. Sophie and Erich were starving as there was not enough food for the German civilians. My father befriended them and actually stole food for them so that they could survive. When they learned my Father was Jewish, they were in a state of shock. They had been taught that Jews were evil. Jews were ruining the world. Jews had horns. All Jews had to be killed and that would be the “final solution.” Instead of hating Sophie and Erich, my father showed them kindness and they formed a deep bond that lasted all of Sophie and Erich’s life. In the 1970’s my mother and father traveled to Germany and spent time with Sophie and Erich and my father (who speaks German) maintained a friendship that endured. When I traveled through Europe in 1984, I went to Munich and also traveled to the town of Ersthausen, Germany to meet sophie and Erich. I was treated like royalty and with friends interpreting, I was told how much they loved my father. They showed me their scrapbook from those years and I saw photos of my Dad from the war that I had never seen. When showing me these photos, Erich bowed his head and had an almost shamed look on his face. He shook his head and in German said, “those were very bad times.”

    The trip to Germany was a difficult one. I decided that I wanted to see a concentration camp. It was an incredible moment for me. I went to visit Dachau. I expected Dachau to be hidden deep in the woods so that the people wouldn’t have known what was going on there. Instead, I found a concentration camp smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood that looked much like the Neighborhood I grew up in Brooklyn. It was a amazingly tough experience to see the ovens and the ash graves. I was due to stay in Germany a bit longer, but I left the next day.”

  38. Happy Memorial Day those of the boneheaded variety,

    Thanks to all who have served (and those currently serving) and sacrificed…this day and everyday are dedicated to you!!

  39. Yev, the ribs sound delicious. Enjoy! And thanks for sharing the story of your father.

    Happy Memorial Day to one and all!

  40. Is JT Miller out, or did he come back and play? Or did he come back and not play?

  41. Carp, I am part the Wilburr haters.

    But in fairness, the guy has had some really big moments during the playoffs.

    He was invisible last night for most of the game, but the effort he gave along the boards in OT to get the puck to Hagelin was a tremendous play at a critical time.

    Great play.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Never hate, extrapolate, invigorate, evaporate, instigate, number eight, seal your fate, on a date, don’t be late, checkmate, Sharon Tate, in a crate, always wait, Thurmond Nate, shut the gate, cheese I grate, Jerry Pate, train n freight, wipe the slate



  43. He came back after a long time in the room, then did not play. AV said he didn’t play because he hadn’t played for that long stretch.

  44. Norm Merton on

    Yev, that video ran the gamut of the Freytag pyramid: sweeping exposition, A-One rising action, terrific climax, soothing falling action, satisfying denouement. Well wrought.

  45. Rob in Beantown on

    Thanks Yev. I just watched that whole thing about 10 times. Keep an eye on Hank in the lower right skating out to join his teammates. Awesome!

  46. Norm Merton on

    And on a serious note, Yev, thanks for sharing your father’s story and your uncle’s. My namesake, an uncle whom I never met, would be in his 90s by now. I grew up knowing he had been killed in the war, but more recently I found out he died in the air over his own country, formation-training in the USAAF — I went on to learn that the casualty rate stateside was quite staggering as that branch trained airmen as quickly as it possibly could. To its credit, the Army makes no distinction in its memorials, and my father hardly ever talked about it, so I didn’t know the details for years. So, yes, to all of those who died serving their country.

  47. Miller hurt … did not make the trip with upper body injury. Stepan would need significant facial protection if he plays, AV said, but doesn’t know if he will play.

  48. @rangersreport

    Brian MacLellan, who once scored a huge playoff goal for the Rangers against the Capitals, named Washington’s GM. Barry Trotz named coach.

  49. @stevezipay

    On going right back to Pouliot after penalties: “some people might questions how smart I am…I know Benny wants to do well”

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On Yev’s video, watch how MSL pushes way to the outside creating even more space after Ekerlin over commits to the left circle, talk about high IQ. Sheer genius. TV camera just doesnt pick that up…

  51. Thanks for sharing your interesting Memorial Day story, Lev. Also reminded me that my brother and sister-in-law visit Dachau today while on vacation over in Europe, so sent him an email.

    The father of one of my friends growing up wrote a book of his company in WWII’s Pacific theater (another I worked with also wrote a book about his experience in the intelligence service in WWII) These stories help keep the memory of the causes, realities and horrors of war alive for future generations.

  52. And, yes, I always say a quiet prayer on Memorial Day for those who have served, those who came back and those who did not.

  53. Benny and the Jets. Frequent Flier Miles. Still like him and hope he will be re-signed.

  54. so I looked at Habs roster and does anybody know why following physical players were healthy scratches for most of their playoffs:

    Jarred Tinordi
    Travis Moen
    Ryan White
    Douglas Murray
    Mike Blunden

    they would have better chance with those bigger physical players than with their smurfs like Gionta.

  55. Bernie Taupin, who dropped out of school at 16, wins a lyric writing contest with Liberty Music which pairs him with the winner of a music writing contest Reginald Dwight ( aka Elton John).

    Over the next 40+ years, Bernie Taupin writes lyrics (some make sense, some don’t, most are biographical) and makes $70M

    Elton John a classical trained pianist and singer, composes music, creates songs with Bernie’s lyrics, records songs, produces masterful music / albums, and spends 40+ years on the road touring the world performing said songs night in and night out ( while Bernie lives In a California mansion overlooking the Pacific) makes $300M.

    Bernie Taupin got over, big time.

    B B B Bennie and the Jets!

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