Game 4: Canadiens at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Canadiens at Rangers.


Finally, after one game in five days and all the dog-and-pony garbage that has enveloped this series … a game. A big, stinking, giant game for both teams. This will be the 100th of the season for ya boys.

Once again, Happy 20th anniversary — the captain’s hat trick-plus-assist in Game 6 following the guarantee in which he never actually said “guarantee.”

As I said earlier, I suspect you will see tonight how good a coach Alain Vigneault is. I think he will have his guys focused on the task at hand, a gigantic game in this series, despite all the rantings and ravings and threats and accusations and suggestions, all the injuries and suspensions and unpenalized cheap shots. I suspect the Rangers will play well tonight and likely win Game 4. Let’s not forget that they won five in a row before Game 3, and lost Game 3 on a fluke goal, in a game and series filled with fluke goals.

Henrik Lundqvist is one win behind Mike Richter for the franchise playoff record for victories (41), and Dan Girardi tied Brian Leetch for fourth place on the franchise record for playoff games played (82).

Derek Stepan (broken jaw) will lose his NHL ironman streak. He has never missed a game in his four-year career (294 regular season, 54 playoffs). Daniel Carcillo sits the first of his 10-game suspension, which he has appealed.

Derick Brassard (likely shoulder) returns after missing most of Game 1 and all of Games 2 and 3. J.T. Miller plays in place of Stepan, with Dominic Moore playing center on Stepan’s line with Rick Nash and Chris Kreider.

The Habs, who go with rookie Dustin Tokarski in goal again, will be without Brandon Prust, serving the first of his two-game suspension for “interfering” with Stepan’s jaw. Michael Bournival is expected to play in his place, and Nathan Beaulieu is expected to replace Francis Boullion on defense.

On a warm playoff day, which normally negatively affects the ice surface, it should be noted that the Garden, as part of its renovation, installed a new A/C, dehumidifier system


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  1. Pillsbury and Jones saying AV and Rangers totally right re: practice/unwritten rule. No such thing especially since practice was at MSG and not in Chelsea Piers. Both said Ulfie did a good job not snapping, if it were either of them they’d flip out.

    Pillsbury also called Therrien. Said he’s been whining all series about Price and now with this practice spying. Enough with the prust.

  2. Rangers don’t win at home unless their back is against the wall. I fully expect this series to be tied at 2-2.

  3. I’m nervous & whicked pissed at thug Therrien… who easily could be a villain in a Bond movie.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS DO THIS!!!!

    LET gogog gog og oggogogogogogo!!


    Big game folks , as if ya didn’t know . WE WILL ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!!

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Lets have some fun!!!! Our team is in the lead and are 2 wins away from the cup final. NO ONE BELIEVED WE WOULD BE!!!

    Imbrace and have some fun , were playin at home and our guys are MAD!!!! BTW I could be nervous too cuz I want to win the cup REALLY REALLY bad. Its our year!!


  6. sure hope the real fans get their voices heard…the million dollar seats dressed as fans are probably in the Hamptons….so lordy help us who’s in the red seats tonight.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Manny , that prediction makes ya look a little stooooiped!!



    ONE MORE TIME , come on boys lets make some NOISE!!!!!


  8. I’d love to see a full roster scrum at pregame center ice a la FSU – Miami U

  9. iManny-O-War on

    Really agree with Keith here. Going back to Montreal at 2-2 is an embarrassment for NYR

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Can you believe it , The Rangers are comming!!!!


  11. and yes, even though i’m only 26, i still like referring to MSG seats by color….my faves were green center ice…

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve been throwing since Friday afternoon. I’ve been holding my breath since Friday morning. Basically I’ve a mouth full of vomit for over 2 days.

  13. Wow Millbury really giving it to Therrien. I thought they’d take the neutral side and say both teams have been yapping through the media but he’s rightfully putting it all on Michele.

  14. Fully expecting a Rangers victory night. I expect a similar start like Game 3 just more anger and more goals.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Im excited , you excited? Me , im excited . Your still excited , NICE!!!!

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Greatest team of all time , time to prove it TONIGHT!!!


  17. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back after a hiatus from the blog due to various reasons, including but not limited to: death in the family, workload, superstition and overall blog negativity.

    I always made time to read the game review, but I didn’t comment after Game 4 of the Penguins series (due to ledge traffic) and then after Game 5 I thought I won’t comment again until they lose and then next thing you know it’s nearly 2 weeks later.

    LGR!! our French are better than their French!

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ummm be nice to see Stepan’s mom again..


  19. I’m so POZY I just siht a bouquet of Freekin Roses!!!!!

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!

  20. Is Zucc’s mom really in town? Oh, I wish our Wegian K were here!!! We’d be hanging out….

  21. Is Slats still siting in that same box seat? What will he tell the ticket holders when they show tonight?

  22. Alain Amour on

    A total team effort is needed. From Hank to Boyle. No excuses. Just win.

  23. I think we’re going to have a lot of comments tonight.

    I just met Mattyboy, and NYR1979.

    You guys rock.

    Good evening, Sally!

  24. The best way to shut these losers mouths is to WIN THIS SERIES!



  25. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Mama – according to Al the oracle – she is.
    Bet he’s been eating a lot of kjøttkaker.

    He’d be ready to go!

    Manny – POZY.

  26. So-SIOUX-Me on

    Finally a Game.

    Let’s Get’r Done tonight Boys!!!

    I thought DMoore might get the spot between THE KREIDER & Nash.

  27. Blogmama I was in the Blueseats Pens Game 3. Have been in the million dollar seats. Prefer the old blues much more. The new barstool seats seem like a great place to see a game. Hope to watch a game from there very soon

  28. gregm_oldsection403 on

    John A sounds great. Crowd sounds good too! Let’s Go! Bring it! Earn it!

  29. Romeo, best wishes.

    How many times will Pee-air mention that Moore usually averages about 11 minutes?

  30. Hope to bring some positive energy today. Don’t know how you guyus post during the game. Great energy at the start.

  31. Therein looks like a fifth grade kids experiment – trying to grow hair on a ham

  32. And now a stupid penalty by JT Miller? Not the way to start the game…..

  33. I wish I could vibe positive… Don’t like the start of this game. Terrible power play and back to back penalties? REALLY?

  34. gregm_oldsection403 on

    There’s Poo-a-lot’s stupid penalty for the game. He’s good for at least 1, hopefully not 2.

  35. Was that Pouliot’s fourth or fifth offensive zone penalty? Got to get rid of this guy this summer. No wonder he’s been with four or five teams.

  36. Pouliot plays like a high draft pick NFL WR…we always get some of his stuff but never the full package

    Goal hanging!

    The NHL is a small world and we know how to hurt blowkarski

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  38. Emelin’s head almost ended up in the 3rd row on that snapback on Pulliot’s penalty

  39. Alain Amour on

    3 penalties against the Rangers in the first 10 minutes. This is slowly becoming an officiating fiasco.

  40. If the rangers get another penalty, park Kreider in front of the net. As soon as someone touches his back to move him out, he should go flying.

  41. Yea im from Montreal i happened to miss it right in front of me what a coinkydink

  42. London Broil on

    So much for calling all the stick penalties. It happens to Girardi attempting to clear the puck and the ref “just missed it.”

  43. Geez, I wonder how bad the officials are that aren’t calling these games

  44. Give us the GD EC trophy already

    You can’t touch this!!!

    Where’s my gold pants?

  45. What did we learn so far today kids. Embellishment works and don’t bother worrying about hooks. Refs don’t see that.

  46. Carp, another article about the ref’ing seems to be in order. How can there be two ref’s on the ice and they didn’t call that penalty on the Canadiens? I SMELL A MAKE UP CALL COMING!

  47. Alright. We survived that with a =1

    Time to calm down now and not keep taking a penalty every three minutes.

  48. The “best” part of taking 3 early penalties is the refs tend to lean toward equalizing the penalties later in the game.

    That means the Rangers should get the benefit of the doubt going forward.

  49. I say dress mcilrath as the 12th forward and let the cards (fists) fall where they may ;)

  50. JT Miller needs to step up and put on his big boy pants. They need him to be solid. That means no stupid mistakes. Just play solid.

  51. iGravy
    Isn’t it time for the Canadiens to be allowed to have six skaters on?

    May 25th, 2014 at 8:39 PM


  52. I’d like to see some more points in the paint instead of all these twelve foot jumpers and three pointers

  53. London Broil on

    Two penalties were just committed against the Rangers in less than 2 minutes. Neither called.

  54. Staal needs to wake up he’s in the CF’s. Other than that I like the Rangers being more physical.

  55. Montreal has more shots, but the Rangers have the goal.

    Good start, but it could be better, if the boys could stay out of the box.

  56. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Huh, the french open already? I guess that’s what happens when you have NYR hockey in late may!

  57. I remember when the trade was made, Blue Jacket fans were consistently saying…. “You guys are going to love Derek Dorsett!”

  58. iDoodie Machetto on

    Not the best start for our boys. Scoreboard is good, but everything else is not.

  59. Going to need a handful of goals before I settle down. Not exactly the start I’ve been dreaming about for the last 36 hours.

  60. iManny-O-War on

    Man. Need a regroup. Look sloppy on backcheck defense and neutral zone stuff.


  61. One of the most aggravating things is watching Staal pass up a shot to make a pass off the boards behind the net to absolutely no one.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m eating Vomit for Sunday dinner. Always tastes better the second time

  63. Considering once again the incompetence of the refs. Good period by the Rangers. Glad we can reset now and start the period fresh. The league or players really need to look at officiating during the off season. It’s becoming dangerous and just pathetic.

  64. Gnasher loves that shot from outside the circle at the boards….he must have scored from there one time as a pee wee.

  65. I’ll take the 1-nil score, but I wasn’t at all impressed with their play.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Excellent officiating. Rangers should expect 15-20 more PK in the second period.

  67. Might want to let the boys know between periods that there is a Hockey Game Tonight!!

    How bout it

  68. Why is Staal so scared of letting go a shot at the net when there is a guy trying to block his shot?

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    Not a great period masked slightly by the fact that it’s 1-0. Terror ratio infinity. Imagine if we didn’t get the shortie?

  70. iDoodie Machetto on

    Hagelin picks up right where he left off in game 3: out best forward.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ritchie looking good in practice. Ran a 1:07 for 6 furlongs in a run this morning.

  72. “Why is Staal so scared of letting go a shot at the net when there is a guy trying to block his shot?”

    Staal had a shot blocked which directly led to a goal in Game 4 vs PIT. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “Richards couldn’t get it in deep”. That what Olivia Munn said

  74. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Only the rangers can make an AHL call-up look like the second coming of Patrick Roy (pronounced Ru-Wa) LOL

  75. Rob in Beantown on

    Cost to re-sign Boyle goes up half a mil every time NBC features him

  76. I’d hope they start taking the body more. Would be nice to make Montreal pay along the boards since just stick checking isn’t doing so well. Those. PP’s gave Montreal a lot of momentum. Here’s hoping a fair game is called the rest of the way.

  77. Exactly, Rob.

    Anybody actually enjoy watching that dogs breakfast of a period?

  78. First line was looking like an impact line when Kreider came back. With Stepan out? Not so much! “You don’t know what ya got till its gone!” As Joni once sang….

  79. Paul because he’s not as quick as McDonough or the others and he’s probably worried about causing an odd man rush or breakaway.

  80. Miller and Richards scare me. Stahl looks like he’s on tranquilizers. Kreider playing too timid.

    Any other complaints?

  81. Staal might have been told to use the boards since this goalie is all over the place.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers had life. Too many penalties put a damper on things. We deserve at least 1 make up call.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Paved paradise and put in a shopping mall

    where ya go Ohio

  84. Carp
    They paved paradise, Yev.

    May 25th, 2014 at 9:03 PM

    Eddie Eddie Eddie
    Paved paradise and put in a parking lot

    May 25th, 2014 at 9:03 PM


  85. I am breaking out the smoker tomorrow and making ribs for the family. This entails me sitting outside and monitoring the temperature in the smoker and feeding wood into the smoker for about 6-7 hours. I want to be able to sit in a chair, drink a beer and listen to WFAN ALL DAY. The only way I can do that is if they win this damn game!!!


  86. Dom Moore had a good first period, the penalty was weak, but he did crosscheck him right in front of the ref.

  87. Montreal is very aggressive plugging up the neutral zone preventing long passes. They’ll have to adjust. Skate in, short passes. Both teams are physical. Good game so far. PK’s took away their flow but gave them a goal.

  88. Who in hell was that yakking stick insect talking about, 6’1, 202? Hope it wasn’t Dorsett.

  89. Agreed, Yev. So much of my enjoyment tomorrow is predicated on tonight’s game, all of it actually.

  90. Latona
    Yev, I’ve never heard of a rib soup.

    May 25th, 2014 at 9:08 PM


  91. Norm Merton on

    Richards needs to stop making these cute passes to MSL in front of Habs’ net.

  92. London Broil on

    That was the clearest dive I have ever seen. He leaped like from an airplane.

  93. Doc doing all in his power to break the PK streak, mentioning it every 5 seconds.

  94. Rob in Beantown on

    Grading on a curve obviously, but the Garden crowd is not terrible tonight

  95. FatGuy, tell the wife the Bue dot is in NJ. If she leaves now, she could get there by 10:00 PM.

  96. Dustin is a good goalie, but he gives up a lot of rebounds. Montreal doing well with getting to them.

  97. They went hi on Henrik, just as our “friend” Ron Dugay suggested they do.

  98. Boy, that quieted the crowd down. The Rangers best play with some damn desperation. This game is everything.

  99. iManny-O-War on

    Come on. Seriously!? So they can do anything and we can’t do anything.

  100. This is starting to look like another of those games where you wonder how the Rangers can ever score again

    They win every mid ice puck

  101. Stranger Nation on

    brassards has to STOP and shoot the flippin puck and not just cruise by

    that one will come back and bite us in the arse

  102. “This is starting to look like another of those games where you wonder how the Rangers can ever score again”

    So basically no different than any of the other 99 games this season?

  103. Why do we let this team hang around? Finish your chances and finish the Habs.

  104. Miller was playing great, and now it looks like he seriously hurt his shoulder.

    Fast playing next game?

  105. I love Dominick Moore, but he is a 4th line Center. A good 4th line center, but a 4th line center nonetheless.

  106. Starting to get the feeling that we’ll be talking about non-calls as the reason we didn’t win the opportunity to get destroyed in the Finals

  107. The Kreider either got a case of Nashitits or he’s hurt. Invisible. No physical presence at all.

  108. Whatever Nash has, It’s contagious. Because the Kreider appears to have caught it.

  109. Carp, the kid has made a couple of good saves, but how many quality chances have we had? Not many in my opinion!

  110. He is doing well. Although brass did have most of the left part of the net open, and all of the top left open. He’s a good goalie but montreal’s defense is saving him big time.

  111. Admiral Akbar on

    Rangers look worst they’ve played since Game 4 against Pittsburgh, IMO.

  112. “Susan Lucci is here tonight”…I’m going to be really really sick….

  113. did you see that Subban accidentally on purose fall on his knee on top of Nash’s head? that better get reviewed.

  114. BRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Suck it, Kenneth.)

  115. “We know exactly where he is hurt. We don’t think it will stop him from scoring goals.”

  116. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Giradri needs to play all the way to the whistle. he took the last 4 seconds off, and it almost cost him.

  117. Carp..when THE is touted as the savior or the defacto captain and leader and making $6 mil…he’ll catch it, too

  118. Nice finish Boys!

    Stealing a goal in the last minute… way to steal the momentum from the Habs!!!

    Brassard with an outstanding shot!

  119. Shoot five hole and stick side on the kid. Also staal and Gerardo need to bring their A game in the third. Don’t turtle either.

  120. That’s actually a good play by Brassard. Takarski has been coming out of the net and losing his angle all game.

    Look up, pick a spot, and shoot the effing puck

  121. Habs are vulnerable to the stretch pass. Keep looking for it. There neutral zone positioning when the puck is in the Rangers end is beatable with the stretch pass, especially on line changes.

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “we need to stay away from his glove. Stick side, eh”

  123. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Now, the rangers need to play the 3rd period to WIN the game. They better not play “not to lose.”

  124. Let’s just crush them. Their spirit, their will, their desire all crushed with a three goal third.

  125. 20 minutes = please please please pleading please.

    Stay out of the box!!!! Great PK!!! Go boys!!

  126. When you come that far out and don’t have your angles right, you are beatable.

  127. Brass waited just a split second so Dustin dropped then shot high. It’s a legit fake.

  128. Is there a hockey game tonite or something? I’m too busy watching the women’s NCAA Lacrosse final, hoping for a skirt malfunction

  129. Those late period goals are tough ones to give up…and appropriate coming from Brass…Therrien…whining about Nash when Gnasher was pushed into Therrien’s goalie by Therrien’s own man! What whiners. Therrien must know his team doesn’t have much of a chance. AV takes the high road. Can only imagine if Torts were still behind the bench, but don’t want to…

  130. I am so sick of the Canadiens. That Boyle high sticking was BOGUS! He threw his head back like he had been shot with a high powered rifle. For a “proud franchise” with a “rich history;” this team is completely BUSH LEAGUE.

  131. Therrien definitely encourages diving by his players and he loves crying about everything and playing victim card to the refs and to the media.

  132. ThisYearsModel on

    Wonder what the refs think when they look at the tape and see the Habs diving all over the place.

  133. Need more than a 1 goal lead! Need to put offensive pressure on. Cycle down low and keep the puck in the Habs end!!!

  134. Guys, I had the great opportunity to say hello to Carpy before the game. He is as astute as he is handsome. And my 16 yo daughter has a girl crush now. Darn!

    Thanks, Carpy!!!

  135. St Louis trying to hard…he’s playing a good game, and the goals will come

  136. Rangers have last change and to me it looks like Theiren wants his top lines matched up against staal.

  137. WOW! Milbury calling out the Canadiens for their nonsense acting and says the Ref’s must call them on it and give them penalties!

  138. Linda Cohn in the box behind me raging the white towel as hard as any of us.

    Habs ownership group in the box next to hers. At least at the moment, not so much.

  139. iManny-O-War on

    Man. I hope these guys get just how huge this next 20 minutes is.

    Especially for Hank’s legacy!

  140. They need to get this oscar worthy embellishment BS out of the game.

    Years ago, when men were men. You practically have to be decapitated to react the way the players do today.

    It’s disgusting.

  141. Millbury defending the Rangers a lot. Keith Jones still sad the Rangers wiped the Ice with the Caps in 94.

  142. My wife is not a fan of soccer floppers. Not happy seeing coming into hockey.

    She called it digusting :)

  143. Admiral Akbar on

    Maybe Sidney Crosby learned aboot whining from Therrien when he was coaching Pittsburgh.

  144. PK is out of gas.

    Ranger need to keep their foot on the gas, and put this game away.

  145. yeah because Staal doesn’t hit at all. Last time he hit was playing against Ovechkin 3 years ago.

  146. Imo crosby’s image is destroyed from embellishing everything. Subban should take note. Fans remember that kind of thing.

  147. Carp

    That slapper by Brassard on the breakaway reminded me of the slapper Larmer took on a penalty shot (in Ottawa I think) during the Cup year. In
    both cases as I saw the huge windup, I was screaming, “No, no, no, what are you doi ————– YES!!!!!! Genius play!!!!!”

  148. Wow..Milbury actually making some sense calling out the all the frog dives…4 mins will fix a lot of that crap.

  149. If you’ve wondered what happened to Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. Turns out he’s coaching the Habs.

  150. gregm_oldsection403
    Now, the rangers need to play the 3rd period to WIN the game. They better not play “not to lose.”

    May 25th, 2014 at 9:53 PM


    A Torts team would go into the defensive shell and try and block 287 shots in the third period. We MUST keep offensive pressure on. Keep the puck in their end and put pressure on their D and on the kid!

  151. *Carp, I have a great suggestion on how to get rid of the embellishment. I’ll share it tomorrow, if you remind me*

    It s simple, and it will work.

  152. I never thought that but 4 mins for embellishment would be a good idea. Refs have to call it though. It’s taboo for some reason.

  153. Can’t help but feel Pillsbury is defending NYR (even though he’s mostly correct in his analysis) because the Habs knocked out his precious B’s last round, but I’ll take it.

  154. Marc Methot ?@MarcMethot3 17m

    My boiiiiii D Brass….reppin’ Ottawa in the summer. #trainingpartners

  155. Next goal wins if its the Rangers scoring and Montreal never takes the lead tonight.

  156. Montreal has taken the acting a whole new level. They are making Crosby look like a hockey player.

  157. Moore has to move the puck back behind his net. He had 2 guys with support.


  158. iManny-O-War on

    Another crap penalty. Thought he had puck but they have to stop this crap. Especially our PK guys!

  159. I can’t get over this. If a Canadien falls, its a penalty. If they rock one of our guys 2 seconds late, with injury, its play on.

  160. Admiral Akbar on

    Maybe Therien’s shenanigans are paying off – Rangers un disciplined tonight?

    I guess you have to do whatever it takes to win.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    this has become a huge flippin farce – another penalty 200 ft from our goal

  162. Even if all the Rangers penalties were penalties, can they at least call the ones Montreal commits?

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pierre – “refs are calling every stick penalty” (against the rangers that is)

  164. One of these teams is outplaying the other enough to earn a penalty edge. And it’s not the Canadiens.

  165. _Even if all the Rangers penalties were penalties, can they at least call the ones Montreal commits?_

    Right. “Holding on every play”, but you still don’t call it at a 3:1 rate.


    They not only have called EVERY penalty on the Rangers, they have missed a bunch on the Canadiens. Just ridiculous.

  167. London Broil on

    Refs calling everything including borderline decisions on the Rangers and calling 25% of the penalties being committed by Montreal.

  168. Admiral Akbar on

    Papa —

    Agree 100%

    Pucks and bodies aren’t getting to the net often enough.

  169. Was Arnold Schwarzennegger a champion ping pong player or something? He looks pretty damn good in those commercisls

  170. Vigneault is playing Mr. Nice Guy. All questionable calls will go against his team.

  171. Called about 5 phantom penalties on the rangers. Games not over I’m sure there will be more. Anytime a ah goes down it’s considered a infraction.

  172. Admiral Akbar on

    Dave Maloney:

    “Montreal now playing with a swagger that’s been growing as this series has gone on.”

  173. Rangers working hard to get not much. Need a breakaway. Nobody looks as though they want to get to a rebound.

  174. Dave is right
    This looks like an arm wrestling contest where one team is starting to find its second wind

  175. Rob in Beantown on

    Terror ratio not that high because if we win this game it will be a miracle

  176. BRAD has J. Moops wide open on cutting to the net from the point, fires the wrister instead.

  177. Admiral Akbar on

    The swagger is starting t look like a quiet confidence on the part of Montreal.

    Rangers need to do something to shake things up, like score a goal.

  178. Admiral Akbar on

    As I said before, this is in my opinion, the WORST the Rangers have played since Game 4, last series.

  179. Easiest way to get rid of the swagger is knock a gab out of the game and then score a goal

  180. Admiral Akbar on

    We will find ourselves “lucky” to be tied in this series heading back to Montreal after tonight boys.

  181. I’d love a replay of that from the reverse angle. Only way its offsides is if Pou left the puck behind and totally lost contact with the blue line.

  182. How about Rick Nash showing as much effort offensively as he did on that excellent defensive play?

  183. Just in case you’re on the fence about whether this is lack of discipline or uneven officiating … we’re already 2+ minutes beyond our *season high* short-handed minutes.

  184. Do we have any designed, or at least practiced, plays or set-ups that work? Everyone else seems to

  185. London Broil on

    You would think that with the penalty disparity between the teams that the penalties the Rangers supposedly committed would be obvious. Instead, they are wrongly calling high sticks on us. Still no power plays for us. No make up calls in our favor for the missed calls or incorrect calls against us.

  186. An agenda is obvious. I’d just be lying if I said the refs are just incompetent, and these refs in particular look like they are very stern about their bad calls.

  187. If JT Miller isn’t going to play, they need to find someone who can! OR, we better pray that Stepan puts that cage on and comes back to play.

  188. It’s not about who wants it more. It’s about who has had to kill more penalties/stay on the ice longer. Takes a toll

  189. Yev …. to bad they didn’t use KRISTO this year.

    That’s twice MSL crapped his pants in front of the net.

  190. Admiral Akbar on

    Credit to Montreal defensemen play in front of their net – rangers not getting to rebounds

  191. Normal game I’m like “eh, no chance they carryover into OT” but after all the ticky tacky calls on us that was very, very clear obstruction.

  192. NOW I’M SCARED!

    I can’t believe the Rangers didn’t put them away, when they had the chance.

  193. Refs only want to decide the game for Canadians.

    Regarding malony’s swagger comment

    On the Canadian bench…” Guys don’t worry refs got our back just fall down”

  194. If you lose two in a row in OT at home…….season over. I’ll take McMonster, btw buy out Richards before we get back to Canada

  195. London Broil on

    The refs have decided games 3 & 4 from the start of regulation in Gm 3 to the end of regulation in Gm 4 in favor of Montreal.

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Staal is really bad. What a drop off in ability. He used to be so good

  197. Just can’t make it easy at home…good thing we don’t have home ice the rest of the way.

  198. 42% of the game played with one team on the PP until the game is tied, then just 11% afterwards. Both teams must have just totally cleaned up for the last 18 minutes.

  199. Rangers really miss Stepan. Moore isn’t generating anything on that top line

  200. It’s either going to be Subban because it’s a cruel cruel world or a Ranger because there is a God. A hockey God at least.

  201. Two guys on this team who will go to and park at the net for all these rebounds, and one of them (#15) sits.

  202. Dear Hank,

    I know it’s not all on you. But please ….please please please praying please.

    Mama love..

  203. LOL, conspiracy theories are out.

    How about the theory of all the stupid, lazy, needless offensive-zone penalties?

  204. Well the Rangers should have won Game 3, but lost and Montreal should win Game 4, so maybe the Rangers get the lucky bounce in OT.

  205. Dominick Moore’s stick never mad contact with Deharnay on the trip. Never mad contact. How was it a trip?????

  206. Post game interviews will all be talking about the too many offensive zone penalties etc….

    Have no confidence going into this OT

  207. Hank saved that shot with the shaft of his stick before it hit the crossbar. Playoff hockey a game of inches

  208. Regardless of the outcome- a very dissappointing effort. Got suckered into playing Montreal’s game- played out of control all game-out of control with the puck- out of control with our sticks. Hank came up small for second game in a row- both games he gives up a softie first goal that erased Ranger lead. Won’t really feel good about this one no matter what goes down in the OT.

  209. Looking at the replays some where penalties, but the Canadians are getting away with a lot more.

  210. Hagelin and St. Louis are playing so well it’s a shame Richards is playing so poorly and dragging him down.

    Can someone tell him it’s a Game 7 tonight?

  211. I want to take those gym rats on the treadmill and slewfoot them to hell…..argh!!!

  212. Agree, Coos. Seemed to get caught out on the ice for longer shifts a lot in that period.

  213. Admiral Akbar on

    NYR are pathetic home team because MSG has been castrated.

    At least the 5,000 fans in the Mausoleum can get loud.

  214. London Broil on

    Montreal has more power plays in this game than the Rangers in both this & the previous game.

  215. NYR had enough chances last game and this game to finish MTL off, but the officiating is really ruining the playoffs. It’s so sad.

  216. Two stats I would love …

    1. Last time a team took 7 penalties in the first 44 minutes of a playoff game

    2. Last time a team set their season high penalty time in a playoff game never more than a goal apart

  217. Ok, maybe cause I’m tired and frustrated, but some of you all are ticking me off…and fug …PKKKK

  218. Such a Dumb play, 200′ away from his net.

    Rangers are going to give this game away.

  219. I called it months ago…they should substitute THE for French Poodle at times like this. French poodle used to do this to help out the Rangers on a regular basis at critical times, when he played for the opposition

  220. Subban has to be first on the “penalties drawn versus penalties I commit that aren’t called” list

  221. They are just putting pucks on the net. WHY CAN’T WE DO THAT????? Get traffic in front! Throw rubber at the net..

  222. Rangers have no offensive flow whatsoever in this game. Penalties just totally killing their mojo.

  223. iManny-O-War on

    What the hell is happening to the Rangers? They look awful!

    We need a miracle

  224. Getting outplayed in OT! What the hell is up with this team????????? Isn’t home ice supposed to be an advantage?

  225. Some real anti-Torts coaching here, and not saying that’s a bad thing. But the third D pair is playing regularly here, and Pouliot hasn’t missed a shift.

  226. We are not keeping the puck in their zone and cycling.. The puck is in our zone.

  227. Wa s about to say MSL wins it to make up for all his missed chances…hooray!

  228. London Broil on

    EFFFF YOU REFEREEEES!!!! MARTTTTTTYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  229. Robby Bonfire on

    Staal is woefully inept, offensively, because he NEVER records an even-strength primary assist.

  230. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Hagalin was all over that one. Unrelenting forccheck. Hags set it up to Marty!

    wow, Hags should be 1st star. he was moving all night long.

  231. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Take that ledge people!!!

    Where is Olga!!!!



  232. Marty St. Louis saves the Day! Rangers Win! Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey! What a Game. Rangers up 3-1. Time to put them away!!!

  233. London Broil on

    EFFFFFF YOU REFEREEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  234. I said after last game, MSL need to hesitate and let Tokarski commit to the the first move, look than shoot……

    *I see dead people*

  235. Rangers got really lucky to win that game. The difference between 3-1 and 2-2 in the series is huge. Hopefully they can bury this thing in Montreal!

  236. London Broil on

    EFFFFFF YOU REFEREEEEES@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You tried to steal it away. BUT THIS TEAM LED BY MARTY WONT ALLOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. I don’t think it was luck at all. They had all the odds against them. Conspiracy or not. Once again the calls where favoring the Canadians. Might not have been pretty but they gutted this win out.

  238. Wonder if we’ll “lose discipline” again next game and rebreak our PK time mark.

  239. London Broil on

    EFFFFFFF YOU REFEREEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DIRTBAGS!Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. London Broil on


    NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NEVER SURRRRRRENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  241. Don’t know who the stars are but I can tell you who they’re not tonight – Kreider and Richie.

  242. That first round pick wouldnt have scored that :)

    Av has gotten this team further than Torts ever did. Yes, ive been waiting to say that for a while.

  243. Rangers have met adversity head on and beaten it down (with some help from the crossbar)

  244. London Broil on

    Rot in hell you piece of crap refereeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Henrik was terrible this game and Tokarski was amazing. “We” are so lucky we won this game but I am very happy I just seem mad but I’m really not I’m actually very happy because I’m a Rangers fan just like you guys.

  246. what a relief. Hopefully next game we play disciplined and finish these bastards off.

  247. Radio still with the MSL Mom tragedy again. Yes, I agree, but time to give it a rest.

  248. I’ll probably watch this goal another dozen times before I go to bed.

    Also no media blackout. I’ll be watching all the media I can while we’re up THREE to ONE

    Just Win Baby !

  249. Odd that strong 2 on 1 work along the boards by B-Rich was the key play on the winner.

  250. If you didn’t know and just saw the penalty minutes, you might mistakenly think we got revenge for Stepan.

  251. London Broil on



  252. I turned the game on just in time to see the OT goal.

    this game was too close. but AWESOME win!!!!

    lets hear some trash talk now Canadiens. WOO HOO!

  253. What excuse do the Canadiens have now? Guess Prust would have scored two or three?

  254. Contributions from everyone but Pouliot, who really needs to sit one out. He’s not getting the message.

  255. AV says we play whistle to whistle. What he doesn’t get is that no other team we play stops at the whistle and nothing is ever called. May as well play a little after the whistle.

  256. FUNBC….no stick salute!!!!!!!! argh!!!

    and to all you ledge naysayers,lalalalalalla

    Just saying…..TA!

  257. Rangers played easily their worst game of the series and beat Montreal in a must win game for them.


  258. Pullout needs potty training with his O Zone penalties, but he is a factor and will be re-signed.

  259. I thought they outplayed the habs in game 3 and lost. They were outplayed in game 4 and won. GO FIGURE…

  260. Coos, you’re taking your Richie-hate to new lows. Did you catch the last goal? You know, the game-winner? Ah, well, to each his own hate.

  261. London Broil on


    KILL THESE PIECES OF CRAP IN GAME 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Who cares who wins the world championships?

    All it means is that your NHL team got eliminated early

  263. Told ya…be calm folks!

    Question for you…if cally set his demands at say 5 mil per year and slats predictably re-signs him during the year, do the rangers still trade for msl and if so, who do they trade??

  264. What’s with the no stick salute? AV pouting about a paucity of unconditional love?

  265. Marty WINS another BIG game. He is taking us to the Finals, I wouldn’t be surprised if MOM isn’t in the building the next game.

    Just another great pass by Hags.

  266. MARTY make THIS kind of difference!

    Such a sniper. Blueshirts are going to take the next game on the road.

    Rangers in 5 :)

  267. London Broil on

    WHo else has just watched Martys game winner 50 times??!!!


  268. Richard and Staal had some senior moments tonight.

    Hagelin was great, but speed doesn’t matter right Alain? Actually he has gotten much stronger on the puck, last year he was just fast.

    Hank plays back in the net, tonight he should have come out, its not like that guy could put a move on him. He gave u[\p a weak one, but Girardi made the big error that led to that break.

  269. Yev Kassem
    I thought they outplayed the habs in game 3 and lost. They were outplayed in game 4 and won. GO FIGURE…

    May 25th, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    Who is watching the post game? Right after I posted this, EJ Hradek said EXACTLY the same thing, including the “GO FIGURE!” LOL!

  270. Therein has literally nothing to complain about that must be why. The league called the game in their favor.

  271. Rangers the best road team this year….play better on short rest…just need to stay out of box and roll 4 lines.
    Maybe Step comes back to score game winner and stick it to Prust,Therrien,PuKe and the rest of the frogs.

  272. London Broil on

    Marty was brought here for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Champion!!!!!! A leader!!!! A Winnner!!!!!!!!!!

  273. Coos thank god Dolan is paying HIM!!!

    Cally took the train home :)

    What a difference MSL has made for the Rangers.

  274. I still love Pouliot, dumb penalty in OT, but he plays hard.

    Did miller play after the injury?

  275. Kind of crazy that what boomer said is coming true. He said fans would hate it at first but then love him.

  276. *Breaking News*

    *Thorazine complaining to the Montreal media that he thought the referees purposely gave Montreal too many penalties to take their 5 on 5 flow away from them*

  277. jpg's sister on

    Did JT Miller come back from the locker room?

    My TV was breaking up so much and freezing (new flat screen) I didn’t even see the OT winner. Thanks Time Warner

  278. The most undisciplined game I have seen the Rangers play in a very long time!

  279. Regardless of miller injury, don’t think we see him next game…fast? Step back? Diaz at fwd? Someone else?

  280. I’m rewinding it again…

    St. Louis never giving up…

    Love watching the smallest guy on the ice making the biggest difference in the game.

    1 win away BABY!!!

  281. tomb, thanks, easier than rewinding on my tv…:)

    I’m drenched….off to dry off and sleep, work tomorrow..

    negative nancies….holy hartnell, get hold of yourselves

  282. Tokarski looked like a third stringer on the GWG. And that is taking nothing away from MSL —– that shot would have beaten just about anybody. But talk about not being square, too deep when no other threat to worry about, flinching, and just technically completely out of whack.

    THAT is what makes me even happier about the way this one ended: The ‘kid who came in and stole a series’ storyline may just have left the building.

  283. Orr no kidding. Biron is so much better, why are they not using him and get rid of DuGAY.

  284. Looks like I picked the Wong time to vacation in Italy! Holy S – sounded like quite the game. Now I can sleep in peace! LGR!
    Ciao boneheads!

  285. Have a great time in Italy while the rest of us struggle to find food to put on the table.

  286. Finish up Tuesday and get a week to heal up. Let’s put the last nail in early for once.

  287. We got this BOYS.

    Yes it was a heart attack of the game.

    But it makes the WIN twice as sweet.

    Don’t you think?

  288. Taking nothing away from anyone, our PK and 4th Line made all the difference this year

  289. Nash settling into an unexpected and valuable role here playing defensive forward on the Inexperienced One’s line.

  290. AV not complaining about the penalties, says “it’s on us”. Wonder if Therrien would have the same reaction.

  291. If we have a captain before McDonuts, I think it should be MSL for a year. He has steel in his eyes.

  292. Stranger Nation on

    Irony is MSL finally scored going high glove side…AGAIN. You would think he may try another spot, but thank bejeezus he didn’t

  293. If Miller had played all 66 minutes, he would have recorded 85 hits. AV needs to be smarter.

  294. Stranger Nation on

    Glad Henk got assist – he has made tremendous improvement on the puck handling

  295. Hard to fathom how much time Nash spends prone. He is playing some effective D, though.

  296. LMGO, Papa. Maybe ilb will take us on a Boneheads Yacht Cruise. Maybe we can go to Philly, Pittsburgh, Montreal … then who knows? LA? Chicago?

  297. Those three don’t get enough ink. Happier with Stralman, too, except when he forgot which side of the ice he was supposed to cover.

  298. Stranger Nation on

    Latona – LOL

    How bout that Gallagher? That, I say that boy’s just like a tatoo, gets under your skin

  299. New York Rangers, playing with house money. Can’t say I saw this coming last fall.

  300. **Staal Wart** on

    All 3 Ranger goals tonight were things of beauty…
    Hags…nice deke
    Brass…absolute bomb

  301. Papa – he stuck me in steeridge class.

    Carp – I can’t find a descent hot dog over here.

    I did run into a couple of ranger fans already. Small world

  302. A lot being asked of Dom Moore. Like taking a 6 furlong horse to the mile and a half Belmont.

  303. Admiral Akbar on

    Big Papi playin’ hockey now?

    “Not in our [bleeping] city! This is OUR [bleeping] city!”

  304. I believe -you guys- -the Rangers- we would have a much better shot of a clincher against Montreal if we had Tokarski instead of Hank.