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  1. LOL! Therrien pissed that Ulf is watching practice, makes him leave. Then Sather shows up to watch. Haha! Next up, Dolan? That greasy bastard should make himself useful and pull a Tonya Harding on Subban

  2. Anyone who watches this team religiously knows that Dorsett contributes a lot more to the fourth line than ‘gooning.’

  3. CarBong at practice? This is his opportunity to check out the Museum of Modern Art and some Shakespeare in the Park.

  4. _That greasy bastard should make himself useful and pull a Tonya Harding on Subban_

    Sex tape?

  5. I don’t know about watching the team “religiously” but I do pray a lot when Moore or Girardi play the puck in our own end

  6. Galoolly.

    I say we just soundly beat them tomorrow and than dismiss them handily in front of their fans. That would be swell.

    LGR !!!

    I really want this series, really.

  7. More good news – having a bad pp unit doesn’t matter if the refs never call Hab penalties?

    Wait, did I just say pp unit? Add that to the after-post blooper reel

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    When the Rangers win 5-1 tomorrow, Therrien will blame the nefarious Ranger coaching staff for spying on their practice. Samuelsson was probably trying to figure out who the Habs hatchet man would be next game.

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–Did the Rangers centers wear bullseyes on their practice jerseys today to help Therrien figure out tomorrow’s victim?

  10. To take out Nash next, Therrien just has to push a button like The Manchurian Candidate…or Reggie Jackson “Must kill the Queen”

  11. I think the line combos should be “The”/Richards/Nash, MDZ/Brass/Pouliot, MSL/JT Miller/Hags, Boyle/D Moops/Dorsett..

    We shall see……

  12. Now we all see why Lucic acted that way on the line

    Likeable Canadian underdogs my ash

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    Reading the Tweets from the Habs practice. Apparently, the united message from them revolves around Stepan being a faker and Ryan McDonagh being the dirtiest defenseman since Chris Pronger. Danny Briere calling another player dirty. The Hans must believe that they cannot win without running their mouths and thereby lobbying the officials.

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – I’ll kill the Habs coach next season. I’ll rip his head off. I’ll break his arms, legs, fingers, and toes. I’ll kill his family. His friends, his neighbors. I’ll kill his teachers, his classmates, and any administrator that worked in his school. I’ll kill everyone in every grade in his high school yearbook. I’ll kill anyone who knew him. I’ll kill people that didn’t know him. I’ll kill everyone that ever watched him coach. I’ll kill his players. I’ll kill his players’ families. I’ll kill everyone in Quebec. I’ll kill everyone in Canada. I’ll kill everyone in North America. I’ll kill everyone on earth. I’ll kill space aliens. I’ll kill people in distant galaxies. I’ll kill people from the future. I’ll dig up people already dead and re-kill them”

  15. SeeDubb…..I think so.

    This weekend, I’ll be watching from a location where I am 2-0 in the playoffs, so we still have that going for us.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We need a highly infected and contagious beaver to roam throughout the Habs team – giving them something to clap about.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Michelle Thorazine – “why Stepan didn’t get a double minor for smashing his jaw into the Prust shoulder is itself s crime, eh?”

  18. Anyone else catch that veiled threat by Therrien against Brass?

    “”Renaud Lavoie @renlavoietva · 4m
    #canadiens Michel Therrien in french:”we expect Derick Brassard to play and we know exactly where he’s injured. Hockey is a small world.”””

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh, btw, Ratelle broke his ankle stepping off a curb hailing a taxi in 72, not by getting hit with a team mates shot…

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Here’s hoping Staal from the left point accidentally blasts a puck 90 degrees out of phase smashing Thorazine in the face. Small world indeed.

  21. Good deal, Papa. Nash has been getting too much of a pass in recent go times. :)

  22. Veiled threat? Doesn’t seem veiled to me. Seems pretty obvious. Think the Refs and NHL will look the other way again if Brass gets an illegal hit targeting his upper shoulder?

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