Broken jaw for Stepan, 2-game suspension for Prust, 10 for Carcillo


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By Josh Thomson

NEW YORK – The NHL levied a two-game suspension on Montreal’s Brandon Prust for his brutal Game 3 hit on Derek Stepan, but, of the two teams, the play could leave the Rangers with the more important hole in their lineup.

The club announced Friday that Stepan suffered a broken jaw on the hit and was due to undergo surgery Friday night.

Although athletes have been known to play through broken jaws, Stepan’s status for Game 4 Sunday night was in doubt.Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Three

“I’ll have more of an idea after the operation,” coach Alain Vigneault said.

Stepan has skated in all 17 games this postseason and is tied for second on the Rangers with 11 points. He assisted on Chris Kreider’s goal with 28.1 seconds left in regulation that forced overtime Thursday night.

Stepan played a total of 17:46 in Game 3 despite spending nearly six minutes in the locker room during the first period. He received an X-ray, which the team said was negative, and doctors cleared him to return to the ice. It wasn’t until the pain persisted that Stepan received a more thorough evaluation from a specialist Friday morning and learned that his jaw was broken.

The injury occured 2:45 into the first period when Prust dropped Stepan nearly a full second after the latter had chipped the puck off the boards to skirt Montreal’s Thomas Vanek. Prust drove his shoulder into Stepan’s upper body, but the play was deemed a head shot by the league, which was aware of the injury before its phone hearing with the former Ranger.

Instead, the explanation from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety identified the hit as interference. It based Prust’s suspension on the penalty, Stepan’s injury and Prust’s history.

While with the Rangers in 2012, Prust earned a one-game ban during the conference final for elbowing the Devils’ Anton Volchenkov. (Carl Hagelin sat for three games earlier that postseason for elbowing Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson.)

“Obviously, the four referees missed the call. Stepan is injured,” Vigneault said of the hit. “The same player called the hit on (Carey) Price ‘accidental but on purpose,’ but a late hit, everything you want to get out of the game, that was his hit on Stepan.”

The Canadiens disagreed, citing Chris Kreider’s collision with Price in Game 1 that knocked the Montreal goalie out for the series. Kreider was not suspended, and Prust was among those who suggested contact could’ve been avoided.

“His intention was not to hurt anyone,” Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said. “Like Kreider, his intention, even if he was going hard to the net and then laying on Carey Price, I’m sure his intention was not to hurt Carey Price. Brandon Prust, he tried to finish his check. His intention, honestly, was not to hurt Stepan.”

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Series at a glance

Rangers 7, Canadiens 2

Rangers 3, Canadiens 1

Canadiens 3, Rangers 2 (OT)

Game 4: At Rangers, Sunday, 8 p.m.

Game 5: At Montreal, Tuesday, 8 p.m.

x-Game 6: At Rangers, Thursday, 8 p.m.

x-Game 7: At Montreal, May 31, 8 p.m.

x-if necessary

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  1. Two different players, take late “targeted” shots at NY Rangers more effective players in first five minutes of two different games.

    Neither play involved anything close to a scoring chance. Interesting coincidence. Is there a culture of such behavior being breed in Canada? Or is that something the coaching staff suggested?

    But obviously Kreider is a dirty player, cause he tries to score some goals with his speed & size, going to the net. I believe that hockey concept is still taught from Juniors on.

  2. it was obvious Prust made that decision after Stepan passed the puck. utter joke.

    linesmen should not grab a player violently to escort him to the box…… utter joke.

    Rangers top two centers taken out by dirtbags on questionable plays… Michelle is all for it. utter joke.

  3. Orr
    From the last thread…

    I agree re Chris Simon. He was the perfect “tough guy”. Could win a fight against anyone, quite honestly play on any of the four lines, and scared the hell out of guys.

    I remember him “literally” chasing brashear all over the ice trying to get him to fight and finally just grabbed him and started throwing.

    Did you ever look at his stat line for us??? Just awesome!!

    Really is too bad the way his career slipped at the end.

    Terrible move by sather getting rid of him in the 03-04 purge.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Wow! I didn’t know the rule book included suspensions for interference. Is that a joke?

    The Rangers need to concentrate on the game tomorrow night and not on trying to get even with Montreal. Winning by showing them who is the better team is the best revenge.

  5. iManny-O-War on

    They HAVE to win. It’s the best way to stick it to Les Habs.

    Especially since we already injured their best player.

  6. As for that surgery. Broken jaw surgery is a relative term. Stepan’s initial X-ray was negative which means there was no big, displaced fracture. It was found on the additional scans next morning, done because his pain persisted. So it’s probably a hairline fracture. I doubt he needed a metal plate, the most they probably did was wiring his teeth. I wouldn’t be shocked if he plays tomorrow using a full face mask. He won’t be as effective, but still better than whoever they may dress instead. We will have to wait. Didn’t Getzlaf play after he broke his jaw against Dallas during round one? I guess it will depend on Stepan’s level of comfort, pain, ability to breath etc.

  7. “His intention was not to hurt anyone,” Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said. “Like Kreider, his intention, even if he was going hard to the net and then laying on Carey Price, I’m sure his intention was not to hurt Carey Price. Brandon Prust, he tried to finish his check. His intention, honestly, was not to hurt Stepan.”

    If I thought I was mad before….. Instead of coming out and being a stand up guy (LIKE AV WAS ABOUT CARCILLO!) We now have Therrien comparing the Kreider play to the assault by Prust. I think my freaking head is going to explode!

  8. Admiral Ackbar on

    These cheap shots, lying about the cheap shots, incompetent officiating, and incompetence by the league in handling these matters are starting to ruin the enjoyment of this series for me.

  9. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carp, I take it that your twitter being used to promote every article in the paper this morning was a result of those social media meetings, yes?

  10. Norm Merton on

    This is what happens when two teams whose usual focus is trying to score goals and defend against them starts swinging handbags at each other. Neither team is truly committed to this sort of garbage. With Prust and Carcillo out, we might see a return to fast hockey the next two games. Up to the Canadiens more than the Rangers.

  11. I’m always up with the farmers, Manny.

    Doodie, now I’m suspecting something went wrong with those tweets, since they’re old stories. Investigating. Because I have nothing else to do.


    Good morning, Sally!

  12. Yeah…kinda means we will not be reading your twitter feed, Carp. Why not eliminate it? Perhaps they were concerned fewer Lohud advertising clicks when we clicked on a link to Larry Brooks’ article

  13. No news yet about Stepan’s status…I like the doc’s analysis, hopefully he plays and levels a few of Les Habitants

  14. Morning Heads!

    Enjoyed yesterday’s review and read all the stories that followed. Good stuff all around.

    Shame about Step, hope he goes with the cage. We need him and I would prefer the pissed off version that finished game three.

  15. Rangers suffered a huge hit, however, they should be fine. If the BEST the Canadiens could bring in a desperation game was to squeak by an OT win with flukey goals-the Rangers should be fine. The Rangers are far more talented and faster than the Habs overall.

  16. iDoodie Machetto on

    Ha, that I didn’t know they were old articles should tell you that I didn’t click a single one.

    Maybe if you had tweeted some stories about beavers, instead.

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    Wasn’t around yesterday but tried to get caught up on what’s been happening. For all the talk about how Montreal is just barely hanging on, on how they’re completely spent, how they were lucky to win game 3, how they’re outmatched by the Rangers: are you forgetting how Montreal was the better team in Game 2 and how Hank stole that for us? I’m not aware of when the Rangers became world beaters that are somehow going to win a series in 5, but it seems to have happened overnight for some people. I think these teams are really quite evenly matched and while the Rangers maybe have a slight edge with Price out, if our top two centers are out or even less than 100% it’s really still anybody’s series. That’s why I think Sunday is must win. If we can go up to Montreal up 3-1 I will exhale a bit, but if it’s 2-2, it’s to the ledges for me.

  18. Thanks for that post ilb2001@6:59 I was waiting for Your input.Lets hope Stepan&Brasard are good to go.Lets Go Rangers!

  19. Stepan can’t play because then Canadiens fans will really think he faked the injury. (s)

  20. Nice to have an actual doctor on here, ilb. Should have a disclaimer, though: prior outcomes to not guarantee future results :)

  21. Stranger Nation on

    _This is what happens when two teams whose usual focus is trying to score goals and defend against them starts swinging handbags at each other_
    This is what happens when a team with a similar style (Mon) cannot beat the other team (NYR) so they have to change styles and get desperate. Including both clubs in that statement is erroneous and asinine.
    Facts are they have to late hits to the head of our top centers. We have one of our players ‘arrested’ for looking funny.

    Rangers fan, right? some wonder…

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    Wow CARP, you are a tweeting machine. My phone has been buzzing all through the early morning hours here in CA. LOL!

  23. Robby Bonfire on

    With the adversity of being down, 3-1 to Pittsburgh, along with a personal crisis, this team pulled together and stepped up to get it done. One thing I can honestly say, I detest Montreal the most of any team in the NHL.

    For me, beating Montreal in this series has implications far beyond just “winning.” It’s a grudge match, now. Let’s show them what we are made of.

  24. Robby Bonfire on

    Rob in Beantown:

    Saying “Hank stole game two for us, Montreal was the better team,” is like saying except for the pitching the team lacking pitching was better. Last time I checked, goaltending skill and a stalwart goaltending performance IS part of hockey.

    Our edge in this series is in the goaltending match-up. It’s the skating, shooting and D components of the game of hockey which should have our concern as to how this series will wind up.

  25. If Prust is still such good friends with some Rangers players (as per Pat Leonard of the Daily News) perhaps he could tell them what Michel Therien told him that led to the hit on Stepan? That would stir the pot…the irresponsible statements made by Therien and his team are a sign that they are desparate. Almost remind me of Torts, but with intent to injure the opposing players and get away with it due to arrogance and incompetence of the NHL, its officials and dept of player “safety”…wonder what would happen if the fans didn’t enter during the first period and picketed outside the Garden holding signs about this? Would sure make the news !

  26. Which leads me to say, and I never expected to say this, AV is really a cut above Torts and head & shoulders above Therien in the way he handles himself and his team, *and gets results*.

  27. I grew up next to a neighbor who was a Canadiens fan…a little like living next to a Yankee fan if you were rooting for the Met’s during the early 1960s. I would *love* to see the Rangers trounce Les Habitants the rest of the series…for many reasons…

  28. ThisYearsModel on

    Funny, but I never really hated Montreal….until now. Wonder who the bullseye will be on tomorrow? If Stepan plays, I would expect some pawing at his head by Habs players just to make it hurt more.

  29. Therrien is embarrassing to the sport…NHL has been embarrassing itself for years…this is just the latest chapter

  30. Carcillo on the ice at MSG.


    Derek Stepan has never missed a game in his 4-year NHL career: 294 straight in regular season plus 54 playoff games.

  31. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–can Carcillo appeal his suspension? Is he allowed to practice while suspended?

  32. Is league allowing the 4 blind mice from the other night to work any more playoff games this year. Will Gary come out of hole and say something

  33. Prust hit was interference and a hard hit. Watching the replay over and over, though, and bearing in mind Carp’s admonition about resulting injury not necessarily affecting the sentence, I can see why only two games. Shoulder in high chest/neck, follow through into the head, not the same as an elbow to the face or a head-drive into the boards, feet leaving the ice, all that. NHL got it right even if the refs did not. To call it a head shot is just another way of saying Blue laundry good, Red laundry bad. If a Ranger had similarly open-iced a Canadien, there would be outrage at the suspension.

  34. was traveling yesterday afternoon so though I heard of the ludicrous suspension to Prust, I didn’t get to see the NHL’s video until now. and speaking of ludicrous, I have to doubt the NHL realizes how contradictory it is to completely mislabel a violent, blind-side headshot as interference and then to suspend a player for what, by the league’s assessment, is nothing more than a 2-minute penalty.

    the truth is this league is run and policed by idiots who enact completely arbitrary punishments when it suits the league’s interest. that game 3 saw officials coincidentally missing calls all over the ice, the overwhelming majority of which were obvious penalties on the part of a totally outplayed Montreal team, and its aftermath sees a borderline NHL player with a history only getting 2 games for breaking a player’s jaw after targeting his head should serve only to confirm how this league’s goal isn’t to actually eliminate headshots but to arbitrarily police situation according to an agenda.

  35. leetchhalloffame on

    Prust’s calculated BS hit was responsible for frogs winning game 3. Now it’s up to Rangers to stop the momentum and take back the series. If not it’s FIRE SATHER time again.

  36. Norm,

    I’m curious how you were able to watch the replay “over and over” and not see that the initial contact was to Stepan’s jaw. In fact, on the NHL’s laughable suspension video, they pause the hit on initial contact and even a blind man can see Stepan’s jaw is being hit there. Did Michel Therein put together a special replay package akin to the one where Chris Kreider wasn’t actually tripped into Price by a Montreal player?

  37. Montreal is just resorting to this type of play because they know the Rangers are better. Stepan and Brass in for game 4. Lundqvist had an off game that’s all he’ll be back in form. I used to like Montreal as well, but they are as whiney if not more than crosby and the penguins, and their coach is a complete idiot/joke. The only reason they won was because of blatant favoritism by the officials. If game 3 was called anywhere near fair the Habs wouldn’t have a chance. Only way they could get one was by cheating. Habs got their free game so they won’t get swept. Rangers come out and win 4-1 tomorrow.

  38. Therrien is embarrassing himself with his lobbying act, everything that comes out of this guys mouth his an agenda.I remember when things were coming apart for him in Pitt, he was ousted then as a little female dog. He has that in him.

  39. THE ThisYearsModel on

    Play our game, get significantly ahead. Once that happens, run Deharrnais, Mr. “it was a clean hit” and PK Slewfoot for the last 10 minutes. Pound their defense, get in the goalies’ grill. A convincing win tomorrow then finish them in Montreal. make sure you get out of the Bell Centre quickly so you are not there when the natives begin burning down the city.

  40. I love watching these ‘cultural figures’ (sports, entertainment, politics, media)these people who have their whole public persona, this iron-clad, this is who they are. I love when something happens and that somebody is a fraud, the way it all crumbles around them. You are who are player.

    Therrian has come across again as someone who will they are about to go out, they kick and they scream, and not in a admirable way.

  41. Some of you can disagree with me I really don’t care but if the rangers blow this series after winning 1st two this magical Cinderella run feel good moment gets erased.

    It’s one thing to lose in cup finals to two teams deeper and better but not to this Montreal team led by that piece of crap therien Prust and slew foot boy

  42. In terms of Game 3 and the series, the rangers are so much better then this team. I know its in a rangers fan blood to be nervous. But the canadiens dont have anything over the Rangers.

    I fully expect the Rangers to come out flying in Game 4 and play their best and I expect Tolarski will not hold them the way he did in Game 3.

    Game would have been 4-2 if not for that kid’s play.

    This series is annoying because everything about the opponent who been annoying. The players (prust, gallagher, weaver) the coach, their fans, their media.

    I want the boys show these guys again, its about competing shift to shift, get in the other teams head by outdoing them in ever facet of the game.

    And the rangers can do that to this canadians. The rangers are better in every way.

    They have a lot of rest. They can beat this team without Step. They get 60 minutes tomorrow to take this whiny little canadians team to school.

  43. Looks like Stepan had a plate inserted into his jaw after all. Maybe they should update their X-ray machine at MSG :-)

  44. Therrien says Prust “didn’t attempt to injure” Steps? Please! Therrien AND Prust have been stirring the Kreider pot since that incident! Let’s see now; Game one: Weiss (I think it was) took out Brassard in the first five minutes. Game 3; first five minutes Prust takes out Steps. Who’s next on Montreal’s list? B. Richards should be careful.

  45. Can we suffice it to say that if Prust didn’t hit Steps’ jaw then he’d have a concussion for sure? PRUST DID INTEND TO INJURE!

  46. ThisYearsModel: I’m guessing Brad Richards will be their next target, in the first five minutes of the game. That’s what they’ve done in two of the three games so far. Going after our centers; one at a time. I think our players would have been more safe playing the Bruins. They are more honest about their physicality.

  47. Carp, please excuse my impromptu guest blog… I just couldn’t help myself today.

    So here we have Derek Stepan……….

    a player who plays the game the “right way”’, the respectful way ……..every effort, every action, every second he is on the ice during his career, he clearly has shown respect for the game, his opponent, the fans, his teammates. A player with decent skill, a player who should have confidence that when he makes a skillfull hockey play on the ice, he can do so without fear of being the victim of a viscous, despicable, illegal attack by his opponent which may ultimately (as it did in game 3) result in a serious physical injury. Why shouldn’t Derek Stepan have such “reasonable” expectations of safety? After all, as an honest, decent hockey player, is he not protected by the League itself, all it’s officials, the players association of which he is a card carrying member and just as important, the “code of ethics” which decries decency and sportsmanship for all?

    And that takes us to Brandon Prust……..

    Conversely, Prust has made his bones (and fortune) on the other side of town. He is a predator on the ice, a dirty, sometimes effective yet most times marginal player with limited skills, who has always played the game “on the edge”. He is a fearless (not to be confused with gutless?) risk taker, willing to do “whatever it takes” to assure his team the upper hand. *But in doing so during game 3, Prust demonstrated with premeditated intent (as he frequently has been prone to during his career) a willingness to disregard the unwritten “code of ethics” ( if there is one?) among the players that provides, “on the ice, all must act with utmost respect and as a course of normal activity, consider and weigh the safety, health and livelihood of each and every player against every action considered or ultimately performed*”.

    Brandon Prust is a marginal NHL Hockey player, who has made a small fortune putting at risk the health of himself and his opponents, a player who often violates the “code” and loiters within the dark and seedy havens that the NHL Office has publicly claimed they are “trying to eliminate” but have in reality, defended and protected for far too many years. But Prust apologists will protect him because, after all, in violating the “code” as he often does, he is really “defending the code”. Makes a lot of sense too me (s).

    Just like Dan Carcillo, Brandon Prust crossed the line in game 3. Unlike Carcillo, his crossing resulted in a serious physical injury to a good and honest hockey player named Derek Stepan. Brandon Prust not only broke the written rules which govern play, more importantly he violated the “code of ethics” which commands that players respect one and other.

    and now we have the the offices of the NHL………

    were justice is certainly warped and can charitably interpreted as a means to balance both the punishment and protection of predators like Brandon Prust and every player who acts with the limited fear that one-day in the NHL, punishment served may actually fit the level of the infraction committed. That day, unfortunately for Derek Stepan and all the Derek Stepan’s of the league, hasn’t come to bear yet.

    As I said yesterday, once again the good guy loses in the NHL.

    All the Derek Stepan’s in this league lost again.

    But it’s okay, because in the NHL offices, they are satisfied that the “real predator” from Game 3, Daniel Carcillo was both identified and with swift attention, justly punished.

    What a friggin shame. What a GD friggin shame!

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers are a good team , that’s why we made the playoffs ( home ice) . This season is a success no matter what happens.
    That being said , Hank’s getting older and this may be the last time we get Mr Playoffs …Brad Richards . Losing to Mtl would be a failure and could really hurt our good season . We all smell the cup so yes not winning it would be devastating.
    We have a great shot this year and we don’t wanna blow it , all said and done this team has moved up with AV instead of going down like our old coach and his team.

  49. ilb what does that mean in medical terms?(plate in jaw)Good to go or out for a while?

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whoa Papa Smurf that’s a long post , good job.

  51. Considering prust got 2 games. I think we should be glad Step didn’t get a concussion. He might be out for a long time if that was the case, and Brass should play game 4. Refs will be sensitive now to late and dangerous hits. I think the Rangers are still in a good spot.

  52. Take off your blue glasses and you see what you see, not what you want to see.

  53. THE ThisYearsModel on

    Well Prust tried going after Kreider and realized that he could not do any damage. I would watch for a knee or head shot on McDonagh (the other Ranger Prust went after) or Girardi. This could be accomplished by White or Moen if inserted into the lineup, or by Weaver or PK Slewfoot.

  54. Will someone just cap Prust in the face when he leaves the team hotel,that be good enough for me, enough of the league’s b.s. and commentary already, like I mentioned there is a “fix” theres a lot of money to be made on this series,the league does this on purpose for hype , were the biggest market ,yada,yada,yada etc……….,we’ve been thru this before against Ottawa

  55. How come no one has mentioned the conflict of interest involving Stephane Quintal? He was suspended by NYR organization for conduct detrimental to team.

    Anyone else take notice of the fact that every single Habs away play-off game was officiated by a ref who hails from Habs country?

  56. Great interview on NHLradio by Tod Lewis telling it like it is about NHL officiating, office of player safety, commissioner, ref’s.

    Penalties missed each period,
    Expectations of refs changing each night, favoritism, lack of equality, and finally the absurdity I the missed Prust call, and the JOKE of the length of suspesion.

    Not that the NHL cares, but he rips them all a new $&:$$hole!

  57. NYR- that means the surgery was more involved than just jaw wiring, longer recovery time, more postoperative pain and swelling. I don’t think we will know either way until tomorrow whether he’s ready to go or not. That makes it more doubtful.

  58. Papa, great post.

    Ed, agree about similarity to Ottawa series. Both teams had to resort to that style. Hope the results in this series are the same, though if it ended in five, I’d be ok. :)

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    F the Habs. They’re going down faster than a hooker in a brothel tomorrow night

  60. If any of that was true, Montreal would win the Cup every other year. The fact is, their last SC was one year before NY’s

  61. I have to say that in that one moment that Prust made contact with Stepan, I went from being pleasantly surprised no matter what happened the rest of the way to being violently into it and terribly disappointed if we don’t win this series.

  62. The best way to end all this bru ha ha is to come out tomorrow swinging, using their speed and superior goaltending, scoring a few goals and make them face an opportunity to play golf going back to Montreal.

  63. Eddie 3 is right. The Habs are living on their past and they now more closely resemble one of the old French hoars from the old SNL gameshow sketch

  64. I am so frikkin fired up right now I feel like pitching a fat tent in the lobby of the Frogs’ hotel

  65. Norm Merton on

    The inevitable Carcillo explosion could have been so much worse. Thank God it’s over, not hanging over the Rangers’ heads any m

  66. The ethnic stuff needs to stop, especially since your team’s coach & several top players are of the same ethnicity.

  67. Jack Klompus on

    Who plays with the Krider and Nasher now? Richards or Moore? I can’t imagine AV will put Miller on the “first line”…Miller has to be the obvious choice right?

  68. CarBong at practice? This is his opportunity to check out the Museum of Modern Art and some Shakespeare in the Park.

  69. Carp asks why do we watch if most think the playoffs are rigged? Then I started thinking in ’72 Ratelle breaks an ankle by his own teammates shot, we watch, Bruins win. In ’79 JD hurts his knee, we watch, Habs win. Even in ’94 Leetch needed his shoulder frozen before games, we watch, unbelievable emotions, we win! In the early 70s we lose to a team in the playoffs that goes on to win the Cup and the next year we beat that team soundly in the playoffs. Its the unbelievable emotion that we want back and no matter what the hockey gods throw at us we still complain but believe in NYR. I don’t care what sports writers in Pittsburgh, Montreal or the Hockey News say, so far they have all been wrong and I am going to enjoy a run that doesn’t come around very often and believe that whatever bull comes out of the Montreal dressing room won’t save them. LGR!

  70. Good news is that Carcillo now gave us two of the memorable moments from this playoff run

    Has a team ever won the Cup after four 7-game series? Anyone close?

  71. Carp… I haven’t hear or seen anything, but has Prust said anything to the Press since the suspension?

    I’d like to know what he has to say to his friends on the NYR bench of the hit and Therrien’s pre-game strategy and speech.

  72. Jack Klompus on

    That makes sense Orr…although it wouldn’t happen I’d love to see Haggerty or Fast or Kristo go in for Dorsett, forget all this goon stuff and turn it into a track meet. As Carp pointed out without Prust the Habs are softer than the Rangers. And I certainly wouldn’t mind trading odd man rushes with Tokarski vs. the King.

  73. LOL! Therrien pissed that Ulf is watching practice, makes him leave. Then Sather shows up to watch. Haha! Next up, Dolan? That greasy bastard should make himself useful and pull a Tonya Harding on Subban

  74. Anyone who watches this team religiously knows that Dorsett contributes a lot more to the fourth line than ‘gooning.’

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