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  1. Lloyd Braun on

    he’s a moron. thinks he threw a clean hit that just happened to be a little late. ok, guy.

  2. Lloyd Braun on

    also confirmed in a number of different ways that what he did was totally premeditated.

    and the league in its ineptitude stepped in and said “a-ok, 4th liner!” ridiculous.

  3. AV on the Carcillo incident:

    “I still don’t understand why Scott grabbed him in that fashion. All Scott had to do was tell him he had a penalty. Dan didn’t know he had a penalty. Just, ‘Can you come to the box with me? Here, you have a penalty, and it would’ve been over,'” Vigneault said. “In that split moment of grabbing him like that — obviously, it’s inexcusable what Dan did — but those situations or incidences put one after the other leads to a young gentleman’s career moving forward might be very tough here.”

    I guess it’s not black and white

  4. @rangersreport

    Therrien said Ulf Samuelsson broke a gentlemen’s agreement by attending Habs practice & was asked to leave.


    Sather & Habs GM Marc Bergevin met pre-series & watching practices was not addressed. There was no agreement.


    Sather watched Habs practice after Samuelsson left & was not approached by Canadiens.


    What a dog and pony show this series has become, starting with the ridiculous notion that Chris Kreider intentionally injured Carey Price.


    Today’s back and forth, including the idea that McDonagh is a dirty player (hello, P.K. Subban??) is just a clown show.


    By the way, in all fairness, the Rangers players and coach have taken the high road throughout. Not so much for the Habs, you must admit

  5. If Stepan replied to Prust’s text then he has no balls
    That’s a forever grudge right there

  6. Chris from Albany on

    A “friend” would probably call not send a text message. Prust saying.

    Even Claude Julien personally visited Stamkos.

  7. The NYR have really taken the high road through all these shenanigans. It’s become imperative that we win this series. It would be really nice to do so with a pair of 5-1 drubbings.

  8. Just discovered that Therrien replaced the fired AV in his first stint in Montreal… and then Therrien got fired the season during the Pen’s 2009 Cup. He got canned 57 games into that Pens Stanley Cup season. That’s gotta hurt.

  9. Carp, I’m from Brooklyn, played roller and ice hockey my whole life…..in my neighborhood a friend WOULD NEVER seek out and deliver a predatory, blindside, late, despicable, dirty, life threatening, high hit which puts him in the hospital requiring surgery. That’s the action of a gutless, classless predator who should be in jail, not sending text messages.

    This is war.

    There are no friends in war.

    Prust is the enemy.

    Prust must due.

  10. GRUDGE I said
    More important than friendship
    He broke his face for cryin out loud
    Friendship OVAH

  11. I’ve learned through the years the Canadians, not the habs but actual Canadians are a bunch of whining cry babies. I remember the 79 series, that’s where I realized Canadians are a bunch of whining idiots. History shows that most of the dirty players come from Canada. It’s not a sport to them, it’s sacrilegious. They can take there stupid sport and shove it where the sun don’t shine. The old Canadian way, win at all cost, take out players anyway you can, fugg hockey. I’m so done with this Canadian sport.

  12. Norm Merton on

    Ridiculous conjecture, as though we know anything about their friendship.

  13. I know allot of people on here probably not old enough to remember or know but I have a picture burnt in my mind of Bobby Clarke chasing down a Russian player on the red army team when the Canadians played the red army team in Russia to see who was the best of the best swinging his stick like a axe over one of the best players on the red army team’s player and braking his ankle. That’s the Canadian way. Anybody ever here of Claude Lemieux.

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After Lucic kills everyone in Canada:

    Lucic – “it was an accident. I never meant to kill anyone. I was just cleaning my guns and they all went off. Total bad luck that each bullet hit someone”

  15. Prust is delusional.

    sure injuring the guy this bad was not premeditated but the hit was. prust is a standard dope who does not realize when you hit a guy who is vulnerable high, bad things may happen.


  16. Stuart A from Yankees LoHud? Welcome to a real place instead of the campus debate team

  17. todd bertuzi, another Canadian player, it’s there way, fugg Canada and all the dopes who run the nhl, probably mostly Canadian morons.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “it was just an accident that I poured acid down the throats of every Habs player I killed. When I chopped them up into pieces, it’s because my axe kept slipping. When I accidentally ran them over with my car over and over, it’s because my clutch kept slipping. After I cut their heads off, well, that was really an accident. I never meant any harm”

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “when I stabbed him 48 times….total accident. One minute I was sharpening my knife, the next – a dead guy. How unfortunate. I’ll send him a text”

  20. prust hit stepan .9 seconds after he passed the puck. league allows .5 after the player passes the puck. prust also took 2 strides before the hit and had did not start his move to hit on stepan until stepan passed the puck but hey it was a good hockey play.

    and hockey fans wonder why they cannot increase the pool of fans.. also if stepan did not get hurt they were goind to give prust 1 game.

    prust should be suspended 10 games or more(until stepan comes back + 1 game)..

    then we get the false equivalence argument related to kreider and price. main difference was kreider had zero intent of running into price or hurting him, I know a minor issue…laughable.

  21. Texting him makes much more sense. So I wouldn’t read to much into that.

    @renlavoietva we expect Derick Brassard to play and *we know exactly where he’s injured*

    So Therrien is saying he’s going to make sure his guys intentionally target Bro’s shoulder.

  22. I’ve never been so mad as I am with what transpired Thursday night that if someone came up to me right now and told me they are Canadian and they are a die hard hockey fan I will have a George Costanza spasm and clock them right in the face and take the assault charge. My whole family/families are from Brooklyn but I was the youngest so I was born on Long Island but that would be the Brooklyn way.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Rangers should target Sue Ban. Have Jeff Gilhooy go all Nancy Kerrigan on his knees the moment he steps off the bus.

  24. Brendan Gallagher another scholar for the Canadiens.. Where did that dope get his medical degree? “stepan was yapping a lot after the hit” I expect him in there tomorrow did not look that bad to me..

    seriously the IQ of these guys is what negative.. Gallagher got his GED equivalent and if he did not make the NHL would be driving a truck across Canada on the frozen tundra..

    sure Stepan is faking it and to make it look believable he had a steel plate put in his face……

  25. Good afternoon all!

    Ha! I was going to ask if anybody bought his explanation, but the comments kind of answered that….

    Carp, them’s some awesome tweets

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “total accident that I just killed every Canadian. Total fluke. I’ll send a text”

  27. Article said Stepan responded to Prust but didn’t say what that response was. Hopefully GFY

  28. Guys, tone down the rhetoric tarring all Canadiens for the sins of a few. That’s ridiculous. And also, lest we forget, Brandon Prust won the Stephen Macdonald award when he was with the Rangers. The fans loved him! I was very sorry to see him go. He was a very good player for us. By no means do I think Prust intentionally meant to hurt Step. It was a bad hit, uncalled for, showing poor judgment. But I do not subscribe to the view touted by many here that Prust is a lowlife goon!

  29. I really hope that next year, whether it’s pre-season or regular season when the bruins play the Habs, Lucic beats the living crap out of prust and the bruins look to conflict bodily harm to any Habs player. I’m banking on it and can’t wait.

  30. Eljay, Prust was a good guy here but he is playing under a thug-mentality coach.

  31. Eljay, dude, America is freedom of speech so don’t tell me what I should say or shouldn’t say unless it was carp, do me a favor.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Elijay – totally. Prust meant to hug him and wish step well, but his shoulder, having a mind of its own, decided instead, to break step’s jaw. Things like that happen all the time. It’s just not widely reported….

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Prust – “for my next accidental move, I’ll set the city on fire”

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jefferey Dahmer – “it was a complete accident that I killed those people and put them in my freezer so I could eat them later. Who knew?”

  35. Papa, i totally agree on the Prust hit. My comment was in response to the idea that Stepan had no balls for his short response to the text.

  36. So, tommy, you would attack Staal, Girardi, richards, Nash, Brassard, Pouliot, moore, dorsett, carcillo, st. Louis, Vigneault? All Canadians?

  37. For anyone who likes to diss CarBomb, ESPN reporter says he was told by Ranger players that Carcillo’s arrival ‘changed he character of the team.’

  38. E3 Ratelle broke his ankle stopping a Dale Rolfe slapshot from the point. Brian Leetch broke his ankle stepping from a cab.

  39. Carp, I’ll agree I was over the top about striking a Canadian but that’s as far as I will go with my statements.

  40. Dissing all Canadians is just stupid (unless they are stupid Canucks fans, who deserve their rep).

    Hate the team, not the country or city…

  41. If I were an athlete, the last person I would trust would be a team doctor in the locker room. “You’re fine, boy, get on out there.”

  42. iManny-O-War on

    I’m very proud of the Rangers for staying out of this BS war of words.

  43. iManny-O-War on

    I thought the making fun if Canadiens was just like makkg fun of Europansies. Thought we were JOKING AROUND.

    Those who take it seriously = Jackwagons

  44. Manny, agreed…just surmising, but I think that has a lot to do with AV. Stay focused boys…..Can you all imagine Torts in this scenario?

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – that ship sailed in game 1. There is a bullseye on Brassard;s shoulder bigger than a boulder.

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    Torts – “as soon as i get ******* unstrapped, Im going to ******* rip somebody’s ******* head off”

  47. iManny-O-War on

    I thought that the whole point was actually poking fun of people that would be dumb enough to actually think that way…

  48. I have imagined Torts in this situation. The NHL would be giving him Max fines & suspensions Thursday night 30 seconds after the OT goal.

  49. Habs coach should be heavily fined for his comments and veiled threat on Brassard. Period.

  50. I know you didn’t just = mama a jackwagon, right?? That would be very Europansie….

  51. “I thought that the whole point was actually poking fun of people that would be dumb enough to actually think that way…”

    Well, you’re certainly dumb enough to think that way, but do you?

  52. Then all good Manny….I shall put my half Sunday newspaper on standby :) mama love…

  53. Absent Carcillo and little Dors, who goes after Prust when he cracks jaws and makes a fool of us and himself? Worst he would get would be skate-by rhetoric. Don’t underestimate the value of 13 and 15. Ranger players don’t.

  54. Id just like to point out the Canadians can talk all the junk they want. Why do you think Lundqvist played out of his mind in Montreal. He was motivated by the media saying he couldn’t play up there. Brass has been amazing in that department for two 7 game series’s as well. Let them talk all they want. Their just lighting fires is all.

  55. iManny-O-War on

    I was most shocked to see Prust tweeting with Del Zotto after that game.

    Could you guys imagine if a Rangers player was once twitter during the playoffs?

  56. iManny-O-War on

    I just hope our boys play focused. Just win tomorrow. Put the Habs against the ropes

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    DD will be throwing good hard clean checks….if Gallagher gets plastered into the 5th row, so be it

  58. Not a chance AV wants anybody taking a penalty or getting suspended. Maybe some fisticuffs if a game gets lopsided, but getting even will not be in AV’s gameplan.

  59. Carp can I ask why? It’s not like anyone’s paying attention. Or I sure hope they wouldn’t go to that extent. I pose no threat.

  60. Therrien's Beefsteak Charlie haircut on

    Talk about desperate gamesmanship

    The whole season this team has been the biggest bunch of sissies in NHL history, and now that the Hans have been clearly outplayed, Therrien’s haircut and the whole crepe eating city of Montreal want everyone to believe we’ve suddenly become the headhunters from Gillian’s Island. Diks

  61. When you intend to commit a Robbery and during the course of said robbery you push the victim to the ground, and the victim strikes the curb with his head and dies…..the Robbery you intended has just become a Murder.

    Brandon, Michelle, Canadiens organization and Bozos at the NHL Office and Department of Player -Safety- Thuggery …Brandon may have only intended to scare Stepan with his *ILLEGAL* check, but he did in fact break his jaw, resulting in emergency surgery and hospitalization.

    Brandon should be in the Big House.

  62. several reasons. not going to get into it here. But I’d appreciate if you picked a name and stuck with it instead of changing names every time you come on here.

  63. ‘Like the pine trees lining the winding road,
    I got a name, I got a name.
    Like the singing bird and the croaking toad
    I got a name, I got a name.’

  64. Coos,

    Gallaghers breakaway was ‘eschewed’ by McDonuts determined effort.

  65. Carp – do you mean moi? (Among others?)

    How come? What’s up? The humor police come cracking down on LoHud?

  66. My thoughts exactly….stay steady, concentrate, play your game…don’t get all harnelling byfugliened up. We can do this!!

    Sigh, if only the million dollar seats dressed as fans and all the famous folks would give their seats to all of us here and elsewhere…MSG would be be blown down to the real Madison Square….

  67. Just got home being out with wife and kid.

    I can’t believe this crap coming from Montreal. Over watching practices, Prust saying he feels sorry. It’s all bs coming from Prust.

    Michel therien is like my 3 yr old. Quit the crying complaining and being so freaking sensitive.

    I love to pop that piece of carcillo right in the freaking jaw.

    Briere saying something fishy. Get a clue you deadbeat

  68. Well no use carp obviously I’m blacklisted. Couldn’t imagine what caused that. An opposing opinion maybe? Following my IP address? That’s just to bad.

  69. Therrian is a dead ringer for the guy who runs my local deli where I get my onion bagels.

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lucic – “Michelle Thorazine will regret ever being born after iv’e turned him into dust. I’ll use every weapon in my arsenal, then my bare hands. He will scream until dead, then he’ll be quiet. Only I will be far from finished. How many times will I kill him? I can’t even count that high, but trust me, it will be a lot. More than 10”

  71. The irony?

    I’ve been teasing the Prustys here
    by reminding all since before the series started:

    This is war.

    Prust is the enemy.

    Prust must die.

    Apparently, the only guy who took my words to heart was piece of prust Prust.

  72. Carp, what do you make of this?
    According to NHLPA, Daniel Carcillo will seek review of suspension from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Will have in-person appeal

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    Papa – Lucic has just turned his attention to Prust. Just watch…..

  74. I have a toad in my yard, lives in a hole by the garage. Still kicking even though he’s been croaking for years.

  75. His entire career is at stake, Mama. Don’t blame him one bit for offering extenuating circumstances and confusion as mitigating excuses.

  76. Alright then I’ll choose a permanent name which will be the next one I use.

    Moving on the Canadians still think this is the Boston series. Rangers don’t seem to be hung up on being the tough guys like Boston did so I don’t see any amount of gamesmanship making a difference besides helping the Rangers. It seemed for a bit the Rangers lost focus in game 3 because of the Canadians shenanigans. They do better just focusing imo.

  77. Thorazine is a dead ringer for the Wolfman, Lon Chaney, Jr and/or Lucic’s grandmother.

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lucic – “hey prust, I’m going to rip your arms out of your shoulders and cram them down your throat. Then, I’ll text you saying it was an accident. I only meant to rip your arms out – it was totally an accident that I shoved them down your throat. Are we still friends?”

  79. Lucic should wear his helmet poimanently so chicks can’t see how big his schnozzole is

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    If I’ve toad all of you once, i’ve toad you a thousand times

    *Rangers in 5*

  81. There is no honor in hockey,don’t let anyone fool you, there have been some series changing hits, for example:Stevens/Lindros, Lemieux/Draper,Seabrook/Backes , it’s part of the game, I’d have no problem if Kreider breaks Tokarski’s legs at this point,I agree with Tommy G, win at all costs, let’s knock out Kane or Doughty in the next round, all that matters is winning, Prust pretty much took out two players of ours.

  82. coos, no offense to you personally, honest, but he can extenuate his confusion all day and night, and I don’t buy it.

    Oh, I didn’t leave my feet…blech.

    Dirty is as dirty does….

  83. I wonder if Prust lost any respect points among the leagues other do-things-by-the-book ruffians

  84. ‘I’m not a Frenchie, I’m a Belgie.’

    What’s become of Inspector Clouseau? One of my all time favorite posters.

  85. Get the ringtone
    Play Video

    ‘On the toad again –
    Goin’ places that I’ve never been
    Seein’ things that I may never see again
    And I can’t wait to get on the toad again.’

  86. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    “Now if you’ll all excuse me, I’m gonna go find a can”

    “Mr Spade, you’ve got a bullet hole in your back”

    “Yeah?, you should see the other guy”

  87. Heard they toad Fatso’s conversion van outside a NJ Quizno’s for his daily 2:47 in the afternoon twelve foot sub.

  88. sorry, a wicky, from my favorite flick…Quote from Prust to DOPS…

    I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel: You lousy cork-soakers. You have violated my farging rights. Dis somanumbatching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens like me could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin iceholes… like yourselves.

  89. Dont blame Carcillo one bit for appealing. His career is at stake. On the other hand probably a 0% chance Bettman overturns it. Maybe reduces it by a couple of games. No way will he rule against the word of an overly sensitive official.

    I was pretty angry at AV for originally basically throwing Carcillo under the bus. Glad he said what we all (well except a couple of guys who still have Prust posters hanging above their desks) were saying here the other night. It doesnt happen if the linesman doesnt hug him for no reason being away from the play.

  90. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Inspector wang – “is confusing”

    Moose on wall – “It is confusing. It is confusing. Say your goddamn pronouns”

  91. ‘I’ve been toad when a boy kiss a girl,
    He take a trip around the world
    Hey, hey.’

  92. Sather not moving while Michele is waving his arms at him and using profanities in broken English is pretty fantastic.

  93. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Blind Butler – “As you can see, I can see”

    Inspector Wang – “so, I see”

  94. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Truman Capote character – “I’m the greatest, I’m number one”

    Sam spade – “yeah? You look like number two, know what I mean?”

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – Fat guy – that movie was comedic genius. I must have watched it 50 times….

  96. True story – at a bar/restaurant in the Hamptons, a drunk went up to Capote’s table, whipped out his schvantz and told Truman to sign it. Capote said, “I couldn’t possibly sign that, but perhaps I could initial it.”

  97. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Eileen Brennan – “Sam, why do you keep those picture of naked men under your bed?”

    Sam Spade – “I was doing research”

  98. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Sam spade – “I’m not sure, but you try asking the moose on the wall, it’s been watching us for the last hour”

  99. ThisYearsModel on

    I enjoyed Wiese yapping at Ranger assistant coaches. Montreal does more with they mouths than they do with their skates. Rangers just need to play hockey. They do, and this will last for 2 more games.

  100. The In-Laws at firing squad: ” We have no blindfolds senor, we are a poor country.”

  101. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Wild places – for you:

    Lucic – “I’m on the next plane to NYC. During the first intermission, I will strangle the entire Habs team until they turn red, then purple, then blue. After that. I’ll cut their feet off. Try skating when you’re dead and have no feet!!! Then I’ll laugh. After that, I’ll do it all again. Except I won’t be able to cut your feet off because I’d already done that. So, I’ll do something else. I’ll rip your organs out of your bodies. I’ll squeeze your heart so hard it’ll start beating on its own. But it’ll be pointless cause you’ll be dead.”

  102. General Garcia: [commenting on his choice for a new national flag, featuring a portrait of himself alongside a topless local prostitute] “If it wasn’t for the church, this flag would be flying at the U.N right now. But no… they stand in the way, THEY STAND IN THE WAY!”

  103. Yup, old Slats ruled today. Nobody had the onions to tell him to move and he wouldn’t have given a crap if they did.

  104. Geez, old age really creeps up. I remember Slats at the very end of his playing career and it seems like last month.

  105. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers in five. I’m alive. Bee hive. Shuck and jive. Meet my wives, take a dive, car I drive, Lucic ends lives, sharpen knives,


  106. > 0% chance that Slats had no idea where he was or why some guy with an accent was yelling at him. He was only there for the matinee of Bye Bye Birdie

  107. All kinds of spies wandering around the arenas. Shero had himself a kid Garden employee who had the keys to the locker rooms and he would bring Freddy broken sticks with player names on them, and Fred would sit and measure the curves so he could get himself a late power play by asking the head stripe for a measurement.

  108. Slats waiting for the Billy Joel concert. Got there early to be sure he had a seat.

  109. Weise yelling at someone? Wasn’t it only six months ago that he was cleaning up Ranger jock straps in the MSG lockerroom? And no, Kim Katrell did not jump on him because of it

  110. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Weise better get all of his talking in because next season, after Lucic cuts his tongue out and sews his mouth shut, he will be mute.

  111. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Michelle Thorazine – “the Prust hit was clean. He never meant to hurt Stepan. Every word out of my mouth is a lie.”

  112. Really
    I’m starting to think Lou Cheech was the good guy in all this
    I knew I loved that guy, err, admired that guy

  113. FG, I was talking to somebody at the Garden who said that either Slats was daring Therrien to say something … or he was in the middle of a nap …

    Also, Weise was hollering at video coach Jerry Dineen. It was in fun, or at least it appeared that way to me.

  114. Sather to call ahead to customs and have them give the Habs a hard time at the airport
    NAA is the the only ones raping everyone’s phone calls. You go, Slats!!!!

  115. Slats: ‘Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    Every night you stay
    I’ll be watching you

  116. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Huge game on the west coast coming up…I should be grading…..not in the mood.. Watching pepper pig with the lil one

  117. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Billy Ray was a preacher’s son. And when his daddy would visit, he’d come along. When they gathered round and started talking – that’s when billy ray and me – we’d go walking…

  118. I think hawks respond with champ pedigree and win tonight. We shall see.

    Are we done with therien quotes today. What a freaking loser

  119. Kenny Albert doing a few red eyes going back in forth from la to New York next few days

  120. Read an article in ny post how nbc wants Kenny as the 2nd play by play guy over Dave strader.

    He’s doing la tonight ranger radio tomorrow la Monday ranger radio tues in Montreal in Chicago Wednesday.

  121. Gallagher the comedian has so much more credibility than Gallagher the hockey player

  122. Spoke to Kenny about that Thursday night. He’s out of his mind. Workaholic. But he loves it and he’s great at it. He said he can sleep in the summer.

  123. Mathieu Darche ?@matdarche52 40m

    Hats off to Brandon Prust on his comments RE: his suspension. Very mature and professional. Well done!


  124. The mans travel schedule carp is unreal. Only other guy I know travels like he does is bob wizuchen who does jets Sunday radio and tons of college harms all week long.

    Sam Rosen like the last broadcast guy for fox and doesn’t have nearly same travel as Kenny.

  125. It’s nice to watch some hockey after listening to all this unnecessary gamesmanship all day. If you can call it that.

  126. Told my wife today one hockey season over I’m all yours and when I’m not with you and my son let me sleep and wake me up for football and hockey.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie – hysterical stuff. Hope lucic reads this blog he might get some ideas :-)

  128. Amirante should come out tomorrow night with a Slash wig and them Susan Sarandon should toss her huge bra onto the ice. Shake those things, girl

  129. Refs for Tom night game Dave Jackson Dan orourke

    Rangers record with Jackson worse amongst any ref.

  130. Toews best two way centering game not even close Bergeron 2nd.

    Great shot voynov.

  131. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Markus – :)

    Lucic – “I can read. Maybe not good. But I can read. I also can count – to twenty. Now would be talking so much if I were there killing you? Would you be so smart if I stabbed you more than twenty times? I wouldn’t know how many times I’d stab you after twenty cause that’s like a million and I’m not good at counting. But I’ll tell you what. When I shoot you twenty times, you’ll be so dead it won’t be funny. Then I’ll laugh while I poke your eyeballs out and play marbles with them. Haha – you’ll be watching me with your eyeballs while I roll them around. Except you won’t be seeing me cause you’ll be dead.”

  132. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Sutter – “Hubba wubba rubba. Doobie tubby hibby bibby – nubby Robba bobba boo”

  133. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    The Rangers are coming out tomorrow like they did in Game 1, 5, and 7 vs Flyers and game 6 vs Pens.

    Let’s go rangers.

  134. I find it incredible that between the three teams and their respective media corps that the Rangers have faced so far in the playoffs… it’s Philadelphia that has shown the most class and sportsmanship. Hearing the comments today from the Canadiens players and seeing Therrien’s crybaby, F-bomb rant, really only makes the way the entire Rangers organization seem that much more honorable.

    Briere and Gallagher almost had me laughing today because I had a hard time remembering that they were grown men playing a grown man’s sport.


  135. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    This series will go 7. We need to finish in 5. Then, Sit back, relax, and heal up.

  136. Micheletti first ranger ref not Kenny.

    Step shouldn’t have responded at all to text.

  137. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    On my TV, The garden crowd did not seem uber loud for game 3. Is that true? THE’s goal was loud for sure….

  138. Way too early for that talk Orr. We got our hands full.

    Brown gets 5.8 no way cally should get anymore.

  139. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – having made that LA-NY flight more times than Lucic can count…..drink lots of water and bring lots to read….

  140. Canadien players and coaches chirp and whine more than any organization in Hockey.

    It’s going to be real sweet knocking them out of the tournament. Real effing sweet.

  141. Agree with Eric about your comment of king v quick. Long way to go, lots of terror to endure.

    (but I was thinking the same thing)

  142. We’ve all been watching this team and this game for long enough to know that this series is far from in the bag… would have been nice to go up 3-0, would have felt a lot more comfortable for sure.

    Just as we never saw games 2,3 and 4 coming in the last series… a few more bouncy goals like last game will completely wipe away most of our confidences going forward. Although the Rangers have mostly outplayed Montreal and they don’t have Price, the games can go either way.

    The idea that the playoffs are a game-to-game animal makes the Rangers 5 game run that much more impressive, especially with all of the circumstance behind them. This series becomes a whole new animal come Monday Morning. We just want to be enjoying our Holiday instead of wondering if they can win another game at home and not whether they can win a third in Montreal!

    Man… my stomach turns at the thought, but as gut wrenching as this all unavoidably is, we love every second of it! Playoffs.


  143. I’d take Drew Doughty over Keith or Seabrooke every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  144. Orrsie, she seems a little clumsy to me, but I do like her sexy red evening wear.

  145. Good post, Peter. True, we love it. Too much probably.

    I think it’s time to lay a good old fashioned shellacking on this kid goalie. Shut those loud mouths up and then dismiss them from future play in front of their own fans.

    So it is written, so it shall be.

  146. From the NYP article Lev posted: “It is not that Pollock didn’t see it. He did. As The Post first reported, the official told Brad Richards immediately following the play, “It was a clean hit.”

    How does this guy have a job?

  147. Latona, it’s gross incompetence. But, he should be investigated, something very fishy about Pollock.

    I also think it’s bad practice to have former officials supervise officials.

  148. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Jules : “I’m gonna walk the earth like that Caine mutha******”

  149. Watching this Kings team dominate the Hawks and considering that we are losing a player to injury / suspension each game……if we make it to the finals it might end up being as ugly as that season opening 9 game road trip.


  150. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    If I were Carcillo I would lawyer up and appeal. And, I HATE lawyers. But the lack of equity, fairness, precise decisions, make-up rulings, makes his situation defensible.

    The linesman had NO right to do what he did. Had the, now suspended infraction by Prust been correctly called, NONE of this would have happened.

    To have your career hang in the balance with monkeys running the show is sinister.

  151. Vincent…..”How long do you intend to walk the earth?”

    Jules…….”till God puts me where he wants me to be”

    ( or until I run into Eddie’s friend, Lucic)

  152. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    The Bell Center is sold out for tomorrow night’s telecast of the game. Actually they turned people away.

    Sick fans, or what?

  153. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Larry Brooks overboard with his league review of Therien’s comments?

    Perhaps, but with AV being the consummate gentleman, it’s good the Rangers have a vocal advocate.

  154. iManny-O-War on

    Thanks, Papa. That would be a dram job.

    I always wanted to be an on field, or on ice, attorney for sports teams. So I could run out there after a tripping call and argue for my team.

  155. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    They all have to go to work Monday. No Memorial Day.

    Then again, when the Habs play in round 3 is it a national holiday the next day?

  156. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    After the last 2 3rd periods of domination against the NHL champs, I would be a little scared to play these Kings in the SC Finals.

    Prust sayin’. For either of the east teams, that is.

    As I have been saying for months, this team is really for real.

  157. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    This is between you, me, and soon to be spending the rest of his short ass life in agonizing pain rapist here…..it’s no one else’s business.

  158. He’s only sorry he didn’t cause a concussion; looks to me he WAS aiming for the head.

  159. I’ll go on record here and say I think Therrien is mentally unstable. He really is a nut.

  160. Carcillo needs the 10 so he can take in the full glory of the MOMA.


  161. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – I agree. 3 games should be the penalty. Moreover, that crew should be put out to pasture

    #refs that suck

  162. Stepan is faking it to lengthen suspension he’s just mad because he got smashed late pretty funny the rangers didn’t immediately respond to the hit and tough guy carcillo gets handled by the linesmen

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