NHL suspends Prust two games for “interference” … not a head shot … LOL


From the NHL:

NEW YORK (May 23, 2014) – Montreal Canadiens forward Brandon Prust has been
suspended two games for interference with New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan during
Game Three of the teams’ Eastern Conference Final series in New York on Thursday, May 22,
the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.
The incident occurred at 2:45 of the first period. No penalty was assessed on the play.
For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please click on the following
link: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=60&id=620385&lang=en

Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. What a JOKE. A violent head shot that causes a broken jaw requiring surgery warrants 2 games? #disgusted

  2. Did they really call it interference? or is that just a joke?

    also DjR yea because obviously there is an agenda. Call it whatever you want if you think the linesman and the league are 100% perfectly honest your kidding yourself. You would have to be literally blind to not see it. Completely blind not even exaggerating or a vegetable. Incompetence on that level wouldn’t even be seen at peewee level.

  3. Prust isnt hurt. enough with that crap. He’s just not very good and you overrated him by about 2 lines. Go to the Habs blogs, they’ll tell you the same. He’s gotten way too slow and after injuring both shoulders last year and this year is becoming pretty useless except for when he does things like he did last night. In fact most of the Habs fans were saying how they wish Prust would be taken out and Bournival would be put in.

  4. and then someone will say we’re crazy for saying the league has it out for the rangers

  5. iManny-O-War on

    This is like that time Hagelin elbowed his hero on the sad accidentally and got 3

  6. iManny-O-War on

    Ok, Lev. But he is hurt. Pay attention to their last series when he was scratched due to injury twice

  7. Crazy universe
    Less than two years removed from our favorite season in 18 years, and now a Ranger is fighting AGAINST prust to defend Stepan

  8. I bet you the refs decide game 4 for the Habs now. It makes sense to set up prust to come back for games 6-7.

  9. Prust gets his 2.5 mil per season not because he’s Wayne Gretsky or Crosby. He knows what’s expected of him and he is, effectively, a mercenary.

  10. AV will suit up to replace Carcillo on the fourth line

    He’ll pot two and take on all comers

  11. Carl Hagelin on Alfie = 3 games

    Brandon Prust on Stepan = 2 games

    Laughable and sickening.

  12. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Prust has certainly interfered with Stepan’s ability to eat sold food for the next month…

  13. but the rule is black and white … and Carcillo got what he deserved if you take off your blue glasses. Even AV said so. I don’t think he’d play another minute for AV even if he hadn’t been suspended.

  14. The upper management of this league is filled with hypocrites. Big talk, no action, all for the buckeroonies.

  15. Admiral Ackbar on

    “Looking at the world through blue-colored glasses,

    Everything is gloomy nooooowwwwww….”

  16. ‘Even AV said so.’ Even? Surprised this guy has learned all the players names yet.

  17. @rangersreport

    The NHLPA must be very proud of the way its membership acts toward one another.


    Sorry. I can’t get over this. Interference. Not a head shot. Seriously, there’s a punchline, right? Is it April Fools’ Day? A hidden camera?


    Do the guys in NHL Player Safety laugh and high five each other as they concoct these things?


    One day soon there’ll be lawsuits like those the NFL is facing, and all these unpunished headshots will be the evidence that win the cases.


    NHL wants to eliminate head shots. LMFAO.

  18. They don’t call #13 Gorilla Salad and CarBomb for nothing. They knew what they were getting with him and gladly took him on. Surprisingly, he’s delivered.

  19. Once the NHL gets slammed with an enormous class action suit, the owners will raise our ticket prices to pay for it all.

  20. Hockey is a truly great sport, and the proof is that we love it so much that we stick with the NHL even though it’s run by a bunch of buffoons who are too stupid to tie their own shoes, let alone run a professional sports league. When they lose billions in a concussion related lawsuit, they will deserve every ounce of the pain they will suffer.

  21. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Miller takes Step’s role. Brassard back with Poo and zucchini, Moore with DD and Boil, and 62,26,19

  22. Player Safety enforcement is not some exec with a million things on his mind. It is specifically Player Safety. which makes it all even more embarrassing.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    2 games for interference! LOL!!!

    Prust is a piece of Prust! And so is the NHL!

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    Don’t these clowns see what is happening with the former NFL players? I hope the lawsuit is filed soon.

  25. Dirt ball cheap shot artist with no accountability?

    PK “Slewfoot” Subban?

  26. well carp, I’m a man of my word. I know you don’t know me personally and think I will watch the remainder of this series but I won’t watch this crap and this league, I’m done for at least this year. Time to move on to something more enjoying, screw the nhl.

  27. Miami – would think the Habs are staying at the Grand Hyatt near GCT, that’s where a lot of away teams stay when in the city.

  28. Wasnt there a lawsuit filed recently? Probably should’ve spelled Crosby’s name correctly to be taken seriously but it’s a start

  29. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – about how much is that AV being politically savvy???? Seriously? AV isn’t stupid and knows which way the wind blows….

  30. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Eric – there will be no game 6. Handshake line after game 5.

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am sorry to say this but Carcillo should have punched him in the face, at least than he would have known what he was suspended for . That idiot linesman manhandled more than I have ever seen in over 40 years of watch hockey. A linesman is supposed to diffuse a situation like this, not exacerbate it whivh what that idiot did!

  32. Sorry Carp I don’t see where AV say Carcillo “got what he deserves”

    “Yesterday there was an incident where Prust hit Stepan. That incident, obviously, four referees missed the call. Stepan is injured,” Vigneault said. “Same player that called [Chris Kreider’s] hit on [Habs goaltender Carey Price] an ‘accidental but on-purpose’ late hit, everything you want to get out of the game, that was his hit on Stepan.

    “What saddens me about that hit is if the call is made on the ice, we’re on a five-minute power play, and what happened to Dan Carcillo—what he did was inexcusable and he’s going to pay a big price for it—if the call is made on the ice, he’s not put in that position.”

    Where does AV say Carcillo got what he deserved?

  33. Norm Merton on

    Carcillo was always going to blow up, but he made a valuable contribution before he did and didn’t cost his team much. Relieved, though, that I don’t have see his smirking self in a blue jersey any more.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sorry fo the bad spelling but I am so livid that I better just stop now!

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sorry for the bad spelling but I am so livid that I better just stop now!

  36. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Nothing like the rangers self destructing from within and without.. we’ll see.

  37. SWPLetsGONYR on

    Couldn’t have said it any better Carp. No consideration for what Prust said beforehand. Pre-meditated hit. The defense on it is also laughable but that’s hockey.

    I can’t wait until Prust runs to another team and does this to Subban first chance he gets.

  38. Funny stuff, Carpy. And true. NHL and NHLPA have diminished themselves in their fan’s eyes. Apparently, headshots ARE arbitrarilly ok.

  39. Alain Amour on

    Julie Stewart-Binks ?@JSB_FOX 38m
    Just spoke with NHL’s Stephane Quintal, says he originally had 1 game for hit b/c late (.9 seconds), but 2 games including injury. #MTL

  40. So we have Derek Stepan……….

    a player who plays the game “right way” ……..a player who respects the game, his opponent, the fans, his teammates. A player with skill who expects that when he makes a hockey play on the ice, he can do so without fear of serious physical injury because he’s being protected by the League, the officials, the players association and the decency of his fellow players.

    And then we have Brandon Prust……..
    A dirty, no talent goon, who fights to earn a living while playing hockey, a player who respects neither his opponent of the game.

    Prust breaks Stepan’s jaw with a dirty, despicable, gutless act.

    Once again the good guy loses in the NHL.

    All the Derek Stepan’s in this league lost today.

  41. Yes, the hit was late, but that is the least of it. Even if not late, predatory. Quintal belongs at the Stop&Shop, collecting carts.

  42. The league is promoting this behavior. 2 game suspension lol. It wasn’t long ago that marc savard had his career ended by a very similar play.

  43. one more thing. I truly believe that the league favors certain owners of teams and if Prust was on the rangers instead of the Canadians and this happened in the playoffs I’m 100% sure Prust would have been suspended for the rest of the series.

  44. And, despite expected criticism from some parts, Dorsett and Carcillo have proved to be superior two-way players to Underbite, while their TOTAL salaries are less than Prust’s.

  45. Alain Amour on

    And then we have Brandon Prust……..
    A dirty, no talent goon, who fights to earn a living while playing hockey, a player who respects neither his opponent of the game.

    This is the same player that Rangers fans have bandied about for the two years since his departure from New York. He was said to be irreplaceable, while those that labeled him dime a dozen were laughed at.

  46. If Step were dead, they would have to re-evaluate the situation. One day, it might happen.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    My name read ” BUST UP PRUST ” after we traded him . I called him a traitor and I wanted us to bust him up . I knew he was out to get us , he will get his Lucic style .

  48. Didn’t notice Pruster blatantly and recklessly cheap- shotting with intent while on the Rangers. Who did?

  49. Orr
    it’s going seven. It wouldn’t be any other way. It’s what this team does.

  50. When someone dies, Player Safety will ban all fighting, make the players wear cages, turn it into high school hockey, lose half their fans, and wonder what happened.

  51. What is sickening is that Hags had no history of incidents, he was a clean player; Prust has a history of thuggery. Just absolutely sickening. I am so mad right now I can’t see straight. This league is a joke.

  52. Prust pretty much threatened the entire Ranger team by stirring the pot saying Kreids intentionally hit Price. This was PREMEDITATED! The Habs would be calling the cops if this were reversed.

  53. I agree with you Papa Bear about Step. Disagree about Prust. I would hardly characterize him as a no-talent goon. We all on this page loved having him on our team. That said, his hit was inexcusable and deserved a far longer suspension; whether he’s on the decline, he’s been hurt, knows his role — fact is he went right at Step and leveled him. NHL is embarrassing itself for, as Carp rightly points out, the incredible arbitrariness of its officiating and its discipline. And THAT said, I fully expect the boys to go out there Sunday and destroy the Habs. Anyone see the shot of Hank on the bench after he gave up the 2-1 goal — he is so locked in, the man is on a mission!!!! LGR!

  54. Question – how are players paid in the playoffs? So if player X makes $4.1 million/year ($50k/game) what does he make in the playoffs and who pays? Does the team just pro rate his per game cost and pay that or is there another mechanism at the league level?

    I just wonder if monetarily it’s better for Carcillo to be suspended now or in the regular season?

  55. ThisYearsModel on

    Let ‘a bring head shots back into the game . Oops, they never left.

  56. Players make peanuts in the playoffs. More each round they progress, but peanuts. How the Players’ Assoc allows this is beyond comprehension.

  57. **Staal Wart** on

    I don’t give a Carcillo aboot Carcillo…he is a piece of Carcillo after all…but the Prust hit on Stepan…inexcusable!
    This league is becoming nauseating.

  58. Aren’t the players payed with pooled prize money during the playoffs, the further they go the more they make? The contract money is doled out during the regular season.

  59. If you allow enforcers, you had better have yourself one or two, or resign yourself to get run out of the league. If you are lucky, they can play a bit of serious hockey, too.

  60. Yes, Papa, but the playoff remuneration is peanuts. Not literally, figuratively. :)

  61. Carcillo, Dorsett? Carcillo was expressly brought in here for that role, not for his 40 goals.

  62. Alain, it’s revisionist and inaccurate to say Prust wasn’t an honest and effective player those two years he was here.

  63. Not only that but Prust also totally tried to run McDonagh – mc d moved and it led to a turnover but he would have been toast.

    Don’t know what everyone is upset about. Prust is done for the year. Get your golf clubs out prusty!

    And Step will play Sunday . it may not need surgery . Played the rest of the game. Likely a hairline fracture if not seen initially. AC said “I think he’s in surgery now”. All timed to make sure Prust sits.

  64. Derek Stepan may have just been run out of the playoffs.

    Derek Brassard was run out of three games and counting.

    Both hits late. Both hits made by borderline players on skilled players.

  65. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Brassard – “I will be back for game 4. I guarantee a win and that I’ll score the GWG”

    There you have it.

  66. I go through surgery and have a broken jaw, I’m not suiting up for a while in a tough contact sport and I don’t care what anyone says.

  67. BTW, lost in all this, I thought Wilburrrr played a miserable game last night, worst of the playoffs.it was covered up some by Hags and MSL. But he was lazy last night.

  68. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I’m in surgery as I’m typing this. No big deal. Just a little sextuple bypass.

  69. Rangers depth down the middle was never deep as step isn’t a number one. If he and brassard have to miss game 4 we are in a tough spot.

  70. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    There is only one Ranger that can lead us from the abyss that we are staring into….and he wears #16.

  71. I love how the video doesn’t address the fact that the refs completely missed it. Was it supposed to be 2 minutes for interference? LMAO.

  72. Bollig? And others. Not talking about one dimensional goons. Tough guys who can play.

  73. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Papa – Wilbur is saving it for the Belmont. You try exerting all out during a hockey game when, soon enough, you’ve got a mile and a half to run with a midget on your back…

  74. Besides being a Ranger bust, French Canadian, and a former NHL player who avoided contact at all costs, I wonder what other attributes are possessed by Stephane Quintal qualifying him as the NhL master of player safety and discipline?

  75. Richards sucks. And he thinks he’s the UN Ambassador with all his pre and post game banalities.

  76. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Chicago might not have “enforcers’ but Bickell, Shaw, Seabrook, Keith and others are plenty tough enough…

  77. Lucic roughed up Weise on the handshake line with his breath more than Carcillo roughed up Mr. -Stalin- Linesman last night.

  78. I dunno why/how any of the players are supposed to respect the officials when the officials clearly and consistently (the only consistency amongst officials other than their inconsistency) display little to no concern for the players.

  79. There is nothing anybody can say to me that would convince me that the NHL wants to do away with nonsense like the Prust hit. They market the violence, praise jackwagons like Chris Neil and continue to employ predators like Matt Cooke and Raffi Torres and neanderthals like Mike Milbury and Kelly Chase as commentators.

    In fact, you will probably see the Prust hit in promos for upcoming games.

    Instead of suspending Prust they should suspend Montreal’s 1st line center and fine their coach and GM. Then you might see some of this nonsense cease.

  80. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I’m not sure what AV and the coaches see watching Richards on the ice. Mr. Give away the puck at the slightest of pressure, slow on his skates, poor defensively….

    But he is vocal in the room.

  81. There’s only one way tell Bickell there are no enforcers on the Blackhawks………..

    That’s is via a long distance phone call from your most hated enemies phone-line.

  82. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kelly Chase has trouble matching a subject and a verb. That guy is a tool.

  83. And yet, he gets no criticism, only praise. It boggles the mind. The coach and all the rest of them are tacitly admitting he is incapable by not asking him to do more.

  84. Nealie, I like it.

    Here’s another thought….

    How bout the NHL as a punishment to the Canadiens, mandate that for the rest of the series, Prust must play at least 20 minutes during regulation and double shift in overtime.

  85. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – on the PP, it takes Richards 40 seconds to grab the puck, wheel around a bit, begin heading up ice, and other 20 seconds to enter the zone…..

  86. Well with Stepan and Brass both down, we best saddle up Wilburrrr and hope that he can ride us into the finals.


  87. Kreider crashes their goalie and they take out our only two effective centers. Coincidence, or enforcement?

  88. And all the while, Richie thinks he’s doing just dandy and he primaries for Captain. Just shoot me.

  89. Doodie, ( I think it’s Doodie, apologize if it isn’t) may get his wish and see The Kreider play some Center.

  90. Then, #19 finally finds the puck on his stick and scores once every 5 or 6 games and the cognoscenti give him the Star.

  91. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    To his credit, he scored the series clincher vs the Pens. He’s had some timely goals. Let’s hope he can go all Clydesdale – and high step his game to a new level…


  92. Y’all, I say, y’all got Norm as fidgety as a bubble dancer with a slow leak.

  93. Rangers need to give Montreal a piece of their own medicine. Rally around the Prust hit and destroy them. Refs thrive on media stories might as well make their own. Step and Brass will both play game 4.

  94. This is just so disgusting. I didn’t like Carcillo before he came to NYR but since he’s been much less goon-like and almost a decent hockey player.

    Was he wrong, yes… but his hit on Prust wasn’t a penalty and he wasn’t involved in the fight. Yet the Linesman grabbed him. Black and white fine. But how about the Ref’s and Linesman protecting the players which they failed at miserably in that game.

    2 Games for breaking a jaw? BS League

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Latona – long time no chat with you…hope all is well…

    Slow leak? Are you talking Sather?

  96. Woody, “How’s it going Mr. Peterson?”
    Norm, “Poor.”
    Woody, “I’m sorry to hear that.”
    Norm, “No, I mean pour.”

  97. Also I’d really like to know what part of this Prust hit and the Weaver hit have to do with a Canadians mandate or game plan. Is it really a coincidence that Brassard is hit late and blindside near the blueline less than 5 minutes into game 1 and then Stephan is hit late and blindside (much later) less than 5 minutes into game 3?

    Theirren told his players to send a message to the NYR’s best. Torts would be throwing sticks and climbing over the barrier between benches. He also would have taken the fine and suspension to tell the NHL what he thinks of them.

    Love what AV has done… but wouldn’t mind some of Torts’ piss & vinegar.

  98. Sean Avery ? @imseanavery

    What a league……10 games for what? I used to pretend i was dumping the puck and instead try and hit the stripes :)

  99. What I like about Norm is that, unlike many others, he will actually read before he posts, even if he’s only looking for Richie comments that he can rebut.

  100. Alain Amour on

    Alain, it’s revisionist and inaccurate to say Prust wasn’t an honest and effective player those two years he was here.

    You prove my point. Prust was an effective player for the Rangers. However, he was replaceable. The Rangers currently employ three more effective fourth liners in Moore, Boyle and Dorsett.

    As excellently as Brian Boyle and Dominic Moore have played for the Rangers, players of that ilk are replaceable.

  101. Eddie’s Lucic needs to get loose in NHL headquarters (during business hours)

  102. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Torts – “someone ******* unstrap me bore I ******* lose my ******* mind. I will ******* rip their ******* Habs logo off their ******* chest and ******* shove it down their ******* throats. UNSTRAP ME NOW”

  103. Admiral Ackbar on

    Tire Fire/Fishsticks/Icelander fans now coming out of the woodwork on facebook and twitter since Montreal won a game like the cockroaches they are…

    I’m sick. We better win this series.

  104. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Latona – insanely busy. But optimistic that we end this charade in 5. Brassard will save the day.

  105. Admiral Akbar on

    The Cockroach Fishsticks Fans (CFF’s) are basically basking in the schadenfreude of Stepan’s injury.

    Absolute asshats. You can’t make this stuff up.

    I don’t remember anyone on here cheering when Price went down, or when Tavares went down in Olympics.. yet many of these no-class, ignorant, asshat, cockroach-pigs are downright giddy over what has happened to Derek Stepan.

  106. Sean Avery ?@imseanavery 23m
    What a league……10 games for what?
    I used to pretend i was dumping the puck and instead try and hit the stripes :)

  107. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “I will ******* kill every member of player safety. I will set them on fire. Burn them to ashes. I will smoke those ashes. Then I’ll bulldoze them till they disintegrate. Then I’ll find some others. I’ll ******* kill everyone who gets in my ******* way. I’ll never stop. I’ll shoot, stab, carve, and slice open every ******* member of the NHL front office. I’ll ******** kill them all. I’ll kill their friends. I’ll kill their friends friends. I’ll ******** kill people who weren’t their friends. I’ll ******* kill family members, non-family members. I’ll kill neighbors. I’ll kill people in the next town, and the town next to that one. I’ll kill across family lines. I’ll kill across county lines. I’ll kill and then kill again. I’ll ******* kill you so many times, you’ll be ******** deader than a dead person. I’ll kill your essence. I’ll eat your soul. I’ll ******** destroy everything of value and non value”

  108. Ok I just did it… had to follow @iamseanavery after that tweet. Awesome. I thought maybe Hagelin was aiming last night for the stripes with a wide shot. Anybody else see that?

    Shhh don’t want the league to hear that

  109. Carcillo’s suspension is black and white. How it all played out is NOT black and white. Could/should have been handled differently by the official.

  110. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Latona – agreed. I just cannot see the Habs winning this series….even with price…..they just don’t have the speed, skill, or weapons to hurt our boys. Now, if it had been the bruthas from Boston, I’d be singing ( homage to norm) a much different tune.

  111. Nealie P

    Agree with you about Milbury and Chase but please don’t call them Neanderthals. A more appropriate term is proto presimians. Neanderthals were around for over 300,000 years and survived several severe ice ages. They deserve our respect.

  112. Vibin’, eddie. IMO NYR have been the better team in all three games of this series – MTL was only better in the first ten and final five minutes of Game 2 aided in no small part to a mindless penalty committed by/from Poo. NYR just didn’t finish their chances last night, and the MTL blueline looked spent.

  113. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lucic – “After I’m do e with player safety. I’ll ******* kill every HAB I can get my filthy meat hooks on, I’ll crush their skulls, cave in their chests, break both Legs and sever off their arms. Who will be ******* first you ask? That ******* dirty piece of turd Briere. Next, that royal turd Subban. I’ll rip his head off. I’ll drain his blood at center ice and ground his organs into the blue line. Then, I’ll rest for a minute. After that, I’ll start killing again and again and again and again”

  114. Czechthemout!!! on

    Carcillo’s suspension is bush league.

    It was created by a bush league.

    We all hated Carcillo before but his time here was very productive and uneventful, and if the refs were competent, he would be playing on sunday.
    That linesman needs to be reprimanded for over zealousness.

  115. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Latona – indeed. MSL could have had 4 by himself. Hank will be huge. Just need his D to stay away from his crease. Enough of the own goals….

  116. Yup – and only one of those non-goals was a nice save from Tokarski.. rest was poor shot placement.. the rookie’s been fine, but nothing to write home about.

  117. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – while norm attacks the messenger (any anti-Richards post), he never refutes the message. Someone mentioned this on one of the game threads… Might have been Latona…

  118. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Toke arse ski will be lit up come Sunday (pun not intended)

  119. Sean Avery ?@imseanavery 6m
    Refs pull power trips every game, obviously they are pissed off they fly commercial and stand at the bar..

  120. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    Interference suspension is such a JOKE. “They make it up as they go along, that’s what I heard from someone..”

  121. Lucic is getting a new bionic wrist in the off-season. The Canadiens better watch out next season.

    All good teams find ways to overcome adversity. The Rangers better!

    Oh, it looks like Sather was snubbed AGAIN in the General Manager of The Year voting.

  122. @imseanavery Imagine me on #TSN instead of that #FatAss Aaron Ward :) :)

    LOL! I always forget Aaron Ward was a Ranger. Questioned Jagr’s leadership then got traded! Haha! Got us Paul Mara, if I’m not mistaken. Good trade at the time!

  123. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Czech – totally agree. I think his suspension will, and should, be overturned. That linesman was having a roid rage….

  124. I’d be defending Carcillo even if he did this as a Flyer. It’s just dumb. He’s not innocent, but it’s a dumb suspension when you compare it to other suspensions.

    One game is enough, maybe two.

  125. Alain, (for once) I’m not disagreeing with you. Almost everybody is replaceable. The problem was they didn’t replace those replaceable players until late last season, then re-replaced some of them this season. And guess what, they were more than a dime a dozen.

  126. Was Quintal wearing the Canadian flag when he announced this?
    He of all people should be the last one making that decision. This is like act of god stuff

  127. Agreed, that linesman should be sent back to school for re-training and suspended for the remainder of the playoffs…

  128. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Whether we like it or not you need one goon on a team.

    You think that happens to a blackhawk or kings player and nothing is done? You have a kocur/gilles/fotiu on your team and no one does that to stephan.

    I like AV but he sold out on carcillo. The coach and gm are pacifist. They think by saying all the right things about the rules and the NHL will help them. Carcillo plays for any other team and they are lobbying for no suspension and in the end he maybe gets 3 games.

  129. If I remember correctly from my Rye salad days, Eddie Hospodar’s brother was a priest.

  130. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    Carcillo has a reputation that caused the concern. I get it. But he was not making a move to join the Prust / Dorsett scrap, if you call it a scrap…

  131. Chicago’s goon is …?

    Los Angeles’ goon is … ?

    Rangers’ goon is …?

    Montreal’s goon is …?

    Ooops, they all somehow made the final four.

  132. No goons needed. Just hardnosers who give as much or more than they get and a few who will gladly throw when necessary.

  133. And let’s just say that the Rangers had the biggest, baddest mofo who ever strapped on skates.

    Would anything have changed last night?

    Answer: No.

  134. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Boxcar – weren’t you also saying that MSL was never going to score a goal?

  135. boxcareddiehospodar on


    let me rephrase.

    The Kings and Hawks have multiple players who can kind of skate/hit and are not afraid to drop the gloves and inflict some pain.

    The rangers have none. I am not sure the bruins are out because they have Thornton and Lucic. Whether we like the hit Thornton put on Orphik earlier in the year; that hit made its point.

    I hate to disagree but if we had the biggest mofo goon in the league Prust would never, ever have taken that liberty on stephan. In this case the goon would have been a deterrent!

  136. boxcareddiehospodar on

    King Eddie,

    If there was a clock running I may have won that bet!

  137. boxcar, I agree, you need tough guys who can play. Goons are going to be history very soon. Staged fights gone. The idiots who do most of the damage, out.

    Those guys who can play and fight are hard to find. That’s why Prust got all that money.

    And, no, it wouldn’t matter who was on the Rangers bench, Prust hits Stepan the same way. The only possible — possible, but doubtful — deterrent would be if the mofo was on the ice with Stepan. Not likely. Those guys don’t even get uniforms during the playoffs.

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BOOGAARD would n’t of stood for any of this.

  139. boxcareddiehospodar on


    Good point.

    It may be time though to start looking for those guy(s) that can play and fight and not the 5’11” 195 pounds player.

    Other teams seem to find these guys I sometimes feel we never look for them and if we do find them we are quick to sour on them them.

  140. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Had Nedved been on the ice, Stepan would have never been hit.

  141. those guys, according to many, are a dime a dozen, boxcar. Rangers used to have a bunch of them. Now they have one.

  142. ThisYearsModel on

    Oh well, our Carcillo nightmare is over. He won’t suit up again for the Rangers. The guy has a history of losing his mind. The refs were lecturing him after he scored that goal in Philly too. I am sure the NHL won’t miss having him to deal with. Unfortunately, we still have the clown show that is the NHL leadership to deal with.

  143. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Boxcar – I remember saying once the Playoffs started, MSL would begin lighting it up…so far so good. Also hags was the best ranger on the ice last night ;)

  144. boxcareddiehospodar on


    I agree. Weise/scott etc.
    I am not sure who classifies as our one?

  145. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Our goon is Boyle…but hes a heavy weight . Goons cant fight Prust cuz prust is a fly weight. Hit and buzz away…a goon cant protect that. Guys like Prust cant be stopped as you can see he’ll be back in a couple games.

  146. boxcareddiehospodar on

    King Eddie,

    correct with Nedved.

    Stephan would have been on the bench waiting for a line change becasuse he would not have been playing with nedved.

  147. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    hahaa Dorsett? another flyweight , he sucks at fighting.

    Our giys that will kill ya , McD , Giradi , Staal , Hank , Nash and Poulit will scrap if needed. Dont be a fool to say other wise. Messier never had to fight , he would just stare.

  148. boxcareddiehospodar on

    King Eddie,

    Hagelin has been invisible most of the year.

    He has played a few good games and we will most likley reward him with a huge overrated contract very soon.

    As far as MSL. Let’s wait and see how this series pans out.

  149. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Boxcar – Nedved would switch to the wing simply to protect step. Perhaps the toughest ranger pound for pound to ever wear the sweater.

  150. boxcareddiehospodar on

    King eddie,

    larry melnyk was the toughest ranger pound for pound.

    He went toe to toe with dave brown and won the fight.

  151. We should scout in Thailand. Tie Domi and Ty Cobb stood for little nonsense.

  152. Any willing heavyweight, tough as he might be, is just one right hand away from sleepyland from another willing heavyweight. And the next fight, all being equal, there could be a reversal.

  153. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Pound for pound? McPhee was a bad assen. Bednarski and Ronnie Harris not so bad. Fotiu simply the toughest period.

  154. Fotiu could throw with both hands, was a counterpuncher, and eschewed clutching when he could.

  155. Larry Melnyk, the Rangers PR guys used to describe him as “the Rangers’ hard-boiled defenseman.”

    Tough as all hell. Right up there with Eddie Johnstone and George McPhee in the pound-for-pound division … though Tahir Domi didn’t weigh a lot and he tussled on occasion.

  156. Didn’t The Cat look to get rid of Harris when he didn’t jump in to help Rolfe?

  157. I always found Darren Langdon to be an effective fighter. He wasn’t real big but he would clutch and grab and avoid being hit flush, then he’d start throwing when the other guy started to tire.

    I don’t know how many he won, but he didn’t really lose any either from what I remember.

  158. Some larger tough guys have admitted that they were surprised by little Dorsett. Don’t sell him short.

  159. NHL should take a cue from association football and assign officials with place of origin in mind. For example, no officials from the NY or MTL area should be officiating this series.

  160. coos, yup. That was a pretty extreme example, but following that policy eliminates the likelihood of shenanigans. And it can go either way – just as much as an official may make calls in favor of his local team, he may also go out of his way in attempt to not favor his local team.

  161. Good thing our PK is good :)

    He had some speed and obviously a bit of skill. Maybe we D Moore he’d look really good.

  162. @DarrenDreger Sam Rosen arrrsted at NYC Restaurant for smashing beer bottle over Brandon Prust head

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Habs coach, Michelle Thorazine, claiming that Prust’s hit was clean. What a tool

  164. We all better hope that Wilbur doesn’t get hurt the rest of the way….or he can’t be sent to the glue factory and we’re stuck with him.

  165. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eddie Johnstone was a tough lil dude. Domi must be in any pound for pound conversation. His first bout with Probert was as good as it gets….

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vickers wasn’t the biggest guy by any stretch, but when he was pissed, he could whoop some assen.

  167. Brassard back……Miller for Stepan, we are still better than the frogs.

    4-1 Sunday. We need people to step up..and they will..

    After I read that former player saying that Michelle OK’d a hit on the goalie in the past…………….I have no respect for him and his team.

    It is on!

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wilber – looking to break 2:25 in the Belmont. If he can do first 3/4 in 1:12, it’s game on.

    Brad Richards is moving like a tremendous machine (we could only wish)

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Remember Johnny Mac at the French open in 84? Called a lineman “you French frog fag”

  170. Admiral Akbar on

    tomb —

    can you clarify:
    “After I read that former player saying that Michelle OK’d a hit on the goalie in the past…………….I have no respect for him and his team.”

    Please explain that – thats interesting stuff if thats true.

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards needs to score goals and plenty of them. Otherwise, he’s useless.

  172. Admiral Akbar on

    Richards scares the crap out of me on the point. He’s as great a liability as Sew-Ban, with less offensive upside.

  173. The Gnasher was on top of his game last nite also…..shoots from outside the circles…stick handles and flops in the slot….frustrating.

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sue Ban is a tool. More of a show than anything. Puck hog. Always trying to go one on five.

  175. It appears that the two referee system which was supposed to limit this type of behavior is a failure. Go back to one referee which opens the ice up a little more and keeps referees from interfering and tripping players. It appears the officials on ice think the game is about them and they cause more then prevent more problems. This coupled with the lack of player against player respect with repeated head shots is causing people to say we need more goons and the game just continues to deteriorate.

  176. @DarrenDreger Sam Rosen arrested at NYC Restaurant for smashing beer bottle over Brandon Prust head

  177. First, all of you grossly underestimate how important his is to Montreal, Canada, and the fans north of the border. They will do ANYTHING to win, support their team in any way they can.

    Second, how do the Rangers keep their composure Sunday night? I mean, the Garden is going to be screaming for blood. If I’m Derek Dorset, how do I resist the urge to put Desharnais or Gallagher in the hospital? This is what the series is now becoming. I will say I now understand Boston and why they hate the Canadiens. And I understand Lucic, too. He comes off looking bad but who cld blame him?

  178. How does a guy like Therien become a coach? He barely knows how to speak proper English after so many years coaching. How does he communicate properly with his players?

    AV has good English, but this guy just makes me cringe when he speaks.

  179. Admiral Akbar on


    excellent research — I appreciate your work in digging this up. Therien is slightly less than clean, apparently.

  180. So looks like Stepan’s iron man streak might be over. It is crazy that he never missed a game with an injury.

    I think he might have broken his jaw when his face hit the ice after the hit.

    I am pleasantly surprised that scubag Prust was suspended at all.

    If Stepan’s surgery goes well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play on Sunday with full mask.

    What happened to Brassard, wasn’t he saying he might play in game 2, and then he didn’t play in game 3.

  181. jpg's sister on

    Prust should be suspended for as long as Stepan’s jaw takes to heal

    interference is suspendable? they can’t say hit to the head/jaw or vicious hit

  182. I think most of the Rangers will keep their cool.

    I hope Dorsett, Kreider and Miller and of course Poulliot, do the same.

    It will be pretty close to a must-win game.

  183. PAUL,

    What’s hopefully happening is that both STEPAN and BRASSARD are playing, THE KREIDER scored a hat trick, and DORSETT rams PK SLEWFOOT’s face into the glass.

  184. The refs that missed the call on Prust and a bunch of blatant slashes should be suspended.

  185. Thanks for the link, Tomb. Takes a classically trained pianist to dig that one up! Bravo! Damning of Therien…shades of Jmoops older brother…not a pleasant thought. Therien should be banned for that, if any player is willing to come forward, or the NHL is willing to investigate, which it won’t.

  186. If Therien did give Prust the “green light” that’s about as dishonest an act as can be found in sports. Petit>Clemens>Therien

  187. ha ha. I was a classically trained pianist….. a long time ago.

    How the heck did you know wildplaces? That is wild.

  188. Yep as I said many post ago.. Therien is the thug that gave Weaver & Prust a couple targets… 3 mins for Brassard, 5 for Stephan. His players follow his direction well.

  189. Last night’s game is why I think that “sudden death” is stupid and unfair.

    Why should a game be decided by who scores first in OT?

    Do games get decided by who scores first? NO!! so why should OT? We dominated them they score a lucky goal and win. But if we played a full OT period we would have scored maybe 3 goals.

    They need to change it to at least to 5 extra minutes after the 1st OT goal to give the other team a chance.

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – who are your favorite composers? Chopin has to be up there….

  191. He won’t admit to it, but the French impressionists!;>)) Ravel, Le Tombeau de Couperin…

  192. Does anyone ever evaluate referees performances?

    Have they ever wondered if they could be influenced by foreign betting syndicates?

  193. Driving with my wife to the shore for the weekend tonight. She knows close to nothing about the game, the politics, the league. She. Asked about last nights game and I told her about Stepan / Prust incident. She responded:

    “well the guy who did that shouldn’t be allowed to play as long as the one had his jaw broken can’t play.”

  194. I think Stepan will step up and play with the chin guard. He already gutted out game 3, and I’m pretty positive Brassard is comming back in game 4.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I saw ravel’s Bolero performed by San Diego Symphony – David Atherton Conducted -,amazing piece. Wave after wave of crescendos..tremendous buildup

  196. Papa, you’re smarter than the average bear…so is mama bear. It’s past my betime, so I’m signing off. Au revoir

  197. So, how many games suspension was handed out to the referees who missed (or chose to ignore) the cheap head shot by Prust. Until the officials are held accountable for their malfeasance, nothing will get better. Nothing like the threat of suspension and loss of salary to get them to pay attention!

  198. Why Langdon, let’s bring back Boogaard since we are so out of touch with reality.

  199. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard is needed if no; put Moore in pivot between THE and Good – love to see THE with a center that has wheels and can grind, should free up Good One in the slot

  200. Just a suggestion……..

    If MSL gets that down low right wing opportunity in game 4, he should drop his shoulder, hesitate (fake) and let Takarski make (and finish) the first move.

    MSL had way more time than he took and if he waited a split second, Takarski out of the play flopping on the ice like a fish out of water.

  201. Carpy…..hypothetically speaking…..Rangers end up beating Canadiens in 6 games…….. In that game, Prust is back after serving his 2 game suspension…..and let’s say that Stepan is also in the lineup……After the game, the players line up for the traditional handshake……..My question to you…..Does Stepan shake Prust’s hand?

  202. Evening all,

    Never thought I’d say this. Prust now takes on the same meaning as Cooke, Hartnell and Kaleta.

    Ex: What a piece of Prust!

    Sad. But true.

  203. MSL had a lot of good chances………

    I think he will get them Sunday too. He just needs to bury a few.

  204. Coos 9:02

    _Anyone remember NBA ref Tom Donaghy? These things can happen, and have_

    Excellent point. There is a lot of money on the line.

  205. phlipdowt
    @DarrenDreger Sam Rosen arrrsted at NYC Restaurant for -smashing beer bottle over- smacking Brandon Prust in the head repeatedly with his proboscis

    May 23rd, 2014 at 9:30 PM

  206. “LOL” is part of a headline and it makes perfect sense … lol!

    Could the NHL be any more random?

    Maybe, with head shots, they want to want to eliminate interference … I mean, who doesn’t?

    Whatever …

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  207. Wick, you beat me to it! Chris Simon!

    In 03-04, some Islander injured a Ranger, and the next game they played Chris Simon took that guy out. Injured him cleanly. I could be wrong, but that might have been the game that turned me into a hockey/Rangers fan. Not for all the fights and stuff, but I just loved how he stuck up for his teammate like that.

    It’s a shame he had a rough end to his career with all the dirty stuff. 25 games for chopping Hollweg’s head off, then the next year 30 games for trying to cut Rutuu’s foot off.

  208. He better, Tomb. He missed tree open nets. The first was on Hags goal. The seconds could have made it 2-1, then the third was right before the THE goal.

    Saint’s flubbed that shot a lot with NYR. Always used to score on that play with the Bolts.

  209. The “Fix” is on, Betteman & the NHLPA want 6-7 games each series,can’t remember last time there was a four game sweep in the playoffs.Too much $$$$ to be made.

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