NHL suspends Carcillo 10 games for abuse of official


From the NHL:



TORONTO (May 23, 2014) – New York Rangers forward Daniel Carcillo has been

automatically suspended for 10 games as a result of being assessed a Game Misconduct

penalty under Rule 40.3 Physical Abuse of Officials — Category II during Game 3 of the Eastern

Conference Final in New York on Thursday, May 22, the National Hockey League announced


At 14:09 of the first period, Carcillo physically applied force to Linesman Scott Driscoll

while being escorted to the penalty box. Rule 40.3 Physical Abuse of Officials — Category II

states: “Any player who deliberately applies physical force to an official in any manner

(excluding actions as set out in Category I), which physical force is applied without intent to

injure, or who spits on an official, shall be automatically suspended for not less than ten (10)


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  1. It’s a bit ridiculous that they have automatic minimum suspensions for abuse of officials, but not for head shots.

  2. Next the Canadiens and there media drones will be claiming that Stepan broke his jaw when yelling at Prust on his way to the lockeroom.

    *headlines up north Stepan Injury: Self-inflicted Broken Jaw*

    Or *Steapn Out For Remainder of Series – It Was Jaw-icide!*

    Weise will give an interview attesting to the verbally abusive, nasty tone of Stepan’s yelling while being helped off the ice by the Rammer.

  3. EC – well said. And is there any review of these things by the league?

    It does make sense that there is an automatic for abuse of refs (they have a thankless job in the first place, protecting them should be paramount)…but this type of situation seems like it’s ripe for a review of the policy (doesn’t make what Carcillo did right)

  4. Carp,

    Any educated guesses as to who enters the lineup with potentially two forward spots opening up / any status update on Brassard?

  5. If Carcillo deliberately elbowed the official, that’s one thing. However, I have seen literally hundreds of players over the years who are being escorted to the box try to evade, skate away from, and stymie officials in those same or similar conditions.

  6. If it was anyone other than Carcillo, the linesman would NOT have grabbed the player. He kinda got screwed.

  7. anyone other than Carcillo doesn’t go toward the altercation, even after being waved to the box. anyone other than Carcillo might have fought Prust instead of letting a teammate do it.

  8. Okay, Carcillo shouldn’t have hit the Linesman, whatever… but I don’t want to see that sorry ass crew of zebras anywhere near the ice till next season.

    Man, the officiating just flat out sucks this year…

  9. What’s so thankless about the job of an NHL official?

    They make up to $300K (plus expenses) annually while working 2-3 days a weeks for 3 hours a day 7 months out of the year. They stay in top flight hotels, eat in fancy restaurants all over the country.

  10. “Great” being a relative term Carp…I didn’t even know the guy could play hockey until he got here and kept his head down and worked when given the opportunity…scored some very big goals here also.

    The bigger shame is seeing him get 10 games for a momentary lapse of reason rather than something really ugly and stupid. I understand the suspension but it sucks losing this guy that hasn’t been a problem otherwise.

  11. coos, just saying, that’s his job … not fighting with the linesman. If he fights Prust instead of taking the charging penalty (bad call, granted), the crowd goes bonkers, he ignites his team, doesn’t get suspended …

    But Dorsett took care of that. Not Carcillo. Dorsett>Carcillo.

  12. Carp…is there a clip of him skating towards the fight? The one long replay that they showed on NBC was of him standing with his back to the boards and the linesman flying in and grabbing him. It didn’t appear that he was talking and also didn’t appear that he was looking to engage anyone else. If he was looking to start a secondary fight then the linesman was in the right.

  13. However, ‘enforcers’ are not in the habit of skating directly to the litter box when a fight has broken out, and mayhem might develop, leaving the team down 5 on 4.

  14. Re: anyone vse everyone, I Thought I’d ask since your speaking about exaggerations……

    I agree with Coos, I’ve personally seen much worse, including linesman stepping in to break up a fight and getting completely hammered by a punch.

    Why isn’t that abuse of official?

  15. Rest assured the league will bend over backwards to do whatever they can to let Prust off easy.

    All that will be missing is Shanny’s video saying “Stepan was too busy looking at Kreider’s hit on Price a week ago to realize he was in a position to be hit”

  16. But, on this ‘weak’ team, now our only enforcer type is Dorsett. Can you really play NHL hockey with so little braun???? Don’t you need more than one player as a deterrent??

  17. It’s like this. the team that is down in any way gets all the calls even when dangerous hits are preformed. If the game is tied the calls will be fair. The zebras always favor underdogs. Its to artificially extend the series for revenue and creating a more even matchup. You really think 4 fully functional hockey officials missed a head shot. No I think not.

  18. So-SIOUX-Me on

    10 games is a joke. There goes his chance of playing for the Cup.

    Pruster better get 20 games, if Carbomb got 10.

  19. Well, the good news is that Carcillo is available for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals! :-)

  20. Rangers do not really have the combo of top talent and/or the nasty edge needed for a Cup team. They have Carcillo only by happenstance and if not for Dorsett’s injury, wouldn’t be here. Can be done, but not often.

  21. Yea and I like the article you wrote about officiating Carp, but how can 4 hockey minds who are “supposed” to be sensitive to head shots not see the hit.

  22. That’s why the nhl is a major joke. It’s the worst run pro sport franchise in the world and run by hypocritical jackwagons. I laugh every time I hear buttman say they want to grow the fan base, fugging idiot.

  23. Robby Bonfire on

    Talk about a 180, it wasn’t that long ago that the name “Prust” rhymed with “God,” around here, and the name “Carcillo” was interchangeable with “cow flop.”

  24. that’s the bottom line, the nhl is run by incompetent, hypocritical, clueless morons.

  25. I’ve abused myself more by simply getting in and out of a car than Mr Linesman was abused last night.

    Who decides what is and isn’t abuse? Is it clearly stated in the rule?
    It’s much too subjective for me.

    And, when the Officials play the role of Victim, Cop, Prosecutor, Judge and Jury rolled into one, it’s becomes way to Stalinist like for me.

  26. Buttman thinks he’s running a Subway Sandwich franchise, totally hypocritical and interested mainly in bigger and bigger bucks and the owners like it that way.

  27. Incidents like Carcillo’s get no hearing and no opportunity to defend yourself or offer an explanation. Surrprised the Players’ Assoc. allows that.

  28. all the commissioners are that way now. Cash registers for the owners, not commishes for the good of the game.

  29. Hey Robby, some of us breathing folks (not anyone or everyone, some of us) prefer to live in the present.

    This is war.

    Prust is the enemy.

    Prust must die.

    Carcillo is our warrior.

    Long live Carcillo.

  30. Gross Incompetence is really the only way to look at it, Carp. You got that correct.

    Problem is, the NHL refuses to see what is apparent to EVERYBODY.

    Four officials on the ice, supposedly watching where the play is (and that would be where the puck is). So there is NO WAY that they all missed Prust lining up Stepan for that late hit.

    They just each chose to look at it and say “Eh, whatever.”

    Carcillo, IMHO, did not deserve 10 games. He was grabbed by a VERY overzealous official. And Carcillo even let up when he COULD have drilled Prust’s face through the glass.

    You know, “Accidentally on Purpose”

    I got no respect at all for Brandon Prust anymore and certainly ZERO for anybody in the Montreal Canadiens organization, not after watching their pathetic coach continue to lie when it suits him.

    Rangers NEED to win on Sunday. Big Memorial Day crowd, the anger boiling, they need to finally show a desire to WIN as opposed to the desire NOT TO LOSE.

    God knows the Rangers are good at not losing in the playoffs. But how about, for a change, trying to WIN?

  31. BickelsPickle on

    This whole Carcillo situation is too hyped up. Please. What a joke. Barely touched that poor ref.

  32. _Incidents like Carcillo’s get no hearing and no opportunity to defend yourself or offer an explanation. Surrprised the Players’ Assoc. allows that._

    Comrade -Stalin- Bettman.

  33. Quit break from festivities…

    Thanks for the updates manny!!

    I think the carcillo suspension is total garbage! I agree with carp that he should have been throwing with prust instead, but (and I don’t agree with Maloney re fighting) but I agree with what he said on the post game about the official grabs a fired up “cowboy” for no apparent reason.

    End of day, carcillo is suspended.

    Curios about the centre position now though.

    We when game 4, we are good to go.

    RTFU and LGR!!!

  34. BickelsPickle on

    ECF will go to 7, then the Cup finals will go to 7 games and Carcillo will make a comeback in Game 7 and score the GWG. Book it.

  35. gregm_oldsection403 on

    “Abuse of officials.” Abuse of players is ok, though.

    Rangers fans were abusing the officials with some pretty foul chants at the game yesterday. I’m surprised they didn’t give the rangers a bench minor for our unruliness. Because, after all, those officials need to be protected.

    What a joke.

  36. iManny-O-War on

    What Carp said is right. Carcillo should have done the fighting. Not Dorsett. What Carcillo did to the official is completely inexcusable. 10 games isn’t that bad

  37. So-SIOUX-Me on

    Bickel – Rangers win next 2, then win the Cup in 7. Carcillo has played his last game as a Ranger.
    Book it.

  38. The Great Dave Maloney makes me chuckle when he opines at leisure against fighting, but then in the heat of battle, demands pugilistic justice. He knows hockey better than all of us, but is really just like us in the end. :)

  39. I have more physical contact while wiping after my 8:45’er than Mr.Llinesman suffered last night at the hands of the Carcillo Monster.

  40. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers in 5.

    Carcillo got screwed

    Prust is a dooooooooosh

  41. Carcillo got what he deserved. Even AV said so: “what Dan did is inexcusable, and he’s going to pay a big price for it.”

    He did more than “barely touch” the linesman.

    Stop defending him.

    He’s done here. Seventh rounder to LA. No more Carcillo.

  42. jpg's sister on

    agree EC and cooscoos with your opinions. Just watching 1st period and carcillo had a few good chances skating well then

    maybe NHL thought Carcillo was Sean Avery and will have a rule change similar to brodeur rule by the next game

  43. So-SIOUX-Me on

    The only thing that is bad about Carcillo is, if the Refs get the call right on Prust, and put him in the box, it doesn’t get to that point.

    Carbomb is done now.

  44. I do not believe there is any sort of league or officiating conspiracies against the rangers.

    The nhl would love to have the rangers in the finals…New York revenue and viewership.

    I quite honestly wish he had guys that would throw a game changing hit like prust did.

    Problem now is the officials will be looking for any sort of borderline hit like that and come in heavy handed.

  45. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Manny – Carcillo barely touched that hyper agressive linesman. I’ve seen much much worse “abuse” of an official with never a penalty enforced.

  46. “What Carcillo did to the official is completely inexcusable.”

    Sure is – no excuse for not popping that jackwagon in the face with a nice haymaker!

  47. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t see why anyone gives two hoots about Carcillo. The majority of us didn’t want him. Then we were surprised he wasn’t being a Jackwagon. Then this. Put his team down a man in an important game for NOTHING. Not like he jumped Prust. I would have preferred him getting tossed for being 3rd man in. Dubinsky style

  48. Coos,

    “All of us” is not quite “everyone” or “anyone” , but in an effort to be consistent and maintain my integrity, I’m throwing the exaggeration flag nonetheless.

    You know like, file an appeal.


  49. Yes, the rule is the rule (whether we agree with it or not…I don’t) and carcillo got what he deserved and yes, he is done here.

  50. ‘Yeah we tease him a lot cause we’ve hot him on the spot, welcome back,
    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.’

    Thanks, Papa!

  51. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I saw a regular season game earlier this season when Chara – flat out elbowed a linesman in the head. Nothing was done about it.

    Carcillo’s suspension is ALL due to reputation. Sort of like “sloppy seconds”

  52. iManny-O-War on

    Wick: I’m all for the rough stuff. I love it. I’m the first one screaming when someone basically gets themselves boarded.

    But in this situation I am glad we don’t have someone doing why Prust did. That is embarrassing. And it’s dirty.

    Kreider’s play on Price was legal and defensible. I prefer that.

  53. “Problem now is the officials will be looking for any sort of borderline hit like that and come in heavy handed.”

    Isn’t this what everyone’s been saying since Cooke on Savard, wicky?

  54. So-SIOUX-Me on

    Miller has more skill than Carcillo, so that’s a step in the right direction. But you have to admit Carcillo in PHILLY was pretty awesome.

    Pruster will not return in this series, and they will lose, so his year will be done.

  55. iManny-O-War on

    I’m really shocked that anyone is defending Carcillo. His name is a curse word on here for a reason!

  56. “Kreider’s play on Price was legal and defensible.”

    I thought the whole point of that play was that Kreider didn’t play Price.

  57. Manny
    Game changing hit, all I’m saying.

    Cooke had a series changing hit vs the avs.

  58. Carcillo’s career is likely kaput. He can never again play with his controlled abandon without risking total banishment, and thus, his value is diminished. I would sue. Buttman likes to talk to lawyers. Send him one.

  59. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Manny – soon, your name will be a cuss word – you need to chill ax

  60. Hey, isn’t Stephane Quintal now in Shanny’s old office for Player (Nyuk Nyuk) Safety?

    You remember Stephane, don’t you all? Stephane “I wanna go back to Montreal, I don’t like it here” Quintal who cried to reporters at the end of the Smith/Scmuckler era

  61. iManny-O-War on

    It doesn’t matter if Prust comes back. It’s probably better if he does. He’s playing hurt. If he’s suspended they have White to step in. And White and Wiese had some great chemistry in the Boston series.

  62. ThisYearsModel on

    Carcillo acted stupidly. He got what stupid actors get. Unfortunately, the refs don’t get anything for their stupid behavior.

  63. Habs are a dirty team. That’s the bottom line. A late dirty hit knocks brassard out for at least a few games, and now another late dirty hit breaks Stephan’s jaw. I hope the team is as livid as I am and they use that energy to finish these lowlives in 5.

  64. Eddie
    Take it easy on manny, he overreacts a lot (he’s like a covert Eric), he will calm down a be fine.

    He’s very *JAZZ* ;)

  65. iManny-O-War on

    The Ref might have gotten a talking to if Carcillo hadn’t acted so stupidly.

  66. The zebras’ wild inconsistencies contribute to the confusion and actions of on-ice players.

  67. I would never defend Carcillo and I think he got what he deserved, according to the rulebook. It’s just so crazy that the rulebook doesn’t also have defined suspensions for headshots, and boarding majors and things of that nature.

    Why are officials protected more than the players are?

  68. iManny-O-War on

    How did I overreact? All I’m saying is that what Carcillo did is unacceptable and he paid a pretty fair price for it.

    Is Vigneault crazy? Because it’s the same thing he said. Maybe he should calm down.

  69. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Wicky – werd. I imagine after a nice pedicure, mud bath, and facial, Manny will be soothed….

  70. So-SIOUX-Me on

    Habs aren’t a dirty team, Pruster made a dirty hit, for sure.

    I don’t think the team is dirty.

  71. SWPLetsGONYR on

    Not gonna defend Carcillo, he needs to get his emotions in check on the ice, but the linesman was aggressive with him.

    The officiating was beyond atrocious and, well, Prust wanted his own revenge because of what happened to Price. Dirty play on Stepan and no call on the ice. If the refs had done their job and called interference on Prust, none of that nonsense would have happened afterwards.

    I think back to Peter Laviolette on the 24/7 series. “TYPICAL MONTREAL!” All they cry about respect and have to resort to playing like they whined on how the Bruins played them last round. I had respect for that team, not anymore. Still think Rangers are winning the series, just disappointed it wasn’t a sweep.

    Can we get Milan Lucic to wear Stepan’s jersey for Game 4?

  72. Wick – wedding Johnny Walker Black is often Old Smuggler poured into a JW Black bottle. Happy headaches

  73. Still speculation that Stepan — having surgery tonight — could play Game 4 with a cage.

    Guess that would put all the Stepan softness talk to rest.

  74. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I’d say nearly every game, a player being restrained by a linesman pulls away and is either physical or verbally abuse – and NOTHING is ever called.


  75. So-Sioux-me – they’ve knocked out 2 of our players on hits that were late and dirty. Go back and look at weavers hit on brassard. Based on two such incidents in only three games, I consider them a damned dirty team and not deserving of going to the SCF. Hope we make sure they don’t.

  76. iManny-O-War on

    I thought Stepan coming back and throwing that legal hit was putting the softness to rest. I would like that a lot Carp. A lot.

  77. Carp – I didn’t say the habs were tough. I said they were dirty, not the sane thing. They’re sure playing dirty in this series aren’t they?

  78. I was upset, too- because at first I thought it was automatic BECAUSE he’s a Ranger- you know like after an icing how the players on the ice automatically must remain on the ice- except when they don’t. Officiating last night made me long for the days when more enlightened fans would litter the ice with debris- poor even at NHL standards.

  79. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Step was one pissed hombre when he came back. He threw more hits in game 3, than in his entire career added together.

  80. Manny
    I was simply referring to your overall opinion of carcillo earlier in this thread…re overreacting

  81. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I liked PK Dooooshban’s whack on the back to Nash late in the third. That brutha needs to be slapped silly.

  82. The Habs have one of the dirtiest players in the league in briere…I hate that guy…and they play a rough game with small players

  83. Everyone’s (and I mean everyone’s) lately on the Richards bandwagon. He’s useless. Useless. If the puck finds his stick, he’s good for a goal every 5 games and absolutely nothing other than that. Leadership? Where?

  84. So-SIOUX-Me on

    Markus I’m with Carp on this one, they are the second softest team out of the 16 that made it in the playoffs.

    Brassards hit was clean, it sure didn’t look like it was that hard of a hit. When you see the replay the guy finished his check, and Brassard bounced right up like it didn’t even phase him at first.

  85. With this result, he should have jumped in as 3d man and clocked prust before it got this far.

    Prior to this, you’d have to say Carcillo’s performance in playoffs has been “far better than expectations.” A few goals and not many gaffes. Til this monster.

    His actions last night so stupid and Flyers like. This is why we hated him before liking him on last 20 games. He’s done in an NYR sweater.

    Any update on loved then hated prust?

  86. Carp

    When’s break up day if we lose next Thursday in game 6 Saturday or Monday.

    Tokarski gets confidence injuries setting In. This will only get worst I know and deep down most of you know it.

    This is a series that if We lose any good this playoff season gets erased.

  87. First off, great review Carpy.

    Second, the linesman that grabbed Dan Carcillo should be suspended 10 games without pay as well.

    Rangers should be given an automatic 5 minute power play to start game 4. Is that not fair? Seems like that’s the only thing that would make up for yesterday’s pathetic display of officiating…

    In reality, suspending Prust does nothing for league, barely punishes the Canadiens, and hardly benefits the Rangers…

    When is the NHL going to wake up and fix the game? Will they ever?

  88. eddie, your 4:32. Hundreds and hundreds of times I’ve seen players being escorted to the box who evade, holler invectives, and skate in circles and triangles trying to get out of linesmen’s grasp and nothing’s called.

  89. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – Richards is slower than mud and is good for several poor passes leading to scoring chances for the other team every game.

    Cue Norm: choir practice just ended

  90. “I’d say nearly every game, a player being restrained by a linesman pulls away and is either physical or verbally abuse – and NOTHING is ever called.”


    Uhhh it’s one thing to try to squirm away during a scrum when youre getting facewashed by someone you cant even see, it’s another thing to throw elbows to the refs jaw one on one.

  91. Stranger Nation on

    Step is an animial

    The ref is right

    Our coach is a gentleman

    Manny still loves Prust

    did I miss anything??

  92. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Eric – pop a Xanax. Rangers in 5. No way the Rangers lose to the Habs. NO WAY

    Book it.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    Norm is jumping for joy (and obvouisly others) now thatCar Bong, our only other (middleweight) tough guy is gone and we can get back to playing Lady Byng hockey.

  94. I don’t know about elbows, but I’m talking about an official one-on-one escorting an irate player to the box. Physical evasion happens all the time.

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – we are arguing with the lethal combination of arrogance and stupidly.

  96. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I’ve seen hundreds of hand slaps to a lineman escorting or corralling a player….NOTHING is ever called

  97. When Richards has time and space he still has the skills to make plays and score goals. But a lot of time it seems like he’s too slow to get the time and space for those plays.

    That’s why having Hagelin and St. Louis on his line is good – they bring more speed to that line and open things up for him.

    It’s painful watching him bring the puck up on the power play. It just slows everything down and they aren’t able to gain the zone and get set up. And boy does he make some bad decisions when it comes to pinching on the power play point. How many times does the puck have to get past him and start a shorthanded breakaway or odd man rush until he decides that he shouldn’t do it?

  98. The problem is players diving all over the place too, and the Habs are guilty of doing it to extreme levels. If you nip the bad officiating in the butt, you have to teach players they don’t get away with diving and embelishing so much.

  99. bull dog line on

    how many games do you think Stepan is going to get for being hit by Prust? if Prust gets a game I would be shocked. the NHL is the WWE.

  100. Stranger Nation on

    That ref targeted Car Bong – who was just observing the happenings and Officer Krumpke comes over, starts jostling him; “hey, if ya know what’s good for ya, then ya better be scramming here”

    Police Brutality!!

  101. Stra-, I say, Stranger, that 4:44 covered just, I say, just about as much as a flapper’s skirt in a high wind. Very little, that is.

  102. I thought the linesman that grabbed Carcillo was excessively rough and violent. Fuggin moron. There was no need for it. A guy like Carcillo was heated after a fight. It’s your job as an official to calm the guy down and bring him to the box, not rile him up. Disgusting.

    I’m not excusing Carcillo at all for what he did though.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    That ref was about as sharp as a bowling ball. All smooth and such, ya know

  104. Carp, you’re impartial, I get it. You have no dog in the fight.

    Fans do.

    Fans will often defend and lobby for the players on their team. Even the Carcillo’s of the world.

    Telling Ranger fans to “stop defending” Ranger Carcillo here on a Ranger Blog? (4:15) I for one won’t stop defending him. He got the shaft.

    I also find it interesting that you have just now decided to take Trader Prust off the widget after it had been requested by some of your hard core long time regular contributors as far back as last season. He had to practically break Stepans neck with a viscous despicable dirty hit before he was removed, even though he once turned his back and walked away from the organization. And the icing on the cake, you’re simply ready to kiss off Carcillo and his Ranger career as “he got what he deserved”?


  105. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    That linesman was a wannabe player that wasn’t good enough to hack it – so he becomes a bagman for the boys downtown…

  106. Stranger Nation on

    NYR FAN – 1000%; he definitely pushed his buttons. Sort of like taking a bone away from a growling dog.

  107. Eddie, Coos, I’ll add to that lethal combination arrogance and stupidity in about 4 hours with some drunkardness.

  108. ‘bagman for the boys downtown.’ Can’t take the big city slang from the boy even when he’s lounging in a California hot tub!

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Our achilles heel has been exposed by the Habs; no toughness. Thank god they don’t have any real tough guys are we would really be in for a whupping. If the refs just call the penalties with our PP going well, we should be good to go.
    Imagine what the Bruins would be doing to us. Hide the women and children time.

  110. Prust, I say, Prust is lower than a snake full of buckshot. And that official is so dumb he thinks a Mexican border pays rent. Referee, that is.

  111. C’mon Carcillo went over the line- Refs and linesman were guilty of anticipating rather than observing- Ref anticipated the “from behind” hit on Prust that never really came and linesman grabbed Carcillo because he figured Carcillo would cause trouble- of course, you don’t get suspended if your an official- no matter what. These guys will be back in the finals- hopefully to screw us again. I’m just waiting for the Prust ruling to come down- just to make myself crazy!

  112. Carcillo is 100% wrong for accidentally on purpose hitting the ref, but the ref was way too rough for somebody that was just watching the fight. I could understand if Carcillo was trying to engage, but he was just talking junk 5 feet away. Ref has some blame too.

  113. Watching the game again, Carcillo had a nice chance to score like 2 minutes into the game when Dorsett coming out of his own zone outskated Gorges and made a sweet pass in front. Came within an inch.

  114. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – I’m from the streets. I slept in an alley and ate out of a trash can.

  115. Carcillo should have just knocked the bastard out. If you’re going to get physical, then go all the way.

    Better yet, he should have thrown him down on the ice and dry humped his head like a dog. I wouldn’t put it past Carcillo to do that either. I’d bet my balls he has done that at some point in his life.

  116. There are a few of us on here who most usually see things as they really are, and I salute yiz.

  117. Stranger Nation has it right, few teams can skate with the Rangers- all year the way to play them was to get physical and hope their PP was working. Pens learned the hard way, Habs figured it out…perhaps too late. Let’s face it this series is simple- game 1) Habs no show, game 2) Hank steals one- game 3) the kid steals one (St. Louis should have had a hat trick last night) game 4)….can we wear our white jerseys?

  118. Eddie,,

    I’m from the alley, slept in the trash and ate off the streets. Maybe we’re cousins or sumpfin like that.

  119. Stranger Nation on

    I am sure Car Bong cannot believe he is out for 10 games and didnt’ draw blood on an opponent. If you are going Full Monty, you have to make it count.
    Ref must have seen his crazy eyes and wanted to get that dog on a leash.

  120. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Thank god we didn’t get a return date with the a Bruins. Hide the women an children indeed.


    Does anyone else know where the Canadiens at a staying?

    I’ll be in town tomorrow evening. Anyone else willing to “ensure they don’t get a good night’s sleep”?

  122. Miami, 5:08 – took an orientation stroll a few years ago at Columbia with an incoming freshmen. The senior leading the orientation walk pointed to the library and said that during finals week, he would lead a contingent of loudmouths and musicians to the library to keep the nerds in there from ruining the curve. :)) Made me laugh.

  123. ThisYearsModel on

    I did enjoy Carcillo’s goal and epic trolling of Flyer fan in Round 1.

  124. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Must have been the bad camera angle as I’ve yet to see anything remotely “abusive” on Carcillo’s part…

  125. You guys were lucky to have an alley. I had to eat directly from the back of the garbage truck while it made its rounds.

  126. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – Speaking of finals…I have quite the pile of exams on my desk…

  127. Montreal Frog Gazette reporting that Stepan’s broke his jaw as a result of vigorous tooth brushing in the lockerroom trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth from the bawdy talk on the ice. Prust addresses media by saying “I wasn’t trying to hurt him, big wink wink to blonde bombshell Quebequois reporter, I swear, ask my coach and teammates. I was just trying to do my job and set a tone by blinding my ex-teammate for life.

  128. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – I’m from the mean streets. Columbia? In my vocabulary, that’s a country in Africa ;)

  129. Prust received a telegram today revoking his lifetime MSG ghetto pass, the same pass that Matthew Barnaby enjoys to this day

  130. 2 games only? Now we must end this in five or less so this martyr dooshbag doesn’t make a trium

  131. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    2 games is fine as that’s all Montreal has left this season.

    Book it

  132. @rangersreport

    Prust suspended two games by wimpy NHL Player Safety Dept. Let the head-hunting continue!

  133. SWPLetsGONYR on

    Chris Neil on Brian Boyle all over again.

    Headshot: 2 games

    Bumping an official: 10 games

    Carcillo would have gotten 20 if he, God forbid, sprayed water on the linesman

  134. If you watch a video of the hit you will see that one of the refs was directly behind the play looking where the hit happened. No way the ref can say he missed it.

  135. Let Prust play, but carry Richards around on his back for the duration of the series and drop him off in the offensive zone.

  136. COOSCOOS,

    This is typical behavior in South / Central America. I’m totally serious about this. I normally wouldn’t condone such classless acts, but these Canadiens are really pissing me off.

    I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our no-talents get to the Finals.

    Who’s with me? Where are they staying?

  137. Admiral Ackbar on

    2 games is a joke.

    Yet Carcillo gets 10 for being amped up. Sorry, but a didn’t see what he did was abusive to the official.

    Another National Hapless League farce.

    The NHL should be ashamed.

  138. Jumping through hoops…etc..

    10 games for Carcillo being Carcillo

    2 games for Prust taking a cheap shot on ex-teammate (on a missed major call)

    Montreal typical. yada. yada.

    I used to love Prust…but that was late and too high…even if he wasn’t aiming for the head…it was like a headshot

  139. Jeebus – the refs blowing the call caused all of this. How are they not held accountable by the league? What is this, the NYC board of Ed?

  140. So in the eyes of the NHL, Hagelin’s hit on Alfie (no previous record) two years ago is worse than Prust’s (previous record) on Stepan.

    Greatest sport ever. Worst, most reprehensible league ever.

  141. SWPLetsGONYR on

    Okay, 2 game suspension. Now Rangers, make sure Prust does not return to this series.


  142. I don’t see an overt bias against NY, but I do think Buttman and his buttboys would accept Montreal in the finals as much as the Rangers.

  143. I hope I see Prust on Seventh Ave before game 4. Without the skates he has no chance against me.

  144. Prust isnt hurt. enough with that crap. He’s just not very good and you overrated him by about 2 lines. Go to the Habs blogs, they’ll tell you the same. He’s gotten way too slow and after injuring both shoulders last year and this year is becoming pretty useless except for when he does things like he did last night. In fact most of the Habs fans were saying how they wish Prust would be taken out and Bournival would be put in.

  145. Prust gets his 2.5 mil per season not because he’s Wayne Gretsky or Crosby. He knows what’s expected of him and he is, effectively, a mercenary.

  146. Dirt ball cheap shot artist with no accountability?

    PK “Slewfoot” Subban?

  147. I just don’t see the Carcillo incident as a black and white scenario Carp. He deserves a suspension, I just feel the situation was mishandled by the linesman. Very few guys want to get manhandled when they’re in an emotional state.. It wasn’t handled well.

    Not black and white.

  148. but the rule is black and white … and Carcillo got what he deserved if you take off your blue glasses. Even AV said so. I don’t think he’d play another minute for AV even if he hadn’t been suspended.

  149. “Yesterday there was an incident where Prust hit Stepan. That incident, obviously, four referees missed the call. Stepan is injured,” Vigneault said. “Same player that called [Chris Kreider’s] hit on [Habs goaltender Carey Price] an ‘accidental but on-purpose’ late hit, everything you want to get out of the game, that was his hit on Stepan.

    “What saddens me about that hit is if the call is made on the ice, we’re on a five-minute power play, and what happened to Dan Carcillo — what he did was inexcusable and he’s going to pay a big price for it — if the call is made on the ice, he’s not put in that position.”

    Where does AV say Carcillo got what he deserved?

  150. Miami – would think the Habs are staying at the Grand Hyatt near GCT, that’s where a lot of away teams stay when in the city.

  151. The NHL is like FIFA, they don’t do whats right , they do whatever they feel like with no consequences…and they don’t care either.

  152. What a mockery of the NHL…remember the grabbing of the crotch fine $25,000 while a castration attempt went for, was it $5,000? Here we have an intent to injure and head shot that results in a broken jaw go to 2 game suspension, and an attempt to push a linesman out of the way 10 games. Not that Carcillo did not deserve punishment, but would never have happened had the refs done their jobs or handled the situation responsibly. I’m all with Carp on this one! Why don’t we all wear Quintal jerseys to the next game and cheer?;>))

  153. I Thought Prust Lost All His FightS WHEN he Was On The Rangers. I Guess He Can Say HE “Won One” With The Cheap ShoT On Stepan.

  154. Carcillo was actually watching the fight and the referee came in an pushed him. No mention of that by the homie Canadian controlled media. I think the referee should be suspended for not making the Stephan call as well as instigating the Carcillo injection with ridiculous 10 game suspension. What would you do if you were being bullied by a referee?
    If you can not match the speed of the Rangers, then cause interference in front of the net and play vintage goonie Canadian brand hockey. It is embarrassing!

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