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1) See. I told ya this wasn’t going to be easy, and it’s not. So stop talking about which Western team you want to face in the finals and if either of them has a chance to win a game, let alone prevent a parade, and which player goes up to get the Stanley Cup since the Rangers don’t have a captain. This ain’t over. We done got ourselves a series. And in fact, Sunday’s Game 4 is quite critical.

2) Click here for my column on the officiating. And click here for Josh Thomson, 26’s story about the game.

Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Three3) Brandon Prust. What an out-and-out cheap shot. Yeah, he was annoyed about Chris Kreider. That assault on Derek Stepan was predatory and cheap, especially for a guy who had a rep as an honest, hard-working, tough-as-all-get-out grinder when he was here. Cheap, cheap, cheap. And, no, I’m not expecting the NHL to do a thing about it because they don’t suspend for cheap shots like that one. To me, it was the exact same as the Chris Neil hit that concussed Brian Boyle. For which Prust later in the series felt he had to fight Neil. For which Neil did not receive a penalty or a suspension. It was a shoulder to the head, late, high and predatory. But it wasn’t an elbow, and Stepan returned, and so I expect the mamby-pamby Department of Jumping Through Hoops to find a way to not suspend. Maybe one of those couch-cushion change fines.

4) “I personally think it’s late and I think the main contact is my face,” said Stepan. “I never saw it (coming). I moved the puck and even got some strides in before the hit. The main focus is my head. It’s a shoulder and there’s a lunge there. … I would certainly hope the league would look at it.” Alain Vigneault said he watched the tape and that “the referees missed it.” PS, one of the referees was Marc Joannette, the same guy who tripped Stepan on a breakaway in Game 6 vs. Pittsburgh.

Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Three5) After watching replays I’m having very strong second thoughts on the Daniel Carcillo hit on Prust. Borderline penalty at best. Carcillo made sure to not hit Prust in the numbers. But the rest of the incident was undisciplined by Carcillo, who has a longer rap sheet than Prust, and who could be facing a long suspension depending on how the on-ice officials present their interpretation to the league. Linesman Scott Driscoll was too aggressive with Carcillo during the ensuing Prust-Derek Dorsett fight, Carcillo was too aggressive with the linesman. Think that was undisciplined on Carcillo’s part, especially with Stepan out of the game at that point. “You can’t do, obviously, what he did there,” Vigneault said. “We’ll let the league handle that. We believe that …if the penalty had been called on Prust, that probably wouldn’t have happened.” He’s right. But it did.

6) The Rangers are becoming a team as they were two years ago, where when an opponent takes liberties they turn it up several notches. They don’t mind it when it gets hot. And that was evident for quite a while after the Prust hit.

Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Three7) As for the rest of the game, for most of it the Rangers were so good in their own end. So good. Gave the Canadiens very little. The Habs got a couple of fluke goals, the Rangers only got one fluke. Carl Hagelin’s goal was, I thought, a good play gone bad turned good, with a miraculous save by D-man Josh Gorges, and finished off by some terrific-hand-eye work by Hagelin.

8) I didn’t think Dustin Tokarski looked particularly good on that goal, and on several of his early game saves. But he got much better as it went on, and the glove he got on that Martin St. Louis shot was spectacular. The game disintegrated for a while, though, and the celeb-packed house got really quiet. Shame.

9) Hard to say the Rangers got what they deserve, or that they deserved better. They are also getting really good at taking penalties 200 feet from their net.

10) You could see from the outset that the Habs D-men were scared to death of the Rangers’ speed. Just backing off. That helped keep their offense quiet. How about the two plays by Ryan McDonagh on Brendan Gallagher?

11) Henrik Lundqvist. Still one short of tying Mike Richter’s franchise record for playoff victories. I thought he was really good again, given that two goals weren’t actually directly shot into the net again — that makes, by my count, four of the six he’s allowed in this series that have gone in off a Ranger or off a body part.

12) The Rangers really do miss Derick Brassard. I’m surprised he didn’t play. Very surprised.

13) Daily Nash-O-Meter. The boy got fired up after the Prust stuff, didn’t he? Looked like Columbus for a while there.

14) Speaking of the officiating (again). Third period, icing against Canadiens. P.K. Subban’s out of gas. Fakes an injury so Canadiens can substitute. The officials allow it. Subban gets his breather, right back on the ice.

15) So there were a couple of girls in red Habs T-shirts with a banner, something about a Kreider Hat Trick: knocking out three goalies. Then a couple of idiot male Rangers fans tried to wrestle the sign away from them.

My Three Rangers Stars:Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Three
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Benoit Pouliot.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. tie, Chris Kreider, Brian Boyle.

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  1. Great write up, Carp. McDonagh was like a laser heading towards Gallagher when he slashed him and was lucky to not get called. That speed was like EA Sports NHL ’94 with the secret speed burst button.

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    Maybe it’s 4 am talking, but I have this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach about last night that I didn’t have before I went to bed. The difference between 3-0 and 2-1 is huge. Now Montreal is back in it and the kid thinks he can win. Not good at all. I know Carp will say it isn’t, but Sunday feels like a *must win*.

  3. It is a must win. Back to Montreal after 2-2? Have a feeling it would return to the “house of horrors” it’s always been for them.

    Question: st louis seems to be shanking a lot of shots / passes lately – what the hell is that?

  4. I said the same thing about Slewfoot after that icing…its a disgrace the “officials” allowed that

  5. Thanks for #14- was wondering what the hell was going on- no help from NBC crew- score with less then a minute to go, AT HOME in front of a roaring crowd, only to get lose on (essentially) first shot of OT- and people wonder why Rangers fans are always so negative- only the Rangers, only the Rangers.

  6. (the) Krei me a river on

    Carp, others, do you think the lousy garden ice could be a reason why the Rangers have trouble winning on home ice? It obviously helped them on the Hagelin goal but for the most part seemed to be bouncing like a superball around the more aggressive team’s sticks

  7. Sunday is ultra-crucial, at 2-2 this series is anyone’s to take depending on who gets hot (or in this case who scores the most body/skate deflected goals), at 3-1 we would have 3 chances at clinching the series.

    The OT goal although lucky on their part could have been prevented if Staal was more aware of Galpuckluck and had cut off his route to the net.

    As for Carcillo, its a stupid move by him (albeit partially provoked by an over-zealous lino).

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    Seemed to me that the Rangers backed off in the 3rd period. Their forecheck was less frequent as it looked like they were more interested in changing lines than pursuing the puck. I agree with CARP that Tokarski made a few excellent saves, but the majority of the Rangers shots were low percentage perimeter easy stops. If Carcillo is suspended, so be it but that is a dumb reason to get suspended. The no-call on Prust and the penalty on carcillo were both garbage. However, I am sure that Joanette and Pollock got a “mission accomplished” from the league after the game. The series is 2-1 now.

  9. Just as I said the other day, series has a long way to go. That’s a tough loss to take. Maybe a harsh reminder that they need to scratch and claw their way to every victory here. Glad Steps ok. Maybe now the Prust love will officially end

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    I truly hope to see a former player lawsuit against the NHL for their ignorance regarding concussions. They are not serious about removing head shots from the game, and they should be.

  11. **Staal Wart** on

    Carp great review and article.
    The officiating in the NHL is so…
    THE Bush League.

  12. I’m sure youse guys will spend a lot of time on the Prust/Carcillo incident, and I’ll just say I agree.

    Great write-up as always Carp. First thing I do with my coffee and days after games is read your review.

    Anyway, one thing I noticed is that the Rangers shot high on the short goalie all game, and frequently missed the net and hit the glass. It seemed every open shot was the same thing. They really had many opportunities to open up a lead in this game but kept missing the net. The thing is, the kid was having rebound control problems and because they kept shooting high, they had less rebound opportunities than they could have. It was one of those games where when they DID have rebound chances, the puck bounced funny, or the Rangers was just a stride late getting to the puck.

    It just goes to show this whole, “we have home ice advantage now” stuff is silly. All it takes is the other team to win one on your turf and it’s back the way it was. And a playoff team should be able to win games on the road.

  13. Good morning all!

    Wow, what a way to go from elation to depression . Prust is dead to me. Subban has always been dead to me. Last night’s officiating was a joke. Is it now also a rule that the opposing team gets at least one pass on too many men?

    I was tearing my hair out every time Doc said the league could take care of Prust “later”…. Um, Doc, unless he’s suspended, later means less than my Depression-era grandpa used to hand out for birthdays.

    I’m hoping we come out calm and steady Sunday. Last night could easily have been ours, and I’m going to stay positive,.

  14. Let’s see if this works…

    Good morning all!

    Wow, what a way to go from elation to depression . Prust is dead to me. Subban has always been dead to me. Last night’s officiating was a joke. Is it now also a rule that the opposing team gets at least one pass on too many men?

    I was tearing my hair out every time Doc said the league could take care of Prust “later”…. Um, Doc, unless he’s suspended, later means less than my Depression-era grandpa used to hand out for birthdays.

    I’m hoping we come out calm and steady Sunday. Last night could easily have been ours, and I’m going to stay positive,.

  15. Carp – is it not possible that they CAN suspend prust for a late hit on a defenseless opponent with intent to injure? That’s what I saw…

  16. ThisYearsModel on

    THE got them to OT, where they quickly blew it. THE needs to plant PK Slewfoot in the first period of the next game.

  17. Admiral Ackbar on

    Agree with the review and all comments above.

    Some people on here were willing to anoint ToKarski as the second coming of Patrick Roy. I merely felt he played very well, kept his team close enough to be able to cash in on some flukey bounces.

    That said, the Rangers will need to be better in game 4, especially hitting the net with shots and being in position to bang home a rebound or two. Not much else to complain about last night’s game other than the result.

    And… PK Sooban can be downright DelZasterous in his own zone at times, eh?

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    Wheels down in Philly. Sunday is must win. If we go back to Montreal tied 2-2 it’s season over for sure.

  19. Dear Mr. Buttman, I have declined to purchase season tickets to watch my home team’s hockey this coming year in NY and have decided to instead purchase membership in our local golf club, where the rules make the game fair (way) and cheating on rules is frowned upon by the powers that be. Hopefully you will get a head of this problem in the coming year so I can once again watch a fair hockey game with officials who are trained to follow these new rules, which give each team an equal chance at winning a game. – Sincerely, Robby Bonfire While Rome Burned Kneero de Price
    P.S. Carp, tanks for dah great review

  20. Admiral Ackbar on

    Going back to Montreal 2-2 would NOT be the most ideal scenario.

    But — if you asked before the series started, and were told it’ll be 2-2 after 4, I doubt very few here would be surprised.

    Finally — anything less than a win in this series would be unacceptable, given the fact the Rangers are up against such an inexperienced goalie. The embarrassment from losing this series would be enormous, and certainly one of the worst losses in all of Rangers’ history (of which there are plenty of heartbreaks to chose from).

  21. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    I officially loved Brandon Prust.

    I officially denounce and hate Brandon “cheap shot’ Prust. Go after him, boys.

  22. Agree with Steveknj’s comment about the high shots (not the head shots this time)…seems like they were missing high all night long, when a low shot leading to a rebound might have helped a little more. Will be interesting to see who gets the lucky bounces this weekend. LGR!!

  23. Good morning, boneheads!

    Carp, out of curiosity, do you think Carcillo presented any threat to get into that fight or was he just in the area chirping? Because I can’t understand why the linesman had to push away from that area, and with that much force. Still dumb move by Carcillo. By the way, Prust’s hit and the fight did nothing to rile up Montreal, in fact, quite opposite, the Rangers became more engaged. So that’s that.

  24. Amazing how PK keeps up his slewfoot ways…some things never change. His exit after the icing reminds me of the Alex Kovalev stunt during the 1994 run (the refs never gave him the benefit of the doubt in the regular season after that “Amerlia Earhart” acting job)

  25. Panic time has begun. More pressure on rangers in game 4 then Habs.

    Enough with this cup
    Talk we’re in a freaking battle now.

  26. Sioux-per-man on

    Spot on review Carp!

    I thought our boys were going to steal this game in overtime.

  27. BickelsPickle on

    The refs should get suspended. Possibly eat Prust’s and Carcillo’s games. Or lack thereof! HA

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Eric Tonarski won 1 game. It bound to happen. He won’t win another! Book it!

  29. As for the game, and for the series so far. The Rangers are the better team. And it isn’t only goaltending. Montreal defense has serious issues with Rangers speed. All 6 of them. And that should at the end become the decisive factor. I didn’t think it would be a sweep, but I remain confident that the better team will prevail. There is a reason why Therein had to shorten his defense. Nathan Beaulie can not defend against this team. He can’t skate, he has issues pivoting. Weaver isn’t much better, his main attribute is shot blocking ability. The Rangers can get behind just about everyone, Gorges is probably the best defensive defenseman they have. Have you noticed the difference between the amount of hard hits delivered by Emelin in this series comparing to what he’s done against Boston? Much less. He simply can’t catch them. I think that should remain their focus. Attack relentlessly, get behind their defense, screen Tokarsky, and use a better shot selection.

    Get off the ledge, boneheads. This team is better than the one they had in 2012. And they are better coached too.

  30. iManny-O-War on

    I wholeheartedly agree with Costellot that the Rangers simply got away from their game in the 3rd. They kept backing off, not pouncing on pucks and turning it into an odd man rush. There was also a lot of the old “one man forecheck” combined with dump and chase hockey. Not a recipe for puck possession. And not possessing the puck is dangerous when you rely heavily on possession.

    Also, great point about the horrible ice. The Rangers sure seemed comfortable on the cleaner Canadien ice, eh?

    Sunday = *Must Win*

  31. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    _Sunday is must win. If we go back to Montreal tied 2-2 it’s season over for sure_

    Yup. Sunday is, as eric said, FULL PRESSURE on the Rangers. They *HAVE* to win that game or face certain elimination in a best of 3

  32. Would’ve liked to see some Tort’s like emotion from AV following the Prust hit.

    That was one aggressive linesman going after Carcillo, not saying what he did was kosher, but wth!?

  33. When I saw the Carcillo charging penalty, I thought “That is weak and is getting called for the name/number on the back of the jersey, not because it was an actual penalty,”

    Then, as Dorsett is getting rag-dolled by Prust, Carcillo is standing there, watching the whole thing, and the ref comes flying over and grabs him.

    I’m torn because to me it look like he was just trying to get the overzealous official out of his grill, something you see thousands of times when guys are chirping at each other and then decide to drop em. Hell, didn’t Linesman Kerry Collins take a shot in the face by stepping into an altercation?

    If the name on the jersey wasn’t Carcillo, no one would be talking about the inadvertent elbow/arm hitting the ref.

    That being said, he definitely lost his cool there and his flailing attempt at escaping the official will be frowned upon by the league.

    I doubt Prust gets suspended, and honestly, let’s not start whining about cheap crap. We outplayed them, the puck was bouncing on all night, and in the end, they got the lucky bounce.

    Frankie says relax.

  34. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    We outshot them *37* to 25. And Lost. COME ON

  35. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    @TSNBobMcKenzie As @DarrenDreger said, NYR Dan Carcillo likely to be hit with Rule 40 abuse of official, calls for auto suspension of 3 or 10 or 20 games.

  36. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    @TSNBobMcKenzie Betting is it’s more likely to be 10 or 20 than 3 but formal notifice expected today. Rule 40 decisions made by on-ice officials post-game.

  37. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    Pierre McGuire on NHL Radio saying that Tokarski was lucky because the puck was bouncing and the Rangers couldn’t get to the juicy rebounds. Pierre claims Tokarski wasn’t tracking the puck well.

    Also, Canadiens running on fumes. He says they are completely spent.

  38. It’s great when we don’t have to talk about the Refs, but they were putrid last night. The NBC guys in the studio said it should have been a penalty on Prust no game misconduct and no suspension. They are DEAD wrong!

    The penalty on Carcillo was bogus. His reaction was over the top. But the linesman took a very aggressive stance with him.

    They REFS missed the Subban trip on Dorsett, but again they call the stick to the glove. Not a hook. Just hate those calls. They missed numerous slashes on both sides.

    Knew this wasn’t over and it’s going at least 6 now. Let’s hope Rangers don’t have to go 7 again.

  39. NHL won’t suspend Prust but will come down hard on Carcillo…more NHL incompetence. Carcillo needs to control himself but why would the linesman grab and push him when he was not near anyone on the Canadiens? The NHL really needs to clarify why this officating crew has been assigned to playoff games. Not only did did Joannette trip Stephan in Pitt series, he also quick whistled a Ranger goal and also lost his whistle the same game. Again why is he working playoff games?

  40. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    Carcillo *is* going to get suspended. It’s going to be a hefty, hefty suspension. He absolutely cannot do what he did there. Initially I didn’t see the elbow. Afterward though, it’s clear.

    He deserves whatever suspension he gets. He cannot blow up like that. It’s silly and unfocused.

  41. Good write up Carp but I disagree a bit on #11 – bad bounces. The first Markov goal looked clean to me, no deflection or screen, one I’m sure he’d want back. I’m not riding him on one soft goal because of how good he’s been lately but just pointing it out.

    For those complaining about the Subban/Dorsett ‘slewfoot’, watch it again. Dorsett is clearly embellishing. Subban swings his skate maybe a foot, if that, into the back of Dorsett’s and not that hard either. Somehow this causes Dorsett’s leg to rise to his chest and fall back. It was a ‘get out of my way, I don’t like you’ tap if anything.

  42. Remember how in the last round Carp kept pointing out how the Penguins were a much better team than Philly and a much better team than the Rangers? Notice the absence of those types of comments? The Candiens are just not that good, the Rangers are clearly the much better team. As important as Henk has been to the Rangers, Price must have been even more so to the Habs. There is zero excuse for the Rangers not to get to the Finals. That game was a blip. Maybe I am blind but I just cannot for the life of me see Montreal winning this series. Last night was all they could do to take a game off the Rangers.

  43. ThisYearsModel on

    Alright. Connected on this dopey flight home so I can join the Charp from somewhere over Greenland. Still irritated about the game last night, but that is far from the worst of those I have endured over the many years.

  44. Montreal *stole* that game.

    That Prust hit brought back all too familiar memories of Chris Neil. The NHL should be embarrassed about how that game went. What a disgrace! Why in Gods name was that ref practically body checking Carcillo into the boards during that fight? Leave him alone. He’s fired up. You do that and you’re surprised he fought back a little? Come on! Of course, the NHL won’t be embarrassed by that sorry display of refereeing because, hey, they’re making bank on these playoffs in NY!

    Prust, you are dead to me. I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL!

  45. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    If we win Sunday my anxiety level might drop, eric. Until them I am ALL HANDS ON DECK ABOARD THE SS ANXIETY

  46. So-SIOUX-Me on

    Eric – no worries. Rangers win the next one, and close it at the Bell Centre.

  47. _Pierre claims Tokarski wasn’t tracking the puck well._

    This is what I saw too, but I wasn’t a goalie in juniors so I may not be qualified to assess. Even made a really great joke about it last night.

    We’re still 3:2 to win the series. Not worried yet.

  48. Eric, didn’t you have anxiety before game one? :)

    At least we can get back talking about how they’re *DOOMED* and what they should do in the *offseason*.

    Re #14, the league needs to look at that in the offseason, and either prevent the player from returning to the ice for 5 minutes of playing time, or assess a delay of game if the player comes right back like that.

  49. Re #14 … if Subban were on the other side of 30, it would be a heady veteran move.

  50. Not sure what Pierre means by tracking the puck? Was he out of position on the shots the Rangers fired high & wide? Because he seemed square to every shooter, wrap-around and rebound out in front of his net!!! He was positionally sound, made 2 excellent glove saves on Marty St. Louie but he wasn’t GREAT!!!

  51. Tokarski made two or three really good saves on MSL, and one on Hagelin. I thought most of the other chances were routine for an NHL goalie. He played well considering the circumstances, but I still heavily favor the matchup in the Rangers favor.

    Agree with Carp, on two goals that were actually shot directly into he net by Montreal in this series. Markov’s goal maybe could have been stopped, but he had a lot of space and has a hard shot.

  52. Two years ago, Richards started intentionally get tossed on faceoffs after icings to buy another 10-15 seconds. Now teams put their wings on the draws and do it.

  53. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    Rangers fell back. Not enough traffic. No cycles all night. Not moving the puck to the point for quick shots, etc.

    They had PLENTY of chances. But they could have made life more hellish for Tokarski.

  54. Corky Bucek on

    Agreed. Looked to me like Tokarski’s rebound control was his only issue and he was tracking the puck fine. Looked really solid and pretty impressive IMO

    AV said in the presser that being down to 11 forwards wasn’t an issue for him, though I certainly thought the opposite while watching the game.

  55. Did y’all really think we’d sweep? Put those brooms back in the closet! Look at the bright side: we at least get one more anxiety-inducing hockey game to watch. Let the positive vibes flow! Vibin’! Right? RIGHT?! ::cries in the corner::

  56. I called it last night.

    These clowns are going to lose 4 straight to this bush-league Canadiens squad … who will then lose 4 straight themselves to the Western Conference champions.

    Book it.

  57. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    They not need to win 2 out of 4. The Canadiens need to win 3 out of 4. Getting a *LOT* closer to all square.

  58. WBM (c)

    0) Beast Mode Hodor

    1) Richards
    2) Nash
    3) Stepan
    4) Stralman
    5) Pouliot

  59. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    Have any of you talked to Brassard? How’s he feelnig?

  60. The Canadiens got a lucky win. That’s all.

    The Rangers dominated the game from the opening whistle and needed 2 flukey goals and a Hank mistake to win this and needed overtime to do it.

    If the Rangers play the same way as they did last night, the Rangers win 9 out of 10 times…

  61. Brassard is feeling like a croissant and coffee this morning. Maybe some pomme frites for lunch.

  62. Even if Montreal does win Sunday, I’ll take us best of 3 Henrik versus Justin Tularsky.

  63. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    While that sounds fun on paper, Doc. It’s horrifying in real life.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    I had it Hagelin-McDonagh-Boyle. Strong honorable mention to THE Kreider and Marty St. Louis. Strong dishonorable mention to Marc Staal, who had an absolute howler of a game. Was not surprised in the least that it was his man that got the winner, flukey as it was.

    Hagelin was in full on beast mode. Was very upset he wasn’t getting double shift opportunities. I thought he was hands down the best forward on the ice on either team last night.

    Ryan McDonagh absolutely dominated Brendan Gallagher. Max Pacioretty completely owned Dan Girardi. We have no answer for him right now.

    As soon as I got home, before even taking my shoes or bag off, I went right down to the laundry room and started washing out the mustard stain from my jersey. Goddamn thing is cursed. I haven’t checked to see if it came out.

    Total stomach punch of a loss. It’s like they just wanted to make us late for something. Case in point: My brother is a police officer who works the overnight shift. At the start of the third period, tied 1-1, he started texting people he works with to let them know he would be late. Then Montreal scored, and he started texting people “well, guess I’ll be on time.” Then Kreider scored, and he texted them again during the intermission to say he would be late. Then OT started. I don’t think he was more than a couple of minutes late.

    I’ll say this, though. The tying goal was some moment. One of the loudest moments I’ve ever heard in MSG.

    Tokarski was sloppy, but effective early. Lots of rebounds just sitting there that the Montreal defense was keeping our guys away from. Then after that shakiness, he settled down and was really, really good. That save on St. Louis was the best glove save by a goaltender in this series. The save by Gorges right before Hagelin’s goal was better, though.

    Not even going to talk about Prust on Stepan other than to make sure he is no longer in our Twitter widget, right? Further proof that Sally sux.

    One last thing on it: if Stepan went off the ice for the quiet room, it was the shortest mandatory 20 minutes in history. NHL concussion protocol continues to be a joke.

    OK, seriously one last thing on it: there will be no suspension because there was no injury. It’s not a department of player safety, it’s a department of limiting future liability. They don’t want to protect the players, they want to protect the league from lawsuits by ex-players.

    The Carcillo thing, man, that’s so stupid, on everyone’s part, especially Carcillo’s. I don’t care how wrong the linesman is there. You can’t push him, ever.

    Carp, those two girls with the banner were in the lower bowl right in front of me. I was 100% behind the guys trying to take it from them. It was completely blocking the view of the ice. They weren’t holding it up during the balance of play, but it was up for a little bit after faceoffs, and they held it up a couple of times when THE Kreider was nearby, while the play was going on.

    Score another one for out of town reporters being right over the local reporters about the team. First they got it right on Torts, now they got it right on Brassard.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the Neil hit on Boyle was on the opposite side of the ice. Boyle was in the Ottawa offensive zone. Stepan was just breaking out of the Rangers’ defensive zone.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s an interesting question, and it’s purely a hypothetical because it ain’t happening, but if the Rangers win the Cup, and Carcillo takes the 10 or 20 game suspension, missing the entire Final, does he get his name on the Cup?

    By rule, he wouldn’t. But it would be interesting to see if the Rangers would apply for an exception for him.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Marc Staal maybe has a higher percentage of missing, but Pouliot has way more total misses.

  68. _Does anyone miss the net more than Benoit Pouliot?_

    Not in the playoffs. Misses as a percentage of shot attempts, total shot attempts in parenthesis …

    Benoit Pouliot: 35.7% (56)
    Chris Kreider: 35.3% (17)
    Derek Dorsett: 34.5% (29)
    Brian Boyle: 33.3% (30)
    Dan Girardi: 28.9% (45)
    Marc Staal: 26.2% (42)
    Derek Stepan: 22.7% (75)
    Daniel Carcillo: 22.2% (18)
    Carl Hagelin: 21.4% (56)
    Kevin Klein: 20.7% (29)
    Dominic Moore: 20.7% (29)
    Mats Zuccarello: 20% (70)
    Martin St. Louis: 18.5% (65)
    Derick Brassard: 18.2% (44)
    Rick Nash: 18% (100)
    Ryan McDonagh: 17.4% (69)
    Brad Richards: 16.8% (95)
    Anton Stralman: 13.5% (37)
    John Moore: 11.9% (42)
    Raphael Diaz: 18.2% (11)

  69. Don’t remember Prust being like this as a Ranger. First the slash on Kreider’s damaged hand, then trying to knee Lundqvist during a time-out … now this on Stepan. Sure looks different when he’s on the other team. ey?

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    So he misses the highest percentage, and the quick math that I just did in my head says that he’s also missed the most toal.

  71. If a Canadien had taken out Henrik, clean, dirty, reckless, anything and Prust were still a Ranger, we’d absolutely want him doing what he did. Picked the specific player out and went after him. No issue there. Last night was totally different, not some continuation.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    So the guys in my group that have tickets for Sunday want to sell them. Ticket prices on Stubhub and MSG ticket exchange are absolutely insane. I can sell it to a bonehead, directly, for a lot cheaper (basically the stubhub price less all of the stubhub fees). The cheapest seats in my section are going for $550 each, and my seats are way better than those (row 2, considered premium seats with expanded leg room and better sightlines). I’ll do $450 each.

    208, Row 2, seats 2 and 3. The guy that has the aisle is cool.

  73. Frustrated yes.Discouraged no.We will be fine.Cant wait for game 4 Lets Go Rangers!

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    You won’t get into MSG for cheaper than that, and on top of that, you’ll have really good seats.

  75. before the series started I couldn’t stand the Montreal Canadiens but I really can’t stand them now. I knew it was coming. I knew the refs would let Montreal get away with garbage. The Canadiens are a bunch of whining, diving pieces of carcillo. The nhl better do something about there officiating because the nhl has become a joke because of it and they will never expand there fan base. I’ve been a fan since late 60’s and I’ve just about have had enough of the WWE esque.

  76. Doodie – I would take them if I was in New York for the weekend. But I’m not.

    Little man graduates has his GRAD party this weekend.

  77. I used to read a couple (sometimes a few) NY papers before, after, and between Ranger games. No more. I read Carp and get the straight skinny.

  78. And he’s not afraid to change his initial outlook if he feels he was not totally correct with his first opinion. Where do you get that?

  79. NHL Player Safety ?@NHLPlayerSafety 9m

    Montreal forward Brandon Prust will have a hearing today for interference for his hit on New York forward Derek Stepan.

  80. Ryan From NJ on

    Habs have scored 6 goals. 2 goals off actual shots. 3 off players body parts. 1 with too many men on the ice. Enough of this “luck”. Time to pull up the big boy pants and throw everything at the net on this rookie. He was giving up juicy rebounds all night but no one was driving the net after the initial shot. Regroup, watch film, take the 3-1 lead Sunday. LGR!

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, shoot me an e-mail.

    Sioux, congrats to you, Sioux Jr., and the rest of the Sioux clan.

  82. Can’t whine about the officiating. Does no good and It is what it is….

    Certainly a winnable game, Rangers played well at times, average at times but as the game progresssed I had the sinking feeling that it simply wasn’t going to be a Rangers night.

    While Takarski played ok, I think the story here is the Rangers allowed him to play ok. Not enough physical presence in the slot / crease area.

    I thought the match-up of the Stepan line verse Pacioretty line didn’t favor the Rangers. AV let it happen all game ( maybe because Blueshirts were down a forward?) For home ice……AV out-coached by Therion.

    *Moving forward Game 4, if Brassard is back, DMoops moves back with Boyle and Dorsett, he has to put AV has to match Pacioretty line with Moore and Boyle and either of the top 2 D pairs*

    I guess to sum it up, the puck bounced the Canadiens way last night.

  83. Prust phone hearing… He’ll get fined, no suspension.

    Book It.

    (Unless Stepan has a concussion)

  84. Ha Ha Prust hearing by phone see ya in game 6 if your team gets that far pal. He also tried to headhunt McD later in the game which led to a bad turnover as Mac tried to protect his melon. Pierre was saying how unusual it is for Mac to turn it over but Prust was launching right at his head.

  85. I thought if it was a fine they just hand it down like Henk’s. Thought a phone hearing usually meant a few games but less than 5?

  86. BRASS is saving himself so he can “Slay the Dragon” in Montreal!

    I don’t blame him.

    He will be ready to fire up the Zucc line on Funday Sunday!!!

  87. As I said before game 1.

    This is war.

    Prust is the enemy.

    Prust must die.

    *Anyone STILL with Prust Pom-Poms, please burn them now.*

  88. Maybe now, the media can stop referring to the Rangers as a team of *destiny*. They are *DOOMED*. I’m just surprised they didn’t win last night so they could lose four straight.

  89. Ryan From NJ on

    I’m absolutely done with Stepan, his indecisiveness is killing his offensive game. Every now and then he threads a beautiful pass but the majority of the time he completely telegraphs his passes and his intent to shoot. I need two hands to count how many times each game he starts down the goalie with the wrist shot cocked and ready to go….by the time he decides its a good time to shoot, and Hab player is already laying down blocking it. He lacks offensive killer instinct. The kid has a wicked wrister and that’s the most frustrating part. He’s way too soft offensively. Oh and hes god awful in the faceoff circle.

  90. You guys are all tongue no cheek today.

    Did the beaver in the back yard drop all your trees last night?

  91. I’ve said it many times, but I think last night demonstrated why Hagelin should NOT be typical trade-sweetening fodder and should be an NYR for a long time. Such a unique player – I really can’t think of any comparable players in the entire NHL. One of the best complimentary wingers in the game today, IMO.

  92. Excellent review as always Carp!

    I found that game particularly painful last night. You could see it coming. I have seen it hundreds of times before. But then, a stay of execution.. a chance to put a lock on the series and we blew it. We now set up what is in my mind a must win game. (I know, I know) But, you can’t go to their building, win two and then give it right back by dropping two in your building.

    The kid was good, but I still don’t think he has been tested enough. He looks shaky at times.

    I understand that the time off at this point is probably very good for a team that has been through a war, but I wish the game was tonight so they could wipe the bad taste out of my mouth.

  93. Agree Latona. He is getting better every year.

    He needs to shoot more, I can see him as a 20-30=50pt winger for a long time.

  94. Robby Bonfire on

    I would appoint Ryan Mac the Captain of this team, right now. Why the hold-up? He is our best player and our leader.

    Somehow “Captain Stralman, come and get the Stanley Cup” doesn’t resonate.

  95. Hagelin is reminiscent of Gartner but without the shot and hands. He can only improve. Gartner’s skates were like wild birds.

  96. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    @TSNBobMcKenzie Brandon Prust’s hearing with @NHLPlayerSafety set for 4 pm ET today. Always worth pointing out, hearing doesn’t always guarantee suspension.

  97. And he hates to change lineups after a win. If Brass could have gone and didn’t for that reason, Vinegar deserves a demerit.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    “Hagelin is reminiscent of Gartner but without the shot and hands”

    or the size, not that Gartner was big (although he was slightly above average for the time period he played), but Hagelin is 170 lbs soaking wet.

    So, in other words, he’s just fast like Gartner.

  99. Carcillo will get 3 games.

    Prust – will get fined couch change, so he will be a subway sangwhich short for the weekend.

  100. Michael Del Zotto ? @MichaelDelZotto

    @BrandonPrust8 @BlueJays a wise man once told me stay within yourself

    ….and then that same wise man turned around and cheap-shotted one of our good buddies in the head.

  101. “Apolo Ohno is like Mike Gartner without the shot and hands.”

    probably most importantly, without the ‘stache.

  102. Gartner was under 6 foot, less than 190. Hags is listed as 5’11, 186. Hag’s listing might be an exaggeration, but both play(ed) the same way, size being of small factor.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Gartner was 6 feet, even. 190 sounds about right, but I would have thought 185.

    No way is Hagelin 186 (in fact, hockeydb has him at 176), in full equipment, soaking wet, and holding masonry blocks, but let’s assume he is, since that’s how he’s listed.

    In 2013, the average NHL player was 6’1, 203.5. So Hagelin is 2 inches and 17.3 lbs under the average player.

    In 1989 (about the midpoint of Gartner’s career), the average player was 6’0, 193. So Gartner was basically an average size player.

    So, again, nothing like Gartner except that he’s fast.

  104. The NHL is setting itself up for a whopping law-suit re: their ineffectual and erratic concussion shot ‘policy.’

  105. ilb, yes, I do think Carcillo presented a threat to join that altercation. All players know that they have to evacuate the area of a fight, and Carcillo was going toward it. I thought the linesman was too enthusiastic in pulling him away though. And then what Carcillo did was just plain stupid and undisciplined. (shocker and shocker).

    (the) Krei, yes, indeed, the bad ice made that game deteriorate for two teams that like to skate with the puck. And yes, it’s more of a problem for a team that plays the way these Rangers play than their shot-blocking, dump-it-in, less-skilled predecessors.

  106. Richards is 6′, 200. What does that mean? Zucc is 5’7, 160. You weigh heart.

  107. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    @DaveLozo I have never eaten a beaver tail. Or Beaver Tail. I don’t know what it is. I assume it’s ice cream or a real-life hairy tail of a beaver.

    Carcillo should get *20* This is exactly the garbage that we were afraid of when we got him. Totally unacceptable to get physical with a ref.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Absolutely nothing to lose by appealing. If he’s suspended 10 games, he wouldn’t be eligible to play until game 7 of the Final, assuming this series goes 7 games. If this series is done in 6, he will have no eligibility for the Final.

    If he appeals, I think he can play pending his appeal. So if Brass isn’t ready for game 4, then carcillo can play that game before taking his inevitably upheld suspension.

  109. I wonder if AV would even play him after that idiotic performance last night. Coach did not sound happy.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Live chat in :19

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    The NHL deserves a lawsuit. In youth leagues, there are penalties for head contact. In CA and I think in most USA Hockey youth leagues. It is a minor and a 10 minute misconduct. Some checks end up head shots or head injuries accidentally. Prust’s shot was nothing but a blatant attempt to injure the team’s #1 center. Still, I bet he only gets fined.

  111. I witnessed a vicious premeditated assault with intent to cause serious physical injury last night…

    Perpetrator approach target from 10-15,feet, approach was from targets “blind” side, target had released the puck and taken at least 21/2 to 3 full skating strides w/o said puck. Perpetrator explodes into target with shoulder to the side of head / jaw area. Two (2) Cops, who were in vicinity and patrolling area, witnessed attack and allowed said perpetrator to leave the scene w/o affecting summary arrest or conducting further investigation.

    Those two cops ( in real life) would be immediately suspended without pay and likely fired after much ado in the newspaper and media about their gross misconduct.

    These 2 referees? We’ll probably see them again, officiating in either game 6 or 7.

    Am I right?

  112. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    Carcillo let down the team. Just dress someone else to play 3rd line and move D Moore back to the 4th with Dorsett and Boyle so we get that mega effective line back.

  113. Carp was up late last night, telling me he saw the weather report and cancelled golf. The Curious Case of the Dog that didn’t bark. (Sherlock) On second thought, he scheduled a Charp, so I take it back.

  114. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    This team, as constructed, needs to STAY AWAY from the rough stuff. Have to just focus on WINNING and scoring goals and defending well.

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    So Hagelin plays hard. Lots of guys play hard.

    Sorry, just absolutely not getting your Gartner comparison. He’s an all-time great goalscorer. Hagelin is decidedly not so.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, if the choice is between him and JT Miller, I think it’s Carcillo.

    The funny thing is, Carcillo was off to a GREAT start before getting ejected. Even that penalty was BS. Carcillo clearly pulls up instead of plastering Prust into the boards.

    In retrospect, I bet he wishes he had. Would have been a shorter suspension.

  117. Stay the course..stay thirsty…good effort by all….great effort by some…better results ahead..stay thirsty….I used to miss Prust and usually respected his play…karma is a bitch…and it will come…PK Slewfoot, too! Linesman all but tackled Carbomb..they both need to be suspended..both or neither. I believe Prust has to be dealt with…and I also believe that resonsibility lies with my personal favorite forward…Brian Boyle. Just dont get suspended cleaning his clock…

  118. _Absolutely nothing to lose by appealing._

    Money? Does a playoff suspension take back a prorated portion of salary?

  119. _In retrospect, I bet he wishes he had. Would have been a shorter suspension._

    I didnt’ consider this but you’re absolutely right. Boy is that stupid.

  120. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    Carcillo is a jackwagon. Remember when we got him and everyone was like WAIT UNTIL HE DOES SOMETHING STUPID.

    Well he did. At the worst possible time.

  121. BTw, Dorset avenging Stepan by getting his face smashed by PE #1 was not fun to watch.

  122. Carcillo was not guilty of the first penalty, and he was, after being grasped, was trying to skate away from the fight area and impeded by the over-aggressive zebra. Not an excuse for #13, just facto.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    “Money? Does a playoff suspension take back a prorated portion of salary?”

    That’s actually a really good point. If he takes 10 playoff games, it doesn’t cost him a dime. He takes 10 regular season games and it hurts his wallet.

    But in reality, I’m talking about the difference of 1 game. It might be worth it to him to play the one game, even if it means eating 1 game’s worth of salary next season.

  124. And if Stepan played with the gusto and moxie all the time like he did after the head shot, he’d be a much more valuable player. Goes for Nash, too.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    The real difference is it would have been a major penalty vs a minor penalty for taking out Prust.

    Would have spared Dorsett the embarrassment of being exposed yet again as one of the worst fighters in the league. One of the worst vs one of the best. Total mismatch.

  126. Manny, you should ease up on Carcillo. He’s been great since he arrived.

    He’s as much a victim of here as the poor unfortunate (incompetent) linesman who was so “brutally” attacked.

    Please, the incompetency of the officials led and fed directly to the outcome.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    Would’ve loved to have seen Boyle fight Prust. The Mega Powers… EXPLODE!

  128. Weird, Manny, I was saying the opposite this morning. My worst case with Carcillo was intentionally running someone and getting a teammate run in response. Could(n’t) care less about him not being around the rest of the playoffs, he probably maxed out on the positive side anyway.

  129. Rather fast on 4th line then miller if brassard can’t play. Don’t have any confidence in miller in his own end.

  130. Boyle fight….. he didn’t do so great the last time we saw that.

    I’m thinking Pruster would win that one.

  131. IMO, if #13 is suspended, the linesman has Carcillo’s blood on his hands and should be suspended too.

  132. Our young guys are all lost in their own end, including Kreider the Great. Who’s coaching these guys?

  133. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on

    I think this was typical Carcillo. Doing something stupid that hurts his team.

    He has been GREAT since he got here. But I agree with Doc that the magic is over. Let’s move on here.

    If Brassard can’t play you drop Dom Moore back to the 4th line and put Miller on the 3rd or some combination of that. Just keep the good 4th line together.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying Boyle would do well, at all. Prust definitely tunes him up. Just would be fun to see best buds going at it like that.

  135. The absolutely text book check which Stepan through on the a Hab DMAN behind the Canadiens net after returning……..where has he been hiding that one for 3 years????

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Kreider was better defensively last night. Still has a lot to learn, but it was better.

  137. Manny-O-War, King of Emotional Collapse on



    Get your questions in early.

    Remember there is a delay.

    USE A NAME (don’t post under GUEST)

    and let people ask questions. Don’t make jackass comments the whole time.

  138. stolen from HF…….

    Georges Laraque posted this on his Facebook after Price got hurt.

    Bad news for our Habs, they loose Carey Price for the entire serie because of the collision with the Rangers forward Kreider. Whether we think it was an accident or not, Kreider is the only one who truly knows his intention. Of course this frustrates Price’s teammates so I’m curious to see how they’re gonna respond and especially towards the Rangers goalie Lundqvist who is their back bone. Important fact to mention, while I was playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, a night we were playing in Philadelphia, the players from the Flyers kept running into our goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. So I got the green light from Michel Therrien to run their goalie at the time who was Martin Biron. I got fined by the league but
    It wad obviously covered by our team… They never ran our goalie again! Live by the sword, die by the sword!

    Just saw this tweet and it made me think back to that post.

    Brett Cyrgalis ?@BrettCyrgalis 3m
    Therrien was continually asked about his thoughts on Prust hit, and he continually answered with references to Kreider in Carey Price. Wha?…08804533248000

    Guess you could draw your own conclusions based on all of that.

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