ECF morning skate interview transcripts: Alain Vigneault, Michel Therrien (updated)


From ASAP Sports:

Alain Vigneault

Q.  Coach, I know every time you’ve been asked about (No Audio).  What else did you guys do as well?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I’d say a combination of the willingness to get in shooting lanes and having good sticks.  Penalty killing is four guys on the ice working together with the goaltender, and our guys have done a good job there.

Q.  What is your impression of Brassard these past few days and how he’s looked for this team?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Well, he’s still day?to?day, and he’s been a big part of our offensive success, so we’re a better team when he’s in our lineup.

Q.  I was just wondering, how valuable are those postgame celebrations or postgame (No Audio) during the long playoffs leading to the Stanley Cup?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I think you’d be better off to ask the players that one.  They’re the ones that came up with the idea.

Q.  (No Audio) is it all window dressing?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I don’t think it’s about window dressing, but I think players have come up with the idea, so they’re best suited to answer that question.

Q.  Can you just describe the mood of the team right now?  Do you have the confidence of that 2?0 series lead, even though Game 2 was the Canadiens took control?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Well, we’re a confident group with our total attention is on tonight’s game and what we need to do to have success.  Since we’ve had a longer stretch here in between Game 2 and Game 3 tonight, we’ve been able to go through a couple of areas that we feel we must be better tonight, and we’ve gone through areas that we need to continue to do well.  We know that they’re going to be ready.  They’re going to want to play a good game, and we’re definitely going to be ready also.

Q.  It’s been five years since this team was last up two games in a series, and a lot of the guys in this room have maybe not been in that situation before.  Is there a key in terms of the approach to this kind of game when you’re up in a series like this?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I can’t talk about what happened prior to when I was here.  I mean, since I’ve been here, this is my third playoff series, first time we’ve gone up 2?0.  In every other series, we’ve had the same approach.  We’ve focused on the game coming up.  That’s what we’re doing tonight is we’re focusing on this game.

Q.  On the penalty kill, what is the difference between the Flyers and the Penguins and now?  What are the Canadiens doing (No Audio)?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I can’t get into technically on?? I mean, you have three great teams there with three great power plays.  Each team has his own tendencies.  You analyze it.  You come up with a plan to go up against those tendencies, and you make sure that you’ve got great goaltending, and that’s been probably the biggest part of our penalty killing.


Michel Therrien:


Q.  Is Brandon Prust available to you tonight?
COACH THERRIEN:  Yeah, yeah, it was an optional practice this morning.

Q.  (No Audio)?
COACH THERRIEN:  You’ll see tonight.  Might be though.

Q.  Over the last four or five days, what have you noticed about the way Dustin has approached the pressure and excitement that goes along with it?
COACH THERRIEN:  I thought he handled it very well.  We understand that with the loss of Carey Price we put the young kid in a tough spot.  But you look at his background, and he’s a winner, and that was the number one priority for us.  I thought he handled really well for the first game, especially at the Bell Centre.  It’s a different pressure when you’re on the road.  He played really well on the road for us this year every time we asked him to play.  But the young man did a great job.

Q.  Is there going to be any different defensive strategy tonight with the rookie in the net considering where you are in a hostile building?
COACH THERRIEN:  One thing we know, we know the Rangers are going to play?? right now they’re playing with a lot of confidence.  Honestly, this is the best team that we’ve played in the playoffs so far.
So we all understand the challenge that we’re facing tonight.  Yes, we’ve got a young guy in the goalie position, but for us we’ve got to make sure we play the way we play, to play the right way, to play the way with confidence.  We can’t start thinking about changing things because of the goalie.  We have to make sure we play the right way.  We all know if we play the way we care about the play, we give our team a chance to win, and this is what we want to do tonight.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. I mean seriously carp, is it the shirt?

    Is it my lack of revenue generating for you recently?

    Why the brutal carpings?

  2. This post is Downy fresh – no wonder why carp always, err, usually smells so good

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    MDZ was metamucil for me, because every time he had the puck in the defensive zone, he made me almost carcillo myself.

  4. That must be a rough way to watch an NHL game – sitting in a pile of your own feces

  5. *Fresh new video preview up top … well, at least the background’s pretty cool if you could remove my poorly-lit mug and allergy-infested voice. Click early and often, please.*

  6. coos, could you please try the old way, with the correct avatar and email address and all, and let me know when you do …?


  7. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    *Carp* – how funny was that Monday morning meeting, with the beaver discussion up on the big screen :)

    Seriously…. that was the best laugh I’ve ever had reading this blog.

  8. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    Therrien says the Rangers are the best team the Habs have played in the playoffs so far. Lol?

  9. I think its very difficult to argue that Boston isn’t a better team than the Rangers.

    Montreal just happened to win the series…

  10. Up to game two games to none, I’d rather be safe with Brassard, particularly with the 4th line playing so well last time out.

  11. Therrien is hoping that they will read this and play Talbot. Who is the second best goalie in the series.

  12. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Manny the Questionable is …. will he score a hat trick tonight?

    Will YOU score a hat trick TONIGHT?

    That is the question.

  13. Is it stupid to say “Brassard won’t win you a game but missing Brassard can lose you a game”? I say roll the Game 2 lineup and give him another few days to get healthy.

  14. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Carp – I found the DRAGON SLAYER online for .01.

    Hands down the best value I’ve EVER spent a penny on, it cost 3.99 for shipping.

    Are you sure you don’t have a hard copy? I’ll send you a $20 :)

  15. I think Brassard plays too, I mean why wouldn’t he especially given how important this game is.

    A Rangers win here pretty much ends the series.

  16. Sioux, that’s why I don’t bother hawking it … the publisher stopped printing and went belly-up. I haven’t seen a dime in more than a decade.

  17. I know what you’re thinking Mickman. But, I think taking the foot off the pedal by softening the talent on the lineup, send a bad message to the team. This game isn’t a freebie.

  18. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Carp – I’m a book HORSE. That’s why IF you had one, anywhere in the house or a box in the attack, even a paperback that is wore out.

    I would rather have YOURS, with something special wrote on the inside. (That’s what matters most)

  19. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    My kids don’t read enough.

    So I do silly stuff like buy them a book. and hide a new $20 in it. Ask them if I can read it, and take the $20 back, almost a year from the date I gave it to him.


  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone understands that Montreal was the better team in Game 2, right?

  21. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    E3 – if you’re smelling your beaver.

    It’s best just to WALK AWAY……..

    unless you have them in a trap…..

    now you are ….. in the money :)

  22. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Manny – I think we are on to something.

    The Cock makes all his noise in the morning, while the beaver makes all her noise at night.

    Rooster – say I like my beaver in the morning.

    Beaver – if you can’t be quiet in the morning, I will cut your ……. bobit you :)

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, definitely need to be careful if you’ve got a smelly beaver. IT’s usually a sign of some other problem. Maybe a fungal or bacterial problem.

  24. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Now if you skin the beaver…..

    and stretch it……

    it makes a fine looking hat.

  25. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    My Sunday going to Church …..

    I always took my best beaver with me :)

  26. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    You should have seen the box ….

    it was the finest beaver I’ve ever laid hands on.

  27. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Enough of the Beaver.

    Back to the Dragon Slayer.

    Put him in the Game of the Thrones.

    And HODOR on the 4th line.

    That Dragon might just get us a win tonight.

  28. I wouldn’t get to overly confident, even if the rangers won tonight. There has already been several teams that have come back from 2-0, 3-1 and 3-0. Lets take it one game at a time. Lets not get a head of ourselves. I’m still not convinced this series is over. I still think it will go at least 6.

  29. Manny-O-War on

    With you Tommy. I’m scared. Predicting and expecting a Rangers loss tonight.

  30. Manny-O-War on

    You really don’t want to eat a beaver that is infested with a fungal or bacterial infection. If the beaver smells funky you should definitely not eat it. Just remember to wrap it up.

  31. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    Tommy – I get where you are coming from…..but NO.


    Not in our house.

    Ranger win.

    NOT only do they win tonight. Hank *SHUTS THEM DOWN*

    Because *HE CAN*

    I Believe!

  32. SIOUX-per-SWEEP on

    All this talk about beavers.

    Mrs Sioux calls and wants to eat burritos :)

    See you on the other side :)

  33. Manny-O-War on

    Josh Brewster just said, “nice tight box down low” with regards to the defense the Habs have to play.

  34. Thanks for the shout out Carp. An assist to Manny-O-War, who directed me to Gravatar. I always wondered how everyone else was able to get a little icon next to their name.

    With regards to Brassard, I completely understand the idea of us not taking our foot off the gas. It’s all about the risk of further injury if he comes back too soon. If it’s there, then let him sit. If not, then have him dress. Different story at 2-2.

  35. Brassard said he’s good to go, so that’s all the information I need. He’ll be playing and he must given how important this game is tonight.

    I really hope the Rangers come to play and don’t lay an egg out there tonight given the 2-0 lead. Let’s end this tonight.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Wow – one coach was waving the white flag up there. Fried fried Habs smothered with syrup with a side Canadien bacon and a Labatt’s, eh?

  37. Manny-O-War on

    But NHL radio just said he’s *NOT* playing and that it’s the same lineup as last game.

  38. Stranger Nation on

    So do the Habs play tight D or try to squeeze the puck in the Ozone? Either way keeps the neutral zone open for business.
    Noticed their forwards don’t like to come down below the dots too much

  39. Ok, off to work wearing my very “musky” lucky shirt.


    LGR and LGD!!

    See you guys in about 12 hrs.

  40. it makes perfect sense not to play Brassard. I rather have Brassard completely healthy when he comes back because if he isn’t he could make the injury worse off than it is now. The rangers have enough depth to get by in the short term. I rather see Brassard 100% healthy so if the rangers due make it to the cup that’s where they will need Brassard for sure.

  41. MSG better be loud. I don’t think it will ever be as loud as it was in the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and somewhat in the 90’s.

  42. Manny-O-War on

    Cheapest ticket tonight is $530.00. I assume that means the place will be a morgue. But lots of text messages and selfies will be sent out.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Loudest I’ve heard it in any one singular moment was during the national anthem for game 7 in 94. And I only heard that on TV.

    In person, it’s been pretty loud for a couple of playoff games, but probably the two highest peaks of loudness I’ve been present for were the triple fight and the comeback against Boston in which Cally broke his ankle.

  44. growing up the stadium (Chicago blackhawks) was the loudest in the nhl, MSG was second. I’m not sure who can be called the loudest in todays nhl.

  45. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    _EASIEST HAT TRICK ever today._

    Until Girardi *ruins* it by scoring a goal

  46. Doodie, yea, in game 7 in 94 stanely cup finals msg was probably the loudest only because it was for the stanely cup but as the game went on it wasn’t as loud I guess ranger fans were getting nervous because the Cannucks were coming on. I forgot which cannuck player hit the post in the 3rd period that would have tied the game up at 3.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Kevin Lowe left that one off of his highlight reel for HOF consideration.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Local guys all saying they expect him to return, out of town guys expect him to be out.

    Looks like we have another Tortorella firing situation. Local guys said he’d stay. Out of towners said he should be canned. They won.

    Round 2.

  49. Manny-O-War on

    He didn’t jump, Doodie. I was running around trying to see it. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see someone jump. He is not in custody.

  50. Gosh, I hope it wasn’t Kenneth. He hasn’t been here for a while. Alain, have you spoken to Kenneth recently?

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    I understand French pretty well. Where can I find the French version of what he said?

  52. Manny-O-War on

    I’m glad he didn’t jump because that would just be another positive for the *obituaries blog* at LoHud.

  53. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    The jumper is saving it for the Go Time! post tonight, clearly.

  54. Dan Rosen ?@drosennhl 1h
    Vigneault said in French he doesn’t think Brassard will play. In English he said Brassard is day-2-day. Is French AV toying with English AV?

  55. Did you look me up to see if I’m as cute as my posts would indicate? Am I?

  56. (Just so no one feels lost or left out here, Alain has obviously done some serious off-board research into my real name, hence the “Mister Two First Names” thing. And he’s right. My name is Ken Kenneth. So nice work, detective.)

  57. So what do people prefer: cheap seats and the supposed crowd noise that comes with that or the ability to make Hank so highly paid and still a Ranger?

    ‘Cause it ain’t gonna be both.

  58. _How’s Budaj’s confidence right now? Rooting for his own team or not?_

    I was kind of wondering this as well. On one hand “just want to win”. On the other, if Montreal wins by explicitly saying you have no role other than watching … is that really what you want?

  59. I’ve never been to a playoff game, but it got pretty loud when Messier tied and passed Howe into 2nd place in points.

  60. I will be watching the game at a hockey bar in Edmonton, where 95% of the patrons will be rooting for Montreal. You can bet I’ll be wearing Rangers blue from head to toe! If we play with the same passion and commitment as we’ve shown in recent games I like our chances to move on to the SCF – let’s go rangers!!!

  61. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Mister, Therien took a risk going over Budaj to the kid and he lost. I said it when announced and it’s easier to say it now. BIG MISTAKE.

    Unless Dustin is the second coming of Roy, which he is not, little chance his inexperience allows Montreal the strength in goal it needs.

    However, the choice of the kid destroy’s Budaj’s confidence, too.

    Now you have 2 goalies that have issues. Good luck!!

  62. ThisYearsModel on

    Will be watching and posting here from Frankfurt, where the puck will drop at 2:10 AM. CARP-you need at least a flashlight for your videos. You could shine it on your face from below your chin for that Queen Bohemian Rhapsody effect. That would be cool. Getting a team to be down 3-0 is always tough. Look at LA-ANA this season. And….watching the world championships right now, and Finland just went ahead of canada with 3:00 to go. Canada, of course, has a much better roster than Finland, who have the incredibly ugly Olli Jokinen as captain.

  63. Alain Amour on

    I did not look your name up.

    Someone posted your name here a few weeks ago.

  64. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Someone was wondering about the crowd tonight? It will be a wonderful crowd. This team deserves to have a standing ‘o’ coming in and they will. It will be wild.

    This is very different from most PO games. Many left them for dead after game 4 last series. We’ve only seen them once since then?

    No, it will be wild. Book it!!

    LGR!!!! LGR!!!!

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    North America is not out of the WC’s. USA went out to CZE after playing a foolish “tough guy” game including an immensely stupid 5 and a game by Justin Abdelkader. Tim Thomas featured a save percentage around .850 for the tournament.

  66. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    ThisYear, enjoy it!! I had to watch the first round from Vienna and Prague. But these games are all at 8PM EST. One hour later!!!

    Get some rest!!!

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Isles sign Halak, 4 years, 4.5 per. Gross.

    Also keep 2014 1st, will surrender 2015 1st.

    Both moves will make it harder to sell the team, but the draft pick move simply had to be done that way.

  68. Thanks Matty”WhyNot!!!”Boy, good to be here. Been coming here for the the wrap-up report for a couple of months, and have been sporadically posting during the playoffs. Hope to be here at least 6 more games.

    Not sure how you guys post during the games, I am barely functional while the game is on. Usually in the fetal position.

  69. That’s a great signing for the Islanders though. He’s a legitimate NHL starting goalie and they haven’t had that in how many years now?

  70. I understand letting the players play for the Olympics, considering the scope of it and how important it can be for the NHL marketing department, and how special it is for the players, but how in the world does the NHL allow it’s players to play in these yearly World Championships, which mean little to anyone in North America? It makes no sense to me from a financial standpoint and the risk of injuries and extended season is not smart.

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