Game 1: Rangers-Canadiens in review


If you haven’t seen it, check out the photo gallery one post down. Let me know what you think.


1) Ghosts, ghouls, goblins? Get outta here. Gone, gone, gone. That can no longer be a factor in this series. Now it’s just hockey. Now Henrik Lundqvist is Henrik Lundqvist. All that other garbage, all those questions about playing in this city, in that building, have been answered in the affirmative. Now it’s just playoff hockey. … and ya boys have won four in a row, three of those on the road. Onions.

2) That said, the big worry is about Derick Brassard and what appeared to be a left shoulder or upper back injury. He didn’t appear to be overly concerned in the post-game interview. Alain Vigneault said he’s day to day. If he misses a game or two, that would be tough. If he misses more, it could be really bad for the Rangers. That line is playing so well, and to replace Brassard, the fourth line, which is also playing so well, might have to be altered. Would be interesting to see if AV would go to J.T. Miller’s wheels or Dan Carcillo’s experience in that case. The hit that caused the injury. To me it looked, at the very least, to be very late. I think warranted a penalty as much as Brian Boyle’s little tug on P.K. Subban, who embellished it like a fish out of water.

3) This game was pretty darn solid, up and down, start to finish — OK, it got a little sloppy on both sides late in the game, and it really should/could have been just a terrific 4-1 or 5-1 win. But, as I said yesterday, whether it was 3-2 or 7-2 or 42-2 will not mean a thing when Game 2 begins on Monday. Not a thing. The Canadiens will be much, much better. The Rangers will have to be better too. And remember, they have that nasty little NHL-record 13-game losing streak when leading a series, and have lost 11 straight (over just three playoff seasons) immediately after taking a lead in a series. In five of their last seven series they have won Game 1 and lost Game 2, and in fact have lost eight straight Game 2s. So put away the party hats for a while. This might be a nice time to change that, though.

4) Me (and others): GOALTENDING, Edge: even. How silly. I guess the little issue of Lundqvist’s haunted house of horrors skewed my (our) thinking. Carey Price is the best goalie the Rangers have faced in these playoffs, and he won a gold medal over Lundqvist with brilliant play behind a Big Red Machine. But he is not Lundqvist’s equal. And now he’s banged up (looked like a knee or ankle), and if he isn’t, well the Rangers sure got some pucks past him. He’s not going to be Mr. Zero in this series. And on the play on which he was injured, some people are squawking that Chris Kreider intentionally ran him. Others think Kreider was tripped. Whatever, how is it not a penalty one way or the other? I mean, if Kreider was tripped, that’s a penalty on Montreal. If he wasn’t, that’s goalie interference. Fine, fine officiating once again, all day long, all playoffs, all season. New game, new rulebook. The P.K. Subban takeout of Kreider along the wall, without the puck, was textbook interference. They should show it at referee schools. No call.

5) On Kreider, what a beast. Yeah, he still makes his rookie mistakes. He had a couple hairballs early. But he took over stretches of that game. He is, as I said last week, the strongest guy in almost every game he plays. He is also the fastest. His shot is devastating, and his offensive instincts are 180 degrees from his defensive instincts. Just off the charts good. Huge difference in the Rangers lineup since he came back. Huge difference for his linemates, and for the power play. He will back off the Habs defensemen, who, as Dave Maloney said, probably woke up in cold sweats dreaming about Kreider blowing past them. (sorry, I meant THE Kreider).

6) The Rangers scored four goals, total, in last eight visits. They scored three PPGs in just over three minutes. They scored three goals on three consecutive shots.

7) Which brings us to the Daily Nash-O-Meter. Take away that matador swipe and miss on Subban, who had that glorious chance gloved away by Lundqvist. Played a very solid game, made the pass to Derek Stepan on the Kreider goal.  Got the piano off his back with his second goal in 27 playoff games as a Ranger. I thought he looked really good on the two PPs in Brassard’s spot in the first. I know, you guys judge by bottom line and some are too blind to see when a player plays well if he doesn’t score … but if you’re honest, that’s four strong games in a row, engaged and involved, for Nash since he was booed in Game 4 (and four straight wins). And toss in Stepan, too. Been very, very good during this streak. I thought he was exceptional in Game 1.

8) Getting to this too late, but the Rangers wouldn’t be where they are, seven wins from, dare I say it … no, I won’t say it yet … but you know where, without a whole lot of guys. One of those is Dominic Moore, veteran of playoff games in Pittsburgh, now veteran of playoff games in Montreal. When Brassard went down, Moore became an even more crucial player, and he jumped right up and performed remarkably. He was on the ice to take the faceoff and made a great pass on the first goal, by Martin St. Louis. He was in Brassard’s spot and made another great pass on the second goal, by Mats Zuccarello. Did it all. Won 50 percent of his draws. And because he was filling for Brassard, Brian Boyle had to take more draws, with a variety of wingers. Went 9-2. This is important stuff.

9) Martin St. Louis, another one who was booed in Game 4 vs. the Penguins, played another impressive game. Huge first goal, after which he looked to the ceiling. We all know his story. The whole team will attend his mother, France’s funeral today outside of Montreal. The guy has to be going on adrenaline. Have to wonder what’s holding him up.

10) Ryan McMonster. He’s back. He just is. I still doubt he could possibly be 100 percent healthy, but wow, what a game he had on the rink on which he should have played his entire career. Imagine him and Subban? But another reminder of the best trade the Rangers ever made, by Glen Sather and Bob Gainey. Was supposed to be Gomez for No Gomez, and the Rangers ended up with their best player, besides the goalie. Had to be a big ouch for Habs fans.

11) By the way, in the third period, not even late, the Ghosts had turned into invisible fans. As somebody tweeted: “Oy Vey, Oy Vey, Oy Vey, Oy Vey …” The Rangers did seem to enjoy having that nice smooth sheet of ice with their speed and deeper skill that they never had in all those consecutive losses in Montreal. The speedy Habs had problems with the Rangers’ speed all day, and Rene Bourque took what, 11, 12 penalties?

12) That first Habs goal, you could see it coming for a while. But it still shouldn’t have happened. The Canadiens had too many men on the ice, and then Bourque’s shot, which was aimed high far (glove) side, hit McDonagh’s stick and floated in short side. Fluke all around.

13) NBC. Still with the nasty habit that MSG Network and lots of others have followed. Whistle, scrum, instant closeup of somebody not involved in the scrum. No idea why they do it, but it’s obviously not coincidence. Frustrating to fans, makes the network look as if it doesn’t understand the game. Terrible. NBC’s mics not only pick up all the profanities, but also the good stuff … like Brad Richards calling for the puck from Zuccarello, and Zuccarello spinning and making the pass for the 4-1 goal. Richards, also, had another good game. Missed the net on that odd-man rush that, eventually, led to the first Habs goal. But was good defensively. Carl Hagelin, his linemate, cleaned up a lot of messes, as he’s been doing for a while now.

14) Again, I expect the Habs to be much, much better Monday. Still suspect it will be 1-1 after two games. I imagine Thomas Vanek might even suit up.

Trivia: Dan Girardi tied Rod Gilbert for fifth on the all-time Rangers playoff games played list, and could go as high as second place before these playoffs are over. What player holds the Rangers’ record?
2. Don Maloney – 85
3. Ron Greschner – 84
4. Brian Leetch – 82
5. Rod Gilbert – 79
5. Dan Girardi – 79

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dominic Moore.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Chris Kreider/Dominic Moore.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dominic Moore.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Chris Kreider.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Dominic Moore.

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  1. The guy to dress monday is lindberg. A center who can take faceoffs. Last year’s Swedish league mvp. Keep Moore w Zucc,Pouliot.

  2. Thank you for mention the three point man Zucc two times in your review!!!
    He must be worth more then that!!
    No cred. taken from the other guys!!

  3. gregm_oldsection403 on

    So happy to be able to wake up to another one of Carp’s “in review” articles….especially one after a win!

  4. gregm_oldsection403 on

    The stat about Girardi playing 79 playoff games. 79! Hard to believe. This shows, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, that this Rangers team has been pretty good over the last handful of seasons. You don’t play 79 PO games on a crumby team.

    Oh, also the fact that the Rangers take almost every series to 7 games helps. But you do have to be in it to win it, and the Rangers have.

  5. I suspect it will be 1-1 also but

    How the heck are the Habs going to contend with the speed/puck control on the boards gameplay? The rangers counterattack is pretty solid as well.

    If the Habs don’t win Monday, its a short series. I picked rangers in six. I will stick with it. We grabbed home ice advantage. If the Habs pull it out Monday 60-40 they do then we get the matchuos we want for game three and four.

    What yesterday convinced me was that if executed the NYR game plan is too much for the Habs. It will take a lot more than minor adjustments to deal with it.

    If price is injured and the canadiens feel Kreider did it on purpose expect shots at both lundqvist and Kreider going forward.

    The Mensa candidates at the bell centre are gonna boo relentlessly. Hope Kreider drops three on them Monday.

  6. The Kreider has turned into the most exciting player on the ice by a million miles now. I think he has been the biggest factor in turning around the postseason, no disrespect to MSL and his family tragedy intended. He is the definition of dynamic

  7. I know Mark Messier played a whole lot of playoff games, but I think you meant most in a Rangers uniform.

  8. Admiral Akbar on

    Canadiens will be better in Game 2, but I’m not ready to give them the game yet.

    Brassard’s injury is obviously the biggest concern.

    And is Price really healthy? Why would he be benched for the 3rd period in a 4-1 game at home? I realize Therrien says he’s ok, but looking at the play, and looking at the team’s repsonse in the 3rd period suggest otherwise. Furthermore, has anyone read any post game comments from Price saying he’s ok?

  9. Caught them sleeping. Woke up the monster? Monday will tell. Beware, boys, and be ready to stick up for Hank and THE. Oh, which brings me to that. THE=Beast. Loved watching the beatdown on the Canadian heartthrobs.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    Here in Frankfurt, you can feel the massive momentum they have all the way across the pond. They will win 5-0 Monday and complete the sweep at the Garden because of this pulsating momentum. Oh, and because they have THE.

  11. Going to see Antony and Cleopatra tonight at the Globe. Been lead to believe Cleo bears her Asp in the final act.

  12. RE: #4. They don’t go to referee schools, Carp. Hence the fine officiating skills. Horrendous.

  13. Good “stress free Sunday” morning ‘Heads!

    Nice piece of writing Carp. I’m still shocked about how it went down yesterday. I just hope the boys didn’t get too complacent…still a long battle.

    THE = beast

    Nice pics too Carp.

  14. Excellent and enjoyable review as always.

    CBC of course said yesterday, Let’s not forget that the Rangers won game 1 in 2012 and lost the series in 6. This is of course true, but I ask everyone here. Does this team have ANY resemblence to the 2012 team. They were clearly exhausted by the third round. Does this team looke exhausted? WE all know that Torts hardly played the 4th line and the top 2 lines were ofen double shifted. The third line didn’t get nearly the amount of time this third line does. Torts also played McDonagh and Girardi to the point of exhaustion. Also, his defend first, block shots style was exhausting.

    The canadiens are a talented and proud team and I expect them to fight very hard in this series. They will come out like gangbusters on Mon and I won’t be surprised if it is 1-1. That being said, This team looks NOTHING like the team that lost to the devils in 2012.

  15. Theweeds300 on

    Rangers now 4-0 since my profile was listed on Rangers Subscribers Central! Coincidence?!? Shout out to Gretchen M. for doing so.

    Kreider is just an animal. Cally must be having sleepless nights these days. Shockingly, can’t say I miss him.

  16. THE is a force that is just being realized. There is no answer from the bleu bland et rouge for THE. Habs are a great squad. they have lost two games at home all playoffs. I suspect we see a much tighter tougher squad Monday. But there is the basic question of if THE is skating downhill, who can stop him?

  17. We hae taken the first one before from these guys…with poor end results..right Mr. Sather…witness to that crime? So we just need to stay thirsty! Still guaranteed 4 Carp that is always good news…
    I am off the Richards bashing train…but he has got to watch himself on that powerplay point…no ill timed pinches..and under pressure…just put the puck deep. Those warnings brought to u by LoHudson blogs where great taste meets suberb reporting….man does a 7-2 win leave u high or what….

  18. THE KREIDER is a beast and is technical still a rookie. Wow.

    Let’s hope Brass can be back quickly (game 3?). This round the schedule will help him with extra days off b/w 2-3 and 3-4.

    Trivia answer is that Swedish guy in goal?

  19. When Kreider was selected in the 1st round, I was p’d off. He was a New England prep school kid and (I think) 16 or 17. Felt better when I saw his skills on YouTube videos but he was 5 years away. He’s big, strong, fast, a scorer and mature (Prust’s hits). Feel foolish now.

  20. iDoodie Machetto on

    The trivia answer is a surprising name, but when I sat down and thought it out, I ended up with the right guy. Hard to believe he was basically the only guy to play the entire 70s on the team.

  21. Thanks for another great, balanced day after the game review, Carp! Nice day to be a Ranger fan! Agreed, Les Habs will be a much tougher out starting Monday. LGR!!

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Do ghosts only come out at night? Some are still scared…

    Buyer beware – no momentum, no fatigue, no surrender!

    Emotional connection – team attending funeral strengthens ties the bind

    Is Brie-Air their tough guy? or Gallagher? or some other midget?

    The Price is wrong – B!TCH

    Beauty Spring morning, NYR win, Sun shining, birds singing; Armageddon time?

    Dinty Moops up to Bros line – Big Rig as 4C with Car Bong and Double Ds

    Better practice PK – will be shorthanded a lot tomorrow night

    Hit on Bros was both late, predatory and deserves a look by the league

    AV has this team on a roll, having THE in the mix helps

    Stepchild and the Good One are playing well? lowered expectations…

  23. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Lundqvist-McDonagh-Moore, with a very, VERY strong honorable mention to THE Kreider.

    Moore set up the first two goals, and was playing with two different lines when he did. He (and Boyle) is the reason that losing Brassard early didn’t hurt the team. THE was awesome, but Moore had to do more.

    Lundqvist’s glove was the best I’ve ever seen it yesterday. The saves on Pacioretty and Subban were unreal.

    Yesterday, like many of you, I’m sure, I had to watch the game on DVR. I went out all day, stupidly wearing a Rangers tshirt, and had to stop like four people as they tried to talk to me about the game. Kept my phone off, kept the radio off, and was actually able to get home at 3 not having heard a thing about the game. Then I walked the dog, and while I’m walking the dog, a car drives by, windows down, the game blaring over the radio. All I heard was “a touchdown in Montreal.” So I knew it was a blowout, I just didn’t know for which team. Naturally I assumed Montreal was blowing us out. I start watching the game and we go up two early and I’m so stoked I figure we get at least 6. But the second period was ALL Canadiens. Finally they break through on that poor officiating/lucky bounce play. Oh no. Could we really give up 6 or possibly even 8 goals? No. We popped in two quick goals to end the period and I was a very, VERY happy man.

    The Canadiens got their breakaways , especially pacioretty. Subban shot it from everywhere. Everything else i expected from the game was the opposite, especially the score.

    Last thing: the hit on Brassard was late, but otherwise, it was clean. In fairness to Weaver, Brassard was admiring his pass way too much on that play. If that was Scott Stevens instead of Mike Weaver, we wouldn’t be talking about day to day, we would be talking about year to year.

  24. Great review as always carp…nice to wake to! They were already wacking away at THE yesterday, but I didn’t see him so much as flinch. BEAST!

  25. Carcillo experience on 4th line with Boyle and Dorset should be instead of miller on 4th line especially on road. Miller is a nightmare in his own end.

  26. iManny-O-War on

    Carp: if it makes you feel better, I didn’t see any matchup predictions that didn’t have the goaltending even. That’s why I was whining about it so much. Everyone that matters (meaning journalists and not us fans) have it as even.

  27. I also can’t imagine Price wasn’t hurt. I’m sure he’ll play in Game 2 (I think Brassard will too btw), but that injury could help the Rangers in a big way.

    Think about it, if his knee is bothering him, maybe it prevents him from being as active playing the puck, which should really help the Rangers.

  28. Refs for round three conf finals

    O halloran
    O rourke

    Furlatt peel Rooney Sutherland eliminated after round 2.

  29. iManny-O-War on

    I agree with Eric. If Brassard is hurt you have to take experience on the 4th Line. Move up Dom Moore. Can’t let Miller play in that spot on the road.

  30. Johnny"we arent built for this" boy on

    Shame that Simmonds..I mean Prust had to try and prove he is worth something by hacking the crap out of THE. But, if this was any other team this game would’ve been nasty. Habs are soft and ripe for the picking…

  31. there is no doubt the rangers in 2012 were shot by the time they got to the conference finals. That year the rangers played a totally different style, hard on the puck, torts playing certain lines allot of minutes, same with the defense, plus they played the caps and sens to 7 game series where those 2 teams were allot more physical teams than the flyers and pens. This years ranger team plays a different style, more open ice play, skating, passing, shooting, the way hockey should be played. AV playing 4 lines and not over using girardi and mcdonaugh.

  32. I’m not going to get too excited over one game, but wow!! To me, THE was the best player on the ice. Every shift he made something great happen. And they had no answer for him. I’m sure they will be working on that for the next game and I’m pretty sure they go back to NY 1-1. Which is fine. I always say the goal in these series where you don’t have home ice is to split those first two games. Mission accomplished.

  33. I also think montreal yesterday look like a team who a little emotionally spent. Understandable when the night before they won a game 7 against there arch rivals. I’m a little concerned going forward for THE and the King. If the canandiens think THE purposely ran Price they will try to injure THE and Lundqvist. I did read a article yesterday where the coach and several players said they felt it was a accident but that might be a smoke screen. We will find out Monday.

  34. THE could not have been 16 when selected in the Draft, and he was actually 18.

    I’m just happy there wasn’t a penalty on THE when he hit Price.

    There is no momentum for game 2.

  35. iManny-O-War on

    Here is a tweet from the guy I suggested for the widget

    @renlavoietva: Canadiens players thinks that Chris Kreider fell on Carey Price on purpose. Rangers think he’s injured. Habs are saying no. #tvasports

  36. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Cant help but think the potential amount of remaining game reviews by Carpy is from 7-13. Countdown that none of us want!! For whatever reason!!

  37. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Yea, Tommy, I heard the ’emotionally spent’ excuse, too. May be, but I think our boys also jumped off 2 hard, 7 game series arguably, against rivals. Then, oh, one of our players had a personal issue.

    I don’t buy it. It’s hockey. You get out there and play hard.

  38. The only guy to play in both the 72 and 79 final… Walt “Bulldog” Tkaczuk….#18

  39. SN- I actually think yesterday for the first time in awhile (partly due to Brassard going out) the 1st line looked like a first line.

    Kreider may in fact be the biggest kid on the block. He doesn’t thug like Lucic, but he’s better. Jamie Benn is a beast at this point. But offensively, Kreider is such a mismatch. to be as fast as he is at 230ish lbs is a game-changer, and he is obviously a natural goal-scorer. If he realizes what a load he can be and plays that way every game (we got our game-changing winger)

    People are always gonna be down on Stepan until he’s about 27 and you can look back already and see what a great player he has been, is. But he’s played really well since game 5 against Pitt. Very very strong.

    Nash began and ended the game with a good assertive jump in his game. Scored a goal.

    I think you may see this line explode this series, they are going to be so hard for the canadians to match, without using Max Pac’s line as checking line. The canadians are smaller fast gritty players, match up decently against brass, zucc. But Stepan flanked by Nash and Kreider, they can’t match that.

    You could tell by how many times that line brought out to the right with kreider streaking down the left boards, that the ranger coaches saw on film it was gonna be an area to attack. I can’t wait to see what happens in game 2.

    One of the biggest things I came away from game 1 with, was the rangers 1st line showed signed that they could dominate in this series.

  40. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    There is no momentum going into game 2. And, if Montreal loses? They are in deep stuff. Hence, backs and balls to the wall, you have to expect more. General principal.

    However, that first goal had too many men on the ice. And, midway through the 3rd, we started coasting. Some unit that got his with the shorthanded, no? Klein? JMoops? Boyler? The second (the other) goal was a lackadaisical play by Staal (oh, let’s give them some charity so they don’t feel so bad).

    Point is, we’ve got more and will bring it Monday. As much as you say Rangers better watch out. Turn it around. Habs better watch out, too!!

  41. I know you guys love calling him THE Kreider. But ever since he came up in the 2012 playoffs Ive been calling him Kid Kreider. A play on Chris Kreider and Billy the Kid

  42. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Jpp, good points. Another dimension with that line now. THE playing direct line hockey with size and speed. His speed makes up for Step’s lack of it. His grit helps Nash, who has really buckled under the pressure but played ‘good’ defensive hockey (for $8M per?) and been a good decoy.

    That said, if this line can click we got 2 bonafide solid lines and a 4th.

    Just wow! Who would have thunk it??

  43. iManny-O-War on

    Here is a god of Kreider running Price. I’ll say this: he’s certainly not afraid to run a goalie. He has a real mean streak. I doubt he means to injure people but it seems to happen.

  44. Ahh a few of us knew, it was a matter of things jelling at the right time.

    I dont say it for any credit or anything. I’ve known the rangers was capable of this for awhile.

    It has been quite an experience watching it unfold though. thats the magic in it. the manner in which the story unfolds.

  45. BickelsPickle on

    I think I’m going to go to Modell’s and buy my THE shirt. I hope it says THE, though.

  46. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    For those keeping track, ticket prices in Montreal have decreased dramatically. Still expensive, like MSG, yet down substantially. More of them for sale for game deux, as well. You can now get a single for about $150.

    NYR tickets have increased in resale price. FYI, game 2, upper level, second row, $420 ask. Above that rows 7-20, ask from approx $350. (sec 222)

    If you’re looking at Vegas odds as a predictor, you have to look at this, too.

    I like the ‘odds’!

  47. call it a hunch but i think you bring in Fast to center the 4th line.

    He is a similar type player to D-Moops, strong defensively quick but not overly fast and good decision making,

    I’m not sure if vs montreal we really want the Carcillo, Dorsett combo in together.

  48. BickelsPickle on

    I actually think Carcillo wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like he’ll hold up the 4th line. He might hold up the 2nd/3rd line if AV puts him there like in the Flyers series – but then again, he came through big in that series and was a real series-changer. We could use his physical play.

  49. Ive gone on record to voice my displeasure with some of the Glen Sather’s moves. Have never been happy he let jagr walk (although I’ve also said, I dont know if it was possible to bring him back, or if Jagr would have held them over a barrel), I didn’t want to break up that 2012 team personnel-wise (I wanted to keep Dubinsky and Artie and try to get our nash type player another way, thought letting John Mitchell walk over a couple hundred thousand was stupid), and would have liked to see the rangers bring in another Dmen for that 2012 playoff drive..

    But I’ll give Glen Sather this, knowing that Torts was going to be inflexible and not open up the ice offensively and allow the guys to be more creative, Sather knew in order for the rangers to improve where they needed (scoring with more ease), that he had to make a move.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they are making a run. The events and circumstances that surround this run. Thats the surprise.

    And with that, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Martin St. Louis family this day.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    _SN- I actually think yesterday for the first time in awhile (partly due to Brassard going out) the 1st line looked like a first line_

    From your lips to god’s ears.

    Reality is Step was +1 and Nash 0 in a 7-2 game. Put THE on a different line, he has more scoring chances. Step just cannot carry and create. Everyone notes his intangibles ‘smart player’, ‘good positionally’, which is sort of a back-handed compliment for a slow uncreative player. Not his fault he has to play 1C. Out of the 4 centers on the team (Richards, Moore, Bros), he is playing 4th best.

  51. THE KREIDER!!!!

    That is his nickname and that is his handle (@THEKreider)

    What a beast!

  52. in that video you can see price’s knee buckle and twist awkwardly when moving backwards after kreider slid into him. I’m no doctor but I would think at least price mildly sprained his knee.

  53. Why would THE Kreider purposefully go into Price? He’s going to try to score. Obviously he was tripped.

  54. Doesn’t matter who AV picks to replace Brassard because that player will score. And if Brassard plays, he’ll score.

  55. BS stranger nation. Complete BS on stepan man..

    And I’m not diving into this deep.

    Stepan single-handedly created that St. Louis first goal in game 6. He stayed on late, forecheck stole the puck, got it the crease, went off St. Louis. So basically the biggest goal in that series was completely set-up by Stepan, yet it goes overlooked.

    Stepan makes so many big plays, stick on stick plays. where its 50/50 which direction the puck goes in. He is so reliable in every facet of the game.

    Complete BS to be saying ‘lower expectations’ with him. I disagree so strongly on this

  56. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I actually agree with JPP. People like Wicky will say I’m Biased and I just love Stepan with Rose Colored Glasses. I think he’s actually a _very_ underrated and consistent player. He is charged with covering for Kreider and Nash defensively. That’s no small task. Yet he still creates terrific plays, covers for pinching D-Men. The work he did on that St. Louis goal was very tremendous.

  57. and your reality based on Stepan’s +/- paints a different picture from what I saw. I saw Stepan on the ice for Kreider’s goal (making a head ups play allowing the puck to go through to Kreider), I saw stepan score a goal, and I think he was on the ice for Nash’s goal.

    So just bc Stepan might have been on the ice for both of montreal’s flunky goals (one off Mac, one off an insane golf club waco)

    But yeah I have Stepan as being on the ice for 3+ and I guess on the ice for 2(flunky)-

    but yeah you know a simple stat shows you everything right.

  58. In looking at The Kreider play it appears the Montreal defender tapped his left boot and at that speed a train wreck was inevitable. Unfortunately, Price was the bumper.

  59. Thank you manny.

    Ill say it again
    (and I dont like the term ‘poor-mans’)

    but he’s a poor-mans’ Patrice Bergeron.

    He’s our Patrice Bergeron. (sp)

  60. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Great review, Carp.

    Great team effort.

    Great Gatsby what a difference-maker THE has become.

    Reading reports and listening to interviews, it sounds like our New York Rangers are experiencing a very special run for the cup right now.

    Good stuff.

  61. what a game yesterday. i am hopeful we can pull this series out but not easily. it will go 7 i think. i was late watching it and turned it on it was 2-0 good guys, and was like, oh no, when will the poop hit the fan and during that 2nd period watching hank make those saves i went ballistic and the worst thing that couldve happened for the habs was hank playing out of his mind in that 2nd and now he should be and probably is very confident in montreal now. you guys are so right with the difference in this years team and ’12 team. i hope brass is ok enough to keep playing and play well. and as happy as i am about the position our boys are in, with a real chance of you know what!!(im not gonna utter the words here like gandalf reciting the words on the precious!) there are 2 teams in the west that are way better than montreal. all i can say is GOD help us if we make it that far, and for the health of all of us with the amount of stress this team is likely to continue to put us through

  62. yes great review carp like usual. one of the main reasons i have this site on pretty much all day. don’t ever leave us either carp! you’re not allowed to retire. we’ll all chip in and donate 50 cents a post right guys?

  63. If the Habs thought The Kreider ran Price, or hit him intentionally, the players on the ice would have went after him. They didnt, and from the looks of it during live play, they looked like they were expecting a tripping penalty/penalty shot for the Rangers…I dont think it was intentional one bit, whatever that’s worth

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “don’t forget about me. I’m going to decapitate you then cut your head off. I’ll slice you open and spill your guts on the floor. I’ll melt your body in a pool of acid. I’ll yank every one of your teeth out and carve my initials in your gums. I’ll kick your kidneys so hard that you’d pee blood if you were alive, but you won’t be alive, you’ll be dead. Then I’ll kill you again. I’ll destroy you, your family, and your friends. Then I’ll murder and kill their friends. I wont stop until I’m done. I won’t be done until I’ve killed you so many times, you will never be reincarnated. Then I’ll feed you to a wild pack of dogs. Then I’ll stab you. And shoot you.”

  65. Canadians were emotionally spent?? Are you (Canadian Press). Serious?

    Did they come back from a 3-1 deficit against the team with arguably the two best players in the world? Not that I’m aware.

    Did one of their core forwards and veteran leaders suffer a sudden and unexpected family tragedy? Not that I’m aware.

    Oh but yes, it must be they are suffering with severe mental trauma due to the mean and vicious attack by Lucic during the post-game 7 handshake line.

    While I don’t necessarily buy into it, If they truly were “emotionally spent” that’s great for the Rangers. It’s a sign that as a team, the Habs have very weak collective psyche. If so, the Rangers will dominate the series.

  66. I hope Brandon Prust suffers a mental spasm each and every game.

    Perhaps he’s a double agent, still wearing his Ranger Boxer shorts under his Hab uniform?

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – with Lucic on the loose. The entire city of Montreal is on lockdown. Fear grips les Habs. Until Lucic finishes his killing spree, or is caught, the Canadians will be emotionally damaged.

  68. Czechthemout!!! on

    THE Kreider was outstanding yesterday! He was a big game player when I watched him play in college and the 2010 WJC, and he has been a big game player ever since he first came here in the ’11-’12 playoffs. In fact, he was an integral part of that team that went to the semi finals. If he were not on that playoff team, they are gone after Ottawa in round one.

    We all love THE and all that he brings but how about a big shout out to the little guy with the big heart, Zucc!!! He leads our team in scoring and he may be the toughest player pound for pound on the team.

    I submit that if Torts were still the coach, neither of these guys would be on the team right now.

  69. First and foremost, condolences and respects to the St. Louis family. Marty has shown incredible strength and class dealing with this deeply personal issue in the middle of the PO season and in front of the media. I understand many of his teammates went to the wake on Friday. Support from teammates and the NYR organization has hopefully made this just a tiny bit easier on Marty.

    I may be in the minority here but I think we win game two. Yes, Montreal will play better. However, there will be even more pressure on the Habs to win in a convincing style. Unfortunately for them they’ve just completed a tough, physical 7 game series. Unfortunately for them, the Rangers are playing more strongly as a TEAM and will survive the surge Montreal will bring early. I’m seeing smart, disciplined and quick decisions with the puck and a level of physical play that’s just right. AV and staff will make adjustments and have our boys ready and primed. LQ is locked, THE will rock and Hab fans will mock their own before the night is done tomorrow.

  70. Eddie,

    “there’s a killer on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad”

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Game 2:

    Rangers 5
    Habs 0

    GWG Brassard (if he plays) – Nash otherwise.


    *The Nash Will Rise Again*

  72. Heave Ho, I have the same vibe..

    Come Tuesday, Rangers are going to be up 2-0 in this series.

  73. iDoodie Machetto on

    Bingo on Walt. Like I said, surprising name, but when the rangers had a lot of deeper runs in the 70s, he was the only guy to be on the team for all of them.

    Not surprised it was bull dog who got it right, either. That seems to be his wheelhouse.

    I think Girardi will easily pass him, btw. By the time this series is over, at a minimum, Girardi will be within 10 games.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – you know the day destroys the night, night divides the day….

  75. It looked really bad in terms of how the back of skate got caught on the outside of the post and then the torque at which snapped past the post. And then he got it again on the back bar.

    I’ve been getting this sense recently that goalies wear a ear piece and a mic, just like Qbs. And I think the people on the hans end heard Price scream out and thats why the team doctor rushed to the bench. I think he injured something.

    It happened, and then the canadians kept play in the rangers zone for most of the 2nd period, but there were the 2 quick goals at the end of the 2nd, and then Price was out.

    Hearing that he isn’t practicing and his quote. I think he is injured

  76. ““there’s a killer on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad””

    The Habs will be taking a long holiday after this series.

  77. By the close of game 2, le Habs will have attempted to run The Kreider every time he was on the ice.

    Problem is, when he’s skating they can’t catch him and when he’s in front of the net, they can’t budge him.


  78. iDoodie Machetto on

    I’ll say this on a Kreider running price: yes, he got hit in the skate, but he made absolutely no effort to avoid contact. Furthermore, the way he falls is not the way one would normally fall as a result of getting your right skate chopped.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – he fell that way because it was the only way to fall without plowing into him standing up…he had about a micro second (ten to the minus 6) to decide and he simply dropped to minimize impact…There was no way THE could make that play AND avoid contact.

  80. Papa Bear… Prust still wearing NYR boxers.
    Secret agent still…
    I thought that when I saw the replay & how many times he continued wracking & hacking THE.

  81. Doodie, The Kreider lost his edge traveling at a high rate of speed. That was not even close to being premeditated. He was at risk of injury just as much Price was and maybe even more so.

  82. Boiler,

    The Kreider is made of steel. He didn’t feel a thing. Prust gave us a 3 goal gift – a hat trick, a Prust Hat Trick!

  83. iDoodie Machetto on

    He got his skate hacked. Usually you go head first for that. He went feet first. I’ve never seen that.

  84. _Problem is, when he’s skating they can’t catch him and when he’s in front of the net, they can’t budge him._


    Also, when goes into the corner or along boards to compete for the puck, Le Habs will find out quickly (if they haven’t already) The Kreider is usually the last man standing.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Either THE tries to make that play or he doesn’t. Once his intent was to get a shot on and score, that collision could not have been prevented. It’s something the league, going forward, must investigate because it’s happen ending to often. These guys are just too big and too fast. Mass times Velocity = Momentum ….and THE was bringing both in big quantity….Big Mo cannot be easily prevented…

  86. Doodie, I don’t think his skate being hacked caused him to fall. I thought he lost his edge when he started to peel off to the corner to avoid contact.

  87. Papa, I also think this series could go five or at the most 6. The closeness of this group is becoming more evident and their confidence is growing every day. Credit must also be given to AV and staff. They’re making smart adjustments between games and within. Hard to imagine this team not going to the SCF with their focus on each game. Love this journey!!

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – exactly. And he was going too fast, with not enough space to make that turn. THE was bordered on both sides by Habs and his only option was drop and hit price or try to remain up and really crush price…

  89. THE KREIDER is trying to reach 100 followers on Twitter:


  90. Stop crying Brandon. You would do the same thing kreider did. Thats the name of the game right. IN sport where guys embellish, and squeeze their arms to their body when they feel a stick, and basically do whatever they can within the rules, yes if you know you can make legal incidental contact with the goalie you want.

    Prust would be doing the same thing in he were in Kreider’s position. The real issue for Prust and the Canadians is that Price got hurt

  91. Who is this clown that has decided that Kreider intentionally drop-kicked Price? Unbelievable how the Canadian media will do anything they can to help the Habs win they are trying to motivate the Habs and now rhen they go after Lundqvist they are justified. It’s the Adam graves/Mario thing all over again. If they end up losing because if this…,,,

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just like Prust could have prevented himself from Slashing THE 8 times in a span of a 30 seconds.

  93. For a man embarking on a young career whose team was going to beat the Habs based on their inability to contain him, THE will be public enemy number one for the remainder of his time in the NHL for “accidentally on purpose” robbing the Montreal Canadiens of the Stanley Cup.

    Every time THE steps foot in Quebec…

    Talk about eviscerating the ghosts.

  94. And if the shoe were on the other foot, how incensed we’d be. However id be ticked off i dont have a d man who can keep himself between our goalie and the THE. A piece not often mentioned about the play.

    The did the same thing to MAF in round two. Can you imagine what would have happened to Price if he went in upright?

    Can you say Johnny bench all star hit 1975!!!!

  95. LOL at the montreal brigand knowing they have no answer for Kreider on the ice, so they going Political in efforts to slow him down. Hoping it will lead to Kreider getting penalized for every borderline play. Sounds like a city and a whole country is getting nervous.

    Looks like they called in forensics to investigate

    From Dave Stubbs (seems to me already he’s the blogboy shill beat for the montreal contingent)

    #NYT Kreider left his feet on his own, he was not tripped. Skating 36.2 km/h per @hockeynight at impact #Habs #HabsIO

    dave stubbs
    josh yoshe
    dejan kuku
    luckily I’ve already forgotten the philly names

  96. This team turned it around after Kreider came back..guys a monster……Rangers better 5 on 5 team…just need to stay out of the box

  97. After watching it again multiple times it is very clear that Kreider’s right leg is hacked out of stride which ultimately causes him to lose his footing and and additionally because of that there is really no way he can stop or avoid what happened. This is all the Canadian media trying to motivate their boys. Maybe it will work, maybe not. And sorry Doodie but I completely disagree with your argument. You go head first when your feet are pulled out from under you. Not getting into more forensics cause honestly, the whole thing is ridiculous. Our guys better make sure they protect Hank because I think that’s what the Canadian media is hoping will happen. They would stop at nothing for a Cup.

  98. Tough day for MSL. Best wishes! I think it tells you a lot about this team that they’re all attending his mom’s funeral.

    Enjoy this run, folks. This is a special group of players we are watching since game 5 agains Pittsburgh. They are playing for each other. You could sense how close they are, how motivated, and how difficult it is to break their concentration. All about business and pkaying together. We now know they have the tools too.

    Tomorrow game is as important as they’ve played this postseason so far. Because Montreal will play their best. They have to, or it’ll be all but over. And if NY wins tomorrow anyway, expect a very special run. Looking forward.

  99. Go to for a decent report. They tend to be for the leafs so it might skew it our way. Pathetic. They can’t stop him so now he accidentally on purpose ran their goalie.

  100. French Horn blaring

    Wooo Wooo Wooo Wooo

    breaker breaker one one nine

    We have a Man-Beast on the loose.

    I repeat, we have a Man-Beast on the loose.

  101. Prust is a piece of trash. Were his 8 slashes and cross checks accidental? How about what he did with his stick to THE groin?

    That was not intentional in any way. There was no way to avoid it. THE leaned over back and to his left to try and create a shooting angle and at the same time his foot was chopped causing him to lose his balance because he was going so fast. If the lug head Prust cannot get that , it does not surprise me. He does not seem like the sharpest knife in the cupboard. Perhaps his jaw is blocking oxygen from flowing to his nose?

  102. There is no question that if Broussard can’t go, Carcillo has to dress and play on tge third line. P rust is going to go head hunting for THE tomorrow. The mist overrated and overpaid goon in the league will also try and run Hank as well. I hope THE looks over his shoulders tomorrow because jaw boy will try something dirty like a head shot or worse, a knee on knee. The Rangers have to be prepared to go after that jerk because he will do something.

  103. Rangers have another chance of breaking 13 game losing streak when leading a series. They have lost 8 straight game 2.

    Reading some earlier posts of rangers in 5 come on it will never happen. We wouldn’t be so lucky. It’s not who they are.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “I will kill ever media hack in Montreal. I’ll stab every one then machine gun them down. After that, I’ll stab each one in the heart and rip their arms and legs off. I’ll burn their eyes out with a searing poker. I’ll smash broken glass in their faces. I’ll drown them, burn them, and then throw them off the highest building I can find. I’ll eat their dead bodies and burp loudly. When I pinch my morning loaf, I’ll flush them down the toilet. After that, I’ll plunge them over and over. I’ll murder and kill every one of them. After I kill every media member, I’ll start killing their family members and their friends,,and their friends. Soon I’ll have killed every one in Canada.”

  105. Carcillo plays 4th line with Boyle Dorset Moore moves up just like yesterday.

    Miller is a def liability and doesn’t mesh with Boyle and Dorset on a line

  106. Right? Punished for being crosschecked into the goalie on a play that should have counted as a goal.

  107. Good afternoon, Sally!

    I will say this. If Gallagher did that to Lundqvist you’d all want one of the Rangers, anybody, to do what Prust did to Kreider. You would.

    and Kreider didn’t do himself any favors by throwing that shoulder block on Fleury in the last round. Getting a rep.

  108. Watched video again where could Kreider have gone. It was too much speed on the play to avoid price

  109. Prust is too slow to understand how speed works. If Prust goes flying in a goalie, he can break dance while sliding and flip over the goalie.

    A guy like THE, with his speed, can’t do that. It’s a lot tougher to avoid contact.

  110. also, if the argument is that Kreider didn’t lose his footing because he wasn’t tripped (I think he was), well they should be thankful that he went into a hook slide instead of going in standing up. Price would have been in the fourth row. And they would have to replace the netting behind the glass.

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    THE, shot of a cannon hits Price who then gets launched as if shot out of a cannon.

  112. @rangersreport

    Either way, Kreider’s not going to fight Prust, and the Habs will have to find a way to catch him first. Didn’t catch him at all Game 1.

  113. Great review, Carp.

    This team has turned me into a believer. For a team that many of us thought was too soft and too inconsistent to contend, they have indeed turned the page when it matters most. Credit to all of them because they are playing for each other as a team. Special to watch! Complete 180 since game 4 in Pittsburgh.

    There is nothing wrong with the way Kreider is playing. Going to the net is also what makes him so dangerous. If he earns a rep that he’s not afraid to go to net, that’s great! He can defend himself. What is amazing is that this is still considered his rookie year! He has his whole career ahead of him. How good is this guy going to be?

  114. THE is the answer to our desire for a power forward the last few years and I for one am really enjoying watching the growth (and growing pains)

  115. I know Kreider is a kid and doesn’t really know how to box, but I’m pretty sure with his size and strength he would be able to defend himself alright against almost anyone, including 5’11” Brandon Prust…

    He should keep doing what he’s doing…

  116. I wouldn’t assume he can fight until he does, though. Might want to take on a less-experienced slugger than Prust first.

  117. To repeat: Get on your knees and thank Scott Howson for effing up the trade deadline in ’12, or Kreider might have been a Blue Jacket, along with Dubinsky.

  118. Kenny Albert joe micheletti calling game 1 on nbc. No doc no Dave strader or engblom

  119. “Price would have been in the fourth row. And they would have to replace the netting behind the glass.”

    That’s my boy, CARP!

  120. @TGfireandice

    Kreider Saturday on collision with Price: “I put it wide and somehow lost my footing. I thought maybe someone pressured me from behind…”


    Kreider cont: “..I seem to have an issue staying on my feet on those, but then I went in skates first and I just had too much momentum…”


    Kreider cont: “…and couldn’t really avoid him. It didn’t feel too good for me either.”

  121. Again, there is absolutely no logical reason for THE Kreider to go into Price on purpose.

  122. Carp
    Thanks for the stellar review

    Manny (and others fwiw)
    Re Stepan…why do I always have to straighten you guys out ;)

    I give manny crap about Stepan because manny always talks about size and physicality (as do I and I am vibin’ with him on that point) and Stepan quite honestly is one of the least physical guys on the team by quite a bit.

    I don’t mind Stepan being a slower skater, speed is a bit overrated IMHO, but he isn’t physical at all. He’s inconsistent offencively for the most part (most players go through hot/cold streaks), and I do not like what is next contract is probably going to be (speculating 5mil + per season)

    Overall he is slightly better than brassard(I’ve said this before), but it is only marginally better. Neither is a 1C, both are better suited as a 2C. Stepan is a little better defencively and is a couple years younger. Brassard is more physical, faster, better on faceoffs, and more creative.

    Both are inconsistent!!

    End of the day, brass will probably make around 4 mil and step around 5 mil (after next year). Comparing the attributes and (probable) salary numbers coming up, I’d rather have brass on my team any day over Stepan (especially at over a mil difference in salary) if…(big *IF*) we only can keep one.

    If I can move either to get stastny, I would in a New York second!!

    I would also move either to get some size and grit on the wings or on D.

  123. The series has now begun. Habs needed something catc onto. I don’t buy for a sec Kreider could have avoided contact

  124. the rag-doll. To me, its the most instinctual thing to do if I were in a hockey fight. I would never allow the other guy to have any equilibrium. I would be pulling him down and pushing him back up. I wouldn’t even punch a guy. I would just rag-doll the guy and give him forearms. Right, its just the most instinctual thing to do, IF your good on your skates.

    If Kreider went into a fight with Prust with that intent. He could probably rag-doll Prust around. Either way I dont want Kreider fighting Prust. Kreider has no reason to fight Prust. They are just trying to get Kreider off his game bc they can’t on the rink

  125. No coincidence this thing turned around when the K came back. Talk about peaking at the right time. Our boys are the team to beat now IMHO. And we don’t have to go thru Boston?

  126. Although, with his surgically repaired hand… We’d don’t need to see The Kreider in hand-to-hand combat with anyone.

  127. I just looked at that gif for the first time.

    When Kreider is going down, he puts his left arm out towards Carey Price in the manner of “whoa, hey watch out”

    I think that little bit of body mannerisms shows he was looking to let up as opposed to barrel in.

    I think someone else just say as well, i think it might have been carp, at the speed Kreider was going, in relation to the net and the goalie, if he didn’t go down like that Price would have looked like the wily-coyote against the boards and Kreider would have ate his own-teeth.

    This is a non-issue

  128. You don’t intentionally slide into the goalie and the post at that speed. If he was on his feet and ran him, that’s different (like MAF).

  129. JPP. You are 100% right. Kreider shouldn’t fight Prust. With his bad hand, his Ranger mates can’t let that happen.

  130. bull dog line on

    I agree with Carp. how is the Kreider play not a penalty on Kreider for goalie interference, or a penalty on Montreal for tripping. one or both of them happened.

  131. Kings hawks Kenny and micheletti doing the game.

    I like hawks in 6 with 3 ot games

  132. “Thanks, Miami. How about the mention of THE in the review?”

    CARP, how could I forget to thank you?!

    It was EPIC. Ms. Pimp and Pimp’s Mother both got a kick out of it this morning (and do, every time you mention it).

    Thanks to you, the drive to rename him “THE” continues.

    If you get a chance, would you ask him if he follows @THEKreider?

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    earlier this year, THE rag dolled FA Nuff and then body slammed him onto the ice.

    THE is half man, Half beast

    Lucic – “I’m not human nor am I a beast, I’m a byfuglien tool”

  134. Weise the Wuss- “Lucic squeezed my hand very hard on the handshake line. I almost cried.”

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa- should the rangers play the Kings, I’ll take Hank over Quack.

    Rangers in 6. At the Garden.

    We want the cup
    We want the cup
    We want the cup

  136. Habs are quite a whiny team. Last year, this year.

    That’s good for the Blueshirts, who just play and keep their mouths shut, no excuses.

  137. In honor of the Blueshirts and Carps spot on review, this morning I ordered my Brocoli and Tomatoe Omelet with Onions, lots of onions!

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “I will kill you so many times it won’t even be funny. Actually, it will be funny as I’ll just keep killing you even after you’re already dead, like, a million times. I’ll murder you up down sideways and in between. I will make you scream until you’re so dead you won’t be able to scream. I’ll kill you in ways I haven’t even thought of yet. I’ll go Egyptian, ancient Greek, ancient Roman, AND medieval on you. Then I’ll start killing every person you’ve ever known”

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “if Cooke were brains, I’d be the smartest man to ever live”

  140. Good afternoon all!

    I have to sincerely thank the boys for salvaging what has otherwise been a crummy weekend for me.

    I think at this point the guys have shown that past stats don’t much matter anymore (fingers crossed). The last four games have shown me that this team means business.

    And despite every lost heart beat and gray hair, I am loving this post-season!!!! LGR!!!

  141. Lone Ranger on

    Great Post Carp. Re Habs take on 1st game First Concern, then doubt and finally fear. Need to go for the jugular Monday night. Hope we don’t have a false sense of secuiry with that blow-out, but Habs were coming on prior to the quick twos goals at the end of the 2nd period. Also, hope Brassard is ok to play. If not Miller is my choice.

  142. Slava Malamud ?@SlavaMalamud 53s

    Alex Ovechkin has been taken off in an ambulance. Evaluation still pending, but according to inside info, “it’s pretty bad”. #Caps

  143. wow!! I didn’t think Milbury could be a bigger jack wagon until now. Milbury basically said the Canadians should beat the crap out of Kreider and plow into Lundqvist.

  144. I guess the hockey gods have answered Alex Overchkin, payback for the comments that MSG smells like urine and all the years Overchkin got away with charging and hurting opposing players. I don’t feel bad for him at all.

  145. That’s from a tool who once went into the stands a beat a fan with a shoe.

  146. The reply clearly shows Alexei emelin, after dropping a deuce on the ice, recklessly swinging his stick into THE’s skates to break his stride. At that speed, the slightest stick check will knock a manchild like that off his feet. Even Edzo, insert Pierre joke here, called emelin out on NBC’s telecast.

  147. good morning all!!

    GREAT review Carp!
    always enjoy reading them
    enjoy ’em even more after a win

  148. seriously jpg, you’re stealing my opening, with incorrect timing too? haiku you!!

  149. sorry

    ummmmmm….i’m blaming it on my earlier headache
    and pain relievers.

  150. always jpg, always….I take it as a compliment :) Just don’t do it again!!! hahahaha

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – re: Brassard and Stepan. Not to mention that Brassard is big time clutch come the playoffs. Stepan hasn’t really done much at all in his playoff history here in NY…Brassard led the rangers in scoring last year in the PO, and had the GWG in Games 1 and 5 (and a huge insurance goal to make it 3-1 in Game 5) vs the pens, plus a huge insurance goal in Game 6 to make it 3-1. Big players rise on big occasions. Our boy Brassard has shown himself to have huge onions.

  152. uh-oh
    after prust’s comment
    do you think
    now feels

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