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Alain Vigneault

Q.  In your own words, what can you tell us about what the day was like and being there to support Marty?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Well, what I can say is that the New York Rangers family has been touched by a little Quebec family in a deep, profound way.  Today was very emotional, very moving time for our team to have the opportunity to be there and share that with Marty and his family.
Marty took the stand or the podium or whatever you want to call it, and shared some incredible moments.  It was a very deep message.  It was a challenging day for us.

Q.  How do you go about turning your attention back to a game after something like that?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Well, I think considering we’ve got basically the rest of the day off and guys are going to do what they normally do the night before a game, and tomorrow morning we’re going to practice, and we’re going to start focusing on what we need to do hockey?wise.  That’s the only thing we can do.  Today is a day where we think about Marty and his family and his mother, and tomorrow life goes on and we’ve got to get ready for a big game.

Q.  I just wondered, is there any update on Derick Brassard?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I think he was day?to?day yesterday, and he’s day?to?day to day.

Q.  You said after her wake you texted with Marty to see how he was doing.  What is your sense about where he’s at mentally and emotionally right now?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  After hearing him speak, I don’t know how he did it.  He’s a much better man than I am to be able to do something like that.  But I think what he’s doing and his family, his sister, and his father, and his aunts and uncles, and everybody that’s close to him, I think what they’re doing is they’re moving on through our team.  The fact that we’re still playing is enabling them to cope and handle this challenging situation.

Q.  How then are you avoiding turbulence, in many ways, and connecting as a hockey team (Indiscernible)?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I think today was obviously the big day as far as helping us turn the page and move forward.  It was a strong message from Marty today.  But just because of who Marty is and how we’ve all handled this so far, I mean, we’re just come to the rink and done our business.  And that’s what we’re going to try to do here as we move forward also.

Q.  On a different subject over Canadiens practice today, both Michel and Brandon Prust basically said they don’t think Chris Kreider is a dirty player, but what happened is something he maybe could have avoided.  He didn’t turn his body or whatever.  I think the phrase was accidentally on purpose.  Do you have a reaction to that?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Today I’m definitely not in the mood to pick a fight with anybody.  What’s great about this country is that everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.  You don’t have to agree with it, but everybody’s entitled to their opinion.  I tend to believe a 2?0 game, guy going on a breakaway, he’s trying to score.

Q.  If Carey Price isn’t able to play tomorrow for them, does that change anything for you in your team’s approach?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I’m sure Price is going to be there, so we’re getting ready for him.

Q.  In a bigger picture with the play with Kreider on Price as he got behind the “D”, obviously he was in on a breakaway.  It happened a number of times.  Do you think your speed, whether it was a huge factor or not, caught them off guard at all?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I can’t answer to what they were expecting from us.  I can tell you that we try to play a fast game.  We play whistle to whistle.  That’s what we do.  We try to play north, south, up?tempo?type game, and we don’t have the puck, we try to check well to get it back so we can go back on the attack.  I’m not sure what they expected.  You have to ask them.  But that’s what we do, and we definitely play whistle to whistle.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

Brad Richards

Q.  You guys have been really gracious talking about a difficult time for Marty and for the team.  How is everybody doing today?
BRAD RICHARDS:  Oh, you know, it was another tough day.  We all know how funerals are, and it’s tough to really talk about.  It gets to the point where you have to let the family deal with that, and not always be out in the public with it, and they did a good job of that.  They’re all together, and putting her to rest, and that’s part of the process.

Q.  Do you think this way Marty can get a little closure in a very difficult time?
BRAD RICHARDS:  Yeah, I think it’s going to help just to get his mind off two things:  Trying to play and then trying to make sure he’s doing all the right things for his family and his dad and do what his mom would want.
So I think we all know this will probably hit him when hockey is over and he has time to reflect.  But he’s done an unbelievable job keeping everything together and helping his sister and his dad get through this.  You wouldn’t expect anything else.

Q.  How do you sort of reconcile the fact that this is obviously a very emotional thing, but also not wanting to trivialize that.  He lost his mom, and that doesn’t change whether you win a hockey game or not.
BRAD RICHARDS:  Yeah, it doesn’t.  I think the big thing is it was the timing of it probably leads to a great story, and we want it to be a great story.  We’re not trying to hide that.  At the same time, we’ve played good hockey all year.  I think it’s the biggest thing.  It made Marty get to know the guys and the group and the organization a lot quicker than he would have if that didn’t happen, you know, when you’re coming to a new team.  So he felt like the organization was there to support him.  We felt how passionate he was for the group and the organization.
So I think it made us get closer to him, and he really feels like he’s a Ranger now with what he went through and everybody behind him.

Q.  (Indiscernible), do you guys pay attention to that?
BRAD RICHARDS:  I don’t know the exact score.  It was 2?0, maybe.  I’ve never seen a hockey player that can score an important goal on a breakaway and would rather run into a goalie or figure out a way to hit a goalie.  I mean, he’s trying to score a goal.  If you’ve watched him, he’s a pretty fast, big player.  When he gets going, it’s hard to stop sometimes.
It’s a split?second thing that happened.  No one’s trying to?? we’re trying to score goals and get ahead 3?0, not manufacture something like that.  They can say that.  They can think that.  That’s their right, but we know how Chris plays, and it’s a fast game out there, a lot of things can happen.

Q.  Do you expect all the games to be ending in that type of a lopsided score?
BRAD RICHARDS:  No, obviously not.  I think everybody has talked about it.  You’ve seen it all through the years in hockey.  Sometimes after a series, sometimes an emotional letdown or reset, and we were fortunate enough that we had a couple days to kind of reset.  They flew home and had pretty much half a day to get ready.
So that can happen, and that’s part of the scheduling.  We might have gotten lucky there getting those two days off where we can regroup.  We’re going to see a whole different team tomorrow night, and we’re expecting a big push from them.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports


Michel Therrien

Q.  On the same subject, your city is quite nervous and passionate over the visual evidence of what might have happened to Carey last night and him being on the ice for a brief time this morning.  What do you say to your fan base to try to calm those fears?
COACH THERRIEN:  I don’t have much to say.  Today is an optional practice, and this is a therapy day for him.  I reviewed the incident, and obviously it was an accidental contact.  Put it this way, it didn’t make much effort to avoid the contact.

Q.  Do you think, does Kreider have that kind of reputation?  I know he did slam into Fleury in the last round?
COACH THERRIEN:  Well, you know what?  It happened in the past, and like I just said, I’m sure the intention of the player is not to hit the goalie, but you have to try everything in your power to avoid contact.  It’s tough to say if he tried everything to avoid that contact.

Q.  At a different point in each round we’ve asked you about Thomas Vanek.  I know a lot of players obviously needed to be better last night, but in the minutes that you gave him, at any point did it enter your mind to make him a healthy scratch at that point?
COACH THERRIEN:  No, no.  You know what?  After the game yesterday we did talk about their game.  We turned the page, and we’re not going to come back about yesterday’s game.  What is most important for us is the way that we’re going to play tomorrow night.  That is the only thing that we can control is our preparation and focus and make sure we have a good game tomorrow.

Q.  Is there any doubt in your mind that Carey will play tomorrow night?
COACH THERRIEN:  We’ll see tomorrow.  We’ll see tomorrow.  I can’t tell you that right now.

Q.  In the third period Brandon Mashinter took some shots at Kreider and a couple of minors.  Do you like what Brandon did in that sense, or do you think he should have laid off?
COACH THERRIEN:  Tough to say.  I guess as a player you can appreciate what Kreider did to Carey Price, but we have to make sure we control our emotions for the next game.

Q.  Any thoughts on what you could do to impact Henrik Lundqvist’s life a little bit tomorrow and making it more of a physical battle?
COACH THERRIEN:  You know what?  Yesterday’s game is behind us.  It’s like we know what we’re supposed to do, and yesterday we didn’t do it at all, at all.  I don’t want to talk about that game like everything was bad for us last night and we’ve got to move on.  That team faced adversity where at time we had some bad games through the course of the regular season and even it happened in the playoffs.
But I like the way they respond because we always show the right attitude.  Tomorrow we will have the right attitude to approach tomorrow night’s game.

Q.  Where is Alex Galchenyuk in recovery?  Is he an option for next game?
COACH THERRIEN:  He’s doing really good.  He’s clear for contact, he practiced well, and we’ll see for tomorrow.

Q.  It’s possible?
COACH THERRIEN:  It’s always a possibility.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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  1. And a legit hattie before this mama takes her sick self to bed and preps for tomorrow….TA!

  2. Stranger Nation on

    AV is hilarious with his day to day comment

    Feel for Marty and family, today must have been tough.

    When did Mashinter get traded to Habs?

  3. Stranger Nation on

    NYR v Chi – what will Olga do? and how is mother? tell her Juanna says hi…

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    Stranger- I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.

    Mother says… well, what Mother always says.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ll need a new name for the CHI-NYR finals.

    How about Chicago Folkyerself?

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    Name change proposal.

    Instead ” you piece of Carcillo” or “thats a bunch of bull Carcillo” how about

    ” you piece of Prust ” or ” you pile of Prust ” and “thats a bunch of bullprust” and ” that smells Prusty ” or ” He stepped into deep Prust ”


  7. This was a good read. My thoughts are with Marty & his family. Glad the team was there to support him.

  8. I think too many people here like Prust, and so I don’t think it’s a good idea. Plus he never crapped on the logo like Carcillo, Brashear, Cooke, Kaleta, Rinaldo.

  9. Mama love to MSL and the extended NYR family who supported him…amazing.

    Agreed Carp….heck, even I have stopped using Carcillo for carcillo….would NEVER use Prust for anything…I am still a believer in hartnell…

    Olga, oh baby, I can only hope we get to the point where we stick each other…

    and that’s a wicky

  10. do you think prust
    would have described toews
    running into quick
    for the disallowed goal
    as doing it
    “accidentally on purpose”?

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Fair enough. But I think I’ll use it though. I also think that that piece of Prust did himself no favors today with some NYR fans who still liked him.

  12. Czech….I’m the first person to wicky, and say hey, it’s a I can’t hate Prust for doing his job. It’s a biz, even though I hate it sometimes. And I’m actually happy he didn’t do worse against us.

    I just don’t want a Prust fight with anyone, and I don’t see that happening (fingers crossed).

    Hartnell Habs!!!! mama love….and seriously TA!

  13. Alain Amour on

    He played dirty yesterday and he lied about Kreider in both the game yesterday and the series against the Penguins. He is a stinky piece of Prust.

  14. Hattrick game sucks. What are you supposed to do, check in with them five times a day or you get locked out? Whoever runs that show is pretty presumptuous.

  15. Rangers shouldn’t allow Prust to continue the hatchet job with his stick on The Kreider.

    He should be dealt with in game 2 if it continues.

    Prust is the enemy now and this is a war.

  16. Agreed about Prust… just doing his job. There isn’t a better time to get a game misconduct then when the game is already over.

  17. The hattrick challenge hasnt been updated for over 2 days now. I got one yesterday and today. Unless SeeeDubbb nailed it as well I’m in the lead! Melrose runs it I think. No wonder it sucks.

  18. So Canadians didn’t like the THE “hit” on Price (right)… but the Weaver hit less than 5 minutes on hometown Brassard is fine.

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Boiler – that’s different…Brassard is our guy….it’s ok for them to hurt our guys….

  20. Admiral Akbar on

    This is eerily similar to 1979 Rangers-Habs when Dryden wasnt supposed to start game 2 after giving up 4 goals in game 1 and then did start at the last minute due to a freak injury to the goalie who was supposed to play and the Herbs won 4 in a row and the Cup.

    (Run-on sentence!)

  21. Admiral Akbar on

    The Beaver hit Captain Brassard in a purposefully inadvertent hit that was also a bit late.

  22. Gentle men,

    I’ll hopefully be rocking my “THE KREIDER” jersey in Game 4, but I need some help … where should I sit? (and don’t even try suggesting 100s as those would require me to take out a loan).

    Gracias for any insight.

    I’d love to sit near some boneheads + location where I’ll be visible celebrating THE KREIDER’s inevitable hat trick.

  23. coos – I missed half the picks already..but I found you can pick the next days on that hattrick challenge. I already picked tomorrow’s

  24. I went on the Montreal board of HF after the last game. A lot of people were saying Kreider hit Price on purpose and he wasn’t tripped. They wanted some revenge on Kreider…black eyes, etc…………good luck with that.

    They said they aren’t worried. They weren’t worried that Kreider blew past their defense on many occasions………

    I would be if I were them.

  25. Robby Bonfire on

    I wish they would put the Rangers logo on the front of the team uniform and use the scrip R-A-N-G-E-R-S uniform as the second uniform. All the other original six teams are ahead of us, in this regard, and our logo is just as attractive as any of them.

  26. PIMP, I’ve recently sat in 214 and 221. I was well chuffed in both locations.

  27. Thanks, LATONA.

    Are the center skywalk seats any good? I know that there’s a piece of glass in front of them … doesn’t that take away from the experience?

  28. CARP, by/from the transcript.

    “Q. In the third period Brandon Mashinter took some shots at Kreider and a couple of minors. Do you like what Brandon did in that sense, or do you think he should have laid off? “

  29. iManny-O-War on

    Carp: LOVE reading the transcripts. Definitely better than listening. At least for me

  30. I’m scratching my head over this tweet from Jen @NHLhistorygirl from over there —->

    _On this date in 1997, #NYR Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier won the final playoff game of their #NHL careers. Retweeted by Rangers Report_

    If they won their final playoff game of their careers, wouldn’t that make them SC Champions? Not in 97, not that I recall.

  31. Papa, I think the tweet is referring to Game Two of the 97 ECF series between NYR-PHI. That was the only game NYR won in the series, and Gretzky/Messier didn’t make the playoffs again in their respective careers.

  32. GRETZKY scoring the natural hat trick in a second period vs the Panthers in the ’97 playoffs was awesome.

    Could never again find video of that. Anyone have it?

  33. Thanks for the transcripts, Carp…good read. Sad that MSL’s mother died during the playoff series…I know that my parents would have told me to go win the game if that happened, just the way MSL did it. Nice that it brought the team together off the ice in a way that seems to have helped them gel on the ice.

  34. iManny-O-War on

    What’s worse than being inured in Russia? Ending up in a Russian hospital.


  35. Man, watching that video reminds me of how awesome the NHL Network used to be. Great original programming. Now we’re stuck with EJ on NHL Live and the motley crew of NHL Tonight.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Can anyone explain to me how EJ Sporadic has a job? His voice is like nails on a chalkboard, and his insight is about as interesting as a bowl of jello. Plus he says the phrase “guy” or “the guy” about 200 times per 30 minutes of airtime. His boyfriend on the show is equally nauseating.

  37. Prust “we’re in the NHL, we know how to fall”

    Prust, it might be easier for you to fall. You’re so effing slow, you’re falling while traveling at half The Kreider’s skating speed.

  38. EJ’s pronunciation of “mature” is probably an underlying factor in Lucic’s rage.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “hey EJ, how you’d like me to kill you about 100 times? Maybe blast you with a shotgun, rip you in half with a sword? Chop you into pieces with my chainsaw? Pound nails into your eyeballs with a hammer? I will murder you and then kill you only to murder you some more. Try speaking on camera after I cut your tongue out of your mouth and club your skull with my nine iron, 8-iron, 7-iron, 6-iron, and 5-iron. Then I’ll tee your head up and blast away with my 1 wood.”

  40. Robby Bonfire on

    I wish Marc Staal could contribute a primary assist in the playoffs, once in a Blue Moon (but not yet).

  41. Did you guys see the mic’d up highlights from game 1 on nhl network??

    When kreider scores his goal, Nash skates up to celebrate with him and tells him nice job kiddo.


  42. “I wish they would put the Rangers logo on the front of the team uniform and use the scrip R-A-N-G-E-R-S uniform as the second uniform. All the other original six teams are ahead of us, in this regard, and our logo is just as attractive as any of them.”

    it’s comments like this that got the term BONEHEADS permanently engraved on this section of the blog.

  43. _it’s comments like this that got the term BONEHEADS permanently engraved on this section of the blog._

    trying to figure out if this was a positive or a negative comment :)

  44. Someone figured out that THE was going about 22.6mph when he fell.

    That’s 36.37kph for you Canadians.

    My son was only going 15mph cpl years ago when he hit a tree trying to stop my little Mini on a snowy night.

    Hags or Zucc might have been able to carve a little turn at the end and only pull Prices leg a bit… injury might have been worse though.

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