Game 1: Rangers at Canadiens … It’s Go Time!


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Rangers at Canadiens.


Hey, if you want to look at the positive side, the Rangers were unbeaten in regulation in Montreal this season (1-0-1).

Yeah, this building is something of a House of Horrors for the Rangers, who had lost eight in a row there before Cam Talbot’s 1-0 win there in November. But it’s nothing like the Forum pre-1991. The Rangers, shortly after the Habs moved from the Forum to the new arena, wiped out an 0-2 series lead, after losing the first two at the Garden, by winning all three games in Montreal in 1996.

The goalie matchup of Carey Price vs. Henrik  Lundqvist in a Sochi gold-medal game rematch. Price is clearly the best goalie the Rangers will have faced in these playoffs, though he probably can’t play much better than Steve Mason did.

Alex Galchenyuk (knee) the only injury on either team, and he should be back during the series.

Alain Vigneault, a Quebec native and former head coach of the Canadiens, will likely go with the same lineup he used the last three games of the Pittsburgh series, which means Daniel Carcillo, J.T. Miller, Jesper Fast, Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz are prucha’d.

As usual, I suspect this series will be 1-1 after two games and 2-2 after four, and this is just a guess, the winner of Game 1 won’t win the series.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on



    Rangers are in da HOUWSSSSEEE!!!

    We have been resting Hank from playin in Mtl , Marty STL hasn’t played there all year…its gonna be a GREAT GAME!!!

    Soooooooooooo LETS DO THIS!!!!

    lets gog gggo oggo gogogoggo!!!!!!


  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    NYR _fan how ’bout that LA!!!!?? Too bad we beat ’em in game 7 in the final eh?


  3. ole oleoleole oleeeeeeeeeeeeee oleeeee

    i dont have DVR so guess im stuck with you guys

  4. NYR_FAN’s Keys to the Series for the Rangers:

    1) Make sure Henrik can see Subban’s shot from the point, unless you are definitely going to block it.

    2) Get in Price’s face. Go to the dirty areas.

    3) Crisp passes. Short shifts. Keep your feet moving.

    4) Marty St Louis.

    5) Mats Zucc, Stupid Pooo, and D Brass continue their dominance from the first two rounds, now against Montreal’s bottom 6.

    6) Bran Bole.

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bettman – C-C-C ongra t t t t u l l l l l ations to the the the NNNNew YYYYork RRRRRanggggggers

  6. My nerves are through the roof. Gone this far might as well win the whole freaking thing. Lou brown manager in major league

  7. iManny-O-War on

    Don’t we kind of have to blame Ed Snider for NBC refusing to accommodate the France St. Louis funeral?

  8. This Montréal team plays a similar style to the 2012 Devils: high tempo and puck pressure in all zones. I don’t have a good feeling about this series.

  9. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard on a breakaway ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    He scoressss

  10. Rangers need to be able to adjust their breakouts and not rely so much on banking it off the wall or along the wall.

  11. Have 2-3 pair underwear on standby. Girlfriend sent to the city with instructions not to return before 6pm

  12. House of horrors. We may have been better off with bruins.

    Dave Jackson hasn’t worked a conf finals since 2009 and is from Montreal. Didn’t ref 2010-2013 postseason at all

  13. I, HAMBONE, renounce my mancrush on any and all Brandons that are not currently on the Rangers roster. Until further notice. Amen.

  14. Check Hank’s water bottle for any one of a variety of French Mickey Finns!

  15. Rangers in six.

    Hank plays lights out today

    Nash score

    Our French guys are amazing

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Nash will score!!!"...says Greg L. on


  17. iManny-O-War on

    Guys: don’t forget to update your “terror:excitement” ratios throughout.

    Like this:


  18. Oh Carp, I really wish you hadn’t said that, cause I’d really like a win today. Sally!!!!

  19. This game better end in a timely fashion or we are going to be hartnelled by the Preakness. Awfully risky scheduling by the No Brain Cabal

  20. Rangers are getting some room to maneuver.

    McDonagh is looking good.

    I like the early signs.

  21. Montreal boycott currently in effect. Just flushed the steak sauce down the ter-let.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Nash will score!!!"...says Greg L. on

    MARTY MARTY!!!!!

    Dominic Moore should be there on that line , yes!!!!!!

  23. When the Rangers pressure the puck and cycle like they did on the MSL goal, they are such an effective team. WOW!

  24. iManny-O-War on

    Yea. Massaging is not a good start. Just go inject him with something. Come on Frenchy!

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers getting a lot of time and space. If the Habs don’t tighten it up. This will be a quick series.

    Brassard got nailed on that check. Let’s hope he’s ok…

  26. when game was 0-0 I thought Montreal got away with 2 penalties and now that it’s 2-0 rangers you all know the first slight infraction the ranger player does on a Montreal player the rangers will be called for a penalty.

  27. Hopefully just a stinger for Brassard. Don’t think he’d be able to tolerate a massage with dislocation or separation.

  28. Brassard was shaken up early in the 1st period when he was drilled blindly way after he passed the puck. That was one of the penalties I thought should have been called.

  29. i despise Gallagher. he’s a ridiculous diver. way worse than Crosby and Marchand and Chara

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doc – “it hasn’t cost Price yet”

    Except for the two goal the Rangers have scored.

  31. Looks like we found the only way Mike Weaver can make a positive impact for Montreal in this series.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “I’m sore. But I will be back soon and I will score a goal”

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Nash will score!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whoaaaa whats with all the FLIPPERS? Is this NHL2001 ?

    RANGERS !!!!!! Im so happppy happy haapppy joy joy happy happy jooy joyy happpy!!!

    Im happy to be happy!!!


  34. Just have to vent. Again for the 2nd time in 3 years the local NBC affiliate here in Baltimore is covering the Preakness and they do not air the game. I just get how they are allowed to do this garbage. Us rangers fans in Baltimore cannot watch the game.

  35. iManny-O-War on

    How in the hell is that offsides?

    That had to be Racicot the Montreal guy, right?

  36. iManny-O-War on

    So does Miller replace Brassard with Don Moore moving up or does Carcillo/Fast join the lineup with Boyle moving to center?

  37. _Nervous that Brassard isn’t back yet._

    That would just destroy the bottom 6. I could handle this so much better if it were a clean hit.

  38. iManny-O-War on

    @TheNYRBlog: Rangers scored more goals in the first ten minutes of this game than they had against Montreal all season.

  39. iManny-O-War on

    Brassard being hurt would be awful. A death nail if the Rangers should be lucky enough to advance

  40. ThisYearsModel on

    Thanks for the info on Brassard. Can’t get video over here so am stuck listening to Don LaGreca and Don Maloney. And here with the Boneheads.

  41. Miller centers the 3rd and you hope for the best if this one is bad. That’s the best (only?) chance you have to keep rolling four lines.

  42. By the way manny

    What a atrocious job by scouting the refs to tell us Dave Jackson working instead brad Watson who was listed as standby guy is doing game with kozari

  43. I think Moore has decent enough skill to center the third, and AV trusts Carcillo or Fast more on the fourth line.

  44. _Don’t jump to conclusions on Brassard._

    Do you know nothing about reverse psychology, Carp? Brassard is done. Probably for his career.

  45. I am nbc’s worst nightmare
    There’s no way I am sticking around to watch a horse race just because I spent 3 hours watching the Rangers game. Nice try but next time don’t bother forcing a day game on me

  46. Bet we won’t know if Brassard is back until he’s on the ice because they’ll be too busy telling stories.

  47. Latona, don’t know what you are watching but Brassard didn’t have the puck, it was well passed off to another player when he got drilled.

  48. CARP, the puck was gone, but the hit wasn’t egregiously late or very late at all. I think it was clean.

  49. Brassard didn’t have his head up because he didn’t have the puck and wasn’t eligible to be legally checked.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “I’m a little banged up, but fear not. My return will be celebrated”

  51. iManny-O-War on

    Borque borque borque borque borque Borque borque borque borque borque Borque borque borque borque borque Borque borque borque borque borque Borque borque borque borque borque

  52. Let’s not be fooled by Canadiens’ slow start. Rangers will need a couple more goals.

  53. Carp I have a slingbox setup in NJ. It’s choppy but I can watch. The NBC live app works as well. Thanks!

  54. Did I ever mention the one game when I kept processing Sam’s pronunciation of Bourque as “Bork” and I wondered when the hell a player named “Bork” entered the league?

  55. Coverage starts at 4:30 Carp, hence my earlier post about nerves having this game end of time, or we are hartnelled by the No Brain Cabal

    I don’t believe in no ghosts!!!

  56. “Drink the flesh of life itself. Prepare to reign a thousand years.” – MZA

  57. I hope these last 4 mins on pp I’m not thinking about all freaking night. Golden chance there

  58. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I love the adjustment on the PP of putting Krieder in front.

  59. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That horn is the sound that French people make when they give up, Booby

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The power play was very good. Total zone time. Best it’s looked all playoff long…

  61. “disgusting” powerplay because they didnt score right?

    if they did score it’d be a “thing of beauty”

    those were 2 pretty damn good PPs. and the Rangers kind of dominated the Habs and took the crowd right out of it.

  62. Rob in Beantown on

    Rocco, has the game. Try that or the NBC Sports app (if you’re on a phone or tablet)

  63. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    My dream would be to see Brassard on the bench to start the 2nd

  64. it’s not a good sign with Brassard when Ramsey wasn’t on the bench the rest of the 1st period, probably a separated shoulder.

  65. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Just give Brassard a little roll on icy hot and get him back out there!

    Coyle played with TWO separated shoulders.

  66. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    PP’s were good. A few inside shots. Good zone time. I would like to see Richards down low and no Girardi. Both are point liabilities, that’s all.

  67. Until the tail end of the 2nd one, those were pretty good power plays by the Rangers. Great start to the series. They are giving Hank some run support on the road. He probably can handle it from here but we have to keep the pressure going

  68. It always amuses me to hear people make cracks about the French giving up when if not for them coming to our aid during the revolution we would have lost the war and be watching cricket right now drinking tea, but whatev.

  69. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    The worst thing about not converting is that in the WWE of NHL you can rest assured if the Rangers so much as sneeze the wrong way Montreal will have a PP. Their PP is pretty darn good.

    Why? They happen to have some good point players with great eyes and booming shots.

    No sneezing allowed!!!

  70. The thing about the weaver hit is this, if we base it on the current “rules” and defenceless player trend the nhl seems to want to go forward with, it was late and illegal.

    Personally, I think it was clean and brass should of had his head up and been paying attention.

    Either way, by the end of the game someone needs to pay a bit of a visit to mr weaver.

  71. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m just teasing, Wicky. Don’t be a jackwagon.

    Marquis De Lafayette (Gilbert Du Montier) is probably the single most important hero in American history and he’s French. Buried with Soil from Bunker hill nonetheless.

  72. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    I would love to be up there and feel the ‘quiet’ of the crowd. They score one goal, it totally changes.

    I’d try to start an “Ole Ole’ chant right about now!!!

  73. If Hank posts a shutout, you have to believe that the *momentum* would carry over to the next game. ;)

  74. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    You need to FOCUS on what you NEED to DO, and that will give you the result you want. -THE KING.

    Our creed is THIS.

    Spoken right from Hank’s mount.

    Carp we need to put this on a Cup!

  75. “Marquis De Lafayette (Gilbert Du Montier) is probably the single most important hero in American history and he’s French. Buried with Soil from Bunker hill nonetheless.”

    What happened to BRAN BOLE?

  76. Smart of dorsett not to engage prust in a scrap towards the end of the 1st, no reason to get the crowd amped up.

  77. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Wicky, I kind of agree with sending Weaver a message at some point. However, this Montreal team is sneaky physical. They’re much tougher than we are and it may be smarter to try to stay under the radar.

  78. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Montreal handled Boston’s physical play and then some. Not so sure our team could do that.

  79. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Top of the DAY Boys.

    Is it too early in the Day to drink BLUE?

    Because I’m 2 shots behind :)

  80. Matty
    I said it before this series started, they are a very rugged team without having humangous size.

  81. Didnt Brassard leave practice holding his lower back? and wasnt Ramsay massaging Brassard’s upper back/shoulder?

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Nash will score!!!"...says Greg L. on

    If Nash could team up with Pouliot we could see some puck control which would help Nash . We need to utilize this big guy . In Columbus it was him playing with himself . Nash has scarey what ifs about him , I say we use him later and make teams forget about him …Game 7 in the finals and Nash delivers ahhh well spent 8 million . Keep in mind Nash takes on top lines during the season so his teammates on other lines get an easier schedule and are fresher come playoffs.

  83. I just hope this isn’t a repeat of 2012 Eastern Conference Finals… Rangers were great in that first game- not so in the 5 after

  84. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Eric. Hate to say it, but I’m thinking like Eric. Waiting for the giveback call for a Montreal PP or 5 on 3. One goal and this crowd’s back.

    Gotta score next one. Gotta.

  85. rangers need to finish some of there opportunities. They better not try and hold onto a 2-0 lead. The rangers need to score 2 more goals if they want to win this game.

  86. I badly want one of their forwards drilled between the numbers “not late” in this game.

  87. brassard probably done for series. That means one of carcillo, miller or fast needs to come in and step up there game, still won’t replace what brassard brings to the table.

  88. THE Kreider!! Love his speed!
    Carp, wish I could remember that one (79) only 6 when it happened!

  89. Stepan’s lack of quick directional change and mobility is getting more and more evident.

  90. Can’t tell if my clammy sweats are from illness or the game.

    Please do not say SO so early!!!!! Jinxer!!!

  91. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    He goes from writhing in pain to standing up and putting pressure on it? PUH-leaze. Faker city.

  92. iManny-O-War on

    I hope Sather is on the phone with Radio Shack purchasing some ear piece technology now

  93. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Yes, seems Kreider should have been called there. He was not pushed or tripped. He tried to slow down and couln’t and went into Price.

    Who, BTW, is just fine after the acting job.

  94. Rob in Beantown on has been following Dominc Moore on *Star Cam* for awhile now

  95. Did you guys miss the stick hitting his leg and cause him to lose his balance?

  96. Rob in Beantown on

    Now it’s following St. Louis. I suspect the camera operator is confused between 26 and 28

  97. iManny-O-War on

    Subban trying something new by knocking the opponents net off its moorings.

  98. iManny-O-War on

    *Star Cam*

    Somebody call Dom Moore’s parents. They should be watching that!

  99. iManny-O-War on

    @DaveLozo: When a top player like Brassard gets hurt, you need your role players like Nash to step up.


  100. because of the brassard injury our best line doesn’t look so good anymore and ditto to the 4th line. Rangers need to score at least 1 more goal or this game could get ugly for the rangers.

  101. _If NYR wins the Cup, I hope Boyle hands the Cup to MZA, cause I’d die laughing._

    MSL on Zucc’s shoulders takes the Cup from Boyle. Everyone wins.

  102. iManny-O-War on

    If Nash was dynamic at all with Kreider on the LW that line would be amazing.

  103. “Remember that save by Carey Price?” Really? Stepan shot it right into him!

  104. what the rangers need is for Stepan and nash to play like the rangers 1st line.

  105. Matty"WhyNot!!!"Boy on

    Hank is playing like the best in the world. I honestly feel he deserves the ‘King’ title. This is serious good. Wow!

  106. iManny-O-War on

    Lol Wicky. Right. It’s Stepan’s fault that Nash is cluelessly floating around

  107. It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok…..stay strong Hank….you got this….it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok

  108. here we go, knew this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time, rangers are in trouble. That brassard injury really was a death blow to a game that could have been all rangers.

  109. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on


    THAT’s BS.

    If Bourk kept the play alive with 6 players, that should be reviewable, and NOT count.

  110. Manny
    Grow up, why don’t you give us another stupid ratio or something you baby!!!

  111. So 1st period is a full count late blindside hit to cost us a center, 2nd period is a too many men goal. Can’t wait to see what happens in the 3rd.

  112. Sioux, exactly!!!! How is that not reviewable?? Are the lines to Toronto down????

  113. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Manny – because it makes to much sense. To review something that the REFS got wrong.

  114. “Striding ahead is Richards, took a look and there’s a defender nearby so he just drops the puck off …”

  115. Mama is upset enough ….she wishes Manny and wicky would stop bickering…..

  116. I wouldn’t give too much credit to Bourque for that goal. He was shooting far/glove side, it hit McDonagh’s stick and went short side.

  117. Wheels are falling off . Those two blown pp and a missed call and another garbage 2nd per where we defend.

  118. iManny-O-War on

    I’m just shocked that they can’t review that and see the too many men.

  119. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    It’s NOT going to cost us the GAME.

    Nasher is going to get us a SHORTIE!!!!

  120. _and Richards missed the net 2-on-1 with St. Louis just before that helter skelter shift._

    But he didn’t get a minus, Carp ; )

  121. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Richards could have scored there, the HABS wouldn’t have scored.

  122. Not that I want more game stoppages, especially with the stupid hybrid icing, but in that case I would love to see a coach’s challenge.

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That’s about the 4th Subban interference penalty that wasn’t called

  124. Zucc off the crossbar… Damn! “THE” with the speed rush. He is a difference maker.

  125. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    THE KREIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Nash will score!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Captain Kreider?

    THE strikes again..

  127. Yesssssssss

    That is world-class speeeeeed.


  128. THE has had a couple of nightmare shifts in own end, as usual. But you can see he’s going to be a difference-maker in this series.

  129. True Carp.

    NASH: “i’m playing good”

    KREIDER: “I’m playing awesome”

  130. Kreider really LOVE his teammates and not shy to express it. I like it…

  131. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Shut them DOWN!!!

    Richie Rich with a make up goal


    Love this game!!!

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    With Brassard out and Richards taking off to the Preakness, rangers will be down 2 forwards in the 3rd.

  133. And doesn’t Montreal know that’s Richards favorite place to score from. Who’s there scout? Sather will hire him soon.

  134. Get pucks deep short shifts no hooking and we steal home ice. Recipe to wrapping this freaking game up.

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Shhhhh!!!"...says Greg L. on

    10 seconds to go….BOOOM !!!!

    Scores again…OUR team plays like a team. Speed and passing and great defense and ROCK solid goaltending.

    Having THE helps too.

    Don’t forget secret weapon Nash , I hope he doesnt score…hes a secret shhhhh

  136. Those last 2 goals now take the pp off the hook for those blown chances go up 3.

  137. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I really hope these guys don’t lay back. Let’s send a message and HANG ON TO THIS LEAD.

  138. On tv, you could heard Richards call out “Zucc” for the pass. Then Zucc spins on a dime finds him, and Richards buries.

    Two sweet sequences at the end of the 2nd period, saved a lot of us from sweating out this 3rd period.

    mcdonagh to nash, to the net, stepan lets the puck go, Kreider buries it blocker side behind.

    And then the Zucc-Richards goal.

    Im keeping my fingers crossed that Brassard needs a little treatment and more importantly a proper brace and he’ll be back.

  139. Coming out party for “THE!” I will live with the defensive miscues. The Rangers have NEVER had a player with his combination of size, speed and strength.

  140. Send a message and hang on…lol.

    I want them to send a message and bury them and weaver!!!


  141. Alain Amour on

    Total team effort through two periods. Hank to Boyle. One more period. No excuses. Just win.

  142. Listen boys, not to bring it up right now but we blew a 5-0 lead in Montreal in like ’08-09. the terrified ratio is still red lining in the “G” household…

  143. Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 2m
    Rangers have scored 4 goals today, matching their total in their previous EIGHT games in this arena


  144. ThisYearsModel on

    I seem to remember having a 5-0 lead up there once. Pretty amazing with the team’s most consistent center on the shelf.

  145. Glad I’m not the only one that thought the Brassard hit wasn’t clean, Mister D. Border line at best… late and blindside defenseless player without the puck.

  146. James…shhhhhhhh. Hank probably would have had the SO if folks hadn’t jinxed it (and the refs didn’t stink etc etc. on that issue)

  147. That team that blew the 5-0 lead would get blown out by this team. But I’m sure there will be mucho terror if Montreal scores next.

  148. At some point you risk trading players for wins but our “3rd line” center with 7 wins to go isn’t that point. This game could still hurt overall.

  149. Hmmm, “risk” isn’t the right word. You “accept the tradeoff”? I don’t know. All of you except Kenneth know what I meant.

  150. Manny 188:11. Be terrified with me!!! I’m going to see if I can drink a case of Shock Top in the third.

  151. _Glad I’m not the only one that thought the Brassard hit wasn’t clean, Mister D. Border line at best… late and blindside defenseless player without the puck._

    The most generous assessment is borderline with intent to injure (not hurt).

  152. HA! you’re welcome, Wick. This is going to be a long period. Carp I dont even remember which team that was- was it the Zherdev/Naslund roster?

  153. No lead is safe in that freaking building. Ghosts everywhere. Just ask Ottawa towards end of reg season.

  154. serious question- were any Rangers injured in this game? I heard a comment earlier by Doc. I’ve been in and out of the house.

  155. For the PIMP – THE Kreider is flying, I guess my 2-1 prediction from the ECF Chat is worthless, but I like the sound of 4-1 NYR!!!!

    Let’s go Rangers!

  156. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “if the team needed me, I could play…but…..this game is in the bag…..I’ll just have a sauna, massage, and jacuzzi and watch on TV.”

  157. Saw this posted on Facebook, had to share it

    Kreider Man Kreider Man
    Does whatever a Kreider can
    Blows right by, your d-man’s a$$
    Buries one, off the pass
    Looooook Oooout here comes the Kreider Man

    THE is in the zone!

  158. Mr D
    Interesting point. I actually think you can do a dirty play/injure a player and put them put for a series, get penalized then but it help you in the long run.

    Lose the battle win the war a la Cooke on Barrie.

  159. Wow…yeah, outplayed much of 2nd and stuck it to Les Habitants at the end…shades of 2012. Kreider rested during the first series and showing off what is under the hood. Miami you’re right about THE but not about the Rangers’ play!;>))

  160. weird, habs score, I get disgusted with the 2 canadien refs missing to many man which should have been called and no goal. I change channel at stoppage of play. My friend calls me up. I forgot to change channel back to game. My friend ask me what’s the score I tell him 2-1 late 2nd and as I’m telling him this I turn game back on and the period just ended and I see a score of 4-1. I thought I was seeing things.

  161. So basically Nash needs to two hand pk slewfoot in the arm, we win the series right?!

  162. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m terrified, James! MORE SCOTCH

    Good call on using HONK, Sally. Nice inventiveness.

    You guys rule.

  163. Thanks, Carp. I’m going to have nightmares after looking at that roster. I see we had Avery playing that night. I guess that means Montreal cheated for that win.

  164. Isn’t Godzilla the big hairy ape that climbs the Empire State bldg?

    Or is that robin Williams?

  165. iManny-O-War on

    Pacioretty punched Staal in the head!?

    Better make sure that stops boys.

  166. no big deal Mannu. I read in a paper in Pittsburgh that Staal hit Crosby 14 times in the head with a park bench during game 4 of the semi’s….

  167. Sally
    So yesterday we had hockey shirt day at work and one of the girls showed up with a dubi heritage jersey (even though you have disavowed Brandon’s for the time being)

  168. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on


    It’s a power play goal.

    Precision wit the puck to a T.

  169. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on


    It’s a POWER PLAY GOAL!!!!

    Keep it Positive Boys!!!

  170. Is this as many goals in one game that we’ve scored in the last decade?????

  171. Probably should let the Habs get three or four so they don’t feel to angry about the way they played.

  172. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Mannu – if Nash gets a goal a game. I’m ok with that.

    I don’t care if its the 1’st one or the 7th one.

    LOL :)

  173. wow!!! talk about a beating and it couldn’t happen in a nicer place than the belle centre. Is it possible that the canadiens are emotionally spent from beating the bruins, there arch rivals? Time will tell as this series goes on.

  174. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Habs have given up.

    Fans have left the building.

    Perhaps the Rangers should rest the KING :)

  175. Cullen scored in Game 4 with that shot that hit the crossbar, bounced beyond the goal line, and then bounced out of the net.

  176. iManny-O-War on

    I expect the Habs might make a few adjustments after this game. I expect the neutral zone to be a bit more foggy

  177. First time in the last 10 years I’m watching last 10 minutes without immanent threat of heart attack.

  178. We are now 6-1 with brad Watson this year. We were 2-5 with Dave Jackson. Thank the late ref switch

  179. Keep McD/Girardi and MSL/Richards off ice as much as possible for the rest of the game.

  180. That commercial used to annoy me royally, but now I kind of like watching Flyer and Bruins fans fall on their aasens…

  181. iManny-O-War on

    I so badly want someone to annihilate Briere but I guess we should just WIN

  182. Weird that a potential $4K fine isn’t enough to dissuade the cheap stuff.

  183. Hmmmm. Conventional wisdom said this series would not be dirty physical like the Bs….but now I wonder……

  184. iManny-O-War on

    Guess I have to buy another bottle of Single Malt on Monday.

    Keep it coming boys.

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I hope that early in game 2, PK Subban blasts the hardest slapper ever seen, and it hits Briere right in the face.

  186. hey Carp-

    not too get ahead of ourselves but has a team without a captain ever won the cup?

    say this rangers team did the unthinkable, could Hank conceivably receive the trophy from Buttman? and has a goalie ever had this honor?

  187. I don’t mind to call this place the “house of horrors”… for Canadians.

  188. We have a captain he’s just not wearing the official C. Besides which, isn’t awesome how much of a team they are without a formal C??

  189. Admiral Akbar on

    Gary Bettman, tje NHL and nearly all of Canada want the Habs to get a chance to practice the power play

  190. Can’t let them score anymore though b/c you want Hank to not give up more than 2 goals.

    That said, no risking injury to block shots…

  191. stupid call, look like a shove in the back, it’s a good thing it isn’t 2-1 when that penalty was called.

  192. Excellent points …. Will be curious to see what they do.

    Does anybody else get really creeped out but those wire commercials ….

  193. How is it that no one has an actual square as there avatar yet (even tho I still don’t understand the joke)

  194. Admiral Akbar on

    Eric –

    We are vibin’!

    Also — i agree with your post from 1 hr ago – the Rangers are putrid when trying to score on a 2 on 1.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ll be carrying a broom with me everywhere I go until next Sunday.

    Rangers in 4

  196. Carp
    Is the rumour true that you rented the ledge out today to a bungee jumpers convention due to lack of occupancy?

  197. iManny-O-War on

    I thought the NHL didn’t even count Canadian viewers, Carp? Isn’t there something silly like that?

  198. I feel for our boys … What a great day for them, then tomorrow at the France funeral, then back it Monday….

    I am so proud to be Rangers fan.

  199. “Now” the refs are getting stupid, tommy? They’ve been stupid since the drop of the puck this year.

  200. Even at 7-2 the refs trying to give Canadians an advantage, just let Gllager do whatever he wants

  201. Seth Rothman ?@RothmanHockey 1m
    Rangers had four goals in previous nine games dating to 2010 at Bell Centre. Seven goals today


  202. Seven more wins! We want the Cup!!! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Good job ladies and gents. Our comments really were the seventh man on the ice.

  204. ok, now hopefully brassard injury isn’t a series ender. We need Brassard back ASAP!!!

  205. Only thing missing was brassard……eddie, please send him our positive vibes.

  206. Alain Amour on

    Brandon Prust makes the Canadiens tough to play against, by acting like a goon.

  207. Fuh-lattt! A nice, non-stressor, for us to enjoy-we’ll see a different team monday night. Hard to actually assess how well the Rangers played- never look a gift horse…onto the Preakness.

  208. What a game. This series is just getting started though. Far far from over. Hopefully they don’t have it in their heads that this is going to be easy now. Especially after what happened in the Pitts series. Montreal is going to be Peed off come game 2. Keep modest. Keep your composure. Come out Monday and play just as solid of a game in game 2.

  209. Manny they’re saying he might have gotten injured. They lose Price and we lose Brassard…

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “I’ll be ok. Sore and a little banged up, but I’ll be back scoring GWGs faster than you can say THE”

  211. what is Duguay mumbling about? Why is he a analyst? These are the question ranger fans want to know.

  212. Really all? And Sally…my friend…can we not enjoy this momentous day without dredging up 16 stuff???

  213. The biggest things to take from today:

    1) The Rangers can infact play AND win in Montreal.

    2) They can get some rubber into Price’s net.

    3) Power Play wasn’t awful.

    4) Nash may have the monkey off his back now. He tends to score in bunches.

    Just hope Brassard is ok. He is a big big part of what they’re doing here. Nothing needs to be said about the productivity and effectiveness of his line..

  214. awwwww. my boys are being friendly again…today is a great day!!!!

    OK, wish I could stay and play, but I must take to my bed. The rest of you, comment up!!


  215. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    By the look on Therrian’s face the injury to Price looks like a major one. No coach worth their salt especially in Montreal ever waves a white flag in surrender

  216. Not to sound negative but again, if history proves anything you can’t think a Price injury hurts them as bad as it looks on paper. The Rangers have had more than their fair share of struggles against back ups in net with some pressure on them. In fact if I remember right people were happy when Snow took over for Hextal in 1997 and he won 3-4 games in a row

  217. James
    An aberration. Mtl is better than that. I think the teams are pretty evenly matched, mtl a bit more rugged, we are faster in our bottom six.

    A couple of big ifs going forward…if price is healthy and if he can rebound…if brassard is out for a long time…does the funeral have an affect?

    Also, I would not play miller, I would move Moops up and put carcillo on 4th.

  218. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    NYR on a Major roll.. probably win next 2 games lose one close in NY the only salvation for Montreal is the 2 /3 day til thursday but therrian looked LOST

  219. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I have never seen the rangers man handle montreal at home in the plaoffs like this game .. the pressure on montreal is swelling

  220. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Torts did leave his mark on this club with the shot blocking mentality of challenging shooters

  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – just watching the post game presser and I love AV’s demeanor – so calm….unlike, you know who

    That’s all I’m sayin about that

  222. I don’t think you’re breaking any news if you’re suggesting the two coaches are a tad polar in terms of personality.

  223. Last time the Rangers scored 7 in MTL?

    February 22, 1972. Rangers won 7-3…

  224. I was going to say AV has brought this team closer to the Cup than Torts ever did. Then that nauseating Henrique goal came back into my head. So ill just say what i wanted to say after 2 more wins

  225. that wouldn’t be completely accurate, Lev. That team was extremely close … and that did change the following year.

  226. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Of course it’s not breaking news…..just watching the presser and I’m so happy for AV and the team..

  227. Oh, never mind, I thought you meant closer in terms of togetherness. My reading comprehension shortcoming rears its ugly head :)

  228. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – not true – I saw a game in the forum that the rangers won 7-2….I’ll get the date

  229. Wick, agreed about Carcillo. But AV has pressed the right buttons most of these playoffs so I trust him to do what he thinks will give the team the best results.
    As I said above though, I don’t make too much of the Price issue because I’ve seen too many back up goalies make themselves the story line of the post season when called upon. This was nothing more than us catching a team fresh off of their own emotional Game 7 win over a huge rival. Great game but a long way to go here

  230. Well, which is it Carp, do you want a vanilla coach or an ill tempered one? : )

  231. Larry hated the man, and it was mutual. But he was a good quote most of the time.

    I think I’ve quoted AV maybe 15 times this year in my newspaper stories.

  232. I used to want to see Torts’ post game presser and twice as much when they lost. AV seems like a good guy but very mellow. Brooks to this day takes jabs at Torts.

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – old forum was great. Saw the rangers win a few times there…I used to get “standing room” only and get close to the ice…..couldn’t move – but great atmosphere….

  234. I think they’d call Brassard “day to day” if the zamboni drove over his head 16 times.

  235. And whether or not you like AV or Torts, you have to admit….it’s been kind of dull the last several years without Perry Pearn’s assortment of ties…

  236. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Saw two 6-3 wins: 2/25/78 and 3/10/79.

    Could have sworn one of them was a 7-2 win.

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The old Forum had great vertical seating …very steep which allowed easy vision.

    When Lafleur would gather the puck and start to accelerate the forum screamed “Guyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

  238. another wicky….Marty gets the hat…dang! should have seen that coming! I love this team, I really do….

  239. Pimp, is that your Jersey on “The Kreider” twitter account? If it is, you are my HERO! LOL!!!

  240. LOLOL did you guy see Sam almost say about the closeness of the guys “they stay together in lockerroom, they eat together, they sl.. they…”

  241. So I’m wearing the same t shirt since game 6 in the pens series.

    Not sure if that’s gross or not

  242. Leonard: Brassard said he didn’t think he could help the team after the injury. Wouldn’t say if he had xrays or mri.

  243. CARP,

    Please respect THE KREIDER in tomorrow’s write-up and refer to him by his proper name.

  244. What makes AV such a good coach is his cool, calm demeanor. Nothing seems to rattle him, which is very advantageous during the high intensity of the ECFs. It sure can drive a fan nuts if you think he doesn’t adjust or care or call timeouts (like many of thought). It’s his quiet confidence and school of rolling 4 lines that is his forte. As you saw during the NBC broadcast, he was vocal when the game was 2-1 and the boys responded.

    The Rangers still have the onions and mental toughness that Torts brought them, and now they seem to be improved under AV. Remarkable.

  245. Now all I need is “ride on curlin” or “kid cruz” to win and day will be complete.

  246. Admiral Akbar on

    Uncle Glennie’s boys looking good this playoff so far.

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but Torts never enjoyed the roster depth that AV does.


    2013-14 NYR > 2011-2012 NYR

  247. we all cracked a thou!!! Yay!!!!!

    mama love to all, but I must go niters now….

  248. Zuccarello and Kreider and Stepan wouldn’t be the players they are today without Torts. Just sayin’.

  249. CraigWeather on

    Teethchards kind of disrespecting the Garden/our fans saying they wish they can play EVERY game at the Bell Centre….

  250. Why is Torts being discussed after a game one win in the ECF?

    I like that Bro didn’t force himself back. Last thing we need is a guy playing hurt, not helping. Gonna have to sit tight until he’s ready!

  251. CraigWeather on

    Carp- any idea WHY it’s been so quiet there? Are the die hards priced out? Are the acoustics poor?

  252. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Man, I would have bet my life I saw the rangers beat the Habs 7-2 in the forum – late 70’s

  253. AV is using his players more effectively than torts did I.e. Making Boyle a perm forth liner where he belongs and playing Kreider, the fastest and strongest player in building, on first line and power play. Torts didn’t do those things and had a tough time with media, but did turn this franchise around and point us in the right direction with work ethic and defense.

  254. Billy, not to continue the discussion, because it’s dumb, but Torts’ fourth line was Rupp, Mitchell and Bickell. His third pair D was Eminger and some other scrub.

    Kreider needed to play minor league hockey, and even AV put him there to start this season. He was worse than Miller, except he scored once in a while.

  255. Definitely concerned that Brass was concussed. Nash spoke to the media after his as well and then nobody saw him for 6 weeks. Hope I am wrong and looks like others may already be stepping up.

    As for the goaltending: even thing, all the media guys had that and I just didn’t get it. Now I know why.

  256. I just watched the third period. WOW.

    Pretty good showing. McDonagh had a great game. Mybe he is not injured. not a good sign for the Habs.

    This has already been a great postseason. We should beat Montreal based on everything they showed today.


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