Eastern Conference final: Rangers-Canadiens schedule; Five things to watch


Here’s the complete schedule for the conference finals:

Game 1: Saturday, 1 at Montreal.
Game 2: Monday, 8 at Montreal.
Game 3: Thursday, 8 at MSG.
Game 4: Sunday, 8 at MSG.
Game 5: Tuesday 5/27, 8 at Montreal.
Game 6: Thursday, 5/29, 8 at MSG.
Game 7: Saturday, 5/31, 8 at Montreal.

Game 1: Sunday, 3 at Chicago.
Game 2: Wednesday, 8 at Chicago.
Game 3: Saturday, 8 at LA.
Game 4: Monday, 9 at LA.
Game 5: Wednesday 5/28, 8 at Chicago.
Game 6: Friday 5/30, 9 at LA.
Game 7: Sunday 6/1, 8 at LA.


Five things to watch:

The keepers: If Henrik Lundqvist’s streak of poor play in Montreal, and Carey Price’s mind-boggling roll against the Rangers at home continue, this series could be over quickly and ugly. They met in Sochi’s gold medal game. Price won that too.

The trade: It just might turn out to be the best Rangers trade ever, and it was intended as a salary dump by Glen Sather. Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Michael Busto for Ryan McDonagh, Chris Higgins and Pavel Valentenko. McDonagh will be a crucial player for the Rangers in this series.

Noise vs. Quiet: If the Bell Centre isn’t the loudest arena in the league, well, it’s probably the most festive … and plenty loud, too. The World’s Most Famous has turned into a library, quietest arena in the playoffs this year. The contrast will be stark. The anthems should be splendid.

The referees: We have seen mind-numbing inconsistency from game to game, heck, from shift to shift in these playoffs. What is a penalty, an embellishment, a goal, in one game, isn’t always in the next. Now add the annual Montreal officiating conspiracy theories/theorists.

Blue and Rouge: They’ll never do it, but this is one series where the white jerseys should never come out of their drawers. Let the Habs wear the classic red and the Rangers their famous blue throughout. Why not?


Josh Thomson, 26’s pick: Canadiens in 7.

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  1. remember how when Jagr played his potentially last game in the NHL (and as a Ranger) people were sad that the MSG crowd didnt give him an ovation? Now here we are so many years later, Jagr has played in Russia, played for Philly, Dallas, Boston, and NJ and has played in the Olympics. crazy.

  2. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Could these schedules be any more spread out?? Seriously?? West conference Sunday–Wednesday—Saturday???????

    People will forget there are playoffs going on, for christ’s sake.


  3. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    LA v Chicago. Two Stanley Cup champs vs. each other. Should be good battle. Beat each other up….please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. iManny-O-War on

    I like the contradiction. Before every game had to be played within 24 hours of the last game. Now it’s a really spread out schedule.

  5. Bobby Ryan ?@b_ryan9 51m
    Painful to watch a guy like Teemu have to ever call it a career. Classy by the Kings as well. #ThankYouTeemu

    Dustin Penner ?@Dustinpenner25 51m
    “@LAKings We’ll miss Teemu.Been an honor to watch him all these years.Truly a legend.” I’ll miss seeing the great8 out there&playin with him

    Eric Nystrom ?@enystrom23 47m
    Teemu Selanne. World class, on and off the ice!

    Matt Carle ?@mattcarle25 17m

    Honored to say I played against such a legend in Teemu Selanne…he’s the type of player you tell your grandkids about #classclassclass #8

    James van Riemsdyk ?@JVReemer21 15m

    The flash

  6. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Game 1 sets the tone. The rangers will come out flying. That last game in Montreal – No McDunner or Girardi.

  7. Jay Riemenscheider on

    With regards to the blue and rouge, in a sport where you have to make near instantaneous decisions based on what you see in your peripheral vision, it’s just too hard to tell the difference when both teams are essentially the same colors.

  8. Jay Riemenscheider on

    I’m a ducks season ticket holder and yes, rather bitter. I saw it coming though, the team was lazy, poorly disciplined from doofus Boudreau trying to “buddy coach” all that talent. Except for the goalies of course, no patience for their mistakes. It’s the same dog and same old tricks from the Wash days. Too bad he had to do it in Teemu’s last season.

  9. jpg's sister on

    carp, thanks for the schedule. if we go 7 games, I
    may have to keep sneaking out of my cousin’s wedding to check the bar TV, but there is always twitter on my new phone

  10. jpg’s sis, download the NBC Sports Live Extra app on your phone. It’s not great, but if you have a good signal you can watch the game there. Bring headphones and don’t say anything about Potvin during the vows.

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