VIDEO: Alain Vigneault on the Canadiens: “We respect Montreal”


I’m in for Carp today. As you know, he’s been chatting.

I’ll have audio with Rick Nash, Derick Brassard and Ryan McDonagh in a bit. First, here’s Alain Vigneault on Nash’s all-around play during his scoring drought, who has been the team’s top player and why, and what makes the Rangers so much different than Boston.

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  1. The NHL couldn’t really ask for better markets. Maybe Detroit over Montreal based on volume of people, but really, it’s about the best case scenario.

  2. Lloyd Braun on

    not to be too much of a slave to history since the Rangers just overcame a pretty big historical bias but it’s worth noting that since switching to the current format, no team that’s won a Stanley Cup has played the maximum number of games in its first two playoff rounds. For giggles, you have to go back to the Leafs winning the Cup in 1964, when the playoffs were only 2 rounds, to find a team that won the Stanley Cup playing 2 consecutive 7-game series in its first 2 playoff rounds.

    so whether or not you want to acknowledge the possibility of fatigue, the history strongly suggests that failing to minimize the number of games played in the playoffs basically eliminates any possibility of winning a championship.

  3. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    As detailed, fatigue will be a big factor. The body and mind can’t fully recover in such a short period of time from the exertion spent in playoff games. The 14 games in a relatively small period of time will have its effect.

  4. Rangers in 6. Then we worry that they haven’t won a playoff series this year after winning in less than 7.

  5. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    Every team hasn’t had to play 14 games in 27 days, with a 5 games in 7 days stretch, while also dealing with personal tragedy in the form of a lost family member.

  6. This league will never progress until we get rid of all the Frenchies and other assorted foreigners – players, coaches, and officials. (s)

  7. Agree, Doc. But the Rangers have also played the two least physical/brutal series so far, and are healthy. And they’ve had time between series now, and will have a spread-out next round. So, yeah, they’ll be fatigued like all the remaining four … and if you can’t get through 14 games without being fatigued to the point where it’s going to be a factor, then you have no chance to win a Cup.

    So it’s an excuse. And the Rangers won’t use it as one.

  8. Alain Amour on

    Fatigue affects decision-making, concentration and reaction times. It will be interesting to see if the Rangers commit uncharacteristic errors during this series.

  9. They are also miles deeper than they were in ’12 … so guys haven’t had to log the massive minutes. They don’t block as many shots. They have played three minutes worth of overtime.

  10. Carp, good points. They’ve probably played about the two easiest seven game series you could ask for.

  11. Again, if you can’t get through two rounds without being fatigued, whether they’re five or seven games, how are you going to get through four rounds?

  12. Lloyd Braun on

    again, that no team has won its first 2 rounds in 14 games and won a Stanley Cup suggests that fatigue may well be an issue whether or not you consider those 2 series the Rangers just played to have been “brutal.”

  13. Enough with this fatigue crap save it for the woman and children.

    We lose in 6 because the habs pp strikes often and Nash is goalless and we lose the first 2 in the house of horrors.

    If we get to a 7th I like our chances. Only fitting to get to a cup final we will need to exorcise the demons.

  14. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    Carp good points. The mental strain, though, of playing so many playoff games in a short period of time is impossible to measure and can’t be disregarded.

  15. Lloyd, facts are facts. But they shouldn’t be fatigued now after 14 games. Because you’re not getting through three rounds without playing 14 games. So whether it’s now, or in Game 5 of this series, it’s too soon for it to be a legit excuse.

  16. Montreal has finished a grueling, 7 game series against physical opponent. They had one less day to rest. AV is rolling 4 lines. Nobody is fresh this time of the year.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    What’s the more important factor in this series?
    *Fatigue* or *Momentum* ??

  18. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    Carp the difference is the period of time in which the 14 games are played.

  19. I don’t disagree, Doc. Just saying, they should pack up and go home right now if they’re too fatigued to play another two rounds. They’ve had plenty of recovery time. Played one game in the last five days, barely practiced.

  20. Carp

    What’s the latest Saturday or Sunday for game 4. If ducks win saturday? Pathetic with nbc.

  21. ThisYearsModel on

    Yo 26, what up? CARP-thx for the chat. Didn’t think it would work on United WiFi, but it did. Hope you get to go to Bell for a couple games. I find it hard to hate the Habs. It would have Ben easy to hate Boston but the Rangers have eliminated the 2 playoff teams I hate the most. They are playing with house money. I also want to send kudos to our coach. His style is a lot more enjoyable than the previous coach, and, so far, his results don’t suck.

  22. Is it fatigue, or just that teams that take longer to win series aren’t as good as teams that don’t?

  23. As to all these statistics. There is always first time for everything, including coming back from 3-1 down, beating Pitssburgh first time etc. it does happen.

  24. don’t know, Eric, Rangers were told Sat-Mon-Thurs-Sat. … NBC can change whatever the eff it wants to change.

  25. You can’t discount having 3 days off in a row to recharge their batteries. I think kind of resets the fatigue factor, at least early in the series.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Also limited travel and don’t forget the Dog Whisperer was not behind the bench overplaying his top players trying to win every shift.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Don’t care if Nash scores anymore, just hoping he doesn’t give up too many SH break aways

  28. Nash is a world-class talent and unless he is finished, which is truly unlikely, he will be a factor.

  29. No team has gone 7 in the first two rounds and won the Cup (since swithing to all 7 game series), but the Bruins went to 7 in the 1st and 3rd in 10-11, then needed 7 games in the Final to win.

    On average, the Cup winning team has played in 16.5 games, and no more than 18, in the first three rounds.

  30. Alain Amour on

    Nobody asserted that teams that took longer to win series because of fatigue.

  31. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “They are playing with house money.”

    Only if your goal is to make the playoffs, not win the Cup.

  32. Does anyone really think that the players ever heard of, or care about, any of these obscure statistics?

  33. ThisYearsModel on

    Nash has been great on the penalty kill. No need to be near the boards for that. Maybe he ships in with a couple shorties.

  34. Nash had an empty net attempt blocked by the D man in Game 7. I’mma give him half a goal.

  35. Alain Amour on

    Does anyone really think there is any relevance whether players ever heard of, or care about, any of these obscure statistics?

  36. ThisYearsModel on

    James Dolan is loving the Rangers right now. How fat will MSG’s coffers be following 3 round 3 gates? Sather will be getting some more options for sure.

  37. There isn’t really any relevance to any of these statistics, they are all just things for us to talk about

  38. Draxen gets it.

    Dolan demands that all the series they don’t have home ice advantage go 6 games.

  39. Also, it’s like, hey, here’s some numbers I got paid to put together instead of my real work.

  40. The fatigue thing is more or less a non-factor by now. At the end of Game 7 against Pittsburgh, they’d played 14 in 27. Taking every 14 game bunch over the course of the season, they had 25 once, 26 nine times and 27 twelve. The cross-series disaster of 5 in 7 and 6 in 9 were both worse than they had regular season but, at this point, only LA if they win tonight and then travel east should have any real carryover.

  41. “Nash had an empty net attempt blocked by the D man in Game 7. I’mma give him half a goal.”

    I thought that was going to cost us the game. The buffoon should have taken the pill into the corner and kept it there.

  42. ilb, if I were the Tire Fires I’d be firing Snow right now and hiring Shero. He will get work quickly.

  43. Lone Ranger on

    We’re healthy, rested and coming together as a team. AV’s time management of our four lines has made quite a difference. The problems with not winning at the Bell Ctr. could be meaningless now. Kreider will be an important engine in our success along with Henrik and our superior defense. I’m hoping 6 games It may be 7

  44. Robby Bonfire on

    The way to overcome the seven-game series “fatigue bias” is to have two levels of four-team round robin series. Four of these round robins in the first round, and then four teams playing a 12-game round robin, winner gets the Stanley Cup.

    Much as I love hockey, I have always disliked these incessant best of seven games series matching just two teams. A variety of opponents would add so much to the enjoyment of the championship format.

    In each conference, in the first round, I would match up, in one round robin, seeds 1-6-7-8; and in the other, seeds 2-3-4-5. So that, guess what, regular season superiority would actually mean something!!!

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