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  1. I really hope McD shows Montreal how big of an error they made trading him.

  2. Manny-O-War on

    I hope the Rangers take the first game. Get at least the split and keep rolling.

  3. I hope we take the first game so decisively that Pacioretty says “I want to play for them and I want Nash to play for Montreal” and the GMs decide to make the trade for Game 2 and the league doesn’t bother to stop them and we win the series really fast. Also, it’ll help our cap.

  4. Manny-O-War on

    Carp: are you posting on the blog instead of through the dashboard? The Grey background surrounding your post is gone. How can I know it’s really you?

  5. I don’t know what that means, Manny. I think it’s really me. I’ll check … yup, it appears to be me.

  6. Manny-O-War on

    So Carp. Sometimes, most of the time really, when you post there is a dark grey shadow behind your post. It is shaped like a rectangle and it let’s us, the common people, know when an administrator, you, is posting.

    Right now, that box is gone. My theory was that you were just posting on the blog from your phone or something and not logged in as an admin.

  7. The advanced stats tell you exactly what watching the game with your eyes (without any stupid nerd calculators or spreadsheets) told you: Henrik was a monster

  8. I wont be surprised one bit of two of the three of Thornton/Marchand/Lucic are moved in the offseason.

  9. Thornton is a free agent who should probably just retire before he further embarrasses himself.

  10. Sioux- true, still a sad day.

    I have Ducks-Rangers final in my bracket so Im hoping for a Ducks win.

  11. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    So who got fired from Montreal for trading McDonagh to the Rangers.

    Just imagine, when McDonagh, shuts down the Habs, their fans can day dream about how GOOD their D could have been.

    The Gift of Gomez :)

  12. “I think on a personal level . . . the suspension is probably a negative.”

  13. Don’t really want thornton, would not complain about Marchand/lucic though

  14. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    I want the Kings to win. Then I’m guaranteed a Sioux Player skating for the Stanley Cup.

  15. Marchand could be fun, but I don’t want Sather making a trade with Chiarelli.

  16. Let Gorton make a trade with Chiarelli. He knows Boston better than Chiarelli does.

    also, Slats doesn’t have any first-round picks until, like, 2018, right?

  17. “People trade draft picks for free agent’s rights all the time now, right? What if we offer Boston a 6th that becomes a 1st if we sign him?”

  18. I am a Ducks win away from having the Final Four right. Of course, I picked the Rangers to win, so my bracket witll be busted.

    Glad we’re talking about *offseason* moves.

  19. Manny-O-War on

    I will go back to the drawing board on that one…

    NHL radio said the Sharks would be shopping Thornton and Boyle, buying out Havlat and moving Brent Burns back to Defense.

  20. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Bob Gainey should get a Christmas Card EVERY year, just for that trade alone.

  21. I completely tailored my bracket in such a way that it would make some sense that the Rangers could win the Cup. I had the Bruins out in the first, and Montreal beating Detroit. Then the Ducks making the Final because I thought they’d have the best chance against them of the top 4 teams in the West.

    And so far, the East has cooperated in giving the Rangers a fighting chance to make it.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Alain Vigneault said the coaching staff has recorded chances all postseason and that Rick Nash “has been our best player.”
    Nash in audio above talks how well he has been playing on the PK.
    Excuse me while I go barf…

    can we take off the kid gloves and put on the big boy pants with this guy already? Time to man up richard!

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Latona – he is just ‘one of the guys now’. Trying to play nice after his horrendous prediction against Pissburg.

  24. No wonder Chara looked slow and old, he is 37, didn’t realize he was that old. Those next 4 years are going to be no so good for Boston. Chara will probably get more nasty because he will get more and more frustrated when opposing players skate circles around him.

  25. Manny-O-War on

    Lol, Lev. That’s like playing Marry, [Byfuglien], Kill with: Scarlett Johansen, Penelope Cruz and Carp. Impossible to make a decision there. Can’t Kill Carp but can’t do either of the others, right? Gotta kill Scarlett or Penelope. Brutal.

    I guess I would take Anton Stralman because of the cap hit, even if he got the $4M or whatever he wants.

  26. Martin St. Louis currently spends precious moments in the family home in Sainte- Dorothée with his father Norman and his sister Isabelle .

    Nothing is really easy for him since his mother died . Another glitch occurred when the National League ( not to say NBC ) ruled that the first game of the Canadiens- Rangers series will be presented tomorrow at 13 hours. However, his mother’s funeral would be held at 11 : 30 pm the same day . Could still not ask him to overrule his final farewell to the woman who guided his first steps in life to go play hockey , no matter how important.

    The Rangers did everything to accommodate . They agreed that the match is awarded to Sunday , but the league was opposed . So Martin , members of his family, friends and the entire Rangers team will meet Sunday morning to celebrate the memory of France St- Louis in a ceremony that should be marked by great emotion.

    Heart attack on his mother was the victim hit like a thunderbolt for her husband. The retired couple had just returned from Tampa where he stayed five months a year for 10 years . France and Normand St. Louis were preparing other projects when this occurred.

    “It makes no sense , says Norman, father of Isabella and a famous son , Martin. I ate a soup with it and one hour later, she was gone . I followed the ambulance with my vehicle to learn about forty minutes after his arrival at the emergency it was over . I called Martin and I kept the body of his mother so he could see her one last time. All this is happening so quickly. We never imagined that such a thing could happen to us . ”

    Every time he spoke to the media since the sad event , we felt that Martin choked back her tears . Even if caught with emotion , he has said the right things. Speaking of what his mother meant to him , he said that she was the greatest human being that has ever known. The pain is probably twice for him because he has to pick up the spoon to be the major player he is and what , in front of millions of viewers.

    During this period of mourning, we can not say that it benefits the desired privacy. It is a very important character in a family gathering 30 teams . When he went to play a crucial playoff game a few hours after the death of her mother, it is the whole community of professional hockey sympathized with him. At home, the punishment is also very intense where Isabelle lost a mother and Normand an exceptional woman .

    “It was a wonderful companion for me, he says . We were together for 43 years . When I married, I always said that I had signed the contract most beautiful of my life. I was 19 when I met her . She was 20. She was a pretty little woman , but it was his smile that got me hooked . She smiled constantly . I knew January 3rd and I proposed to her on January 10 . That was that. I fell in love once in my life and it was with her. I ‘m still in love , but it is no longer there. I could not have picked a better woman. She thought everyone, except her. I always passed before her. ”

    It was also a good public. Even when the jokes that he told were not very funny , she smiled to avoid offending anyone . His departure will dig a huge void in the house. His laughter will echo in the ears of Normand St- Louis for a long time . When Isabella, who keeps him company currently return home, it is unclear how it can revitalize a house become too large . He says he did nothing in the house. He built and France was responsible for everything else.

    “I do not have the right to do things , he says . She was in charge of everything . Maybe it will seem ridiculous , but every morning when I got up , my clothes were already well placed . Those are the ones where I had to wear . She thought I was not good to match colors . For me, it was not important. For her, it was. She wanted her man is cute . ”

    Martin gives them the joys

    It became a story like no other when Martin returned to the game without taking the time to fully experience his first day of sorrow “because that’s what she would have wanted him to do .” At the moment it is a little uncomfortable that the funeral had been delayed 24 hours because of him . It is quite difficult to manage it all for him, but St. Louis has received so much support from various quarters . We do everything for Martin temporarily represses his emotions and it fulfills its mission as it always does.

    ” These are difficult times, but my guys say that gives us joy through it all . It’s tough. When we get together , we cry together. ”

    One of the joys was the goal he scored in the eyes of his family and his wife Heather in the sixth game , the day of Mother’s Day. This object has moved the whole team. Teammates on the ice surrounded him in a corner of the rink in a moment that drew tears even , perhaps those of Martin .

    “I could not believe it when he scored the goal, his father said . When I saw the puck deflect on his leg and into the net, I immediately thought that France was still with us . It did not look like a coincidence that one. ”

    The St- Louis are not yet at the end of their emotions. As chance would the Rangers are the opponents of Canadian, which provide an opportunity for Martin to spend more time with his family. However, it should feel an additional pressure, which play well and produce full Bell Centre before a Quebec public like it.

    Front of the cameras , her voice trembling reflects the pain he feels for ten days. Gathered around his , it can further lower her guard and let go.

    ” Martin weeps with me. I should say that cry for me because I ‘m not. However, when we are all together , that’s where it comes out , “says Normand St- Louis .

  27. Manny-O-War on

    What would be your evil three, Gravy? What three women would make it virtually impossible for you to play Marry, Byfuglien, Kill?

  28. Manny-O-War on

    LMGO, Carp. Thanks for going out honorably so that I can experience a few minutes of pleasure in life.

  29. I was trying to be *nice* because it could be annulled since I am already *married*.

  30. loving the j0sh presence as of late

    I’ll never forget many many years ago when Sam Weinman took a few days off and Josh was covering the blog for a few days and we all ribbed Josh a little bit about not having enough updates from a Rangers practice and he responded the following days with some of the best, most thorough info/updates the blog had ever seen…

  31. Manny-O-War on

    But Josh would never let me kill him so that I could Marry/Byfuglien Penelope and Scarlett.

  32. Hmm, tough.

    Off the top of my head…Kate Beckinsale, Kate Upton, and Jennifer Lawrence. Although I think the last two just have the “now” factor.

  33. I mean, if we’re down to Scarlett and Penelope, I’m good with a coin flip.

  34. Shawn Thornton is a really, really, really great guy.

    Not so sure I would want 37 year old Shawn in NY though.

  35. Manny-O-War on

    Penelope Cruz is very special. The fact that she married and awesome actor and totally real guy’s guy in Javier Bardem is really cool too.

    Scarlett Johansen is a very special lady as well. And Jewish. So she’s got that going for her.

    It’s impossible for me to pick a third though…..My brain is blank.

  36. Scarlett is beautiful, but never cracked into my top 3.

    I think Kate Beckinsale is a really classy and classic beauty. I like that Jennifer Lawrence seems quirky and real. And Kate Upton, well, you know.

    Though, I’m getting close to the age where it’s creepy to have girls in their early 20s on these types of lists.

  37. Manny-O-War on

    It is 100% creepy to have girls in their 20’s (lower ones) on that list, Gravy

  38. Man, I missed so much today, it’s like I don’t even care and nothing could be further from the truth.

  39. Rangers are at seven to two odds to win the cup but it’s more like a one in four chance, right ? I’ll take it.

  40. @rangersreport

    more from Bovada, Lundqvist 5/1 to win Smythe, behind Toews (4/1) and Price (9/2). Habs favored to win the ECF (5/6) over NYR (even).

  41. I need to rethink my life, Manny.

    Well, at least they gave us better odds than LA and Anaheim. For now.

  42. Carp

    Need u back in bold and gray.

    Please no Dan Boyle.

    Enjoy game 7 tonight. Watching in dvr after a surprise party I have no interest at bring at.

  43. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    I’m liking my 20-1 ticket now :)

    Can’t wait for the game tomorrow.

    It’s about time Hank gets a shutout in Montreal. Steal the first game.

  44. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Eric – NBCSN is a free app you can download on your phone. You can watch the game on your phone for free.

    I Played a whole tournament last Friday, with my headphones on, watched the whole game, and half of the wild game before my phone died.

  45. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Shero gets the axe. Was he suppose to score for Crosby?

    Carp – why AXE the GM? I thought their regular season was pretty good.

  46. ThisYearsModel on

    Nice of the NHL and NBC to be flexible in the face of a funeral scheduled for the mother of one of the players. What a colossal group of asshats Gary Bettman and his merry band are.

  47. Lloyd Braun on

    the NBC Live extra app or whatever they call it is mostly a disaster for the iPhone – not sure if it’s better away from iOS. constantly crashes, won’t play in the background, and just randomly injects commercials in the middle of the event.

  48. **Staal Wart** on

    Carp, maybe this blog needs a “code”.
    Like a bonehead code of conduct…
    *What happens on the blog stays on the blog.
    *Never hit a defense-less bonehead in the head.
    *No hitting in the onions.

  49. Wow. well way to go NHL twitter guys. Looks like this morning they had dan byslma fired huh.

    Did all of these guys just assume what was gonna happen and report it? They all reported on it like they had it confirmed. Meanwhile they were all speculating.

    Man thats bush-league.

    That wasn’t fair to Dan Byslma.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Stranger Nation

    Alain Vigneault said the coaching staff has recorded chances all postseason and that Rick Nash “has been our best player.”
    Nash in audio above talks how well he has been playing on the PK.
    Excuse me while I go barf…

    can we take off the kid gloves and put on the big boy pants with this guy already? Time to man up richard!

    Stranger , I like you like a son . Please realize if we DISSED NASH like you are , we wont win. Av and staff are saying the right things and pushing the right buttons .

    Like when AV said today ” We respect the Habs” That is pure genious to come out and put the Habs ‘they dont respect us card. AV CRUSHED THAT fuel. No fire there. The Habs repeatedly said it was the disrespect ( chest pounding , racial slurs )that FUELED the Habs. NOT here , our coach is smart. Stranger , your statement is so wrong im going to ignore it now.

  51. As some journalist tweeted earlier, what’s more likely that all the respected reporters around the league were wrong at the same time 5 minutes before the conference or that at the last minute ownership decided to just let go of Shero and let the new GM decide Bylsma’s fate?

    Probably the latter, no?

  52. Miami
    that’s a GREAT interview with THE

    that MSL story just caused me to wipe out my keyboard with tears. thanks.
    i expect you’ll be sending me a new one by tomorrow morning

  53. strange thing about
    is that he seemed to get his
    concussions as the result of
    high hits
    along the boards
    someone needs to tell him that
    he’s probably “safer” playing in the middle of the ice near the net.

  54. Firing Shero before Bylsma?

    Ray Shero who won General Manger of the Year last year. The guy who was able to fleece teams for James Neal, Marian Hossa, Brenden Morrow, Jussi Jokinen, Brandon Sutter, Kunitz, Bill Guerin, Gary Roberts, then the ransom they got from Tampa for Gary Roberts…etc?

    The same guy who didn’t sign Staal or Talbot or Kennedy or Cooke …

    Sounds like Mario is the biggest problem there.

  55. iManny-O-War on

    See Carp!? Everyone is upset about your lack of grey shading. Not just me

  56. *Hey Doc Joe from LI*

    I asked my local 7-Eleven Swami if he knew coffee was a diuretic.

    He said “no such thing dietetic coffee, try using sweet and low instead of sugar”

  57. you think the latter was more likely? you think something occurred right before the press conference and they just decided, no lets not.

    no i think more likely they were going off assumptions. Two initially and then everyone else assumed those two guys were right.

    Hey its a mistake. but its mistake made by not having the source confirm. (I’ve taken a few journalism courses, its like the first thing they preach to you)

  58. yeah I don’t know what you’re up to Carp, but I don’t like it. Not one bit. If you don’t gray your background and they lose game 1 we’re all leaving!!

  59. I’ll take jumbo shrimp joe and his 76 points if he’s willing to play for 2 million a year ;-)

    ps- how great/sad is it that Shero gets the boot after winning The Cup 5 years ago and making smart trades just about every year yet Sather’s been here for what now? 80 years? and hasn’t even made the Cup Finals??? Different organizations..different standards..

  60. It’s amazing to me that all season long Pittsburgh is looked at and talked about like this power house they lose to the Rangers and suddenly they have no depth, they only have 4 guys that are legit top 6 forwards and everything is in disarray. Damn man, give me Crosby Malkin Neal Kunitz Le Tang Sutter and Martin so we can be in disarray here in NY..

  61. I said earlier in the year (sometime in December / January) when Sather retires after the season I’d like to see the Rangers make a hard play for Ray Shero for their next GM.

    Someone else said “not a chance”.


  62. “Milan, now that you’ve had time to let it set in, what are your thoughts on your team getting trounced in game 7 at home?”


  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “I will eat you and your family. I will burn your house down. I will kill everyone you know. I will kill everyone you don’t know. I will smash every window that you’ve ever seen. I will do things that I don’t even know what they are yet.”

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “I will vaporize you. I will melt you in a furnace. I will throw you off the ESB. I will feed you to a shark. I’ll burn you then burn you again. I will hold you under water for the rest of my life.”

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lucic – “I will bite your head off and Cooke down your throat”

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