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  1. *Comment From Gravy*

    _How can you even make series predictions without having played junior hockey_


  2. Manny-O-War on

    Should we be calling the Rangers the “Ghostbusters” for this series? Will Dan Aykroyd be present?

    Ask Talbot.


  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    I can’t see the Habs winning this series .

    I watched this team all year , we are peaking.

  4. Lloyd Braun on

    only thing that worries me about this series with Montreal is how much of a factor fatigue will be for the Rangers. they’ve just played 2 very tough 7-game series in a very short amount of time. I think Price is the most overrated goaltender in the sport and I think all of the voodoo about the Rangers not being able to win in Montreal is nonsense but just how tired will this team be?

  5. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    Fatigue is a big concern. Their minds and bodies must be exhausted due to the 14 games played in a relatively small amount of time and the personal tragedy affecting St. Louis and the team. The 3.5 days between the end of the Guins series and the beginning of the Habs series should help a bit.

  6. That was a classic chat.

    The best questions, as usual, were asked by “Miami Pimp” and “Cookie Monster”.

  7. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    THE is following the Sioux_per_man

    Nice to talk directly to the source :)

  8. Manny-O-War on

    This playoff series should be pretty darn revenue grabbing. That will help the cap creep up oh so slightly for next season.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Sioux , Boston did say that BUT we are the underdogs and Boston were favorites to beat MTL. We on the other hand have nothing to lose. Mtl has PRESSURE , home ice , home crowd and all of Canada ( except me ) cheering them on.

  10. Good chat most of you! Usual time wasters were usual. I really wish Carp would weed through comments and spend the time giving more elaborate answers on serious questions than trying to respond to every “cute” comment and allowing people to clog up the comments by just repeating kreider kreider with nothing to actually contribute or ask.

    Thanks as always…always fun to pick the brain of someone who’s been through so much.

  11. If what Gross is saying is right, then G3 will be Thursday and G4 will be either Sat or Sun depending on who wins LA/ANA…

    Basically, fatigue should not/will not be a factor in this series.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Hope Carp isn’t looking ( looks around ) I don’t wanna give him a swelled head but his Charp answers alot of questions . Does he have a robot helping him or is he really that good?

  13. Lloyd Braun on

    and not to be too much of a slave to history since the Rangers just overcame a pretty big historical bias but it’s worth noting that since switching to the current format, no team that’s won a Stanley Cup has played the maximum number of games in its first two playoff rounds. For giggles, you have to go back to the Leafs winning the Cup in 1964, when the playoffs were only 2 rounds, to find a team that won the Stanley Cup playing 2 consecutive 7-game series in its first 2 playoff rounds.

  14. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Wife wants to do yard work tomorrow…..that’s fine, but I’m taking a VERY LONG LUNCH break :)

  15. Think Bettman has GOT to be thrilled with this final four. You have Montreal, one of the crown jewels of Canada, and the first second and third biggest market in the US. Throw in that neither NY, Chicago and LA don’t have teams in the NBA playoffs (either at all or anymore) and the NHL should clean up in the ratings in those big cities.

  16. SOUIX, I bought wife tickets to Broadway a few weeks back for tomorrow, and of course both the show and the Rangers are matinees. It’s going to be fun trying to avoid the score all day and watch the game tomorrow night.

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