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  1. Some great stuff today, folks.

    MattLear, really like your post re the handshakes, no place for any lip service.

    Is it me or has the handshake coverage gotten worse over the last two or three seasons?

    Probably me, I’m a sap for those sports moments.

  2. Rarely, Carp. I didn’t listen to today’s for instance. Though I did click and watch the video.

    Also enjoyed the article from this morning.

  3. I normally don’t listen to the audio but I did today. I think that makes it 3 times total that I’ve listened to the audio.

  4. Love coming home from work and catching up on the opinions on this blog. Just to tidy up one piece of business from the last round- I have a friend who is a Penguin fan and early in the season I mentioned to him that from what I had seen of the Pens, they seemed pretty formidable except that they appeared to lose focus once they got ahead in a game- almost like they were bored when they’d get up two by the end of the first. Invariably, they would let the other team back in the game and then either blow a point or have to scramble to secure the win. Until he brought it up to me the other day, I never really thought of applying it to this series. Watching Bylsma lament game five in his post series presser made me feel maybe he saw the same weakness in his team. Now, going forward- we might not beat the Canadiens, but there is no doubt in my mind that had we played the Bruins, McD’s shoulder would never have made it more than one period AFTER the Rangers got a win. Boston ogres would have targeted him mercilessly. No guarantee he won’t get hit by Habs- but there’s not the same malicious psyche there IMO. Rangers have to jump them in game 1-home team is at a big disadvantage in game 1 after a seven game war- while both teams COULD come out
    flat- only Habs can have it cost them home ice advantage.

  5. I listen to most of the post game audio. Not as often to the off day stuff.

  6. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Carp – I’ll listen to the audio when I can shut my door and eat my jimmy johns :)

  7. Watch all the videos. Listen to about half the audio. A lot of times it depends on who’s speaking. I can listen to Boyle, McD and Hank all day.

    The vanilla guys, like Step, are -sponge- skip worthy.

  8. I listen to the audio if none of my favorite posters (ducky, CARP, ducky) are around

  9. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    So the Guest speaker for today was Bryan Dodge.

    Probably the best speaker I’ve heard for 27 years.

    If you need any motivation in your life, find him. He can change you life if you are willing to.

    Great Stuff.

    The Rangers WILL dominate the Canandians.

    Only one team will be the winner wearing RED, WHITE, & BLUE!!!

  10. Ok. Fine. You got me.

    I’m thinking about montreal. I do not think for a moment it will be a skating pond hockey series but I have no doubt that there will be a lot more hockey played in this series than in the Boston one. Can the rangers beat the Habs. Absolutely. Can the Habs beat the rangers. Absolutely. Does their home ice advantage matter? Yes. Does our home ice disadvantage matter? Yes. The differences must be in order for the rangers to win this series…

    1. Henrik has to be lights out. He cannot le peu the bed as he is wont to do in montreal. He has to win a game up there against the elements, all by himself
    2. Nash must contribute meaningful offensive points/plays/goals
    3. Cannot let PK power play turn a game around on his own
    4. Must win one game by scoring four or more goals.

    Rangers could win this series heads. Seriously they could.

    Why not us?

  11. Never mind, Carp. My reading comprehension is horrible. I was talking about the *video*. I listen to the *audio* most of the time, usually in the car.

  12. Henrik should be accompanied from now on, up to the final Cup game, by a food taster and a Water Purifying Agent, especially when in Montreal.

  13. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Not cars, I’m in the Semi-Trucks and Trailer business.

    The big stuff that moves America.

    But I’m a banker by trade.

    The Guest speaker they flew in for our convention, was this guy. I haven’t been this impressed in 27 years.

  14. Good afternoon all!

    hahahaha,, Carp busted you ilb!

    See, I’m with you on the sap stuff. Which is why, as you all may surmise by now, I get furious when the stick salute gets cuts!

    Don’t know if this old news or now, but I just saw. One of the many many reasons I love my boys: http://tinyurl.com/pjp5wyn

  15. I thought Game 2 was Monday??

    Carp, I listen….isn’t that easier for you than transcribing? Or no…?

  16. Carp

    Game 4 at garden Saturday mem day weekend u thinking 3pm or 8pm game. No horse race on nbc that day

  17. Is that official yet, Carp?

    Saturday- driving upstate in am, wedding afternoon. Will watch late, hoping to avoid knowing the score. Thursday 19th- son’s graduation party. Big day. Next Saturday- another black tie. Life gets in the way :-)

  18. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I always watch the videos, Carp. Especially your pregame Oscar worthy reports. I rarely listen to the audios; they usually contain too many cliche answers from the players. But that is just me…I’m an old geezer and cranky most of the time.

  19. That’s a great story, Mama. Thanks for the link. Ilb, don’t know what to say about the link you posted. Thanks though.

  20. Alain Amour on


    According to @garymasonglobe, Torts didn’t have one conversation with Travis Green (head coach in Utica) all season. Not a one.

  21. I always listen to the audio, unless I’ve heard it somewhere else first, Carp.

    I used to really enjoy, before the uploads, when you would type up all the quotes from your interviews! This bonehead appreciated it.

  22. I know that was the best, NYR. But it wasn’t even remotely worth all the work. Not sure the audio is, either.

  23. I guess that’s what I mean, we’ve done alright without him scoring. So now I don’t worry about it. Might need him to have a nice series against the Habs, though.

  24. Too bad you don’t get paid for each audio clip like you do for each comment ;)

  25. Doc Joe from Long Island on

    LFC1896 only indirectly as it as effect is due to increasing cardiac output and thus renal blood flow, perfusion, and glomerular filtration rate. But yes you will pee more. Usually not a big deal.

    Have a good evening.

  26. CARP,

    Not sure if it’s good for your blog or even possible, but I like it when writers embed videos / photos or at least hyperlink to them. For instance: You mention how Nash used to score goals from the inside and you include a video / hyperlink to a YouTube of him doing so. Or, you mention that Poulet’s best friend is Colonel Sanders and you link to a funny photo of the clown.

    Also, and I’m not even sure I like this, but you could provide your curt but immediate feedback about the game RIGHT after it ends. “CARP’s Quick Reaction”. Three bullet takeaways. An appetizer for the next morning.

  27. Maybe after road games … after home games I’m busiest immediately after the game. Elevator, lockerroom, AV presser, write storie(s) for the paper, audio, post-game notes, AV video, photos, Game review. In that order usually.

  28. CARP, do you go to bed after writing your review? Or do you wake up really early?

  29. I think one of the blogs greatest features is the audio. The audio and the game reviews are the reason I frequent the blog.

  30. Thanks Carp

    Do you know if Sat is going to be at night? I always like to plan accordingly

  31. *Doc Joe from Long Island responding to LFC1896 who is asking is coffee a diuretic*

    The answer:

    _LFC1896 only indirectly as it as effect is due to increasing cardiac output and thus renal blood flow, perfusion, and glomerular filtration rate. But yes you will pee more. Usually not a big deal._

    _Have a good evening._

    *This blog is a great place to learn, better than any college!!*

  32. I write the review immediately after finishing all the other blog stuff that night, Miami. I don’t post it until a.m. because so many people say they like seeing it first thing in the morning.

    Thanks for the input on the audio, kids. Just wanted to know that it’s worth the effort. Apparently it is. So will continue to do it.

  33. Carp the audio is always a nice treat especially as a little preview to their thoughts on the series. Just went through to take a break from studying for a final tomorrow…and the best part was my head phones were on so the Mrs didn’t realize I was taking a break lol

  34. Are any of you guys getting this nasty fog we’re getting upstate here? I ran out to my car before and coulda sworn I saw a werewolf with a chinese menu in his hand.

  35. I really hope the NHL has the sense not to schedule game 4 in the afternoon of memorial day weekend.

    Can’t imagine how that would get better ratings than at night…

  36. I heard Brad Park on NHL radio today with Espo. They both agreed that what Lucic said wasn’t a big deal. Park was funny asking “what’s the hell is wrong with that” and saying he hated and dreaded shaking hands after series ended. In the old days there were no cameras around. They joked that it’s a lot easier if you are the winner, both said that were sore losers and proud of it. They said Dale Weise just should have said something like “Well, I’ll see you then” and left it at that. LOL, Old school.

  37. iManny-O-War on

    I don’t get why everyone is up in arms about Lucic either. The flexing was more embarrassing than the handshake line.

  38. Wait apparently Claude Julien didnt go through the handshakes at all with the players? THAT is embarrassing.

  39. After watching him the 3rd Period of game 7 against the Pens, I really hope Hank wins a Cup during his career with the Rangers.

    The guy is an awesome competitor.

  40. I don’t mind Lucic flexing. I think he was just mocking Subban. All those guys were mocking each other!

    He should be fined for his handshake line BS. If you get fined for squirting water at someone, you should be fined for threats.

  41. RIP Zevon

    My nerves can’t be worse than the boys, but oy…..my Boston cousins sure have quiet today :)

  42. I’ve finally had a chance to watch all the lucic handshake “kerfluffle”.

    I think it’s ridiculous that people are making a big deal out of it. It’s an emotional game, he’s an emotional player, and he was pissed off he/they lost.

    He still shook everyone’s hand.

    I’m sure he’s not the first guy to say something with a bit of venom in the handshake line and for the sake of hockey I hope he isn’t the last.

    These fines are like hybrid icing and the instigator rule…*STUPID*

  43. Disagree Lucic is way wrong… Lose like a champ as well. Great tradition to shake hands, don’t be a duck.

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