Game 7: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) Big as the building. Pretty much the same core group of guys, five Game 7 wins in the last seven series, 10-2 in elimination games. This is a team that never, in 16 opportunities, had come back from 3-1 to win a series, never, in four tries, had beaten Pittsburgh. Big as the building.

2) Start with the goalkeeper. Henrik Lundqvist is the best big-game goalie in the league right now. He is. Set an NHL record with his fifth straight Game 7 win. Has allowed four goals in those five games. Marc Staal said the series of saves Lundqvist made with about five minutes left might have been the best he’s ever seen him make. How about the robbery on James Neal, wide open, in the second, up 2-1. This is why you pay the best player on your team the most money. Also, have you noticed how much better his glove has been the last month or two?  Because of him, the Rangers really do have a puncher’s chance in this tournament.

3) And I can’t even believe I’m saying that. Nor can so many of you who also thought, after Game 4, that series was over. Heck, I thought it was over before it began.

4) Give it up to this head coach, Alain Vigneault, whose calmness cannot be understated as a factor in this whole season, but mostly in this comeback. This team, playing 14 games in two series, was not always great. But it was great every time it needed to be. AV has done a tremendous job after being handcuffed by the schedule and his GM’s preseason trip, right out of the gate. Gets his point across, believes in his system, and his guys bought it. Got a lot out of a lot of guys, put guys in the right roles, pushed buttons with guys like  Benoit Pouliot and Anton Stralman and the fourth-liners.New York Rangers  v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Seven

5) Speaking of whom, I’ve been singing the praises of Dominic Moore and Brian Boyle and either Derek Dorsett or Daniel Carcillo since December. They were beyond fabulous in this series, antagonizing Sidney Crosby and his linemates, killing penalties (Pens had one PPG), giving the Rangers energy shifts and zone time. Moore is 8-0 in elimination games in Pittsburgh. And then they go and score that enormous first goal by Boyle, whose rep as a clutch playoff performer just got a little bit bigger, didn’t it?

6) Frankly, this series win is even more impressive because the ludicrous schedule gave the Rangers no chance to win Game 3. None. Zero. An absurd fifth game in seven nights, consecutive 3-in-4 night situations with one off-day in between. Then they laid the egg in Game 4 … and, yeah, all the praise this team and coach get now, they all deserve just as much blame for that debacle.

7) Though I wonder, with all due respect to the situation, if this comeback is remotely possible without the impetus of the Martin St. Louis tragedy. Because when he decided to play Game 5, I think something galvanized within the team. Something changed for the better. Their focus became steely. They had that all-for-one thing they had two years ago. I don’t know if they are here waiting to play another best-of-seven without that series of unfortunate events.

8) Brad Richards. 7-0 in Game 7s. Game-winning power-play goal. Let’s be very realistic here. Each of the last three games, any of them could have been the last for Richards in a Rangers uniform. The amnesty buyout remains an avenue the Rangers almost surely have to exercise because of the last three years of the contract and the cap-recapture penalty. But right now, not only is Richards playing well and contributing, but he’s also the de facto captain of a team without a captain. On a personal note, and I told him this, I really enjoy listening to guys who understand the playoffs, the mental-preparation and approach part, accepting challenges, having short memories — guys who understand it through experience. I used to love to listen to Kevin Lowe and Mark Messier and Craig MacTavish, and then Brian Leetch, and now Lundqvist and Richards and St. Louis.Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist

9) By the way, the Rangers power play, despite going 0-for-36, won two games for them in this series.

10) Daily Nash-O’Meter. Not going there today. He played hard. He played well. That’s all I’m going to say. Well, that and one goal in 26 playoff games as a Ranger.

11) Derek Stepan. Thought he had such a strong game, again. In Game 6, too. But geez, three times he had chances to shoot, golden chances, and tried to thread passes that failed, including one for St. Louis just before the Richards goal. Then he had the 3-on-1 and missed the net by a mile, giving Pittsburgh a rush the other way. That can’t happen.

12) And St. Louis, who had an assist on the Richards goal, made at least three eye-popping defensive-zone plays. Defensively, despite the Penguins’ charge, which was to be expected, I thought the Rangers were really strong. Again. It’s their calling-card for success.  All six defensemen, solid. Marc Staal vs. Evgeni Malkin, Monster vs. Monster.

13) The Derick Brassard line hit two pipes, one by Brassard, one by Pouliot.

14) So the Penguins are left to, most likely, fire Dan Bylsma, who will have another job about five mintes after Barry Trotz, and for Sidney Crosby to figure out how his goals dried up (one in the entire playoffs) and why he can be taken off his game by guys like Moore and Boyle and Staal. By the way, that Malkin slash on Carl Hagelin’s hand? Adam Graves vs. Mario Lemieux? Same thing if Hagelin gets hurt there. Same thing. Same as Wayne Simmonds on Ryan McDonagh.

15) Another reason hockey is cooler than other sports, in addition to the post-series handshake: Nobody ever sprays champagne or beer for clinching a playoff spot or for winning a series. One team sprays stuff, and that team drinks from a silver bowl.

16) As I said, Rangers in 7.

My Three Rangers Stars:Henrik Lundqvist, Brian Boyle, Anton Stralman
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Marc Staal.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Marc Staal.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Brian Boyle.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Brad Richards.

Top and bottom photos, and Lundqvist/Crosby photo by the Associated Press.
Richards/St. Louis photo by Getty Images.

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  1. Great review as usual- #4 needed to be said AV might be the most underrated guy in this organization- I expected him to out coach Berrube- but Bylsma? As soon as Mont beat Boston in game six I was reminded of 1978-79 playoffs- after beating the Isles waiting for game 7 between Bruins-Canadiens to determine finals opponent. Rooted hard for Mont. because I hated Bruins and didn’t want to lose to them in finals-again. For those who don’t remember, Habs rallied real late to tie game thanks to “too many men” penalty before winning in ot. Be careful what you wish for…be rooting for Habs again tonight- why, BECAUSE I NEVER LEARN. That’s also why I’m a Ranger fan- off to work with a smile on my face.

  2. Getting ready for my training run (got a marathon to do this september!) Sitting here with my cup of coffee and savoring my favorite part of Rangers Playoff victories. Carp, I am not blowing smoke up your hind quarters. You are great at what you do and should be proud of this nutty community you have organized.

    I have said this to you guys before. I am more of a lurker than a participater, but I read all the comments and many of them are just laugh out loud funny! What a great bunch of fans.

    I am still in a state of shock. I was probably as disappointed as I ever was at the Rangers when I traveled to MSG for that game 4 debacle. It is STILL puzzling to me. They played with no heart, no urgency, no passion. The complete opposite of what we saw in the last three games.

    Our boys sure picked a good time to bury that streak of not being able to win back to back games, eh? (as those canadian boys say)

    The composure and focus of Henrik Lundqvist was amazing throughout the entire game. The composure and focus of Henrik Lundqvist during that flurry with 5 minutes left was otherworldly. He is THE KING!

    “THE” made a HUGE difference in this series. While Nash is struggling to score, “THE” makes the #1 line look like a #1 line. Besides his amazing size, strength and north/south speed; he is so quick on the puck. He can go from a standstill to full out in the blink of an eye. He made many subtle plays that lead to goals or good scoring chances. He is the real deal.

    The Rangers don’t have one shut down pair of defenseman, they have two. Marc Staal and Anton Stralman were superb. It is a luxury that not many teams have.

    It is good to see that Mac Truck is back to his old self. He played a hell of a game too.

    Lastly, God bless MSL and his family who has been through so much. Glad that they got to see him triumph. You know that France is smiling upstairs..


  3. Sioux per game 7 WIN!!! on

    Top Four!!!

    Rangers win in Four!!!

    When was the last time you’ve had that much fun watching a hockey game?

    Such a great day.

    Let’s go Habs :)

  4. Sioux per game 7 WIN!!! on

    Great review Carp?

    Again another series :)

    A day of rest? What’s that?

    MSL – as a Ranger, who ever the pick may be, it’s worth it. We have 4 more wins to get to the cup. The best goalie in the League. 4 lines are rolling.

    Just imagine if THE KREIDER can get the Nash line going? This team and it’s speed can beat anyone, when it plays like the last 3 games.

    That last 5 minutes was something else. Thanks Hank!!!

  5. Great review Carp! Such a satisfying series win…awesome.
    I, like most thought it was over…
    Where are all the Torts homers today?
    And the Boyle haters?…

  6. Great day boys and girls. Enjoy the next few before most likely Saturday afternoon opener.

    Wouldn’t it be fitting to win a game 7 in the house of horrors Montreal along the way.

    8 down 8 to go and then you could put me out of misery.

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    Thank you Carp for another great job. Thank you for staying late with us and dealing with this bipolar crowd of passionate fans. Your write up is so precise again that I don’t know why anyone would need another recap.
    Tell me, folks, how many if you could sleep well last night? I couldn’t. Still speechless.

    There was a shift during the second half of period 3 when Bylsma was able to deploy his best offensive players against Moore-Boyle-Dorsett line, and Klein-J. Moore. Do you remember. Pierre got very excited about. Well, I wasn’t nervous. Not only they have them nothing, but D. Moore had the best chance to score going two on one with Boyle. I thought to myself, that’s one if the biggest improvement on this team. They have depth players that can make a difference. This is a different playoff run this year, watch out. And enjoy it. Congrats all.

  8. Carp, loved the review. Looks like you’ll be kept off the links a little longer. Unlike the pens teams.
    Heck the Flyers and the pens can get together for their own little tournament.

    The franchise history has a new chapter, we were there to see it, well, we were here, but you know what I mean.

    Great day to be a Bonehead.

    Yo, Coos! We did it!

  9. Theweeds300 on

    My first post here! Love this blog! Fabulous comeback series. Since my picture was posted on Rangers Subscribers Central with my NYR bowling ball, we’re 3-0!!!!

  10. WRT The King – after he gave up the first goal – he kind of shook his head as if to say, “No More!” I can’t remember seeing another goaltender as locked in as he was and credit the team for a clear line of sight of most shots and back checking to limit rebounds. Awesome, just awesome

  11. Gregm-section403 on

    As carp has said, appreciate what we have here. 2nd trip to ECF in 3 years. 2 more weeks of hockey in late May (and hopefully into June). And a legit team with 4 lines.

    Carp, any chance you will be traveling for the ECF?

  12. This month has been the worst thrashing that New Yorkers have given In Pennsylvania since the Battle of Gettysburg! I listened to the last two periods on the Turnpike. Weak, I know. But not as weak as us being a final four team. The playoff matchup gods really smiled on us, giving us two dis functional opponents who clearly out everything is on the front line….but not the goal line! Three cheers for AV- hip hip oui oui, hip hip oui oui

  13. ilb, agreed…this team has depth that can make plays. I think AV has instilled in them am ability to stay cool under pressure.

    Hi TheWeeds!
    You can officially be the Head Weed Puller!

  14. Stunning turn of events. Most shocked I’ve ever been as a fan.
    My hockey superstitions wouldn’t allow me to be positive but something definitely changed after what happened to the St. Louis family. You could feel it, and see it the last 3 games.
    Karma, superstition, spirituality- whatever you believe in you have to think it played a very special role in the outcome of this series. And I think Pittsburgh could feel it too. Their body language and faces – even Blysmas after Boyle scored told the tale.

    Anything can happen now and it’s all gravy from here. Not gonna worry about Boston-Montreal just gonna enjoy this one today because these things don’t happen too often!

  15. Norm Merton on

    This team! As resilient as they come. I was convinced the best they could hope for in Game 5 was to lose with dignity, and instead they made it clear — as did Fleury it must be said — that it was not simply going to be a tough close-out. From then on, I can’t think of a player who didn’t make a big contribution one way or the other. And once a team starts playing ego-less hockey like this, it’s hard to stop. The Bruins could steamroller them, absolutely, but it’s looking less likely than last time around. The Canadiens would be a toss-up.

    Bottom line: at least 4 more C&Cs! Thanks for that, Carp.

  16. AV’s ability to weed out players who don’t fit has been huge. Getting rid of MDZ for Klein was the key move of the season. But before that, removing Biron, Asham, Pyatt, Bickel, Falk, Powe from the equation really was brilliant.

  17. Klein was real good, a guy under the radar. And don’t you just love were pull out puts himself in the offensive zone. Just great spots that are not easy to be in. Our goalie stole a series and carried us on his back, just outstanding, shades of Richter and surpassing Eddie on a big stage, just willed it. His save off a stick laying in front of him that deflects and he pins it somehow to his hip is second only to Mikey on Bure’ PS.

  18. Bushwick Bob on

    JPP – it’s a great picture, that sums up a great feeling. What a win!

    Side note on the pic: does it mean anything that Nash is kinda on the outside of that throng in the crease looking in?

  19. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it the same as Carp and Kenny. Frankly, I’m a bit baffled by how anyone, including Josh, 26, could have had one and two any differently than Lundqvist-Boyle. That was Boyle’s best game as a Ranger. Period, end of story.

    For all of the talk of our PP in the beginning of the series, not only did it end up being better than Pittsburgh’s vaunted powerplay, but it also scored the series clinching goal.

    Which brings me to our PK, which was great all season, but really lousy against Philly. They rebounded in a big way and are among the top three reasons we won this series.

    We have to be hoping for Boston, right? I mean given out troubles at the Bell Centre and against Montreal/Carey Price in general, we have to want anyone but them, right?

  20. Sioux per – You found that game enjoyable? You must be some kind of masochist. That game was only enjoyable after the fact.

    Last year’s game 7 against the Caps…that was an enjoyable game.

    Thanks for the write-up Carp. I can only hope you are picking the Bruins or Habs! :-).

  21. Help me out here boys..

    Is there any other NHL team in recent history who has shown the resiliency this NYR group has?

    2012 ECQ: Down 3-2 to Ottawa, win Game 6 and Game 7
    2013 ECQ: Down 3-2 to Washington, win Game 6 and Game 7
    2014 ECS: Down 3-1 to Pittsburgh, win Game 5, Game 6, and Game 7

  22. Enjoyable? It was like having root canal surgery. I swear, I thought I was going to stroke out in the third period. That flurry by the pens with 5 minutes left almost put me over the edge.

  23. Come on guys. Last night was a blast. the entire game was.

    Some of you guys seriously suffer through it?

  24. jpp, I found that game nerve wracking! But I was only kidding, of course I enjoyed it. I loved it! I could barely sleep last night I was so pumped up!

  25. Norm Merton on

    Q: Does it mean anything that Nash is kinda on the outside of that throng in the crease looking in?

    A: Yes, it means that you need him and about nine other guys to form the perimeter of a clumped circle of players.

  26. Is there any other NHL team in recent history who has shown the resiliency this NYR group has?

    2012 ECQ: Down 3-2 to Ottawa, win Game 6 and Game 7
    2013 ECQ: Down 3-2 to Washington, win Game 6 and Game 7
    2014 ECS: Down 3-1 to Pittsburgh, win Game 5, Game 6, and Game 7

    JPP, that is incredible when you stop and think about it!

  27. When was the last time the Rangers advanced to the next round without knowing who their next opponent would be?

  28. Can we take Boyle off the WBM today? Hell, take everyone off it today! Great job to point out the coaches subtle moves carp. …he’s had a great playoffs run himself pushing the right buttons.

  29. I am reposting a couple comments from last night.

    1) “i want to make a difference”

    BBoyle you made a difference big guy.

    Some might say, Hank proved tonight that the big goalie is more important then the superstar forward.

    And finally

    After Game 4, I asked Richards, Nash, and St. Louis to to prove they can be counted on for right now.

    Nash and St. Louis they played well.

    And brad richards scored another big playoff goal. I tip my cap to brad richards for being in the right time, front of the net, and he got the opportunity and he again showed he can hit a spot.

    Good job boys. I’ve been wanting that handshake since the 2008 handshake.

    thank you boys.

    And again, the mantra.

    (WHY NOT US)

    adding in brass and hanks line

    I say Bring on the big bad bruins

  30. 2) These last three games have been such a pleasure to watch.

    They did it. They tapped into it, and they took control of that series and won it… I think what helped tap into it was the reality shock of one of the guys losing their parent so suddenly. But now that they’ve tapped into it and realize they can shape their reality, they can make things happen.

    They are gonna be a tough out. They’ve made me proud again.

  31. So tired of the “Nash played well” madness.
    Boyle played (very) well
    Moore played (very) well
    11 forwards, 6 D, and Hank played (very) well.
    Nash played well….?
    How can we watch 18 guys drive the bus (and REALLY play well) and have a $7.8 mil passenger get the “he played well” pass?!? It’s outrageous.
    A $7.8 mil checking winger is not a good thing.

    …we won and I am happy, but the Rick Nash “playing well” is a problem.

  32. The ledge only has pigeon poop on it today!! Hank was truly the king, and our defense was really amazing. All over the puck. Winning battles in the corners. I have no finger nails left!!!

    Still don’t want to pay Hank the big bucks?

    Richards. One year ago, Torts was benching him, this year, game winner.

    Can’t say enough about how Boyle lifts his game in the playoffs, the guy was a beast!! Hard to imagine after last year, but I think our 4th line is as good as, or better than Boston’s. Speaking of which…

    This team is set up MUCH better than the team two years ago that almost won the President’s trophy. They are much more balanced, have a fourth line and TWO sets of shut down defenseman, and the third pair that is not going to hurt you at crunch time. The type of game they play is NOT going to tire you out the way Torts style did. Say what you want about them not having those big bruising muckers that so many of you think this team needs, but this style is much more suited to long series.

    Boston? Montreal? Each team gives has their own set of problems for us. I really don’t care who we play between them. Like I said, at this point….house money.

  33. Montreal better matchup however the house of horrors cancels that and price owns us. Razk just as a problem. Both challenging ahead. We need to play to our best to play for the cup.

    I’m actually happy it doesn’t feel right.

  34. Its more accurate to say that a year ago richards couldn’t skate at this level of competition

  35. Woke up this morning to the wonderful news. Richie had a baby and Boyler’s the Godfather. Down 3-1 versus Pitt with a game 7 down there even if we win games 5&6. Who wudda thunk it, I say, who wudda thunk it? You go, Boyos!

  36. 2 things:
    Do we now owe Tampa a 1st-rounder in the draft?

    How good will this team be if Nash ever starts scoring in the playoffs?

  37. What a beautiful day this is! Carp, thanks, as always, for hitting all the major points of a huge win last night. Closing out this series leaves no doubt about the the resolve of this team.

    I don’t care who we play. I just hope tonight’s game is brutal and won after a long OT. Our boys will get some well deserved rest and then refocus themselves for whoever.

    Carp, point 7, “…steely…”, an apt word for players and coaching staff alike. They are a metal team mentally and physically! Smart and tough. Ride the Pride boys!!

  38. A foggy day in London Town
    Had me weak, had me down
    I met the morning with alarm
    The British Museum had lost its charm’

    How long, I wondered, would this ennui last.
    But the age of miracles hadn’t passed.
    Suddenly, I saw the Ranger’s won,
    And in foggy London Town, the sun was shining

  39. Carp
    Thanks for the review! You might save this thread for the next round when the ledge gets packed (you know it will at some point).

    Under the circumstance this team might have won a series against Columbus as well, but I kept telling you guys we matched up better against the pens and would win the series against then!!

    So…RTFU and suck it phanuef!

  40. Carp

    Get these pens clowns cleared out today. Move them to the trash like there crap team

    Blow it up Pittsburgh.

  41. Great game, I couldn’t sit down after the first period… I was pacing in front of my TV begging the Rangers to convert one of their odd man chances to give themselves more breathing room!

    Carp, as always, amazing job with the blog and the next day review. I think for all of us, this is the first website we visit in the morning waking up the day after a game!

    It is so great to read the blogs/twitter feeds of those clown Penguins beat writers and their pom-poms. This morning they have nothing to say and no one to blame for the loss but their own guys. No “refs made a difference”, no “Staal cheap shots crybaby Crosby”, nothing. They are killing Bylsma, meanwhile their golden boy had about as bad a playoff as Nash, and it just gets mentioned as a flyby.

    Love it.

    THE Kreider makes a huge difference… he comes back, adn his speed and size instantly help this team, gets the PP going with his net presence… if he continues to learn the away from the game puck, he’s going to be an absolutely force!

  42. Stranger Nation on

    My series MVP goes to Dom Moore who helped ‘win’ the series in Games 5 & 6 when he got Cindy and The Tang completely off their games. He makes Boyle much, much better (nice assist last night), takes huge draws, and goes to the dirty areas early and often. Still want John Mitchell? I don’t.

    Pissburg lost their composure and showed that for all Cindy and Malkin’s obvious talents, when you have an underperforming Neal and a troll named Gibbons as a couple of your wingers, they are much less dangerous.

    Out bottom 6 completely outplayed their bottom 6 in almost every period and just needed our top 6 to contribute a little and they finally did (except Nash, who is absolutely lost out there, but is at least hitting now)

    Special shout out to Hags who goes under the radar, but had a huge, huge series playing with his Energizer Bunny style while playing D for two and scoring some big goals.

    THE is undefeated in this post-seaon…coincidence…no

    Speed kills…safe is death…LETS GO RANGERS!!

  43. What was that phrase about Goaltending in the playoffs?
    Seriously, if Hank continues to play like that, the rest of the team play tough and grab a goal here or there who’d bet against us with this kind of momentum?

  44. Admiral Akbar on

    Oops… There goes that draft pick!

    Looks like the St. Louis trade is working out well, after all.

    Cheers to Uncle Glennie!

  45. Haven’t been this excited since ’94!

    ilb2001 & Stall Wart – thanks for the greetings!

    Dave – keep the beard going ’til about mid June.

  46. Mattlear,

    I didn’t sit down once during the last 3 games. I watched all three games standing up in my lounge

  47. iDoodie Machetto on

    I was way more excited a couple of years ago. I thought we were headed to the Final for sure.

  48. What a game! What a series! Great review, as per usual, Carp. I like the fact that the boys may finally making you a believer! It’s a great day to be a Rangers fan. I couldn’t be prouder of a team that played with such heart, passion, discipline and . . . Onions! Let’s savor this one knowing that the next series, whoever we play, will be tough and that there’s no way of knowing if we can maintain the same compete level we showed in the last half of this series — but I’m pretty damned optimistic that we can and will.

  49. BickelsPickle on

    How quickly emotions and feelings about a team can change. Great game from everyone. Nash was as physical as I’ve seen him and he played really well defensively. The best part about him not scoring is that there’s a chance that he will/can explode when it matters. Or maybe not… you know, like Crosby. Glad they can all rest up and spend time with the family. #THEKRIEDER = Monster. 3-1 with him back. I don’t count the first loss because his hand was still hurt. 3-0 with THE back.

  50. GM folks, what a high feeling today, what an emotional high.

    It can not be stated enough times how absolutely insane Hank was in the last 3 games of this series. We give him a lot of flak since we have high expectations for him but times like these let us put it all in perspective as to why/how those expectations were built.

    2.5 for boyle? Sign me up… seriously. He is so good in his own zone such a good penalty killer and such a heart and soul guy.

  51. Just putting it out there but how much of a dagger would it be for Montreal if we played them and McD had a crazy insane series to help us win it?

  52. Also, RE: Hagelin. I posted the other day somewhere (either twitter or here) that Hagelin is a good player to watch as a thermometer for the team.

    when he is going, skating well and getting in on the forecheck it looks to feed the whole team and get opponents on their heels

  53. Jim from NJ on

    Game 1 is Saturday at 1:00, per Bettman (currently on with Boomer and Cartoon)

  54. Bettman on wfan with boomer and carton said what I thought

    East conf finals 1pm Saturday afternoon on nbc prior to Preakness regardless who wins tonight.

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    The fourth line is finally doing what I argued for years has to do. They not only check well but also provide timely scoring, something a Torts 3 and 4th line would never do because he had two fourth lines out there all the time. I hope that the notion of a 4th line not needing to score and create chances can finally be put to rest.

    Boyle D.Moore Dorsett/Carcillo,

    Well done guys!

  56. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    All praise to every single person on the team who contributed to this amazing morning for all of us fans.

    I know you guys think that I don’t enjoy this because of my absolute terror heading into those games but I think it’s more about being conditioned to expect the worst and conditioning your body and mind to never, ever let you get confident.

    This is *VERY* enjoyable

  57. I’m so miserable today. 2014 1st round pick was my favorite player on the team.

  58. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Yea, Draxen. Sign me up for keeping Boyle. Not because he scored last night because I couldn’t care less if he scores. He’s invaluable. But then he goes and does these playoff heroics. Such a valuable guy. So humble too

  59. Agree with just about everything. I thought they were done after game 4. I think they are done no matter who they play next, but they’ve shown me a lot and I still think there is a small chance they can pull this off.

    As for Nash, I wouldn’t say he played well, but he didn’t play poorly. He was physical and more engaged off the puck. On the puck he almost blew the game twice though. He’s still trying to do way too much and just needs to move the puck quicker.

  60. After not much thinking about it, this is the biggest comeback a team I’ve rooted for has ever pulled off. Pretty cool.

  61. Manny, the scoring is just the icing on the cake that makes the non cake eaters line up for a piece…. (I think my metaphor works)

  62. Manny, i can see the business for thinking that way.

    But this is your life. Don’t allow a business mentality to thwart that fire within that makes you believe.

    To me thats the beauty of life. Believing in something and making it happen.

    I get a high watching other people make things happen as well.

    We are creators.

    Believe in every moment and doubly so when you feel a twinge of doubt.

  63. I can see it now, new flyers GM hextall buys out vinny and slats sees an opportunity to reunite the Tampa 3 and doesn’t buy out Richards.

    He instead gives St. Louis and vinny 6 mil per contracts that match Richards’ in length.


  64. nuke laloosh on

    For the endless abuse he stake here & elsewhere,Glen Sather looks pretty darn smart this morning.
    His first term (only 6-7 years lol) where an historic disaster.
    But man look at the milage he’s gotten from just a few pickups. Puliot, stralman, carcillo Zuccarello and Dom Moore cost them a total of a 7th pick. Phenomenal.
    Yeah they’re minus a first rounder today that they weren’t yesterday,but rather they weren’t?

  65. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It works Draxen. And it made me hungry for CAKE and/or ICING.

  66. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Boyle. As someone who used to despise him, all I can say is that once I shifted my expectations of what he is and not what I wanted him to be, I came to appreciate what he brings to this team a lot more.

    Stralman and Pouliot had beastly games under the radar. Stralman had a few shifts where he was able to carry the puck out of the zone when the Rangers were having a tough time getting it up the wall. Huge.

    It was interesting to hear the post-game comments and how game 4 really got to them. You don’t hear players talk about bad games the way they did, almost like they had some sort of hockey PTSD about it. yes, Marty’s leadership during this horrible time for him was huge, but I think before that happened each of them decided to step it up. No matter what, let’s just keep it rolling!!!!!!!!

  67. Robby Bonfire on

    None of us, starting with Carp and myself, can be faulted or ridiculed for consigning this Rangers team to summer vacation, going into the Pittsburgh series.

    Who among us knew this team had the guts, courage, backbone, and testes to make a stand like this, especially when they were down 3-1? I mean, you think Pittsburgh will dominate this series before the fact, and then Pitt takes a 3-1 series lead, what are you supposed to be thinking: “This Rangers team has the talent and the will power to come back and win this series, even without a trace of a power play?” No one in his right mind was thinking that way, and, wow, how those waking up in Pittsburgh today must be stunned.

    From projected Stanley Cup winners to not even beating this ordinary New York Rangers team has to be the biggest slice of humble pie for the Pittsburgh Penguins in a couple decades.

    Not quite ready to say “I am proud of this team,” there is much more work ahead, but what a pleasant surprise, to be still the Stanley Cup mix at the half-way point.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “I guaranteed we’d win game 7. The pens didn’t stand a chance.”

    *Brassard sees dead people*

  69. Hope the players and us fans can get some fresh air after the condensed split best of 14. I’m beat and all I do is sit and bounce off a couch. Then its off to Canada or Boston, anything can happen. Agreed that we should ‘enjoy this experience’ but we can also WANT THE CUP!

  70. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    @bmitchelf #NYR players who were on bench for all of last 6:56: Chris Kreider, Derek Dorsett, John Moore.

  71. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I can watch Brassard hopping back and forth ALL DAY. I probably will. That is SO funny.

  72. You’re not proud of this team after coming back from a 3 – 1 deficit against all the ridiculous odds, after all the emotional & physical pain they went through, after somehow keeping arguably the two best hockey players in the world in check, and defying all expectations we had at the beginning of the season? If you’re not proud of this team at this moment, you may never be.

  73. outside of Moore, i’m not even a little surprised about that stat. Kreider is not a “Defend the lead” player at least not this point in his career.

    No doubt if we were trailing he would have been out there alot.

    Dorsett seems to be the odd man out in a lot of ways and the only part of our 4th line that doesn’t seem super integral.

  74. Still kind of in a complete state of shock. I was at my bowling league last night but each lane has 3 tvs, 2 for scores and 1 for sports. I had the first 5 strikes…then the last 20 seconds of the game happened…I should have waited, but I didn’t want to hold the game up….I throw it…split!!! Rush back watch the end of the game and the entire bowling alley in Perth Amboy exploded in cheers when the final buzzer sounded. I admit, I can’t believe they came back, I def did lose faith.

    Does anyone remember the 5-6-7 goal losses to start the season? This team was so exceptionally bad, but kudos to Viggy for staying with his plan and getting the players to adapt to his system.

    King Henrik is in beast mode. It’s like when you create a 99 overall goalie in an EA game. They will need more of that if they want the big silver cup. Great win fellas! Proud to be a Ranger fan today.

  75. Cosmo!!!!!!

    Haha, that’s actually my real name, but I felt it was silly to just use my name. Naturally, had to make it more official. Reading these boards I see some serious cred, just gotta make sure I fit in, haha.

  76. iDoodie Machetto on

    In game 5, MSL looked like he didn’t want Brassard hugging him either.

  77. iDoodie Machetto on

    Incorrect. We have no chance at home ice for the rest of the playoffs.

  78. “If Montreal wins tonite, we get home ice … correct?”

    Never mind … Montreal gets home ice, Conf finals and SC Finals goes to best record, NOT seeding.

  79. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Edmonton TSN just referred to Henrik Lundqvist as “sexy” and “stunning”

  80. “If you’re not proud of this team you may never be”

    There’s a difference between being proud and wanting the Cup. There’s a difference between enjoying success and wanting the Cup. Beating Pitt was awesome (personally found more satisfaction beating Flyers) however the goal as I see it, is to win a Championship. I’d love to see Lundqvist raise the Cup !!

  81. Brassard doesn’t look like he’d be the smelly type but who knows. Appearances can be deceiving.

  82. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been to the Great Wall of China, I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt, I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in all my years as a sportscaster have I witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we’ve witnessed here today!

  83. LMGO @ Brassard, Manny.

    I’m not gonna lie…I welled up when they won. Well, after jumping around the room with restrained screams (still mananged to wake up my 6 year hold who tried like heck to stay awake).

    As much as Nash has had his problems, Crosby was just about a non-factor in this game.

  84. Bmac, I see the distinction you’re making (I think) but are you saying you’re NOT proud of them?

  85. I have to admit, after Game 4, I had the Rangers written off to an early summer.

    I will never doubt the Rangers again, I can’t believe how tightly they played the last 3 games.

    I really am so proud of the boys and am hoping for a Montreal victory tonight – I think we pair up much better with the Habs then the Bruins.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  86. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Gravy brings up an awesome point:

    How did you guys celebrate last night?

  87. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Brassard is also the only guy banging his stick outside the box

  88. If I said to you guys a couple weeks ago that they would win the first two rounds against Philly and then Pittsburgh, they would fight back from a 3-1 deficit and win in the semis and that Nash wouldn’t have a single goal through all of it you would have said…?

  89. bull dog line on

    just got back from Modells, and picked up my ECF T shirt. while I was there, I got you a “I wish the Rangers had a 2014 1st round pick” T shirt.

  90. I think down 3-1, especially the way they played in Game 4, you mentally prepare yourself for the season to be over. It doesn’t mean you’re not a fan, or that you’ve given up. But, man, does it make winning that much sweeter. Not good for stress levels, but so worth it when it works out.

  91. bull dog line on

    I want Boston. we owe them one, plus they do not deal well with speed.

  92. Poured myself a glass of red wine and turned on MSG to watch the postgame.

    10 minutes later, my wife comes down from my bedroom and tells me there’s scratching in the wall. Open up my attic hatch to see a bat flying in the attic. That was a f’in buzzkill.

  93. Watching that third period, all I could think of was Game 7, 1994, SCF vs. Vancouver. I spent the whole third period watching the clock hoping it would just move faster, and the last 5 minutes or so seemed to move backwards!!

    I predicted Pens in 7 and I thought this series would be close. I didn’t expect it to play out this way, especially after game 4 when even I quit on the team. Another thing to give AV credit for is sticking with lines (or at least forward pairs), even when they struggle a bit. I think there’s a lot to be said with letting guys play together and knowing what the others on their line would do on the ice. Torts would drive me nuts with his constant line tinkering. There was rarely any continuity between players.

    Also, notice the same two refs for game 6 and 7? I think players knew what they could and could not get away with last night and it made for a much better game. I thought the game, by NHL standards was well officiated.

  94. Great read Carp,
    No doubt the death of Marty’s mother had an effect. It was the fact that Marty showed up to play the next day that woke up this team.

    Think it was Wiki or someone that said Boston is ripe for the picking, and I believe that just like I believed it was our year to beat Pitt. Habs scare me more than the big bad B’s

  95. WBM (c)


    1) Nash
    2) Richards
    3) Stepan
    4) Stralman
    5) Pouliot

  96. If they show these type of stones next round and still get beat, most here will be so pissed and will be calling for Sather’s head again.

    If they do pull it off, well then, we’ll have ourselves some more fun.

  97. I’d rather see Montreal do us a favor and knock off the Bruins. Then I want to see us knock out Montreal, we owe them for 1979 and I want Hank to kill his Montreal curse.

  98. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Great write up Carp. I always look forward to them win or loose, thanks. Good game huh? Now, now the Old Guard and on to Brussels!

  99. tell you what, you talk about Rangers fans on the ledge, listening to NHL radio this morning it’s like an atomic bomb went off somewhere in Pittsburgh. It’s all about Pittsburgh being upset, having no character, Blysma’s future what’s wrong with Crosby and if they should trade Malkin. The Rangers are completely irrelevant other than mentioning Hank arguably being one of the best in the NHL.

  100. _just got back from Modells, and picked up my ECF T shirt. while I was there, I got you a “I wish the Rangers had a 2014 1st round pick” T shirt._

    Is the draft in Newark again this year? Maybe we can meet up for the 2nd round. Should be a blast.

  101. During the season, I said the only team that scares me in the East was Boston, but I’m not so sure anymore. They had a LOT of trouble with Montreal’s speed game, and I think we could give them the same kinds of headaches. I think of the three games they beat us, two were close (one was OT if I recall).

    Oh, and those of you who think Crosby is getting a pass while Nash is getting raked over the coals, listen to radio coming out of Canada. Crosby is getting killed and there’s hardly a mention of Nash. Crosby is their darling, but he’s getting a LOT of heat this time around.

  102. James, after Game 4, was thinking it’s a chicken and egg scenario. Was Pittsburgh playing that well, or were the Rangers playing that poorly? Same thing here, though I believe that Hank stole his series (or at least Game 7).

  103. It is absolutely time for a Chaloney, a Chalbert, a Chiannone or even a Chemrick

  104. If extra skater has its TOI numbers right, AV was able to keep our top 4 against Crosby almost the entire night …

    Girardi / McD: 51%

    St(a/r)al: 40%

    Klein / Moore: 9%

  105. Mister D: Luxury of having 2 very competent D Pairs, and probably our biggest strength as a team outside of Hank

  106. Agreed, Gravy, I didn’t want to see anyone use the excuse about the schedule but maybe it did play a big role in their lack of performance in games 3 and 4.

    I think a lot of what’s had to happen has happened- they’ve gotten some form of production out of everyone, Lundqvist is playing on his high playoff level, they’ve managed to stay pretty healthy and when AV has tweaked the lineup he’s gotten results. The question will be what advantages they have over either Boston or Montreal. I agree with Bulldog, I want Boston. We’re playing with house money at this point and I don’t want a game 7 in Montreal scenario.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Chase presale for everything other than singles is already sold out.

    Although, I didn’t search rinkside.

  108. Side note about the coach- AV was being credited this morning and last night for trusting and giving ice time to his 4th line guys. Discussion was about how Torts shortened his bench all too often in post season play and his top players were either exhausted or injured as a result.

  109. Coincidence that these penguins slid out of the playoffs at the same Texas that ice sheet in Antarctica slipping into the ocean? F them and F Crosby and f the whole Sutter family

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    Found something in lower bowl for game 2. Was thinking of buying to resell, but they cost $1,000. Think I’d be able to sell them for profit?

  111. We owe montreal for 1986. Patrick Roy and a bunch of posts and crossbars ruined the dreams of a certain 12 year old from Long Island.

    We paid the penguins back for 1992 (and 1996 and 1989 and 2008) but really 1992.

  112. And let’s face it, they made it through two rounds with minimal offense and PP production. If my calculations are correct, law of averages says they should get about 103 goals this round, with 54 on the PP.

  113. If they want better PP production, they should drink like we did last night amiright???????

  114. Doodie,you can get 400 level seating for 250+ on stubhub. You’d resell for profit on those. I’d buy them right now but I need a dishwasher and a new BBQ grill.

  115. Similar to trading 1st round picks for ECF, we also traded for *more* Kenneth posts. They really should have lost last night.

  116. 15 second shifts were the key to this game. Remember in the 3rd when the Rangers iced the puck and the 4th line was stuck against the MONSTER BEAST LINE for a few minutes? They weren’t/didn’t look as tired because of those short shifts and rolling 4 lines. Smart.

  117. Manny, awesome gif of the bench as they clinched. Think the guys are psyched for the next round?

  118. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    This win will last a really long time because every single time Pittsburgh fires someone or trades someone we can revel in the fact that WE made this all possible.

  119. The whole team played together and stepped up for the past three games. From Hank to Boyle, it was enjoyable to watch. The goal is to win the Stanley Cup, though. It is not to qualify for the playoffs numerous years since the 05-06 season and advance to the East Finals only twice.

  120. Get a Weber, James. Better to have top of the line for 15 years than a new mid-level every 5, right?

  121. 100-Watt Warlock on

    Can somebody tell me where the puck goes in this gif??? I’m pretty sure it disappears into some sort of vortex

    I’m vibin’ with Draxen. I also celebrated by exhaling for the first time all day. And then there was lots of hugging and high fiving.

    What’s this team’s ceiling if the PP starts producing and Nash pots a few? I really shouldn’t let myself get this excited…

  122. Exactly Mr D!!!! I’m going to give you the phone number to Mrs G’s office maybe you can make her listen to reason lol. Just say no to Charbroil!

  123. 100-Watt Warlock on

    Oh god, the puck deflects up off the stick on the ice in that gif. It’s insane that Hank makes the saves.

  124. The whole blog posted together and stepped up for the past three games. From Carp to Kenneth, it was enjoyable to read. The goal is to post through the Stanley Cup, though. It is not to post during the playoffs numerous years since the 05-06 season and post during the East Finals only twice.

  125. I am finally over 1992. Finally. Thank you 2013-2014 New York Rangers for this gift. To come back from 3-1 finally negates a eighty foot snapshot that 1994 didn’t negate in my heart. The rangers would have to do something as heart wrenching as Ron Francis’ prayer that eluded my second favorite goalie EVER to negate 1992.

    They just did

  126. Warlock, I’ve been watching that one too and the only thing I can think is it caught a baggy part of his jersey (sweater) and if he tucked a little harder, its a tie game.

  127. I remember sitting at some concert my sister was singing in a day or two after that series ended and I saw someone wearing one of those old school leather ranger jackets and i just couldn’t believe the guy had the onions to wear it after the epic collapse. That misery compounded by 1992-1993 season including the two wipe outs against the penguins at the end of the season. What would counteract that? Sure the cup was amazing but the penguins would remain.

    Until last night.

    It’s over. Our curse of the flightless bird is over.

    Thank you NYR

  128. “Bmac, I see the distinction you’re making (I think) but are you saying you’re NOT proud of them?”

    Incredibly proud and thrilled that we have more hockey to go! I want the Cup!

    Pitt was not invincible, none of them are.

    I think we were the better team. I think bounces went our way for once. I think without the schedule we would have taken them in 5 or 6. We have 8.5M in goal for a reason, the man shows up. I want the Cup!

    Incredibly proud of the team and thrilled to be a Ranger fan but they haven’t won anything yet. YET.

  129. _I saw someone wearing one of those old school leather ranger jackets and i just couldn’t believe the guy had the onions to wear it after the epic collapse_

    I always do this after eliminations. Defiantly encourage someone to make me more annoyed.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m on the can pinching a rather large Malkin. I will say it again.


  131. Just read the recap now, great stuff Carp. Although I’m thinking the NHL may not adopt “One team sprays stuff” as their new playoff slogan.

  132. I rather the rangers play Boston than the Canadiens. The reason why is I think last year the rangers style of play fit right into Boston hands where this year the rangers style is a up tempo game which gives Boston problems. Montreal plays a similar style like the rangers and is why that series is going to a game 7. Plus Boston looks slow in this series against montreal. Chara looks like a anchor.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    _If they show these type of stones next round and still get beat, most here will be so pissed and will be calling for Sather’s head again_

    Most is like ‘everyone’ and ‘these people’ right? ‘tever…


  134. I don’t think I can stomach it, Tommy. While beating Boston would pretty much be the greatest thing in my world, losing to them again would be devastating. Too many friends who are playoff fans to infuriate me.

  135. Still in a state of euphoria. This series removed every trace of doubt for any series in the future. We can point to it and say, ” well there was that time against the penguins”

    Glad to share it with you all!

  136. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Is there a link anywhere to the handshake line where we can see ALL the players and not just ST Louis?

  137. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I *wanted* to play Boston last year. This year my gut tells me the same thing but it didn’t work out well last season did it? Boston has a lot of trouble with speed but they also have the closest thing to Hank in net. They have the ability to punish us.

    Montreal is very, very fast. A Rangers/Montreal series would be NUTS

  138. bull dog line on

    I think Boston is the better match up. speed bothers them, and they do not seem to have the depth that they have had in the past. but I get what you are saying. certain teams you don’t want to play because of how much it will hurt if you lost to them. its how I felt about the Devils series 2 yrs ago.

  139. looking at the picture above where the ranger came together to celebrate winning the series, I find it strange Nash is hardly engaging with his team mates.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    Isn’t Pissburg a speed team or did I just miss their tough guys during the series?

  141. bull dog line on

    you have to deal with to much when you play Montreal. the league, and the Refs in addition to the Habs. you all remember the Ottawa series right? playing Montreal would be worse.

  142. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    I’m thinking the Habs would make a better series, and perhaps a better chance to win a 7 game series. I’m not so sure about the House of Horrors playing in the Bell Centre. Rangers have a tough time getting a win inside their for some reason.

  143. _Boston has a lot of trouble with speed but they also have the closest thing to Hank in net._

    I don’t think Price is all that different. I just like that matchup better (1) because of my heart and (2) their roster is, more or less, the same as ours. Whereas Boston might beat us up like last year, Montreal will play exactly how we do so it’ll be up to our D + Henrik being the best unit of the four on the ice.

  144. bull dog line on

    I went to see them play 4 times at the old Forum. the best result I saw was a 2 all tie.

  145. _looking at the picture above where the ranger came together to celebrate winning the series, I find it strange Nash is hardly engaging with his team mates._

    People are really overreacting to this picture. Like massively. Is it really the first time you’ve seen Nash hanging out on the perimeter?

    #nailedit #bestjokes #nhlhockey

  146. 100-Watt Warlock on

    I’m torn about who I want to play. Last year I wanted Boston badly, but it made me miserable when we lost to them and I don’t want a repeat of that. Montreal is scary because of how we play there, their speed and skating, the referee factor, and Price. Either way we have our work cut out for us.

  147. Stranger Nation on

    Do not want any part of Boston. If you do, you haven’t been paying attention to our match up with them over the last year going back to last year’s POs.

    Nash may not even suit up for that series.

  148. _Do yourselves and favor and turn up the sound and watch this clip. doc and penishead are not happy._

    Bonus: Matt*y* Niskanen and Derek door-SET

    (Speaking of penisheads, no one in the world can convince me Rask doesn’t look like a combination of a penis and a q-tip.)

  149. bull dog line on

    tommy said it best. last year the Rangers style fit right into what Boston wanted. this team is built different. they will give Boston problems.

  150. 100-Watt Warlock on

    Rask looks like an insect. Or kind of like Alan Colmes and an insect mated and Rask was the offspring.

  151. My dad has what he calls the all-hobbit team. Guys’ whose faces like hobbit-like he says.

    rask is the goalie.

  152. Whichever team they play is going to be tough. Rangeers have a tough time in Montreal in the regular season, but they haven’t played them in the playoffs since ’96, when they beat them in 6. Different animal.

    They’re going to obviously have to win one game there, and probably two if to win in less than 7.

  153. I wonder if Nash is as nice off the ice as he is on the ice

    Sure would be nice to add Cally for the next round. He must feel terrible right now

  154. The Rangers are the best team remaining the East. 3 defense pairs deep, 4 forward lines deep, and Hank getting a lot of rest during the season thanks to a solid backup.

  155. nice zinger on Nash there Mr D lol.

    Last place I want to see them play a game 7 would be in Montreal with a chance to go to the Cup finals up for grabs. like literally the last arena on earth if I could rank them all.

    I don’t think losing to Boston would be all too devastating. I thought they were better than NJ in 2012 and that hurt. Boston’s been getting called the best team in the East for a year. Not that I’d be ok with a quick out but obviously they’d be a heavy favorite. similar to Giants-Pats in 2008. ride the momentum and give them hell.

  156. bull dog line on

    in that series in 96, the Rangers swept the 3 games played in Montreal. they lost the 1st 2 at home, and then won 4 straight.

  157. bull dog line on

    Fat Guy,
    Cally is perfectly happy. he’s going to Buffalo! what a fool Callahan was.

  158. Rask was a big problem for the Rangers last year. And if they have a chance against either team they’re going to need some offense from Nash and more improvement from Stepan.

  159. So Hank is 5-1 in Game 7s. What one did he lose? Was that the series against Washington where Redden was a pylon and Sergei Federov sniped a late goal?

  160. Bulldog, I was thinking about Callahan last night. I wonder if it’s worth it to him to be sitting at home waiting for a pay day in July and watching the team he was captain of a couple of months ago doing what they’re doing. business or not, that can’t feel too great.

  161. correct, Joe. Federov scored with under 5 mins left and Washington came back in what may have been one of the best playoff series Lundqvist probably ever played. He was in tears while skating through the handshake line.

  162. Gorilla Salad on

    It’s a beautiful day in RangerLand, fellow Boneheads! I don’t post a lot but I’m always here the morning after a game reading Carp’s awesome reviews and

  163. When I heard the MSL rumors, I was laughed at for suggesting they swap MSL for nash and hang on to callahan.

  164. All I remember from that ’96 series against Montreal was how sick I was Watching that team post trade deadline. Slow, old and beat up.
    Pittsburgh embarrassed them that year in the semis.

  165. Maybe Tom Berenger should go over to Rick Nash’s house and yell at him like he did to Rick Vaughn in Major League 2 before the big game..

  166. Gorilla Salad on

    It’s a beautiful day in RangerLand, fellow Boneheads! I don’t post a lot but I’m always here the morning after a game reading Carp’s awesome reviews and of course all the crazy comments, like now, during the good and the bad, and the “Go Time” madness. I’m active duty military and recently had a tumor removed and I’d just like to thank you guys for helping to keep me sane during some rather uphill battles. This team is special and really has a chance to do something we haven’t seen in 20 years. Especially with a human wall of sweden in our net, hair so perfect you can bet what really stopped that redirected puck off his stick from going in the net last night. 8 MORE TO GO, LETS GO RANGERS!

  167. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I almost totally forgot about the WU NAMES

  168. Pittsburgh lost to the panthers in the semis. Year of the rat, Scott mellanby. Ranger were awesome to,start 1995-1996. Chicken parm messier flirting with 100 points. Sergio momesso pissed off after the game two loss.

    My buddy Ethan coined the luc robitaille award for play beneath ones ability level after that pittsburgh series. Cannot fathom the zubov trade in the summer of 1995 that directly led to the years or putridity (is that a word)

    Rumen ndur

  169. _Gorilla Salad, thank YOU for your service and supporting our beloved NYR! LGR!_


  170. Amazing win last night, never been so proud to be a Ranger fan in my 22 years of living so far. Anyone think maybe MSL gets the captaincy next season? Going into the postseason I figured McD, Staal or Girardi, but now I’m not so sure.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to see MSL take it for a few years before it eventually going to McD.

  171. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    Lundqvist played every game for Sweden in the Olympics too, I wonder if that puts him over the top for goaltender minutes.

  172. bull dog line on

    its funny Gravy,
    I remember pretty much everything from the Ranger playoffs from the mid 70’s to 1997, but when you guys talk about the Buffalo series, and a few other recent ones, I don’t remember them as well. now this playoff run, I will remember.

  173. MSL will probably only be here one more year. Wouldn’t shock me if they gave him an A if Richards is bought out.

    I think the C still goes to McD or Staal, with the A going to Girardi and whoever doesn’t get the C.

  174. Yes, I remember Robitaille getting the Nash treatment from the fans at MSG after they lost the first 2 games at home in 1996. Big name comes to NY and forgets how to score. Some things never change.

  175. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    They should sit Hank then for next season, Rob

  176. bull dog line on

    Staal gets the C if he resigns. if not Girardi, or McD. a guy I would seriously consider for it would be Boyle. he would have to resign as well.

  177. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    I always thought Boyle would make a good A, but there are probably guys ahead of him in the pecking order who would get it first.

  178. bull dog line on

    I remember that Colin Campbell took one of the highest scoring LW’s ( Robitalle) in history, and moved him to right wing, and took one of the highest scoring RW’s (Kurri) in history and made him a center.

  179. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I think what really changed this momentum in the series was me shaving my beard after the Game 4 loss. Changed the MOJO of the team entirely.

  180. bull dog line on

    I agree with you about momentum, but Bylsma seemed to feel game 5 changed the series. I don’t think he said momentum, but he kind of hinted at it.

  181. Carp, but do you feel that prior results can impact the current game? Do you think with 5 minutes left, the Pens started to think that blowing a 3-1 series lead was a very real prospect? Not momentum, but increased pressure?

  182. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pierre – “I finally Kissed Kristopher LeTang on the mouth, and I liked it!!!”

  183. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    *NEW POST* at The 5th Sometimes-Annual, 2013-2014, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest. Learn to keep that beard under control.

    Additional hot image especially for *ORR* CC: @BathSabbath

  184. lol, someone posted as “THE Kreider”?

    Love it.

    Anyhow … here’s my breakdown:

  185. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    “I kissed -a girl- LeTang” – Pierre

  186. This team got LUCKY. What incredible luck.

    You guys praise Henrik, but I’m telling you: All he did was close this eyes and pray that the puck would hit him. And, somehow, they did. That’s not skill, but pure luck. The vastly-superior Penguins just didn’t execute. Any other team would have swept these no-talents.

    And the next team will. Who cares if it’s Boston or Montreal. It won’t matter. They’re going to tear this club a new one. Subban can win a series by himself. As can Lucic. We only wish we had players of that caliber. (with the exception of THE, of course).

    As I’ve said before, these clowns like to take you on a “high” and then BAM! slap you across the face with defeat. And it’s coming.

    You haven’t heard the true meaning of “bush-league” and “amateur-hour” ’till you’ve seen the Rangers in the next round. Even the El Salvadorian Beer League will laugh at our follies.

  187. Does it count as shaving if you’re cleaning up your neck but letting the beard itself go?

  188. Rangers ever win cup I retire from the blog. I go to an island and never come back.

  189. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Manny – I had to shave as well. I was in a wedding, and Mrs Sioux did not like my scruffy red look.

    Then the Rangers turned it around …. on Friday, Sunday, & Tuesday……

    Vive La France!

  190. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Eric – how does one retire from the “worst” blog on the internets :)

  191. The amount of goalies that played more minutes than Hank is a straw man.

    Hank played the least amount of minutes through a full 82 game season since his rookie season.

  192. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Now that we are one of the four teams left.

    Has it been a good year?

  193. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    I’m thinking both my teams make it to the Final FOUR team, in the same year. That like win/win baby.

  194. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    AV > Torts
    MSL > Cally
    Klein > Del Zotto

    All three were pretty big moves, which one made the most difference? Or is it a sum of all parts?

  195. If Boyle re-signs elsewhere, it’s very, very unlikely that he gets the C or an A here. (s) I think MSL has the demeanor fora one-year C, then maybe McDonuts.

  196. The onus to act in a mature manner falls on the person who has been to the most clinchers. Common knowledge.

  197. bull dog line on

    its always you MrD. you are always going after someone. if Carp feels the need to ban, you would be the right choice.

  198. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I can’t believe this place is so contentious after that unbelievable win

  199. Stranger Nation on

    _Rangers ever win cup I retire from the blog. I go to an island and never come back_

    Staten Island is nice in the summer, I hear

  200. granted, no need for those profane comments at ken campbell but what a little crosby to say at the end, ‘whoever wins tonight will beat the nyr in six’… lots of expert analysis in that one.

  201. One thing this guy got right in his article: the Rangers and their fans do not even know or care about what he thinks and writes about them.

  202. Stranger Nation on

    Re: Bs v Habs:

    Bs have the only lineup with a better bottom six and plays a physical game, which will wear us down in a long series. Like the way we match up v Habs, home cookin be damned! If we beat Cindy in his own barn, we can take out Les Habitantes

  203. Yev Kassem, not only did they come back down Tree-Two against the Caps last year, they were down 2-0 at the start of the series.

    This is the first time NYR has gotten past the first round in an Olympic year. 2006-2010 both first round losses.

  204. I’ve said it before. I’ve seen every NYR netminder for the last 50+ years and I trust Lundqvist with a 1 goal lead more than any of them. They used to say that Gerry Cheevers and Billy Smith were “Money Goaltenders”. We finally have our “Money Goaltender”, but he needs much more support from the so called scorer’s on this team.

  205. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    I’m fine if Ken Campbell wants to keep giving the boys bulletin board material.

  206. On the bright side of the 1st round pick, it will be a 26th if they get knocked out this round, 28th if they lose in the Cup Final, and 29th if they win it all.

  207. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    The Bell Centre is sold out tonight for a game that is in Boston. Montreal is an insane place.

  208. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    LOL, ORR. Lanny was not for you. The round girl was.

  209. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    If the Bruins move on, they won’t be afraid to rough up the Rangers after the whistle with this crap PP we have…

  210. Either way you slice it, Habs and Bruins have both had our number, particularly in Le Centre where the Rangers love to imitate Casper the Friendly Ghost. This is where the men are separated from the boys, the conference final. Whichever path and team faces the Rangers, one thing is a definite: Henrik will have to steal even more than he already has. Let’s hope his teammates continue to give him the support he needs to do the job. House money at this point, though, eh?


  211. Doodie… I think Boyle played great. But…the Rangers won because they didn’t allow a desperate Pittsburgh team to score for over 30 minutes. And I think Staal eliminated so many Malkin chances, and Malkin was by far the best skater in the series.

    And if you feel so strongly about Boyle, Moore deserves a star, too. He created the Boyle goal, and was just as big a factor defensively and on the PK — both in Game 7 and in the series as a whole.

  212. I don’t believe the past will be any factor into what the Rangers do or don’t do vs. Habs or Bruins.

    They hadn’t won in Montreal in forever when they won three playoff games up there in, what was it, ’96?

    And surely history didn’t hurt them vs. Pens, down 3-1.

  213. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    Nash should be able to score against Boston because they should probably get him good and angry. He might actually play one of those games.

  214. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    NHL Radio saying that the Rangers should be able to handle The Canadians because the Rangers have more skill.

  215. The Habs don’t have NYR’s number, it’s just Price. Figure out how to beat Price, then you beat the Habs. Price has a couple of shutouts against NYR. I’m not scared of their skaters, except maybe Subban, especially watching him in this series.

  216. If that’s so, Manny, how did the Penguins lose to the Rangers?

    Such idiotic statements people make (self included) when predicting outcomes.

  217. I know it’s not going to happen, but I wonder if this run to the ECF has Callahan re-thinking his situation, and maybe returning to NYR.

    I’d welcome him back with open arms with the right contract.

  218. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I really can’t take that Lucic flexing thing. It’s horrible.

  219. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I’m just passing along the insanity, Carp. Don’t agree with it.

    That Habs team is very, very good. And very, very fast.

  220. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    Seriously. Francesa talking about hockey is like nails on a chalkboard.

    “I don’t know much about the Canadians except that they are the Canadians…”

  221. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    Arguably though the momentum of whoever wins the Bruins/Habs series will cancel out our momentum, because science.

  222. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    Newton’s third law. Or maybe his second. Maybe it wasn’t Newton. Inertia, though.

  223. So the first game will be 1PM on Saturday? My son’s little league (not Drury) game is 1:45. Shouldn’t all CF games be at night?

  224. Any chance we can get Dave Maloney for another charp?

    Especially after we eliminated his favorite player (Crosby).

    In fact, did anyone listen in to the game on the radio? I’m curious if he had any commentary related to Skid.

    A few games ago, he mentioned how much he dislikes him as a player. It would be cool to get him on another chat!

  225. If I were you Gravy, I’d drop him off at the game, and pull a Weekend At Bernies, and leave behind a body that looks like you, to fool everyone.

    If the game goes to OT, you could be in some trouble!

  226. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    It’s always good advice to do ANYTHING that happens in Weekend at Bernies

  227. Matt, it’s possible. Dave said he’d be up for another one if they beat Philly, and that was a while ago now.

    by the way, surprised no comments about the photo at the top of this thread. I thought it was awesome.

  228. It was an awesome photo. I think some early birds made mention if it’s awesomeness.

    Still walking around with a perma grin.

    Love being a Ranger fan. At least until Saturday.

  229. really? I made a comment earlier about that photo at 10:44am. about how Nash is on the outside and doesn’t look like he is embracing the other rangers. How I found that to be a little strange.

  230. Great win. So proud off this team.

    Two things:

    1. I dont see how the Rangers can buy out Richards. Can’t they buy him out later? Who cares about getting back 1/4th the money?

    2. Had to stop reading after “Nash had a good game”. The guy gets knocked off the puck like a small child, causes 4+ turnovers, and if he makes 1 routine defensive play all of the sudden he’s had a “good game”. Really getting tired of the Nash apologists. He should be bought out; not Richards /rant

  231. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hope we get the Habs. Even tho I think we can beat the Bs, they will extract a lot of flesh once they start losing. No need for any of that.

    Rangers in 6 over Habs

  232. Eric imagine if you bet your own team instead of St. Louis Blues? You’d still be alive. Curious, what was rangers odds to win SC? Make ECF? Do you remember?

  233. and, while I’ve said all along that Nash is not the same player for whom they traded, and he certainly isn’t, and that he needs to be a bottom-line guy and certainly hasn’t been, to say that he didn’t play hard in Games 5-6-7 would be a lie.

  234. Nash wasn’t even trying before the Rangers scored the first goal in game 5. That’s not a guy I want on my team.

    And he’s still been bad overall. He needs to get traded in the off season. Even if it’s a cap dump I’d be okay with getting little to nothing back.

  235. Carp, excellent write-up. The photo at the top is great it actually looks like a heart. I agree with point #7, with respect to the tragedy, I think if it did not happen and MSL did not come back to play we would be talking about the offseason overhaul. That said, it is an awesome time to be a Ranger’s fan. And I like this team’s chances against Boston or Montreal better than the 2012 version against the Devils.

  236. bull dog line on

    Nash has changed my mind about him. after game 4, and the booing, he could have checked out. instead he picked up his physical game. he has been a lot more involved. I think that says something about him. my gut says (and its a pretty big gut), he is going to break out in the next round.

  237. Sorry guys I’m done venting about Nash.

    Although I think Quick is the quintessential “big game goaltender”, I gotta agree that right now Lundqvist is. If he stays hot this team can beat anyone.

    Need more offensive push and puck possession though. Last night felt like survival mode for the last 10 minutes.

  238. carp, no big deal, ironic though in that photo how nash looks like he is barely a team member and celebrating.

  239. He played good. Not “good”. He still makes the same weak plays.

    Nash seems to be too worried aboot turning the puck over and instead of using his size to create chances he’ll make a play that leads to nothing.

    He’s warm and cold in the past few games. He needs to get hot.

    We keep saying “if there’s a time to get hot, it’s now. Two game 7’s and he hasn’t scored, or registered a point, if I’m not mistaken. This is his first trip to the ECF, NOW IS THE FRIGGIN FUGGIN TIME!

  240. I don’t disagree that they should try to trade him, noonan. But they won’t/shouldn’t buy him out, and they need to buy out Richards.

  241. ORR, the WAB suggestion is a really good one. However, I’m an -Alternate- Assistant Coach. Can I still pull it off?

  242. ufortunately if the rangers want to advance to the cup finals they need goal scoring from Nash but I’m not confident that we will see nash score goals. I mean, that is the reason why the rangers traded for Nash, right? Goal scoring?

  243. MattLear, I listened to the radio broadcast. Dave did not say anything disparaging about Crosby other than it was another disappointing run for him. Kenny Albert’s call was awesome the last few seconds almost sounded like Al Michael’s “Miracle” call. :)

  244. Gravy, then you can do what Ferris Bueller does. He used an audio track of someone snoring to fool his parents. Your situation is more unique. Record everything you’d say during a game. Attach it to your body, turn the volume up, click play, go home! BOOM!

    The 80’s is the answer to all your problems!

  245. I’ll be rooting for the Bruins tonight because I think the Rangers learned a lot losing to them last year (It WAS last year, right?). I think we have a shot at beating them this year. Montreal always scares me (nightmares from the 1979 series).

  246. There will be no easy match up in ECF. Montreal is giving Boston fits with their speed and quickness. NY can handle it this year, that’s the difference between this current team and teams that played against them before. The Rangers are better equipped to handle Boston this year than last, again, because of their own speed. But also, they can roll 4 lines effectively. And, yes, they have a serviceable 3rd pair too. I think both match ups have positives or negatives. But neither will be easy.

  247. Thanks, E3.

    Sure hope so, we could sure use him kicking in a couple in the ECF.

  248. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the *MONSTER NASH* but he still has time to help get *8 MORE* wins :)

  249. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Eric – I should have waited, 30-1 that’s high. At the beginning of the year they were 20-1, now that they are 1 of the 4 teams????

    That doesn’t make sense? What sight is that?

  250. This is unbelieveable. The nerve!!How dare they!!! From one of the Pittsburgh papers:

    Also, the sources said, ownership was concerned about the Crosby’s body language during the playoffs.


    Pimp, are you gonna sit there and take this?

  251. I think some of you are just head cases…I watched strangers clip from earlier, neither guy sounds distraught that the rangers scored.

    I don’t think the refs in any arena vs any team are biased against the rangers (they make bad calls across the board).

    You guys fabricate so much crap about anti ranger stuff it’s ridiculous!!


  252. This may have already been talked about, but from TSN on Bylsma most likely getting dismissed:

    “Sources told the Tribune-Review the players weren’t happy with the length of practices, the number of meetings and a general lack of fun atmosphere around the team this season. Specifically, Crosby and Malkin were not happy with the perceived criticism they received from Bylsma during team meetings.”

    Good to know they don’t just cry during games.

  253. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    This is the *FIRST* time I’ve had this many people call, email, text, facebook that they were happy for me the Rangers *WON*.

    I always get a barrage of text when my team loses, but it’s nice for a change, now if only the sun would come out :)

    Too MUCH fun last night!!!

  254. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    If we win the cup this season I couldn’t care less about buying out Richards. Make him the Capt.

    Captain Savior!

  255. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    But McLlrath has his own *bobblefist*

  256. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Malkin was a beast all year, but Crosby wasn’t much better than Nash in the post season. 1 goal doesn’t win to many games for you.

    Not sure you can lay the lose on the coach, can you?

    With all the talent they have on that team?

    Lundqvist was the difference in this series!

  257. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Manny *IF* the Rangers win the cup????


    Then are we good for another 20 years.

    I’m not talking buyouts or trades.

    We need our leaders to lead, we need *8 MORE* wins.

  258. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I don’t think *not* buying out Richards is organizational suicide but I think it’s *VERY* risky. Especially with those years he was clearly incentivized to retire early.

    That said, I am going to say something out of character here: I am sick and tired of changes to this team. Richards is generally a liability at times but he (and maybe Boyle) are the clutchest people we have. I can’t take anymore changes.

    Further, Richards has REALLY looked like a leader in this series so what the hell. Keep him and make him Capt.

  259. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Manny – How about we keep him for 8 MORE WINS this year.

    No way you can keep him till the end. His contract, is precisely why EACH team received 2 buyouts.

    It would be suicide to the cap.

    But lets win the CUP, before we talk about the cap.

  260. Book it Ryan Kesler a penguin next year.

    Neal will be moved
    Niskanen not back

    Crosby dealing with personal issue all according to rob Rossi.

  261. Came to think of it: How brilliant does Vigneault saying “I don’t see my goalie look tired” right now? Just handing Lundquist the opportunity to shine, placing him right in the front seat.

  262. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    I’ll be one behind SeeDubb tonight for the Hatty.

    Going to pass you on the outside Dubb :)

  263. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    I can’t believe 6 is the top bonehead. When someone in the nation has 13 right.

    How crazy is that?

  264. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    Apparently Charlie Coyle had *two* separated shoulders during the Wild’s playoff run.

    Bug as the building.

  265. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    Rumors that Ray Shero might be canned.

    Can he replace Sather?

  266. I fell off pace, Sioux. I have to re*focus*. Don’t forget to mention that Papa is also at six and a whole pack at five.

  267. After ruminating all day on it (was second post in a.m.)- I think 1) you should hope to play the team you think will be easier to beat- not the one you’re afraid to lose to- 2) Habs will most certainly be emotionally spent if they go in to Boston and win a game 7 (makes me glad we’ll start on the road- a chance to catch someone a little flat?) not so sure of reverse-3) as previously stated we caught Bruins last year after they stared into and avoided the abyss- not pretty- and most importantly 4) who you root for or how hard you root for them has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of a game- so sit back and enjoy the greatest sport showcasing itself ( NBA fans think they had a “remarkable” first round of playoffs- what happened, did players actually begin showing up for the beginning of the games?)- we’ll play whoever is there when we show on Saturday.

  268. Hank with his personality etc. if he ever won a cup here would be biggest Ranger star ever. Bigger than Messier.

    Already he does more endorsements than Messier ever did.

    He would be first hockey player in NY that would be a cross over star to general NY sports fan.

  269. Are Boston and Montreal fans happier they will have to face the Rangers, who may be emotionally spent after coming back from down 3-1?

  270. Boy, I hope I don’t retire before the three years of this blog, 17-18, 18-19 and 19-20 when the Rangers have that almost $6M in cap space and no player. Not to mention the next three years as Richards limps through the final three seasons before he retires.

    Can’t wait to read all the comments then.

  271. You’ll be here. Even if you did retire, you would still do the blog because it is stimulating and also,….you love us.

  272. I don’t get these Penguins beat writers. The reason Crosby and Malkin (who I thought played his butt off this series) didn’t play well was that they got pushed around and people took all sort of liberties / fouled them each time they were on the ice. They are saying the Pens need an enforcer or deterrent on the ice to stick up for their star players.

    Were they watching the same series as we were? – Where Crosby took some hits and dished some out? Where he played chippy and then let his supposedly “soft” teammates jump in and protect him / come to his rescue?

    They Penguins had 19 or so powerplays and they scored on ONE. Stop blaming the series on poor officiating / lack of calls / Crosby (and Malkin) getting abused.

    Crosby and Kunitz not hustling and backchecking into their own zone and the Rangers PK ability had more to do with their loss than Marc “headhunter” Staal and the “dirty tactics” Columbus and the NY deployed against them.

    What a joke.

  273. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    I think they will just be my comments, Carp. I seem to be the only one that doesn’t care right now.

    I’m sure I will come back around. But, as a Lawyer looking at the situation, after what happened with Kovalev I wouldn’t be all that concerned about the penalty. The NHL shouldn’t be able to enforce it’s penalties on contracts signed before the CBA was in place. That’s ridiculous.

  274. I think they have no choice but to buy Richards out from a financial perspective.

    He’s incurring a cap hit of 6.67M / year for the life of his contract.

    Even in the final 3 years, where he is making only 1M, he’s going to cost us 6.67M. I don’t know what salaries will be like then, but I can’t think he will live up to that contract. (It can be argued that he isn’t living up to his current salary)

    He’s played way better than last year, and has recaptured some of that playoff magic, but ya, I think they will have to part ways with him.

    They only have until this summer to use their other buyout, right?

  275. correct. I think it’s two or three days after the Cup final (so they might do it in the Canyon of Heroes).

  276. You mean Kovalchuk?

    The amnesty buyout isn’t a punishment. It’s a way to let teams out of circumventing contracts that they signed before the CBA … as I know you know.

  277. Showing the game from last night on nhl network. Three minutes left. Still slightly nerve wracking.

  278. Rob in Beantown, 100-Watt Warlock on

    I always thought it was unfair that teams are penalized for doing things that weren’t even really against the rules when they did them. But then what about teams like Tampa Bay and Philadelphia that already used their compliance buyouts. Are they going to be reimbursed for those? Fat chance. I don’t see how this can be fixed in a way that doesn’t screw over somebody.

  279. SeeeDubbb … yeah, probably. But the chances of me retiring before then are about the same as the chances of Nash winning the Conn Smythe.

  280. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I hope a lot of players from both teams get seriously hurt tonight…..nothing close to death…but ICU worthy for 3 weeks or so….

  281. End of the season until midnight July 1st. Don’t get me started on Richards. Somebody mentioned to use the amnesty buyout on Nash, and use an ordinary buyout on Richards later on instead. Not going to work, his ordinary buy out for those 3 years Carp mentioned above carries even higher cap hit than if he retires.

  282. SIOUX - Rangers in 7 on

    Let’s say Nash goes all world in the finals, gets 4 Game winning goals, throw in a Hat trick or two.

    He does have ALOT of making up to do.

    THE KREIDER just might wake him up in time, to deliver the goods :)

  283. Czechthemout!!! on

    I heard on NHL radio this morning the narrative already being set by the Canadian Crosby loving media to blame Malkin, Bylsma, and Shero for their plight.

    Remarkable when you consider how great Malkin played and how invisible Skid the stiff looked in 6-7 gmaes against us. I hope they trade Malkin to a Western Conference team like they said this morning. But if possible, I would welcome Malkin with open arms. Big mistake on his part excepting that long term contract in the off season. He could have come here after this season as a UFA.

    I actually think they will trade Neal before they move Malkin. Neal and a pick to Vancouver for Kesler. Who ever posted it earlier, I think it was my bud EX3, I am in agreement.

  284. Manny-O-War, King of Metal & Ol` Mucky Terrahawk on

    Vigneault will be on WFAN with Francesa soon

  285. He hasn’t played a full season (including last year’s lockout shortened one) since 08-09.

  286. Czechthemout!!! on

    Penguins may fire Shero. If the Isls were smart, they would be all over Shero. Lets hope they stay stupid.

  287. Eddie, that’s nothing. Sather has about 20 good years left in him :)

    Gonna laugh if all the Boyle love goes down the toilet if/when we play Boston and Gregory Campbell lights it up

  288. Lloyd Braun on

    that was a very impressive win and a game where the Rangers should have had about 5 more goals. Lundqvist’s form within the first couple of minutes last night looked like a guy who was going to get a shutout (and I said that to myself for fear of jinxing it by uttering the words) and if not for his misplaying the puck just prior to the Jokinen goal, he would have had the shutout he deserved. the guy was so ridiculously locked in that it was a pleasure to watch. Richter had games like that in the past where the goalie is so in the heads of the opponents that they begin doubting that it’s possible to score again – Lundqvist may well had the Penguins dominated before the puck dropped last night (of course the Rangers seem to do the same to every mediocre goalie they face but we can save that for another time).

    still, Lundqvist has really proven himself to be the guy you want between the pipes in game 7s, and there’s simply not another goalie in the league right now who has earned that kind of reputation. these guys are the ones that matter most and Lundqvist has shown that he saves his best for them.

    I’m in a state of shock that Brad Richards scored that goal last night and for all of the hullabaloo about his 7-0 game 7 record, I still think he’s been a non-factor for most of these games and should be bought out at the end of the season.

    Brian Boyle’s goal was mammoth and that the guy has played well in these games is a testament to how much better a personnel manager Vigneault is than Tortorella. To that end, a guy whose presence was as crucial to the turnaround as anyone’s, Chris Kreider, may well not even be dressed for these games if John Tortorella is still the coach. Vigneault gets that you have to roll 4 lines and his team responds well to him because of it.

    Canadians, Bruins…whatever. Rangers are playing with house money at this point and I’ll just be happy seeing them 4 wins away from a Stanley Cup Final no matter the opponent.

  289. Carp do you remember the ridiculous Montreal coach in 96 with his “there will be a game 7” quote before the Rangers eliminated them in game 6? Was it tremblay?

  290. Lloyd Braun on

    “these guys are the ones that matter most” should have been “these games are the ones that matter most.”

    a guy who has been totally unsung through all this is Dominic Moore. I thought he looked like a complete dud for about half the season (as did Pouliot) but he’s been a different player in the playoffs. totally took Crosby off his game and exposed him for the overrated cheap shot whiner that he is.

  291. Lloyd Braun on

    Tremblay was the Montreal coach in that 96 playoff series so I’m assuming he’s the one who said it

  292. Lloyd Braun on

    you waited seven days to make a fool of yourself, Carp. congratulations.

  293. There are many fools here, Lloyd. You are the president of the club. Oh, I forgot, you played some level of junior hockey.

  294. Leech was other worldly in that series vs. the Habs.

    Luc robitaille got an award for ignomy named after him becAuse of round two vs, pens.

    Goodbye pens.

  295. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hey Lloyd , ease up on Carp . Hes no fool he just needs a little Pozy.

  296. The New York rangers beat the pittsburgh penguins in the playoffs.

    Just writing that makes me scratch my head.

    Think my nine year old will ever understand the pain the penguins brought the rangers so many times in the playoffs?

    Now with the current playoff format (who knows how long that will stick around) the penguins may regain that status of boreales most hated playoff opponent.

    Right now they are eliminated by the New York rangers,

    I am not going to worry if its the Habs or the bruins. Today or tomorrow,

    I am just going to celebrate this team, this blog, and the Mensa candidates who post here.

    Go US!!!!

  297. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yev Kassem

    Getting ready for my training run (got a marathon to do this september!) Sitting here with my cup of coffee and savoring my favorite part of Rangers Playoff victories.

    Hey Yev , thats what im doing!!! My Marathon is in less then 2 weeks!!! Keep it up!!

    Who would of though the Rangers would make it to the next round ahead of Boston ,Montreal ,La ,Anahiem and even before Chicago ? I did!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    I could care less if I was right , I saw the Brass line all season get better . Seriously That was got me thinking we have something special besides Hank.

  298. Lloyd Braun on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz©” We Love MSL!!!”…says Greg L.

    Nah, the guy has been pretty uniformly loathsome to me, and about 99% of the time it was without any comments from me directed at him. He’s constantly behaving like a jerk and hiding behind his buddies here to get away with it. I’m done being deferential to a guy who doesn’t know how to behave like a professional.

  299. I think Andy Kaufman is still alive and he posts on this blog fortunately for all of us

  300. Lloyd, go back and look at the comment you made to me, completely without warrant, about Carcillo and Dorsett.

  301. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

    In America Lloyd , freedom of Speech .
    On the Blog , Shoe shine box.

  302. Lloyd Braun on


    Agree that the Rangers beating Pittsburgh in a playoff series is pretty momentous. But that they did in a fashion that had never been done in the history of the franchise has turned this into an all-time series for us and I think will soften the blow should the Rangers fail to win the next series. After 3-1 down and the non-effort in game 4 I can’t imagine anybody saw this team running off 3 straight. Not only did they do that, but they completely took over the series. Amazing stuff.

  303. Lloyd Braun on

    Right, Carp, you just mused about something that happened 7 days ago for the hell of it. Classy as always, bro.

  304. kingofosiris on

    Does not know how to behave like a professional is the best description.

    I have read this blog since the days of Sam Weinman.

    Some of the commenters make visiting worth it.

    Carp is not one of those commenters.

  305. See dubb thank you. Both dad and mom got great news yesterday. I didn’t want to say anything on the blog in case i added i thought all my good fortune was exhausted and hockey takes such a back seat to my parents and all of our family’s health.

    But i kind of knew dad’s news was going to be good. His surgeon was/is a rock star.

    Moms was a bit dicier, but it all came back better than we ever could have imagined.

    And then the rangers go an come back three straight on the penguins.


    Like i said, I am celebrating everything today.


  306. Lloyd Braun on

    certainly agree with that. this place was great when Sam was running things and I can’t recall ever having a dispute with anybody. now we’ve got some bitter old man who hates the team he covers and is intent on (futilely) proving how smart he is. zzzzzzz

  307. Alain Amour on

    I do not know how you attacked his character based on five words. “Carcillo for Dorsett worked out.” I do not enjoy his intolerance of my opinions and that my opinions are summarily dismissed as harassment, trolling or not wanting Hank and the Rangers to succeed, but he is a professional.

  308. I am grateful for any vibes sent the boreale way. This blog is amazing. I rather appreciate that carp doesn’t root for the rangers. He doesn’t have to worry about the team rox/sux emotional messes that we are. And he fully admits when the team overperforms, like the last three games against the PENGUINS!!!!!

    Debate is awesome. Personal attacks are not. Especially since only a few of us have ever met one another in the real world.

  309. Norm Merton on

    Lloyd, are you projecting? Why can’t we all simply disagree like adults? Let me role-model: Hey, coos! Did you read about it? Richie scored the game-winning goal in game seven against the favored Penguins! That is, when it really counted, when his teammates needed him to come through, he scored the winning goal. Richards did. Brad Richards. He of the choppers. How great is that? It was “absolutely unbelievable” don’t you think. Nyah, nyah!

    You see, Lloyd, how it is that you can capture more flies with honey than with vinegar?

  310. Lone Ranger on

    Geat post Carp Notwithstanding my early season comments about Henrik, there is no way in the world we would have gotten this far without him. He stood on his head. AV & his staff did a fantastic job of molding this team spiritually & fundamentally. The the unfortunate passing of MSL mom served as further uniting force of this team. Since Kreider’s return the team has a 3-1 record. But most important, Henrik is King. Rather play Boston. Have bad feeling about playing in the Montral rink. GO RANGERS

  311. Norm Merton on

    Alain, I have a suggestion I sense you’re dying to ponder. If you want your opinions not to be summarily dismissed as harassment, trolling or not wanting Hank and the Rangers to succeed, try this: stop harassing, trolling and bashing Hank.

  312. Norm Merton on

    C’mon, give us a “Cor” or a “Blimey” or something. You know you want to.

  313. Alain Amour on

    Stop having opinions of my own and conform to the opinions of the masses.

  314. Enjoy game 7 tonight. At a work dinner. Watching on dvr late. May be a real late night for me watching both games.

  315. Game 5 I missed the 1st period due to a family commitment. Got home, turned on the Telly score 2-0 Blueshirts. The second I picked up the IPAD ready to join in the conversation, Malkinstein scores making it 2-1. I decide then and there, put down the IPAD, it’s a big time jinx. .put it down, Blueshirts never trailed again the rest of the series!!!!!

    Sheesh, my IPAD is a jinx.

    BTW burying the Orange for the Flyer series worked, burying the picture of Burgess Meredith for the Penguins series works.


  316. Papa bears comment on “not trailing” reminded me- in this magnificent run of game 7’s the Rangers are in- have they ever trailed in any of the wins?

  317. Speaking of anthems. Those pens fans knocked it out of the park last night.

  318. Get rid of him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing!
    I think they made a big mistake letting him go.
    He’s the kind of cerebral, low-key coach who could get our guys going.
    We need someone here who will kick some of these overpaid crybabies in the ass.
    I think maybe the GM wouldn’t let him do his job.
    GM gave him enough rope and he finally hung himself.
    This guy could be good.
    Not here, someplace else, maybe.
    He speaks French.
    He speaks four languages and nobody knows what the hell he’s taking about!

    (Annual GM and Associates Meeting Minutes

  319. I am 72 years old. I have had a “big mouth” for most of them. I have paid the price time and time again for said large boca. Five years ago I changed my life (AA) and have tried to make amends to everyone. I am saddened to read the nasty comments by Lloyd as we celebrate such a great playoff. I apologize to Carp for the ignorant, self-absorbed, disrespectful comments that he puts up with. Go away Lloyd. Be well Carp and 99% of Boneheads.

  320. Good evening, Carp!


  321. Rangers West on

    Hmmmm. The picture above has Nash on the outside looking in. Read anbything into this? Somebody mention this already? Excited.

  322. This is why I don’t want to play the Canadiens, refs letting Montreal get away with blatant penalties. It will only be worse in montreal. Also, chara looks like a anchor, old and slow.

  323. Rangers West on

    Dale Wise with more goals this post season than Crosby and Nash combined. Who would’a thunk it?

    Beating MTL in the conference finals would be very satisfying. Still don’t think they can take Boston, but after the Pittsburgh series, you never know. I guess.

  324. Way to go, Franklin. Stay the course. Rip it up.

    Not to be ironic but I just had *2* Founders KBS. Holy hell nectar!

  325. Manny, the bar across the street from work has a hot dog they call a Hot Carl. So gross but HILARIOUS.

    And delicious.

  326. Rangers West on

    Man, I’d have to say MTL is the better option for the Rangers. Then again, maybe their speed will better serve them against Boston.

    If I had to pick though, I would avoid Boston.

  327. iManny-O-War on

    It really is a bad name. But I still never get why we let him go. He’s dirt cheap. And got nothing in return

  328. Norm Merton on

    Rangers West — Nash and about nine other guys are indeed looking in, which is generally the direction you look when you’re on the perimeter.

  329. I’m not saying NYR are going to lose in the next round, but if they do, I’d want it to be against the Habs.

    I don’t want to see the same teams in the SCF. No Hawks, no Bruins.

    Although we’re 2-0 against the Hawks :)

  330. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts in NY ” Dale Weise stinks”

    Torts in Vancouver ” Dale Weise stinks! I had him in NY”

    Dale Weise? Who is that?

  331. Carp,

    It’s going to be my Guy Lafluer autographed puck or a picture of Breezly Bruin.

  332. iManny-O-War on

    Not counting the fact that we play the winner I would love to see the Habs win this game

  333. If Bruins get eliminated the day after Pens, do you think Pierre might go on a two day bender and show up sat afternoon between the benches with a three day beard and howling, “Who cares Doc! I mean who really cares!”

  334. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had memories.

    One of those memories is of any and every MTL power play, no matter the personnel or coach, being threatening.

  335. iManny-O-War on

    The league better look at this issue if shoving the net off its moorings before the ECF

  336. Think that Bostonian organist was piping out Subdivisions. Interesting, don’t think I’ve ever heard that.

  337. I’m hoping this bruin/habs game goes to triple OT and they beat the crap out of each other.

  338. iManny-O-War on

    The Ruins are damn lucky to be down by only one. They did not bring it yet.

  339. I’ve only recently started to pay close attention to what the organists play – my favorite is Frankenstein!

  340. iManny-O-War on

    You guys should follow this twitter thing entirely about organists. It’s awesome

  341. >>Bruins are NOT very nasty

    Bruins have been terrible, especially Chara. I think they’d be the better opponent for the Rangers.

  342. iManny-O-War on

    It’s now all organists because a lot of NHL organists play elsewhere. For example, Ray Castoldi does Rangers and Mets.

    It’s @organistalert I think

  343. Yeah, I would prefer if all the music was organized (teehee). Contributes to more of that “old time” feel which I love about hockey. NYR Victory Song is awesome too!

  344. Mr d
    There was nothing anti ranger about it.

    I always RTFU, you should try it ;)

  345. iManny-O-War on

    I agree Jbytes but that thinking has scared me.

    Chara being nominated for the Norris is such a joke. The guy plays forward on the PP now.

  346. Pierre: Bruins have no “puck luck” in this series. He was there for game two when Bruins “bounced” their way back from 2 goal deficit- how about the goal that hit the ice and flipped over Price- or the winning goal that hit off a Canadien stick and went right to Bruin who deposited it in net- the OT goal…oh, nevermind. Got to root for Habs now, don’t want to catch the Bruins after a repeat of last years Toronto game seven meltdown.

  347. Wholly crap…wait a minute?! Who is this carp “bro” and wineman??

    I thought this blog was run by silence dogood who took it over from John muckler?

    What the hell?!

  348. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Did the B’s take sleeping pills before this game? Man, they look lethargic.

  349. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    This is the team that came back from last minute death vs. Toronto. Never count them out. Never. Not even when the clock stops.

  350. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Awful important PP. Carryover and all.

    Man, this is what booming point shots look like.

  351. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “the third period is the end unless there is OT. Then OT is the end”

  352. My heart goes out to the Fischler family. Stan seems like a wonderful man. Tough spring for the MSG/Ranger family.


    (after Odessa) :)

  354. oh so Matty’s your bff now Manny?? fine, I’ll just hang out with Wicky!!

  355. If only these two teams could pass a severe flu bug around during the handshakes.

  356. iManny-O-War on

    I like what ORR said. But honestly most professional athletes probably already have a few strains of herpes.

    My gut says Boston would be a better matchup but even thinking that scares me.

    Either team is tough (duh) and the styles are so different.

  357. iManny-O-War on

    If I’m a Habs fan I have already puked and choked on it. This defensive shell sucks.

  358. iManny-O-War on

    Yea. Why did he need a new whistle if he wasn’t planning on using it?

  359. Both teams denied us the cup in the same decade. I dislike both storied franchises. No, that’s not true, I hate them.

  360. I think the last time the BlueShirts were waiting to play the winner of a Boston / Montreal series was 1979?

  361. NYR are a storied franchise. Too bad the stories are full of anguish and despair!

  362. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Man, Montreal is a bunch of actors. Being Canadian they must get their way a lot, too.

  363. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    If I could be promised a triple OT, I wouldn’t care who wins.

  364. Haven’t been able to watch the game, but sounds like the Canadiens are playing the part of the Rangers and the Bruins are the Penguins. How’s Carey been?

  365. At least we’ll get to see that awesome pregame extravaganza in Habville.

  366. For what it’s worth, if the Ducks win, I got the final four in the bonehead brackets.

  367. Goal goes off Chara’s skate!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  368. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    NEVER OVER WITH THE B’s. Till the last tick of the clock. Don’t count them out.

  369. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Pretty horrible time to call both these penalties, no? Decides fate of teams in game 7? Really?

  370. This is going to be a fun series for AV, Marty, Brassard…I’m sure they will all have family around….more good stuff for the Rangers to feed of off

  371. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    OK, ok, so who predicted Rangers v Montreal in ECF finals??????

    not me, my friends.

  372. So someone correct me if I’m wrong but we played Montreal 3 times this season and scored 1 goal??

  373. In all honesty, I picked the Rangers to win the Cup and needed some permutation of matchups to get them there. Had the Bruins out in the first round. :)

  374. I don’t think I saw a single one of those games
    against the Habs, didn’t realize Price owned them
    like that. Obviously Hank is their man..

  375. Matty, I think the officials had no choice to call something on Boychuk. I think they called interference, but it could have been cross checking, or high sticking, or roughing.. it definitely warranted a call.

  376. Daryl Sutter loves it when Engblom interviews him on the bench, he loves it. You can see the joy all over his face.

  377. iManny-O-War on

    I’m sticking by my Ducks prediction. They are winning tonight and getting out of the west.

  378. Latona, think the interference was to avoid the chance of 4:00 if he came up bleeding? Seemed like a weirdo call.

  379. I feel really great right now with my worst-worst case scenario eliminated. This is gonna be great.

  380. iManny-O-War on

    @DarrenDreger: Dale Weise accuses Lucic of being classless and disrespectful with his comments in the handshake. Won’t say what was said.

  381. iManny-O-War on

    So many Penguins fans adoring the Boston loss as it somehow makes theirs ok.

  382. Mister D, I thought it definitely would have been interference if Boychuk hadn’t gotten him up high (although it would have been less egregious and ergo possibly uncalled), but you may be on to something with that.

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