Game 6: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) Gotta admit, going against my much ballyhooed belief that there is no carryover from game to game in a playoff series (there isn’t), I thought the Rangers were done like dinner after Game 4. I mean, they just stunk it up in a huge game. And, boy, has stuff changed. This was another onions game, and a nasty one. I didn’t know if the Rangers had this in them. They sure weren’t the soft team we saw a lot during the season, or in Game 4. I still don’t think what has transpired the last three days will matter in Game 7 … except for the fact that Pittsburgh now has a questionable goaltender in Marc-Andre Fleury. The rest, IMO, is a coin toss. Click here to see Josh Thomson, 26’s game story.

2) Martin St. Louis. Man, I honestly don’t give a crap who wins this series — I mean, I enjoy blogging during the playoffs and have no problem if it goes another day, another two weeks or another month — but as a neutral observer I sure had goosebumps on my arms and hair standing on end on the back of my neck when St. Louis scored. Click here for my column on that topic.

3) Also, don’t know if you saw it, but St. Louis made a speech in the lockerroom post-game, in which he said he couldn’t be prouder to be a “bleepin’ Ranger.” You can see that by clicking here.

4) Henrik Lundqvist, I wonder if you could get a shrink or a hypnotist to convince Lundqvist that every game is an elimination game? He was the difference again. How about the save he made on Goc short-handed; Goc went into celebration mode while Lundqvist was flicking the puck over the crossbar. He didn’t really allow a goal, other than the deflection off his own man’s skate. His elimination game numbers for the last 11: 9-2, 1.35 GAA, .955 SV%. Last 7 at MSG, 7-0, 0.98 GAA, .967 SV%. The water bottle squirt on Crosby during the scrum at the second period buzzer, after Crosby’s attempted vasectomy on Dominic Moore, was priceless. Well, actually not priceless. He will probably get one of those couch-change fines from NHL Player Safety. Water is much more dangerous than a pointy stick to the onions, so Sid will get nada. Book that. Click here to see that comedy.  Also, you can click here to see our notebook, including an item about Lundqvist’s shoulder, and one about Moore distracting Crosby.

5) Before I go any further, I just want to say, too, that this is why I always suggest to you guys that you learn to appreciate what you’ve got. Yeah, the Rangers aren’t winning the Stanley Cup, and they aren’t built the way the big contenders are, and I know that’s the goal. But it’s also the Steinbrenner-ization of sports. These playoffs are a blast, and the Rangers have played seven series the last three years, and virtually other every fanbase, with a couple of exceptions, would kill for that. It hasn’t always been like this, and it won’t always be. And if you can’t enjoy this series, and the last for that matter, just because the Cup might be a pipe dream, then you’re going to be a miserable fan a great, great, great percentage of the time.

6) Did anybody else think, immediately, James Patrick, Ray Scapinello, Claude Lemieux in 1986 when Derek Stepan tripped over referee Marc Joanette on what likely would have been a breakaway? I sure did. I thought Stepan was dynamic in Game 6. He made two of his many terrific defensive plays on one shift against Crosby. Then, seeing an offensive opening, instead of changing he stayed on. It was his hit and won battle with Kris(topher) Letang that caused a turnover and directly led to Anton Stralman’s shot, then Stepan batted the rebound off the D-man’s leg, the puck caroming off St. Louis’ shinpad for the 1-0 goal.

7) Which brings us to his linemates. First, the Daily Nash-O-Meter. I thought Rich Nash was very involved physically, had a couple early chances, made the pass for the Stepan breakaway foiled by the ref. Started a scrum behind the net that resulted in a NYR PP. Nash had one mess-up when he tried to carry the puck out of the D-zone on the PK, and complicated it by breaking his stick. But they survived that, and he hustled to make plays all night. I know, you guys still demand bottom line, and his stinks. But in this game you couldn’t fault the effort …

8) Chris Kreider. Guy is a monster. I am not going to bring up a few of his without-the-puck shortcomings in this game, because he sure made up for all of them. The Rangers don’t really have guys like him, and his return has made a huge difference in physical play, and creating room for Nash and Stepan, and a better (albeit unproductive) power play. The first penalty he took, even though it didn’t result in a goal, gave the Penguins two minutes to settle down. So did, perhaps, the save Fleury made on Kreider’s break-in. That penalty call, though? Pansification. Two minutes for being stronger? Two for overpowering? Kreider is the strongest guy on the ice just about every game he plays.

9) I’m not going to break down all the cheap shots and spears and slew foots (several of those by Crosby, who sure ran from the pile after his final jap at Brian Boyle at the buzzer). I do want to discuss the Kreider goalie interference call. He was shoved from behind. Yeah, he lowered his shoulder into Fleury, which probably earned him the penalty. I think the NHL really needs to examine this goalie interference thing because D-men are pushing opponents into their own goalies too often, knowing that they will get the call most of the time. And goalies are flopping too. Sometimes a forward, figuring he was pushed, will relish the chance to bowl over the goalie. Maybe they need to start punishing the guy who makes the original push, and then try to judge if the pushed player makes an attempt to avoid contact.

10) Though I doubt today’s NHL referee has the smarts or the chops to get those calls correct with any consistency. Indeed, Joannette and Kevin Pollock were sure right on pace with all the goaltending we’ve seen these playoffs. Never mind my “New Game, New Rulebook” motto. They were making stuff up as they went along — both ways. Absolutely both ways. I really hope the Stanley Cup isn’t decided by one of these every-night eff-ups.

11) The Bridge actually shook a few times — quite uncomfortable if you happen to sit in the first row of the pressbox — especially after the Carl Hagelin goal. Hagelin’s been one of the Rangers’ more consistent, more understated players in these playoffs. Had another great game Sunday. Though the goal was really a softie by Fleury.

12) Dominic Moore, playing Brandon Dubinsky, did too. So did the entire D-corps, which played a beastly game and, though Lundqvist was run over many times, they didn’t stand for it once. That stuff goes a long way.

13) You know, last year when Brassard had some points in that playoff run that included a non-competitive second round, I wasn’t convinced, being from the school that goals/assists don’t always define the way a player plays. But this time around, Brassard is really doing the job, and making a name for himself as a clutch player. So have his linemates. They’re not a perfect line, but they have been the team’s best through the season and through these playoffs. Alain Vigneault says since Christmas. I say since Halloween. Brassard took some shots, too, and that huge goal he scored, he showed some mitts and some guts. Good for him. He seems like a really decent guy who may finally have figured it out.

14) These Penguins have become easy to distract, especially the captain, and some of the others like James Neal and Letang and Chris Kunitz and even newcomer Beau Bennett. You know, if they lose Tuesday, coach Dan Bylsma’s probably going to be the scapegoat, but the captain needs to look in the mirror, too. His distracted performance vs. Philadelphia last year, and now in this series — good as he was for a few of the games — sets a tone. And opponents know when they can get a player or players off their games. The Rangers know it now. I have serious doubts about their makeup and whether they are serious contenders, even if they do manage to win Game 7.

15) By the way, for all the crap Nash has taken, and most of it is deserved, he only trails the great Sidney Crosby by one goal. And Crosby is tied with Kevin Klein.

16) Like I said. Rangers in 7 :)


My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Derick Brassard.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Marc Staal/Dan Girardi.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Derick Brassard.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Great write up Carp!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Love this Central time zone !!! Im so first that im first being first. Im so first no one firsts like me lately.


  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

    And if you can’t enjoy this series, and the last for that matter, just because the Cup might be a pipe dream, then you’re going to be a miserable fan a great, great, great percentage of the time.

    nuff said.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Carp said Rangers in 7 !!!!!!!!!!

  5. As much as I agree with #5- “a miserable fan a great, great, great , percentage of a time” kind of describes the last 45 years or so. We tend to be negative because that’s our experience- that said- this is why you watch sports. Sometimes unfair, always unscripted, and occasionally unbelievable…like now.

  6. Redemption game at the Garden…definitely…I think whatever happens going forward…this team will carry a whole different support level from the fan base as a result of their last two efforts forcing game seven. Stay thirsty my friends !

  7. I have always said; the best part of a Rangers win is sitting down the next morning with my coffee and reading Carp’s review!

    Quite the effective snow angel by Girardi last night, right Carp? ;-) Actually, I HATE that play! A skilled player with a toe drag can avoid it as we saw in the Flyers series.

    I am stunned. I have been watching this team since the late 60’s and was a season ticket holder from 1987-Lockout. I have been lucky enough to see a ton of playoff games at MSG. I don’t think I have ever seen a worse performance at home than Game 4! It was bizarre. There was no urgency, no heart, no NOTHING!

    These last two games have been the antithesis of that. They are playing with heart, guts and passion.

    Carp, I couldn’t agree more with you write up. While they aren’t a Stanley Cup team, I am loving this ride! Also, think about the recent 7 year stretch of no playoffs. Gomez, Drury… et al… During those years in the Dessert, I longed for a team that cared. I longed for a team that had some good young quality kids on it that WE as an organization had developed. Well, look at this team. Look at Hags,Kreider,McDonagh,Lundqvist, Girardi etc…. Look at the passion they displayed last night.

    They gave me something last night that I have NEVER seen as a fan. It has been 75 YEARS since this team was down 3-2 and forced a game 7.


  8. Read the Rossi blog piece that Crosby needs an the Rangers muscle (D. Moore?) wouldn’t be taking advantage. Really? We saw Putin score six goals last night..and his team had no muscle…firepower, yes..but no muscle! BTW..with Staal down on the pile..Cosby skates over for a couple on cross checks to the back…or starts the whole scrum with by playing pool with Moore’s “plumbing”…he doesn’t need an enforcer..he needs…well..”plumbing!”

  9. Robby Bonfire on

    I saw the amazing stat: “No team winning rounds two and three in seven games has ever won the Stanley Cup.” If this is true, anyone know how many times teams in this position have failed, in NHL history, whereby one of the teams was coming off two seven-game series victories prior to playing in the Cup Finals, and the other team was not?

    Plus of course, a stat like this can change. Used to be they were saying “No boxer has ever regained the heavyweight title.” Of course they cannot say that, anymore. So the Rangers…….

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp!

    Goosebumps wasn’t the only emotion in my household last night. Especially after I showed my wife the goal and the cebration after MSL scored. Wow, what a story!

    Unfortunate, and sad circumstances leading to this, but MSL is now becoming the de facto leader on this team. His career supports it, and this team seems to be happy to embrace it.

    As for the game, the Rangers are winning now because they are able to utilize their strengths- 3 shutdown defenseman ( well, add Stralman to that group to make it 2 pairs now) making it impossible for Bylsma to deploy his weapons against weaker d-men consistently, excellent overall team effort, and the superior goaltending. Watch out, folks. Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  11. I think it’s hilarious that the Pittsburgh writers are squawking about the Rangers roughing Skid up. The Rangers. So who are all these tough guys making life difficult for sweet little Sidney? Dom Moore? That goon Dan Girardi? Mats effin Zuccarello? Please. Just stop.

  12. iDoodie Machetto on

    Two games ago, they all stunk. If they lose game 7, do they stink again?

  13. Carp great write up, nice to heard MSG as loud as the old days. I don’t want to hear about Hank anymore in a big spot. All playoffs long he has just been incredible, getting run, naked on shorthanders, screens, own goals and just still stellar.
    I don’t take these runs for granted but having seasons for 22 yrs, I do want the Cup! And we are closer than we thought with the heart and youth this team is showing, it’s simply three things.
    1. Buy out Richards
    2. Trade Nash up north
    3. Money> Cap space>options for years to come vs no options.
    That’s why we sound like we are complaining. Hank is making up for our shortcomings and some Cap space could very make up the rest.

  14. bull dog line on

    MrD, and eric,
    read number 5. it applies to you two. playoff runs don’t come around every year. learn to enjoy them when they are happening.

  15. Its a great thing to watch last night, Dom Moore really had Crosby off his game, Fleury looked shaky all night, Kreider just looked like a monster, Hank was “playoff elimination Hank” and everyone stepped up. Imagine where we’d be if Nash had potted a few goals!! Can’t fault the effort from him on the PK and in his own zone but he needs to find some new tactics in the offensive zone.

  16. *Offseason* talk:

    Resigning D Moore is an absolute must. If only to watch him piss of Crosby for another year.

  17. Norm Merton on

    C&C never better than this AM. Great clip of MSL and the team hat, and a great time to retire it now that the Rangers have learned how to bring the team game and use it to beat more talented opposition, twice in a row. Tall order to bring it again — they’ll be up against a truly desperate team, a hostile crowd, and they can count on some miserable refereeing in response to that crowd. Let’s hope they can also count on Marcandrayflury to keep coughing up rebounds!

  18. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Lundqvist-THE Kreider-St. Louis. Strong honorable mentions to Stralman, Hagelin, Stepan, Moore, and Brassard.

    It’s amazing what a difference THE Kreider has made. And it’s amazing what a difference there are between his fresh legs to everyone else’s. Right now, he’s even faster than Hagelin. The goaltending interference was a 50/50 call. Yes, Letang pushed him, but THE Kreider made a meal out of it by crushing Fleury. Still, judging by the rest of Joanette’s game, he definitely did not see or care about the Letang push.

  19. iDoodie Machetto on

    “has been 75 YEARS since this team was down 3-2 and forced a game 7.”

    Down 3-1 and forced a game 7. We came back from down 3-2 last year against the Capitals. And we did it in 94 (the Messier guarantee).

  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp!

    16 was priceless :)

    MSL goal sure got the crowd into the game early. Loudest it has been all year.

    Lundqvist will steal game seven, but part of me wants to see another 5-1 win like game 5. It could happen!

    Rangers in 7!

    I Believe!!!!!

  21. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Great review – Carp

    Had your/our favorite co-charp, Mr Maloney, in my earphones as I went to bed last night.

    It was top-notch radio. Absolutely top notch.

    His rant about Crosby at the end of the second period was priceless. For a minute or two he sounded more like a longtime bonehead than a pro color commentator.

    I sounded like Kenny A tugged his shirt after a while – signaling “calm down”. He did – eventually – and they both had a laugh about it.

    Maloney bleeds blue. Book it!

    Looks like LE St. Louis does as well.

    Just another manic monday….

  22. Great win..Kreider set the tone last night and Hank came up big. Officiating again a joke…Is it too much to ask that they 1) stay out of the players way 2) don’t drop thier whistle

  23. Admiral Akbar on

    St. Louis >> Callahan

    How many of you wish Uncle Glennie had not traded the Former Captain now? St. Louis seams to have to have galvanized this team in a way Callahan never could.


  24. Like I said, house money. No matter what happens now, nobody can really complain about no onions, no guts, Hank not coming up big, our young guys not contributing etc. The ledge is pretty deserted today.

    I’m really pissed because freaking NBCSN didn’t have the game in the guide as Penguins vs Rangers, thus my DVR did not pick up the game and I missed the 1st period and the emotional St Louis goal!!

    Was listening to NHL Radio on XM this morning (based out of Canada), and it’s amazing how Crosby centric those guys are. You know when someone says they are NOT a “Crosby apologist” that they are. No mention of his constant dirty play, his spear to the onions, his slew feet (foots?), his constant whining to the refs. Only about Hank spraying him with the water bottle and how bad it is to do that. Sheeez. Are they watching the same game as me? And they wonder why everyone in the states but in Pittsburgh can’t stand the guy?

  25. I hate to say it, but I know some of you are thinking it. If it wasn’t for St Louis’s mom’s passing, would the Rangers have bounced back from the game 4 drubbing? Maybe the hockey gods are smiling down upon us finally.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Great Mother’s Day present for the wife and sons as we were witness to one of the great moments in Ranger playoff hockey judging by pure emotion (not the greatest, but one of the greats)

    These last two games are, in a nutshell, is why most of us diehards get very frustrated with this team. They always had these games in them, but they didn’t rise to the occasion, didn’t put in that extra effort and play as if there was no tomorrow. That is what champions do. Not the most talented team always wins, but they team with talent that plays like a champion. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, we can now feel like we saw what this team was capable of. Emotion is the elixir.

    They owed their fans a win after games 3 & 4. And yes, the tran$formed Garden finally came alive in the first only for the fans to chew on their collective fingernails during the 2nd and 3rd.

    The chant you couldn’t make out for those at home was, “These refs suck” very fitting given the men in stripes putrid performance.

  27. If I have choice it’s 5-1 rather than the Lundqvist steal … these close games are something else.

    Funny how much better they look than in games 2-4. Did they make an adjustment/figure out what the Pens are doing?

    Please no more PP breakaways!

  28. Jamie, the adjustment they made was simple, get in Skid’s grill. The three games they won, they got into Crosby’s head. And the rest of the team seems to follow him, because they feel obligated to protect him. I’ve said this before, but Crosby is the most fragile non goalie star I’ve ever seen play. Get him off his game and he’s as dirty as they come, doesn’t get calls, yet CONSTANTLY barks at the refs when he doesn’t get a call. Last night as Skid at his worst. And that’s all good for the Rangers. Of course a good transitional game where they didn’t try to force the issue through the neutral zone and a hard forecheck didn’t hurt :)

  29. Let’s not forget and give credit to the coaching staff who are also part of what this team has done the past two games.

  30. On the road (on PDT) and didn’t expect to check the scores and see a Ranger victory…Hooray! Sounds like Cally is eating his heart (and pocketbook)out. Nice to see MSL rally the troops and inspire them to pull out the W. Nice to hear they pulled together. Agree Kreider has been an important ingredient, as well. LGR!

  31. Oh, and on the road unable to watch the games…thanks Carp for bringing the games back afterwards in all their subtleties, with your great review!

  32. Great win! Carp, I really appreciate and look forward to your reviews, but your “reminder” that this team is not Cup worthy or that the Cup is a pipe dream is annoying. This team may not be constructed like Boston or the Kings or Chicago, but when they play like they have the last few games they can play with and can beat anyone. As a fan I’m proud of how they bounced back in these last two games and look to them bringing the same effort into game 7 and the next series!

  33. SIOUXper game by MSL on


    Marty nailed it!

    No passengers yesterday.

    Zuccarello, Pouliot, Richards leading in points with 8.
    St. Louis, Brassard, Hagelin, with 7.

    That’s a team effort in scoring.

    Nash with 5 assist. He was playing solid hockey yesterday, and he is only 1 goal behind Skid the kid.

    I think our boys have found the recipe to fry the fish. It won’t be an easy game, but the Blueshirts have the better goalie.

    Rangers win in 7!

  34. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Why can’t the Rangers play EVERY game like yesterday?

    Why can’t MSG be as LOUD as it was yesterday?

    Why can’t we have more GAME 7’s.

    When EVERYTHING is on the line. 7 Down. 9 To Go.

    We are not even half way home.

  35. Knowing that we’ll get at least one more of Carp’s post game reviews this year is a treat in and of itself.


  36. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Holla : He sure was fun to watch yesterday. I like it when he has that determined/pissed look on his face. He plays more on the edge, and really uses his size and speed on the ice.

  37. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Has there EVER been a Stanley Cup Champion that has had to fo 4 game 7’s to win the cup?

  38. Have a hard time with this “not built for the cup” crap, every couple yrs the build or style changes.Detroit was a different team than Anaheim which was different than Pittsburgh which was different than LA…
    Why not the Rangers?

  39. Carp – I agree that we “bleed blue” rangers fan should totally enjoy the run. I don’t think anyone can flat out say rangers aren’t winning the cup. Get to the next round, of course they have a chance. When you have a world class goalie, some real talent in front of him, and play with commitment and passion – it’s hockey, you have a chance. Who thought they had a chance in this series after game 4? BTW I did.

  40. So if the Rangers are guaranteed to not win the Stanley Cup, why do we waste our time watching? Pray tell.

    They are not built like the build clubs, really? Star goalie, 2 shutdown defense pairs, a couple quality forward lines and 4 lines deep in which most forwards can play in any situation.

    Virtually every other fan base save for a couple teams? Much more than a couple teams.

    The Steinbrenner-ization of sports? Ownership and management attempting to ice the best product is a positive thing. Fans having an expectation of contending and the hope to win the Stanley Cup is a positive thing.

  41. From LB:

    “You know, I was thinking about our situation and what the next couple of days will be like, and I thought to myself, ‘We have Henrik,’ ” Derick Brassard, who scored the final goal in the Blueshirts’ 3-1 victory over the Penguins that sends this Eastern semifinal to Pittsburgh for Game 7 on Tuesday, told The Post.

    “There is no better feeling than having this guy behind you.”

    Game 7 tomorrow. I’ll take Lundqvist any time I can.

  42. Bull Dog: I can’t do your reading comp for you. I wish I could, because I think we’d both be happier and closer as internet buddies, but I can’t. I’m sorry.

  43. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    When Hank is on TOP of his game, the Rangers can beat any team on any given night.

    When the Big 3 come out and play, AND SCORE goals, this team is tough to beat.

    When the WHOLE TEAM plays like they did last night. THEY CAN’T be BEAT.

    I Believe …… Rangers win in 7.

  44. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    “You feel for the guy. I have no idea what he’s gone through the last few days,” defenseman Marc Staal said of St. Louis. “He shows up at the rink in Pittsburgh and he was ready to go. That was inspirational for everyone in the room. He goes out and plays a great game. Today he scores a huge goal. The crowd’s chanting his name. It doesn’t get much better than that. It’s pretty remarkable.” …. from Katie’s article.

    It really doesn’t get much better than that, when DAD is in the house, and Marty grabs the puck for him, while the crowd is Chanting Mar-ty Mar-ty Mar-ty.

    You can’t tell me MOM wasn’t in the building.

  45. Lol @ “Crosby needs some muscle”. Maybe they should trade John Scott away from Buffalo, I’d love to see him play in Pittsburgh.

  46. Balcony Bob on

    More on the video of Crosby consoling (?) MSL.

    In the first place, why was there a video camera recording MSL riding the stationary bike? Who put it there? Funny how Crosby just happens to walk by while the camera is running.

    My take on this:

    It was a staged set-up by Pittsburgh to make Crosby seem like a sensitive human being, rather than the self-centered whinning slime bucket we all know him to be.

    I bet they loved the video all across Canada, and particularly in NHL headquarters.

  47. Counter-take: Crosby exists in the gray area all human beings do in that he can do both good or bad things and one doesn’t invalidate or excuse the other.

  48. Boy oh boy. Win or lose game 7, this has been a stunning roller coaster ride of a series. I love watching people make Crosby miserable.

  49. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Re: #5 – It’s very hard to enjoy this stuff in the moment. I can be very happy following a win and I can certainly enjoy it later but during the moment this stuff is nerve wracking

  50. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Hey Carp: Thanks for all you do for us with the stories and this blog; we really appreciate the great work. I still can’t post comments from my iPad on this blog — no problem with other sites, just this one — go figure. Great win last night I was cheering so loud my wife thought I was more nuts than I usually am — Rangers in 7 baby.

  51. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    How come you never see Johnny Toews pull the cheap stuff that Skid does? Then turtle, until the refs get there, then it’s ok to lip off. You really have to wonder who the best player from Canada really is in today’s NHL.

  52. I’m enjoying the last 48 hours like a mutha, but that doesn’t change how I feel about the makeup of the roster or the job Sather has done relative to what he could have done.

    Its fun because you’re a fan, its not perfect because you’re an adult with opinions versus blind adherence.

  53. Sid is (easily) the best player, but if there were an open draft, I might quietly root for not getting the top pick, basically for that reason.

  54. ilb, Marty stated that he was giving the puck to his Dad. Also note that his sister attended yesterday’s game with their father. Along with how the team has supported and made this situation a rallying point in the locker room is a wonderful testament to the culture of this game and the bonds being formed with a new player. The support Marty has experienced will forever be part of his memory of his Mom’s passing.

    As a 30+ year veteran in the television biz, I do not believe that the video of Crosby and St. Louie was staged. The story of Marty’s tragedy was already a major storyline and this kind of b-roll video is commonly shot as supporting the main elements of game hi-lights and talking heads. The interaction of these two players was genuine and spontaneous. NO CONSPIRACY!

  55. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    What Doc said.

    I am enjoying this. The comeback has been really fun. I still don’t think we win the 50/50 game 7. Despite having all the advantage of a Gamer in Net and Brassard the Gamer.

    And it definitely doesn’t change how I feel about this team going forward. It needs to be a LOT better to contend with the teams out West. And it probably can’t even compete against the Bruins.

  56. Lemieux talked to Crosby after the game, so he will come out and score about 5 in Game 7.

    So let’s talk about what they should do in the *offseason*.

  57. “You should stop hitting people in the back and in the scrotum and instead score some goals.”


    “Yeah, I think that would be good.”


  58. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You guys think everything Lemieux says begins, “You know, Sid, when I had Cancer…”

  59. I’ll say it once – this Season was already a success… after seeing the past two games, it was a huge success.

    While typically I believe in short memories, I do believe these Rangers have momentum. They’re playing for each other, believe in their ability and have shaken the ‘guinnies. Hank is playing possessed and each member is elevated and inspired.

    I’ll say this too – I don’t think any team remaining wants to play THESE Rangers. Objectively, they look resilient, angry and talented.

    I’m also proud of the fans – it’s about time we provided a real edge to our team.

    Let’s GO RANGERS!

  60. It’s going to be terrible that they will ultimately come up short, and it will be a knife twist and suck for months.

    But, they played two really good elimination games, and that’s all that matters, right?

    So, Richards buyout, trade Nash, re-sign D. Moops?

  61. I freaking hate Mario with a passion.

    I’m so hoping the rangers win so I could watch pens blow up the team
    After this collapse.

    Jobs and players on line for tomorrow night in Pitt.

    Score first ride hank and France St. Louis

  62. BickelsPickle on

    At the end of the day, we have THE, they don’t. So we kinda win anyways.

  63. BickelsPickle on

    I missed someone on NBC saying MSL won’t be here for Game 7? Is that true? Can anyone confirm

  64. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I might watch from the bathtub with the TV on the edge so when they lose I can just drop the television into the water.

  65. Biggest goal on Tuesday will be the one that one team scores that will be one higher than what the other team scores for the entire game.

  66. Boys! Let’s not bury the body until death has occurred. The patient has experienced a remarkable recovery. I would not want to be a Penguin fan today. Their ledge is full of doubters and nail biters.

    Today is not Melancholy Monday and tomorrow’s game is still starting at 0-0. RIDE THE PRIDE! NO NEGATIVE NANCY’S!

  67. Really, we should just talk about where we’re trading Nash. All that matters now.

  68. Good morning everyone! I know I’m late, but Carp, #5 is spot on. Wow, what a game. St. Louis scoring gave me chills. Just… wow. Get ready for a rowdy Game 7.

  69. I get the emotional heart strings story-line with Marty but, c’mon, how the hell can anyone vote him # 1 star of last night’s game over Henrik

  70. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Thanks, Booby. I try to be as *Metal* as possible. Which is why I’m listening to Art Blakey right now. Jazz is so METAL.

  71. If the Rangers get the first goal, then I think there’s a good chance that MAF will MAF, but if they don’t, MAF could still MAF, so it wouldn’t be that bad.

    Still, going to be terribly terrible when they lose.

  72. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Any good stories from Mother Day? Outside of Marty’s goal for MOM?

  73. Carp, re #16. Are you a believer? Is this 50-50? Does anyone have the edge in your opinion?

  74. Score first ride hank and France St. Louis

    Wanting to kill Crosby and trivializing the death of a person. What is the matter with you?

  75. It’s alright and it’s coming on / We gotta get right back to where we started from / Love is good, love can be strong / We gotta get right back to where we started from

  76. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Manny if St. Louis pulls off this win….. we just might have to get a bottle of Louis to celebrate with :)

    And I almost got the bottle yesterday at Mrs. Sioux Mothers day dinner :)

    It was a sign of good things to come…..

  77. Just an unreal turn of events in one week. Carp’s right, let’s just forget about winning the Cup right now and just enjoy this. It’s amazing that they got this far and anything else they positive after this is entirely a bonus. They have overachieved, IMO.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    Kenneth on attack! Trying to distract the boneheads and their blog father.

    Mojo Nixon riding the Good Ship Lollipop to Rangerstown.

  79. Players get fines for squirting water bottles but Crosby gets away scot free for spearing in the groin and slew footing. You gotta love this league.

  80. _Really, we should just talk about where we’re trading Nash. All that matters now._

    Toronto still makes the most sense all around, right?

  81. “Let me tell you something: I’ve been to three clinchers and _not a single one of them_ is worth another person’s life! Get a grip!”

  82. Yes, MD. It’a a little bit of a stretch to dream of Nash for Kadri, but it’s not crazy.

  83. _Toronto still makes the most sense all around, right?_

    Nash Kadri and Franson (re-sign for about $2.5M), buyout Richards, let Stralman walk. What else?

  84. Rob in Beantown on

    Everything right now is pointing to a Rangers win. The Rangers have the *momentum*. They have the best game 7 goalie in the world in net against a total head case. They’ve been money in game 7 the last few seasons. The penguins are playing flustered undisciplined. All of this is why I’m sure we lose tomorrow.

  85. Has Hank let in more than one or two goals that he had a good chance of stopping this series?

  86. Muting Emrick + this blog = Full game story.
    Great write-up Carp!

    Pray for Kenny Albert tomorrow night & pray for the dispatching of Cindy’s onion!


  87. Every goal in a loss is a bad goal, Gravy. If you *want* to *win*, you stop the shots. Even if its a physical impossibility. No excuses.

  88. For serious, MD. I mean, every goal I can think of was a breakaway, deflected (off Pens and Rangers), or from a guy wide open 10 feet away from the net. *Arguably.*

    But, even though they won, he should have *anticipated* that one off Klein’s skate.

  89. The point is, that goal off Klein’s skate went into Lundqvist’s net and not Fleury’s. Fleury was simply *better* than Lundqvist on that play.

  90. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Anyone GET a HAT TRICK this weekend?

    SeeeDubbb still in the lead with 6. So he hasn’t ran away with it. Plenty of time to catch him.

  91. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    My story did include liquor. That must be it.

    I’ll have to stick to Blue, and Blue only :)

  92. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    It’s a good story, about My Brother & I, on pre Mothers Day.

    I guess you will have to wait until Carp wakes up :)

  93. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Keep it positive…. we are winning.

    And we are NOT trading OR buying out ANYONE until the season is OVER.

    ….. and we are not there yet!

    9 more wins to go :)

  94. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    7 wins without Nasher scoring.

    Just imagine how good this team could be when it’s firing on ALL cylinders :)

  95. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Any suggestions for the Hat Trick Hat?

    Manny would be good at this……..

  96. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Eric – I was thinking to myself last night.

    Self- if the Rangers win this and go all the way. The most important name they could put on the cup would be…. France.


  97. We shouldn’t be satisfied though should we lose. Expect and want more then 2nd round

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Heck, if we get to ECF many will worship AV forever just like The Dog Whisperer

  99. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    So get your hat trick picks in.

    Line up your victory drinks for tomorrow.

    and get in the game.

    Are SEASON is *NOT* over tomorrow.

  100. _The point is, that goal off Klein’s skate went into Lundqvist’s net and not Fleury’s. Fleury was simply better than Lundqvist on that play._

    Not only that, but MAF *outplayed* Hank this entire series on that play.

  101. I agree with #5. How can you not enjoy this? If it ends, that will suck, but it’s such a great feeling to watch these guys win big games, no matter who’s playing, or who’s coaching.

    All I ask for is for these guys to compete. Play their ♥ out! If they get eliminated, I want to see them play like they did in the last two games, and not like game faw.

  102. I don’t think anyone isn’t enjoying this right now. I think a lot of people weren’t enjoying games 3 and 4.

  103. If I recall correctly, MAF has not allowed a goal off his own defenseman’s skate in this series therefore MAF>Hank.

  104. I didn’t enjoy game 5 but I loved game 6.

    Not sure that makes a lot of sense, but whatever.

  105. Game 6 was very *enjoyable*. They won, they played a really good game, they stuck up for each other, Hank was great, MAF was not, Crosby was off his game and extra whiny, Malkin got frustrated, Kunitz got smacked around, etc.

  106. I enjoyed Game 5 because I was miserable off Games 3 and 4, then I double enjoyed Game 6 because it was another win that came after Game 5 (and Game 1).

  107. Stranger Nation on

    _I don’t think anyone isn’t enjoying this right now. I think a lot of people weren’t enjoying games 3 and 4_


  108. Also, Rangers are now 3-3 since my father had his *gall bladder* removed. Tomorrow night will determine which team gained momentum from that *surgery*.

  109. Good point, Stranger. Although Lloyd might have enjoyed it if it reminded him of his junior career that was less successful than the ones Manny and I had.

  110. “Why can’t you be more like Lloyd Braun” really rings hollow these days. More than ever.

  111. “At the end of the day, we have THE, they don’t. So we kinda win anyways.”


  112. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Carp I agree with #5. Every year something good happens, even if you don’t win the cup.

    Mrs. Sioux says the hockey thing, gets out of control at times. I say one could be doing worse things. Right?

    As a fan, I’ve only seen one cup won. But there will be more, I’m sure of it.

    ….. and we still have a horse in the race this year :)

  113. I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m focusing on rooting for a game seven in the Boston/Montreal series tonight.

    What a win. What a wonderful job by the Garden faithful yesterday. That’s all I wanted as a fan – a game with HEART and the Rangers responded resoundingly.

  114. I think it would be more fun, from a Pittsburgh meltdown perspective, if Fleury stood on his head and the Pens got shut out.

  115. I’m am thrilled with the games Brassard has played. But then again, I’d rather have Rangers play great than be right.

    A few days ago, I was saying how no one had really elevated their games from what was expected. After these last two, the Brassard line, Hagelin, D. Moops, and Boyle really have.

  116. Which, Gravy, is to say the entire bottom six (including the top six guy who should be bottom six).

  117. MD, seems to be the case. This is also what’s kinda frustrated me about Brassard (and Stepan too). You see how well they can play that it would be nice to see on a more consistent basis. But, Brassard is starting to find a knack for the YOUge goals.

  118. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I thought the Brassard line really struggled until that goal. Maybe I’m wrong. But that Brassard is one hell of a gamer.

  119. Manny, I think NBCSN said they will be showing the USA game.

    Tomorrow…Rangers score 1st goal within the first 5 minutes of the game…book it!! Then MAF falls apart!! Let’s lose that 1st round draft pick boys!!

    Oh and go Habs…..we want a game 7!!

  120. And Klein has played really well these last two games too. In my opinion. And no not because he scored an empty net goal. He’s actaully gotten more involved in the offense and is playing with an edge.

  121. Thing is, if Brassard were capable of playing ever shift like his best shifts, he’d be a legit 1C.

    (Lets say we do amnesty Richards and don’t spend big on a replacement, Brassard with Zucc and Kreider would be a pretty interesting 2nd line.)

  122. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Klein has a surprisingly good shot. Keeps the puck really low.

  123. Game 7 against the Caps last year was about as perfect a Game 7 you could ask for. About 25 minutes of stress, then cruise control.

    And just noticed, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of that game. Book it.

  124. Playoffs started late because of the lockout, so that’s when the first round ended.

  125. Czechthemout!!! on

    Miami this something you will love to read.

    EJ Hradek was on NHL live this morning and said that the Penguins are scared to death of THE! They have no answer for him and cant stop him. He has been the difference in the Rangers coming back. It also begs the question, would this series be over had THE been their in games 2-4 at full strengh?

    EJ also was impressed with how THE plays big in big games!

  126. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    TSN Montreal is KILLING Pacioretty. Saying that although he scored 39 he’s playing like crap and if the Habs lose Pacioretty will get moved.

  127. Balcony Bob
    you must have read my cindy conspiracy thoughts yesterday
    feel the same way about the
    coincidence of him visiting Marty

  128. jpg's sister on

    carp, when I click on the story link in your game review, I get page not found

    great review as always

  129. Rob in Beantown on

    I wasn’t lying, I really did hurt my shoulder fist pumping after the Brassard goal. I think I might need offseason surgery.

  130. snd of course
    GREAT Review
    as always
    read ’em
    either the last thing i do before sleep
    or first thing i do when i wake up
    i know what you mean on #5
    but at some point
    all the heartbreak and frustration should lead
    at least once in awhile rather than decades
    to drinking from the Cup
    for now
    i’m happy with Game 7
    and hoping against hope hope hope
    that we move on tuesday night

  131. I watched Game 1 with my mom and when I celebrated the overtime, it was some weird fist-pump-hop move and she asked if that was how I celebrate quietly these days. I bet it looked equally stupid if not quite as damaging.

  132. Anyone know why Dorsett played <4 minutes last night, other than AV perhaps not trusting him?

  133. AV said that Dorsett was *cold* because of the PP and PK time and didn’t want to throw him out in the third. Not *hurt*.

  134. Nice write up Carp.
    So can we finally put the “guy now in LA” thing to bed with Brassard showing yet again he is a player. Sorry, loved Gabby (when scoring) but Brassard is more consisintant game for game, is a play maker and works hard pretty much every night – not to mention he stays healthy. Trade was a good deal for the Rangers. Yet it seems the FEW times Gaborik has had a big game since the trade, (and the Rangers lay a stinker) we have to hear about “the Guy now in (CBJ) LA”. Enough already, without that deal we have no PB&Z line – the best Ranger line all season, who without are not even forcing a game 7.

  135. I just visited a few Pens blogs and it cracks me up. They hit the “Blow up the team button” just as much as many of you do, lol. I will say this though, many, MANY of them are giving our team props while blowing their boys out of the water. Seems some are even turning on Skid the Kid. Nice to see is isn’t just this fan base that always goes all Chicken Little.

  136. Stranger Nation on

    Double Ds was cold? really? AV can do better than that. He doesn’t trust him (dumb penalty) IMHO which is wrong, but we won so AV is a genius..

    At game last night watched Nash and let me tell the folks watching at home, it is even worse away from the puck. The guys is just not reading plays for the most part. Threw some hits, including one on Gino, but his turning radius is like a cruise ship and cannot carry and create.
    If he can somehow find his game, that would be a HUGE difference maker. Just like THE showing up, we need this guy to produce.
    I would just tell him to forecheck and pound the Pens D. Oh yeah, stay on the ice for more than 25 seconds as well.

  137. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That *Bruins* vs. *Penguins* ECF is going to have some *juice* , in my opinion, if Thornton, Shawn continues to be a jackwagon and Orpik, Brooks gets on the ice.

  138. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    TSN Montreal raving about how great the Rangers have played and how horrible Crosby has played.

  139. I think calling Brassard more consistent than Gaborik is a stretch. In my opinion. Arguably.

  140. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    The theory in Pittsburgh that the outcome of Tuesday night’s game should make or break the future career of some of their personnel is *absurd* in my opinion.

    They already have problems and a Game 7 is a toss up. To not touch the team based on a Game 7 win is nuts. Equally insane to blow it up based on a Game 7 loss.

    People are just NOT rational.

  141. Rob in Beantown on

    My coworker, who knows I’m a Rangers fan, just came over and said what a good series Rangers/Bruins will be. I had to be like “STAAAAAAHHP”

  142. “I think calling Brassard more consistent than Gaborik is a stretch. In my opinion. Arguably.”
    Gravy, you are correct.
    My thought was “since the trade, has been more consistant”. Didn’t come out that way.

  143. Nash is saving four goals for game 7. Unfortunately, Crosby will score 5 after his talk with Lemieux.

  144. Byslma job hangs in balance. Pens will have major shakeup should they lose. Book it.

    Pacioretty and Kane too much to hope for.

  145. Jeff in South Dakota on

    There used to be a street named after The Kreider, but it was changed because nobody crosses The Kreider and lives.

  146. 27nyr94, I wouldn’t argue that, especially factoring in injuries.

    I think Gaborik received a lot of unfair criticism in his time here (although some was fair). Mostly because he had a tough time in the 11-12 playoffs while playing with a shoulder injury (that was not public).

  147. The Kreider coming back was like Gandalf the White returning to the battle of Helm’s Deep, with glowing light surrounding him.

    And, umm….YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

  148. “There used to be a street named after The Kreider, but it was changed because nobody crosses The Kreider and lives.”


  149. Carp
    Re #9 what exactly is the “final jap”? Or should I ask;)

    Re 13 Brassard=tenacity, effort, and pride

  150. The difference between blowing up a Crosby/Malkin team and blowing up a Nash/Richards team is like the difference between Kenneth and THE Kreider.

  151. Jeff in South Dakota on

    The Kreider doesn’t wear a watch. HE decides what time it is.

  152. I can’t believe no one has a gandalf avatar yet….Latona???

    On second thought…no one change a thing right now.

  153. Glad to see some of you coming around to what a few here have been saying all along, brassard is the best centre on this team.

  154. Good afternoon all!

    carp, just FYI, my links aren’t connecting…don’t know if it’s me or camp…

    So many excellent highlights from last night, my head is still swimming, But Hank squirting onionless has to be one of the most hysterical moves in hockey history.

    MSL’s locker room speech made me cry…


  155. Gravy, agree on Gaborik. Loved him as a Ranger, but he’s been gone and I disagree when players they got in return (current Rangers) are not getting the credit they deserve. If they were playing poorly and not producing – I’d see why it would still be brought up after all this time. But they (esp Brassard) have made a difference since the trade.

    Like Nash, I hope he turns it around. When he’s healthy and driving the middle to the net – he’s a force. Since his head injury, he just hasn’t been the same player. Hated to see Dubi (and Artie) go for him. But NASH is now the Ranger so I’m routing for him to help carry the team (and not just goals). As long as he’s wearing the uniform how can anyone NOT want him to be successful.
    Maybe like Gaborik, something is wrong health wise that is hurting his play.

    Dubinsky took a ton of abuse from Ranger fans for one bad season. Same guy who the season before carried the team. Would any Ranger fan not take him back now? People have recently written they would trade NASH for him straight up now.

    How about D Moore? Guy is (has been) playing fantastic and deservedly getting credit, and boneheads are writing he is a “MUST” re-sign. If you look back, this is the same guy that a lot of boneheads were against being signed in the off-season and was taking up roster space from a “youngster”. What “youngster” in the system would do what D.Moore has a season?

    It’s been written before, thank God the fans don’t make the decisions on running (or ruining) the team.

  156. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    _Brassard is the only centre on this team, the rest of them are centers_


  157. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If it goes to OT I might have to drop the Toaster into the tub while I’m in it

  158. Gravy, Brassard for $3.2M isn’t happening. His salary is $3.7M this season, that would have to be his QO.

    *NO OFFSEASON* talk!

  159. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    There will *certainly* be handshakes tomorrow night.

    *Book It*

  160. Going to OT tomorrow should give you at least 50% less guilt about calling out of work on Wednesday.

  161. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    So maybe Crosby will get traded to the Leaves for Phaneuf

  162. I know, ilb…just hope he’s not going to get a YOUge raise. I think he’s worth $3.7M, but not sure he’s worth more than that.

    Stepan still makes less money, is youngee, and plays a strong defensive game. And he also has more goals than Crosby.

  163. Brassard AAV is $3.2M and Stepan is just over $3M. Like ilb said, the qualifying offer has to be $3.7M minimum. More likely, he gets his last bridge deal between $4M and $4.5M.

  164. Stepan, actually, will be making $3.85M. Remember, that was done so that his QO offer is high by the end of his bridge contract?

  165. You’re right, ilb (of course). In whole dollars, Stepan is scheduled to make more. But, I think Brassard tops that number.

  166. Let’s not forget, Stepan turns *24* next month. So, let’s not ship him out just yet.

  167. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Dan Rosen ?@drosennhl Henrik Lundqvist is 4-0 with a 0.75 GAA, a .973 save percentage and one shutout in his last four Game 7s. That’s just ridiculous.

  168. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    I don’t even want to think about who gets what contract, and who Sather plays hardball with.

    I’m not even thinking about Richie Rich, because we still need him for 9 more wins.

  169. Sioux, we should all be talking about the offseason becasuse that’s really all we have to look forward to. -Think how funny these talks will be when the Rangers win the Cup.-

  170. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Yea. Salary comp is usually impossible. I mean, Pavelski makes like $6M for 5 years. Or $5M for 6 or something.

  171. Brassard is a 4mil ish guy IMO and step is about the same. Problem is step after this current contract expires will probably make 5+ mil per somewhere and no way I take him at that.

    Lill take brass at 4 mil every day any day!!

  172. leetchhalloffame on

    Doubtful scenario of Rangers winning the Cup this year but if by some miracle they do a France St. Louis memorial statue should be placed in front of MSG.

  173. So if I could ship step out to get stastny, patches, phanuef, e Kane, etc…I do it in a heartbeat

  174. Alain Amour on

    Why do the Rangers continue to have to play Game Sevens?

    What is the record and personal statistics of Bjorn in his last 12 games with the Rangers holding a series lead?

  175. _Bryan Little’s extension a good comp for Brassard?_

    Seems like a good target if I’m Brassard’s agent.

  176. Alain Amour on

    0-13 in his last 13 games with Rangers holding a series lead. His GAA and Save % are similarly horrendous.

  177. Good thing they’re not leading this series. “Similarly horrendous” sounds like bad numbers.

  178. Alain Amour on

    Do the math yourself, Ken.

    Is this reference and the other references to Keneth directed at me?

  179. _Seems like a good target if I’m Brassard’s agent._

    Maybe Bozak’s deal? Who knows. It’ll be north of $4MM and probably closer to $4.5MM if you want him to give up UFA.

  180. He’s an actual stat. In the 4 games the Rangers played when they led a series this year, they’ve scored a total of 5 goals.

  181. They aren’t winning a cup? Carp you said they had not shot at bearing the pens, now this… Who the fukk do you write for?

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