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  1. Tonight… With how Hank played and who scored the first goal… Made the season for me.

    Thanks Rangers and let’s go take that game 7. Win or lose, I’m a proud fan.

    Loved the noise in the Garden….finally.

  2. It doesn’t get any better then this to me. This is right up there with Stanley Cup Finals games.

    The ‘pretender’ Rangers have a winner take-all game against the star studded Penguins. The same penguins that for years have thumbed their noses at the Rangers like they were so superior. Chance to send Crosby to a loss that will stick with him forever.

    The boys are rolling. Game 7 is an opportunity to shine for the Rangers. Grab It. Tackle It. Take It.

    Go get it boys. Aoooooh.

  3. Great game tonight.

    I will say that I bash Nash a lot and he’s playing pretty poorly (seemed more engaged tonight), but he is at least handling the situation respectfully.

    I defend Crosby’s talent but he really is playing like such a little punk. That spear on Moore should be a max fine. He’s going around pulling these cheap moves because he’s frustrated and it’s indefensible. Hope they beat this clown to see if he’ll actually shake hands this time.

  4. Anyone see Cindy ream his assistant coach out on the bench during Game 5. It looked like the coach held drawn up the left-wing lock and Cindy yelled at him and said ‘so why the beep aren’t we doing it’

    But one thing that strikes me about Cindy’s antics and NBC, is that, NBC shows every single time Cindy is complaining, they make a point of showing up. Its like they want to make him polarizing. He’s the poster boy, but they are cool with playing up his whiny side.

    Or is this some internal power struggle we’re witnessing. The TV producers dislike Crosby, and the Network producers and the league love him. The guys controlling the visuals show him for what he is, and the guys controlling the audio message build him up as something he’s not.

    (sarcasm) (or is it) (??)

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