Game 5: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) The only way it would have been better for the Rangers would have been if big-hearted, broken-hearted Martin St. Louis had scored. But what a day. What an emotional day. And night. It’s not over for St. Louis, either. He’s got to be mentally fried, headed back to Montreal after the game, then headed back to NYC for Game 6 (and don’t forget, the guy’s 39 and coming off five games in seven nights, six in nine. Can’t imagine what he’s going through, and how difficult Mother’s Day will be for him Sunday. Very cool that his teammates have him the Broadway Hat. Sometimes it’s a silly thing. Sometimes it really has a lot of meaning. This time it gave them, and you, and everybody, goosebumps. Great catch by HNIC, Sidney Crosby consoling St. Louis before the game. Click here to see it.   Then there was NBC’s shot of Derick Brassard hugging St. Louis on the bench. Click here to see that.

2) Aside from that, this was one of those Onions wins for the Rangers. They sure have, over the last several years, played well in the playoffs when they’ve had to win … 8-2 in elimination games, 3-0 in Game 7s, winning Games 6 and 7 when trailing 3-2 twice. All those wins following losses that followed wins. Makes you wonder, or makes me wonder, if coaches and players talk too much about desperation, and matching opponents’ levels of desperation, and trying to manufacture that when it’s not there. Maybe all the blather about it makes it actually more difficult to manufacture.

3) Because it sure wasn’t there for the Penguins in Game 5, and they had done all the talking about knowing the Rangers would be desperate and needed it more, and couldn’t match it. In fact, the Penguins were saying all the same things we’ve heard from the Rangers following losses throughout these playoffs. Some of them said that they played as if they were granted a bye into the next round by winning Game 4. Maybe it’s just human nature, too. The team that really needs a win gets it, a team that doesn’t need it as badly doesn’t put up nearly enough of a fight. The Pens didn’t. They also got ruffled a bit by the Rangers — not a terribly physical team by any stretch — pushing them around a bit. That’s been known to undo the Penguins the last few years.

4) So not to take anything away from the Rangers — so many guys who had terrific games. I think the Penguins will be much, much better in Game 6, and the Rangers are going to have to be much, much better too. Book that. As I mentioned before the series, it’s funny how a short series is five games, and a long series is six. Now we’ve got a long series here. And there goes my pick :)

5) And let’s not forget, Marc-Andre Fleury, the wild card going into this series, and into every series, did his el-foldo thing, allowing that awful-angle goal to Chris Kreider and the 55-footer to Ryan McDonagh (it appeared he should have seen it all the way, but his reaction was as if he didn’t see it at all). Good job by Mario Lemieux to remind his buddy, Rangers assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson, to not shoot at Fleury’s glove … Lot of shots at his feet and low pad, lot of rebounds and shaky moments. If the Rangers are to complete a comeback here, this is still their best hope.

6) So Henrik Lundqvist was marvelous, especially in the first, and again when the lead was whittled to 2-1, and the Rangers’ biggest advantage coming into the series was indeed that in Game 5.  The save he made on Evgeni Malkin was one of his best of these playoffs, and most important. Of course, it didn’t hurt to finally get some offensive pressure (17 shots in the first period, after 15 in the entire Game 4 loss), and some power-play production (two PPGs after 0-for-36).

7) The Rangers’ top line. Yup, their top line. Has been all season and throughout the playoffs. Derick Brassard is their best center. Mats Zuccarello is their best playmaker (and power-play player), Benoit Pouliot, aside from his penalties, is their best forward in the playoffs. Makes you wonder why a guy like Brassard is able to raise his game in the playoffs (at least, he has in two postseasons, four series, for the Rangers) and why a guy like Derek Stepan can’t. And we won’t even mention Rick Nash (until the next paragraph).

8) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Thought he had a really good start … again. But he slid puck through the open crease behind Fleury on great chance from Brian Boyle. This was a far better game for Nash than Game 4, when he was booed off the ice at the Garden, and I wonder if people will encourage him, or if they will just make it more difficult for him, in Game 6 Sunday. He remains 0-for-12 games this season (now a goal behind Chris Kreider and Kevin Klein, too), 1-for-24 games in two post-seasons for the Rangers.

9) This was certainly the best game of the series for Ryan McDonagh. We all assume he’s still not 100 percent with that shoulder, and Alain Vigneault, who was honest (or wisely prodding) when he said on Thursday that McDonagh hasn’t played very well, might have gotten to him. But I’ve said this many times. When McDonagh and especially Dan Girardi and Marc Staal, struggle, it’s because they try to do too much. And speaking of Staal and Girardi, they both went to play the body on Malkin, and neither stopped him, then neither recovered on the big man’s goal. Malkin-Monster.

10) But Brian Boyle=Beast, and that 5-on-3 kill, with McDonagh and Staal, was enormous. Big point in the game, and the series.

11) Kreider. Man, if this kid ever figures out the away-from-the-puck part of the game, he really might be something special. He made two terrific plays on his PPG. As you know, players everywhere would lust for his size, strength, speed and shot, plus a little nasty. He struggled without the puck in his first game back. He was a difference maker in his second. I still thought that bad hand was coming off the stick when he received hard passes. But he just adds so many elements to the attack.

12) Vigneault. Those first few shifts, he had his D-men pinching aggressively, had the Rangers playing as if there were no tomorrow. And while it’s easy to say, “Well, there was no tomorrow” if you push the offensive-zone envelope too much, Pittsburgh can make you pay. The Rangers’ pressure was almost perfect, and that’s the kind of game Vigneault wants to play … push, pursue … and defend.

13) I know a lot of you guys prefer Daniel Carcillo to Derek Dorsett, and I get that, and it’s arguable. Both have played very effectively on the fourth line, and Carcillo had some good games on other lines, too. And he’s played better than I thought he could or would. Dorsett was really good last night, though, with Boyle and Moore. Another decision by Vigneault that worked out.

14) Best. Tweet. Ever:  @MensHumor  Anybody have any plans to stare at their phones somewhere exciting this weekend?

15) So now I get at least another couple of days to find where I put those damn golf clubs.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Ryan McDonagh/Henrik Lundqvist.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. AV on McD ” He’s not hurt”- anytime a coach says that, you know one thing: he’s hurt. His reversal was remarkable- don’t recall him slapping the puck, virtually all playoff. Would love to know what happened- removed some heavy taping, maybe in do or die game. As much as I admired the “onions” as Carp put it- made me sigh wondering what might have been with a healthy McD all playoff long. Live to fight another day-

  2. Torts pissed that his TV’s rabbit ears didn’t get better HMIC reception in his hermit cave somewhere at Whistler. Someone please call the Mounties before he starts sending letter bombs attached to his sled dogs

  3. Have seen on other sites people are saying that the Penguins were bad last night. I agree, but I do think our guys made them bad! They played the Penguins bad!!
    Do the same thing on Sunday and good things will happen!!

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp!

    I have no idea how Marty is doing this. Back to Montreal, return to NY on Sunday. He’s going to play for her on Mother’s Day.

    Kreider in the lineup makes a big difference. In addition to his speed, size, and shot, he is also a very good passer. People underappreciate that. He will learn how to position himself on this level. Watch out.

    I think number 5 is an X-factor going forward. Keith Jones mentioned between periods that MAF is showing some cracks. If that continues, and if the Rangets maintain the same level of play, I see them returning to Puttsburgh for game 7.

  5. bull dog line on

    the return of Kreider is making a huge difference. you will see Nash get more space because of it. he is starting to already. I have a weird feeling of confidence right now.

  6. 1 hell of a game!

    The Kreider is a monster & Pimp he did score before Nash!!

  7. The Pens really haven’t played all that well this entire series. They were fantastic in game 2, but other than that and a the 2nd period of Game 1, the Rangers have really been the better team overall.

    Rangers dominated the 1st and OT of Game 1, Game 3 and Game 5.

  8. Great game, great win! Sorry to throw ice cold water into this, but we still only have one line. Stepan and Nash might be the 2 worst guys in the playoffs right now, and they are on the same line!Let’s face it they are doing nothing, and really don’t even put sustained pressure on the Pens.

    One player is softer than the other. However, Stepan did deliver a check last night, and I had to re-wind it to makes sure it was him. I have never seen Stepan hit anyone!! Anyone else?

    Pulled goalie and Stepan still missed the net. Sheesh!!

  9. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Messier always said that winning game 4 is hard to do..
    at least the rangers are showing up..
    They have to score first and rattle Fluery
    and I don’t think Malkin would’ve danced between Scot Stevens and his D pairing, Malkin shouldve been flattened by nyr on that dance move.

  10. We need Marty scoring the opening goal on Sunday night and the crowd getting behind him… that would be amazing. On Mothers Day, a big goal for St. Louis, get the crowd chanting his name.

    Man, I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!

  11. Carp n josh get the stars wrong very rare…..Hank won that game. Needs to be top three actually #2

  12. Additionally, I know it was Marty’s night, but not enough has been said about the saves Lundqvist made last night to keep the Rangers in it. He was the best player on the ice IMHO.

  13. Vogs, even better than MSL scoring the opening goal would be Nash going into beast mode, splitting the defense, driving to the net and scoring. MSG would go insane, tone would be set. Can someone hypnotize Nash to convince him that the Rangers are playing Columbus Sunday night??

  14. Same deal Sioux… And don’t forget, I’m riding a one smoke balance after the Cally – Mart trade going through ;-)

    Proud of that performance last night and appreciative to see just how hard the boys can push.

    Hank was an animal! My wife commented that “wow – they are playing defense” and I do believe if we stay hungry, It’ll be a one game series…

  15. Good Morning, Heads! I see you all smiling. Great game, good to see *that* team show up. Hope they stick around for game six and seven.

  16. Please rangers don’t make me sit through another loss tomorrow. All I ask is force a 7th.b

  17. Let me tell you, a home elimination Game 6 hasn’t occurred since the Helsinki episode of 1919, and I think we all remember how THAT turned out!

    These clowns can do it! All riding on the back of THE KREIDER!

  18. Morning all,

    Great win last night, for sure.

    Onions game.

    But a couple of things to note before Game 6. As Carp often notes, momentum doesn’t carry over from game to game in the playoffs. The Pens will be desperate to end this series tomorrow. The Rangers will be (or should be, at least) desperate to get to Game 7. On the NYR side of the ledger, we know there will be a ton of emotion in the building for MSL – and on Mother’s Day to boot. The key is for them not to try to win the game in the first 10 minutes and overplay their hand. They need to just keep to the game plan. They need to dictate the pace. And hopefully get a quick goal on Fleury. A PPG or two would be nice as well, just sayin’.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I was at a wake last night so I haven’t had a chance to watch the game yet, but my real question is whether after last night, Eddie has enough loose skin to blink.

  20. THE always looks badass … but, yes, even more so with the Franco-like facial hair.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    “Let me tell you, a home elimination Game 6 hasn’t occurred since the Helsinki episode of 1919, and I think we all remember how THAT turned out!”

    But with NHL all-star Ryan McDonagh at the helm, I guess it must be the luck of the Irish.

  22. iManny-O-War on

    The Rangers are typically building up our hopes so they can crush us in marvelous fashion.

  23. “The Rangers are typically building up our hopes so they can crush us in marvelous fashion.”

    Pimp-like, me like.

  24. iManny-O-War on

    Symmetrical book stacking. Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947…

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    “The one handed [THE] Kreider better than the two handed Nash?”

    A no handed, no footed, blindfolded THE Kreider > Nash

  26. Probably. But, what if they do the opposite? Bizarro World Rangers, do the opposite.

    We thought they were folding like a card table last night, but no.

    Bizarro World.

  27. It’s a chicken or the egg thing with the winning team playing good and the losing team playing bad. Sometimes tough to tell if either is the cause or the reason.

    Wasn’t ready to write them off, but not ready to declare a comeback inevitable either. Hopefully some doubt is creeping in to MAF’s head. One game at a time.

  28. iManny-O-War on

    “It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian.”

  29. iManny-O-War on

    Kreider was better than Nash when he was recovering from hand surgery and wearing a no contact jersey.

  30. Norm Merton on

    Malkin was the best skater on the ice last night by a wide margin and the Rangers still coasted. That’s got to give them some hope. And I’m sure some of you saw an easy win coming last night — I sure didn’t, was hoping they’d go hard and either steal one on goaltending or lose with gritty dignity. Need to send flowers to Marquand Rafe Lurie for Mother of Soft Goals Day. Keep ’em coming, Marquand!

  31. we have a paid troll on the loose. paid troll on the loose.

    one of these guys paid to frequent forums and blogs

  32. Stranger Nation on

    this team really missed THE – makes a difference when your most physical player is not playing. Pitsburg D wanted nothing to do with him.

  33. So i saw a bunch of you guys referencing Monty Python and it seemed pretty funny. And i look into it and I see there is like 20 movies. Which are the best? IF you were suggesting to a guy watching for the first time, which movies would you choose. its kinda a rainy morning up here. I got some time

  34. You saw it in a game earlier this year. Crosby didn’t like THE KID playing him close and tight.

  35. That one I heard is, It would be the first I watch, but Im streaming and amazon doesn’t have it available to stream.

    Im looking at

    the meaning of life
    and now for something completely different
    not the messiah

  36. The movies are wonderful, but they pale in comparison to the Flying Circus series, which has skits that don’t work, to be sure, but is the source of their most brilliant moments.

  37. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It’s almost impossible to pick a Monty Python film. My *favorite* is _Life of Brian_. I think the most accessible is _Holy Grail_ because it’s so widely adored. _The Meaning of Life_ is probably their signature work.

    I would lock myself in a room and watch all three. Then all the Flying Circuses and then Faulty Towers.

  38. Three seasons with Cleese and one without. Almost 50 shows in all, the source of most of my education. So it’s not my fault.

  39. hahaha sweet. thanks guys. Be honest Im laughing to myself right now, thinking Im gonna laugh my nASH off all day.

    so the flying circus, its showing production dates of 2010 and 2011, thats just a reproduction date. the flying circus is old matieral, am I correct?

  40. Fawlty Towers (aka Flowery Twats) is worth watching but not on the same level as the Pythons.

  41. And now for something completely different: Is it time for the announcers to shift to “Björn Henrik Lundqvist”?

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d say the Holy Grail is their signature work, but they all probably like the Meaning of Life better.

    jpp, for a taste of the Flying Circus, look for the dead parrot sketch. I think it’s probably the most famous sketch from that show. Probably between that and the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  43. “Upper Class Twit of the Year” for me. And the Cheese Shop, SPAM, Lumberjack, Nudge-Nudge, Musical Mice… I may change my plans today.

  44. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    Great day for a run. We have about 20,000 Marathoners in my town today!

    So I ran out and picked up the Harley :)

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, I didn’t say they were the funniest, just the most famous.

    Communist Quiz is probably my favorite.

  46. And then there are the Python records — don’t know how you’d get your hands on those. “Matching Tie and Handkerchief”, “Previous Record”; “Contractual Obligation Album”… Personal favorite: Thomas Hardy writing a novel in a stadium in front of a large Bank Holiday crowd…

  47. And then there are the Python records—don’t know how you’d get your hands on those. “Matching Tie and Handkerchief”, “Previous Record”; “Contractual Obligation Album”… Personal favorite: Thomas Hardy writing a novel in a stadium in front of a large Bank Holiday crowd…

  48. Under the assumption that they would lose last night I found myself pondering if I felt it was a good or bad season (thanks Sioux) really I was thinking of positive highlights or feel good stories. torts coming back to MSG and Krieder getting the Hatty, Talbot pitching a shutout in Montreal. but last night was by far the most special thing this team has done this season. I’m proud of that win no matter what happens w the rest of this series

  49. Doodie, I’m not trying to argue with you, yes I am, no I’m not. I’m simply and automatically gainsaying anything the other person (you) has to say.

  50. I have a Python comment in moderation that has zero dirty bits in it — dying to know what the censoring software picked up. Suffice to say it was about the existence of Python records and my personal fave in that venue: Novel Writing.

  51. Fawlty Towers is genius..13episodes in total..I think..too lazy to Google! Now..we are guaranteed Game 6 review by Carp..pure joy….and we get to also watch game 6..but that can go either way. Classy move by Crosby…still thinking St. Louis should have slewfooted him as he walked away….but the cameras there probably prevented that! I thnk Richards said they get a shot af redemption atMSG..well whike there are some individuals who need it…I think we got some team redemption last night. But just like the Flyers who were sky high after game 6…it can be a fast and unpleasant fans..we need to see the effort…if the resultscome up short. Booing is not a lack of love….it is a sign we feel disrespected by the effort. Effort not being skating your guts is playing smart…not gliding..not making dumb passes…not missing assignments. We understand the physical skill cannot be you mske it up in smarts…and the garden..and all those who bleed blue..will embrace you! Play dumb…welll…it will be time to go home and get your shine boxes. Regardless what happens…MSL coming back and playing…special!

  52. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    ‘Well ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think any of our contestants this evening have succeeded in encapsulating the intricacies of Proust’s masterwork, so I’m going to award the first prize this evening to the girl with the biggest t–s.’

  53. All time favorite: “now look here you come in quite uninvited break glasses and then announce quite casually that we’re all dead. I should remind you that you are a guest in this house and” -grim reaper jams long skinless finger into his eye-

  54. SIOUXper game by MSL on

    They HAVE to win at HOME on MOTHERS DAY for Marty!!!

    MSG will be Rock’n!!!

  55. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    “Please, this is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.”

  56. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Communist Quiz is *AMAZING*

    “I’m not surprised none of you got that, it was, of course, a trick question. The Hammers have never wine the UEFA cup.”

  57. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    “Now it’s on to round 2 and Lenin, you starter, for $10…”

  58. Carp
    Great great review.

    Re #7…it’s passion! Stepan and Nash are on the same disappointing level to me. They are very very similar and 9 times out of 10 seem absolutely indifferent. A ton of talent, total lack of physicality in their game, DQ soft serve!!

    We need a step o meter just like the Nash one.

    I’ve been saying I’ll take brassard and his $$$$ over Stepan and whatever $$$$ he ends up making any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

    Brassard all the way

  59. It would be nice to hear the garden rocking like we all know and love especially in a game 6, lose and go home. I might be asking to much.

  60. Eric idle doing the bright side of life at the Olympics in London, with the royals singing along, kinda says everything about the popularity of Monty Python.

  61. Hank would have had a shutout if girardi would have just knocked Malkin on his aasen instead of just giving him a slight bump.

  62. Look! It’s a giant hedgehog… Dinsdale!! The Piranha Brothers episode is one of their all-time classics.

  63. BTW, great game last night! Carp, agree that they’ll have to be better to win game 6. Their opponents will surely feel desperate to avoid a game 7.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
    Riding through the night
    Soon every lupin in the land
    Will be in his mighty hand
    He steals them from the rich
    And gives them to the poor
    Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore

  65. rangerjhw

    Man thank goodness that had a camera rolling to catch Crosby at the moment he came over to pay his respects. What are the chances of that

  66. ThisYearsModel on

    THE is the KEY to success. The Flyer series would have been over sooner. We would have won one of our 2 home games and would be up 3-2 instead of down 3-1 if he was playing all along. Ask MIAMI-he knows.

  67. Tommy

    Problem is it’s never going to rock again. All the people in my section are brand new. Diehards are mostly gone. The old msg rocked before renovations. Once upper bowl was done it became a place to be.

  68. iManny-O-War on

    I stared at the picture for a few minutes looking for a high stick or a clear Interference call.

    Took me long enough

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    There’s a video in the comments and play went on for a good 15 seconds like that.

  70. “I’m not surprised none of you got that, it was, of course, a trick question. The Hammers have never wine the UEFA cup.”

    For those of you interested in the trivia of sports trivia — beyond trivia, if you will — the original was:

    “Well, I’m not surprised you didn’t get that. It was in fact a trick question. Coventry City have never won the FA Cup.”

    Then Coventry actually won the FA Cup and ruined everything.

  71. Norm Merton on

    On that video, I’ll play the straight man. What on earth am I looking for? I don’t see I thing. (I suspect this qualifies me somehow to be an NHL referee?)

  72. Enjoy games tonight. Dvr both be home late. Wife said need to take her to dinner and get babysitter as a result of allowing me to go Tom on Mother’s Day. Thank god 7:00 and not 4:30 like last year.

  73. Head bandaged Basil: Is there something wrong?
    German comforting crying daughter(?): Will you stop talking about the war?
    Basil: Me! You started it!
    German: We did not start it!
    Basil: Yes you did — you invaded Poland.

  74. Norm Merton on

    Ah, excellent — didn’t see the sixth guy sprinting off at the end there, none too subtly. I’m sending in my ref application today.

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    Listen Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

  76. Interesting blurb about rangers possibly trading Nash on spectors hockey…

    I’d try to move him to Toronto (maybe get jvr back) ot sj with his buddy jumbo soft and get burns or lil joe back

    NEW YORK POST: Noting Rick Nash’s lengthy playoff scoring drought and his recent serenading by New York boobirds, Larry Brooks recently wondered if Nash would be amenable to waiving his no-trade clause this summer. Given the decline in Nash’s play, Brooks doubts there would be as much of a bidding war for the winger’s services this time as there was two years ago. They could use their remaining compliance buyout on Nash, but Brooks points out that would mean the Rangers would be stuck with Brad Richards’ contract through 2019-20, as well as the salary cap recapture penalties if he retires before then.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash has four years remaining on his contract at an annual cap hit of $7.8 million, but his actual salary steadily rises with each season, reaching $8.2 million in the final year of the deal. The Rangers would be better off using their remaining compliance buyout to shed Richards salary (they can afford the payout), then agree to pick up a part of Nash’s contract (provided he agrees to waive his NTC) in hopes of enticing a rival team in need of a big scoring winger.

  77. Norm Merton on

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  78. Last year it was much later than Mother’s Day, Voice. Because of the lockout.

    I think it was around May 23 or 25 … Mother’s Day was May 12, IIRC.

  79. Yes last year Mother’s Day beat caps game 6 at 4:30 in afternoon.

    Game 7 next night.

    The last two years the rangers have been eliminated Memorial Day weekend.

    Friday night vs devs 2 years ago

    Sat night last year vs bruins.

    If we get to Memorial Day this year where do I sign

  80. Great effort last night. I admit I lost most hope. Fans shouldn’t do that. Greg, good going!!

    Not expecting anything tomorrow. However, the fact they played hard with effort and succeeded turns this from another quick second round out to an ok season.

    Good going boys!!! LGR!!LGR!!!!

  81. eric, if they get eliminated Memorial Day weekend some people here will still complain that they blew an opportunity to win the Stanley Cup.

  82. BickelsPickle on

    From reddit – may or may not be true but….

    *Ok Rangers fans,
    I work at a golf course in North Carolina where ex-Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is a member. During our member guest tournament he brought new Hurricanes GM Ron Francis to play with him. After a few days of talking to the both of them, they informed me that our New York Rangers would be losing a coach to the Hurricanes to replace their head coaching vacancy. I present to you before anyone else, Ulf Samuelsson – the new Hurricanes head coach.
    Source : Jim Rutherford, Ron Francis, Tom Barrasso and others….*

  83. BickelsPickle on

    More from this person who works at this golf course in NC….

    Ron Francis mentioned Ulf by name. Rutherford told me that Ulf and Francis were best friends when they played on the Penguins and that they have always kept a close relationship and that they liked what Ulf did with his team in Sweden.

  84. This is one of the busiest parts of my schedule. I’ll be wearing tux for the next four weekends, plus many different graduation parties.

  85. I deliberately refuse to join the discussion about offseason moves until they are, you know…done. But reading all these articles about who they should trade, etc, I’ll just say this. Richards has to be bought out. People who say that Nash should be amnestied instead of Richards simply do not understand the implications of recapture penalty. If Sather doesn’t do it, it’s a potential long term disaster. But then we are talking about trading Nash. Well, how are we planning on replacing 90 points and 46 goals next year? Anyone to do that is available?

  86. Maybe with the money they save they can go out and sign 10 guys who average 4.6 goals and 9 points per season.

    Actually, those guys are a dime-a-dozen. :)

  87. Carp
    thanks for the review
    always a pleasure reading it

    watched the last 51 seconds of the game
    had a relieved smile come over me

  88. but
    even on a off day
    my blood boils
    at the aaassen ‘burgh writer who has it in for Staal.
    now he boasts that Kerry Fraser is on his side!!

    i saw a replay of the one high crosscheck
    and i’ll agree that it was high…..around the neck/head area.
    of course, NO ONE mentions that it was partially in retribution for cindy’s crosscheck on Staal earlier in the Rangers zone (maybe 20 seconds or so)
    as far
    as the “other one” Staal is CLEARLY hitting cindy in the numbers and cind bends down and Marc falls over him
    which causes the stick to hit the helmet.
    comedy bit is that Staal falls and malkin almost trips over him.

    NO mention of pens’ adams high crosscheck to neck/head at the final buzzer last night nor the elbow (can’t remember who on who)

    got that off my chest

  89. Just had some Di Fara pizza. Easily one of the best slices in the world but not sure id pay 1/20th of a Rangers ticket for it again.

  90. so in the Game of Life
    to see whether my fridge
    or my parents’ would conk out first
    it turned out they’re the Winnner (and Loser)
    spent the
    eating, moving stuff from fridge to another
    the meantime
    i wasn’t thrilled drinking a less than cold smoothie in my fridge today.

    how’s your day going?>

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Not expecting anything tomorrow. However, the fact they played hard with effort and succeeded turns this from another quick second round out to an ok season.

    Atta boy Matty!!!! ….and Thanks on what ya said about me.

  92. Coos, I’m sure they have interwebs in London. Hello. We have a game six ovah heeyah.

  93. Eric, both will lift you from your seats tomorrow but Nash will do it first.

  94. For the record, I’m perfectly alright with that scenario too, ORR.

    LGR !!!

  95. @rcamcole

    I see Orkin is advertising on the boards at TD Garden. Wonder how Brad Marchand feels about that.

  96. Lieu-Cheech & Chong with an effective game. I still think our boys could skate around him.

  97. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Nash: “Ok, I’ll try hard game 6 tomorrow, but I simply am not trying hard game 7. That is, at least if Boston wins and Lucic doesn’t get hurt.”

  98. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Well, I am going tomorrow night. Anyone else get sucked in one more time????

  99. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    There are close to 3000 tickets for resale for tomorrow. Lack of interest? Mother’s Day?

  100. Tickets are too damn expensive and Mothers Day.

    I will say this – whenever something never happens, it is due to happen. So maybe just like Philly was bound to win one at MSG, and just like the Ranger PP was bound to finally get one, at some point the Rangers will overcome a 3-1 deficit in games and advance. And maybe this is the year for that.

  101. iManny-O-War on

    I’m at a * METAL* show. The opening act is called *CARBOMB*.

    Unfortunately Carcillo is not involved.

  102. Good evening all!

    Carp, one of the best write ups ever…

    Oh boy….

    From mama, happy mama’s day…..

  103. I am rooting for the kings don’t know why since I picked the Ducks to win it all this yr. either team I hope wins it all……if we are done tomorrow this time

  104. If tickets drop another $30 (no chance), or 6 Di Fara slices, i may consider going to first game in a while. Last couple of games ive went to have been thanks to the blog contests :)

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  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" We Love MSL!!!"...says Greg L. on

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  108. Good morning!

    Happy Mothers’s Day

    Let’s Go Rangers !!!

    It’s game day people!

    Wakey Bakey!

  109. Excellent review, Carpo Marx. I was unable to watch Game 5 in my usual setting: hunkered down with the bigscreen, beers and boneheads.

    That’s not to say I enjoyed it any less, especially since I was watching with Penguin fans. Those guys had one foot on the ledge in the 3rd on Friday night. Let’s keep them there tonight!

    Glad to see the boys came out flying. Especially glad to see The Kreider get on the score sheet.

  110. Happy Mothers Day to my mom, who was with me in Section 402, Row A on June 14, 1994 in her #2 road blue sweater. She will be watching down in South jersey tonight with some of my siblings and praying for a Game 7.

  111. Hey Lev.

    there are three pretty good seats where I like to seat. section 104 upper. row 14. you can buy 1-3 seats. and its listed at 180 a seat. Having sat in that row for years, I like the action there.

    Im not going bc its the day to spend with my momma.

    But I thought I’d point out these seats for anyone interested in going.

  112. Stranger Nation on

    Wakey Bakey – breakfast of champions!!

    Taking the mother of my two boys (and wife)

    Word to you bachelors – marry a Ranger Fan and you can go to any game you want (to afford)

    6-3 NYR – MAF implodes, pulled in 2nd. Marty gets at least one. Nash hits a post…

    Got Mojo Nixon driving the Ranger Express now. Everyone get on board!!


    #Rangersin 5 ;-)

  113. Stranger, clearly you are my brother from another mother.

    Have a great time tonight!

  114. I thought of an idea for a t-shirt after the backes-seabrook-keith incident

    I was thinking

    DUM-DUM DUNCAN on the front. like in the big RUN-DMC letters.

    and then on the back an illustration of person putting their foot in their mouth

  115. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    It’s game day…….GAME DAY!!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

    Greg, help me out, huh?????

  116. And yes a big nod of my head to all moms out there. especially all yours here for having to put up with sons who never grew up


  117. Or how about on the back of the shirt. a big picture of Keith’s mug with a puck in his mouth with the words ‘I dont recall’ along the puck

  118. Happy Mother’s Day to all the blog mamas (and blogmama aka bag lady)!


    Off to work, later all!


  119. Rangers West on

    I don’t think they’ll win tonight but if they do and then somehow end up winning 3 playoff games in a row against Pittsburgh, all bets are off from here on out. Hoping my thoughts on what’s possible in this series are dead wrong.

  120. Coos !!!!

    How goes it, mate? You would have enjoyed McD’s and everyone else’s effort in game five. Maybe you’ll be back for game seven?

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