Game 4: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) Haven’t said this much this year, but I don’t even know where to begin. It was going to take a monumental effort to beat Pittsburgh, a much better team, in this series. The way the Rangers played in Game 4, they wouldn’t have beaten anybody. I thought a number of guys really tried their tails off and played poorly. I thought a few didn’t try nearly hard enough. Click here for my column on the performance that brought about the deserved result.

2) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Does the needle even move anymore? Nash was booed whenever he touched the puck late in the game, and he is surely going to be the goat-est of the scapegoats for this team’s failures. Click here for Josh Thomson, 26’s story about Nash being booed at MSG. Looked at the start that he was fired up, back on the right side, back with Chris Kreider. Drove to the net for a rebound with Kreider early. Then he ad a glorious chance to shoot and made a pass that failed. Had the 3-on-1 and just whiffle-balled a soft shot wide. Holy shishkebob. One goal in 23 playoff games as a Rangers. In Glen Sather’s worst dreams …

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Four3) Don’t know if you saw THN’s Ken Campbell’s column on the plight of the Rangers (entitled “Season’s over for Rangers …” click here to read it) but one of the money shots was: “Since the 2006 Olympics, Nash has played a combined 45 Olympic and NHL playoff games and has four goals.” I don’t agree with the entire premise of the column, but there are some very strong points in it.

4) Nash wasn’t the worst player in the game because the other “star scorer”  was. Martin St. Louis looked despondent after the game, repreatedly saying it was the worst playoff game he’d ever played. Ever. And that he “couldn’t do anything.” Offside over and over again. Turnovers. Then the matador swipe at Evgeni Malkin when he should have been covering Chris Kunitz, who scored the 4-2 goal just 57 seconds after Mats Zuccarello gave the Rangers a chance.  St. Louis came to New York and lost it, except for a few games in the Philadelphia series, in which he scored twice. He has three goals in 31 games as a Ranger.

5) There was Marc Staal, who again hit Sidney Crosby in the head from behind, who was just in bad spots at bad times … the first goal a Crosby pass that hit his skate and went to Evgeni Malkin, deflecting in the third goal off an angle shot by Jussi Jokinen (after Staal had his ill-advised shot blocked by James Neal to start the rush). Ryan McDonagh had yet another wobbly playoff game all around, including a weak backcheck on Brandon Sutter’s short-hander. Anton Stralman coughed up the puck to start the first goal. Derek Stepan and Brad Richards were better than St. Louis and Nash, but not by a lot.

6) And then there’s Henrik Lundqvist. I understand that in-close back-handers are tough for a goalie, because you don’t know where it’s going. But he’s got to have his pads down and together on the Malkin goal. He had some good games in this series, but he hasn’t been the Lundqvist the Rangers need in a series like this. And he said it: “I can’t expect us to win and give up four goals.” Or three. Or sometimes two.Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Four

7) Chris Kreider. I thought it was a good gamble to bring him back, considering he’d be replacing Jesper Fast or J.T. Miller That even though he hadn’t practiced at all with the team, and that he hadn’t really shot a puck for 19 games, that he still might add some muscle, some net presence, some speed. And he did. He also brought his old habit, taking a careless penalty, and still had some cluelessness without the puck. Worse, the first time he took a pass from Nash, his left hand came right off his stick. So, no, not ready.

8) The power play. No more words left. 0 for 36. And on the 36th, it gave up a dagger of a short-hander. This after Game 3, when immediately after three power plays the Rangers allowed clean breakaways, two of them resulting in goals. You can’t even argue this point. It has lost them plenty of games in these playoffs. In fact, with a PPG here or there, maybe they knock off Philly in six, don’t have to play five in seven, six in nine, and therefore don’t absorb the Game 3 loss, in which they really had no shot. But go back to the usual suspects on the PP, too. Same guys. Though the Derick Brassard-Benoit Pouliot-Mats Zuccarello has been better than decent at even strength, they too have stunk it up on the power play.

9) The Penguins have, much better than Philadelphia — no surprise — handled the Rangers’ speed, other than Hagelin’s breakaway, though it appeared they were going to give Brooks Orpik some problems until he went out with an injury in the first. And the Rangers haven’t handled Pittsburgh’s speed at all. Then when Dan Bylsma went with Crosby between Malkin and Kunitz, the Rangers were just overwhelmed. Malkin=Monster. The thing about the Penguins in this game, too, was that when the Rangers did score, Pittsburgh just became energized, played even better. Mark of a very strong-willed team. That will only be more evident in Pittsburgh, where the kinda go all feeding-frenzy at times.

10) Pouliot’s been the best Rangers forward through 11 playoff games, despite his penchant for penalties … and that just can’t happen. Brassard and Zuccarello are right there, too. But they sure haven’t been perfect in this series, either.

11) So, not to be revisionist on the Marian Gaborik (six goals) trade, or to suggest he’d be doing the same thing here. But two of the three players the Rangers got for him were healthy scratches for the last two playoff games. Just sayin’.

My Three Rangers Stars:Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Four
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derick Brassard.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. I thought Richards and Nash were lost in the locker room when they said the boo birds came down on Nash for his play on the short handed goal. I mean that was the topper, but the pent up energy for Nash has been there all playoffs. I get it, he gets a lot of shots, and I thought he played well in the Philly series, but he has been a no show in this Pens series. The booo’s came down because he has 1 goal in 23 games, disgusting.

    I get that Richards seems like the de facto captain at this point, but him saying the team making the second round is some huge success is hard to take as a fan this morning. They lost in the 5 last year and they are most likely going out the same exact way this year.

  2. Onecupin74andcounting on

    I point the blame of the teams failures to Dolan and sather.. and to give a 1st rounder for St. Louis ? enough said.

  3. I would kill to be able to attend breakup day in the next few days and apply my game 6 money to that just go have a few choice words with this loser Nash. St. Louis not much better . What a disgrace.

    2nd round exits are getting old.

  4. Richards is gone after one more game and his comments are his backhanded attempt to jab the fans for the reception he receives as an overpaid underachieving former star player. He def considers himself the defacto captain and statesman but his actions as a player reveal a slow, dumb passing, lazy back checking, loser who won’t be missed if his career ended today..which it should to be sure he is healthy for his buyout. As for Mr. Nash…how easy it should have been for you to become a fam favorite with you big body and great shot…but your career has enough ice time to show in playoff hockey that three of you doesn’t equal the value of any one member of our 4th line. As for Marty St. Louis..I have never, ever seen someone so lost on the ice..I hope that anyone you meet in life from a waiter to the family doctor ever delivers the type of effort to you that you gave us last night.
    You three guys should form the SIT line and ride the bench from a skybox somewhere…and the locker room..don’t forget to bring your shineboxes!

  5. bull dog line on

    same problems they have in the past. not big enough up the middle, not physical enough on the back line, and no power play QB.

  6. bull dog line on

    Carp, and others.
    you Gaborik argument is very weak. they would not have made the play offs last year, or this year for that matter without that trade, and Columbus traded him away for a bag of pucks. if a team should be looking back on Gaborik, its Columbus.

  7. Carp,

    I just want to thank you and Josh…and the boneheads for managing to find another level again. You never disappoint…and win or lose your effort is always top shelf All Star quality. The Pens are the better team..they are hungrier and better focused besides their talent superiority. The Rangers will not beat them…nor receive Columbus Blue Jacket heroes welcome for their effort..but more likely be subjected to a post season autopsy that will reveal some core problems that start in the head…work through the entire body..and end in the heart. Moments like hear teams say that they play for each other..but it is clear..only some are playing…others just going through the motions while the balance are thinking about tee times.

  8. Somewhere..Torts is sitting, cellphone in hand..thinking…is he gonna call?

  9. Kreider was a good addition…really..Game 5 should be about removing the dead weight..and allowing our future to Miller and u think St. Louis deserves another game this year? Richards? We will accept rookie mistakes..just not from Vets!

  10. bull dog line on

    I am not one for booing in the playoffs, but maybe the booing of Nash has him ask for a trade. Nash leaving would be best for both the Rangers and Nash. some guys are just not made for the big markets.

  11. “It upsets everybody in the locker room,” Richards said. “We’re not 15th in the league…We’re in the second round of the playoffs. But that’s my opinion. I understand sports and where it’s all at, so does he, so does everybody in here. But it’s not one person. It’s the whole team. As a team, we didn’t play tonight and for one guy or two guys to get booed or whatever it is, that’s frustrating as a team because we all put our foot in this together tonight.”

    Brad Richards admitting the entire team didn’t play last night in what was basically an elimination game. Please don’t get hurt Friday so they can buy him out.

  12. Miami Pimp on

    You guys are so delusional.

    We have the Penguins right where we want them. Brimming with confidence in their game and knowing that the no-talents can’t even enter the zone.

    So what now? BAM. We win three straight. Book it.

  13. Norm Merton on

    16 wins to win a cup. Rangers looking at 5. Other than Lundqvist, there’s not one player on the roster you wouldn’t consider trading if you can. The only guy I’d absolutely keep is, ironically, the much-traveled Dom Moore. Even McDonagh you think about now.

  14. gregm_oldsection403 on

    15 shots overall. And only 4 shots in the 3rd period! FOUR Disgusting.

  15. bull dog line on

    McDoonagh is pretty clearly playing hurt. Dom Moore would be one of the 1st guys I let go.

  16. Boy do I miss the real captain…series would have been a lot different with him in the lineup. #24

  17. Admiral Akbar on

    Miami Pimp — you are 100% funny and brilliant, and have been all year.

    Even the cookie monster avatar is hilarious!

  18. Stranger Nation on

    Norm – do yourself a favor, bend over, spread apart your knees real wide and carefully pull your head out of your arse.
    Trade McD – you are showing your true hockey knowledge now.
    Too bad your boy Richie got all upset when the fans were booing.
    they shoot horses, don’t they?

  19. Admiral Akbar on

    Trade Rick Nash. Please. It’s for the good of the player as well as this team. Get a first rounder back.

  20. I understand the competitive level these guys play at and I understand Richards’ frustration but what he said really pissed me off. They haven’t even been eliminated yet and theyre starting that “we were better than most” crap. Sather will say it too. It’s not about that. It never was and never will be.

    Would you ever hear a Messier, Scott Stevens or Steve Yzerman say what he said? No. And I don’t have to explain why.

    This fan base is ill tempered and plain old stupid at times but most of us live and die with this team. Some of us have never seen success some of us saw it when we were children etc but we’ve all endured years of failure and mediocrity from players who get paid so much that it’s now a rare treat when we can afford to buy a ticket to go see them “do better than most” from a seat at MSG.

    So I hope once Brad calms down a bit and makes a plan for the millions we’re going to give him to not play hockey so we can find some guys that don’t look like boys playing a man’s game every spring, he’ll either read this or someone will explain it to him. Maybe Dave Maloney can do it. I’m sure that in his heart he was as sickened by that comment as some of us were.

  21. Guys have to chill out once and for all about past players and players from other teams that they covet.
    I’ve been saying for a long time (though I stopped briefly in 2012)- this is beyond a one player fix. It’s not like you’re gonna get rid of Richards and or Nash and overpay someone else to be the guy on this team and suddenly they’ll be one of the elite teams. There’s a foundation here and there’s a top goalie in the midst of his prime that’s gonna be here making a lot of money for a very long time. that’s what they’re going to have to build upon to get where they want to go. Well, not to go there just to get further than most. Right, Brad?

  22. I’m not mad, I’m more sad than anything. After g1 I really thought we had a punchers chance.

    It was pretty clear to me they are gassed. The KREIDER was at least Able to get in on Pitt defense and cause some commotion.

    We had other times during the season where we played real poorly for 5-7 games. Problem is you can’t have that in the playoffs. Especially when you’re playing a team like Pitt and are this fatigued

  23. And to comment on what Bulldog said earlier- how can anyone not see McD is playing hurt? Maybe some people weren’t paying attention all year. Not to sound dumb but i’d be happy to hear that Nash wasn’t 100% all season as well. I wouldn’t be so worried that he’s just become a head case.

  24. First off, a BIG thank you to Carp and Josh for maintaining what is, by far, the best place to come for NY Rangers news. This site is the ONLY place I come to follow my favorite team and I enjoy every moment of reading the insights and the views of Carp and hearing all the voices of the boneheads who echo my own feelings as a fan.


    Brad Richards, enjoy wherever you spend the rest of your career. You’ve contributed virtually nothing as a New York Ranger and we’ve had to suffer through your pseudo-Captaincy since Cally was traded. The fans’ booing upsets you? Here’s a thought – Why don’t you retire? Because you obviously can’t play at NHL speed anymore.

    Rick Nash, I hope, sulks all summer and asks for a trade. Stop saying “I’m trying” or bringing up his shots on goal. His shots are among the weakest you’ll see. 30 feet out, with no attempt to drive to the net. Rick Nash CHOOSES to not compete like most NHL players do. Is the booing bothering you? Good, go away.

    St. Louis I really have no idea what to say other than he looks ready for retirement which is why he came here anyway, to be closer to his retirement home.

    Henrik Lundqvist is a really good goalie. Not a great one. How many playoff series have we seen where he has been outplayed by the opposing team’s goalie? Far too many.

    It’s the “stars” and “leaders” on this team who have done nothing. It’s their fault we are where we are.

    We have a good young core of some good players. But this team needs some rotten pieces snapped off and thrown away.

    Oh, and AV doesn’t like the fans booing?

    Welcome to NY, you gum chewing, smug, “What’s a timeout” frog. Wanna blame the fans? Yeah, you’re gonna last a real long time here.

    Carp got it right: Pens in 5.

  25. I don’t think Nash is hurt right now, outside maybe his pride and the normal bumps and bruises but I think he has never gotten over the concussion mentally and is scared to get hit

  26. Norm – not to be a hater, but are you smoking crack? Guaranteed McDonagh is playing with a torn labrum, he’s gritting it out just like Callahan and Hagelin did last yr. you don’t even think about trading McDonagh unless your getting Shea Weber or Duncan Keith back.

    You don’t want to keep Zuccarello? You wouldn’t want to keep Hagelin or Kreider? You wouldn’t want to keep Talbot?

    Come on dude, I know you are just as frustrated as I am about the team but you’re just talking nonsense when you start talking like that.

  27. going into the playoffs with Kreider and McDonagh hurt was a shame.

    The failure of other players to perform is pretty sad. This team would need a miracle to make it out of this round.

    Hope they get one more win Friday.

  28. Memo about being booed:

    At the end of ’92-’93 season, Mark Messier was booed PLENTY by the Rangers’ faithful. Words like “loser” and “plague” were being thrown from the crowd towards him. When the team wanted to award him for playing in his 1000th game he told them “Are you kidding?” knowing how bad the crowd would take it.

    Did Mess sulk like Nash? Did he complain like Brad Richards?

    No. He accepted it. He understood NY and knew if you didn’t perform that you would get booed. He used it to steel himself for the following year.

    I was there opening night of the 93-94 season and he was STILL getting booed by some fans.

    LESSON: Some players can handle New York. Some players relish the pressure and know the rewards will be great if they perform.

    Rick Nash will never understand that. He’s played his entire professional career without ever having to TRY.

    Brad Richards will never understand that. He’s too busy counting his millions, trying to figure out why everyone around him is skating so fast, passing so fast, shooting so fast…

  29. Meshuggah1902 on

    BTW fans can do what they want but the booing is embarrassing. Booing your players will NEVER get them to play better. They are human beings and you dont think they feel the pressure or that they dont care, they do.

  30. McD guaranteed has a similar, or worse, injury that Cally and Hagelin had last year. He looks like he’s hurting.

    That’s his excuse.

    Rick Nash is a pansy. What’s his?

  31. Sather nightmares on


    Just a thought. Have a nice day.

  32. If McDonagh wasn’t hurt, he would have destroyed Malkin into the rear boards rather than let him skate by. Anson Carter and Dave Maloney said as much last night after the game.

    Not that I am an advocate for high shots, but I love the shot Kreider gave Skid when he took his highsticking penalty…great pic Carp, my favorite of the day!

  33. Booing players never helps?

    The ONLY time this entire season that Rick Nash actually came to play was when he was booed in Columbus.

    Someone should tell him the MSG crowd was just doing what they could to inspire him, because 7.8 million dollars just doesn’t seem to be enough.

  34. Glad to listen to Boomer & Carton this morning talking some Rangers…

    Carton called it perfectly: James Dolan can’t keep his fingers away from the Knicks with all the meddling and yet the Teflon GM Glen Sather, who hasn’t won anything in 20 years, skates by without ever worrying about his job.

    I’d LOVE the screws to finally be turned on Glen Sather. Said it before, I’ll say it again – the biggest fraud in NHL history. Got lucky with the most talented young team the NHL has ever seen and has been riding Gretzky and Messier’s coattails ever since.

  35. Sather nightmares on


    Maybe a more cap friendly line if any of the above wouldn’t have been.

  36. Rangers75 – thank you for the perspective, wise words on a fully loaded ledge.

    CJP – Henrik is not the problem on the team, at least performance (his contract on the other hand may hamstring the Rangers later on). I think it’s unfair to say he gets outplayed by the opposing netminder because he often is facing much higher quality chances. Does anyone really think that MAF is outplaying the King even with 2 shutouts?

    These games have been a lot easier to watch than I thought. Pittsburgh has so outplayed us that I am not nearly as anxious as I usually am watching the games, rather just resigned to our fate.

  37. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Hagelin-Zucarello-Kreider.

    MSL is a turnover machine. What a disaster that trade is.

    Line of the night was from my brother. Just after the first goal, they announced that the rally towel giveaway was sponsored by Kia. He asked “who sponsored Stralman’s giveaway?” Sad that we repeated the joke for Nash and Staal.

    Holy smokes the defensemen in this game were rotten. Staal had a nightmare game. By the way, to the idiots who yell “shoot!” as soon as the team enters the zone, Staal’s nightmare shift is why you don’t just shoot. Also, our team could take a lesson from Neal on that play. See what happens when you block a shot while staying on your skates?

    I got off my point on the defensemen. Staal was terrible. Ditto stralman. But what the hell happened to Ryan McDonagh? This is the worst he’s played in his entire career. The back check on the Sutter goal? Wade redden was sitting at home saying “I could still play that poorly!”

    Diaz and Klein were ok for what is expected of them.

    Rick Nash is garbage. Total garbage. We lost the Rick Nash trade. There is no debate. I don’t see how anyone can argue that point now. Nash for Dubi straight up would still be a loser. Forget the other parts. I lustily booed Nash from the start of the second period on. MSL, too. It took some time for the rest of the fans to come around.

    Lundqvist hasn’t stole us a game this year. You can’t expect your goaltender to steal every game. But when your guy is supposed to be one of the top 5 in the world, he’s gotta steal one. By contrast, MAF stole game 3.

    Speaking of MAF, that Zuccarello goal? WOOF! How are we not getting more pucks on this guy from in close!? 15 SOG!!!!!

    A couple of minutes into the third period, I told my brother they would have three shots the rest of the game. Sadly, I was right. 15 shots in game 4 at home in the second round! How does that happen.

    Last year, the team at least looked like it was competing, even if we were overmatched and not scoring goals. But when a bunch of guys allegedly complained about Torts, I said at the time that those guys need to be removed, immediately. This isn’t about torts vs AV. This is about Sather creating an environment where there is no accountability, where, with one or two exceptions, there is no heart, where there is no effort, and worst of all, there is no talent and no hope for the future. He simply has to go and we are about to enter some really dark times because he isn’t going anywhere.

    As for positives last night, Hagelin is a gamer. MZA is trying. Pouliot had a decent effort but he’s gotta hit the net. And Kreider clearly had more burst and jump than the rest of the team. Whether it’s because the team is tired or because he was actually trying is hard to say.

  38. CIP, I’ve been saying that for years. The Rangers came with the package that brought him his beloved Knicks. They are just an annoyance to him, a necessary evil. It’s always been that way with the Dolans. So they brought in a “hockey guy” to take care of the team and let him run it. But they have no passion for the team, and as long as they get a few playoff games, that’s all they care about. Then again, considering how the Dolans have handled the Knicks which are in far worse shape than the Rangers, maybe it’s better this way?

    I have defended this team all season, but there’s just no effort there now. I think AV has done all he could with what I has. I’m all for building a nice young foundation and then adding key veterans to that core and I thought they started doing that with Gabby, but now they have really blown up what they started doing right and are falling back into the same trap they did before the first lockout. Not sure where they go from here though. Do we try and rebuild again?

    All that said, I said before the series that we are now playing with house money, and I still believe that. The Pens were much better than us during the season, they have much more talent than we do and the result is not really unexpected when you think about it. If the Rangers won, it would be a huge upset, and the fact that they lost, is what is supposed to happen when you play the number one seed that is much better than you.

    Of course there’s still an outside shot they could pull off a miracle, but from what I saw last night, I don’t see it. That may have been the worst effort I’ve seen in a long time. Our three big money forwards were invisible (although I think Nash DID try, Richards and St Louis…did they even play?)

  39. Sather Must Go! on

    Outside of 3rd, and haglin, who is one of the few who seem to elevate a bit in the POs) – this team dosent haventhe willingness, grit, size, toughness or determination for PO hockey.

    Slats, who has made a good trade or two in the past (i say one); whiffed on using his assets in thenlast couple of trades -Cally plus two hi picks for a 39 yr old player, who is smaller than cally is having an an awful, rookie-like series vs pens; two of the three pieces for Gabby (say what you want, but was a valuable trade asset) were benched for a journeyman right handed shot and a player traded for a 6th rounder and has thrown about four checks since coming NY

    15 shots on fleuryis awful, an evidence by tensiftie by zucc, that was the matchup the rangers had ti exploit and did not – thsevoddman rushed that led into bad/no shots and multiple offsides, were simply awful

  40. iDoodie Machetto on

    Bull dog, I agree with you on Gaborik, and I’m gaborik fanboy #1. No way the team makes the playoffs this year without that trade.

    But I still think they would have made it last year.

  41. iDoodie Machetto on

    “McD guaranteed has a similar, or worse, injury that Cally and Hagelin had last year. He looks like he’s hurting.

    That’s his excuse.”

    I didn’t realize a shoulder injury causes you to glide on a back check on a shorthanded rush. No excuse. He’s been nothing but terrible in the playoffs, and it’s been positioning and effort more than it’s been with his stick and his muscles.

  42. iDoodie Machetto on

    I see a lot of people posting about buying out Richards and his pseudo captaincy. I’ve got bad news for all of you: he isn’t being bought out and he’s more likely to be named actual captain than being bought out.

  43. iDoodie Machetto on

    Someone threw a jersey on the ice in the diagonally opposite corner of my seat after the game. Maybe Eric saw what happened since he sits a lot closer.

  44. Sioux-per-man on

    Someone turn a light on…’s pretty dark in here.

    Yes it stings! At times it hurts to watch this team when the stars don’t come out and play.

    We all had HOPE after that first game. Some of us had faith that they had to win last night AT HOME! …… But they didn’t.

    You even have a right to BOO. After the performance they displayed on a must win night.

    But how many of you actually thought the Rangers were going to win against Pittsburgh? Best vs Best. Rangers best just don’t deliver the goods. They can, but don’t.

    Sorry that you are depressed. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Carp tried to warn you, that the Penguins are a much better team. Even I didn’t pick my team to win in the bracket challenge.

    Someone turn a light on. Please don’t be dark all day!

  45. iDoodie Machetto on

    “Eric Christensen is the missing piece.”

    If you are some schmuck that bought a MSL jersey, change it back to Killer Christensen.

  46. The fans of this club are an embarrassment and can’t even use simple logic. The Rangers are old, and little. Their not a grinding team. Sather built a reg. season team. This build will never do anything in the playoffs. Your booing a team to be something their not. The second round of the playoffs is excelling for this team. If they were in the west. They may have finished last in the conference.

  47. Sioux-per-man on

    There has to be room for KRISTO next year. He is all heart! You are going to love to watch him play!

  48. Defense was pressured heavily all night but lost this game because of the forwards…Cannot win only 5 forwards showing up…Columbus proved that aggressive forecheck could create goals against Pitt and Fleury but our forwards are rarely finishing checks or getting in zone with speed. Richards just could not keep up with the pace. St. Louis was a turnover machine…Just don’t know whats going on with Nash. You think after that type of turnover and shorthanded goal he would come out in the 3rd period with some fire but its more of the same perimeter play…sad really. Hopefully forwards will show up Friday night

  49. Sather Must Go! on

    Agreed sioux, we arent suppose to beat Pitt..but at least take a few more shots on a shaky PO goalie and have one of the hi priced guys show up..

    My prob is that with the St Louis trade; slats was basically saying that this team is a player away from getting thru Pitt AND Boston and the west coast winner, so we trade our gritty captain (i didnt mind trading him, but would have pref size and or young potential in return) and we will give up some future (in the two pix) to get that piece for this year plus one yar when he turns 40.

  50. Sioux-per-man on

    Great day to wear my #10 Gaborik jersey. At least he is helping his team win games! Maybe this is his year to win the Stanley CUP :)

  51. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree Sather. One GAME. If MSL would have had his best game last night. The rangers would be tied 2-2.

    We would all be filled with same hope that we had after game one . . . But we are not.

  52. Stranger Nation on

    Hopefully it was a Cally jersey.
    Sather ripped the heart out of this team. And it wasn’t losing Cally necessarily because his effectiveness had been wavering, but picking up another mercenary to put in Mr. Ed’s stable. Somewhere JD is laughing to himself. Oh boy!
    Bucky’s work out buddy, Dispirited St. Louis, is now happy to be closer to his family in Greenwich, CT.
    Wow, we are so happy Marty is nearer to his kids now. I was very concerned that Junior wouldn’t have his daddy around to tuck him in at night and drive him to piano lessons.
    Ranger haven’t looked this fearsome since Marcel Dionne and Guy LaFleur laced them up.

    Hope they win Friday so we can one more look at Nash and Bucky on Mother’s Day.

  53. ThisYearsModel on

    Rick Nash–the Ed Whitson of hockey. Keep booing………he will not be able to handle it and ask for a trade. Get whatever you can for him. he clearly cannot handle the pressure of a big, demanding market. Brad Richards……….you lost it last year. You are offended at the fans? Well we are ashamed to be Ranger fans today after that effort and performance last night. There is something missing with this club……and it lies right behind the sternum. Martin St. Louis….I don’t know what to say. How can the guy have 70 points in Tampa and 15 here? Perhaps Steven Stamkos really is THAT GOOD. What a disaster of a trade. The Rangers are the worst team among the final 8 by a good amount.

  54. Manny-O-War on

    I didn’t think we would win this series (in reality). I never pick against my boys and always hope against all reality that they might somehow prevail. But the effort in games 2 and 4 has been horrible. Especially by our “top” guys who look beyond lost and beyond caring.

    I’m not going to advocate for firing or trading or hiring right now. I will just say that this team needs, very badly, a complete *attitude adjustment*. They need someone to rip them apart when they play like this.

    I also think McDonagh might need surgery.

  55. Sather Must Go! on

    .. It was just SUCH a bad game (non veteran-like) for St Louis ( who has had an awesome career) … Still, this team isnt good enough to get thru the top teams in 7 game series

  56. Good morning, boneheads!

    Finger pointing is an easy task at this juncture. The truth is- the whole team underperformed. Last night especially. You can absorb a loss, to the better team especially, but not when they resort to the level of pay similar to some bad stretches during this season. Not when the season is on the line. Starting with their best, and most experienced players- look in the mirrors.

  57. Good news? Another game to play. Well, I hope that’s good news.

    Some more good news? There will be no excuse for Sather to not buy Richards out. None.

  58. Rangers fans at MSG have to be the worst in the league. Probably a bunch of bankers and spoiled children. No home ice advantage. When Columbus was down 4-0 they didn’t even boo the team, and they nearly came back. Fans are as big a problem as Sather at this point. You want somebody to boo at boo Sather.

  59. nothing is worse than listening to richards pretend to be the captain of this squad… he’s a disgrace. the talking down about callahan after the trade and the ridiculous stuff he’s said through the playoffs, he’s a clown.

    as for nash, it’ll never happen cause we’ll get about 10 cents on the dollar, but in those exit interviews him and uncle glen should mutually agree to see other people. we should trade him to one of our neighbors in the north where maybe he’d have a pulse most nights surrounded by canadians. toronto would probably take him. just have to get him to waive that no move…

    carp, any insight other than what we read about the closed door meeting after the game? i’d be curious as to if anyone surprising spoke outside of the lundqvist’s and richards…

  60. Doodle – disagree with your opinion on McDonagh. Not only is his defensive skating off, everything is off. I can only imagine the pain he is playing in and he totally gets a pass from me – cause he doesn’t whine about it and use it as an excuse. He played the most minutes on D last night.

    Imagine playing each playoff hockey game with a migraine, you’re telling me that just because your head hurts, your skating and shooting should still be 100%. Come on dude…

  61. _I don’t think Nash is hurt right now, outside maybe his pride and the normal bumps and bruises but I think he has never gotten over the concussion mentally and is scared to get hit_

    I would agree, and would totally understand, if not for the Columbus game. And the Olympics. And Game 5 against Philadelphia. Those were all hardass post concussion games. He has that gear, he just won’t use it consistently.

    Every day that Columbus game pisses me off more and more. One of the few times he goes full on this year and its for a “me” event.

  62. I think it’s time to rename this blog “The Gaborik Report”. We’ll follow His every shift while we petition Slats to trade Nash for Gaborik. Human sacrifices will petition the heavens to get His number in the rafters. Mothers will name their children Marian or Gabby. A small but faithful cult will go door to door, pamphlets in hand asking, “Have you heard the good news about Gaborik?” They shall be known as Gaborik’s Witnesses. We’ll fondly remember when He scored that vital hat trick in mid November. We’ll tell our children tales they think too tall to be true about that one fateful year He played a full season.

    Morning Sally, Carp, ‘Heads!

  63. Play Fast & Miller next game for the experience.

    New Flyers GM Hextall said he will keep all picks and keep building with young players. I can only hope our next GM does not do insane trades with picks. Sathers approach is not working year after year……

  64. I agree that McD might need surgery. I think his shoulder was dislocated. He is probably playing with pain, it reflects on his turns and positioning. Even his skating isn’t the same. Still, even at 60% he is better than the alternatives. My worry is, if it needs to be addressed now, and isn’t, it may become a more serious problem going forward. Franchise defenseman, folks.

  65. The Gaborik trade was a bad trade. Brassard has been OK, but Moore has regressed and Dorsett is terrible. Thanks to all the Columbus fans who told us we are going to looove Dorsett. Can anyone honestly say that they would rather have Nash over Gaborik now? Gaborik scored over 40 goals twice for the Rangers and even in his worst year had 22 which is close to Nash’s high of 26 for the Rangers. Torts ran Gaborik out of town, because Sather got board with his old toy and needed a shiny new toy in Nash and Gaborik wouldn’t block shots. This team is flawed from top to bottom because of poor drafting (McIlrath over Fowler, helloooooo) and bad free agent signings (Gomez, Redden, Drury….too many to mention). I will say it again. I would rather have Dubinsky, Callahan and Anisimov over Nash & St. Louis any day.

  66. Jimmy – …… or Sathers players are not working.

    Nash isn’t the power forward Sather traded for.

    MSL – Marty SNAKEBITTN Louis – hasn’t potted the goals for the Rangers this year, as he has for Tampa his whole career. Should we celebrate that we get to keep the 2nd 1’st round pick??????

    Richie Rich – at least he didn’t get hurt. So the buyout can happen.

    It is what it is. Sather made each choice, and to many it was the “best” choice at the time. Each player was the “missing piece”. Who knew that they would be the player that was “missing” on the ice when we needed someone to lead.

  67. leetchhalloffame on

    Common thread to all of the above comments on lousy play by Nash, St. Loooey, Richards, etc. is the decision making of one man. FIRE SATHER!!!

  68. So here’s my thought for the day……

    “There are two ways of Spreading light,
    to *be the candle*, or the mirror reflecting it.”

  69. How do you beat the Penguins, you ask? Well, boneheads, I’ll tell you, and it ain’t no secret. Put down your blackberry’s and listen to what the Yergs is cookin’. You beat the Penguins by disrupting their game. How do you disrupt their game? By hitting, getting dirty, and well, getting shots on goal always helps, right? Look at Boston last year. Look at Philly the year before that. They frustrated the Penguins to no end because Pierre’s little Penguins aren’t used to getting pushed around like that. What you DON’T do is play into their game and try to get into a track meet with these guys. Few teams have the talent to do that. The Rangers certainly don’t. You hit, you talk smack, you let them smell your glove after the whistle. I have seen none of that. I know that hasn’t necessarily been our game this year, but this is what must be done and it hasn’t happened. Goodbye yellow brick road, it’s been fun up til now. Boo Nash. Hooray beer!

  70. I could sit on the toilet all day long and chat about the Rangers game, but it’s really starting to stink in here :)

  71. Honestly, I’d buy out Nash at this point. Richards has a shorter lifespan in this league, so we can live with him for the next few years I think. Nash is a cancer for which there is no cure.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    First off, a migraine is totally different than a shoulder.

    Second, a shoulder, however it might impair his abilities, is absolutely NO EXCUSE for gliding back on the Sutter goal. None. If that were Ovechkin they would make a new X-Box controller disconnected thing about it.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    In the morning if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

  74. _Honestly, I’d buy out Nash at this point. Richards has a shorter lifespan in this league, so we can live with him for the next few years I think. Nash is a cancer for which there is no cure._

    Richards shorter lifespan is exactly why you have to pick Richards. Recapture.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “Certainly Dubi can be replaced by what Nash brings to the table. ”


  76. Regarding Nash, it’s less about the market and more about the moment. I don’t think the big market has anything to do with his play. But when it’s time to step up and when the other team puts more pressure on you, he can’t rise to the occasion. He tries to do too much offensively and forgets about the rest of his game and playing simple.

    People want to bring up the Olympics for him, but he’s a 3rd or 4th choice winger on that team. Add the bigger ice and less skilled teams they play and that’s why he plays better in the Olympics.

  77. Doodie, that entire thread is regrettable comment after regrettable comment. I’m pretty sure I foreshadow Nash’s concussion issues at one point, although its hypothetically after the Rangers have passed on him.

  78. Carp, not much, if anything, to disagree with in the review. McD’s lack of coverage on the Sutter goal was egregious, especially for a player of his caliber. I know that he’s most likely hurt pretty badly, but that shouldn’t impact his positioning on the play.

    MSL’s flyby on Kunitz was just as bad. Two guys that could have been covered left wide open in the slot.

    And the PP certainly could have helped them, and maybe the series could be 2-2, but the right team is up 3-1.

  79. _Good season?_

    If we could undo one single thing, totally. Because we can’t, its a net negative in my mind.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    At least I was pretty consistent on things. Miller as a 3rd rounder, Kovy over Richards, etc.

  81. Stranger Nation on

    _Richie Rich – at least he didn’t get hurt. So the buyout can happen_

    still at least one more game…bite your tongue ;-)

    Remember, this team are ROAD WARRIORS!!


  82. Rob in Beantown on

    Buyout Richards. Trade Nash. Should we have a serious talk about trading Lundqvist before the NMC kicks in? This team is a disaster. Arguably.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    MSL made a mistake there in leaving the front of the net, but last time I checked, he’s a winger, who should be at the point, which means he’s covering for someone else who blew their assignment. The two defensemen were behind the goal, and Richards doesn’t even enter the picture until Kunitz is celebrating the goal.

  84. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp: why couldn’t I post last night during the game form my iPad? Made a very frustrating night even worse.

  85. Come back Dubi! I’m sorry we ever fought. Can you forgive an old fool with no eyes to see with, no ears to hear with?

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Jeff, this site kills my iPad when the number of comments gets really high like during a game post.

  87. _People want to bring up the Olympics for him, but he’s a 3rd or 4th choice winger on that team. Add the bigger ice and less skilled teams they play and that’s why he plays better in the Olympics._

    Its how he played. He was a tougher, more physical player when he (by all appearances) “had something to play for”.

  88. Fair point – I agree he should have back checked better on the Sutter goal.

  89. Jeff in South Dakota on

    MSL, Nash & Richards are disasters for the Rangers. I don’t think they can handle playing in NYC. They might still be effective for another team. I don’t want to see them as Rangers next year.

  90. Yeah, but Doodie, as a verteran, maybe he should know that he shouldn’t leave the guy in front of the net all alone.

  91. MSL is the least of their problems because he’s only about $5M for one more year, and there’s still a good chance he’ll perform next season.

  92. Manny-O-War on

    Great post, Doctor. That post will shed a lot of *hindsight* onto the situation.

  93. _MSL, Nash & Richards are disasters for the Rangers. I don’t think they can handle playing in NYC. They might still be effective for another team. I don’t want to see them as Rangers next year._

    2013 1st round pick
    2015 1st round pick
    2014 2nd round pick

    And that’s just the cost of Nash and MSL. Brutal. Just brutal.

  94. If there’s any silver lining, it’s that it’s damn hard to close out a series. Here’s hoping these Rangers use this game as a wake up call.

  95. Manny-O-War on

    “Coach. Please get that *loser* to stop chewing on his mouth guard.” – Zuccarello

  96. On the bright side, we’ll have another first rounder to compare against other players they should have picked this year.

  97. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’ve been a Ranger’s fan for as long as I can remember. I’m 57, so I lived through some depressing years as a Rangers fan. If I can plainly see poor performance through lack of effort and concentration, i.e. Nash, MSL & Richards, it is my right to boo that lack of effort as much as I want. Richards comments confirm to me he doesn’t get what it means to be a leader. Richards needs to go along with the other two.

  98. Balcony Bob on

    If the Rangers risk dressing Richards for the next (last) game, they are certifiably insane.

    But, would anyone be surprised if he did play?

  99. Kinda sad, but I’ll be happy if the Rangers show some compete level tomorrow. At least extend the series.

  100. Czechthemout!!! on

    MSL is finished. He should be benched next game but wont be. One of the worst trades in Rangers history.

  101. Doodle

    I almost threw my jersey on the ice. Was a guy in lower bowl I saw him
    Fling it.

    What a disgrace. This team will never be on a championship level. Our ceiling is 2nd round. We’re closer to missing playoffs the. Contending in years to come. There are more guys on downside of career then upside in this roster.

  102. _Richards comments confirm to me he doesn’t get what it means to be a leader._

    “Don’t they know I’ve won a Cup already? I’ve _already_ made it in this league, I can’t be benched or booed.”

  103. I don’t mind that they traded Callahan, or even the 2nd this year (in a not so deep draft). The 1st next year is the sore spot. In *hindsight*, the should have just let Callahan walk.

  104. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    That right there should be Sather’s epitaph as the Rangers GM!


  105. Manny-O-War on

    “Hey Coach. That *Loser* absolutely sucks on the PP. Why not try me?” – Hagelin

  106. Gravy – that’s such a grave thought. To let the Captain walk away, from $30+ MILLION dollars. Poor Captain….

  107. Only a few bright spots…there are still some building blocks. You have a franchise goalie and defenseman, and potential young power forward. You have money (Richards please) coming off the books.

  108. Sioux, I’m looking at it from the Rangers perspective. I really don’t care what Callahan did or does.

  109. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    As I recall, you did nit like the Nash trade when it happened and I did. I recall you and had a spirited debate about it.

    I want to admit here for the record that I was wrong and you were correct!

    Never did I think Nash had no heart. What a loser!

  110. I think McDonagh must have also suffered a concussion on that shoulder hit. he may not be having headaches anymore but his processing speed and his legs are both way off and a shoulder injury has nothing to do with either of those things unless he is in excruciating pain and/or taking meds to fight it off.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The team has no onions and their leadership group is garbage. The team from 2 years ago would never have put forth a (lack of) effort like last night. That team showed up and started brawls off the faceoff because they were willing to fight for every inch out there all the time. That’s why they were never booed. This team just doesn’t get it.

  111. “I love to score GOALS, that’s what I do best! Just one game, ONE. My wrist isn’t broken. Miller & Fast got 47 games.”

    Hate to beat this drum, but they deserve to lose, when they can’t/won’t/don’t score goals. Yet they didn’t give the “kid” one game.

  112. Mister D – I was impressed that I wasn’t the only one that didn’t want Nash. I was surprised to see some people say Nash was just as good as Kovalchuk though.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    “Yeah, but Doodie, as a verteran, maybe he should know that he shouldn’t leave the guy in front of the net all alone.”

    Not trying to absolve MSL, just saying he’s not the only goat on that play.

  114. The team isn’t going to get it. The team 2 years back had more grinders and a different system. Right now the Rangers are severely lacking in any toughness and quality forecheckers. All the teams left besides I would argue the Pens and maybe ducks have a stout defense and good forchecking. It’s what wins the playoffs. Skill can be good for reg season.

  115. Agree. Generally, not one person to blame when a player is left that wide open.

  116. Manny-O-War on

    St. Louis was GOD AWFUL last night. Who cares if he’s blamed for a goal that wasn’t technically his fault in a vacuum of x’s and o’s. If Richards, the Center, is out of the zone someone has to cover for him.

    Richards was probably out of the zone and St. Louis was covering for him because ST LOUIS PROBABLY TURNED THE PUCK OVER IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE TRYING TO GET IT DEEP TO RICAHRDS

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought then that the trade was a win. I didn’t think Nash was as good as some people made him out to be, but I thought he was going to be a consistent 30 goal guy. I also thought he would have the heart to play well in the playoffs. Just so wrong on both accounts, especially the latter.

  118. _I don’t mind that they traded Callahan, or even the 2nd this year (in a not so deep draft). The 1st next year is the sore spot. In hindsight, the should have just let Callahan walk._

    In terms of instant reaction, I think I hated that trade more than any trade we’ve ever made and that’s back when I thought MSL would atleast improve the roster. This year’s team wasn’t a single wing “upgrade” away from being a legit contender and we paid a massive price for that upgrade. Like we attached more value in picks to upgrade on Callahan than we would have spent to add Moulson with Callahan. Insanity. Sather chased a name, again, and it f’ed us.

  119. Sather Must Go! on

    The trading of picks really bugs me (esp for older players) – other teams with respectable GMs clamor for picks while Slats gives them up for the players that these teams want to (ie. Nash) or need to (ie. St Louis) give up – in a league driven by salary cap it is important to get young, inexpensive depth in the organization…

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, that’s probably true. MSL played one of the worst hockey games I’ve ever seen anyone play. And we used to have Malik and Rozsival as our first pairing.

  121. Yes, MD, you were against the trade from the beginning. I didn’t mind it that much because I thought the roster was at least improved, and that we added playoff scoring.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    If Nash scores in game 5, he will have the exact same numbers he had last year.

  123. And I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but that Lundqvist contract is going to come back and bite the Rangers at some point.

    Nothing to do with Henke’s performance, but he’s making a lot of money and they are handcuffed with Nash. If they didn’t do the Nash trade, it would’ve been much easier to handle since that’s $8 mil you can spend up front. But with Nash, that’s just a lot of money locked up in two positions where you need more skill and help.

    As for MSL, still would do that trade (minus the #1, which I hated from the start), but as I said before he was milking assists of Stamkos. He’s still a skilled player and once he gets a camp with AV and hopefully a better winger that helps him (i.e. Kreider), he’ll come back strong next season, even at age 39. Him and Nash don’t mesh since MSL is the one crashing the net and Rick is on the outside. That just doesn’t make sense at all.

  124. Manny-O-War on

    Hey probably will, Doodie. Right? Nash will put up a hat trick in a losing effort 3-7. Say he played GREAT or something annoying

  125. Cheer up Fella’s only one team wins the Cup! Plenty of Tire Fires behind us.

    Zucc had a GREAT year. How much fun was that to watch?

  126. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Do you want to know what heart and compete level looks like? I’ve been watching the Boston vs Montreal series — two teams I hate by the way. Very exciting games. Hard fought. Fast paced. Lots of snarl. Contrast those games with Penguins – Rangers if you want to see what is basically wrong with how the Rangers are currently constructed.

  127. Manny – spot on with Nash. Then he’ll smile for the camera, and say we’ll get’m next year :)

  128. “Lundqvist hasn’t stole us a game this year. You can’t expect your goaltender to steal every game. But when your guy is supposed to be one of the top 5 in the world, he’s gotta steal one. By contrast, MAF stole game 3.”

    Henrik stole Game 2. Rangers stole it right back from him.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    They aren’t going to buy out Richards. He’s their leading playoff scorer. It’s just not happening. You don’t buy like Sather has bought and then dump Richards for nothing.

    I expect him to trade what few prospects and picks we have left to bring in another washed up has-been. Or even worse, another never-was like Nash.

  130. Sioux, even MZA disappeared in the playoffs. Sadly, not one player *elevated* their game in the playoffs. Maybe Stralman and Staal. Props to Moore and Boyle too, but they were pretty good most of the year.

  131. Jeff I was thinking the same thing watching the Blackhawks and Kings. The Rangers just are built to be a dominate team in the playoffs.

    Typical AV team, all kinds of wins in the regular season, just not enough in the playoffs.

  132. He got a goal last night, but your right his 3rd line was the best line all year, now it looks like a 3rd line playing behind no line …… does that make sense?

  133. The 3rd line, 4th line and goalie are all playing well enough to win. The top 6 and top pair are very much not. Hence, 3-1.

  134. Stranger Nation on

    2013 1st round pick
    2015 1st round pick
    2014 2nd round pick

    don’t forget the $$$…$22MM for those three stiffs

    that being said, with those playes above and they other players removed, we still don’t beat pissburg, we just don’t.

  135. ThisYearsModel on

    This Dejan Kovacevic fellow that writes for the Tribune Review is a clown. A complete clown. Trying to make a villain out of Marc Staal. I would like to see his columns condemning Matt Cooke and James Neal after their repeated cheap shot goonery. Seems that the NHL is also tired of the whining coming from Pittsburgh.

  136. _that being said, with those playes above and they other players removed, we still don’t beat pissburg, we just don’t._

    Nope. We still lose, but we lose with a much better looking future and a cleaner cap.

  137. Tweet #NHL15Oshie as many times as you want today :)

    Remember Oshie in Sochi?

    Had to be one of the best hockey moments ever for team USA.

  138. “Nope. We still lose, but we lose with a much better looking future and a cleaner cap.”

    If those players could have put together a semi-competent power play and not gifted PIT nearly every goal in the series, we might have won.

  139. Manny-O-War on

    This is what we can expect every single year from this team. A second round exit. They will never rebuild and they will never win. The rest of the division and conference is bad enough that they can remain a top 5 team without winning.

  140. Just for fun, and by fun I mean to torture myself …

    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan

    Hagelin – Brassard – Dubinsky

    MZA – Anisimov – Miller

    Prust – Moore – Boyle

    Definitely lack in top of the ledger talent but … aren’t we anyway? And we’d have a *ton* of space and maneuverability. Depressing.

  141. (I know the L/R wings are flipped. That’s not the point. There is no point. There will never be a point again.)

  142. So What ALL of you Boneheads are saying….. this year SUCKED!

    Really, after this round only 4 teams will be better. 4

  143. Manny-O-War on

    I hear what you’re saying and I both agree with it and appreciate it, *Sioux*. But as I said above, this team will never get any *better* than this. We have to live with this and no cups. Ever.

  144. Yet another $&#*ing playoff loss to the Penguins. Will the Rangers ever beat them?

    This team hasn’t been that good all year. They played some really lame games earlier in the season, and I think they overachieved during the second half. They are still suffering from the same problems that were supposedly the fault of John Tortorella. They’re just not as tough as they were with him.

    Oh well, you knife your leader in the back, this is what happens.

  145. If they make the right moves (I know, huge if), this team can contend.

    This was carcillos worst game.
    Klein was the best D man by far.
    Staal always seems to be the one that is in the wrong place for crazy goals against.

  146. _Maybe we can trade Nash for Pacioretty_

    I remember back when a certain beautiful someone thought it was a knock on me to bring that up. Boy am I smart.

  147. Manny-O-War on

    Or we could make some moves to Carolina to bring back Jordan and Eric Staal. That would solve the Center situation.

  148. I think we’re bowing out right when we should have, Sioux, so it would be like a B for me normally. Dumping Callahan and losing future picks sours it entirely.

  149. A repost of a repost in resonae to a mr D response to a post of mine from a few threads ago..

    Mister D
    This series just shows that speed means nothing and it’s about winning battles.

    Montreal and Boston are showing the opposite. The only thing this series is showing me is that when your top (paid) players have the ability to repeatedly no-show, bad things will happen and nice blogs will turn mad.

    May 7th, 2014 at 10:31 PM

    Mr D
    I did not say size (which certainly doesn’t hurt), I said winning battles.
    Mtl def has a smaller roster than bos, but they also don’t really have a lot of “soft” type players or players that don’t “seem” to be going all out every shift.

    Speed helps but it can’t be all your team has, it has to have size, grit, and will as well. Rangers don’t have a lot of the latter 3 and this series shows without the other 3 speed is pretty useless.

    May 8th, 2014 at 1:25 AM

  150. Manny-O-War on

    So like, right now for example. The Haitians need to come to America. But some people are all, “What about the strain on our resources?” Well it’s like when I had this garden party for my father’s birthday, right? I put R.S.V.P. ’cause it was a sit-down dinner. But some people came that like did not R.S.V.P. I was like totally buggin’. I had to haul ass to the kitchen, redistribute the food, and squish in extra place settings. But by the end of the day it was, like, the more the merrier. And so if the government could just get to the kitchen, rearrange some things, we could certainly party with the Haitians. And in conclusion may I please remind you *it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty.* Thank you very much.

  151. Carp, I thought the refs in the 2 games at MSG have been much better.

    They have only called the “real” penalties and let the pansification ones slide.

  152. Okay, but, street slang is an increasingly valid form of expression. Most of the feminine pronouns do have mocking, but not necessarily mysogynistic undertones.

  153. My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity with balls flying at my nose.

  154. Manny-O-War on

    Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value.

  155. This has nothing to do with Lundqvist stealing a game. You beat a talented team like the Pens with…talent.

    Having a top goaltender is not a key to winning a Stanley cup. You just need a hot one. As I said the last Vezina trophy winner to win a cup was Tim Thomas, and many would attribute that Vezina to his defense.

    Goalies post 05 lockout to play for the cup:
    06 – Ward vs Roloson
    07 – Giguere vs Emery
    08 – Osgood vs Fleury
    09 – Fleury vs Osgood
    10 – Niemi vs Leighton/Boucher
    11 – Thomas vs Luongo (best matchup yet)
    12 – Quick vs Brodeur
    13 – Crawford vs Rask

    Outside of Luongo, is there a goalie on that list that is considered elite? Brodeur was back in the day but hasn’t been in about 4-5 years and Quick hasn’t shown he’s consistently great for an extended period of time.

    Again this isn’t to say that Lundqvist shouldn’t have gotten paid, but having a top goalie doesn’t mean cup run. It usually means the opposite since you don’t have as much money to spend on top end talent up front.

    That’s why the 11-12 team had success. Looking at that roster it was built for defense (most of the forwards were defensive) and yet still managed to be 11th in GF. That’s the only way this team wins if it’s going to be handcuffed with Nash’s contract. Defensive minded forwards that can chip in a few goals, but are well balanced on the roster.

    As I said without that Nash contract, it’s a bit easier to swallow and you can spend on a better player/scorer (hoping he makes it to FA to begin with). But it’s not going to be since we are stuck with that deal for many more years.

  156. Manny-O-War on

    I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M’s and like 3 pieces of licorice.

  157. Manny-O-War on

    Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.

  158. Manny-O-War on

    He’s a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding friend of Dorothy, know what I’m saying?

  159. I felt impotent and out of control. Which I really, really hate. I had to find a sanctuary in a place where I could gather my thoughts and regain my strength.

  160. At this point it’s a toss up between buying out Richards or Nash and I can’t believe I am even saying that.

    MSL should really retire. I understand players have bad games, but he was bad on every single shift! It’s like his deal with the devil expired when he tossed the Lightning jersey.

    Stepan is slow and is 5 seconds late on every shot.

    Zuccarrello has been great this year, but something is off with him in the playoffs.

    I see no bright spots. Even the future HOF and Leetch protege has been horrible. Granted, he must be hurt, but is he at risk for further, career-ending damage out there?

  161. Manny-O-War on

    What’s with you, kid? You think the death of Sammy Davis left an opening in the Rat Pack?

  162. Licorice is disgusting. Its the Andrei Kostitsyn’s face of the candy store.

  163. Penguins did a lot of smart things- but smartest would be if they prayed really hard for Montreal to knock off the Bruins. I was just busting chops when I first compared St. Louis to Marcel Dionne- from such jests prophecies are made.

  164. We need to post this at the top of the thread.

    Everyone is mad at Nash right now and for good reason. You cannot buy him out over Richards.

    Richards has a recapture, Nash does not.

    Richards has 6 years left, Nash has 4.

    Richards is 34, Nash is almost 30.

    If we had two buyouts, sure. We don’t. Its Richards because it has to be Richards.

  165. “This has nothing to do with Lundqvist stealing a game. You beat a talented team like the Pens with…talent.”

    True, but even more so than that, I think it has to do with NYR gifting Pens nearly every goal and having a completely inept power play. Also with Nash.

  166. In general, I agree with not paying goalies big money. But knowing Sather would just throw $7MM at Brooks Orpik if Talbot were the starter we’re better off with Lundqvist than an attempt at the ideal cap structuring.

  167. Sb1
    Something isn’t off with him now, the game changes in the post season. Time and space go away and size matters.

    He plays hard for sure, he is just too small. Happens to him every post season.

  168. Wicki – Step ONE. Richards doesn’t step on the ice on Friday. Can’t risk the injury on the last game.

    Play the future, Miller at Center.

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    “Outside of Luongo, is there a goalie on that list that is considered elite? Brodeur was back in the day but hasn’t been in about 4-5 years and Quick hasn’t shown he’s consistently great for an extended period of time.”

    Ward won the Conn Smythe, Quick won the Conn Smythe, and Thomas has won two Vezinas (including that season).

  170. Czechthemout!!! on

    And at the end of the day the one or I should say two pieces every team needs is two good offensive dmen. If you look at every team that has won the cup, they all have at least two top notch offensive dmen. When we won the cup, we had Leetch and Zubov. Zubie led the team in scoring that season I think he had 89points or something. We need an offensive dman in a bad way. MCD who I love is a decent to good offensive dman but that is just not enough. They need a guy like big buff who can bring it from the point but he needs to drop about 30 lbs even though he still puts up great numbers. Or they have to find one in the draft and not be deluded into a guy like MDZ.

  171. Bucky takes a bite out of crime. He will not be a blueshirt next year.

    MSL will, for one more. Fact.

  172. Fla has the first pick in the draft, they say it’s available…I am pretty much a “draft picks aren’t that important guy” except if it’s the first couple of picks and there is a true blue chipper out there.

    Saying that, anyone send Staal or something to fla for a chance to get ekblad?

  173. Manny-O-War on

    Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex.

  174. I was kidding. I want to see Grimaldi play for Florida. I want to see him play. If he was a blueshirt he would never see the NHL.

  175. I want attending North Dakota to be a prerequisite for making the NHL so that the only players in the NHL are ones who passed through North Dakota.

  176. Richie with, effectively, a concession speech before the final vote is in. Some leadership. One of the myriad things that got Torts tossed is that he finally, and sadly, saw the Richards graffiti on the wall and Slats was afraid to admit his mistake and ask Dolan for 20 million or so extra because it would be an admission of his ineptitude.

  177. I also want a Red Cat Jersey. I’m think Sr. will help me get one.

    My son works at Olive Garden, while going to college. Grimaldi sits in his section, so he text me, do you want a picture. I told him no, I WANT A BANNER!

    Grimaldi laughs, “We’re working on that”.

    I was hoping he would stay one more year, he was A LOT of fun to watch.

  178. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been saying it for months that they might not buy out Richards. The St. Louis trade made it a certainty. He is staying. Slats thinks we are a piece or two away, and he won’t stop trading away our future until he has no more future to trade away.

  179. Doc – it helps with the pain. For Me, after the Rangers are done for another year. 1 Cup since 1940.

    I can watch my Alumni chase their dream.

    Still have Toews, Parise, Greene in the hunt.

  180. My 2.5 year old would be approaching her 9th birthday when Richards falls off our books if he’s not amnestied. That is not the type of world I want her growing up in.

  181. Manny-O-War on

    Daddy’s a litigator. Those are the scariest kind of lawyer. Even Lucy, our maid, is terrified of him. And daddy’s so good he gets $500 an hour to fight with people. But he fights with me for free because I’m his daughter.

  182. RAngers should have traded for Stafford. He would have cost us a first rounder, and he would have scored more than Nash & MSL put together in the playoffs.

  183. Czechthemout!!! on

    Brent Seabrook is the other and Nick Leddy is pretty good too.

    The first Stanley Cup, the Hawks also had Brian Campbell and Big Buff and Seabrook. Freaking scary!

  184. Czechthemout!!! on


    Stafford is a stiff, but he would not have cost us a first. Maybe a conditional 3rd

  185. Hawks are a solid team. So many weapons. Each night a different player steps up to get the win.

    Toews is the type of Captain we need.

    The Rangers team is lost at sea without it’s Captain. The heart of the Lion was cut out.

  186. Manny-O-War on

    Would you look at that body language? Legs crossed towards each other. That is an unequivocal sex invite.

  187. 25 giveaways…I would be willing to bet almost anything that St. Louis had close to half of them!!!!

    He was absolutely dreadful this game. I don’t recall a single player having as bad a game as St. Louis! Don’t believe me then watch the game again, if you could stomach it.

    Superstars come up big during big times. And we get…

  188. Wonder how many people would now rather have our “glorified 3rd liner” plus 1st plus 2nd back versus MSL.

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    Seabrook is not a good offensive defenseman. Certainly not as good as McDonagh. Likewise for Leddy.

    I think having one makes it a hell of a lot easier, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Two obviously makes it even easier than one.

  190. Rob in Beantown on

    Nobody’s getting bought out. I agree with Doodie that at this moment Richards is more likely to be named captain than to be bought out. Just accept it now.

  191. Giveaways last night …

    Benoit Pouliot: 3
    Dan Girardi: 3
    Ryan McDonagh: 3
    Carl Hagelin: 2
    Chris Kreider: 2
    Martin St. Louis: 2
    Rick Nash: 2
    Anton Stralman: 1
    Brian Boyle: 1
    Daniel Carcillo: 1
    Derek Stepan: 1
    Derick Brassard: 1
    Dominic Moore: 1
    Marc Staal: 1
    Mats Zuccarello: 1

  192. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, the Bruins had Chara but nobody else, and Chara really didn’t even do anything offensively. The Hurricanes didn’t have a single guy, the Lightning had Dan Boyle but he really didn’t do much in the playoffs.

    I could keep going but I’m going to save my time. I agree having elite offensive defensemen helps, but I think at the end of the day, having the best team is the most important thing.

  193. So you’re saying you’d rather have the best team than just the best offensive defenseman?

  194. Jeff in South Dakota on

    You know when I come here to read these posts, its like some of youse are real Sybil’s. The personality switches are so dramatic. I don’t know how Carp keeps up with them without a program.

  195. Jeff LOL.

    True Statement.

    Let them rant. It’s a part of the healing PRO-cess.

  196. Jeff in South Dakota on

    You can’t keep the Richard contract on the books and not blow up the organization, period.

  197. “Seabrook is not a good offensive defenseman. Certainly not as good as McDonagh.”

    They were separated by two points in the regular season and Seabrook has totally outscored McD in the postseason.

  198. Since Slats couldn’t sign the Captain, I thought it was an OK trade were it even up for St. Loooie. Problem is, Florida had to get rid of a seriously disgruntled MSL, and the only place he would go was to NY. Ergo, Slats was semi-fleeced in surrendering a conditional second rounder this year and a first in 2015.

  199. Mister D – agreed. I’m just saying that’s a lot of money to spend on a goalie.

    Doodie – they won a Conn Smythe, that’s great. But they weren’t paid like “elite” Vezina trophy goalies is my point. They got hot in the playoffs when it mattered.

    Mike Vernon and Bill Ranford won Conn Smythe trophies too. Would you have considered them “elite” goalies back then?

  200. Mister D- St Louis with 2 turnovers?? He gave up two in just one shift in the 3rd. You missed a lousy game last night!!

  201. Doodie Machetto on

    Seabrook benefits from being on a much, MUCH better team and being Keith’s defensive partner.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    And CTO’s argument was you need offensive defensemen to win the Cup. Last season, Seabrook was 3-1-4 in the playoffs. Not exactly the second coming of Paul Coffey.

  203. If Sather keeps Richards contract on the books. He should be fired. That instant.

    The league has put an end to the loop holes, and contract that run 15 years for $1 at the end of the last 5.

    It would be suicide for the Cap if they don’t write him off.

    As a GM, NOBODY in THAT position, is *THAT* stupid – to keep Richards at this point in his career under those terms for $6.67M for 6 MORE years, when he can only play 1 more.

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    The point is getting elite play from your goaltender in the playoffs is a path to success.

    Oh and I forgot Thomas won the Conn Smythe that year also. So that’s 3 out of the last 8 Conn Smythe winners as goaltenders.

  205. Sather should be fired period!!!!! Everybody wants the rangers to make changes but as long as sather is the GM making those changes nothing is going to change in rangerland.

  206. MD, you totally should rewatch that game and recount the turnovers. Think you missed a few…lol.

  207. Czechthemout!!! on


    Seabrook is a very good all around defenseman in his own right. MCD is better but not by much.

    But he like all the other Hawks players benefit from being on that team. They are all very good.

    Its called great drafting, solid FA signings, and superior scouting. I am very envious of that organization.


  209. Czechthemout!!! on

    Those turnover stats are a joke!

    MSL had two to three turnovers on almost very shift he took.

  210. Richie also sets a bad example here for our utes. Accepting his play like Slats and AV does tells them that if you can find 15 or 18 goals somewhere in your kick, you are allowed to float all year like you were a Baskin-Robbins Special.

  211. Czechthemout!!! on

    Stan Bowman is a very good gm but so was Dale Tallon. Bowman I believe was under Tallon so he was part of the team building process I believe. You can correct me if I am wrong on that part.

  212. MSL made so many blatant turnovers, I would have thought he got the envelope from the bookies if it weren’t for his already enormous wealth.

  213. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s also called luck. If Pittsburgh had drafted Toews instead of Staal, the Hakws don’t win either Cup. And Pittsburgh wins ALL THE CUPS.

  214. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t see by what definition you can call this a successful season. In order to be successful the team would have to progress in some way and be closer to winning a Cup. Instead we had the exact same result as last season. Barely squeaked by a mediocre first round opponent and got embarrassed in the second round by a much better opponent. We just treaded water for a whole season, spent more draft picks to do so, and spent another season of Lundqvist’s prime. In fact, by that criteria, we actually regressed because our core got another year older and closer to irrelevance/mediocrity/UFA. Not a successful season at all. Arguably.

  215. Doodie Machetto on

    Bowman was in a Messier-type role until 2005. They he was Director of Hockey Ops, which was a position created for him, but was subservient to the General Manager’s office. He was there until 2007 when he was promoted to AGM. Then he took over as GM in summer of 09 after Tallon’s QO debacle.

  216. Updated giveaways last night …

    Martin St. Louis: 70
    Benoit Pouliot: 3
    Dan Girardi: 3
    Ryan McDonagh: 3
    Carl Hagelin: 2
    Chris Kreider: 2
    Rick Nash: 2
    Anton Stralman: 1
    Brian Boyle: 1
    Daniel Carcillo: 1
    Derek Stepan: 1
    Derick Brassard: 1
    Dominic Moore: 1
    Marc Staal: 1
    Mats Zuccarello: 1

  217. Sather Must Go! on

    still think you light on St Louis’ turnovers last night, MD

    Seabrook has to better than McD, he was taken just two picks after Big Hugh – I know, I know, its old

  218. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s say they drafted 3rd and 1st starting a year earlier. Jack Johnson and then Eric Johnson? Or maybe they still take Toews at 1 overall, who knows? But what are they getting at 3rd overall in 05? Jack Johnson? Benoit Pouliot? Certainly no better than Jack Skille whom they took at 7.

    Luck plays a huge, HUGE role in this.

  219. Doodie Machetto on

    They’re saying Brad Richards didn’t have a giveaway last night?! hahahaha.

    Oh man, to keep such arbitrary stats like giveaways, takeaways, and hits would be a dream.

  220. Doodie – that’s the first thing on (not on) that list that jumped out on me.

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    Lucky, like taking some Swedish goaltender in the 7th round. He was so far unknown that his hockeydb page doesn’t go back to anything he did prior to being drafted.

    CBJ picked 2nd overall in 2012 and got Ryan Murray. He’s going to be a pretty solid defenseman. If they had picked 2nd overall in 2011, they would have Tyler Seguin. If they picked 2nd overall in 2013 they could have had one of Barkov, Jones, or Drouin (I would have gone Jones). Just bad luck is all.

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    MSL at 2 jumped out at me way more. He had more giveaways than the rest of the team combined.

  223. New Coach – same results, with a 2nd round exit.

    Captain gone, St. Louis in.

    Zucc the point leader for ’13-’14.

  224. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, are you going to Pittsburgh for game 5? I know you were saving your money in case there were later rounds, but, maybe now would be a good time to spend it since it’s most likely the last road game of the season?

  225. Manny-o-war on

    They must judge giveaways the same way they do hits. The stats always look absurd

  226. Pimp Kreider has a broken hand. He can’t save this team this year, he sure didn’t help them win last night.

  227. It sure would be nice to watch THE, if THE, in THE would show up and play like THE. Can’t pin it on him, when he has a broken wing, and can’t play at 100%.

  228. _Let’s say they drafted 3rd and 1st starting a year earlier. Jack Johnson and then Eric Johnson? Or maybe they still take Toews at 1 overall, who knows?_

    This is the interesting question and why Colorado deserves bonus points for MacKinnon.

  229. Kreider has about as much chance saving this team as Kristo.

    But next year! They could make magic.

    The ROAD show of Kristo & Kreider.

  230. Facto: #20 is still lost away from the puck, sorry to say. Richie is incapable, but #20, who is capable, hasn’t learned. Same goes for Miller.

  231. Glen Sather: Grade *F minus*

    Runs this team as if he’s trying to personally and singlehandedly ruin my life. “You like this player? Gone. You’re into building from within via draft picks? Gone. You think bridge contracts are one of the last remaining lose-lose situations in professional sports? Here’s another. Boyle is one of your current favorites? Just wait. I hate you Mister D.”

  232. Doodie – that’s great that they won Conn Smythes, that seems to be the new norm.

    Doesn’t answer my question. Would you consider them elite goaltenders? My whole point is that you don’t have to pay for an elite goalie. You need one that can makes stops and plays well enough in the playoffs. When you spend that money on the rest of the roster, the team is better.

  233. I’m thinking our HOPE to get better next year.

    Is to cut bait with Richie Rich, hire Stastny. Put him in-between Nash and MSL.

    Drop Stepan down and put him between Kristo and Kreider.

    Some tweaking will need to be done with the UFA that won’t be resigned.

  234. When PullOut is your #1 forward, you’re slowly heading toward the Edmonton exit off the highway.

  235. Doc – Kristo-Stepan-Kreider won a gold medal together. I really want to see them create the same magic, together. Lots of young skill there. They are the same age. Now if you call them the 2nd line, they better outscore Zucc’s line. Who cares what number we give them, as long as they SCORE!

  236. Also the most expensive goalie out of that group of winners was Thomas ($5 mil). Luongo had the highest with just over $6 mil. But the rest were pretty cheap.

    Just trying to prove the point that the numbers so far have shown you don’t need to pay an elite goalie to win the cup.

  237. Carp, will there be a season ending chat to wrap it up next week?

    Sioux, It was about where I expected them to be (I know I am answering for Carp). Second round exit same old. Same old. Not enough skill or toughness to overcome the top teams. A ways to go to top Pittsburgh, Montreal, Boston and the top 5 teams in the West.

    An OK season, but far from where everyone on this board wants them to be.

    The good news is the Devils and Islanders were out for some time. But the bad news is Rangers made no strides this year to challenge the top dogs.

  238. Good point Jonny. Top Money has to be spent on Top Players. And when the game is on the line, they step UP, and win the game for you.

    Hank has earned his contract.


  239. Miami Pimp on

    “When PullOut is your #1 forward, you’re slowly heading toward the Edmonton exit off the highway.”

    Kentucky Fried POULET needs to go.

  240. ThisYearsModel on

    So next season, If Henrik should be injured and we miss the playoffs, Tampa gets our lottery pick in the Connor McDavid draft. Only a moron would trade the #1 pick in that draft. Knock knock. Slats here.

  241. Miami Pimp on

    I see no reason why the Rangers don’t win this series in 7. It’s there for the taking!

  242. I’m not making excuses, but all day I’ve been sitting here wondering:

    Would this be a different series if McD was healthy? It’s SO obvious he’s not, and he rushed back and is playing hurt.

    Would this be a different series with a healthy Kreider playing his best games?

    I dunno know, but I think it would have been better than this. To me, watching McD is really painful because I watched him just about shut down every top forward most of the time. He’s just too timid to hit anyone now.

  243. Carp, the trade for Nash has obviously not worked out the way they expected. I think if not for the concussions it would have been favorable for NYR.

    They traded parts for a star. And the role players have gotten better while the star has gotten worse.

    In the Gaborik trade they did the opposite. While Gaborik has his moments his time in NY seemed to run its course.

    Moore, Brassard and Dorsett have not reached the level that was expected of them. But these guys are supposed to play a secondary role not lead the team.

    Clearly they did not get equal value back for Gaborik.

  244. By the way, this is just what Alain Vigneault teams look like in the playoffs. I watched him in Vancouver. Even when they went to the Finals, they got there on pure talent, certainly not work ethic…and thats why they lost to Boston.

    There’s got to be a taker for Nash out there though. I really don’t want him on this team. Trade trade trade Nash….buyout Richards….tolerate St. Louis….and Lundqvist is only $8.5M against the cap for the next hundred years.

  245. Miami Pimp on

    You guys are talking as if this series is over!

    These guys are going to regroup and play a heck of a game tomorrow. Likely a shutout for Henrik.

    And then? Who knows … the crowd at MSG can possibly single-handedly will us to a Game 6 win.

  246. Easy for Gaborik to score 6 big playoff goals when he’s surrounded by muscle and talent.

  247. I don’t feel comfortable lumping Lundqvist in with the 3 no-check forwards. He might be a bad contract, but he hasn’t gone soft on us. Without him, we’re at like a minus 15 in this stupid series.

  248. Manny-O-War on

    And yea, Coos is right. Kreider (sorry Pimp) is *arguably* and *in my opinion* completely lost on the defensive side. It’s really, really bad.

  249. Fans fighting defending Nash from the boo birds at the Garden last night. Ridiculous! If ever, of all the Rangers who have been booed, if there was a Ranger that deserved it, it was him.

    It should have happened sooner. But it happened after his pathetic giveaway that led to a huge go-ahead goal.

    Fugg Richards and nice guy AV for having a problem with it.

  250. Alain Amour on

    Bjorn is not good enough. For $8.5m annually, he has to better than this. That money could have been spent on potential skill players. Can any of these players possess the puck without it bouncing off their sticks unforced? This roster needs a makeover. Nash has to be traded, even if he only nets a draft pick. Richards must be bought out.

    Fatigue is not an excuse.

    Breakaways and deflections aren’t excuses. Trash the excuses. The responsibility to stop the puck is ultimately that of Bjorn.

  251. Above all other moves, the Rangers need to trade Kristo so I can *stop hearing about him*.

  252. “Kentucky Fried POULET needs to go.”


    You ever gonna say something thoughtful?

  253. Manny-O-War on

    Lundqvist has been *in my opinion* STELLAR in this series. He is not to blame AT ALL. Tukka Rask has a similar cap hit and it doesn’t seem to be strapping the Bruins into a rut.

    Hank isn’t the problem.

    Identify the core of the team (begins with Hank now) and the identity of the team and build from there.

  254. Manny-O-War on

    That’s a great call, Gravy. Maybe they can package Kristo and Nash and get me Pacioretty?

  255. Lone Ranger on

    Carp As you predicted 4-1 Team a terrible disapointment. Where do you start for next year. Al Tautwig has some pair of onions, complaining about Ranger fans booing. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t have to pay their ticket prices. MSL what a freeken disaster. Big Mac has a serious shoulder problem. All the wheels came off to quickly. What a shame

  256. Manny, you’re an idiot? How many *full* seasons has Pacioretty played relative to Nash? Easy pass by the Rangers.

  257. Alain Amour on

    Without him, we’re at like a minus 15 in this stupid series

    This is funny considering Fleury has stopped 94 of 99 shots while Bjorn has stopped 102 of 112 shots.

  258. 99% of the time I think booing is incredibly stupid, both the reasoning for it and the sound itself. Last night was my 1% exception.

  259. 4everanger on

    Booing your own players in front of hands-rubbing, gleeful enemy, is a blasphemy and bacchanalia of lowlifes,not to mention being stupidly
    counterproductive.Period. Boo your wife/husband at home during a dinner…than try to watch game on TV.

  260. The Penguins also either really suck, or are playing down to the Rangers level…they are not a very impressive hockey team and I think we could be leading the series 3-1 if the Rangers were playing anywhere near good. I can’t imagine PIT making it to the finals.

  261. Cap Geeked on

    If you read the year end reviews of Hartford players by beat writers Kristo did not fare so well.

  262. Manny-O-War on

    Agree Salty. This series should be 2-2. But it’s not. Hank has been Stellar avoiding some crooked numbers by the Pens when they have dominated for small stretches.

  263. Where at, Geeked? I’d like to read about not Rangers hockey for a bit.

  264. Alain Amour on

    not the 1.25 GPG

    Credit to Marc Andre Fleury and his .949 save percentage. Fleury is a terrible goalie that has elevated his game.

    In contrast, Bjorn has a .911 save percentage.

  265. @rangersreport

    AV: “Ryan (McDonagh) hasn’t had … playoffs to his expectations and to ours. … Obviously he hasn’t played very well.”

  266. Miami Pimp on

    SALTY, here’s something thoughtful:

    Most on here are completely looney. This series has been as close as they come. Other than for a couple of bounces, these first four games could have gone either way for either of these teams.

    This was particularly true for last night’s game. What if THE Kreider scores on his multiple opportunities? He was an absolute-force out there (but there’s time later to discuss that.)

    And why is anyone booing Nash. He’s done everything we’ve asked for in practice. Too bad none of it has come to fruition in the game. But that happens to a lot of people. They just can’t execute under the pressure of having to live in NYC under a measly salary.

    I will concur with the disgust for St. Louis. He is a man with a Midwest name playing in an East coast city. Not going to make many happy.

    And as for POULET? He’s just not up to par. He tries, but he simply does not execute in any facet of the game. He’s like a piece of fried chicken that’s been overcooked, refrigerated, and then microwaved.

    Thoughtful enough?

  267. @rangersreport

    Asked what has to change from Game 4, AV said, “Where do you want me to start?”

  268. @rangersreport

    Staal on (minority) of Pitt media’s portrayal of him as head-hunter: “That’s new to me.” …

  269. @rangersreport

    Staal: “I’m not purposely going for anybody’s head. I for one should know the cost of that … so that’s not something I’m trying to do…

  270. Carp, did anyone follow-up asking why he still played McD 26+ despite having a more than capable 2LD?

  271. Cap Geeked on

    I saw reviews linked from Mitch Beck’s Howlings.

    If I find I will link.

    Kristo was a healthy scratch for a few games.

  272. Gravy – they should trade him to the Jets for Kane. I would be alright with that :)

    New Jersey’s to add Cats Red Panther, Kristo white Ranger, Frattin Blue Jackets, Knight Red Flames, Green Black Kings.

    Now, I don’t have Jet’s Yet, or Edmonton – but Simmer just signed with them, so it’s going to happen in a couple of years.

  273. Manny-O-War on

    Maybe we could just ask why Vigneault never adjusts.

    Also, ask him why he insists on starting a line immediately after they score a goal. They always look gassed.

  274. 10 games, with an ankle sprain. Not a 100%. But he lead the team in goals. So he has that.

  275. Miami Pimp on

    Does any journalist ask the tough questions, like “Why is THE Kreider your best player?” and “How come THE Kreider is supremely more talented than Nash?”

  276. “Why isn’t Kreider scoring?”

    “Can he carry the whole team with one hand?”

  277. AV – “What do you do with all your timeouts that you saved this year.”

  278. Miami Pimp on

    JR – “The only must-win games are they ones you can’t give away”

  279. I’ve been a Rangers fan since the days that Eddie Giacomin & Cesare Maniago guarded the Garden goals and the thing that frustrates me the most: When, when, when will they stop bringing in the superstars at the end of their careers, throwing huge $ at them, and then watching them fail miserably and retire? Aside from Messier and, to a lesser extent, Jagr, I can’t think of any that were even remotely successful.

  280. Rocklander on

    i just feel like last night especially, the Rangers have given up already and are resigned to their fate. I thought the Callahan trade was ill-advised and I think it took the heart out of the team. I understand all about his ridiculous demands, etc. but St. Louis at 38 was not a good swap. And, we are losing all those draft picks. Bad trade. I am not going to pretend I have any answers but something needs to be
    done. The Rangers need an identity. They aren’t bruisers, they aren’t speedsters, they aren’t high-scorers. Hank cannot do it alone. I agree that McDonagh is injured and probably shouldn’t be playing. Who knows who else is hurt? I am disgusted…but because I am a glutton for punishment, I will be watching tomorrow night (with the sound off because I CANNOT stand the NBCSN announcers).

  281. I guess last nights game was not a MUST WIN, that’s why they gave it away!

  282. Its fun to consider which current stars the Rangers will chase down once they’re into their slide years. Patrick Kane seems like an obvious choice.

  283. headcrash – Gaborik had 3 solid years with the Rangers. 80 some points is successful.

  284. It’s not over till the FAT LADY sings.

    The Kings didn’t give up when they were down 0-3.

    What’s with all the gloom and doom today?

  285. Carp can you ask some of them what the hell has happened to their onions? where are the onions?

  286. Robby Bonfire on

    You know I like to harp on the Rangers/Slats shoddy treatment of organizational kids. Well, I am thinking that Talbot, who was there to spell Hank and spelled him well during the regular season, has been almost completely disregarded during a monster-scheduling run.

    This, too is nuts. Hank CAN get tired from overwork. Hank IS human, you know.

    Glad summer vacation is about here for the players, because, frankly, I think all of us here also deserve a rest from this crap. It’s one thing for your team to be out-manned. It’s quite another for your team to be S- T- U- P- I- D in the way it goes about its business, and that we cannot blame on the officials or the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  287. Sioux — You asked if this year is a success, assuming they do lose the series to Pittsburgh. From my perspective – let’s win Game 5 in Pittsburgh with a resilient effor that shows heart and character. Then let’s win an exciting Game 6 in an insanely loud MSG and force a Game 7. If they do that, and lose a close Game 7 to a talented Penguins team on the road – I will feel a hell of a lot better about this season than if they end the season losing four in a row and giving the Penguins an easy walkover win.

    Of course coming back all the way to take the series would be even better!! It’s sports, you never know.

  288. Steve Zipay ?@stevezipay · 1h
    #NYR lines at prax:
    Carcillo (in for Hags)-Richie-Nash;

    Now that’s shaking it up a bit.

  289. Miami Pimp on

    It wasn’t REALLY a must-win.

    Tomorrow is a must-win.

    And I, for one, have no doubt that they boys will come through.

  290. Robby Bonfire on

    Right on ROCKLANDER –

    Excellent posting points. Put me in your corner with your insightful analysis.

  291. It could happen Pimp! Here’s hoping they don’t ruin our Friday night!!!

  292. Since our Cup in ’94, we’ve been knocked out of the playoffs 10 times. Half of those were in 5 games. There’s your foreshadowing.

  293. Miami Pimp on

    “Since our Cup in ‘94, we’ve been knocked out of the playoffs 10 times. Half of those were in 5 games. There’s your foreshadowing.”

    PIMP-style analysis! Love it!

  294. 4everanger on

    We all knew that Pissies are by far better team, we all new that Rangers will have just ephemeral hope to get through this series, we all knew that your supposedly best players can be as good as (really superior) opponent let them be, etc. So, please, don’t turn your back to this much more fun to watch team, with the all black paint, useless excurses to the trades history and stray dogs,mob mentality,eating this scapegoats alive.

  295. Miami Pimp on

    Why do I have a feeling we’ll all be back here 365 days from now asking ourselves:

    1) Why the Rangers overpaid for another veteran
    2) Why Nash was held scoreless in the playoffs
    3) Why the team is about to go down in 5 to (pick from: PITT, BOS, MON)

  296. Manny-O-War on

    @TSNBobMcKenzie TOR GM Dave Nonis expected to make official announcement on Carlyle staying/assistant(s) going. New assistants have not yet been hired.

  297. Rob in Beantown on

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie
    As @DarrenDreger reported, Randy Carlyle is back as head coach in TOR. But some of his assistant coaches will not be returning.

  298. Dreger said an hour or two ago he thinks Carlyle is staying. Dreger is Nonis’ cousin.

  299. Rob in Beantown on

    I arguably know nothing about the situation in Toronto, but isn’t firing the assistants but keeping the HC kind of absurd?

  300. Manny-O-War on

    Down Goes Brown is ranting on Twitter. He’s spot on. The most likely scenario in ToroNO is that their luck dries up and they become a non playoff contender. Their defensive ability and goaltending has been beyond horrendous.

  301. Manny-O-War on

    @Proteautype The Leafs keep Carlyle & fire his assistant coaches. If you own a restaurant that serves awful food, you fire the chef, not the wait staff.

  302. Rob in Beantown on

    Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger
    Hearing Boston’s Jim Benning met with the Canucks yesterday. He’s considered the frontrunner for the GM job in Van.

  303. Absolutely. Maybe they were hoping he’d quit and they’d be off the hook for his deal or something?

  304. “We’re sticking with you, Randy. But we want to make next year even tougher, so we’re taking away all the people you trusted most.”

  305. The people that don’t admit the Gaborik trade was a mistake or refuse to acknowledge his immense contributions to the franchise are living in a bubble…

    We as fans will be talking about the failure of the Gaborik and Nash trades for decades.

  306. AV – Needs to fix the Power Play!

    How can this be so tuff, to copy another teams PP that works. Don’t we have enough “Talent” to pull this off?

    Or is it just Nash, MSL, Richards not able to perform at the highest level when needed.

    Where do we go next year, how do you take a step forward, to build this team into a contender that can beat Pittsburgh & Boston?

  307. Its funny / sad / whatever that Gaborik was a bad fit for the roster and system he had when here and would be a good fit for our current roster and system. Now that we’re cool with offense only players, he’s the best of the three we have plus him.

  308. Marty has one goal (shorthanded) in 19 regular-season games followed by two in 12 playoff matches … and none in the last nine games after he scored twice in the first seven periods of the first round. This from a player who entered the tournament with 33 goals in 63 career playoff games.

    He seriously needs to step up! And be the player he has been his whole career.

    I honestly don’t believe that MSL is washed up. I’m not buying it.

    How good can he be for the Rangers?

  309. “(He) was a bad fit for the roster”

    That’s a nice opinion. 40 goals on the best team in the East in 2012. Not a great fit…

  310. Gabby is going to win the Cup this year, it won’t be easy getting through Toews & Co. That will be a tough series to pick. And it’s win/win for the Sioux :)

  311. The Leafs …… sure smell good in the fall when they are on fire?

    When was the last time they won the cup?

  312. 1967 was the last year the Leafs won the cup. That’s a long time for a hockey crazed city.

  313. _That’s a nice opinion. 40 goals on the best team in the East in 2012. Not a great fit_

    I don’t mean he was a bad player or anything like that, but on a team that played defense first, second and third, Gaborik stood out. Sort of the same thing in Columbus. But with LA’s he’s great. He’d probably be great for us right now.

  314. Anyone blaming Henke is crazy. That isn’t my intention by posting those numbers.

    In reference to Rask, he got paid after their roster was built. They gave favorable contracts to their guys and then locked up their goalie.

    That’s not even mentioning the fact that the Bruins are a defensive team. They have a bunch of skill, but their players are great defensive players as well. Bergeron and Krejci are two of the best two way players in the game.

    The Rangers aren’t getting that from their top guys. They aren’t a 4 line team like they were in 2011-12 and the top lines aren’t doing enough.

  315. Fair enough, Mister. Good points.

    You won’t find a bigger Torts fan than myself but I’m the first to admit that his handling of Gaborik last year was awful…and all this talk about the “system” is just an excuse.

    Remember that Gaborik was always defensive minded. Jacques Lemaire drilled defense into his head in Minnesota.

  316. And I should mention that because of the Rask contract, they had to trade their best young player (Seguin).

    Well that and the fact he was partying all the time around the city, but mostly the cap space.

  317. Doc – He’s great because he has NO PRESSURE.

    He doesn’t have to be “THE MAN” for the kings.

    Kings and Blackhawks have to be the two most balanced teams in the league.

    Gaborik will shine because he plays with Kopitar, Brown, Williams, Carter, Richards, Doughty, and a slew of young guns that can skate and score.

    He HAD to score with Torts team in ’12.

  318. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, if you want to make your point, then it’s not about elite/non-elite goaltending, it’s about percentage of salary cap spent on goaltending.

    And it’s not just the starting guy, it’s his backup, too.

    If you figure out those numbers, then you’ll have a stronger argument. A guy could be the elite of the elite, but if he’s on his ELC, then the team is obbviously getting a bargain. By contrast, a guy could be overpaid and not as good, but by virtue of his roster being well constructed, he could still win.

    I’d be interested to see what the average percentage of cap spent on goaltending is among teams that have won the Cup and among all teams that have made the final.

  319. Carp, isn’t game 5 on Friday? In your column you said it was game 6. Maybe that was a Freudian slip and there will be a game on Sunday at MSG….LOL

  320. Our Top Players need to PLAY to THEIR BEST LEVEL!!!

    How does a coach like AV get them to Step UP?

    Pick out their “big boy” pants each morning?

  321. Manny-O-War on

    Gaborik would be great if you could rest him all season and only use him in the post season while praying to some deity that he doesn’t get injured.

  322. _You won’t find a bigger Torts fan than myself but I’m the first to admit that his handling of Gaborik last year was awful…and all this talk about the “system” is just an excuse._

    Sure, and its totally worth questioning why you’d even want your best assets diving in front of 100 mph shots. And I’m with you, atleast past tense, in the Torts love. Don’t know if I loved the system or just the guys in it or what, but that 2010-11 roster seemed like the beginning of something super awesome. Plus Jerk Torts being mad like we were after losses was fun.

  323. Diane, thanks for catching that error. Usually I point them out to CARP, but clearly I missed one!

  324. @rangersreport

    just wondering what reaction would have been if Torts said what AV said about McDonagh. & all he did was tell the truth.

  325. So lets look on the bright side of this dismal day.

    Who do we use our #1 PICK on?????

    The draft is so easy when we look back on all the people we could have picked, when you look at their stats 5 years from now.

    Who is you #1 pick THIS year for the Rangers?

  326. Again, it’s really depressing that he was our best goal scorer since Mike Gartner but that is the fact of the matter….

  327. Ranger pick what 22-25th, depending when they get the axe.

    Any top end talent that you think will be there in the 20th+ spot?????

  328. Doodie, I’m almost positive that I did that (or something very similar) when we were talking about Henrik’s pending extension. I’ll search and see if I can find it, but the conclusion was that Cup finalists rarely have high paid goalies … until right after their win.

  329. Doodie Machetto on

    Well this year, the winning team is going to be spending at least $5 MM on goaltending. And if you take out the Wild and Ducks, whom most people think will lose their respective series, then every team left will have a starting goaltender being paid at least $5 MM.

  330. Stranger Nation on

    Again, it’s really depressing that he was our best goal scorer since Mike Gartner but that is the fact of the matter….

    Didnt Jagr play here??

  331. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – #1 pick around 24 will be no lock but that wont stop some from pointing out we should have drafted Jimmy this or Johnny that 6 years from now

    Its a crap shoot at best

  332. Strange, Jagr (while he is the record holder for goals in a single season as a NYR) scored 40 or more only once.

  333. Nick Smaltz, McKinzie has him at 25.

    Nick has excellent hockey sense and an ease to his game that very few possess. He has excellent puck skills and can make plays that create scoring opportunities. He knows where to be on the ice to make a difference.

    This is the type of player we NEED to draft.

  334. I love you guys but you all are so far off the mark on a few of these things:

    1. You all scream about Richards and Nash’s money and 20-25 goals but cally for 6.5 was going to not hurt us horribly?????????

    2. Staal has been great for the most part considering he basically has one working eye and multiple concussions in his career.

    3. McD’s shoulder hurts his stride and ability to hit. Skating fast is a whole body event just like running. Do you run on the treadmill with your arms at your sides?

    4. Nash has to be traded and there is a better chance of that and him being amnestied than Richards because Richards has value @ 20 goals 50 points for 6.5 as sad as it sounds.

    5. Toughness and huge players mean little. Skill wins games, Chicago Pitt and MTL aren’t huge or overly tough. All are majorly skilled.

    6. Trading gaborik was a mistake if he can play an entire season ever again. Whoever signs him this offseason for the 3-5 he gets will be delighted if he can give 50 productive games.

    7. If Callahan actually wanted to be a ranger and the true captain you claim him as he would haev signed the 6mill deal

  335. Chris … sigh, again, deep breath … It doesn’t matter if Richards scored 50-50-100 and they won the Cup. The cap-recapture screams that they have to buy him out. Not saying the fellow who makes that decision will, but all his lieutenants and every other GM in the league would. It’s not really even a choice.

  336. McKenzie #19, Alex Tuch (6’4, 213)

    _Tuch is a physically assertive, rugged winger who contributes offensively. He is difficult to play against and is competitive, determined. His development has been excellent. These types are coveted._

    That’s the kind of guy I’d really like.

  337. McKenzie #28, Conner Bleackley (6’0, 192)

    _Conner is a determined, competitive player who doesn’t take any shortcuts. He’s smart, gets to the right areas and is a catalyst for positive plays all over the ice. He doesn’t allow himself to be denied!_

    Or him. Both play the wing.

  338. Sioux, I like McCann and Larkin (we need centers) or Tuch (power forward). I see Smaltz is a center as well, but I don’t know much about him.

  339. Too nice picks Doc. Tuc might be gone by the 20th pick, but that’s the size we need.

  340. Alain Amour on

    Bjorn is scheduled to earn an average of $8.5m for the following sevens seasons. The Rangers franchise is in deep doo doo.

  341. If I’m not mistaken, the Rangers get the 22nd pick regardless if they’re knocked out this round because they had the least points of the remaining teams.

  342. @rangersreport

    just wondering what reaction would have been if Torts said what AV said about McDonagh. & all he did was tell the truth.

    Yeah, I wonder…

    Horrible coach. He did nothing for NYR. He hates THE. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I ♥ Avery

    Something like that?

  343. Alain Amoore on

    I had a cool dream last night that I was sitting on the bench at MSG and I was sharing a water bottle with Cam Talbot. I said “Cam, you should be the starter here because you don’t make as much money so I don’t mind when you give up goals” and Cam said “no, I think Henrik is like one of the best goalies in the league so I’m with him starting”. It made me like Talbot less but I still like him more than Henrik.

  344. Cream and bastards rise to the top. We, as a team, are waaaaay too kindly.

  345. Carp- at this point though if you had to choose wouldn’t you be able to stomach another year or two of #19 than #61

  346. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp is absolutely right about the need to buyout Richie. For all youse guys once and for all, Richie could be playing like TGO in this series all the while catapulting wad after wad of $100 bills into the stands and shooting Freakin’ Laser Beams out of his arse and his contract will still blow up the organization if they don’t buy him out! Sather actually doing that is another story.

  347. ThisYearsModel on

    I would take 61 instead of 19 everyday. 19 is morphing into a complete stiff before our eyes. Nash will have some trade value.

  348. Jeff in South Dakota on

    On another topic, it snowed last night and is snowing today in my little part of South Dakota.

  349. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Carp, great write up!! I will miss them over the long summer.

    BTW, who should they buy out? Richard or Nash??


  350. I want to create a Venn Diagram of people who …

    (1) Flip out imagining giving Boyle $2MM per season

    (2) Advocate anything other than amnestying Richards, thus risking $5.67MM of dead cap per year for 3 years

    The overlap will feel my fury.

  351. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    A lot of good comments here today. Rangers fans are obviously frustrated. The reason? Lack of perceived effort and obvious lack of performance from the top (management) on down (players).

    This is a house of cards made to look good by the owner and the GM.

  352. Richie is not even trade-able, If he were, there would be no need for a buy-out.

  353. Listen, if there was no favoritism towards the likes of Callahan when it comes to money then there sure as hell shouldn’t be any towards Richards especially with his steady decline. He had a decent come back season and a good playoff but that’s a business decision they can’t afford not to make.

    Too many questions regarding next season up front. You’ve got Stepan who pulled a 180 from last year and who’s going to be looking for a lot of money, St Louis who is obviously going to start declining and makes a decent amount of money and Nash who makes way too much money and at this point may not even score 60 points next year. How can they justify keeping that man?

  354. Rob in Beantown on

    Richards would be very tradeable to a cap floor team in 2017 when his salary goes to $1M per. But that’s also when he’s arguably going to *retire*.

  355. *fresh new audio post.*

    also a new video up top, if not now, then soon. Please, please, please click early and often (not begging).

  356. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Mister, earlier today (I searched, couldn’t quickly find) you listed what we gave up for ‘The Big Three’.

    Granted. Seems like we got fleeced.

    Even worse to me is an oft forgotten ‘one of Sather’s top 5 dumbest’ (and, really, how dumb can one person be??), THE RYAN CLOWE TRADE.

    The premise: Clowe puts us over the top. The missed point: we weren’t even within miles of the top. Worse: He played how many games for us and what did we give up???????

  357. I don’t think anyone wants Nash at that salary AND give up anything of value. So, he is ours.

  358. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    “Win a game and this series is still far from over.” – @BRichards_1991 #NYRPlayoffs

    Actually, irregardlessly, there would be at most two games left in the series, which is arguably close to over.

  359. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Heck, if all it took to be a captain was to old and vocal – I could be Captain!

  360. Carp Messier was old and vocal (33 going on 34, the age Richards is now) when he won the Stanley Cup with this Rangers organization. And if he didn’t score that game winner (or was it Brian Noonan?) and that game 7 swung the other way I seriously doubt Mess would have stood there and talked about how they went further than most.

  361. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Keeping with Carps theme, Richards isn’t Socrates, he is more a Methuselah.

  362. Robby Bonfire on

    Memo from Slats and AV to the kids:

    “Talbot, you stink! Miller, you stink! Allen, you stink! Fast you stink! Lindberg,et al down in Purgatory – You all stink! But do come back and knock on the door of our constipated farm system again next year. Hey, you just grow one year older at a time spinning your wheels with us, you know? And remember, you too could be the next Brodie DuPont!

  363. Aside from Talbot, they do stink. Some of them will eventually be good. Most of them stink (as NHL players) right now. And how do you get that AV thinks Talbot stinks? He ran Biron out of town and gave Talbot the job.

  364. Robby Bonfire on

    Carp, I am not going to disagree with you, regarding the regression of some of our best prospects. I think, case in point, Miller, that a young player’s confidence and overall game can be shattered and negatively impacted.

    Let’s agree, if we can, that we need a major airing out of the personnel at the top of this organization, to where we can and once again will be proud of the talent pipeline flowing bonafide prospects to New York, in timely fashion.

  365. Robby Bonfire on

    Not using Talbot to give relief to Hank in the midst of this brutal playoff sked, says it all, Carp. If I’m at the helm, Talbot gets a couple starts vs. Philly, and damn sure gets one vs. Pitt. That is more than just a token vote of confidence, that is delegating responsibility to a young player, and giving him the opportunity to grow up, right before your eyes. We were not going to beat Pitt, so how could it have hurt?

    This season has been about five steps backward for this organization. Next season, I predict, is going to be brutal, kids not ready, or those who are ready will not be entrusted with open jobs. MSL, Nash and Richards, mucking up the talent mix, understanding a couple of them could be gone, but at a price to our future flexibility.

    It just goes on and on. The New York Rangers are in a terribly deep systemic rut. Yet this club will not acknowledge that and make mandated changes. To tell you the truth, for the first time since I was a kid I have followed the NBA more closely than the NHL, over the course of a season. At one time that would have been impossible. But some of us, including me, need some relief from the steady diet of stagnation and ennui we have been suffering, thanks to the Rangers, for almost our entire lives. Put me down as “discouraged.”

  366. ThisYearsModel on

    Apparently, MSL’s mother died today. Kind of changes my opinion on him last night.

  367. ThisYearsModel on

    Erik Erlendsson ?@erlendssonTBO 6m
    Reports surfacing of former #tblightning captain Marty St. Louis losing his mother are accurate, condolences to the St. Louis family

  368. ThisYearsModel on

    Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 2m
    #NYR confirm Martin St. Louis’ mother, France, passed away today unexpectedly at age of 63. No update on hockey for a second. Terrible news

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