Game 3: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) First of all, a little tempest was set off in Pittsburgh by a couple of shots Marc Staal took on Sidney Crosby (click here to see them), both of which should have probably been penalties, but as you know, our fine NHL referees are more than likely to miss most fouls. I didn’t see either one until I saw Twitter on the train home. One of them was a low-stick, about a foot and a half off the ice. One was a too-high crosscheck on which Crosby crouched and took the brunt to the back of the helmet. Anyway, the Pittsburgh media (some of whom should wear their Penguins jerseys to the game) are going all Adam Graves/Mario Lemieux again (the most embarrassing sportswriting saga I’ve seen in 35 years doing this job).

As if Alain Vigneault sent Staal — one of the cleanest players in the league, with his own concussion history — to chop off Crosby’s head. Again, they should have been penalties, and in today’s NHL, with NHL Player Safety leaping through hoops to not suspend anybody, those shots are nothing more than $5,000 fines, if that, as we’ve seen over and over and over. I do get a kick out of the Pittsburgh writers who cover James Neal, Brooks Orpik, Evgeni Malkin and Chris Kunitz getting their panties in a bunch over somewhat dirty plays. Neal whacked Jesper Fast in the face with his stick in Game 3. Malkin ended Game 2 swinging his stick at Brian Boyle’s head. These are the writers who sang the praises of Matt Cooke, filthiest of the filth, repeat-career-ender, and nominated him for the Masterton Trophy. Clowns.Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Three

2) Now about your Rangers, who did indeed face an absolutely absurd schedule — they were the first team in 25 years to play five playoff games in seven days, and played six in nine. It’s a gripe, but not an excuse. And yeah, I agree with Vigneault and some of the players that their performance in Game 3 was better for 60 than Games 1 or 2, when they were overwhelmed at points by the Penguins. But their big guys — whom Vigneault implored to put on their “big boy pants” didn’t do nearly enough. Not nearly. You can read my column on that topic right here.

3) Which naturally beings us to the Daily Nash-O-Meter. Gave it the old college try early. Then did squat. That whole line, with Derek Stepan and Martin St. Louis — who did hit a post — just not close to being a first line. Not close. You don’t/can’t expect them to be Crosby/Malkin. You can expect them to be Kunitz/Jokinen, right? Is that too much? Nash: 1 goal in 22 playoff games as a Ranger. Stepan is 7-11-18 in 47 playoff games, including 2-2-4 in 10 this year.

4) And say what you want about Marc-Andre Fleury, the supposed weak link, but he was good in both shutouts, especially last night. Yeah, St. Louis, Benoit Pouliot and Mats Zuccarello hit pipes, and Fleury might have gotten hit with some good deflections early. But he made some big stops, too. And, as you know, the Rangers don’t get rebounds. So Fleury has shut them out in eight consecutive regulation periods. The Rangers hadn’t been shutout in consecutive playoff games since the 1937 finals against Detroit. Chris Chelios’ rookie year.

5) I am not one of those crying about the lineup changes Vigneault made. Not at all. He needed to get some fresh legs out there and he did. None of those guys hurt the Rangers. None did much to help, either. But none hurt. If Daniel Carcillo, Derek Dorsett and John Moore had played, you know what the score would have been? 2-0.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Three6) How about some of the brain-deadness of the Rangers at the end of power plays. First Stepan makes that awful play at the blue line and Henrik Lundqvist had to rob Kunitz short-handed. After the wasted four-minute power play, Robert Bortuzzo finds Crosby with the TD pass. That was money. Then Zuccarello, at the end of a power play, makes the back pass to nobody and Jussi Jokinen breaks away for another goal, the clincher. Power play 0-for-35 — though it mixed in a few relatively good ones — and now it’s giving up kickoff returns too. That can’t fail. The Jokinen Jack-In-The-Box goal was the fifth in 10 Rangers playoff games already — three for (Carcillo 2, Dominic Moore 1) and two against (Voracek, if memory serves, and Jokinen).

7) Speaking of the fine officiating, Zuccarello rings one off the post. He thinks it’s in. The crowd reacts. The referee, who clearly did not see whether the puck went in or not, blows the whistle? Huh? Why? You have video replay. The play is supposed to continue until a stoppage. That actually was unfair to the Ranagers in that case, because they had the Penguins running around. At least Toronto got the call correct … for a change.

8) As you may have heard, I do not believe there is momentum or carryover from game to game in the playoffs because, well, there isn’t. So I don’t think this loss necessarily kills the Rangers in this series. But I will say, what will probably kill them — and why I picked Penguins in 5 — is how much better Pittsburgh is. The Rangers, again, might have a fighting chance if their top line guys would, you know, toss in a goal every week or so. But with the way Crosby has played the last two games, and the way Pittsburgh has defended, and the way so many Penguins are playing individually and in groups, I don’t see the Rangers being competitive the rest of the way.

9) Unless they can successfully chop off some heads (that’s sarcasm).

10) Meanwhile, out in California … nah, I won’t even mention what a certain ex-Ranger continues to do out there. Put it this way, he has three more goals the last two games than the Rangers do. And for the playoffs he has as many as Nash, Stepan, St. Louis and Zuccarello, combined.

My Three Rangers Stars:Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Three
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Dan Girardi.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Raphael Diaz.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Martin St. Louis.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. tie, Marc Staal, Brian Boyle, Raphael Diaz.

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  1. jpg's sister on

    From the replay of Staal hit on Sydney, looks like yes, Marc crosschecked him, but Syd bending down so it looks the stick went closer to his neck than back. I’ll admit probably could have been a penalty. Pens media seem to find ways to make their team the victim, they have been wronged

  2. jpg's sister on

    carp, is that stat true that Fleury stopped 35 shots and Hank had 15 shots at him, stopping 13?

  3. jpg's sister on

    off topic, but Happy Election Day. Vote, it’s important, there are Governor races, levies, congress,

  4. Trust me, I’m the last fan to use excuses, but fatigue clearly had a role in last night’s loss- though I’m not sure pressing didn’t have an equal or greater part. Anyway, the two together are a great recipe for losing. That’s said, I have to say I was a bit surprised that Pitt seemed to have incorporated the Ranger schedule into their sit back game plan. The old Pitt would have blown the Rangers out of the building after the Jokinen goal- maybe won 5 or 6 to 1. Starting to think maybe they aren’t as good a team as I thought. I’ll only say, in the playoffs especially, goaltending is not about the ones you stop its about what gets by you. MAF- now, that’s a shutout. Day to rest- can’t wait to check out the officiating tonight in Montreal.

  5. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Fatigue? Seriously? Come on already. It’s the 2nd round of the playoffs. They should have lots of energy left in the tank. I’ve seen squirts (9-10 year olds) play 5 games in 2 days. And they bust their butt on the last shift of the fifth game, like they did on the 1st shift of the first game.

    Lots of games packed together? Yes, true. It stinks, but you can motivate past a few tired muscles. How do players get through triple OT games? They find a way to do it. The want it, and they will themselves to do it.

    No “will” last night. Rangers skated well, yes, but the Penquins sat back. Did the Rangers play 60 minutes of balls-to-the-wall hockey? Nope. Did they even play 2 periods of hard hockey? Maybe. But that’s not enough.

  6. Beaten last night by a team that played better…whose goaltender made good stops when needed..even if he faced more quantity than quality…Hanks not gonna win with zero goals…and all this goes away with a win on Wednesday. Kreider would be a great addition…not sure he could have helped. Gotta keep pounding their dmen..esp Letang..and just maybe try shooting off the pass..versus take the pass…allow the goalie to set..allow the defense to set..and take the shot…too much set up time..and not really working. Bruins may have won the Cup with no powerplay…but these guys are not those Bruins…heck…they are not even the Columbus Blue Jackets! Next year…lets get a sniper like Gabby….no, better yet..get us Rick Nash!

  7. Carp…reading your articles now requires logging in…with access for 30 days…is that going to be the case with the blog in the future?

  8. Here’s how Wednesday game goes. We will finally score some goals and lose 5-3. This series is spiraling out of control and will be over by Friday. The effort is there but when you can’t score and have a pp that is 0 for the century it doesn’t matter who’s in the lineup.

    For all you Stepan supporters it’s time to re evaluate. The kid doesn’t get better and can’t be a number one center.

    As for Nash looking at his face makes me sick. He’s a born loser who will never win in the nhl. Take another 10 sec shift

    Break up day Saturday/Monday. Put me out of misery.

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Gustafsson, Carp.

    They’re are playing against the better team. Much better game, same result. That’s hockey. Wednesday is another home game. With one day rest. Let’s see what they got.

  10. Nice, Carp. For the record, I never wanted to trade Gabby (thanks, Torts!)…thanks for rubbing salt in the wound.

  11. Norm Merton on

    Rangers can’t gripe. They’re losing to the favored team and not by much. If they can tie it, not likely but certainly possible, they’re where they would have love to have been before the series started.

  12. Gabby’s hand-eye coordination is rivaled by few, and he really seems to be a good dude. Just didn’t have enough “jam.” Obviously useless. He needs to be more “good.”

  13. Players who have improved in Playoffs Diaz, d Moore, Staal, Stralman, carcillo, pullout
    Players who are playing to the same level, Giardi, Hank, Boyle, Klein, Richards
    Players worse, Nash MSL, McMonster, Zuc, Brassard, Dorsett, Hags, j Moore

    Not nearly enough of players elevating their game and certainly not the right ones. Hank is in between good and elevated. To add to the misery we aren’t that good to begin with, overachieved a little in the second half.

    Summer of hell coming if there is no trade of Nashless and buyout of Bucky, literally screwed for a decade and no chance at Hank getting a Cup. That important

  14. Norm Merton on

    The Trade not looking so good last night as Gaborik could be going deep and two of the three little Gabbys were benched.

  15. Good for Gabby, I always liked him, but had no problem with the deal, he was walking. It’s the Nash deal I hated and the one we are going to hate for a good long while

  16. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    The problems (poor pp and lack of scoring ) that plagued the NYR all season long came to a head in the playoffs

  17. Stranger Nation on

    so which is it? Torts love or Gabby love? Ya cant do both. Saw some posters who showed their true colors last night basking in Gabby’s success and celebrating Torts as well.
    Torts ran Gabby out of town and frankly he didnt do diddly last season and this one until he was on a line with two studs in LA so really cut out the BS with the Gabby love.

  18. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Some strange event. Last night, I was locked out and could not post. Did I say something? Was I boisterous? Mean? I don’t get it. Tried 5 times.

    Nice review, Carpola!!!!

  19. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    Well, I’m gonna miss these great reviews in a few days. Carpy, you do a great job. Hate the summer, too. Just boring baseball as a life distraction.

    We still got a few more to go, let’s enjoy!!

  20. Stranger Nation on

    So we outplay Pissburg, yes that is right, outplay them last night. Out shot em, out hit em but gave up two break away goals but Pissburg is the better team so we dont have a shot?
    Their defense is pedestrian and their goalie is inconsistent. Play the same way Wed and we probably win.

    The challenge has been finishing the play. on the Zucc almost goal, the first shot from 12 ft away hit fluery in logo and it bounced right back to Zucc. Fluery’s rebound control is atrocious.

  21. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    I still say, as a fan, we win IN 5!!!! Sure, all the national guys said that, too!! Just a certain Carpiniello guy said otherwise, and in 5. Did anyone else see that?

    Sitting there last night, while my hear said otherwise, my brain said “uh oh’. All the things that everyone has been saying, big boys not playing, Step exposed as average, blah blah blah blah… true. We are not as good.

    Perhaps we can win another game with some good fortune, but Pitt has put the pedal to the medal because they want to lick their wound before playing Boston. Don’t blame them.

    MAF is SO average. He made some good “in the way of the puck” saves last night. He also made a few lucky ones. He is average. But the team in front of him is tying our offensively average team’s hands.

    Does Carolina or Florida play in the PO’s? THAT’S when Rick Nash and Brad Richards get Hat Tricks. BRING ON CAROLINA!!!!!

  22. I disagree with “how much better” Pittsburgh is than our boys. It’s not like they are hanging back and scoring at will against us. Yes we made the bigger bonehead plays at the worst possible time, and that cost us, but the Pens were guilty of many mistakes, too. If one of those post shots goes in for us early it’s a whole different game. And the officiating. What a joke. Nothing about the push that Gibbons gave to Diaz into the end boards that want uncalled or Letang swinging his stick all over the place, banging the glass, the net, looking like he wanted to slash any Rfger in sight. That was ridiculous. (Speaking of Diaz – no mention of he fact he led the team with six shots? Good for him!) if we continue to play like we did last night, and stop the brain lock, and we catch a break, we tie this thing up on Wednesday.

  23. “Players who have improved in Playoffs Diaz, d Moore, Staal, Stralman, carcillo, pullout”

    Cross reference this to the UFA list, say no more.

  24. Same old story, can’t score on the PP and the playoffs. And this seems the case no matter what type of team we put out there. Muckers and grinders, speed team? Not sure why this is. Maybe the NYR jersey is poorly designed or something.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Hedberg – right now the Nash deal looks like crapola because he went from scoring every other game to Perimeter Patsy.
    Torts had Dubi playing 3rd line center in his last season here and basically neutered the kid. 10 goals in his last season here. Remember we couldnt score when Torts was here, needed finishers…
    in retrospect we got rid of the wrong guy (Dubi > Torts)

  26. I thought Diaz had a great game – and I thought with him on the power play, there was more movement as he would continually drop down to the top of the faceoff circle looking for the pass. In fact, he had several blasts from just above the circle. I’d keep him in the next game for Moore.

    Fast and Miller – eh. They provide speed, but both seemed to get bumped off the puck easily last night. I still prefer either of those guys to Dorsett though. He has limited puck control skill… every time he gets a pass, the puck seems to bounce off his stick.

    As frustrating as it was to watch this game live last night, in retrospect I still don’t think the Penguins are really outplaying the Rangers. I think it’s more of how we are playing and not what they are doing to us (not to take all credit away from them). If we start putting the puck in the net, this series becomes much different. Their D is NOT that good (crazy to say after 2 shutouts in a row, I know). We just need to shoot it, and get to the middle instead of all this peripheral play.

    No ledge for me yet! Stay positive!

  27. Matty"Rangersin5!!"Boy on

    We are the same team that in the regular season made a 2nd string, a 3rd string, and now, a very average goalie look like Vezina winners.

    So, it begs the question: Fire Torts. He didn’t win the cup, right? He was too ‘shot blocking’ oriented? Right? No Power Play? Right? No margin for error. Right? So AV’s here. He’s an offensive style coach, RIGHT? Oh, the PP, which is essential for the PO’s, will be better. Bigger margin of error for Hank. Right?

    Ok, Prust saying. Nice drought on the PP here. Now what?? Nice making nothing goalies look amazing. Some offense. Some drive and will being shown by our big boys.

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s not the style of or even the coach? Maybe it’s someone else? Prust saying.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    That back pass to “no one” was actually to a late arriving Richards at the point who had it go under his stick. Bad idea but no help either.
    Girardi on the PP is a flippin del zaster. Keep Diaz out there for the whole time and put Richie on side wall.
    At one point we had 3 rightys on the PP – Girardi, Diaz and Step. That is a fail on the coaches.

  29. Oh the G word got said! Never wanted him gone but look at it this way- he missed 3/4 of the regular season injured. This rangers teM doesn’t make the playoffs with no zucc/brassard/pouliot line and 3/4 of a season with Gaby on the shelf. Even with Marty “scoring title despite his ineffectiveness” St. Louis and his one goal post deadline.

  30. Didn’t realize Rangers lost the series yet..down 2 games to 1 after 5 games in 7 days is not the worst position ..we did hit a few posts/cross bars. Fleury has played well but his luck will run out..he is not that good

  31. Said it yesterday- awful plays look even worse when you’re playing a team this good. Small guys look smaller slow guys look slower..
    The give away was terrible but the lack of scoring is inexcusable

  32. The clock is ticking on Hank (not) winning a Cup. Most recent shame in NYR history.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Pimp – ya boy coming back?? Need THE to show the team how men play behind the goal.

  34. Sioux-per-man on

    We all knew it would be 1-1 after 2, and 2-2 after 4. So no reason to crowd the ledge, or jump off the Chase bridge.

    The penguins are going to win one more game. It really would be a different story today if the post shots went in.

    Get some rest and keep drawing Diaz on the power play that guy is going to score. Who Knows maybe MSL and Nash will wake up and lead this team. They have two more games, to step up if they want to continue playing this year!

  35. 4everanger on

    Start getting ready for the next season: Nash & JT Miller for The Staal Brothers from Carolina.(Eric couldn’t be worse than Nash in the next season,could he?).

  36. 4everanger on

    …Every sentence, started with a “Trust me,…”, raise immediate suspicion.

  37. If Kreider is 80 percent he needs to be in on Wednesday. A different look on the pp in front.

    We will never bridge gap to pens and bruins why because our centers suck.

  38. Miami Pimp on

    My boy should be coming back, even if he’s 30%.

    Serious question: Who would you rather have, THE Kreider at 30% or Fast at 100%?

  39. 4everanger on

    For me, the most noticeable Ranger in PO so far, is Poulliot, by his intensity, willingness, drive, which surprisingly increased in series, in the same time his partners took it down a notch.
    Heroics has to be awarded. Defeatism – punished.

  40. jimG the desertrat on

    Carp thanks for your level headed take on the game, series ect. Pitts always leaves bile in my throat,

  41. I don’t buy into the fatigue factor. These guys are professionals who live for this game, especially this time of year. Plus, they get free massages. FREE MASSAGES! (I think it moved.)

    Perhaps their *onions* are a little stale, though.

  42. This team is sorely missing a captain. No one on the squad is willing/able to lead by example out on the ice. Cally was crazy for his contract demands but he showed up every night and made his presence felt.

  43. Miami Pimp on

    But I thought MSL was a Captain and a locker room presence.

    What this team of no-talents needs is THE.

  44. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I’m with you, Yergs. *Fatigue* cannot be an excuse. I also think that the back to back games SHOULD have worked out for the Rangers because you didn’t think Flower could be that good TWICE in 24 hours.

  45. Honestly, aside from a killer glove save, I don’t think Fleury was all that good in either of these shutouts. It’s not like he played out of his mind, I just don’t think he was ever a factor. He never frustrated the Rangers (the posts did most of that work), he was just… there.

    Next game, *must* win?

  46. There is nothing wrong with admitting that Pittsburgh is a better team. Just remember what it took to get to this level, however. It doesn’t mean they are unbeatable. Not at all. In fact, if the Rangers win tomorrow, it’ll become more than interesting. Their defense is much better than the one we played last week, but still questionable and inexperienced. The Rangers need to finish, get into Fleury’s fragile head. Far from over.

  47. Ty Doughme on

    They should eat some mango if they are tired.
    Diaz has to stay in. Only defenseman who can get a shot through. And not any worse defensively than Moore

  48. Miami Pimp on


    Yeah, i think most would agree it’s a must win.

    Unless these clowns must golf.

  49. ilb… much agreed. They are the better team, but after hearing Pierre McGuire and NBC gush about it for the past 48 hours, it starts to get nauseating to say.

  50. I rarely get angry at people, but Pierre is really getting on my nerves. At the very least, he needs to make an attempt to sound unbiased.

  51. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    They are the better “team” but they have a much, much inferior goaltender that we are making look like the guy in our net!

    When was the last time Flower was actually touched by a Rangers player?

  52. Jeff in South Dakota on

    4ever is correct, Pullitout is outplaying Nash & MSL combined. MSL is a Prima Donna and the hockey gods are taking their revenge on the little fart. Nash is not who he was before the concussions – crap even Rich is out working him!. IMO he should be traded in the off season.

  53. Miami Pimp on

    This Rangers team is so weaksauce.

    Bruins are going to sweep the Pens in the next round.

  54. Last night’s game was about as unaggrevated I can get while watching a loss. I still feel pretty good about this series. Need to win the next one and it’s only a matter of time before MAF starts being MAFfy.

  55. Its a bit disingenuous to tout outshooting Pittsburgh given this stat …

    Before 2nd goal: 12-11 Rangers (18-16 Fenwick)

    After 2nd goal: 23-4 Rangers (34-5 Fenwick)

    That’s not us driving possession, that’s them sitting back to prevent chances. It worked.

  56. _Last night’s game was about as unaggrevated I can get while watching a loss. I still feel pretty good about this series. Need to win the next one and it’s only a matter of time before MAF starts being MAFfy._

    That’s weird. I’m usually further inside the ledge than most, including Game 2, and last night had me incredibly annoyed.

  57. The killer with Nash is you saw against Columbus and in the Olympics how good he can still be when engaged, he just won’t engage. If he were just bad now it would be one thing, but that’s not it, its effort.

  58. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Ilb – No kidding.

    I don’t know who bothers me more Pierre or Engblom.

  59. I guess I just felt better about the way they played last night, MD. It gave me more confidence in them going forward.

    I think the puck starts going in next game.

  60. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    The new highlights on NBC Sports is watching JR trip over his tongue.

    JR quotes, you get one in every segment.

    “Rangers have a Hotel in the meeting”.

  61. Miami Pimp on

    JR – “the pucks will start going in for the Rangers if Fleury allows some goals.”

  62. _I guess I just felt better about the way they played last night, MD. It gave me more confidence in them going forward._

    Better than Game 2, I saw it as periods 4-6 where they were the better team and where some of our forwards didn’t seem interested in working through it.

  63. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Rangers need to sign Stastny, they need a center that can carry the puck, and score. Step is a #2 at best.

  64. AV is a genius. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    Lull the Penguins to a 3-1 lead then BAM, strike them with NASH tour-de-force performances that win the series.

  65. Why sign Statsny when Eric Christensen is available for the taking from the Mayan Astronomers? He’s leading them in scoring (3G, 4A in 37 games).

  66. Stepan play should be just as infuriating as Nash. The kid doesn’t improve. His playoffs over last few years have been awful.

    I don’t believe he’s ever on a level to be a number one center.

    Prediction jussi jokinen will be a devil next year for 4.5 to 5 mil

  67. I’ve haven’t gotten on Nash much. I’d been giving him a pass for a while because of the head injuries but that time is over. The effort and will just isn’t there. No excuse for that now.

    Still holding out hope we see the better version of him next year assuming he becomes willing to engage again.

  68. Fatigue IS an issue. We may not want it to be but it is. It’s not simply playing the games which make this a factor, it’s the traveling, lack of practice time, no time to physically heal and the mental stress of these games. It all adds up and desire and willingness is not enough to overcome it. Sleep, time to heal and recharge your mental and physical abilities is vital. The hill this team needs to climb is more difficult than the hill that Pittsburgh is climbing. Let’s ask Jim Ramsey what he thinks…

  69. Heywood JaBlowme on

    _The killer with Nash is you saw against Columbus and in the Olympics how good he can still be when engaged, he just won’t engage_

    In a nutshell, that is it. I could live with the lack of scoring if he was generating chances and making Pen(i)s defend, but he is so soft on his skates. No desire.

    Wish he never played hard against lumbus. Just shows he doesn’t care.

    Nash is Hodor

  70. Yeah, fatigue isn’t the issue. The Rangers had more puck possession for a large portion of the game. What does it say that a team like Pittsburgh is content to more or less sit on one goal leads against the Rangers?

  71. _Stepan play should be just as infuriating as Nash. The kid doesn’t improve. His playoffs over last few years have been awful._

    Matter of expectations, I guess. He’s a low 1C, high 2C former 2nd round pick, not a superstar costing us 3-4 players and picks and double the money. And I don’t ever see Stepan as dogging it, just ineffective. Big difference to me.

  72. Another splendid write-up Carp. The Chelios rookie year comment = gold!

    Fatigue can definitely be taking the bite out of this team, and adrenaline can only carry a them so far. I don’t even have the energy to watch this many games in the given time span, let alone play in it.

    Rest up boys!!

    And Sire Father!!

  73. iDoodie Machetto on

    Sorry I’m late to the party, is there still room for me on the ledge?

    I had it Lundqvist-Pouliot-Diaz. I had Zuke in there until the turnover on the Jokinen goal.

    The PP looked much better. Diaz is so much better on the point than any of our other players.

    We dominated 5 v 5 and still came up empty. Pens in 5 is starting to look like the inevitable outcome.

    We are the only team that hasn’t been able to regularly score 3 on Fleury. Terrible.

    Crosby is amazing. You hear it all the time and you see the numbers, but watching him play these past two games at his absolute best has been a real treat, as a hockey fan. As a Rangers fan, it’s been terrible.

    Nash started out great, driving to the goal, even on the PP. Then nothing.

    Missing Kreider in front of the net has really hurt the PP. Too bad we traded away the only other guy on the roster that can do that. He also happened to be one of the only right handed shots among our forwards.

    As for the other right handed forward, Stepan needs to go. Just an absolute no show in the playoffs year after year. Brutal. All the more reason Richards isn’t getting bought out.

    I bet they make him captain, too.

  74. We can heap this all on the “top” line, and they have been terrible. Stepan’s decision making is a half second too slow, MSL offsides every other rush, Nash with only the occassional chance.

    But, wasn’t this a team that had secondary scoring? Where have the rest of them gone? Brassard is like teflon here. He got the OT winner, so good on him, but it’s his only goal in the playoffs. MZA has been terrible…literally looks like he’s constantly playing with a broken stick.

  75. See, I didn’t waste my time.

    Watched 24 instead.


  76. There is a clear point where Nash turned into a perimeter loving clown (had to steal that one Pimp – love it). It is when Lucic concussed him last season. He was a beast before that. Driving to the net, controlling the puck. Wasn’t scoring a lot but was dominant almost every shift. Different player since. Rarely see that side anymore.

  77. ThisYearsModel on

    I am hoping that the 3rd period performance was due to fatigue. If it was not, they have a bigger problem. We have witnessed the lack of heart and guts as displayed by #61. I am shocked to see the same from #26. All I could think of during the 3rd period was how furious I would have been had I paid the Garden’s prices for that game. For that effort.

  78. iDoodie Machetto on

    “Rangers need to sign Stastny, they need a center that can carry the puck, and score. Step is a #2 at best.”

    So is Stastny.

  79. Agree. Stastny is not a #1, just the best offensive center available. But, if we can replace Richards with a similar cap hit for Stastny, I’m on board.

  80. Why bring in Statsny when you have BOYLE ready to take over the #1 position?

  81. _Agree. Stastny is not a #1, just the best offensive center available. But, if we can replace Richards with a similar cap hit for Stastny, I’m on board._

    This is my stance too.

  82. I guess stunned silence would be a good description for the crowd last night. Seemed like everyone lost hope after the second goal. Been to plenty of playoff losses but this one had a strange feel to it.

  83. iDoodie Machetto on

    1st center: THE Kreider.
    2nd center: THE Kreider.
    3rd center: THE Kreider.
    4th center: THE Kreider.

  84. Rob in Beantown on

    Maybe, but as the best offensive center available is Stastny even going to be gettable at a Richards cap hit? And overpaying for “best offensive center available” is how we wound up with Richards 1.0.

  85. I can’t wait ’till SATHER keeps both RICHARDS and NASH.

    Buys out THE Kreider.

    It’s the sort of move he loves to make.

  86. “1st center: THE Kreider.
    2nd center: THE Kreider.
    3rd center: THE Kreider.
    4th center: THE Kreider.”


  87. How is the fatigue not an issue? its comical to hear people thinking here saying that. Its not a fatigue, bc your watching the game on tv and you see they are still able to skate somewhat. If you’ve grown up watching sports and you see teams have to play back to back. If it sounds good to say that just bc they are professionals, you know, their muscles dont tighten or get stiff, acid buildup in their muscles. The normal things that happen to a body, they dont happen to these guys bc they are professionals right?

    Its such a joke for anyone to say fatigue is not an issue.

  88. AV with Neil Young beside him:
    “JT look at my life. I’m a lot like you were. JT look at my life, lost 24 and losing so much more. Stuck with an inept power play that makes me think of you”

  89. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have tough/energy/physical guys in the lineup (Carcillo, Dorsett) that could get the top Penguin players OFF their game as opposed to trying to match their skill level with guys like Miller and Fast who basically skate up and down their wing and for the most part do not have any impact the game?? Other than to get fresh guys in the mix, I’m still scratching my head with this move.

  90. Do people realize pittsburgh was playing to prevent a goal after it became 2-0. The rangers didn’t dominate play, Pittsburgh gave them the zone and kept them to the outside. What the rangers did do, was not give up and worked to the final whistle. Thats what I saw at least

  91. I’m willing to bet $1K that THE Kreider scores before Nash does in this series.

  92. I don’t buy the injury thing w Nash. I think it’s purely a confidence thing at this point. I don’t know if he does it to himself or if the coaches do it or what. Best thing they can do this offseason (other than let him get healthy if I’m wrong) is get him some line mates w size and some skill and then slap the C on his chest and say “listen man you’re our guy and this is your team now” if it puts 3/4 of the motivation into him that his selection to team Canada did for next year he’s gonna be a top 5 forward in the league

  93. _And overpaying for “best offensive center available” is how we wound up with Richards 1.0._

    Sure is, but guys of even Stastny’s caliber are hitting the open market less and less and, since we hate 1st round picks, its pretty much the only way to maintain or increase our top 6 talent. And he is 2 years younger than Richards at the time of his signing, so that’s nice.

  94. Gravy what it says, is what you see Penguin players smirking about after whistles. Three instances. Game 2, James Neal gives Hank a snow shower, expects a rangers to react to it and braces for it, not a single ranger even looks at him, he smiles and thinks to himself ok, ok

    Game 2. After the previous situation happened. Crosby drives the net and bumps a ranger and then hank. No ranger player touches crosby. Hank pushes him out of the crease himself and crosby skates away thinking huh the rangers aren’t even keeping us honest.

    Game 3: End of the 2nd period. Moore and Niskanen are involved. Niskanen takes down Moore, not a single teammates comes to back Moore up, and Moore gets up and skates away. The NBC camera trails Niskanen as he skates ago smiling to himself, these guys dont want to get involved physically at a llll

    And pittsburgh couldn’t be happier. Its such an indictment on how poorly constructed the team is to play a physical game that is necessary in the post-season. Columbus got in their heads as the series went on, so did the Islanders last year. As this series is going on Pitt has gotten more comfortable, and part of it is because the rangers are playing into the penguins hands like this.

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Stepan can’t push wind with his shot. He can’t break air with his passes. A big playoff disappointment every year.

  96. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Doodie – _Crosby is amazing. You hear it all the time and you see the numbers, but watching him play these past two games at his absolute best has been a real_

    …. deal.

    He doesn’t miss his break-away goals.

    And he left McD holding his jockstrap in game two.

    Hank can’t steal a game if they can’t get him a goal.

  97. Assuming a Richards buyout, Kane and Stastny would have nothing to do with one another. And if you amnesty Richards to bring in Kane, the roster is going to undoubtedly be much worse next year given Kane’s presumptive cost.

  98. You know that game plan might have worked against Philly and been a smart game plan. To suck the life out of the series, make it completely between the whistle.

    Its not a good game plan against the penguins. You want to get in their space and get them frustrated and running around and taking bad penalties. Philly feeds off it, Pitt crumbles bc of it.

    The rangers are totally playing into their hands like this

  99. And really my only criticism now and after they’re out will be the same as it has been. They need a top 2 center to replace Richards preferably w some size and they need to pick one of Stepan or Brassard and trade/ walk away from the other and find someone more physical. If it’s Miller, fine but someone’s gotta win some face offs and play a Dubinsky style on the 2nd line.

  100. If LA can beat San Jose in a reverse sweep and then rumble through Anaheim too, then wow, just wow. We may be living through three all time great teams (LA, Hawks and Boston) even tho only one can win each year. Assuming Boston doesn’t get upset and that Pitt keeps up this level of play (which I think it won’t against a team better than ours), this year may be the best final four ever… Really three finals series in one season

  101. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Nash won’t go to Winnipeg for Kane :(

    Kane will cost us picks and players, but I would be up for a package including Kristo going to the Jets. If the Rangers aren’t going to play him. The Jets will. Jets need goals.

    He could be the next “Finding Neno” in the west. From an AHL star in Hartford, to a top 6 scorer for the Jets.

    AV will keep going with Miller/Fast, and get 0 goals from them in the playoffs. No surprise they got a combined 3 goals in 47 games. Is there room on the ledge, it he keeps playing these guys we’re done!

  102. 2 players I’d love to have back if money and health weren’t factors:
    Clowe and Dubisnky. Imagine inserting them into this lineup w Krieder and take away Stepan and Dorrsett and tell me what you think

  103. Stastny – as our #1 Center.

    He hits like a truck, wins faceoffs, Scores GOALS in the Playoffs.

    Get HIM!

  104. Clowe wasn’t worth the 2 picks San Jose fleeced us with. YUCK!

    Maybe 5 years ago.

  105. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Stastny is another Richards 2.0 who will want 7 years and $8M.

    NO THANK YOU. Let’s build a *REAL* team. Stop hoping for *Saviors*

  106. I agree FG!

    And Blues/Blackhawks was a war in the 1’st round. The winner of this series could go the distance.

  107. This team could use a healthy Clowe in so many ways and Dubi is in mancrush territory for me.

    Yeah, imagining those two on a line with Kreider is good fun.

  108. SN – How can the power play be *SO GOOD* in game 1 against Philly, then be *SO BAD* the rest of the way?

  109. Sather Must Go! on

    Hard to rebuild without draft pix… Between the nash, clowe, st louis and not getting a one back for gabby the youthful talent will be rough to come by; but slats will keep throwing millions at these college dmen (gilroy, allen, kid from union)

  110. I think Stepan and St. louis lost their game trying to jumpstart Nash. Both had a nice start to the Philly series

  111. Babcock, Cooper, Roy for Jack Adams.

    Roy wins this in a land slide don’t you think?

    What a turnaround in Colorado. Great YEAR.

  112. Great write up carp.

    I didn’t get to watch the game live because I was working (thanks for the updates manny).

    I did watch a lot of it on the dvr around 0200 this morning..,

    I’m not concerned yet overall (2-2 after 4 games anyone?)

    That being said, we need to get in maf’s grill very chance we get and repeat with frequency. He can be rattled and we need to rattle him.

    Pp needs help.

    I wasn’t a fan of the line up changes, but I understand the need for fresh legs. I hope the line up for GM 4 is the same as GM 2.


  113. Stranger Nation on

    Stastny looks good between MacKinnon and Landeskog. Well no shat sherlock. Stastny is a solid #2 and would be our #1

    man, it seems like every time we want to go #1, we ‘step’ in #2.

  114. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    A healthy Ryan Clowe, playing with Richard Nash. That would be the single biggest difference maker on the planet.

    I would also *LOVE* Dubinsky back. Heck, he could center that first line. Put Stepan where he belongs on the second and let Brassard keep centering the secret 1st line.

  115. I think there is one really good player in every position in Hartford, and a handful of top 6 players in Juniors/College.

    Kristo, Lindberg, & Allen could take the next step from the AHL.

    Skjei & THE DUKE both had GREAT seasons this year, their future looks bright. The are clearly ready for the next level.

    So the cupboards aren’t exactly empty – Sather.

  116. St. Louis & NASH have to get SCORING, or the Penguins top dogs are going to eat us alive.

  117. Serious question – would you sit Nash? Demote him to the 4th line?

    It’s time to take the kid gloves off with this guy.

  118. Sather Must Go! on

    I am hoping that is the case, sioux.. I would have liked kristo to get a sniff at some point this year and ive read good things about skjei (txs for the spelling!)… They dont seem to have top line talent and/or size in the system … Would like to see the “duke” take the next step… Mcilrath/nieves have that caree r-er feel to them..

  119. Would anyone be interested in burns from sj?

    He has size and speed, but I’m not sure how effective a player he his. Haven’t watched the sharks enough to know.

  120. This time of year, it’s hit or be hit.
    This time of year, if you’re small of body and/or heart, you are at a serious disadvantage.
    This time of year, the scoring-challenged player MUST vigorously forecheck, backcheck, and make his presence felt every shift.
    This time of year, you need a fearless, large presence in front of the opponent’s net and a fearless, large presence in front of your own.
    This time of year, your big money guys need to not only prove they deserve their contracts, but to excel.

  121. Well Carp, you do realize that the Gaborik trade was a good trade because we had to make cap room so we could sign our good young core players, such as Callahan.

  122. Incredible post, coos.

    Imaging those words set to some epic background music and slow motion video of hockey domination.

  123. Reading those shill Pitt writers reminds me again that (though I sometimes disagree with him,) we are lucky to have Carp as a reliable narrator. Not only in sports, but in all reporting, the info we get is more and more skewed in the direction of personal bias rather than fact. An Orwellian world lurks on our horizons. And it will only get worse.

  124. Colorado had 5 guys over 60 points.
    Ranger 0.

    Stastny – was one of them. Still a fan of signing him, even if Linberg is ready for the #3 spot.

    You can’t count MSL, because he didn’t score for the Rangers :(

  125. Boobcy, like the NFL films with the voice of God. “Thou Shalt Not Pass!” :)

  126. Haven’t been around here as long as most of youse but my appreciation for Carp and the way he delivers the goods is off the charts.

    We are very lucky indeed.


  127. I forgot about the unknown – Pavel Buchnevich, he’s only 19 playing serious minutes in the KHL.

    He looked good playing against the US. A little cocky, but at such a young age, he could grow out of that.

    So we have 3 top prospects in THE DUKE, Buchnevich, Skjei are 20 and under. Bo Nieves has speed, but will likely by a 4 year college prospect like Hags was. You can’t discount his talent playing in Michigan. That is a top tier program.

  128. *IF* Lindberg is ready, then *maybe* you can trade Stepan *if* you sign Stastny, retain Brassard, and buy out Richards.

  129. For Defense the Rangers should look at the LA KINGS the rest of the playoffs. Matt GREENE wears the A, for the Kings. He is an UFA, at 30.

    He is the crease clearer the Rangers don’t have. Watch him play, if you can stay awake that long. He is a force to play against, and he will hit you in the mouth.

  130. Huge Stepan supporter, Gravy, so I’ve never considered trading him.

    After the last playoff performance and now this one, starting to change my mind on him a little.

  131. It used to take beaucoup years and exceptional talent for a writer to get to present his own column and gain the right to opine, essay, and entertain. Now, every dizzy schmuck with an IPad thinks he’s entitled to report the news like he’s Ernest Hemingway.

  132. Coos, couldn’t agree more. We badly need leadership, onions and determination. If we can get those in extra large sizes that would be even better.

    Sioux, a little cocky would be a good thing on this team, don’t ya think?

  133. ilb – I’m not either. I’m just defending our draft tables are not EMPTY. We have NHL caliber talent, that hasn’t got a shot yet.

    Gravy – we might be on the same trail.

  134. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    So we can trade Nash for the one San Jose Shark player I would *love* to have? *Joe Pavelski!!!*

  135. Heave – I do think you almost need that, to excel as a teenager, just back it up with scoring. Our team doesn’t have a lot of swagger right now.

  136. Booby, I, too, am a fan. And it would depend on the return. If you could package him and J. Moops for a scoring winger and a tough D man type, then maybe I think about it (assuming the other moves I mentioned are made).

    Otherwise, he’s still your defacto #1 because no one else has answered the call.

  137. Joe Pavelski is my number 1 barely-realistic covet, Manny, and I’m not cool with *sharing* that.

  138. But, as I step down, must say I think AV erred in the Carcillo/Dorsett situation. These 2 are certainly not Gretzkys, but they are (for now) our palpable locker room leaders and sparks, and shouldn’t be in civilian clothes in the second round, game 3, to be replaced by starry-eyed kids, not yet.

  139. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    You can have it, Booby. I just want him and his reasonable, long contract on this team.

  140. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I know we aren’t getting Pavelski, Gravy. It’s just a, “the only guy I would make a serious move for”

  141. Stranger Nation on

    King Richard III: A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!


  142. Stranger Nation on

    Not to talk about the off season…BUT

    Burns, Pavelski and Greene would be fantastic additions

  143. I think Fleury benefitted by playing across from hank. Fleury’s been very good positionally in both games 2 and 3. Maybe watching the best in the Game 1, he had the realization that if he is positionally sound and fluid, it will lead to him being much more consistent. Hasn’t been flopping much since Game 1. A good coach would point out how Hank does it methodically and how translates into consistency

  144. Stranger Nation on

    After watching Olympics and POs, I have come to really dislike Corey Perry.
    When did this guy become such a Cooke-like scumbucket

  145. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I like the wild’s Clayton Stoner. A hard hitter with a name as good as Odouya.

  146. Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang Christopher Letang make it stop

  147. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Pierre – “kris Letang, can I kiss you on the mouth?”

  148. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    SNation – Perry has ALWAYS played that way….he and Neal are 2 peas in a pod

  149. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – never saw him much, what a tool. Needs someone to provide free Dental work.

  150. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    SNation – nice call out on the Delusional gabby and Torts lover – ordering coffee with mustard

  151. Stranger Nation on

    Well, one annoying Zucc lover was on his high horse last night basking in the dismay of others and harkening back to days of glory??
    So if we get to the ECF, two more ECF victories are worth getting beat by the Derbils? I don’t know, tough call.

  152. _I’m even kind of down on E. Kane right now._

    This is when you pounce like a pouncer.

  153. Stranger Nation on

    Good look, ‘Stoner’ if you like -literary novels situated in- academia.

  154. In between Pierre sniffing Kristopher Letangs gloves and keeping his seat on the bench warm he was right on the money pointing out that the Pens bought into Jacques Martin’s defensive strategies. Rangers played the entire 3rd in the Pens zone but i dont think there was even one big chance we got.

    That defense game could explain why the past couple of Rangers games have been really boring but honestly the Flyers series was a snooze fest for the most part as well. And the MSG crowd certainly hasnt helped. The Sharks fan were louder in Game 7 when their team had another collapse.

  155. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Gabby this torts that, gabby this torts that, gabby this torts that – brassard sucks – no Dorsett or Moore – gabby is great – AV sucks – torts is great

  156. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Are you guys talking about *MIKE GREENE* because if you are, you’re on drugs.

  157. Good morning, Sally!

    Sorry I screwed up Stepan’s playoff stats.

    It’s 7-11-18 in 47 over four years.

    I added this year’s stats to that, when they’re already included, obviously.

  158. Stranger Nation on

    _The Sharks fan were louder in Game 7 when their team had another collapse_
    Shrieks of pains and cries of woe?

    Good point on Defense first play by Pens;

  159. Sather has 25 RFA & UFA this year.

    So he has to sign some of the college players to fill in the roles, of players that he is not going to resign for the Wolfpack. Smart business move don’t you think.

    Never know where the next diamond is. All the 18 year drafted, don’t always make the pro teams.

  160. Step hasn’t been the same since McDonuts moved out on him and got married.

  161. Alain Amour on

    Hank was outplayed by Fleury. Hank was beaten on what amounted to two breakaways. That can’t happen.

  162. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – stepan, lack of production aside, looks like an 8 yr old playing against High school kids. His 20 second telegraphed wind up shot has zero velocity and is poke checked away harmlessly. His passes are cringeworthy. He ain’t helping anybody playing on his line………go back and watch game 3 again – just focus on step – beyond adismal…

  163. #15’s new bride: “I don’t see why you should have to play that dangerous game.”

    Dors: “Sweetie, it’s either that or jockeying the International Harvester for $15 an hour.”

  164. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Hank isn’t the problem. Switch goalies and rangers lose 17-0

  165. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Alain – I could have been in goal for the pens…rangers lose 2-0

  166. Rob in Beantown on

    You know what’s crazy? The Rangers have played roughly an entire game’s worth of time (~60 minutes) with a man advantage and scored zero goals. How is that even *possible*?

    I have no idea what the average PP success rate is, but if you just pretend a team should score a PP goal 20% of the time, there would be a 0.06% chance of not scoring a goal in 33 PPs.

    I thought we were past this! (sound really needs to be on to appreciate)

  167. Alain Amour on

    Hank isn’t the problem. Switch goalies and rangers lose 17-0

    Their goalie has raised his level of play.

  168. _I have no idea what the average PP success rate is_

    Regular season: 17.9%

    Playoffs: 17.3%

  169. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Alain – Hank as been the best player for either team….thats good enough. Team needs zone time and SOG. Fleury sucks and the only thing he’s raising is Pierre’s chin so that they can kiss each other on the mouth..

  170. If I’m doing the math right, using our regular season rate of 18.2%, we had a 1 in 757 shot of going 33 in a row without scoring.

  171. Average NHL team, then, needs 6 PowerPlays to produce a goal. I think we’re like 0-33 of late.

  172. There is so much standing still on our PP’s that they can’t possibly be being choreographed. Willy-Nilly.

  173. Alain Amour on

    Hank as been the best player for either team….thats good enough. Team needs zone time and SOG.

    Fleury has been the best player for either team.

    That is the main problem.

    The Rangers had 35 SOG on last night.

    Fleury was helped by the post on a couple occasions, as was Hank.

  174. Is it possible we brought Sullivan back as an advisor after his team missed the postseason? Timing seems too obvious to be a coincidence, right?

  175. Anyone miss my great stat from last night: Through 3 games against Pittsburgh, Nash and Richards have played such a quick twitch, elusive style that they’ve only been hit twice _combined_. That’s how to keep yourself fresh!

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    “Pierre – “kris Letang, can I kiss you on the mouth?””

    Pierre would never say that. He would say “*Kristopher* Letang, can I kiss you on the mouth?”

  177. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Why don’t we just ignore the moron? Eventually he will, ya know, get tired of his little game and, well, wander on home.

  178. Doodie Machetto on

    Seriously, keeping contracts in mind, how many of you trade Nash for Dubinsky, straight up? I’d be REALLY tempted to do so.

  179. Alain Amour on

    35 SOG to 15 SOG. Hank is being paid $8.5m a year for the following seven seasons. Those breakaways have to be stopped.

    I read that the Rangers hit three posts and the Penguins hit two posts.

  180. Always enjoy all the incessant, 1000 times a game (and intermission) ‘Marc-Andre Fleury’ references from the talking heads. Just in case we mistake him for another Fleury.

  181. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    When Pierre mentions Letang, his bald dome emits magnetic energy…

  182. …and how about the garden faithful? That had to be one of the worst crowds I’ve heard (from my living room) or didn’t hear. At best, it could be the NBC microphones. In any event, I cringe any time I hear “SHOOOOT!”

    The Rangers deserve better than that. How about we stick with “LGR!”

  183. Alain Amour on

    Why don’t we just ignore the moron? Eventually he will, ya know, get tired of his little game and, well, wander on home.

    Would you stop making things personal? I love the Rangers and Hank like yourself and the rest of the commenters. Please be more tolerant of my views.

  184. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Alain – of course we all hope Hank can hold the pens to negative one, rangers win easily zero to (-1).

  185. Alain Amour on

    It is time for Nash to go in the offseason.

    Sather must explore every possible trade option for Nash.

    Enough is enough.

  186. ThisYearsModel on

    Laviolette hired in Nashville. Was hoping Torts would get that job. The Torts-MDZ reunion would have been interesting.

  187. Like with baseball, where striking out 100 times was once anathema, now it’s commonplace. Everyone swinging for the fences. Same with the slapper in hockey. The wrister or snapper is the quicker, far more effective shot. Like golf, long and wrong, but you keep doing it to get one ‘WOW’ every three rounds.

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    Good thing Poile is branching out past USA hockey in order to bring in the best and most qualified people to run his team.

  189. Torts is like MacArthur or Patton. Love him in war time, but he brooks no peace, and is ultimately self-destructive.

  190. If all else fails, pipe in the noise at appropriate times, like they do in Seattle.

  191. They should block all cell service, including texting, in the arena, not hand out white towels, and have an ongoing T-shirt toss during play.

  192. Doodie, Rangers hit the pipe three times? Seems like they’re doing it a lot more than that.

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks for asking, Carp. Still has a touch of his vile, absolutely putrid, knocks you down when you walk in the room just from the smell of it diarrhea. Still not eating much from the GI irritation. Lethargic from the lack of eating. But at least he’s in a good mood, which is a huge improvement over the weekend.

    I’m being totally serious: his condition is being caused by watching the Rangers’ PP.

  194. Great to see Johnny Weir at the Derby with his bonnet. If he ever adopts a kid, it will be named after a candy. Junior Mince.

  195. Manny – *Matt Greene* from the Kings. He plays they *WIN*

    Yes he was injured, but at $3.2M I would take him for 4 years and let Stralman walk. Now before you disagree, watch him.

    He would be an all star DMan on a Wicky team.

  196. _What, did I cross a line?_

    “No, Brad, you’re still safely in the neutral zone.”

  197. I don’t want anyone named after a traffic light. Unless her name is Amber.

  198. Not for stats.

    Just to clear the area in front of Hank, and no back door / weak side rebound goals. And an occasional hit the mouth if you lip off. He one of the reason’s the Kings are VERY tough to play against.

    Can’t say that about Rangers. Yes McD will shut you down, but their is room for Greene on the 2nd or 3rd pair.

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    And in keeping with that, Sioux would have had to call him Matty Greene.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    “He one of the reason’s the Kings are VERY tough to play against.”

    On the list of reasons the Kings are tough to play against, Matt Greene doesn’t crack the top 10.

  201. Doodie don’t get me started. You don’t even watch them. You can’t even stay up that late to watch them :)

  202. He would add the GRIT on Defense that this team lacks.

    And he is reasonable for the Money.

    That’s all I’m saying.

    He wears the A for a reason, and is a Stanley Cup Champion. That has to stand for something.

  203. Before the series, I said the Rangers needed to average 3.5 GPG in order to have a shot to win it. They could -have- of averaged 3.0 GPG and been up 3-0. They’ve averaged 1.0 GPG.

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    “He wears the A for a reason, and is a Stanley Cup Champion. That has to stand for something.”

    Brad Richards? Brian Campbell? Chris(topher) Kunitz?

    Andrew Ference wears the C.

  205. Did youse guyses know (Pierre already knows) that Paul Martin, Dan Hinote, Joel Otto, and Nate Prosser all were from Elk River, MN??

    Which begs the the question: no lend thy elk??

  206. Alain Amour on

    They’ve averaged 1.0 GPG.

    Great goaltending from one Marc Andre Fleury.

  207. Doodie Machetto on

    Alain, great in one game, just OK in the other two. Yes, he got the shutout in game 2, but I bet you even Ondrej Pavalec could have come out of that with less then 2 goals against.

  208. Didn’t we use ta have a guy here who started every comment with a quote from a previous comment?

  209. Kings vs Blackhawks in the west.

    Rangers aren’t dead yet, but the pulse on the goals scored isn’t going to keep the team alive much longer.

  210. ThisYearsModel on

    I met Jake the Snake Roberts at a Denny’s in Buffalo. No lie, he had 4 full Grand Slam breakfasts in front of him. He destroyed them all. Wonder if we exceeded his per diem.

  211. Alain Amour on

    he got the shutout in game 2,

    Hank definitely had it more difficult in Game 2.

    However, Fleury made the stops when he needed to.

  212. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, when people complain about Lundqvist, all I can think of is my mom, who knows absolutely nothing about hockey, complaining about the goaltender every time a goal is scored against him or the team loses.

  213. I didn’t get a poem, Doodie. The line was pretty long so us kids understood that he couldn’t take the time.

    Translation: I was hella pissed.

  214. I met Don “The Snake” Prudhomme at Raceway Park. OK. I made that up. I saw him there, but didn’t meet him.

    I saw Kenny “The Snake” Stabler play.

  215. When I was a kid watching baseball with my uncles, and there was a wild pitcher on the mound, I used to ask them why they didn’t let the catcher pitch, since he seemed to throw the ball straight.

  216. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP- ever meet Michel The Snake Bergeron? That’s what Espo called him.

  217. I saw Andre the Giant once, sitting on two stools at the bar at the Greenwich Hyatt. Truth. That was me there, seeing this!

  218. _Didn’t we use ta have a guy here who started every comment with a quote from a previous comment?_

    Ken you elaborate on this question?

  219. Whispers of ………….. THE KREIDER!

    in an arena near you …


  220. i was on a plane with Andre the Giant … going to Pittsburgh as a matter of fact.

    I thought it was Brodeur at first. Took up several seats.

  221. Didn’t that other guy who lived in Fla and spent the Holidays in Jersey and hated Sather also start his harangues with a quote of a previous post? Forget his name.

  222. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Snakes? Snakes? I know I’ve heard that name somewhere

  223. Meant to post this here about an hour ago:


    AV: Kreider to see doctor, … we should know shortly… not sure about this series.

    Um, THE Kreider.

  224. Kreider comes back, first guy that slashes his hand, I want Jasper Fast to pummel him into the next life.

  225. Fast looked like he was ready to cry when he took that stick to the mouth.

  226. My uncle played with Mays in a celebrity/pro event at Bonnie Briar years ago. Unc picked up Willie at his then home in New Rochelle, and drove through a back utility entrance which was a quicker, easier park and a more direct route to the lockers. Willie said, Turn around, Joe, I don’t go in the back door.”

  227. Better way of putting that is “Fast looked like how I would look when he took that stick to the mouth”.

  228. Rob in Beantown on

    In fairness, he looked more composed than I would be after losing two or three teeth

  229. Carcillo hasn’t been in a fight in so long, he’s wearing his teeth.

  230. @SportsnetSpec

    So are Chicago-area orthopaedic surgeons MT @Russostrib: Matt Cooke excited re: Game 4 return

  231. From the Associated Press in Pittsburgh:



  232. Oh yeah: “Did you know the Graves slash happened exactly 22 years ago to the day from *Staal’s assaults* on Crosby?”


  233. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    TyDoughme, your 10am comments, vibin’.

    It was a stunned silence last night after the second. And exactly…on Nash

  234. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Things Rick Nash thinks about while playing:

    Nash: “Hmmm…I’d like to win this thing…but…oh, here comes a puck….so, I’d like to win…gotta try hard. Work hard. Dig, dig, dig…..OMG, IF WE WIN WE FACE BOSTON…..MILAN LUCIC…#17……”

    Deer in headlights……

  235. I assure you, Marc Staal is not. I’m not absolving him of what happened. But he most certainly is not.

  236. Stranger Nation on

    WARNING…WARNING Blog Troll on the loose. repeat, blog troll on the loose.

  237. @rangersreport

    No discipline for Staal for cross-check on Crosby’s helmet. Not surprising at all.

  238. Did Dejan lose his mind when Malkin was swinging his stick around Boyle’s head _from the bench *after the final whistle*_???

  239. I don’t know.

    Two years ago we had loads of sandpaper and grit, and we couldn’t score a goal to save our lives. The Rangers were the 1 seed and took 7 games to eliminate each the 8 seed and the 7 seed. Neither of those teams were particularly strong.

    Last year they were somewhere in between though clearly there were more holes in the roster. This year, the skill level is as high as it has been. Say what you want but Nash/Richards/Hagelin was a very good line last night, and Brassard/Zucc/Pouliot has been a more than solid thirs playoff line. Stepan has no legs and MSL, well, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with him. But the fourth line has chipped in goals – honestly Dom Moore has 2, Boyle has 1, Carcillo has 2. The defense and goaltending should be enough.

    What the Rangers don’t have is a good leadership group. That is what’s missing from this team. There is no captain because there is no one who truly is a captain. Trading Callahan didn’t help, but he’s a leader who leads by example but really doesn’t have the skill to back it up. Richards and St. Louis probably say all the right things, but they too are not players who can put the team on their back and win a game. The Rangers need that. Toews and Kane are literally willing the Blackhawks through the playoffs – those guys are as clutch as it gets. But there is nobody on the Rangers who can step up and score a big goal when you need one, or carry the team. No matter how great your goalie is, he’s never that guy.

    I truly think that’s the problem. That’s why they can never put anyone out of their misery, why they lack a killer instinct.

  240. Re: Staal – that’s at least a phone call. You can’t cross check a guy in the head like that, or slash. He did both. If Neal did that to Nash or Brassard, everyone here would be crying for a suspension.

    As for the game, the shots stat is very misleading. The Pens were fatigued as well and played perfectly. Got a cheap one early and then just defended. They blocked most of the slot. The Rangers had 35 shots and more of the puck possession because the Pens gave it to them. Most of the shots were from the outside.

    Had the Rangers scored on one of those posts, it would’ve been a much more open game. Pittsburgh’s plan was to get a cheap one then park the bus and rest up for game 4. They executed perfectly, but only because the Rangers gave them two cheap goals.

    So I don’t think they played that bad, but in a back to back you can’t make those two mistakes and expect to win in the playoffs.

  241. I’ll say this: I don’t know if Staal meant to crosscheck Crosby in the back of his head, but Staal, of all people, should be careful doing it to someone who had previous concussions, considering Marc has had a long standing battle with that ailment on his own.

  242. Alain Amour on

    Staal should be more careful considering his own bout with concussions.

  243. I don’t think Staal meant to hit him in the head, but that’s reckless. He wasn’t really looking at Crosby when he did it, he just knew where he was (he’s a cyclops to begin with and was looking to the point in case a shot was coming in).

    That slash was also reckless. Am I surprised he didn’t get a call from the league? Absolutely not because they love avoiding those things. I just think he should’ve because that sets a bad precedent going forward.

  244. Sioux
    You have to get to me before you get to seedub ;)

    Lol and agree re fast looking like he was about to cry

  245. again, I don’t know a lot about him, haven’t watched him nearly enough, Wick. But he’s gonna want a boatload of money. (Younger) Richards 2.0?

  246. Carp
    He will re $$$. I think he is better significantly overall than brass or step. Upgrade at centre I think.

  247. Carp

    Breakup day Saturday or Monday. Remember ask Nash for me why he’s a bonafide loser.

  248. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Stastny = Richards 2.0

    He’s not a #1 Center. Come on. He is not the answer and he’s going to want 7 years and $8M+

  249. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    #1 means he is a bonafide 1st line Center in the NHL. Doesn’t have to be a star. Just a REAL 1st line Center. I don’t even think there are more than 18 of them in the NHL.

  250. Stasny will have 12-15 teams in on him and the maple leafs will up the ante. He’s not the number one center we desperately desire.

    Centers top d man goalie win championships.

  251. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Stastny also hasn’t crossed the 60 point mark since 2009.

    He put up 3 more points than Derek Stepan and *less* PP points than Stepan.

    He also takes less shots than Stepan. So he’s more of a pass first guy than the guy we all criticize for being too pass happy.

  252. _#1 means he is a bonafide 1st line Center in the NHL. Doesn’t have to be a star. Just a REAL 1st line Center. I don’t even think there are more than 18 of them in the NHL._

    Isn’t this the problem? If there aren’t even enough 1st line centers to go around, we don’t draft high and we trade our 1st round picks … where are we getting a 1st line center? So you’re stuck either paying UFA prices even for a non-perfect option or abstaining and having even less talent.

  253. Carp, great review.

    Frustrating games to watch. Pens were ripe for the taking. Still have a chance to go back to the burgh tied two two. Any of us sign that deal, every time.

    Sioux, I see you.

    In my rear view mirror.

  254. Well, he had 60 even this year and missed 11 games so he pretty much hit that benchmark.

  255. Wicky – we will be side by side after tonight.

    I’m just hitting my stride now. Easy pickings for me, as I turn the corner.

  256. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Stastny will be like we didn’t even buy out Richards. It’s replacing one problem with another.

  257. That’s my column, SeeeDubbb. That it’s now or never, but that they haven’t been badly outplayed to this point, despite their big trio, the schedule, the power play, etc.

  258. See – I have you in my sights. Thunderstruck is playing, legs are moving, picks …. would be easier if I remembered to pick over the weekends :)

  259. Stastny also played tough minutes for them (2nd QoC), skewed towards D zone starts, 52.7% on faceoffs and 25 of his 35 assists were primary. Nice year all around. He may not be a 1!, but he’s more of a 1 than we have now or have access to get.

  260. Rangers will win on Wednesday!

    Tied 2-2.

    Now if I could only find my pants :)

  261. The lesson that needs to eventually be learned by Uncle Glen is that you can’t make a player be more than what he is by giving him a lot more money.

    Money isn’t going to turn a 20 goal scorer into a 30.

    so you can’t pay a 20 goal guy what you’d pay a 30.

  262. I’ll look forward to it, Carp.

    Sioux, excuses are like Boyle, dime a dozen. :)

  263. Carp – 2nd lesson. You can’t pay the player for what he did for another team. If he is already on the down slope :)


  264. What it comes down to, for me, is that we need a 1/2 C. And we have the chance to amnesty Richards for a guy who is younger and better than Richards. 7-8 years of Stastny, starting now, or 6 years of Richards, starting now, is a no-brainer. Passing on Stastny is fine too, but I’m not sure where you’re finding someone to fill that 1/2 role without opening up other immediate holes and/or further mortgaging the future.

  265. Woodah, shoulda, coulda, Cally’s numbers where inflated beyond belief. He seriously overplayed his hand.

    And I’m a Cally FAN! I hope he does well playing for the Baby Buffalos.

  266. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    We do not need Stastny. We can roll with what we have. We need to shore up other places. Get an actual offensive D-Man for the PP. Maybe get some toughness. Maybe a playable tough guy for the top 6.

  267. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    Also, I didn’t like what I saw of Stastny in the Olympics and if this team is going to play that international style transitional speed game, I don’t know that he can excel in that system.

    As I say always: figure out your identity and build from there. Don’t just shove a bunch of “good” players together and try to win

  268. Fargo Marathon this weekend if you up for a jog around town.

    Wicky looks like a lumberjack that smokes 2 packs a day :)

  269. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I do. It’s why I’m always complaining that teams need to build from the bottom up!

    It’s why no one likes me

  270. Stranger Nation on

    Subject: THE Kreider

    AV Vanilla Response: “He can help us”

    now back to work…

  271. Stastny was showing his wheels in Colorado.

    He’s the real deal, and he HITS like a TRUCK.

    He’s the best Center on the Market.

  272. I do believe Lindberg could be our next home grown Center, and he might be better than Miller.

  273. Cool new *stat* (atleast to me, I’ve never seen it) … Setup passes, which is listed as an “estimate of passes that lead directly to a shot attempt”. Per 60 below …

    Mats Zuccarello: 25.9
    Martin St. Louis: 22.7
    Brad Richards: 19.5
    Ryan Callahan: 19.3
    Derek Stepan: 19.2
    Derek Dorsett: 19.1
    Chris Kreider: 16.6
    Derick Brassard: 16.3
    Dominic Moore: 14.1
    Rick Nash: 13.9
    Carl Hagelin: 11.5
    Benoit Pouliot: 11.1
    Michael Del Zotto: 10.5
    Brian Boyle: 9.1
    Raphael Diaz: 8.2
    Taylor Pyatt: 8.2
    Ryan McDonagh: 6.5
    John Moore: 6.3
    Kevin Klein: 6.1
    Marc Staal: 5.0
    Dan Girardi: 4.3
    Anton Stralman: 3.4

  274. Sather was ready to pay him $36M, and he turned it down. Cally is water under the bridge.

    MSL should be in upgrade in scoring……when?

    Hopefully soon.

  275. They’re actually in a decent position to make a 2 for 1 type trade if Lindberg can replace Richards. They could just about re-sign their FA’s with the Richards money, and they’d have about $6-7M of cap space available.

  276. We need a captain. Not talking about Cally. I’m talking about some one on the bench to make you feel ashamed for not winning your shift or giving your all. I don’t think Nash skates back to Jonathan Toews bench without hearing about compete level. Maybe I’m a romantic but I think it matters.

    Our leadership credo is “It’s good enough”

  277. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    He has a pretty good shot. He can be kind of nasty…. I am semi interested

  278. Crosby Malkin giroux getzlaf toews Bergeron krejci taveres kopitar

    We need one of those type players. Unfortunately we’re never terrible to get a number one center

  279. He’ll get paid, but fills a need, they have cap space (assuming Richards buy out), and he’s only 27.

  280. I think he would give him a harder time FOR taking a hit to make a play.

    Mallards For Peace !!

  281. _He’ll get paid, but fills a need, they have cap space (assuming Richards buy out), and he’s only 27._

    I’d just rather spend money up front.

    (Also, I don’t trust his point totals one bit leaving Pittsburgh.)

  282. How about LA? Six in a row, fifty hits a night, Quick on fire. Pretty scary march to the WCF.

  283. When the Rangers win the Cup, we’re all going to look back at this day and laugh about how we discussed offseason moves.

  284. Czechthemout!!! on

    THE Kreider is coming!

    He will be released on the Penguins tomorrow!

    Look out Pittsburgh.

  285. Manny-O-War. King of Metal on

    I love that we went immediately to the post-season. That shows that this place will be even crazier when we lose/win

  286. Assuming their price gap isn’t huge, I’ll pay Stastny over Moulson.

  287. Supporting reasoning: Plays center, 2 full years younger, better overall, doesn’t look like a werewolf.

    (In fact, a big deal on Moulson is probably a lot closer to that worst case free agency signing than one for Stastny will be. He seems far closer to the “throw it all at the best available” than a 28 year old *American Olympian*.)

  288. Gotta love the guys killing Nash and praising Gaborik- if Rangers kept Gabby (who since was dealt again) and Nash found his way to LA somehow- we’d be killing Gabby and wishing we could ever get a guy like Nash. Am I satisfied with the way Nash has played? No way, but maybe if we got a real center to play for some of these high priced talents they wouldn’t seem like they were skating in a spotlight all the time- no #1 center also means no high slot presence on the PP- you could leave Stepan alone above the circles and you wouldn’t have to worry about him (even if he actually SHOT the puck)- I mean- who was the last true #1 center this team had? Makes me think- every guy that comes here a star and eventually turns out to be “just a Ranger” elevates the legend that was #11 that much higher.

  289. Carp, From attending last night’s game, have enough fodder to write my annual guest blog. Heck, I could have written it while waiting on the unbelievably long lines to the men’s room.

    How long were the unbelievably long lines to the men’s room? Glad you asked.

    I left my seat at the buzzer ending the 1st period. Sonny Boy went to buy two beers. I said to him, see you at the seats.

    By the time I returned to my seat it was the 13:54 mark of the 2nd and the beer Sonny Boy purchased for me was warm as Hot Coco!

  290. Recipe for a title

    Number one center
    2-3 top dman
    Decent pp( not 0 for 35)

  291. And this is all without Orpik
    So much for not being able to draft and develop with years of low draft picks

  292. AV Needs to change momentum in Game 4 by asking Prust to fight Neil

    Oh wait, what?

  293. Lloyd Braun on

    one question:

    1) When was the last time Rick Nash scored a power play goal?

    based on what I’ve seen from him this postseason, I’m not sure he’s ever scored a goal in any capacity.

    I’m not buying the Penguins are that much better than the Rangers. I just don’t see it. Henrik Lundqvist was the best player on the ice for most of game 2. He was lousy in game 3. Marc-Andre Fleury is a middling goaltender at best and we all know how wonderful the Rangers have been for the past 2 decades at making average goalies look like Vezina candidates. Crosby scored a crappy goal after crappy defense. Jokinen scored a crappy goal after crappy defense. The Rangers, despite exhibiting ZERO offensive creativity in either of the last 2 games managed to dominate 1 of the 2 games and were in both basically to the end.

    Ultimately this series (and this post-season) is probably going to come down to why a team needs a good, not a great power play rather than an utterly abysmal one that serves only to energize the other team. The Rangers look to consistently dress the dumbest PP squads in the sport of hockey, and that they’re squandering 4 chances a game to even make a dent is going to be something that can think about when they’re playing golf in a week.

  294. I agree and don’t think we have an on-ice or locker room leader. Hard to be a leader and to push others when you are not perceived as a valuable tool. Carcillo or Dorsett might have been on the verge had they played and had one or the other scored and delivered some big hits and energy. AV made sure that didn’t happen by dressing them in civvies. There is no other possibility other than a scoring MSL or a scoring Topo and neither has produced much.

  295. What Staal did in front of the net to Crosby was rather ordinary for this time of year, not particularly vicious, and no doubt retaliatory in nature. It could have drawn a penalty, but so could 1,000 other jabs like this one in a playoff atmosphere.

  296. Last night, there were many Passengers. Too many to name them all.

    Seated comfortably in First Class: Nash, Stepan and St. Louis.

  297. Talking to a long-time Rangers fan and friend who no longer lives on the East Coast. Told him how disappointed a lot of us are in Nash who looks like he represents the latest in a line of flops beginning with Bobby Holik, Scott Gomez, and Chris Drury. He had a great line: he said that except for Messier, the “Garden is the place where great players go to die.” Now I don’t consider Holik, Gomez, and Drury “great” but I know what he was driving at.

  298. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Waiting for the THE to arrive on the big stage.

    Baseball-references isn’t my cup of tea.

    Except for Jack Murphy – Tony Gwynn – pop – angry relatives = Hilarious.

    Matty@2.59 :)))))))

  299. Lloyd Braun on

    it needs to be said: Derek Stepan, with a pretty small sample, is establishing himself as a lousy postseason player.

  300. Why try harder? It’s Good Enough.

    Staal has gone back to separating a player from the puck with body not the poke check, nice to see. It’s what he made his bones doing.

  301. Interesting insight, Seee. Either he was told and finally listened, or he was just fed up at being swatted around.

  302. A combination of the two perhaps, Coos. I also think he is finally physically able to play that style again. Now if he would only get a shot through and on net once in a while.

    I give with one hand and take with the other.

  303. They should replace the National anthems at the start with “Money” by Pink Floyd.

  304. Great review, Carp!!!

    Some reaction:

    1) “The Rangers, again, might have a fighting chance if their top line guys would, you know, toss in a goal every week or so.”

    Yes, I think Nash or St Louis scoring a goal will probably help. Bonus if they can get more than 1 or they both score!

    2) “(Gaby) he has as many (goals) as Nash, Stepan, St. Louis and Zuccarello, combined.”

    Yes, but he’s no Brassard!


    By the way, J Moore and Dorsett didn’t play last night.

    3) Nash played well in the Olympics. I heard he likes Russia. Maybe we can “loan” his contract to a KHL club?

  305. Seedubb….. I’m already thinking about next year. RKP happened 11 wins short of the Cup.

  306. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Stall was just *finishing his check*

    Papa – maybe you’re just experiencing the parabolic SAR?

  307. I always listen to Amirante sing the Anthem on 98.7 instead of watching Dolan sell us Cadillacs on MSG. A playoff game at home without one or both Anthems and the crowd’s late roar opens (to a home viewer) with a boring thud.

  308. I said at the beginning of the Playoffs I thought that Nash wasn’t in the top 90 players in the league. I was being way over generous.

  309. Bright stahs…and the rockits red glayer, the bombs buuuursting in ayer…

  310. Even Amirante couldn’t help us last night. Though I agree with you , Coos about it setting the stage for what follows.

  311. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Carpy, thanks for your 3:00pm! It was strange. Thought I somehow did something wrong. ;-))

  312. There’s nothing patriotic about it for me.

    Especially when I think about the sacrifices that are/were made by others to protect our freedom and liberty.

    I say find another way to start a greedy entertainment spectacle.

    Why not have the owners arm wrestle at center ice?

  313. The only guy we should have standing still on the PP is either Boyler or PullOut, fighting and blocking right in front of the goalie.

  314. bull dog line on

    this is a comment for next year, not tomorrow when Krieder comes back. the Rangers should move Kreider to center. they need size and speed at center. Stepan and Brassard are not big enough to match up with these big top line centers.

  315. SorrySeedubb…..

    But we honor these slugs, who skate and play a game for 17:00 minutes 3 times a week with the National Anthem?

    I am a huge sports fan. But I don’t agree with it.

    Nothing personal towards John Amirante.

  316. Ok, stastny or spezza?

    I’m all about stastny and as far as his Olympics went, since team USA did such a great job, I’ll let stastny’s performance slide on this one.

  317. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Papa Bear

    Last night, there were many Passengers. Too many to name them all.

    What game were you watching? I saw alot of shots , hits and GLORIOUS chances . Passengers? You my friend are on glue.

  318. Honest and valid, Papa.

    They don’t deserve it.

    Look at it as honoring the assembly of citizens, who surely do.

  319. As far as d men go, I’m not interested in niskanen…I want bangers and mashers (one or two) which is what we really need. Mcdonut had 40+ pts and if he didn’t have an injury, he would be better on the pp).

    Besides who says the pp QB has to be a d man?

    So as far as d men I’m interested in…oleksiak, mcilrath, methot, engelland, polak, orpik, capt headhunter Murray, maybe Greene from la, belov perhaps

  320. bull dog line on

    I still think they need to replace at least 2 if not 3 of there top 6. they all play the same game. fines puck movers. I want some nastiness on the blue line. somebody who is going to take penalty after a player takes an extra wack at Hank. somebody who going to make the opposition think twice about ever taking an extra wack again.

  321. bull dog line on

    well that is the hope, ORR. McIlrath needs to be on the team next year. even if he is the 7th D man, and only plays 50 games. they have to start pushing forward with him.

  322. loneranger on

    Carp Do you think Kreider will make it back to the lineup b4 we get booted from the 2nd round of the Play-Offs.

  323. Yeah, if McIlrath brings what was advertised when we drafted him (and that was basically him just being a tough guy, none of the pundits had him going at 10) and earns a roster spot, I’ll be satisfied at this point.

  324. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    But with the way Crosby has played the last two games, and the way Pittsburgh has defended, and the way so many Penguins are playing individually and in groups, I don’t see the Rangers being competitive the rest of the way.

    After watching last game all I see is The Rangers being competitive .

    Whats makin the Penguins look so good? Neil? Crosby? Only McFluery.

  325. bull dog line on

    some feel that way NYR. D men usually take a little longer to develop. big rugged D men take even longer. Stoner on Mini spent 4 years in the AHL. sometimes it just takes time.

  326. Good point Bull Dog. Stoner is having an impact this postseason. Hope you’re right, maybe it just takes time, we could use the beef.

  327. Going to be brutal when we are down to two series’ and then one. Sure is nice to watch playoff quality hockey every night. Well, most nights.

  328. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pierre (while working the Mont – Bos game) – “Kenny, MAF has his swagger back, i really want to kiss him on the mouth”

  329. Hey POZY Gregg , the glue I’m sniffing?

    It’s Definitely not as strong as the glue you’ve been using to seal you eyes shut!

    I’ll say it again, too many Passengers riding First Class last night.

    Your boy Nash, Your Boy Stepan, your Boy St. Louis.

    No offense and Sorry if a little dose of truth and reality happens to rain on your POZY PARADE!

  330. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near

    Let it roll, baby, roll

  331. Destroyed! but the guy hopped right back up. You would have to scrape me off the ice.

  332. Expect the Bruins to lose poorly ala the flyers & to goon it up once they get beaten tonight.

  333. Manny-o-war on

    How come every time NYR loses a face off the replay shows the other team with some fancy skate move. Why don’t our centers have any fancy moves?

  334. Manny-o-war on

    I don’t know, ORR. I will never count the Bruins out after what they did to the Leaves.

  335. Nash thought bubble while at home watching this game upon seeing the Moen destroyer hit on Iggy: “Well the Bruins have Lucic, the Habs have Moen, maybe I can fake a groin pull if we advance?”

  336. “According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Bruins are the only team in NHL history to win a Game 7 after trailing by three goals in the third period.”

  337. Habs are kicking Boston’s ass every game so far…if it wasn’t the collapse in game two they’d be up on B’s 3-0…

    Are Habs better than the Rangers?

  338. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Are Habs better than the Rangers?

    I concede nothing. They would have to beat us in a playoff series before I even consider that.

  339. Bull dog
    Your 8:09 is spot on!!!

    I agree that replacing 2 is the optimum plan!!

  340. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – like Belov, probably can get him, no? Big Righty Dman with good shot. Replace Norris

  341. Price basically got a gold medal doing nothing. Henrik was pretty great in ’06 IIRC.

  342. Stranger Nation on

    please bring back Double Ds and Car Bong along with THE

    would keep Diaz in as well, guy can hum it at the net

    THE Step Good
    hags Bucky Car Bong
    MZA Bros Pullout
    big rig Dinty Moops. Double Ds

    sit the Dispirited St Louis so he can spend more time with his kids

  343. Hope they spent sometime with dispirited MSL today, explaining what offsides is.

  344. Price did what he needed to do in Sochi and did it well – no doubt about that. More of the same in these playoffs.

  345. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Serious question – what fan blog do the delusional Torts’ lovers post on?

  346. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    No Papa Bear your sniffing the glue , I watched the game and I think your full of it. Hate on Nash , go ahead , hate on the rest . Your eyes are really up your azz.

  347. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If only the Rangers D would throw guys out of the crease like that…

  348. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CCCP – and the gabby azz kissing is pretty funny too. Where was the butt smooching after he disappeared for the last year and a half?

  349. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Where was the butt smooching after he disappeared for the last year and a half?

    Dolan never stopped with Slats. 14 years now…

  350. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Oh No Chicago can’t score…no talent there.

    Yep Chicago just isn’t good. Can’t score Toews must be useless..MUST BE? Well…?

  351. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Can’t read your post greg. There are two Stanley Cups in the way…

  352. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    4 – 0 loss , wow Chicago must have nothing but too many Passengers riding First Class . As Said by Papa Bear.

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