Game 2: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) Are you really surprised that this series is 1-1? Seriously? I’m not at all. I’m never, ever surprised that any series is 1-1 after two. Heck, maybe you should be surprised it isn’t 2-0 Penguins.

2) So let’s get this streak thing right out of the way. Ya boys have now lost eight straight Game 2s. They have lost in 11 straight opportunities to increase a one-game lead to two following a victory. They have lost an NHL record 13 consecutive games when leading in a series. You don’t need any further opinion on that.

3) I am going to opine, however, that worse than losing Game 2, worse than being badly outplayed at even strength and on special teams, is this: Marc-Andre Fleury sure feels a lot better about his game, which was shaky at very best going into Game 2 and Sidney Crosby certainly looked more like the Crosby we all know and love. Or in your case, despise. That can’t be good for the Rangers. Oh, and Pittsburgh is about four miles better than Philly. Which I kinda knew.

4) The power play. Oy. Now 0-for-29 since Game 2 vs. Philly. Hard to believe that power play — which has been el stinko since January — actually won Game 1 vs. the Flyers by scoring on both ends of a double-minor. And without that, the Rangers wouldn’t even be in this series. Alain Vigneault has now tried all his defensemen on the points, including Anton Stralman and even, briefly, Kevin Klein. The Rangers, despite the Pittsburgh/Crosby/NHL/NBC conspiracy you all sell, got three power plays in the early part of the first period and did squat. Two shots. A Rick Nash pass deflected off Craig Adams and hit the post. That really, you could say, was the ballgame … though the Penguins outplayed the Rangers the rest of the game, too, and the Rangers remained a shot away from tying it against Fleury until late in the third … and didn’t.

5) The fourth PP chance was OK, with Game 1 hero Derick Brassard having a good chance at the side of the net. At the end of that one, Dan Girardi committed a woeful turnover that turned into a Chris Kunitz Jack-in-the-box breakaway — a play that has already resulted in four goals in Rangers playoff games. This time Henrik Lundqvist stopped Kunitz.

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two6) Which brings us to Girardi and Ryan McDonagh.  It seems in most of these loss-after-win situations, they’ve struggled terribly. The latter hasn’t been himself in most of the nine games so far, and sure wasn’t in Game 2. He was turned inside-out by Crosby a number of times. Girardi scored Pittsburgh’s first goal by accident, allowed the Kunitz breakaway, took a penalty (on which James Neal also should have been called), and whiffed on a clearing try to allow Evgeni Malkin’s empty-netter. He also got whacked in the mouth and nose. A forgettable night.

7) Henrik Lundqvist. The Flyers, we all thought, would run him over non-stop, and while they got in a few shots, it was nothing compared to what Pittsburgh has done in these two games in terms of crease traffic. Lundqvist was beside himself when Kunitz, with a tiny shove from McDonagh, made sure to “fall” completely on top of the goaltender (Kunitz was penalized; the Rangers didn’t score, as you know). Lundqvist was fabulous, as good as he’s been in these playoffs. Can’t win when the other guy gives up zero.

8) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Ugh. Now 1 goal in 21 playoff games as a Ranger, none this spring. No excuses. His first line, with Derek Stepan and Martin St. Louis, was a complete non-factor. Repeatedly off-side, turnovers in the neutral zone, and of course first power-play minutes. At one point, during a 4-on-4, Dan Bylsma had Crosby and Malkin on the ice. Vigneault had Nash and Stepan. Kinda stark in contrast. Holy mismatch. Meanwhile, the guy they decided to jettison once they got Nash has five goals for the Kings, including the tying goal in the final seconds and the winner in OT Saturday … both scored by driving to the net, in the dirty area where Nash no longer roams.

9) I didn’t necessarily think Game 2 was a question of battle level or intensity, though Pittsburgh’s was clearly higher. That’s understandable for a team that needed the game much more. Pittsburgh played probably its best game of the playoffs as did its captain. That 1-0 goal was 30+ minutes in the making.New York Rangers  v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two

10) This is a legitimate excuse in advance: This absurd scheduling could cost the Rangers this series. That said, though people have been saying this, the schedule has nothing to do with the Liberty game Thursday morning. The Rangers could play that night at MSG, and if they couldn’t they would move the Liberty game. But it’s about a series of arena conflicts later in the series that’s forcing this Monday-Wednesday situation, meaning six in nine days for the Rangers.

11) I thought this was the best-officiated game of the Rangers’ nine playoff games. And it was still terrible. That said, Daniel Carcillo (who drew one of the early power plays with the old rubber-neck embellishment play) took a bad penalty after receiving a warning, and Derek Dorsett took a worse one late, on which Pittsburgh scored the clinching power-play goal. And Marc Staal, who’s been so solid in these playoffs, took a nap on the goal.

12) And those penalties aside, it’s remarkable to me that the Dominic Moores, Dorsetts and Carcillos, when they get a chance, they put the puck on net. While the more skilled players so often just fire it high and wide. Against a goalie — the third they’ve faced with this M.O. in these playoffs — who might be a tad jumpy. Get it on net.

13) Vigneault will make changes for Game 3. I just wonder if it will be at forward or on defense. Maybe Raphael Diaz gets a sweater and a shot to help the power play? Or maybe J.T. Miller goes in for Carcillo or Dorsett? Couldn’t hurt to get two pairs of fresh legs into the lineup, though I’d be jittery about how either will hold up against Pittsburgh’s pressure.

14) I just have this feeling that it won’t take much for the Garden to leap into booing mode tonight. Especially with the power play. And Nash.

15) NBC has all these microphones above the glass, and they can pretend all they want about us accidentally overhearing all the profanity that goes on post-whistle. NBC knows darn well that those things will be heard. So if we’re going to get all the F-bombs and other niceties tossed into our living rooms anyway, if the FCC is cool with it, then NBC should turn up the volume and tell its announcers to shut up so we can actually hear the conversations. Could be entertaining.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two
2. Anton Stralman.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Dominic Moore.
3. Brian Boyle.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Anton Stralman.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Daniel Carcillo.

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  1. Thanks Carp, all relevant and disconcerting points. Hope the D can find its game, again too many stretch passes.LGR!

  2. “It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing,” Nash, who has one goal in 21 playoff games as a Ranger, told The Post. “I got chances but that isn’t good enough.
    “I have to up my game and work to put pucks in the net.”

    Holy crap! He didn’t say he played good!!!

    Rangers in 5.

  3. Can Girardi PLEASE stay on his feet! I know every now and then he makes a great play but most of the time he does not.


  4. Cant wait to see where this Boyle-Malkin thing is headed…oh right…no where! Not much time to sulk over last night..but 24 hours from now we are either going to be a very happy bunch..or climbing further on the ledge.

    May be time to mute the entire game…forgot to do do between periods and loved Roenicks finger snapping at Keith Jones when he couldnt remember what he wanted to say. Total moron..and just a reflection how professionalism and this grade Z station clash on a regular basis.

    I would love some to run Kunitz into the boards fot trying to trip Lundqvist after his post penalty breakaway..or is that why Dorsett took the penalty. Guess the Pens dont have to hestate taking penalties when the only drawback is two minutes off the clock.

    McDonagh….wow…I guess when this is all over we will understand his struggles.
    Nash…when this is all over…unless something changes…your name will be used like “oh…Lundqvist really had a Nasher night giving up 6 goals” or Stepan really had Nash night going -5′ losing all his draws and playing like he was skating on sand!

  5. Carp, great review of lousy game for a Ranger fan. This was Pittsburgh at its best but us at our less than best. Yes this team was first in the division and a good club to be sure but they look beatable.

    One, one coming home, realistically, I’m okay with that.

    LGR !!!

  6. Hopefully we don’t have to Gnash our frustrations after tonite, is it finally time for him to be a force, or will he continue to be a farce?

  7. “Most Consecutive Playoff Power Play Chances Without a Goal: 30, by 2010–11 Boston Bruins”

    All they did was win a cup.

    LGR !!!

  8. Why wouldn’t you spear, slash, board, high stick interfere with Hank when your the opposition. We can’t answer physically or make them pay on the scoreboard.
    BTW someone needs to rearrange Neal’s face, probably going to have to wait another round on that too.

  9. Staal Wart on

    Carp great review for a not so great showing last night…
    your last point…hysterical!
    I was thinking the same thing, but I’d have to send little Staal to another room.

  10. I would sit Nash(I hate him) it’s tied 1-1 and see if he has any self pride, maybe a kick start. After we are done trade him to Winnipeg, Canada live him for Kane or no Nash. Put in Diaz in game 4 if we don’t get a pp goal.ell the team everyone could sit if the effort isn’t extremely high.
    Who thinks Hank is in the zone or is ready to let a backbreaking goal in tonight?
    SCARY thought sorry just woke up.

  11. bull dog line on

    game could have been 8 zip if not for Hank. they miss Kreider. Miller for Carcillo to get some more skill in the line up, and to help Richards. top 4 Dmen were not very good last night.

  12. wildplaces on

    Accurate write up, Carp. We were a team of one last night, my three stars Lundquist, Lundquist, and Lundquist.

  13. Hopefully in a week we aren’t looking back to the first 7 mins of game 2 with the pp failing.

    Tonight game in my mind means it goes 7 if rangers win if not this series can spiral out if control real quick and we could face elimination Friday.

    Swing game back to back rangers lose this all the fatigue questions become amplified.

  14. Nash is the first so – called goal scorer that I have ever seen that doesn’t want the puck all of the time.

  15. Powerplay killed us again but what about Nash passing up opportunity to shoot from front of net early in the game. Too much traffic to make a pass..He’s got to shoot that puck…and want to shoot that puck

  16. Power play
    Shmower play
    Didn’t the Pens have a top five or three PK this year? Even the best pp would have had trouble

    They lost because they were outplayed by a determined, much more talented and chippy team. Last night at least. We weren’t scoring last night if the game was ten periods. Hard to imagine that Pitt can keep up that pace for 3-5 more games. But I don’t like our chances if we can’t make simple passes and our dump and chase doesn’t work because no one goes to the front for chances

  17. _14) I just have this feeling that it won’t take much for the Garden to leap into booing mode tonight. Especially with the power play. And Nash._

    Carp, I’ll attending tonight. I will begin the night by acting restrained regarding Nash. Though In fairness, I think the Garden faithful have been very tolerant of his BS. He’s had a two year pass on booing. If he doesn’t play with complete effort tonight, the tolerance will end, led by PB.

    In Nash, we were told we were getting a Power Forward. How did we end up with this _Powerless_ Forward?

  18. out of curiosity (self loathing) I went and watched some Pre-Rangers, Nash Highlights. I was surprised how many of his goals came from in the goal crease, how many times he took the player to the inside and just quick step and hard shot.

    There wasn’t much of him beating a guy to the outside with a speed/power move so I guess I had the wrong impression there

    I know it’s beating a dead horse at this point but I can’t fathom a world where his play is not a result of his recent brain scramblings

  19. We looked gassed last night and Pitt adjusted to our attempt at stretch passes to create offense pretty quickly (at least much more quickly than Phil did)

  20. Did anyone else notice that when the Penguins were protecting their one goal lead in the third period that they still carried the puck out of their zone, made plays, and didn’t just sit back waiting for the Rangers to attack? Contrast this to the Rangers protecting their one goal lead against Philly in Game 7. Granted, I’ll happily deal with a one-goal lead in the third period tonight for the Rangers, though my blood pressure will be through the roof, as usual.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I had the stars the same as Carp.

    What a rotten effort by our boys last night. Just absolutely dominated from the moment the puck dropped, and that includes the three pathetic PPs to start the game. The fourth one was definitely better, but AV needs to try some serious changes in order to get everything working.

    I know it’s tough to look at LA and see how Gaborik is doing. I was definitely a big time Gaborik fan-boy. But the truth is, if we didn’t make the Gaborik trade, we probably wouldn’t have made the playoffs this year. So while it sucks seeing him score big goals for a team that isn’t ours, while his three pieces have done almost squat in the playoffs (Brassard obviously had a great game 1 against Pittsburgh), it’s disingenuous to say that we shouldn’t have traded him based on his playoff success.

    The part of the Gaborik trade that it is going to cost us Anton Stralman. Bear with me here: We got John Moore as part of the Gaborik return. Between him and MDZ, we had a redundancy. MDZ was moved for Klein. Klein’s contract is way too high for his value, and is much closer to what Stralman should have received from the team. Stralman, seeing Klein’s contract, is going to want more than the Rangers will give, and he will be on another team next year. Meanwhile, Moore has not been good for a really long time. I’m not saying MDZ was any better because he wasn’t. But when both guys were at their best (Moore just after being acquired in the Gaborik trade, MDZ in 11-12), MDZ was the much better player. I’d rather gamble on him rediscovering that upside than the continued development of Moore, especially if it meant having Stralman instead of Klein.

    Nash, on the other hand, is a complete disaster. Who does the Nash trade again? In all seriousness, how many of you would trade Nash for Dubinsky, straight up? Nash is just an absolute loser of a player. No heart, no fire, no guts. And most importantly, no goals.

    We need THE Kreider.

    It was great to see Lundqvist play his best game of the playoffs out of the first round for a change. Too bad we wasted a game he absolutely was going to steal for us if we popped in two measly goals.

  22. Sather Must Go! on

    Pens are a better squad, but up 1-0 and tied in the 2nd because of the goalie, is something yountake and recoop for MSG

    McD was not good last night, i hink the sched is as much a mental thing as a physical thing, or it may seem that way as the Rangers are a step slow, amd thenpens are that much quicker- causing players being out of position

    Stepan is PO player – he dosent elevate his game and, if it is possible, he is LESS physical than plays in the reg season…

    How long bfore the “4th” line get a shot on PP? Or maybe a player or two… As you menttion, Carp, at least the puck on the net

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, as for the guys who get it on net opposed to the skill players missing: I’m sure the stars could put it in the goaltender’s chest just as well as the dregs, but they are actually trying to get it into the goal, not into the Penguins logo on the front of the goaltender’s jersey.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    When our best 5 (that fake first line, not the real first line) do not play their top games, we are not going to win too many. Thought our top 3 D looked off, especially McD who has looked out of sync since he came back, but really having trouble with speed to the outside. It was Crosby beating his outside, but some bottom 6er, but still, he is not playing up to his high standards.

    Henk played great. Might have stolen the game if we could have scored early. What is NASH thinking passing the flippin puck 10 fit with speed and no one on him. He is done as done.

    The Carcillo penalty for not breaking up quick enough when asked and then when he does back off Neal punches in the face, with no penalty.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Brutal weekend at the Machetto household. Doodie Jr. had a fever last week, cried and refused to eat all weekend. This morning at about 4:45, he woke us up with his crying. When we open his door, we were overtaken by the most foul smelling diarrhea poop in history. The color was all wrong, too, so he’s going to the doctor as soon as she’s in. Poor kid can’t catch a break.

  26. I said it last night (I think). The biggest thing that signified to me that some thing is really wrong with Nash (outside of poor play, but we all slump) is that on the 4 on 4 carp mentions

    Nash and step get the puck at center ice, enter the zone, criss cross and then when step fires a weak shot to the net, they pan out and Nash is standing on the half boards no where near the play.

    So instead of using his size and skill to create an offensive chance he turned a 2 on 2 with the defense backing up into a 1 on 2 for Stepan.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    “Nash and step get the puck at center ice, enter the zone, criss cross and then when step fires a weak shot to the net, they pan out and Nash is standing on the half boards no where near the play.”

    I remember this play. While I completely agree with your take on Nash, Stepan’s shot was ruined by his stick snapping.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Can some reporter just straight up ask Nash “Why don’t you go to the goal? Why is everything you do to the outside?”

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, slip Rossi or some other Post Gazzette or Union Tribune reporter a twenty to ask Nash that question. This way, none of the NY reporters have to worry about losing access.

  30. Canada loves Nashless… deal him up there. they biggest anticipation for me is not tonight, its if we buy out Richards when we are done. that will determine if we can win a Cup in the next decade, and that’s not overblown. Plenty of space if you free those two up, good core, good D, a few good years with Hank. Seems simple but yet its Sather. Just drop those 2 and add a power play point, and a real power forward and we are getting closer.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    “its if we buy out Richards when we are done.”

    Not happening. And Nash’s contract makes him completely untradeable.

  32. You have to wonder if the reason they didn’t amnesty Richards last summer is because they were saving it for if it had to be used on Nash….

  33. who will score first Nash or Eric Christensen? Can it be more humanly possible for Step to miss any more open nets in these playoffs?

  34. Doodie, I’ll take Nash on that one, but if you wanna ask me something like “who will score first, Nash or Diaz” I might take Diaz.

  35. Doodie, I’m afraid your right with Richards….them I’m done. Nash is totally tradeable though, not getting a lot, but tradeable…addition by subtraction. Some GM will say NY big city wasn’t right for Nash, I can get something out of him, blah blah blah. Sather has just got to want to deal him, pride and all, since he made the wonderful deal.

  36. Miami Pimp on

    NASH on the flight last night: “Wait, that wasn’t an exhibition game?!”

  37. Rangerzjmb on

    Wow, Roenick says Staal and Staalman, then calls Stralman “Anti” Stralman, major brain cramp. Who thought that would be the best entertainment for Ranger fans last night. Power play insists on forcing cross ice passes thru the defense or shooting on goal when lanes are blocked when they gain entry. Coming up approaching the zone four players standing on the blue line so puck carrier has no option other then shoot it in. Pittsburgh turns and clears the zone. If three want to stand on the blue line give the puck carrier another cross ice option by the fifth player on his wing. At least get the defense to have to move laterally to open up the zone. If the shot lanes are blocked shoot wide and fight for the rebounds. I think they are once again looking for the pretty goal instead of accepting the garbage.

  38. Robby Bonfire on

    Can’t wait to find out who next season’s T. Pyatt, D. Moore “quick fixes” are for this team? Were they really supposed to be the final pieces in a Stanley Cup winning puzzle?

    I am telling you – this G.M. ain’t never gonna retire OR die. NEVER. Following the fortunes of this team is a brutal exercise in masochism.

  39. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Tied 1-1 after 2. Still on pace to win in 7, if the games don’t catch up to them.

    Seriously, that’s a lot of games to play, and it just looked like they couldn’t get into the game yesterday. For a puck possession team, to be chipping it in all day yesterday, they never really had any pressure on the MAF.

    Something tells me it’s going to be 2-2 after 4.

  40. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Torts sat Richards last year, and his shelf life expired.

    Does AV really sit Nash?

    All that skill, to sit their like the lion from the wizard of oz, and have to heart.

    Perhaps AV could sit him down and watch the game played in Columbus, and tell him we want “that” player, in the playoffs.

  41. Miami knows what he’s talking about. BUSH-league, dog’s-breakfast, wouldn’t cut it in the Mexican midnight CERVEZA league. Someone tell them that this is the playoffs, already. Otherwise clean off the golf clubs. Poor Lundqvist.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Nash is untradeable because of his contract. Nobody is taking on a contract worth almost 8 million a year EXCEPT for big markets, and all of those teams (like ours) don’t have the cap space.

    And then there’s the issue of his no trade clause.

  43. As if there isn’t enough to complain about with Nash……

    I don’t think he has much Hockey smarts. His positioning without the puck in the offensive zone almost never provides an option to the player with the puck.

  44. Manny-O-War on

    I mean, I don’t think many people expected them to *win* this series yet here they are, headed home tied at 1-1. A split in Pittsburgh is a good thing. Now they just need to take tonight’s game and try to actually go up 2 games.

    Fleury is vulnerable and he’s not playing that well (not that we made it very hard for him) twice in 24 hours.

  45. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Here’s hoping they have some legs tonight. I’m tired just talking about the game last night. I can’t imagine if I would even have the energy to watch tonight’s game, let alone play it.

  46. Doodie, sorry to hear about the little guy.

    Sather traded Gomez, he can likely trade Nash as well, if he wants too. He’ll probably have to accept little to nothing in return, maybe bite the bullet and do a Nash for No-Nash trade.

    As for the NTC in Nash’s contract, if (when) he starts getting boo’d unmercifully these next to playoff games at the Garden, I bet he’d be willing to _pay the Rangers_ to get out of his no trade.

  47. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Manny – Fleury doesn’t have to be good, if the Rangers can’t get the puck on net. You would think we have 12 Del Zotto’s out there.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ranger PP in the second period, Richards on the right point, puck on the left half-boards (maybe Brassard or Zucc) – and Richards is as still as a statue for 1001,1002,1003,1000 – amazing – he didnt twitch a muscle. Gots to move Yo feet, my brutha. Generate some movement.

  49. doodie, Papa is right.
    We can trade Nash, the cap is going up, the large market teams are not the only ones that can get him in. Return is going to be awful and Sathers pride that’s what would hold up a deal. Carp said it right a couple of days ago, he made the Canadian Olympic team, there is still value, granted its eroding every game, but he can absolutely be traded. He will waive his NTC in a heart beat to get out of here, you think he’s happy in NY?

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Something is wrong with the Nash noodle. Maybe the fight he had against CBJ in that last game concussed him again. He reminds me of Nedved this days.

    Stepan sure doesn’t like the big stage either. I’ve lost count, but how many times is he late with a shot, his stick snap, or the opponent stick check his shot? It’s maddening.

  51. Diaz for McDonagh, Miller for Dorsett. Sean Avery for Nash. Dancing Larry for Scott Arniel.

    Kreider update?

    Sauer update?

  52. “Daily Nash-O-Meter. Ugh. Now 1 goal in 21 playoff games as a Ranger, none this spring. No excuses.”

    See, this is one of the reasons why I miss Torts. If he were here, he’d bench Nash’s A$$ and let him think about this for a while.

  53. BickelsPickle on

    Richards was actually not bad. He battled. That first line is not bogus, either. They’re good players but they’re not Malkin or a Crosby or a Toews or a Kane or an Ovechkin. Those players are good. Actually, really, really good. Our alleged savior is not a super star. He’s good, kinda.

  54. BickelsPickle on

    We won’t be winning a cup any time soon… so, don’t get so upset when we lose. The truth is – with any sport, really – is that this is ENTERTAINMENT. That’s it. It kills 3 hours every other night for 6-7 months for me, and I’ll take it.

  55. _The Rangers, despite the Pittsburgh/Crosby/NHL/NBC conspiracy you all sell, got three power plays in the early part of the first period_

    Oh yeah? You want more conspiracy? Maybe, just maybe…the Rangers got three PPs in the early part of the game is because the refs know our PP stinks and by giving us early PPs they tried to throw the Rangers off their game, which they did, because if you remember how well we started in game one… so there!

  56. “Why do I use fast acting Advil? Because my team’s Power Play gives me head aches. Fast-acting Advil: acting faster than Brad Richards on the Power Play.”

  57. Just remember folks.

    The Pens have to play back-to-back games too and a fatigued Pens team gives the Rangers a huge advantage.

  58. Stretch passes can surprise, but not if that’s your first decision 2/3 of the time.

  59. Not trying to post a “ledge” post just want to point a couple things out that have been irking me way before last night.

    1- this team does not have the psychological make up of a contender. They’ve been successful in game 7s but prior to that they’re rarely ready in their heads for games that they should be. Whether it’s age or injury or whatever it could be, some
    Of these guys look like they’re skating in a game in mid November and it’s May.

    2- Stepan is a guy I’ve supported for a long while now but whether it’s strength, timing etc I’m pretty sick of watching him attempting to shoot only to see him whiff, take a shot that looks like that of a pee wee player or have it easily blocked or deflected. You seldom win important face offs, you aren’t a physical presence or a play maker if you’re not able to shoot the puck you aren’t a top line player let alone a top center.

    3- I actually said aloud around 6pm last night that knowing this team they’ll probably lose 2-0 or 3-0. The one time I call it. Go figure.

    4- again, it’s not about last night but in general and especially in this series- playing a team like Pitts really exposes what they lack as a team. You watch the forwards for the pens (even excluding Malkin and Crosby) and they’re making crisp accurate passes they know where each other are they feed
    Off each other…and then you watch our guys skating into each other, falling down, committing weak turn overs and well, again it looks like a scrimmage up in Greenburgh in early August.

    5- Lundqvist kept that game from being a 5 or 6-0 loss. You can see him finally raising his game. Other guys need to follow his lead or not have jobs w this organization next season.

  60. Manny-O-War on

    I’m personally shocked that they haven’t gone with 7 D-Men just to get Diaz out there for the PP. Anything that results in a goal is a good move.

  61. Nash is either injured or another head case that won’t pan out in NY. I’m not expecting so much as one playoff goal from him the rest of the way here. Out of every 60 minutes
    Of ice time he gets he plays about 4 minutes of it effectively. If that’s worth 7 million bucks to this organization…

  62. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Who comes out for “fresh legs”?

    Will Diaz come in for Moore?
    Miller in for …. who took the dumbest penalty last night?

    Is THE KREIDER close enough to play? They could use his size and speed, if he will use it.

    Not that we need goals to win a game, because they don’t want to bring up the snipper in MonteKristo. Hank can’t steal a game if the Rangers can’t get ONE goal.

  63. I really thought THE Kreider would be back by now. The fact that he isn’t shows lack of heart and he should be traided this summer.

  64. And listen, again I wasn’t exactly anticipating a run here, but I don’t want to be anywhere near a tv or computer or radio when they interview Sather during exit meetings. He’s gonna say they were closer than most teams, that they have young guys who are
    Gonna get better and that it’s hard to find a Crosby or a Malkin..know what’s hard to find, Mr Sather? An effective GM. What really pains me is that he won’t be wrong. But the relevancy of the saying “so close yet so far” is stunning.

  65. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    I seen one thing yesterday that I thought was pretty cool thing about Sidney. A fan caught him driving up to work, he asked for an autograph, and Sid rolls down the window and signed the Jersey for him.

    I wonder if Nash would have done that for me had I asked him?

  66. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Don’t worry about Sather’s pride. He doesn’t have any. if he did, he would retire in shame after his record as Ranger’s GM-President.

  67. Breathes there a Nash, with soul so dead,
    Who never to himself hath said,
    This is my own, my native ice?

  68. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Yergs – I think it all has to do with the strength of your hand, after being broken.

    It’s like trying to golf with a broken wrist, repaired or not.

    You need a to be able to pass the puck, and shoot on net with force, and accuracy.

    Trade him anyway!

  69. Hey AV:

    On the PP, east-west passes score goals. North-south passes do not.

    That is all.

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Diaz? C’mon, to sit a 4th liner? Our most effective line which has to play against Malkin or Crosby? For Diaz??

    How about no Girardi on PP, he stinks!
    Moore and Stralman can play points on 2nd unit.

    Thought they played tough and tried to protect Henk, who was absolutely outstanding. Take the stats and throw them away, because 75% of those Pissburg shots were scoring chances.
    Very solid.

  71. Yeah, I hear you *Sioux*, plus you know the Pens would go after his hand constantly. However, going along with what *Manny* just said, it’s definitely weird that Zucc was back in less time, though I’m sure the severity of their respective injuries is different.

  72. Oh also, *Sioux*, Nash would probably drive on the perimeter of the road to avoid any sort of contact with you.

  73. Carp
    Thanks for another fab review!!!

    Powerplay needs to get going.

    Skill guys try to be too precise with their shots, muckers just get it on net.

    I’d put Nash with brass and Pouliot and mza with the other dwarf and ds370.

    Best 3 out of 5 now and the rangers have three at home…RTFU!!!

    We have to get A LOT of traffic in maf’s grill and subsequently in his head, haven’t done that yet.

    We can win this!!!


  74. If I could go back in time and not watch that game, I’d go back in time and not watch that game.

  75. I would not dress seven d men unless one of the d men is also taking a regular shift as a forward.

    Compact schedule and we want to shorten the bench? Bad idea IMHO.

  76. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Are they having optional skate today? Carp you going? Anyone?

    Any word on THE??

  77. Maybe after winning game 1 the rangers decided to concede game 2 and 3. And go for game 4. 2-2

    You know bc it sets them up perfectly to have a Game 6 back in the ‘Worlds Most Famous Arena’

    Seriously though, anyone think Dolan was in the house friday night bc their was murmurs that the rangers felt like the owner doesn’t care one bit about them bc of how the scheduling was decided, and the fact that it seems to be more the fault of MSG’s own event scheduling then the NHL’s doing?

    And with Nash, dont forget teams can retain salary. The rangers can retain 2 million of nash’s salary and a team is getting nash at 5.8 million. IT changes things

    Hate to have wasted such an awesome performance by Hank, but we are all used to this by now.

    Rangers fans would have signed up for 1-1 heading home, no matter how it happened. Win game 3, make the penguins sweat needing to get game 4, and the rangers have another opportunity in game 4 to win two in a roll, get a two game lead etc….

    Im trying not to forget the fact, that the rangers have been asserting themselves in these series and continually have been playing from ahead in the series (wins wise)

  78. Manny-O-War on

    *Fatigue* shouldn’t be a factor. When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli had to track the Orcs from the Falls of Rauros all the way to the Forests of Fangorn, they covered over 45 leagues in 4 days before they met up with the Riders of the Riddemark. They felt *NO FATIGUE*

    Channel the power of the Wood Elf and the Heir of Elendil.

  79. Nash is trade able just need to take another big contract back. Start Diaz, Miller, & The Kreider! Fresh legs needed tonight. Who cares if The Kreider can shoot, other forwards missing the net. Need him the crash the flower and stand in the crease.

    Whats up with that flower name?

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank is dialed in.

    Rangers win 2-0.

    GWG Bbbbbbb Benny and the Brass

  81. Carp, I’m going to go ahead and disagree on point 3. I don’t think MAF has proved he can MAF at any time, its not something that confidence can propel him through. Granted, he can also be fine, especially when not facing “shots on goal”, but MAF MAFing is like momentum, it is not predictive and only exists in hindsight.

  82. Nash has also been consistent, but not in the right direction. Most consistent forwards:

    D. Moore

    The top 4 should tell you all you need to know.

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lest I forget, after beating filthy last wednesday, the rangers have been in Pittsburg since….perhaps they just needed to sleep in their own beds.

    Brassard – “I guarantee we win tonight”

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – Stepan has been consistently bad …certainly this series….

  85. Are you crazy Gravy? Richards has been their most consistent forward? consistent at what?

    You want to be honest Pouliot has been their most consistent forward during the playoffs so far

  86. I thought Klein was pretty garbage last night. Poke checked rather than taking the body atleast twice, once leading to an odd-man. Not that anyone besides Henrik was good.

  87. Step hasn’t been great, but Nash is weighing down that line. Stepan had a really good first round. Brassard got the big goal in game 1, but has been relatively invisible otherwise. Pouliot has been the best player on that line, except fot the dumb penalties.

  88. I mean you are aware the Rangers PP sucks bc it runs through Richards at the point, no???

    Some body said, you have brassard, stepan and St. louis who can all play the sidewall well. Change things up, go unconventional. Run the PP from the sidewalls, pass out to the point for shoots.

    But I really think there is something to them not wanting Richards getting down on himself like what happened last playoffs. Drains his teammates

  89. Richards has had two bad games. He was their best forward last night….not saying much.

  90. Not only that, JJP, but I wonder if it wouldn’t hurt to not have 4 guys evenly spaced 30+ feet from the net. At all times. And only passing in direct order. And never carrying the puck forward beyond the initial zone entry.

    And catch and pass and catch and pass and catch and pass and catch and turnover and skate back and retrieve and …

  91. Richards has been part of the problem on the PP. Has anyone made it better? No movement on either unit. They all negate each other.

  92. You saw my list right? I mean, we can move Richards down. He’s been the most consistent non-4th liner.

  93. Regarding Nash, and I’m shocked nobody else has picked up on this. He’s much more effective on RIGHT WING coming off the boards as a left-handed shot. He’s been forced to move to left wing with St.Louis on the right side. Nash was more effective with Kreider, who usually draws a defenseman or two by getting dirty in front of the net.

    My concern is, when Kreider hopefully comes back, put him on left wing with Step and Nash, what do you do with St. Louis (back with Richards and Hagelin?).

  94. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    SeeeeDubbbbb – seems to me like he is the only one making picks on the weekends.

    Anyone going to catch him, he only has 5 so far?

  95. Sioux, I’ve been putting mine in. Missed out by picking McD to get an assist.

  96. I bet Nash and MSL are just so preoccupied talking about their personal similarities (former all-stars, among biggest names in former franchise histories, both whined their way to NY) to actually discuss on-ice strategies and such.

  97. I picked that the Rangers will *not* score a PP goal tonight, which means that they will.

    You’re welcome.

  98. They do all negate each other. Thats why it looks so bad. And a bad start to the PP, then negates the second units effectiveness bc there 40 second left in the PP and they are starting out in their own zone.

    Jones and JR said it, put two bangers deep to retrieve pucks, stand in front of the net and get rebounds, have to 2 players on the side-walls, and one of the Dmen on the points. Its aggressive, but you have 5 guys and they have 4.

    dom moore and brian boyle deep and net presence
    step and st. louis side walls
    mac or jmoore, point

    pouloit and ???? deep and net presence
    brass and zucc sidewalls
    girardi or (gulp) richards point

    preferably that ???? is Kreider, but not back yet.

  99. Let the big guys get it deep, cycle the puck to the side-walls guys, and look from the open man. If nothings there, get it deep again to the big guys and cycle again to the open side-wall man. rinse repeat. keep the puck in the zone, make Pitt have to defend, make Fleury have to focus

  100. Have to try to simplify. Like, MD said, I noticed a couple of PP where the 3 forwards are at the circles, the 2 D are at the points and *no one is moving*.

    I still think the Brass unit can be effective, but they have to keep it simple.

  101. First things first can St. Louis stay on sides. How many off sides was that line.

  102. I think the sad thing is that when you restructure the PP with more traffic in front, our 6’4, 220 lb “superstar” isn’t even a consideration. And not because he _can’t_.

  103. ThisYearsModel on

    What Rick Nash lacks in heart and drive is not made up for by his talent. He is a good penalty killer though. He is not very useful in games like this, where the checking is tighter. He looks like a weakling, constantly outmucsled the few times he goes anywhere near the net. It is hard to watch.

  104. I actually never saw much of St. Louis when he was with Tampa Bay, aside from when they played the Rangers. How was this guy such a prolific scorer? He looks like a peewee out there. Just gets knocked right off the puck, doesn’t seem to have great 1 on 1 moves…is it all a function of who he is playing with?

  105. gravy rangers most consistent forward…..Pull out, second is Carcillo which is scary. I will give you Richards has been better than the regular season and not enough of our guys have moved in that direction. imo

  106. Alain Amour on

    Yeah, Hank didn’t let in -1 goals. He needs to be better.

    Predetermined outcome fallacy.

    If the game had stayed scoreless for longer than it did, the Rangers might have been the first team to score.

  107. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Gravy, I disagree with Richards at the top of that list, but most of the other guys, I agree with. Rocket should be in the middle.

    Funny thing. Mere coincidence that all the guys on the top of the list are fighting for a contract??????? I think not.

    Note how the resigned guys are all underperforming. Fact or fiction??

  108. Yeah, Hank should have stopped the puck knocked in by his defenseman when he was in position to stop the puck had it gone to the intended player.

  109. Saying Hank wasn’t good enough is the very definition of trolling. The team did not do anything consistently enough offensively. And since you can’t prove they would have scored, I’m the big winner.

  110. Alain Amour on

    And since you can’t prove they would have scored,

    Can’t prove if they would have scored or would not have scored. We will never know.

    Hank was great, but not good enough.

  111. Leave poor Alain alone. He was really sad when it was 0-0. Then Pittsburgh scored and he was able to post again because he was happy.

  112. How about putting Moore on powerplay..he is our best face off man and we consistently lose opening face and about 30 seconds of time due to the resulting clear.

  113. Matty, you could make an argument for any order of the first five on my list. But, that is the problem. We shouldn’t be arguing the order of their 3rd line center and 4th liners.

  114. Manny is 100% accurate about what ails the power play – no movement. It looks exactly like the power play under Torts and it’s costing us playoff games once again. I feel like when the power play was clicking earlier in the year there was a lot of movement. Now everyone just stands around. What happened?? Is it an inability to response to penalty kill systems?

  115. Balcony Bob on

    A quote from an AP article in my local newspaper about last night’s game:

    “Three times in the first 10 minutes, New York went to the power play, and three times the Rangers spent two minutes skating around as though they were killing time before getting back to even strength”

    The only inaccuracy in this article is that they didn’t spend time skating around; they spent the time standing around.

  116. Stranger Nation on

    _If I could go back in time and not watch that game, I’d go back in time and not watch that game_

    watched GOT on the big screen and had the Stranger game on the iPad.

    We need the Hound on the PP to screen goalie!

  117. Manny-O-War on

    I really don’t know how to fix a PP at this point. I thought a great plan was to dump the puck in and play an overload instead of trying to set up an umbrella. Making Fleury come out of the net and handle the puck is a great idea. But the Rangers aren’t entering the zone with enough speed/force and the puck is just being easily cleared.

    They need to gain the zone with SPEED. No east-west passes in the neutral zone. Maybe a designated puck carrier just flies into the zone. Richards is good at this.

    They need to MOVE when they are in the zone. They have to get the Penguins defenders moving their feet to create lanes to shoot at Fleury. Have to move without the puck. Have to.

    I also thought that, since the point has become a failure, set up the PP from the corner and quarterback it from there.

    At this point nothing is working so why not just roll the 4th line out there with Staal and J. Moops on the point for defensive protection (Left and Right) and just let them forecheck the heck out of the PP.

  118. Stranger Nation on

    PP has not movement with Nash and Richards on it??? Really?? Hard to believe…

  119. Alain Amour on

    You got me. I love the Penguins. The Penguins are my heart and soul.

    The above is sarcasm.

  120. The Hound may very well be the best character on GoT right now. The scenes with him and Arya are awesome sauce.

  121. Alain will be happy when one team has three wins because then the game will be a potential *clincher*.

  122. Stranger Nation on

    _Maybe a designated puck carrier just flies into the zone. Richards is good at this_
    Sorry but Richards will not carry into zone, he will shoot it as soon as he nears blue line.
    Guys who will carry into zone; Zucc, Brass, MStL, Moore, McD…that’s it

    Wish we had a big forward with decent hands who could carry puck in, keep possession, and make the right pass to set up PP….hmmmm

  123. While I may be falling victim to the gambler’s fallacy, I would think his history of having been at three prior clinchers would lead to an increased chance of being at a subsequent clincher. So yes, Gravy, I think he’d be there.

  124. Alain Amour on

    I am a Rangers fan. I am not trolling.

    “Hank was great last night, but not good enough.” That is not inflammatory, it is factual.

  125. Hate to have to defend Richards, but he is, by far — not even close — the best transporter of the puck into the offensive zone on the PP. Not sure if some of you guys have actually watched the PP develop all year — or if you just see goal or no goal — but nobody else gets it in and sets up, except occasionally Zuccarello, who usually starts on the bench so that Nash and St.Louis can be on the ice.

  126. It isn’t the right time, but I’d really like to see what Moore would bring to that role, Carp.

  127. Manny-O-War on

    That’s what I just said, Carp. That Richards is the guy that has to gain the zone!

  128. “Regarding Nash, and I’m shocked nobody else has picked up on this. He’s much more effective on RIGHT WING coming off the boards as a left-handed shot. He’s been forced to move to left wing with St.Louis on the right side. Nash was more effective with Kreider, who usually draws a defenseman or two by getting dirty in front of the net”

    Randy, I actually heard someone on the radio, maybe it was Glenn Healy say this. His natural instinct is to cut in from the RW and he’s much more comfortable doing that. I wonder what the breakdown is of his goals playing RW or LW.

  129. Alain Amour on

    Yes. I am ecstatic that he allowed a goal. I am ecstatic that the Rangers lost. Touché. Again, sarcasm.

    There is no tolerance here for conflicting opinions here.

    I shall see you all at game time.

  130. Regarding the PP…the problem is flat out simple: No movement whatsoever from the players. If and when they ever get in the zone to set up they all stand around wondering what to do. Then if they decide to shoot the puck it’s so telegraphed that the Pens have time to stretch, have a Dr. Pepper, get a foot massage and then get in the way of the puck.

    At this point the PP is so horrendous that the best strategy would be to shoot the puck over the glass immediately or trip someone to even it up 4-on-4. Of course then AV will put Ricky Nash and Derek Stepan out there to get schooled on how to play offense in the NHL by Crosby and Malkin.

    Ugh, the Stepan/Nash combo is just painful to watch. No ability to find that playoff level in their game.

    But, it’s tied 1-1 and now back to MSG for two. Tonight isn’t a must win, but if the Rangers get as badly outplayed as they did last night then we’ll all have to say “Carp, you were right with your prediction”

  131. There are at least 18 players I would complain about last night before Hank. I may even complain that Talbot doesn’t look as good on the bench as Hank does on off days.

  132. I figured the ledge would be pretty full this morning. Still, it’s only one game, and we achieved the goal of splitting the first two in Pittsburgh.

    Imagine if we had scored on just ONE of those first three power plays how different the game might have been? And considering that we had a chance up until about 5 minutes to go to tie this up tells you that with just a little bit more effort, we could have won that game.

    Watching our power play and then Pittsburgh’s the contrast is night and day. A typical NYR PP, IF they win the faceoff, is to get the puck to the point. Stand there with the puck until ALL of the passing lanes are clogged, then either trying to force it to our forwards down low who haven’t moved or shooting high or wide. The Pens get the puck, move it quickly, circle around the net until someone is open and either take a onetimer off the point and crash the net or pass down low and shoot. It’s not that difficult.

    I think I’d put Boyle on the PP and let him stand in front of the net and just keep firing one timers from the point.

  133. Alain: “I shall see you all at game time.”

    Kenneth: “Hello, I am here now but I have to warn you I won’t be around for the game …”

  134. Also, this is why I didn’t want to see comments like “Carp, still sticking with your prediction?” or “Guess they’re going to lose four straight, right Carp??” after Game 1.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vegas line

    Opened: Rangers ( -102) Pens ( -108)

    Now both (-105)

    Smart money is pushing Rangers.

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Re: the pp…..Its not that they can’t score…..rangers can’t even get a good on goal. Way too lackadaisical and far too many east west passes…..and even backwards passes….

  137. E3, that’s what’s so disturbing. You can’t even say that they’ve had some bad luck. It seems that they have set up possession of the puck for 30 seconds or less every PP.

  138. And not only do we not have set possession, our sole goal is set possession versus potential net rushes or anything else, so we’re failing at our goal which isn’t even an end-goal to begin with.

  139. Manny-O-War on

    Here is a dream PP

    Richards drives the zone. Sets up near the halfwall as the other rangers dump themselves into the zone like fat army men flopping over a low wall. Richards looks to the slot where two rangers are driving, if that’s covered he goes to the set up guy, Staal, who can fling the puck to the Right Defensive side where J Moops is waiting to fire a shot as Richards and the other two forwards crash the net.

    Please note that Defenseman are on their OFF SIDES so their sticks are in the center of the ice rather than facing the wall

  140. Pens aren’t Flyers, in case you haven’t noticed. How many of us would sign up for splitting in Pittsburgh a few days ago? Brutally outplayed, but sill could’ve won it. Hank gave them an excellent chance to pull it off, the PP failed them. Notice how Pittsburgh plays against NY’s PP with 2 forwards up high? That prevents long, down low passes, followed by short passes down the middle that made this PP click earlier in the season. Berube did it after Game 1, and it worked. They have to change their approach.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – don’t conflate the fact that we are tied 1-1 with we want better…..I’m ecstatic I get watch them play today….and Wednesday …..but I just want them to play better and, hopefully, win ;)

  142. I expect them to come out swinging tonight. The main issue I see so far is McD. He hasn’t healed at all. Look how he pivots, and how he gets into contact. He is protecting his shoulder. If it was dislocated ( which as of now I suspect it was), they’re playing with fire by letting him re-injure it again. We are talking about franchise defenseman, it could hurt them long term.

  143. Rob in Beantown on

    LOL. I posted it on reddit too. Now that I’m intarweb famous where is all the intarweb *money* ?

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Pens are beatable. If that was their 5th gear, desperation mode, then the rangers might very well win this series….probably going 7…..

  145. Rob, you get paid like Carp.

    I expect the Rangers to come out like they have something to prove tonight.

  146. Leetchhalloffame on

    Poor Hank should sue his highly oh-fensive teammates and his crappy GM for non-support. Deserves much better and sadly will never win a Cup with Sather running the show. FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!

  147. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just dropped a huge bet on our boys. I never lose. Game is in the bag.

  148. _This series could be 2-0 either way._

    I think it could be 1-1, or it could be 2-0 Pens, but I don’t see how we win that game last night. I think down 1 through 55 minutes was the absolute best result we were going to get in that one.

    I also expect we win tonight. Because we *always* play well in those games bouncing back from total crapshows.

  149. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    what gets me is we now have the ‘up-tempo’ game. Less shot blocking. No Torts!! We want AV!!!

    Where’s the offense???? Where’s the PP????????

  150. Mister D,

    We could have won last night because you never know what kind of crazy bounce happens and the puck goes in. Heck, the one Pens goal that stood up the whole game was off Dan G’s stick. It’s not like MAF is Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek all rolled into one. Heck, Montreal was outplayed most of their game 1 against Boston and won the game (and it was probably quite the opposite game 2, I didn’t see the game, but that’s what I read). You just never know. With Hank’s performance, they definitely could have stolen one. And with ONE PP goal, they just might have!

  151. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    ‘IF’ we can muster a win tonight, my gosh, Wednesday will be an all out war.

  152. Carp, *if* the Rangers win tonight, will you still hold to your Pens in 5 predicition?

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In years past, had we played the pens, even in 2011-12 playoffs, I’d say “no chance” – not this year….

    *Rangers in 6*

    *keep the faith*

    *pozy pozy pozy pozy pozy*

  154. “the best transporter of the puck into the offensive zone on the PP”

    Carp. this is true. Problems arise when he quarterbacks the PP from the point. He is savvy, thinks the game tremendously, but he not a great skater or puck handler in traffic. Which is why, Id like to see brass, zuc, step, etc. handle the puck more on the PP, and have them beat a PKer and then get it to an open Richards who also has the best shot on the team.

  155. mister D I agree don’t see how we could be up 2-0 in this series. 1-1 is about right or we could have lost the first if the pens kept coming. last night we didn’t even have very legitimate scoring chances. totally outplayed

  156. ThisYearsModel on

    I visited the Boneheads Blog this morning expecting to see some jackwagon bang on Henrik. Did not on the first visit of the day. But Alain came through on my second visit.

  157. I’m not saying they deserve to be up 2-0 … just saying, Nash’s pass went off a post at 0-0. With the way Lundqvist played, who knows. That game was a shot away from being in OT until the Dorsett penalty.

  158. Stranger Nation on

    _Hate to have to defend Richards, but he is, by far—not even close—the best transporter of the puck into the offensive zone on the PP_

    Uhmmm…NO he is not. You can count on one hand the amount of time he has actually carried it in the zone and possessed the puck.
    The PP had the most success mid season when Richards would gallop up the center of the ice and leave it behind for a trailer with greater speed who could carry in or chip the puck past the stacked blue line.
    Richards is good at passing it to the winger who has speed coming up the side boards.
    He does not like to carry in for the obvious reason he will move than likely be hit. he makes good decisions passing the puck when the other forwards are moving in sync, but he does not carry in by himself.
    If the other team collapses on him he will fire it into zone with the puck usually coming back out of the zone pretty quickly.

  159. Hi Carp-
    Just read your review. Enjoyed it as always. Regarding Gabby (aka Jettison Boy), I can’t help but think that, if he was here instead of Nash, we’d be looking at the “Daily Gab-O-Meter”, and he’d be doing almost as poorly as Nash. It’s a blueshirt curse I tell ya.

  160. Steve: I guess more what I’m saying is “unless you ignore that one of 19 players were decent last night, we couldn’t have (of) won last night”. Henrik was great, but he could have given up 4 goals and still played great because that’s how awful we were in our zone. So aside from taking an “every game can be won by either team” viewpoint, their chances plus our total ineptitude means Game 2 was a loss every time. Play it 100 times, and being 1-0 before Jokinen scored is like 98th percentile best case for us.

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I hope Crosby spontaneously combusts during the anthem – and as Malkinstein tries to put out the fire – also goes up in flames….Pens start sobbing hysterically and rangers win 23-0

    Book it

  162. Rob in Beantown on

    You can retweet Manny’s tweet if you want. All of my coworkers follow me so I don’t want to tweet too much gibberish from that account.

  163. I don’t disagree with that, Eddie. … but Nash hasn’t driven to the net once like Gaborik did on both goals Saturday. Actually, outside of Pouliot, nobody has.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – Richards tried a few too mant stretch passes right to the stuck of a pens’ PK ‘er

  165. Manny-O-War on

    Rob is a responsible adult, Carp. He’s also Humble. Thus, I had to go and make him famous.

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – much truth in SNation’s post…..intend to agree….certainly the last 4 games…..

  167. As well Doodie. Hope your son is feeling better pronto..

    By the way your handle is Doodie. Ha ha Doodie, get it

  168. Manny-O-War on

    I obviusly disagree with you Strangers since I made Carp’s point before he did.

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – hope the baby gets well quick ….nothing is worse than a child not well….

  170. Any chance Nash is a healthy scratch. Lol. Man is killing me. First pp tonight I want carcillo in front of net with staal and Diaz in for Moore tonight.

  171. didn’t we do a PP bounceback midseason by shifting around personnel and getting some grinders in front of the net?

  172. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    E3, sometime in early June, we’ll be at MSG watching San Jose v. Rangers in the Cup Finals.

    Book it!!

  173. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    SO, who’s going tonight? I’ll be there. Will make a game time decision about Wednesday. Anyone else going tonight?

  174. Manny-O-War on

    I really don’t mind trying the 4th line on the PP. At least they can dump and chase

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just got off the can…..and lord have mercy….I just dropped a Coon it’s For the ages….

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sundown, you better take care if I find you creeping round my back stairs

    I can picture every move a man can make, getting lost in her love is his first mistake…

  177. I’m gonna be honest – I haven’t been this far from the proverbial ledge in ages. We lost last night – fair and square. Hank was brilliant and aside from that, a lot of our team failed to elevate to the necessary levels. McD is clearly hurt – hope it’s not too bad. Nash needs to wake up but to everyone suggesting, “he doesnt have hockey sense” – from the comfort of what is likely a cubicle, is comical. He’s struggling to score and unfortunately, that isn’t exactly a rare “itis” to have when you wear the Ranger sweater. Asking how MSL could possibly be a prolific scorer and suggesting it’s his linemates? Take a look at how he did without Stamkos THIS year.

    I actually feel great about us stealing the series. The over-reacting by the Pens demonstrates they are nervous and I believe our guys KNOW they can win this. Big players need to step up and produce – as they are capable of. I wouldn’t remove Carcillo – think anyone with two goals so far and a little snarl is invaluable. If JT needs to join, I’m pulling Dorsett.

    LETS GO RANGERS – would love to take #3!

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just got a text from @Brassard – yo e3 it’s a done deal, eh? I’m scoring for you brutha. Thx for the support – Brass

  179. _Asking how MSL could possibly be a prolific scorer and suggesting it’s his linemates? Take a look at how he did without Stamkos THIS year._

    Yeah, its not the Parenteau effect, but it might be the style of play he’s allowed to get away with. Tampa allowed less 5 on 5 goals than we did this year, but MSL went from .56 per game there (.53 w/ Stamkos, .58 without) to .32 here. Small sample size obviously an issue, but its possible he was just allowed to get away with a far more offensive focused game and that’s why his scoring dipped.

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Where do bad folks go when they die? They don’t go heaven where the angels fly….

  181. #19 the best, by far, transporter of the puck into the O zone? Uh, no.

    Now we have posters saying Klein is superior to McD and Dorsett sucks at his role.

    Every absurdity has 1,000 champions.

  182. E3, love the whole unplugged album

    Lake of Fire
    The man who sold the world

    and my

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Today, I feel like leaving you more than before
    Today, I know what I want to do, but I don’t know what for

  184. Only change I’d make is Diaz for Moore, and I’m not sure I’d even do that. Someone just has to tell Richards. Outside of the PP, I think we’ve played decently this post season, except really for one game in the Philly series and last night. The other thing is they gave the puck away WAY too much. They are getting lazy with their passing. Maybe that’s fatigue. Still, the PP should be better, if the team gets more creative. Have to move the puck quicker and move to the net. It’s simple, but why won’t they do it?

  185. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is like TGO bringing the puck in on the PP coos.

    What?? You haven’t seen that either??

  186. ‘If I ruled the world,
    Every day would be the first day of Spring,
    Every heart would have a new song to sing,
    And we’d sing of the joy every morning would bring.’

  187. Diaz for Moore doesn’t solve any problems, its just change for change’s sake.

  188. And if your response to that is “what about the PP”, really think about what you’re advocating as our fix.

  189. Matty, you should meet up with Carp and Papa Bear tonight. Three astutes.

  190. first time diaz has to defend crosby everyone will be like “oh no, what have we done?”

  191. Diaz for Moore doesn’t work. Unless you want to have two R handed defensemen as your third pair. Not sure Diaz is the answer to their PP issues anyway. Not to mention he is questionable defensively.

  192. Manny-O-War on

    Getting Rafael Diaz into the lineup to assist on the PP is a very tricky subject. You can’t really swap out any of our Defenseman and you probably aren’t dressing 7 D-Men.

  193. As devil’s advocate, I’d say you can make a switch like that at home, since you can matchup the last change. And, it’s not like J. Moore is a better option to defend Crosby.

  194. Manny-O-War on

    Hey, Draxen. At least we are home and get *last* change. We should be able to avoid the Goc line getting out there and obliterating the Richards line.

  195. Not the time to play with Diaz, but he has shown signs of being good in the O zone.

  196. Believe me guys its not ideal, richards carrying the puck up ice.

    But who has done it better on this team this year?

    A healthy Mac yes

    Stepan, perhaps if given the reps. He sometimes is the puck carrier

    Zuc, seen him do it sometimes.

    John Moore can gain the zone as well as anyone on the team, after that his decision making isn’t great. Part of that being lack of experience and reps.

    The regular season was the time to have given another guy reps at it, but at this point, from what we have seen this season, richards is the guy. Some of it is just experience on why he is the guy.

    the one thing Ive give Richards, without a shadow of a doubt. He has a good shot.. would rather see him being set up for the one-timer then setting someone else for it at this stage of things.

  197. Very curious to see what adjustments AV makes. He is a good coach, let’s see what strategy he chooses. Just saying they need a better effort won’t cut it.

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stepan carrying the puck into the zone? Good lord , he dumps and chases even on a breakaway.

  199. Pitt definitely adjusted to our game plan by stacking up at the defensive blue line and not giving us entry even at 5/5. Effectively taking away our long passing game.

    The way to combat that is short passes with speed coming up the ice to punish them for being semi flat footed at the line

  200. Richie can’t skate.
    Richie cannot compete if he is covered.
    If the puck bounces his way and he’s free, he can snipe, but he will snipe from outside, not rush the net.
    He cannot compete in the D zone.
    He cannot get back when on PP point.
    A goal every 4 or 5 games is his total game, other than making an accurate pass (if he is not harassed).
    Not his fault. It just isn’t there anymore.

  201. Now that E3 i chalk up to Tort’s make-up still being a part of these guys. Stepan does still dumps it a lot. But I think he the skills and the goods to do it. Again practice, reps, experience.

  202. there’s nothing wrong with dumping the puck in. There is something wrong with dumping the puck in when no one is moving at a relevant speed to chase it down

  203. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpp – I agree … Plus, he’s just not that fast or shifty with the puck….

  204. We have a team full of guys willing to run through walls to win, a guy who can’t do it anymore, and a guy who won’t do it

  205. Our top three lines could take lessons from our 4th in dumping, chasing, banging, and competing. Problem is they don’t really have the scoring hands.

  206. Yeah, when they stack the line, you almost have to dump it in, but with speed. When they actually have dumped it in lately, they’re not the first ones there to retrieve.

  207. even CarBong has helped Richie in that regard, but he’s never around on the PP.

  208. The problem I see with Richards is he just holds the puck WAY too long. Sure he can bring it in and set up, but then what? Maybe it’s the fault of everyone else or maybe it’s just indecision, not sure. By the time he does something with the puck, it’s too late, it’s either blocked and cleared or shot high and wide.

    And have the Rangers forgotten how to shoot a one timer? They need to shoot off the pass or at least fake like they will. So what happens is, Richards holds the puck, passes to the other point who then holds the puck who then tries to pass or shoot and it’s blocked. One timers off the pass is one quick way to move the puck.

  209. E3- not a super fan, but THE best unplugged album of all time bar none….raw and great

  210. Honestly though, I expect the rangers to really dominate one of these two home games and get the Penguins frustrated again. Thats a big knock on Bsymla Sid and Geno. They can say all they want that they’ve figured out how they need to play and etc etc etc. But then it happens again, and so on.

    If the penguins turn that Game 2 into a major roll so be it. But I think they are fragile and I suspect the Rangers are going to have another opportunity to pounce on these guys and get them off their games.

  211. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hedberg – I agree… Great album…..The meat puppets were huge influence on Kurt.

  212. Nash has a grand total of 13 regular season assists, half to a third of what he has previously produced. Where are his linemates when he is being surrounded, swirling around with the puck like a one man band?

  213. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Tonight it’d be rough, Coos. If I go Wednesday, I will look Carpy up. It’s time!!

  214. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Everyone talking about what they’d do on the PP. All I know is that we have had speacialists, Sully, Arniel, AV, Torts (who knew little).

    What the $*(# do I know??

    FIX IT!!

    LGR!! LGR!!

  215. Bylsma showed his dominating creativity in the Olympics, where, with a benchfull of super stars, had TJ Oshie take 4,000 consecutive shootout attempts.

  216. I was born in 83. And Nirvana was one of the first bands I knew of, outside of the beatles, bob marley, the stones, neil young.

    And just looked up Kurt Cobain’s birthdate February 20, 1967. So he must of been in his 30’s by the time I knew of him, and I never thought that then, I thought he was like 23. Such a shame would have loved to have him on our team.

    I know me and a billion others have thought this, but its too damn bad we didn’t get to see what Cobain, Bradley Nowell (sublime), Bob Marley, even 2Pac and the Notorious BIG, would have done with music in their lifetimes. The social impact it potentially could of had in terms of unifying people and bringing attention to universal issues that impact and sap everyone

  217. How do I leave out Lennon.

    Its so shakespearianly poetic that he was trying to sell love and he was killed.

    Helloooo out there

  218. B-I-G P-O-P-P-A
    No info, fo’ da D-E-A
    Federal agents made ’cause I’m flagrant
    Tap myself and the phones in the basement.


  219. (Pet peeve, not a knock, but I can’t stand when Bradley Nowell sneaks into the early rock death group.)

  220. Miami Pimp on

    “I really thought THE Kreider would be back by now. The fact that he isn’t shows lack of heart and he should be traided this summer.”


    CARP, ban him from this board at once!

  221. Hey, you would be surprised at the amount of paths one may take and wind up at the same point.

  222. Don’t have time to read the zillion posts after Carp’s, but just have one comment about Carp’s recap: Fleury might feel good about himself, but he had ZERO tough saves the whole game. Not once to my eyes did the Rangers have a great scoring opportunity where he had to go balls out to make a save. Easy saves all night.

    Hope he’s feelin’ really cocksure of himself and think he’s the second coming of Terry Sawchuk. And I hope the Rangers’ streak of a win in game 3 continues tonight. It would be dangerous to let them get up a game in this series.

  223. I had to find it!

    This is Izzy’s interpretation of the origin of this holiday:

    Izzy Mandlebaum

    In 1912 the Titanic set sail for New York, but what few people know is that it was scheduled to continue on to ports all along the eastern coast. One of these stops was Veracruz, Mexico where believe it or not was consigned a shipment of 50,000 gallons of mayonnaise. The shipment was due to arrive on May 5th. As we all know, the Titanic sunk, but the Mexicans still celebrate the event on that day as, Sinko De Mayo.
    May 5th, 2010 at 2:37 PM

  224. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Next year St. Louis Blues vs Detroit Red Wings for the cup.

    A Cock will be champ – Hitch or Bab

  225. Miami Pimp on

    Interested in:

    Who’s watching 24 tonight rather than the train-wreck-that-will-be-the-Rangers-game?

  226. Rangers win tonite it goes 7. Lose tonight I see this spiraling out of control lose in 5. The fatigue questions will be amplified.

  227. Loved Lennon’s “Imagine… There’s No Money.” Must have taken him a lot of imagination.

  228. Louie starts back up tonight as well, but that’s after the Rangers finish their 4-1 (same score as Game 1) drubbing of Pitt.

  229. To answer Eddie Eddie Eddie’s question, the Game Notes still list Brooks Orpik among the Injured players 9as is Pascal Dupuis).

    BTW, Dan O’Halloran and Kelly Sutherland are the referees and Steve Barton and Pierre Racicot work the lines.

  230. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am cocksure the rangers will be balls out tonight. They will be coming hard on the puck and playing stiff along the boards.

  231. Gotta admit, I’ll probably be watching “24” tonight and checking during commercials (or my iPad) for the Rangers/Pens game.

    Sorry…but when it comes to waiting for Rick Nash to show something or our PP to mount an offensive at least equal to the Ethiopians throwing spears at Italian tanks in 1935…

    It’s the Return of the Jack Bauer Power Hour!!


  232. Dorsett should be Prucha’d in favor of JT. Danny Boy has to stay in the line up

  233. Miami Pimp on


    “24” is a show that features Jack Bauer.

    Who is “Jack Bauer”?

    Think of him as the complete opposite of Rick NASH.

    Someone who infiltrates the perimeter, goes hard at the opponent, and refuses to say no until he gets the puck into the net and comes out as the victor … at any cost.

    Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure NASH will also be watching “24” tonight … either from his bedroom, the MSG suite, or on his cellphone in between shifts.

  234. Heywood JaBlowme on

    agree on matching lines tonite will be key. Our best PP set up is winning the draw…usually Richards (lord knows, now Step)

    Can someone put some speed in Nash’s water bottle or whatever he was on for the 2 weeks in January (and that game in Lumbus) when he played like he was a very good pro ice hockey player and not some perimeter pansie hiding along the boards every offensive possession.

  235. Miami Pimp on

    Here’s simple way to understand who Jack Bauer is:

    THE Kreider = Jack Bauer on skates.

  236. It’s basically Kiefer Sutherland yelling “WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!”

    P.S. I only watched the first season.

  237. Oh, and the girl that was the subject of Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds comment is his daughter.

  238. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rat in a drain ditch, caught on a limb. You know better but I know him….

  239. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Like I told you, what I said, steal your face right off your head….

    Hot as a pistol, but cool inside….

  240. >>I’d also sit NASH.

    But isn’t he a great penalty killer? You can’t just replace that kind of contribution.

  241. SIOUXper WIN Tonight on

    Did you know: Kristo and Nash have the same amount of goals in the playoffs?

  242. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Sioux – I have as many goals as Nash….in less playing time, I’ll point out…

  243. Avery made me laugh a time or two, especially with Brodeur and with his pawing the air after “fighting” some yoyo. But, Jees, what a nasty, effete motormouth.

  244. Dorsett’s Dad: “Son, when you go on the ice, every shift, make sure that everyone knows you’re there.”

    Too bad old man Dorsett wasn’t old man Nash.

  245. We should have Billy Joel Monday through Saturday and play on Sundays. What’s his real name, anyway?

  246. Doodie Machetto on

    Official diagnosis is a stomach virus. Probiotics, fluids, and frequent small amounts of food. And patience. Lots of patience.

  247. Miami Pimp on

    Jack Bauer has more goals than Nash.

    I bet Sutherland would score if you put him in the lineup tonight.

  248. Carp, maybe you can help give an expert opinion on this:

    Watching Nash, he seems to be unwilling to take that extra stride or two to grab command of the puck. He seems to be reaching for it which leads to him being VERY easily knocked off the puck.

    Think of how Jagr, even now, uses his size (and considerable caboose) to control the puck. Then I watch Nash and it seems like he makes it VERY easy for a defender to just poke the puck away or knock him down.

  249. Condolences, Doodie. Most of us have been through it with the little ones. Then, one day soon, the big smile.

  250. Doodie, Gravy Jr. had a stomach virus a few years back. Could barely keep anything down, even a sip of water. The 3rd day, he looked the wrong color and dehydrated, and we wound up taking him to the hospital. They had to give him Zofran, and he was able to eat ice chips at the hospital. Took another day or two for him to start drinking and eating regularly.

    Anyway, long story short, I feel your pain…get well soon Doodie, Jr.!

  251. Hope the boys are ready for this second of a back to back. As a fan I’m finding this schedule grueling.

  252. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    2 years ago, during my spring break, which coincided with my lil angel’s kindergarten Easter break, she was throwing up for three days with 102F fever spikes. It was a lovely vacation. Never been rested.

    Alan has a really filthy mouth.

  253. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Henrik is not the King. I’m the King. I’m #1.

    Yeah, ya look like #2, know what I mean?

  254. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    The DOW closed up 17.66, Jacob Perkins was born in 1766. The Rangers play game 3 tonight. Simply connect the dots……Rangers win tonight go up 2 games to 1

    *I see dead people*

  255. Good luck with that, Doodie.

    CJP, every shortcut or avoidance of traffic, he takes it. Not always. Not in Game 7 last series. Not in Games 1 and 2 vs. Philly, either. But in the middle of that series and the first two games of this round, yes.

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