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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    LOL on Vigneault “big boy pants.” Does he read the Boneheads blog?

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “get on my shoulders boys. I’ll bring it home, eh”

    Who is EJ Sporadic picking tonight?

  3. I used to think that eddie3X was about 5’4 and 130 lbs. I later was led to understand that he is very large. So, watch what you say. He also knows his way around NY, :)

  4. I’ll be sittin next to the guy in the road white Lindros’ Jersey known here to my bonehead brothers as S onny Boy. Lindros? LOL!!!

    Sonny claims he’s never seen a Ranger loss in that Jersey!!!

  5. ‘When there are gray skies,
    I don’t mind the gray skies,
    You make them blue, Sonny Boy.
    Friends may forsake me,
    Let them all forsake me
    I still have you Sonny Boy!’

  6. Czechthemout!!! on

    Big boy pants indeed!

    Good on you AV!

    Direct reference to Nash and MSL.

  7. A longer video preview but a good one! This is an absurd schedule, but it’s the NHL, as you say, shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Love having the links to new post and videos in the twidget, makes it easier to navigate with the iPhone.

  8. Saw this on twitter. A kid’s school test asked, “What ended in 1896?”

    His answer was “1895.”

  9. I don’t get all this schedule angst. Yes, the Rangers have played a lot of hockey. But Pittsburgh is playing its third game in four nights —- and there is every reason to believe that they will not be as fresh as daisies too.

  10. Ending a sentence in two prepositions. Very impressed.

    But I literally could not of cares less for all intensive purposes.

  11. I erred. Usually, this is the type of error up with which I will not put.

  12. Is that from a Sherlock Holmes or Abbott & Costello? I think it was Sherlock, perhaps Watson, on a train? Not why that’s ringing a bell.

  13. Snake’s Butt neighbor: “Wanna play some hockey or chase some Moose?”

    “Hockey, I guess.”

  14. Whatever he did, he didn’t do it, that’s CARP’s story, and he’s sticking to it.

  15. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp: as in “But he could play the guitar like ringing a bell”

  16. Always puzzled when PhD’s use the word “further” for distance, rather than ‘farther.’ Upsetting.

  17. To err is human, to forgive is that fat broad in the John Waters movies.

  18. Jeff in South Dakota on

    NO one I work with here is SD watches any hockey; how weird is that?

  19. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I could of responded earlier but didn’t. See what I did there?

    Kooz – I go 4ft 11, 97 lbs. eye to eye with Liam.

  20. Jeff in South Dakota on

    And they have a pro team playing here in the CHL (unaffiliated)

  21. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Big Bottom, talk about mud flaps, my girl’s got’em
    How could I leave this behind?

  22. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I met her on Monday, it was my lucky bun day. You know what mean? I lover each weekday, each velvety cheek day, you know what I mean?

  23. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Tommy – hope not – I’m betting large on a ranger win tonight

  24. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I do watch NASCAR though, a guilty pleasure. But being a transplanted New Yorker, its all Yanks, Giants and Rangers for me.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Did Piere really kiss up to Cindy during his Nash interview?

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