Game 1: Rangers-Penguins in review



1) Not declaring anything yet. But if the Rangers can go into that building against that team, not have a 60-minute effort, and still come out of there with the win, well, maybe they’re going to be fine after all in this series. Because during this game, when they were good, they were really good. I thought they had a ton of jump in the first, and defended really well in the third against a team that pushed in the second and was trying to push in the third … and still, this could have gone either way. Obviously.

2) Of course the referees missed the game-winning goal in overtime (more on them later, but they just seem to be wrong on such a consistent basis). Of course, NBC fled the scene before the game-winning goal was even announced (more on that later, too).

3) In Game 1, I thought the best players on both teams left a lot to be desired. Skid Crosby was minus-3 and not much of an offensive threat at all. He did a drive-by on the Brad Richards goal, and a nice snow angel as Benoit Pouliot was potting what we all thought was the GWG, after Derick Brassard had scored. Surprised Toronto didn’t overturn the goals because you’re not allowed to score twice in OT. (According to Elias Sports Bureau the Rangers scored the fastest two overtime goals in Stanley Cup history).

4) But in addition to Skid, I thought Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh scuffled at times, too. I suppose that will happen occasionally against a team like Pittsburgh, but they did in a few games of the Philadelphia series too.  Girardi’s blocked shot led to the Benoit Pouliot goal that counted. McDonagh’s turnover led to the Lee Stempniak goal, on which Girardi too aggressively chased the puck high in the defensive zone, leaving Mats Zuccarello to play defense around the net. Also on that play, the game’s heroes, Brassard and Pouliot, both did a bad job of backchecking. When Girardi struggles, it’s often because he tries to do too much, and with 15 seconds left in the third period he slid out of the play and almost allowed another Stempniak goal. Not saying they were bad, because mostly they were good. But there were those moments.

5) On the other hand, you had the Marc Staal-Anton Stralman tandem, that has just been solid since Staal returned from his concussion, and has gotten even better in the playoffs. Staal got the Broadway hat from his teammates. Stralman is going to be able to afford to buy a lot of hats because his value as a free agent is just going up and up and up. He would be, for example, Philadelphia’s best defenseman.

6) Henrik Lundqvist. The James Neal goal probably should not have counted because of Evgeni Malkin’s hack to Lundqvist’s arm as the puck floated behind him. Not that he would have stopped it even if Malkin hadn’t chopped him. The other goal was an uncontested back-hander from a guy cutting across the slot. That’s a tough save if he makes it. Not saying he was stellar or even one of the stars of the game. But he was better than Marc-Andre Fleury, which he will continue to need to be. And speaking of Fleury, who looked jumpy again, if the Pouliot goal was indeed tipped by a D-man, as the Penguins said, then he didn’t really play a terrible game himself.

7) That Pouliot-Brassard-Zuccarello line was quiet at times vs. Philly. It got going in Game 7, and again in Game 1 in Pitt. They aren’t always great defensively (see the Stempniak goal, again) but they usually are the most fierce of the three offensive lines. Brassard made a magnificent shot for the winner. Earlier he hit the crossbar. That line must contribute because …

8) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. You don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to say it. It started out looking like he was going to pick up where he left off in Game 7. Then he failed. His center, Derek Stepan, needs to be a lot stiffer in battles and a lot more determined in the offensive zone. A lot. Martin St. Louis was OK. But that’s supposed to be the first line. It hasn’t been that far too often. Now one goal in 20 playoff games as a Ranger for No. 61. Ugh.

9) And that’s an enormous reason the power play (0-for-25) is beyond stink. I do wonder why Alain Vigneault doesn’t try some new people. Why not try Staal and Stralman on the points. Staal was very effective there early in the season and hasn’t gotten a sniff since. Stralman has power play experience, and a good shot, too. Then you could move Richards to the half wall with two other forwards, perhaps St. Louis. I don’t have the answer. Neither does Vigneault or Scott Arniel. But it can’t keep going this way. Not against that team.

10) Now onto our nightly exquisite officiating. Just before the goal by Richards — a great play by Carl Hagelin, who’s been very strong in these playoffs (maybe he can get a power-play shift? Oh, right, I forgot, “he stinks”) — Crosby closed his hand on the puck, which is a penalty, but wasn’t called. Then he put it behind his back and passed to the point. The linesmen called it a hand pass, incorrectly, and stopped play. The Rangers scored off the next faceoff. They missed the Malkin interference on the Neal goal. They allowed Robert Bortuzzo to slash the skates out from under St. Louis on a faceoff, then shortly later, when St. Louis collided with Bortuzzo, they called him for elbowing. Now, it might have been a penalty, but St. Louis — a perennial Lady Byng candidate — has probably never ever elbowed anybody. Among the many other gaffes was the cross-checking call on Dominic Moore. Again, it might have been a penalty, but Moore didn’t have a stick! As mentioned earlier, the referees both missed the game-winning goal. Fine work. The Rangers can’t complain, because they got four power plays. And wasted all of them.

11) Somebody mentioned on twitter that if Alex Ovechkin made the same drive-by play Crosby made on the Richards goal, Mike Milbury would have skewered him between periods.

12) Hate to be a downer, but the Rangers have lost 10 in a row after taking a lead in a series, and a record 12 in a row when leading a series. … so, you know. This might be a really good time to end that. I personally expect it will be 1-1 going back to NYC Monday, and those streaks will go on.

13) So NBC schedules a 7 p.m. game that starts after 7:15, and is supposed to end by 9:30 so the next game can be shown. Seriously? Have these guys ever seen a hockey game before? So, yup, Pouliot scores, they barely have time to realize it was Brassard, and immediately cut away to Chicago. Never mind a post-hame show. They didn’t even stick around for the announcement of the goal or the video review.

14) I wonder when the Kentucky Derby is. I wish NBC would have mentioned it.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Anton Stralman.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Benoit Pouliot.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marc Staal.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Marc Staal.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on


    Great write up Carp .

    Oh btw your prediction is looking wrong.

  2. Second!

    Will enjoy this win until Sunday. Did anyone else hear Dave Maloney’s, “YAH!!!” at the OT goals? Pure awesomeness.

  3. gregm_oldsection403 on

    At least NBC had Kenny Albert making the call. Very nice to listen to on TV.

  4. I thought Brassard’s shot was a goal too. It didn’t make any noise like it hit the post or crossbar.

    Pouliot… he continues to amaze and confound. Great game from him and the rest of that line.

    Crosby. I have never seen him play so bad. I love it. He must be injured.

    Fleury looked shaky at times. Thats a good omen.

    Nash never looked that good to me. I just watched the first period again. He did have a few chances, but he didn’t create. That will hurt us as we move on.

    Moore is a keeper. Boyle still can’t catch a pass to save his life. But the fourth line continues to kick tail.

    MSL had two great chances short handed in the first of a turnover by Neal and a great pass by Zucc. He will score a few this series.

    The power play? Inexcusable.

    I am pretty happy with this win… they didn’t steal this one, they deserved it.

  5. Staal Wart on

    Carp great review!
    The NHL brass should read this review especially points #10 and #13… This is their product, this is what fans see!
    The officiating is so terrible…it’s beyond a joke. It’s laughable!
    It’s like a cheap imitation leather suit…

  6. Robby Bonfire on

    Memo to New York Rangers: Please, NEVER even try Carl Hagelin on the power play, not even as a last resort when all else has failed.

    Memo to Bettman and the NHL: Please do not consider reverting to the one referee system, so that we can, in perpetuity, continue to have these unmitigated officiating disasters, while keeping the bottom-feeder refs on the league’s payroll. It is far more important that incompetent, clueless people remain employed, than these games bear a semblance of being decently officiated.

  7. Matty"CrosbySucks!!"Boy on

    Nash is already balancing out the need for good play. On one hand, if he plays well the Rangers move to the next series. On the other hand, he’ll play against bell ringer Lucic.

    Uh….it looks like he made his choice.

  8. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Still cannot understand why strahlamann sees no power play time.

    Stephan is Goad awful as #1 center. Weakest shot in hockey.

    Maybe time to give Dorsett a little time on the pine and get Miller a little playing time.

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp!

    Neither team was at its best. However, more often than not, games like that go against NY. It could be luck, but it also could be that the Rangers did just enough to win. I expect to see different Pittsburgh team Sunday. More like they looked during second period. However, they’re more vulnerable on defense than most imagined. Letang isn’t back to what he used to be before his stroke, Niskanen and Maata are more offense oriented. Rob Scuderi isn’t the same shutdown defenseman he was before he went to LA. Most importantly, Bortuzzo instead of Orpik is a serious, serious downgrade. This defense can be had.

    Speaking of Bortuzzo. He is 6-4, MSL is …umm.. generously listed at 5-8. He would need a trampoline to reach Bortuzzo with his elbow. You coulda see Marty going to the box and asking the ref with a sarcastic smile:”Elbow…Elbow?”

  10. Nice write-up Carp. Two Hot dogs from the world’s least renovated Walters hot dog stand for you.

    NBC really is the MSNBC of the sports world. Yuck!

    Kenny Albert is the exception.

  11. Matty"CrosbySucks!!"Boy on

    Agree with Strahlman.

    Step isn’t a #1, but he’s the best we have.

    Dorsett has made an impression each game. Certainly last night. To me, that line is an absolute keeper. We are fortunate to have such a solid 4th line.

  12. The guy that is escaping some wrath is Stepan….. I have never seen a guy miss, fan, whiff on more open nets in my life during these playoffs. Nash needs to go to a Canadian team, maybe Winnipeg for Kane? He wore out his welcome. Canada still love Ricky. God I’m done with the guy. Let’s apply some pressure and get up on these guys Sunday night, then it’s fun. I was at a unbelievable loud MSG when Brian McCellan scored that OT winner against the Caps with Bezzer in the net. Met him at the Caps game and told him about it, he smiled real quiet along with George McPhee real cool guys but now looking for a job.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    4-2 OT winner, first time in history- Ha!
    works to our advantage if Malkinstein plays with Crosby and Kunitz. overload one line makes others weaker
    Did Neal play? dont notice him when Malkinstein is not his center
    could have been up 4-0 in first. need to finish, these pens are frail
    Agree on Stralman on PP and Richie on side wall
    John Moops and Kline played a solid game
    Hags was very good. non stop hustle
    What is their record with car bong in the lineup?

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Funny thing is we were not suppose to win last game.

    Crazy thing is we could win the next game.

    Weird thing is we could kill ’em in game 3 .

    Strangest thing is that we might sweep ’em like I predicted…

  15. Omg! Stahl and Stralman on the power play. Is there a softer shot in the league than AS? Stahl has a very slow release and if his shot isn’t blocked, it’s wide way too often. Diaz would be better but for his defense. You watch the Bruins and they have four or five Dmen that can bomb the puck. McD was good on the pp but not since his return. He could shoot it and he was a solid qb.

    Stepan was the best forward on the ice, imo. Five shots and a few grade A chances. His defense was terrific and, sorry Carp, but he wins more than his share of puck battles. He’s got to develop more velocity on his shot and he’ll be a perennial 25-30 goal scorer.

    St. Louis for a guy with gawdy lifetime assist totals sure turns the puck over a lot and makes too many ill advised passes passes.

  16. Cousin Tom on

    Can we please get a show of hands on who does NOT think Pouilliot or THE Kreider would not have received a penalty and the Rangers have a goal taken off the board had they done what Malkin did to Hank?

    That was the momentum swing of the game. Kudos to the boys for weathering the storm and getting the win.

  17. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Stahl couldn’t hurt on the PP. Don’t forget the OT winner in 2012 against the Caps after Richie tied it late.

  18. Carp, I usually agree with your Lundqvist observations, but I think today’s is a bit harsh. 34 saves. 2 goals. Excellent rebound control. Great positioning. Some huge saves (coupled with a great defensive effort).

    If you don’t think this is a stellar performance, what exactly are you looking for? Saying he is better than Fleury (in a playoff series) is not the type of praise he deserves. Can he be better? Without question. But let’s give him the credit due while also recognizing it was a very good overall team defensive effort.

  19. Rman – do you watch hockey? Stepan the best forward on the ice??? This guy might be the softest player besides maybe Nash. And he just needs to add some velocity to his shot? THat just doesn’t happen at this point in their career. Somebody, correctly said, (as my 9year old son, BTW), that Stepan misses more open net shots than I’ve ever seen!! I’ve never seen anything like it! He loses battles constantly, but to be fair he does make some decent passes, but that’s about it.

    Hey let’s stop pussyfooting around this one – Rick Nash. I can see it now…he is going to score 1 or 2 goals and then everyone is going to love him. Yes I know he’s playing the body more, and maybe a bit more engaged in the play, but THIS IS WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING – HE IS A HOCKEY PLAYER, NOT TO MENTION A SUPERSTAR. He is supposed to score goals, and let’s face it, with all his shots, has he really even gotten close? THe fact that he turns it on only when he wants to…..I got no use for that!!!

  20. Carp, loved the review.

    We set the record for most losses with a lead in the series. What’s the record for most PP in the playoffs without scoring? What other records that nobody wants can we set?

    You know who wouldn’t hurt the power play? Anybody on the roster not currently on the power play.

    But who cares, just win baby!!

  21. “You can’t birdie them all if you don’t birdie the first”

    We birdied the first. LGR !!!

  22. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    THe goalie mismatch in this series borders on astounding. Hank had an excellent game. Mind you, the type of game expected under the cap when a goalie is the highest paid in the league. But he was excellent.

    Fleurie was downright flimsy. Shoot it at him, he makes the save. Around him, but on net and its 50-50. He is beyond beatable and plays tomorrow worried about his job. Great for us!!!

  23. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Step is what he is. A good passer. A really good 2 way player. Slow release, slow afoot.

    He is not a 1, but a 2. But organizationally, it’s what we got

  24. BTW – To me, Nash was at his best, maybe the first 6-10 games when we first got him last year. I remember saying to myself this guy is unstoppable. He was controlling the game every time he was on the ice, instead of….

    Does anyone else remember/agree? What happened??

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Anton (Norris) Stralman: a retrospective…
    Is it a contract push or coaching from Ulfie or just figuring it out after many shifts over the years?? Who knows…who cares for that matter.

    Anton is finally stepping up and playing like a true top 4 Dman and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Not a crease clearer and not the best at scraping the boards, but is a very good skater who makes smart decisions with puck to clear the zone. This prevents the other team from applying forechecking and squeezing us into an extended shift trapped in our zone.
    His physical play has increased dramatically. Good skaters are always in position to lay good hits..if they want to. He has shown a little nasty underneath that Swedish accountant look and demeanor.
    He also has an underrated wrister and would like see him on PP pt to help gain zone and get Richie off the point.

    Papa has never been so proud!!

  26. Carp
    Great review!!

    Why are some people on here always so amped up to sit one of our few gritty players after every game to play miller (who is just avg at best IMHO)?

  27. Carp, Great review!

    S NATION,you and I saw the Brassard goal.

    Carp, how high do you think the Rangers will go to ‘re-up Stralsie?

  28. Above&Beyond on


    Long time listener, first time caller

    The problem with this team is Brad Richards ego.

    Why else would he be on the point on the power play? I would have him down low. Maybe even stick that dude in front.

    The point is, who are the best playmakers on the team? If you said anyone other than ZUCC and MSL, you are sadly mistaken. Channel the power play through the side boards with either of those 2. Preferably Z stays with his linemates and MSL with any number of forwards.

    As for D, it should def be anyone but Girardi and Klein. Put Moore and MCD on the same damn PP!

    This isn’t rocket science. It’s Olivia Munn’s soon to be bought out in the summer ex playing the point on the PP.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and

  29. Lobster, I agree and remember him playing a solid two way game. I remember his first reaction when getting a pass was to dip the shoulder and take it to the net.

    That lasted for six weeks. Now we are supposed to get excited when he plays a solid defensive game?

  30. When a Dman goes deep on the rush, it’s imperative that the ensuing play results in a play on net. Otherwise, more times than not, it will turn into a counter-attack odd-man rush. Against a team like the Pens, counter-attacks and odd-man rushes are scary.


  31. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – a goal so nice they had to score it twice!!


  32. Above&Beyond on

    … And over again

    I think we beat this team in five and then we steamroll the Canadians, with the kicker of the series being Hank doesn’t lose at the house of horrors. Or doesn’t give up a goal. Am I asking too much King Hankie? Your hair that is always perfect under your mask says emphatically “No!!!!”!!!”!!!!! And then we beat the defending champs in the finals and then I can actually enjoy this Cup unlike the last one when I was 12. Hawks get crushed under your shiny red white and blue boot. Yes we stepped on them. And this is the start of the dynasty that is your NEW YORK RANGERS when we win next year too!

    Dancing in the streets peeps!


  33. Hank gets a A not a A+ for last night but nothing less. How about all our big money players only getting a A????

  34. The timing of these games is annoying, especially when you have to DVR the game. I did add two hours to the recording time, but that hasn’t been working right through Dolanvision’s website. So, I lost the game with about 3 minutes left in the third. I knew the score and saw highlights, but annoying nonetheless.

  35. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had the three stars as Stralman-Staal-Brassard. Strong honorable mention to Pouliot, who probably deserves the third star for his play during the game, but playoff OT winner gets a star. Playoff OT insurance goal is great, but not necessary.

    I pretty much agree with Carp on all points. I would add that on the Stempniak goal, that play started because McDonagh got caught deep, a problem he’s had a lot in this playoff. Then, he took a terrible line to get back into the play, going out very wide to the left instead of to the net, and then Girardi picked him off to make it impossible for him to get back in the play. Just a comedy of errors all around.

    They need to do something new on the PP. Take Richards off the point. Why not try MZA there? He’s by far our most creative offensive player. And his defensive play has improved by leaps and bounds this year, to the point where you can’t feel any worse with him on the point defensively than any of our other forwards.

    Something that also really hurts our PP is that the only right handed shot we have up front is Stepan (who never shoots). Makes it very easy to defend when every forward’s forehand is exactly the same.

  36. >>He would need a trampoline to reach Bortuzzo with
    >>his elbow.

    An elbow to the groin is still an elbow, no?

  37. Miami Pimp's Woman on

    Somebody please tell my husband to cuddle instead of reading this message board.

    Ps. THE Kreider

  38. On the PP MSL and BR play catch with the puck and Nasher never gets to touch it. If it is not working change it maybe put Boyle in front for a differennt look or try , Hags on it as he is able to get in on the fore check better than anyone else on the team

  39. Above&Beyond on

    oh and who is going to have the you are our Brian Leetch talk with Mac Truck? and Moore, our Zubov. I think it should be Richards, cos you know. EGO!

  40. when NBC cut away prior to GWG announcement, I switched to NHL Network for nhl tonight and Katheryn Tappen downplayed the Brassard play as well.

    Also, NBC featured the Derby in second intermission, i think.

  41. Looks like folks are off the ledge this morning. Sheesh.

    Come Monday morning we’ll see… but I do think beating Philly, who swept Pittsburgh last year?, might give the team some confidence?

    I got to tell you though, Rick Nask might be bought out before Richards.

  42. Stranger Nation on

    Re Nash – we have seen what he can do and yes, in the POs the other teams’ top pair is against you. We get it. But it is the lack of compete, the inability to stay on his skates while jostling in front of net, the quick shifts after 25 seconds of ..nothing, the inability to fight through a check.
    This guy is a wuss. Plain and simple.

    That being said, if he was paired with a play making center who could carry and create which would occasionally set him up by creating space, he would much, much more effective.

    We haven’t had (that spirit) here since 1969, I mean, 1997.

  43. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Hey, Miami, did you hear WHO practiced FULL contact yesterday??

    Will this be like 2 years ago? THE returns and lights it up???????

    Can’t wait to have him back!!!

  44. Pens new commercial jingle in the Pittsburgh area:
    “black and yellow, let’s slash a fellow”

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard ranks as high as anyone regarding creativity. He is the most patient with the puck too.

    If Stepan were a cowboy in the 1800’s Wild West, he’d lose ever dual as his shot is slower than mud. That wrist shot of his barely pushes air and seems to get stick checked nearly every time. He needs to spend some time in the weight room and practice shooting pucks till his arms fall off…

    Rangers in 5

  46. jimG the desertrat on

    NBC is garbage peeiou pierre needs serious nuggees on that bald empty gord.

  47. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Stranger, vibin’.

    I don’t care if he scores (this is getting a bit ridiculous, however), but it’s the lack of jump, the lack of hitting, the lack of stick and backchecking every night. You don’t make that kind of money and play lacking effort.He’s a freaking dog.

    Game 7 I was there and keyed on him a good deal. He was ‘good’. He had more jump and edge to his game in that one game. He had 5 hits, 3 pretty big (for him) and played mostly 2 way. Generated a bit of offense. But, a TON of turnovers, too. Where’s that come from?

    We all agree that the Columbus game was by far his best this year. Hate to say it, but why does it take that setting for him to play like? Shouldn’t that be EVERY GAME??

    There’s no doubt to me the Lucic concussion made him think now before he goes to the dirty areas. He’s not worth the money. Get rid of him.

  48. Forgetting individual performances I thought our boys played a really good team game for the most part. Especially when you consider:
    > this was a road game
    > we played against a team who had more days off then we did
    > the number of games we’ve played in the past week (also take traveling into acct.)
    > we played a team with world class offensive skill (we only gave up two goals, right?)
    > our coaching staff worked all night to analyze, make adjustments to our systems and prepare our boys to play a far different team than the one played for the past two weeks
    > we took this game to OT
    > we won in OT
    > WE WON!

    Both teams will make adjustments and be better. Step away from the ledge once in a while and look at the bigger picture. Many on our team are raising their level of play and playing w/ more confidence. This is going to be a great series, regardless of who wins. Enjoy!

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ranger D needs to be at their best on Sunday. The pens will be amped. CBJ, mostly Dubi, banged, hit, pushed, and checked Crosby every time he went near the puck. Rangers had to have seen and noticed that on tape….skid likes to play without being harassed.. I’d start ramming him hard into boards over and over again.

  50. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Heave Ho, don’t want to get too far ahead, but agreed. For me most important was the good start, the softness of Fleurie, the strength of our ‘d’ (generally), Hank, and biggest of all was that after that crappy 2nd period, our guys turned it around in 3rd and pounded in the OT.

    As I posted during, you could ‘feel’ that they were in it and could win in the 3rd. They can take a lot away from it.

    Further, now they have a game under their belt watching what works with the Pen’s. Of course, not just us but the Pen’s, too, will adjust. AV has something to work with. The regular season games, with all the injuries the Pen’s had, mean very little now.

    Let’s not be thinking too positively, yet.

  51. JimG, agree about Pierre. The guy is just so in love with the Pens. He practically gushes talking about them. Normally he simply irritates me but last night I found him to be particularly grating.

  52. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Good point, E3. CBJ really softened him up. As I said last night, he isn’t himself. Hope he stays this way.

    Pitt-Crosby = Rangers-Nash

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The lack of down time might actually be advantageous for the rangers. Too much time off between games, early in that series, sure didn’t help them vs filthy as it went 7. Perhaps there is more cohesion and tighter play with fewer days off. The fact that 4 lines roll and 3 sets of D are on the ice getting lots of shifts is the best thing AV continues doing…Rangers looked fresher in the third and certainly in OT.

  54. Boy, the pens are really pushing that that first goal was a tough break and deflected by Niskanen. Maybe but it looked like a softie, could stand a few more of those each game the rest of the way.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – there were a few games that CBJ hit Skid 5 or 6 times a shift, and much if that was on one play within 15-20 seconds. Crosby was pounded in that series. Dubi played terrific physical hockey against him….

  56. Balcony Bob on

    Two observations:

    On a previous post, someone mentioned that 5 officials from the first round are not working the second round. This is because those 5 were the only competent ones, and they were making all the others look bad. Without them the officiating is consistant – consistantly bad!!!

    As regards the power play problems: at least 3 times they tried a cross-ice pass through at least 3 penguins. Each time the pass was intercepted and cleared. Did they really think that plays like that stand a chance of working? If they do, then they are hopelessly stupid.

  57. Perhaps the physical pounding by Dubi took a toll on CRosby. He looked off ( as in playing hurt) to me last night.
    Agree Eddie, Rangers need to hit him and put him to the ice at every opportunity.

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dubi really beat the wiz out of Crosby – every shift – every game

  59. Matty, agreed. For the most part, I really liked our 5 on 5 play. Also, impressed with how we continued to play our game after the Pen’s second goal. I think AV has been doing a super job keeping everyone on the same page. I still think we need someone to step up into a leadership role but I’m encouraged that we resisted the Pen’s momentum after they tied it up. Two big wins in a row has got to have our boys feeling good about themselves.

  60. rangers continued their recent streak of winning playoff games Ive haven’t been able to watch due to family engagements.

    Big one was Game 7 against the Caps in 2012. My cousins wedding at Frankie’s in brooklyn.

  61. See…this is what I’m talking about…if we lost game7 ….no Carp review…and that would be the real tragedy….and so still guaranteed 4 more sweet it is!

  62. I had told my father last night, who was able to watch the game, not to tell me anything until I called him this morning. I drove home last night at 1am, got in at 4am. And sat down to watch the game, with no clue what happened. And 10 minutes into watching the game, I remember to text my mother that I got home and I saw a text msg from a friend saying ‘nice win there’


  63. Will probably hate myself but going to cut refs a little slack of them took a beating last night..believe ref down low got wiped out right before Brassard goal so he may have been out of position

  64. PB

    How did you read my mind again and foresee I was going to overuse the word “AND” in my next post.

    Oh and Im no genius. I haven’t thought a single thought, that hasn’t been thought before. But Im a pretty good processor of things. :)

  65. Trying not to get ahead of myself, but can’t help it……..11 more happy ‘re-caps to go!!!

  66. Carp – point 10, they called offsides I thought? Or did they think it was a hand pass and realized they screwed up anyway and just put the draw in the zone.

    Also Crosby did technically close his hand on the puck, but it was for a split second. They always let that go.

    As for the non-calls, you are forgetting Rick Nash interfering with Bennett (I think it was him?) late in the 3rd. They missed a ton of calls for both sides.

  67. Jpp – I’m going to refer to you as “The Processor”

    BTW – I remember back in the day, it was much easier to avoid finding out the outcome of a game which was taped on the VCR before cell phones, internet, social media etc. Nowadays, its almost impossible.

  68. I cannot wait until THE Kreider comes back and starts scoring left and right on this weaksauce Penguins defense. It’s going to be awesome.

    Ps. nice job by NASH last night. He sets up a better perimeter than Jack Bauer.

  69. Whatever happened to the Goal judges who were in the box behind the net. Did theNHL Union Bust them out of existence?

  70. Manny-O-War on

    Anton Stralman, without Marc Staal, would be interesting. Everyone knows that I don’t think he’s that great. But he’s been unbelievably solid and aggressive in the playoffs. Love the way he’s played.

    But is he, if paired with Coburn or Timmonen as good as he is now? I doubt it.

  71. Honestly the effort overall wasn’t bad last night, 2nd period effort was terrible but it’s not the first time in the playoffs and not the first time this season they look lost in the 2nd.

    The fact that it was only 2-2 after 2 was a blessing.

  72. What does Rick Nash have in common with you and I? None of us have any goals in the playoffs.

  73. The Processantor

    processing processes.

    process processes of processing

    Did you see what I did just there. I made a word that we all know and see, look weird. Well it looks weird to me now.

    Which is a trippy moment in itself, when you see a word you use all the time, for example ‘the’

    As ‘t’ ‘h’ ‘e’

  74. Siting here this morning, in hindsight, the only way the game could have ended better IMO would have been for Crosby to grab the puck after Brassard’s non-goal goal, skate it down the ice, score on a 2 on 1 and watch as the Penguin team mobs Crosby to the ice……..only to have it overturned after video review determines the game was over on Brassard’s previous shot so the Crosby goal never happened!!!!!!

    Wow…sure would have sucked for a few minutes, but the joy of winning that way and watching the reaction of Sydney and the Pens as the ref announced the results of the video review would have been perhaps my most joyous hockey moment since Brian Leetch hoisted the Con Smythe followed by Mark Messier’s hoisting of the Cup

  75. Manny-O-War on

    How about the entire announcing team thinking Brassard was wrong that his puck went in. I was busy screaming that it went in while Pouliot banged home the second GWG.

  76. Manny-O-War on

    I think Carp was referring to the Gaelic festival of “Samhain”, Latona.

  77. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Hey candy and Ronnie have you seen them yet, they’re all spaced out B B B B Benny and Brassard….

  78. He’s got electric shoes, a mohair suit…

    Ya know I read it a magazine!

    B B B B Benny and Brassard….

  79. Enjoy the day heads. Much easier after win. Stralman last 2 games earned him at least a mil dollar raise.

    This pp needs a new look. Try stralman or staal back there. Mac could use extra min to rest same for girardi. Move richy to half wall

  80. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    In overtime, Ranger goal scored by #16 Derick Brassard and #67, Benny Poooooleoh, assists #67 Benny Pooooooleoh and #16, Derick Brassard.

    Time of the goals: 3:17 and 3:24.

  81. Hey kids, plug into the faithless
    Maybe they’re blinded
    But Bennie makes them ageless
    We shall survive, let us take ourselves along
    Where we fight our parents out in the streets
    To find who’s right and who’s wrong

    Benny Benny Benny Benny and Brassard…

  82. Stranger Nation on

    Will the NHL allow the Rangers to play 5v5 next game? Be ready for lots of Pissburgh PP and with those yellow shirts in the crowd…

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Step skates like he needs a diaper changed

    That’s it for the potty humor


  84. Strange,,,I often say Step skates like he’s wearing a pair of size 5 skates when he needs a pair of 8’s.

  85. Nash won’t be bought out. How many consecutive days will we bring this up?

    First of all, the organization and coach don’t see him the way you/we do.

    Second, he’s tradeable.

    Third, they have to buy out Richards.

    Fourth, Nash’s contract carries no recapture penalty.

    Not happening.

  86. And by the way, GMs, coaches, scouts and teammates don’t judge a player’s game based solely on whether he scored or not.

    Imagine that.

  87. Welcome, A&B.

    The reason Richards is on the point is because he is far and away the best PP point man they have.

  88. Goal judges went out with video replay, Papa. I think they still have a guy to turn on the light, but he no longer is in any official capacity.

  89. I agree with carp (sorry carp).

    If they do anything with Nash and it’s a huge *IF*, they trade him.

    He’s paid on potential as in he has the potential to be a 40 goal scorer and teams might have interest in him based on that.

    I still don’t think they do anything with him except try and actually get him a 1C.

    I would also get a bruising winger to play on his opposite wing to help with the physical stuff.

  90. If Nash is playing pk and good d, most coaches and organizations probably consider that a plus!

  91. ThisYearsModel on

    The dud that controls the goal lights is sitting at the scorer’s table now. I would have loved seeing the Penguins come down and score after the Brass shot, only to have their celebration short-circuited by the video review. THAT would have been cool. So, if THE comes back and replaces Carcillo, we have a pretty solid group.

  92. _Papa. I think they still have a guy to turn on the light_

    Is his name Roxanne?

  93. Carp, I think you know it goes so much deeper with most here than simply saying he is the focus of complaints because he doesn’t score goals.

    at least with me it does.

    It’s his consistent lack of effort, compete, grit, onions, leadership, inability to make his teammates and line mates play better (like superstars often do) failure to traverse the ‘dangerous’ areas on the ice…….for sure, the 1 goal in 20 playoff games doesn’t help sway my feelings towards the positive either.

    I really am amazed how much slack he is cut by the media and pundits ( Maloney and Milk-bury are recent exceptions) he is no superstar, and the Rangers coaching staff better plan to move forward in this series counting on a limited if any contribution from Nash.

  94. Papa, I completely agree (I know you have read my stuff).

    But they aren’t going to buy him out because of that.

  95. But I’m adding, Papa, that if he had a couple of goals, a lot of people here would feel completely differently about him.

  96. Sorry about the reference to “ShoeBeater” Milk-Bury. I don’t like that guy.

  97. Price has been awfully good so far in the series. Bruins need to win today. This needs to go 7.

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    B B B B B Benny and the Brass

    Hey candy and Ronnie have you seen them yet, ohhhh they’re so spaced out…

    B-B-B-B-B Benny and the Brass

  99. _Seedubbs_

    I’m with you and Eddie….we want a 7 game series with triple OT each game, thereby making it (if my math is correct -you were always the smarter one) a 14 game series.

  100. Carp – Good call giving the first star to Stralman, totally deserved. If I’m not mistaken it was his pinch on the boards that kept the game winning play alive. I’d love to keep him on the roster next year but he might be playing his way into a contract the Rangers can’t afford to match.

    I’d also dare to say that Staal/Stralman has been better in the playoff than McDonagh/Girardi though I’m pretty certain that is because McDonagh’s shoulder isn’t 100%.

  101. As has been noted, a outre bizarre situation would have arisen if the Pitts had gone down ice and scored after the Brass controversy.

  102. Markov is one of the best point men in the league and has been for a long time.

  103. JJP- NHL network talking heads previewing the series on Thursday referred to Staal / Stralman as the Rangers “shutdown pair”.

    Nice problem to have, two pairs who can be each be considered shutdown.

    Rangers should have the dough to re-up Stralman. Question is, will they spend it there or elsewhere?

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If someone cut Marchand’s nose, the are an full of people would drown in all that blood…

    He is a major tool

  105. Henrik, off season, rents Marchand’s left nostril to park his Maserati.

  106. what a joke Chara is. did you see him almost do a back flip when Subban gave him a lot bump to the chest?

  107. That Nasher isn’t called for embellishment three or four times a game tells me that he is not blessed with a great center of gravity.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard shoots and scores…..Benny gets the rebound and shoots and scores….

  109. But, Nash scores 2 and we win in Pitt Sunday and he’s the golden boy again.

  110. >>We haven’t had (that spirit) here since 1969…

    All right, I can’t let a good song reference go to waste.

  111. Officiating is so bad league-wide that fans are not even surprised anymore with the outlandish calls.

  112. Rangers can skate with this team. Our 4 lines are better than theirs. Just have to keep playing Crosby and Malkin the same way and don’t let Pittsburgh play their transition game. The second period is NOT how the Rangers need to play against this team. Can’t allow a wide open neutral zone.

    But, unless the PP comes alive and St Louis is a factor like he was against Philadelphia, this series is will be disappointing. I’m not sure the Rangers are good enough to win without a power play. The Rangers’ best hockey this year was when the PP was clicking.

  113. The one thing I don’t like about Pouliot is how he wants his last name pronounced. It hurts my ears.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I’d like their OTs to be so long that as one team wins in OT, moments later, it’s time to start the next game….continuous hockey for 2 weeks…

  115. Makes sense.

    It’s not personal with Boneheads and Nash.

    Like Tom cautioned Sonny, “it’s business”

    I don’t believe there is a bonehead here who wouldn’t love to see Nash play
    -good- well.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    AV should have Nash watch tape of Benny….Benny is the power forward Nash needs to become….

  117. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Wicky, @ 12:20, agreed.

    The Nash we have is fearful of getting his bell rung. He has been asked to defend himself or even others on this team that has gaping holes. Yes, I agree he needs a big forward by his side to protect him.

  118. Nasher with Knuckles Nylan:

    Big, nasty redhead at my side,
    I was born to ride!

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Marchand sneezes, there is a moment when the earth stops spinning on its axis….

  120. Meeting Sonny Boy at the game on Monday.

    He said he’ll bring the tickets and I should bring my wallet!

    Smart Sonny Boy!

  121. Whichever team that scored in the ot last night would have “stolen” the game. Both can play much better. How do you arrange with the NHL to have the leeway to play the neanderthal style the Bruins choose periodically to show up with? Call on Prust to put Montreal down two men was absolute joke- sanctioned as it was by NBC announcers garbed in black & gold- Bruins don’t hold or interfere when Habs are on powerplay, i guess.

  122. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    Carp, I was one of those who was really in favor of the Nash deal. I still would be if what we traded for is what was playing.

    I think you know I don’t evaluate players by stats. However, when a player collects $7.8M per year, there is a level of expectations of production and effort. At the very least, as silly as it sounds, try.

    There are WAY too many nights this guy is a no show for whatever his reasons.

  123. Matty, having some one ride shotgun for Nash is interesting thought.

    However, I don’t know if that’s going to get him to go to the greasy danger areas on the ice more than he does now. (which isn’t too often).

  124. Stranger Nation on

    If the ledge is the locale after losses, where do we go after wins?

    So are we shiny happy people chewing on good-n-plenty riding the Good ship Lollipop in a New York State of Mind to the Hotel California next to Lake Wobegon in Pozyville located in Happy Valley

    Where ever it is, it sure is crowded today…

  125. ‘Let’s put a new coat of paint on this lonesome old town;
    Set ’em up, we’ll be knockin’ em down.
    You wear a dress, baby, I’ll wear a tie
    We’ll laugh at that old bloodshot moon in that burgundy sky.’

  126. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    E3, Lol!! Bunch of probing proboscis, humongous schnazolas on that team. A group sneeze might cause implosion of this planet!!

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Marchand’s nose caused that turnover – he couldn’t see the puck

  128. Maybe if Carlos Beltran had been traded to the Red Sox he would have bought Marchand a new nose like he did for John Niece.

  129. Matty"Rangers in 5!!!"Boy on

    May not, Papa. May not. Worth a try. You know, if you’re a GM you have to try to compliment your elite players with what they need. He has never had that, has he?

    Yea, I said last night if he played any more on the outside he’d be over the boards! Someone need to say something to him. Get him to realize how silly his game has become.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m viewing the Bruins game in HD 3-D – and that camera shot of Marchand – had his nose jump right out of my TV scaring my cat who jumped 5 feet in the air…

  131. BTW, while mama went out to get her nails down. I snuck into the cave to put the game on.

    I hope she gets a mani and pedi.

  132. National Weather Service reports the Moon no longer controls the tides – Marchand’s snout does.

  133. Caught on Dvr with habs game. They give the bruins fits. More so then anyone.

  134. Hate to be cynical, but Toronto will do everything possible to keep a Canadian team alive.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – 71-72, beat the Habs in 6, Bobby Rousseau had a great series….

  136. Coos,

    Being cynical is in my DNA, but I’m not really sure that DNA controls all the elements of life they say it does.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Previous year 70-71 Habs won the cup…rangers beat defending champs in 71-72.

    71-72 Bruins win cup (over rangers) next year rangers beat defending champs in first round…

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Marchand’s kink is that he like his gf to shove her entire leg up his nose…

  139. Habs are winning the neutral zone getting through with no resistance from Bruins.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As a young first grader, Marchand sat in the last row, his nose in the front row.

  141. Nasher at Pearly Gates:

    “I almost scored in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

    St Peter” “That’s it?”

  142. Backing up Mannys earlier statement and as a critic of Stralman I have to give him credit bc this is the 2nd or 3rd year he’s been solid in the post season. The man steps it up. Good for him.

    But yo all they are doing is getting our hopes up, I HATE them.

  143. If the NHL takes away the snow-spray of the goalie, why not just play deck hockey?

  144. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Carey Price playing a triple A game.
    Good enough to pull the Habs to the CF?

  145. ThisYearsModel on

    Can any of you boneheads help me? What time does the Kentucky Derby start on NBC?

  146. ThisYearsModel on

    PK Slewfoot cannot score enough goals in Boston after the way the Boston moron fans have acted.

  147. AV should have Nash watch tape of Benny….Benny is the power forward Nash needs to become….


    If nash would do the things Pouliot is doing right now to be successful he would be

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chara is a giant tool

    Marchand is a tiny tool

    Marchand’s nose is a monstrous tool

  149. Short article in today’s NY Times about Richie Rich tutoring LiverLips when Lips was a tyke.

  150. Stranger Nation on

    Robot Spacecraft Snaps Uranus Through Rings of Saturn

    discuss amongst yorselves

  151. “Working Girls” pay lots of cabbage to get lips like Crosby.

    And, we all know why they do.

  152. Ancient ancestors mated with Neanderthals. Look around. Start in Boston.

  153. ThisYearsModel on

    Right now, the Habs are trolling the Bruins. The Bruins are losing their minds instead of playing hockey.

  154. Does Lucic wear rounded shoulder pads or does he have women’s breasts protruding from his upper back?

  155. Rob in Beantown on

    _How about the entire announcing team thinking Brassard was wrong that his puck went in. I was busy screaming that it went in while Pouliot banged home the second GWG._

    I’ve been thinking about it. Do you think some of the Penguins also saw the puck go in, knew the game was over, and let up just a little bit leading to the Pouliot goal? I’m sure Brassard wasn’t the only player on the ice that saw the puck go in.

  156. Dougie MacArthur
    Dougie Fairbanks, Jr.
    Supreme Court Judge William O. Dougie

  157. There’s Schnoz McSchnozster with the pansy leap onto the back of a Hab.

  158. Latona for the price they paid for Vanek they should let Garth Snow take pics w the Cup if they win it.

  159. “We came into this with high expectations. We haven’t accomplished anything yet. Now we’re gonna try to get game 2.”


    i said to my father earlier, from the ranger POV, if I’m them.

    ‘I want Game 2 so bad. I wanna let it roll, 3 in 4, we’re rolling I want them all. Put them in that hole’

    In actuality theres only one mindset to have in the playoffs and that’s to win every situation at every chance, dictate everything. Give up a goal, that next shift right back to dictating play. score a goal, come in waves and add to it the very next shift.

    Its almost simpler as a fan to pinpoint then a player, bc as fan we see it from the overview. From a players standpoint, their skating, stick handling, every little nuisance of the game, they are processing all those nuisances and maybe its harder to pinpoint what it is that is going on when they are most successful.

    And its dictating play.
    Being on the puck all the time, and stride and thought ahead of the guy your battling or defending etch

  160. As King of Jinxers, I commend Cary Prices play.

    (That should get us to overtime. )

  161. that was a nasty bounce. and then did you see how when montreal dumped the puck into the bruin zone, it just stopped. Terrible ice

  162. The keep throwing the “blown 2 goal lead” thing at us. Now it’s 20 times in the playoffs.

    Here’s what I would like to know,…… how many of the teams who have blown a 2 goal lead actually lost the game?

  163. Manny-o-war on

    If the Habs can learn to play defense for the last 12 minutes of the third period they have a chance.

  164. I think the Kentucky Derby starts soon. It ends around 6:30. Those poor horses have to run for a really long time.

  165. Nice comeback win for Bruins- remember Hank complaining about the puck bouncing for Boston- Canadiens actually deserved to win this more than game one. Bruins probably won’t get the calls in Montreal they got at home. Pounding the chest after the goals- looks foolish- can’t imagine any neutral observer could be rooting for them.

  166. Pretty classy, I’d say in CarBong choosing to give his replacement, Miller the hat the other night.

  167. MSG should show the hat ceremony every night. Cut DooGay by 30 seconds.

  168. The Rangers may not have momentum, but I can guarantee you every one of them has Omentum. You can look it up.

  169. ThisYearsModel on

    Pierre McGuire is such a tool. At the end of the Reilly Smith interview, he says something about him being the “last Smith standing” in the playoffs. Reilly looked like he wanted to punch him. Reilly’s team eliminates his brother’s team and he is supposed to show that he is happy about it on national TV?Yeah. Pierre knew that he blew it after he heard Smith’s reaction. Reilly’s team eliminated his brother’s team and idiot Pierre has to remind him on national TV. Good thing Pierre has not done any Rangers-Hurricanes games. He would probably say to Eric-“Marc is doing well after recovering from the concussion you gave him, huh?” What a tool.

  170. Miami Pimp on


    Completely agree. I was thinking the same thing as I watched Pierre McNugget’s train-wreck of an interview.

    But did you expect anything less?

  171. ThisYearsModel on

    MIAMI– We need THE back to get through this round. Wonder what the hold up is. He has superpowers, which means he heals faster than mere mortals.

  172. ‘McGuire would return to coaching at the start of the 1996-97 ECHL season as the head coach of the Baton Rouge Kingfish, leading the team to a 7th place finish in the South Division, going 31-33-6. His contract was not renewed and McGuire returned to Montreal to start his career in broadcasting.’

  173. He lead the Kingfish to a 7th place finish. “Nice crowd out there tonight, boys, let’s try to keep our eyes on the prize.”

  174. If and when Kreider does come back into the lineup, who sits? Do they go back to the original threesome of him, Nash & Step? Do they move MSL back to play with Richie and Hags? Or keep the first line as is now and play Kreids with Richie & Hags? Hmmm.

    Then the question is Dorsett or Carcillo? I’d put Carcillo on the 4th line. What I’d really like is Carcillo, Dorsett & Dom, but every coach’s fav Brian Boyle ain’t coming out of the lineup.

    What to do about the PP? Hope we continue to outscore everyone 5-on-5. Ridiculous. Seriously, no more DanG EVER. Take a few mins from Richie and give them to ANYONE! Give Hags a chance. Or just play Zucc’s line intact.

  175. Boy, C3, you really did hate that 11-12 team, those 51 wins, 109 points, ECF.

    Must have been horrible to go through that.

  176. bull dog line on

    I don’t like Carcillo in this series. not that I thought he was bad last night. just think they are going to need more skill in this series. I would play Miller till Kreider is able to come back.

  177. _Pierre is balder than a newborn’s rump_


    I bet Lucic was born with a hairy rump.

  178. i don’t disagree with Miller, but Carcillo is better defensively, he might be able to aggravate somebody on Pitt, and AV doesn’t — normally — make changes after a win.

  179. Carp
    i heard that Thornton and the Sharks
    lost their
    which is why they’re done

    can you get on that and find out if it’s true?

  180. Boy, after that OT win in Game 1, Montreal sure has momentum on Boston going into Game 2. Can’t see the Bruins rebounding from that. Oh, wait …

  181. Rooting for the little girl, Rosie, in Derby, but she doesn’t seem to have a lot of horse under her. Some other jockeys tell her ‘go home, have a baby, get lost,’ and bump her mount. Go Rosie!

  182. bull dog line on

    I would wait till they lost a game Carp. but I think you we see Miller or Kreider, sooner than later.

  183. If Miller picked up his D and stopped running around naked in the D zone, he’d have a spot. Up to him.

  184. bull dog line on

    Hank deserves a lot of credit for last night. once that game became tied, he shut the door and allowed the Rangers to get there game back. that game could have easily gotten away from the Rangers if Hank doesn’t allow them tp settle back down.

  185. Is it my imagination, or are we overloaded in this society with “celebrities?’

  186. Hank’s proven himself a super talent, but he has to stop stick handling the puck unless he has no effective choice. 2 out of 3 times he either confuses or handcuffs our D or throws it up for grabs.

  187. ThisYearsModel on

    Even CARP loves THE….giving THE advice on how to configure the Twitter account. Very cool.

  188. When THE does return, wonder how many games it will take for him to regain his game legs.

  189. Only person I take carcillo out for is enigma.

    Florida says first overall pick is in play, any takers for a shot at ekblad?

  190. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Last game Miller played, he looked way overwhelmed….the occasion was too much for the kid. Until THE is ready, stay with CarBomb

  191. Robby Bonfire on

    I see former Ranger Steve Vickers has a horse in the Kentucky Derby, so let’s root for him – Vickers In Trouble, who will be on the rail in the 19-horse field.

  192. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Hate: synonyms : strong dislike, intense displeasure, carp

    I hate it when the rangers lose is the same as .. C

    I carp it when the rangers lose.

  193. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Carp hates everything , now on the other hand MIKEY loves everything.

  194. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Steve Vickers was one of my favorite players…the guy was deadly in the crease banging home rebounds….

  195. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Holey hell is this thing on?

  196. Robby Bonfire on

    CoosCoos – Rosie’s horse wired the Louisiana Derby field, under pressure most of the way. Granted, that is a Gr.II race, not a Gr. 1, nevertheless, the colt figures to be in top condition, coming up to today’s race. He gets a decent trips, always a major concern in the over-loaded field, he grabs a piece of the purse, or even steals the race. Don’t count him out. Plus, the price is right.

  197. I hate the way Nash plays but I like Nash.

    I like the way Crosby plays but I hate Crosby.

    Not sure but, I may have done something there.

  198. Well Rosie you’re alright.
    You wear my ring.
    When you hold me tight,
    Baby that’s my thing.
    When I turn out the light,
    I got to hand it to you.
    Lookslike it’s me and you again tonight, Rosie.
    Lookslike it’s me and you again tonight, Rosie.
    Lookslike it’s me and you again tonight, Rosie.

  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Give ZUCCO the C !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Papa Bear it would be the other way around if you were a Penguins fan… with one slight difference . You would love everything about Cros-baby.

    You would have a cool number 86 Jersey and you would ‘excited sweat’ every time he talks .

  200. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    First year (came in mid season) lost first rd. After being up 3-1

    First full year – misses playoffs
    2nd full year – loses in first rd.
    3rd full year – tremendous success gets to ECF
    4th full year – wins one rd.

    I’d say AV will have better Ranger resume….

  201. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Johnny weir is not gay. He’s a woman that loves men.

  202. It suddenly hit me last night that the last time I saw a player make such incredible and instinctual passes as Zuccarello has been making was when No 99 was stil playing the game.

  203. Norm Merton on

    This may sound nutty, but I’d put Talbot in one of the next two games. One game up, AV can afford to think big picture. Lundqvist would have a tantrum, but he’s not the coach.

  204. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    If the rangers are up 3 games to zero, I’d play Tam in game 4…

  205. _Boy, C3, you really did hate that 11-12 team, those 51 wins, 109 points, ECF._

    Who said I hated that team? I just thought, since Habs have Prust, they should be virtually unbeatable since you know, its THE PRUST! :)

  206. Admiral Akbar on

    CCCP —

    I think this year’s team is BETTER than the vaunted 11-12 squad, without a doubt!

  207. Ive been saying that this team is better than 11-12 team for about 3 months now.

  208. “Bruce…how many F-bombs in the locker room this afternoon?”
    Bood-row – “what the f@$k are you talking aboot?

  209. Will NBC have Johnny Weir and his Easter Bonnet on for the Cup Finals, too?

  210. Robby, Rosie with a nod to PETA, pulls a badly beaten ‘Vicar’s In Trouble’ up in the early stretch. Horse wouldn’t rate from the start, and was pinched. Still root for little Rosie!

  211. Every year since ’94, I’ll hit my Ranger Karma Peak (RKP) and then it’s all downhill.

    I was feeling really good last night.

    I hope it wasn’t my Ranger Karma Peak (RKP).

  212. My dad picked Sunday Night to have a hemorrhoid removed, disrupting my RKP. NFL is filming the confrontation.

  213. Good evening all!!! Before the ledge party begins tomorrow!

    Cap, great write up.
    All, sorry I miss the chatter, been out and about all day

    but here’s my deal…today i sat next to a guy who was a real live high talker! I almost boudreau’d!!!I hope I wasn’t rude, but he was tall, and large and bearded….he was no Dan…but wow….sorry…been that kind of day…just had to share…LGR!!!!

  214. Lets lose tomorrow and start Talbot on Monday. That should make for some nice comments on the blog :)

  215. I love that Teemu is one of the few 90s stars we didn’t run through post age 30.

  216. Robby Bonfire on

    Badly beaten at the finish, yes. But in contention at the top of the lane and then Rosie completely eased off. So much, in fact, I was concerned that maybe the horse went wrong. Nothing in the DRF notes to that effect, just that he got bumped around and was rank.

  217. We had both Gaborik and Nash, so what did we do? Gabby was one of my fav Rangers, and Torts ran him out of town…excellent.

  218. Gabby and Nash are pretty much the same basic player in different packages.

  219. “Gabby and Nash are pretty much the same basic player in different packages.”

    Yeah. Gaborik is like opening your second or third largest gift on Christmas morning, a new kite which will provide you with much joy but only in certain conditions: nice day, decent winds. Nash is like opening your largest gift on Christmas morning and finding a roll of pennies hidden within the 4x4x4 box.

  220. Gabby’s made for the west, there really shouldn’t be hard feelings here.

  221. Gabby scores more goals in 10 minutes than Nash has in 20 games. Who needs him?

  222. Matty"CrosbySucks!!"Boy on

    This team is SO good that Gabby is an accessory. On our team, he was intended to create.

  223. Wasn’t the whole idea of getting Nash so that it would create space for Gaby? And we would 2 scoring threats instead of 1!?

  224. Gaborik, Dubinsky, Anisimov and a first round pick?

    or Nash, Brassard, Moore and Dorsett?

    I know which ones I want.

  225. Orrsie, Bruin fans aren’t booing P.K……Their say “SUUUUUBBBBBEEEEEE”

  226. has anyone pointed out that Gabby has 2 more goals in tonight’s game than Nash did in the playoffs?

    just askin’ ’cause i’m a bra with a skull ache

  227. Alain Amour on

    This team is SO good that Gabby is an accessory. On our team, he was intended to create.

    You perfectly banged it.

  228. What if Nash plays like every game that isn’t that one game against Columbus?

  229. Alain Amour on

    What if Nash plays like every game that isn’t that one game against Columbus?

    What if Nash played with a better supporting cast such as the one that the Kings possess?

  230. I’ll take Gaby, Dubi, Artie, Erixon, and the 1st rounder….

    I’m pretty sure Gaborik had already proved that he is Playoff gamer when he was a Ranger. People have selective memories, like JR and Keith Jones…

  231. I’ll take:

    -Gaborik- Dubinsky, Anisimov -and a first round pick-

    -Nash-, Brassard, Moore and Dorsett


  232. Alain Amour on

    When the playoffs arrived and the games supposedly were tougher and more intesne, how did Gaborik fare?

  233. You could take the volume sides of both deals and still have like $5MM in pocket.

  234. What Papa said. I’ll undo Nash and keep the Gabby trade and be happy with my roster.

  235. that would be interesting … Dubinsky, Anisimov, Brassard, J. Moops, Erixon and Dorsett with the rest of lineup as is, minus Nash?

  236. The thing is, if you had Dubi and Anisimov and not Nash, there would be another forward move that would have taken place to avoid the overcrowding. I imagine it would have been Hags and Pouliot for Crosby or something.

  237. Alain Amour on

    Nash is getting more than 4 SOG per game. It is not solely his fault that his shots are not finding the net. Emery, Mason and Fleury bear some of the blame for Nash’s 0 goals.

    Nash has still contributed to the team with 4 assists in the first several games.

  238. IlltakeGabbyWKopitarandBrown on

    Gabby is playing with WAY more talent out there than he was here, teams could single him out

  239. Dear Carp, if you make one more post about how Gabby hangs around the net unlike “Power Forward” Nash, I’m going to kill myself.

    Seriously though, I remember when it seemed that Gabby could (and often did) put the team on his shoulders and will it to victory (OT goal vs Boston), despite the knocks about his fragility and whatnot. Either way, you couldn’t knock Gabby’s hand-eye coordination, skill and desire to win. Torts ran him out of town, and we are now seeing yet again the proof that Torts is one maligned individual who favors his ego over the tools at his disposal.

    The sad thing is, we will probably NEVER see Nash hit 40 goals as a NYR…Gabby did it TWICE under TORTS!!! Imagine if he had a legit center feeding him in a Vigneault system, could’ve hit 50. I don’t care what anyone says, he IS that good…in case you weren’t watching tonight’s OT game.

    Nash is playing scared because he obviously doesn’t want another concussion and won’t retire because he has just about 8 million reasons to stay (the average utility infielder salary in MLB, but let’s not open that can of worms).

    It just really, really, REALLY kills me to this day that Sather let Torts convince him to jettison Gaborik.

    We had Gabby and Nash, and now Gabby is putting the Kings on his shoulders as he PROVED he could with the Rangers and we’re left holding the bag with Nash…

    If Nash really wants to play scared all the time/hang on the perimeter and is that concerned that the next big hit could be his last, take a lesson from Crosby and take the NECESARRY amount of time off, be honest. Stop saying that you played “good.” We might not be millionaires, but we’re not dumb.

    Imagine if Gabby had 2 functional shoulders in the ’12 ECF. Adam Henrique would be a footnote, and who knows what would’ve went down in the Cup Finals. Imagine if we had Gabby AND Nash in those playoffs. I don’t think that I have to tell anyone which player would’ve assumed responsibility for carrying the team.

    Gabby knew he wasn’t Lucic…he still impacted games and will likely end up in the HOF.

    Does Nash want to win, or just collect a paycheck without getting hurt?

  240. Although I spelled necessary wrong in big caps, I hope that you all will respect my message.

  241. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    2leetch – uhhhh the guy we traded gabby for scored the OT goal for the rangers last night. Moreover, that same guy, Derick Brassard, PLAYED all but 1 game this year – led the rangers in playoff scoring last year, and out scored gabby this year.

    Why don’t you become a kings fan, change your name to 23Brown23 and go post on a kings blog…

  242. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby, the perennial 40 goal scorer, scored 40 goals 3 times in 14 years. He is lighting it up these playoffs no doubt, but the dude can’t last a season. Fragile and oft injured. Thanks, but no thanks. Why do you think Columbus got rid of him?

  243. Eddie, why do you hate me? = ) I love Brassard. If you really want to split hairs, I called his OT winner in the 3rd period.

    My main point is that despite Gabby having been “fragile,” or insert whatever adjective you want, Nash hasn’t shown that ability to carry the team like Gabby did.

    Also, let me reiterate. Gabby had ONE shoulder in the ’12 ECF, and he still scored some goals. His legacy would be totally different had he been healthy and led us to the Cup Finals.

    But hey, if you’re content with Nash scoring 0 and watching Gabby single-handedly rescue L.A. then I guess there’s no point in arguing.

    Like Carp said even before Gabby was traded: “40 Goal scorers don’t grow on trees.”

    No kidding, we don’t even have one.

  244. I mean, didn’t Columbus sign Nathan Horton knowing he had an injury.

    Beggars can’t be choosers. A team like Columbus doesn’t attract much attention from the big name free agents. They’d sign Gaborik, even if he had one arm.

  245. Exactly Orr…but now Gabby is where he belongs and is thriving, good for him. A friend of mine recently presented the fact that if Nash continues his playoff mediocrity (to be kind), that the Rangers will compliance buyout HIM instead of Richards!!! Imagine that?!

  246. No way NYR would do that. Nash still has trade value. The guy was on Team Canada. No way he gets bought out.

    I do think they should consider trading him. His regular season numbers are average, and his playoff numbers are below average. Not acceptable.

    I’m not going to get excited when he plays a good game. It’s time to put pucks in the net.

  247. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Frankly, as long as the rangers keep winning, I couldn’t care less if TAM was the only one scoring. Just win baby.

    As for Nash, Id trade him for Dubi and a pick. But gabby? Please. That cat can’t finish a season. If it’s not his collarbone, it’s his shoulder. If it’s not his shoulder, it’s his knee. If it’s not his knee, it’s his groin. I bet he gets hurt sometime this series and is done. He had a mind blowing game today, and a great post season, but he’s an injury time bomb ready to explode.

    And I don’t hate you….

  248. E3, you are right about the “just win” stuff. I just wonder if it’s all too much for Nash. Why can’t he play like a man possessed (aka the Columbus revisit) at least in critical moments that aren’t the last 60 seconds of a game? Luv u 2 E3!!!

  249. Btw, it’s just insane that the Pens get to have three 40 goal guys…should be illegal.

  250. we don’t have anybody like Kopitar either. it took two guys to cover him, thats why Gabby was wide open.

    I don’t like living in the past. I like Brassard.

    Gabby may fit in LA but not on this team and obviously not in Columbus.

    I did cheer for him a little tonight. I remember when He got a hat trick here in Denver…hats littered the ice. Chad Johnson got his first NHL win too I think. I still don’t want him back.

  251. I think I should explain to everybody what actually happened on that Malkin-non-high-stick-goal. The puck is up in the air. Hank does not know where it is. Malkin is lookin at the puck and almost starts batting at it above the crossbar, but as he is quite a smart player he wqits for it to drop below the crossbar before he hits it. At this point Hank notices Malkins intentions, not knowing exactly where the puck is but realizing that Malkin does. So when Malkin actially starts batting at the pick when it comes below the crossbar it is actually Hank who is hitting Malkins stick with his arm intentionally and succeds in stoping Malkin from hitting the puck, not Maklin who is interfering with Hanks ability to reach the puck. The fact that the puck hits what-ever-part of Hank and then rolls into the net is just a combination of Pittsburghs famous good luck and Rangers bad luck. There was a chance it could have been diallowed had the referee seen the contact between the Hank and Malkin and ruled it a incidental contact, but the second it went to Toronto it was always going ro be a good goal.

    There was a second referee blunder that I haven’t notced people mentoning anywhere. There were two identical situations in both ends of the ice being called pittsburghs way both times; the Moore cross-check of a Pit player ontop of Hank resulting in a penalty and a cross-check on Nash during the next Ran power-play in front of MAF resulting in a non-call.

    Also, the Crosby hand-pass that the commentators on NBC first thougt was an off-side whissle kept raving on that it was defenetly not off-side. There was again a similar situation later on in the other end when the Rangers were serging that got whissled for an off-side when it clearly wasn’t. In this situation the commentators did not even take notice.

    I wish once I could have the opportunity to listen to Sam and Joe in the play-offs also and not what-ever combination of NBC- or CBC fools are available each particular night.


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