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  1. “I wasn’t a fan of the “Phlyers Suck” chant. But the crowd was pretty good.”


  2. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Mister, it was obvious that he wanted this. I felt offensively he pressed too hard. Tried to do too much. He turned it over half a dozen times? But he made a number of good, solid defensive plays. And 50% of his yearly total of hits in one game!! Two of them, hard!! Even.

  3. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    I dislike him, but Richie Rich took the body, did some back checking, and moved his skates as much as he could. He didn’t score, but he contributed, too. For him, that is.

  4. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Quick is playing some goal right now. Speak of a goalie willing his team.

    ‘Hubba Dubba’ Sutter.

  5. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    I know the Sharks were the favorites here. But this LA team is an ex-champ. They have a huge heard and know what it takes. Addition of Gabby was a smart one for them, too. Kopitar=Monster, no?

  6. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    You guys know that Crosby has some kind of lower body issue? I didn’t watch that series closely, but that is the ‘werd’. He’ll play, but not be 100%.

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