Game 6: Rangers-Flyers in review



1) Well, the best part for you guys and for the Rangers is that they don’t lead the series. Because since 2009, while they’ve been lousy when leading a series — a record 12 straight losses with the series lead — they’ve been pretty darn good when tied or behind. They’ve been good facing elimination. They’ve been good in Game 7s, winning three in a row, two of those at home, where they are 5-0 all-time.

2) That said, all the stats on earth, all the history for the Rangers or the Flyers, or between them … everything that has happened in this series to this point, including last night’s lopsided 5-2 Flyers win, won’t mean jack squat in Game 7 tonight. Not even a little bit. Momentum never, ever, ever, never carries over from one game to another in a playoff series. It has no bearing on what happens in the next game. Every game starts new, and if you don’t believe it, go back and look at how the other series have gone down, or all of last year’s series. Look at how often a team loses a gut-wrenching game and comes back to win the next game.

3) So the winner tonight gets the chance to play five more games. Because this kind of uneven play won’t cut it against the Penguins.

4) But enough of that.  As good as the Rangers were in Game 5 — and I watched that game again, and they were really good, almost top to bottom, especially on the PK and defending — they were equally as bad in Game 6. Yeah, they had the great start, had the momentum-killing penalty by Benoit Pouliot and the power-play goal, still controlled the rest of the first period … then folded like a cheap lawn chair. Just played a frenzied, panic-looking game and let the Flyers run amok thereafter. Looked like a fragile group, for sure, and they are fragile if they couldn’t regroup after that first period and the penalty.

5) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Needle pointing straight down now. One goal, 18 playoff games for the Rangers. Did he even play? Had zero impact at all. And, yeah, he wasn’t alone. His linemates Martin St. Louis and Derek Stepan were ghosts, too. And the second/third line of Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard and Pouliot the penalty machine has really accomplished almost nothing this series. Especially Brassard.

6) But before we blame all the usual suspects, let’s be honest. This was a dreadful game for Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi. Especially Girardi, who had been a monster in the series. Tried to thread a pass on the PK instead of icing the puck, had it picked by Claude Giroux and ended up in the net. Coughed one up on another of Simmonds’ three goals, which was a tad lucky in that Brayden Schenn whiffed on a shot  and it ended up going through McDonagh and onto Simmonds’ stick. McDonagh struggled right around the paint all night. And the Rangers defended Simmonds as if he was wearing one of those non-contact jerseys.

7) So the Flyers’ top goal scorer, Simmonds, scored three. The Rangers’ top goal scorer. He had three fewer.

8) Steve Mason was better than Henrik Lundqvist, and you could say that whether you thought Lundqvist was good or decent or mediocre or awful. Mason was just plain excellent, especially in the first period. And the Rangers apparently forgot those discussions about hos he has the glove on the other side, and with a big, tall guy like that, the glove is probably the last place you want to shoot it. Who knows? Maybe he comes in and throws another beaut and then heads off to Pittsburgh. Or maybe he coughs up a furball in his first Game 7.

9) The fine NHL officiating kept up its playoff streak. I mean, the Pouliot penalty was a no-brainer. Most of the Rangers penalties were, indeed, penalties. But Giroux, who has been diving from the start of the series, almost did a backflip on the Pouliot one-handed grab, and was not called for embellishment. Which is OK with me, I guess, only if you’re not going to call all the other embellishment penalties the rest of the series — including another one on Derek Dorsett. And yet they let the most blatant dive in the series — by Sideshow Rinaldo — fool them earlier in the series. So inconsistent with the calls, all of the calls. New game, new rulebook.

10) The power play is just killing the Rangers in this series.I keep hearing the “killer instinct” cliche the Rangers supposedly lack. Well, if they had a power play, they wouldn’t be playing tonight. It’s gotten to the point where it almost creates instant momentum for the Flyers. Zero for the last 20. And it’s not on coach Scott Arniel. It’s on the athletes. They’ve been awful. They have not executed.

11) For how many years, the Rangers have benefited from bad ice because they had less skill and more grind than mosy opponents? Now they have some skill and, in this game at least, and maybe one other in the series, bad ice has bit them in the butt.

12) Man, that Jumping Jack-in-the-Box play, where a guy (Daniel Carcillo, Dominic Moore, Erik Gustafsson) jumps out of the box and scores, has been the best play of the series. The last two of them were absolute daggers.

13) I imagine Alain Vigneault, who has made a lineup change after the first two losses in this series, will do something before Game 7. I don’t think sticking with J.T. Miller over Carcillo in Game 6 had any impact on the outcome. Craig Berube’s move from Hal Gill to Gustafsson sure worked out, though. Not that it was really much of a decision.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brian Boyle.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Marc Staal.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Dominic Moore.

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  1. Feeling really down this morning. Didn’t sleep much. Beyond bummed. The big guys got benched for long stretches last night. Hope they got the message. If it’s any consolation, mason is just normal on the road. He wasn’t normal last night. Henrik, the floor is yours. Can you outplay your counterpart tonight?

    Not even going to think about how many games they get against the penguins until the final buzzer tonight and I know they get to play on.

    Until then, good luck, avoid the raindrops and

    Lets go Rangers

  2. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp, #10 says it all about this series.

    Special teams, particularly the Rangers’ lack of effective power play is ultimately deciding this series. It’s too bad this series has gone this long, for I still believe the rangers are the better of the two teams.

    That said, if the overall failure special teams doesn’t somehow cost the Rangers this series, it will cost them having any chance against Crosby & Co., by nature of letting this series drag on too far long.

  3. Rangers better win tonight..because more games equals more game recaps here. The effort you put in here is unmatched by the team. The Flyers best players sure seem better than our best players…Nash is non existent and looks like he can’t wait to end his season…Hank had not been the better goaltender and Brad Richards is not worth the time or effort it takes to write his name. If AV thinks having the team play with no pulse every other night makes him better than Torts..well a first round elimination says something different. Man..I knew we would miss Dubinsky and Cally because you knew they were going to show up tonight..but a big win or humiliating loss is what I expect from this While I hope for a win…it is probably more important Richards finishes his season healthy!

  4. What did I learn from last nights game?

    NEVER EVER, wear your team’s colors into another team’s building during the playoffs.

    It’s like draping yourself in an American flag and walking down the street in Kabul.

  5. There isn’t a worse place to wear an opposing team’s colors than Philly. So..full marks for risking injury to support the team…given the team’s effort…you not only risked life and limb ..but probably paid too much for the honor! So we who weren’t there…thank you for your service!

  6. Carp, great review. Honestly I wondered how you could write a review of last nights no show but you nailed it.

    As I mope around through my day, I’ll take solace in their game seven record at MSG but my LGR feels more like lgr.

  7. Home sweet home……I actually feel good about tonight. Don’t think either team is very good though. More anxious about Richards and Nash because that will determine if we are legit for the next 5-7 yrs. not feeling good on that front though. Flyers stink

  8. Admiral Akbar on


    You are either completely nuts or have seriously humongous onions hanging there!

  9. I still make that Rick Nash trade (and twice tomorrow), but he is a disappointment. There are a lot of apologists reminding me of all his assists & PK prowess. We traded TWO of those guys for Nash to do what he is supposed to do: SCORE.

    Carp points out the Nash-o-meter is pointing straight down. Thai isn’t nearly good enough.

    Stop apologizing for Nash.

  10. Spot on review, Carp. Not a showcase for consistency, that’s sad. Not a betting man, but I wouldn’t want Poulliot to decide the game through another no-brainer penalty.

  11. BickelsPickle on

    Also, Rangers are a way better team when they play well. Good Rangers > Good Flyers; Bad Flyers > Good Rangers; Thus, Bad Flyers > Good Rangers > Good Flyers. So, I hope the Flyers play good!

  12. Atrocious effort. It’s a tale of two teams. Which one will show up tonight? Your guess is as good as mine. CW- way to represent. I’ll go with onions as well.

  13. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I think the odds of a team winning/losing two games in a row will outweigh the tit for tat win one /lose one thus far.
    Never mind what if’s.

  14. I will defend Pull out, stupid penalties and all…..he goes to every dirty spot, has chemistry with his line, is annoying the flyers, hits hard, hits often, plays like he cares. Which 2 doesn’t that remind you of cough cough 61-19. Luv Giardi more but it was the worst pass ever instead of icing the puck.

  15. We’d better hope there is no such thing as momentum in a series from game-to-game. And even assuming that’s true, Philly looked much better last night than they have all series. If they play like that again the Rangers better have all their onions on the table. And speaking of which, while the dreadful power play has been a part of the story in the series, the Rangers lack of onions in putting teams away is ther real story here. Because they are the more talented team.

  16. When the Flyers get up 2 goals I don’t know if the Flyers just play better or the Rangers focus on not letting in a third goal and forget about offense. They just fall apart.


  17. Be nice if zucc brassard pouliot line show up. Outside game 1 and the last pp goal early game 2 they’ve been terrible.

    I have zero hope in Nash doing anything tonight. He’s a bonafide loser.

  18. I think AV should put Nash into the lineup tonight…
    What did we give up to get him again?

  19. Carp asked me not to tell anyone, and I know I have a big mouth, but youse guys are family

    He wrote this early morning blog from that lucky blackjack table at the Borgata.

    I think we need to stage an intervention. Someone call A&E

  20. Spot on with number 9 Giroux has been diving all series ..great player but he’s an embarassment to hockey …not sure about #3 though …Penguins defense/goaltending is suspect

  21. Figured it out
    The NYR have NO LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO LEADER……end of story

  22. Last night’s effort clearly illustrates what I’ve thought for most of this season. AV sends our boys out fired up and on the same page but once they’re on the ice and things don’t immediately go their way they collapse, not knowing who to follow. There’s a serious dearth of leadership on this team. This team needs a Captain and by that I don’t mean someone merely wearing a “C”.

  23. bull dog line on

    only one Ranger “fan” is happy today, and that is MrD. he is now 1 loss closer to keeping his precious 1st round pick.

  24. Carp, there have been times when you’ve mentioned how BR has made the PP better and for a while, before the Olympics, I couldn’t disagree. But certainly, allowing BR to stay on for the whole PP , IMO, has disabled this PP. AV has obviously leaned on BR for his veteran presence or whatever he thinks Richards has, but other than being a shooter from the dot, Brad Richards should not be the quarterback on this PP!!!! Just shouldn’t. Can’t understand why the coaches don’t see that? Are they afraid of mixing it up? Not that we have Brian Leetch to go to in BR absence but Richards should be the shooter of the center and be on for half the PP, not the full 2 minutes!!!! That being said, the ineffective PP virus has infected all players who are out there for those 2, momentum turning, minutes!!!

  25. Stranger Nation on

    What a pile of Rinaldo this team can look like if the top pair doesn’t play well. Thought McD regressed again along with Dan G’s stinker.
    Pullout needs to come out. That line needs a shakeup. Miller for Pullout and Carcillo or Fast on Richard’s wing.
    Thank God we got St. Louis – he is our best forward this series.
    Nash – oy vey. If the MSG crowd had onions, they would let him hear it.
    When the Flyers decide to play hockey, they can be dangerous. We missed a golden opportunity in Game 2 with help from the zebras against their JV goalie.
    Our PP stinks – who has the most PP time on the team by a long shot?????

  26. I have no confidence the rangers will prevail tonight because I have no confidence that the refs will call the game fairly. If I was a fan of another team and I watched the ranger flyers series, especially the past few games, I would think the refs and the league is trying hard to get philly to the second round against Pittsburgh. I don’t trust the refs in a one and done playoff match.

  27. Disgusting!!

    Out-worked, out-muscled, out-hustled by a supposedly inferior team.

    The Flyers dominated their defensive zone, and owned the front of the Rangers goal.

    Big, tough, crease clearing defensemen. Where have I heard that before?

    Hello Uncle Glennie – are you paying attention?

  28. philly fans are the worse, especially flyer fans. That’s all they want to do is fist fight, most loud moth, belligerent a-holes. The only time I will go to philly is to visit my niece, other than that you couldn’t pay me to go to that dump of a area.

  29. Sioux-per-man on

    I was worried about the Rangers losing last night when they had a game in hand.

    Not so tonight. They are at there best when their backs are against the wall. At Home against the Flyers.

    Hank will win this game! Rangers will win every period tonight!

    Fäget about last night!

  30. Czechthemout!!! on

    I blame their predicament on Nash. He has been ordinary to awful this playoff series. He is supposed to be our star player but is playing as if he is ready for summer. What a loser he turned out to be.

    I pulled so hard for the team to get him. That makes me feel even worse. I thought we were getting the Nash who played against the CBJ earlier this season. Instead, we got Mr. Softie!

  31. bull dog line on

    I was for the Nash trade. though it broke my heart to trade Dubi. Nash is a big problem come playoff time. your stars are supposed to shine. problem is Nash does not have a stars mentality.

  32. not me, never wanted Nash, I always thought he was overrated and stated so on this very blog when the rumors were flying about trading for him. I wish this was one time when I was wrong but now the rangers are stuck with him and that atrocious contract.

  33. Good morning, boneheads!

    They gave this one away. Flyers looked fragile and unsure of themselves. They looked like it was too much pressure for them. Mason gives up a ton of rebounds, Rangers can’t finish. Pouliot takes a penalty, Girardi ( who’s been outstanding until last night ) makes a bad decision, and the Flyers get their confidence back. Hank made a bad decision on Gustaffson’s goal, that one was a real back breaker.

    Stay positive, boneheads. We are hockey fans. Game 7, in our building. Your team has looked like a better team and deserves to win it. Isn’t it why we love this game?

  34. No point in dissecting last night’s game. It’s over. Move on. Today is a brand new day and a huge game seven win on the horizon for our boys!

    Let’s go Rangers! Think positive, kids!

  35. I second the reversal of the trade. I would rather have Dubinsky and Anisimov and Erixon over Nash any day. They have heart. Nash is a jellyfish. Sather’s latest shiny new toy is, as usual, a bust. I also would rather have Gaborik instead of Nash. Oh wait we had him too.

  36. My heart and brain hurt. Just when I was starting to really get into the fabric and makeup of this team, through all it’s faults (which are many) they pull an absolute stinker like last night and make me question it.

    Still, like all of us I bleed blue. Lets Go Rangers!

  37. 3 game 7’s tonight..Officials are sure to screw up and decide outcome on at least one…hopefully not Ranger game

  38. I’ll bet Nash scores 2 goals tonight and Rangers still find a way to lose. It would be the ultimate torture

  39. Had my own hockey game last night (we won and I scored a shorty while playing D!) so I only caught the game to the point where we were down 2-0.

    I don’t want to overreact to this loss. Yes, it’s inexcusable that this team can’t handle prosperity. The Flyers were a turnover machine in the first but the puck just didn’t bounce to our (quite often) wide open guys.

    Sounds like our D-men had a bad game.

    I do have to harp on Nash though. If he isn’t going to score goals (which is why we brought him here) then he needs to compete in other areas of the ice. Maybe (like Boyle) it is his immense size to style of play ratio that frustrates me/us. He gets bounced of the puck quite easily for a guy that big.

    He’s been a zero for me.

    I hope to god the PP shows up tonight. If we can’t make them pay for penalties, it’s going to be a long night.

    Stay positive Boneheads – hope we win tonight!

  40. _only one Ranger “fan” is happy today, and that is MrD. he is now 1 loss closer to keeping his precious 1st round pick._

    I need you to go back and read the quote. For me and for you and for everyone here.

  41. I think I’m inverse CW … don’t think Nash has been playing bad at all (atleast games 1-5) but he’s not playing superstar good and I’d reverse that trade this instant if I could.

  42. Two things are very obvious …

    1. Last night was the worst game ever and its all Pouliot’s fault

    2. Boyle very clearly stole back momentum (Rangers are +1 since the fight)

  43. Carp – the notion that the prior game’s outcomes doesn’t matter is absurd. It might be a coin toss because yeah each three won and lost three games but mentally it matters.

    If you don’t think the Flyers were sitting in their locker room last night thinking ‘We said we’d win game 4 and did, we rolled over them tonight, we can do it again in game 7’ you’re crazy. And the Rangers were probably sitting there thinking ‘We let this opportunity slip away’. Who’s going to have the mental edge today?

    Players aren’t impacted by prior games in an ideal world – water off a ducks back. In the regular season over many months that might be true, who cares about the last game. But in the playoffs you can’t make that statement. I’m sure for a few guys, what happened the night before doesn’t enter their head at all but by the same token there are some that it does.

    I think the proof is in this – if you asked a player, would you rather enter a game 7 having won or lost the prior game which would you chose? How many guys would say ‘I’d rather have lost game 6’? My guess is close to zero, which means it matters

    Momentum exists.

    Also, the record in the NHL when the teams trade wins and go seven games are 4-6 for the home team. And in preliminary round its 0-3 for the home team. Not a statistically significant number of games but interesting none the less.

  44. Last night was as awful as it can get. They can’t be that bad two nights in a row, Right?

  45. Tonight’s game comes down to DISCIPLINE.

    The Rangers have to be disciplined enough stay out of the penalty box – especially if the refs are not going to call the Flyers on their splashy-divey ways.

    The Rangers have to be disciplined enough on offense/PP to get bodies to the net (as well as some shots). As good as Mason has been, there are rebounds to be had but the Ranger forwards need to grow a set of onions and head to the net (that means you Rick Nash).

    To quote/paraphrase Herb Brooks, the Rangers have to be disciplined enough to “Play Your Game!”

  46. All season when we’ve had those dominant (zone time & chances) first periods but failed to capitalize we always end up getting trounced

  47. @JTMassey79 Numbers for Lundqvist with #NYR leading series: 22 games, 8-14, .872 save pct, 3.5 goals allowed per game

  48. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Carp, as usual, great thoughtful review!!

    Great comments, as well, from many of the Boneheads!! Best place to hang after a win or loss…………THANK YOU!!!!!

  49. Brassard is really backing up that impressive playoff run last year (12games, 2g, 10a) with a GREAT one this year! 6 games, 0g, 1a.

  50. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Blockness took a puck to the back last night to add to his collection of injuries. MacD has been slashed so many times it’s amazing his arms are still connected. They both played like crapola. Awful, awful games. Could it be that being targeted/blocking shots is just wearing them or they’re injured???

    They were walking dead last night.

  51. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    AV, IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THE PP, there are a few guys in Vancouver that are off for the summer that can ‘help’ you strategize a bit. You see, one thing they found is that you can’t rely on Mr. Ed.

    Give them a call. Can’t be worse than 0 for whatever!!!!

  52. He’s been typical Brassard: wildly inconsistent with long casper the friendly ghost like stretches.

  53. Carp, Thoughts going into tonight

    1) Simplify PP – enter zone (which they are having a lot of trouble doing). One pass and shot with a screen.

    2) Stop shooting at his glove. Strahlman, Pouliot, Hagelin all firing at glove. Go the other way!

    3) Man up on D. 1st goalie Girardi has to body Simmonds. It’s like boxing out in basketball. Girardi left Simmonds free again on another goal. And McDonagh did nothing to stop the 4th goal. Put your body on a man. Simple concept.

  54. my big issue with the PP is that they are stuck in this umbrella trying to force through a shot from the top when Philly has CLEARLY adjusted to that.Why not try to work from the side wall or GASP behind the net?

  55. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    MSL has really gotten grey since coming to NYC. Anyone notice that?

  56. That was a joke. But the Defensive effort last night was SO bad that I might just dress 7 Defenseman tonight, R. Diaz, and try to figure it out from there.,

  57. That start we had last night was awesome though. The Brass/Zuch/Pullout line was all over the place. And if Brass’s post shot had gone in it would’ve been a different story. But then Giroux dives and it was all downhill from there. Let’s hope the boys can put this one behind them. LGR!

  58. Amen, Draxen. And the Phlyers have decided to standup at the blue line and remain up there if the Rangers dump it in! They know the Rangers are just going to try to get the puck high. Why not try a PP where Richards takes the “point” down in the corner near the boards?

  59. ThisYearsModel on

    Doubt it can or will happen, but Sather needs to find a taker, and get what he can for Rick Nash over the Summer. I believe that the guy has been neutered by concussions. He does not want to be drooling out his oatmeal at the age of 40. He has shown that he is not clutch, and is nowhere near worth the $7.5MM he is being paid. Buy out Richards, move Nash and move forward. There will be some significant turnover anyway. Stralman still does not have a contract, he will probably get more on the open market and he should if he can.

  60. I forgot to mention: I take partial responsibility because I lost my Rangers hat after Game 5. I left it at a bar or something.

  61. Stralman simply cannot be on this team next year:

    McDonagh – Girardi
    Klein – Staal
    J. Moore – McLlrath

    7th: R. Diaz

  62. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    I am getting a little sick of these ‘big name’ players with the big contracts essentially getting paid twice or more what other guys get, risking everything on them, not performing.

    Time to put up or get out. Time to play with desperation or leave. Prove your worth.

  63. If we still had Callahan, he would have scored a hat trick last night then we would have won in overtime (Boyle).

  64. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Girardi: “Oh, I thought Simmons was the guy who had the ‘no contact’ jersey. Didn’t he????”

  65. in the video of that brawl. At 15 seconds, in the middle of the fray. A security officer throw 2-3 punches at one of the rangers fan and then all hell broke loose. That security officer needs to be arrested. He further incited the incident. WTF as soon as these fans see the security officer throw punches, it gives them all the go ahead they need to do what they did.

    The NYR beat writers should pick up on this story and print it and make the Wells Fargo Center be forced to take action.

  66. Could you imagine if, instead of Pouliot playing with Zucc and Brassard it was RYAN CALLAHAN? That would be so awesome.

  67. _I am getting a little sick of these ‘big name’ players with the big contracts essentially getting paid twice or more what other guys get, risking everything on them, not performing._

    Toooooootally. Second tier “stars” seem like the quickest way to be a perennially low level threat, 7-16 overall team in this league. We have one real star. We’ve picked up three “stars” at the expense of half the roster and almost 1/3 of the cap. Just hit the reset button on those moves, ask really nicely to get Dubinsky, Callahan, Artie and those three 1st/2nds back and move on.

  68. Putting in Diaz to help the pp is an interesting thought (would anyone really miss J. Moore?)but seems very dangerous throwing a guy into game 7 who hasn’t played in weeks

  69. The rangers can trade nash. A lot of teams who take on salary to meet the salary cap floor would be interested.

    Trade one, buy out the other.

  70. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Out of all of our failures last night, and there were many (lack of big names playing with desperation, Hank not playing like ‘King’, stupid penalties (nice dive, Giroux!), being out coached and not changing up match ups and strategy), IF our d-men allow Flyer players to camp out in front of Hank all night, we lose.

    Simmons, Hartnell, Giroux, they need to be attacked and dumped. Give anyone the time they had, and it’s lights out.

  71. Nash has to agree to a trade. And I think one-sided leverage only works when you’re the GM targeting Sather, not vice versa.

  72. Robby Bonfire on

    I like this team’s chances for advancing so long as The Kreider and Cally are dressing for the game.

  73. I am desperate to fix the PP and J. Moops isn’t getting it done. So maybe Diaz comes in and changes it up a bit?

  74. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Yep, vibin’, MisterD.

    BTW, did we ‘build with youth’???? Wasn’t that what our GM said we were doing 3 years ago?

    What a freaking waste of hot air he is.

  75. This is a serious question:

    Would you rather have POULET or a ONE-HANDED THE KREIDER out there tonight?

  76. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Yes, I bring in Diaz. Worry about his size, staleness, but he can help from the point. That PP needs some point help (FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS, anyone up there watching????)

    I also consider highly bringing back Carcillo. I would have made that move with first change in Philly. To me, that was a no brainer. With second change, at home, friendly environment it’s a 50-50, going with Miller or Carcillo.

    I still worry Miller is too inexperienced. Carcillo has played big games. Tough call for AV.

  77. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Pimpster, the bad penalties aside (and that Giroux was totally acting on that first PP. no way he didn’t help that call big time), AT LEAST Poulet goes to the boards and gives a semblance of effort!!!!

    Compared to Perimeter Ricky and Mr. Ed, it’s refreshing!!!!

  78. oh believe me, the heat is coming for Nash. It’s already mounting, on a steep upward trajectory. And maybe it will take him hearing it all season, next season. But I think he gets traded at some point. Probably gets one more year, it will be more of the same, and to me, he is of the mentality where he’ll just say I dont want to be here with all this spotlight and criticism and resentment. Maybe the rangers retain a little salary to sweeten the deal for the other team. Nash the player at 5.5 million is different to nash the player at 7.8 mil.

  79. The Flyers want them to dump it in on PP because of Mason’s stick handling prowess. And the Rangers oblige. Short passes, using the trailer and his speed to gain the zone. Better puck support when they enter.

  80. Rick Nash = Worst Acquisition of the last several years.

    Soft as tissue paper on the ice, compete level of a smurf on lithium, clueless about what’s going on around him, and really could care less whether or not the team wins.

    Columbus Blue Jackets fans – You’re Welcome for taking the biggest stiff on skates away from you.

    Vitriol towards Nash is DESERVED. He DOESN’T TRY. He REFUSES to compete. One game, ONE GAME, all year he showed what he could do and that was in Columbus towards the end of the season.

  81. I wouldn’t change the D at all. They had a rough night, leave it at that, and move on. I don’t think it would be good or fair to put Diaz in that situation tonight. Leave it be.

    The Rangers need to step up and man up tonight and put the Flyers away. If they don’t play with any sort of desperation or heart, then they aren’t the team we thought they were.

  82. XX/XX/14 – The New York Rangers have acquired Jason Spezza from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for Carl Hagelin, J.T. Miller, John Moore and the Rangers 2014 1st round pick

  83. I’d be more willing to consider Diaz if he were left-handed. No reason to take a shaky Game 6 defense and add someone on their off side.

  84. Yea, ilb. Entering the zone with NO speed and giving a little cross ice flip pass is *NOT* going to get it done! How can St. Louis be part of this? Seriously. He’s 39. He should know how to enter the zone with speed at this point.

  85. XX/XX/14 – The New York Rangers have agreed to terms with UFA Center Paul Stastny. The deal, which spans the next 7 years at an AAV of $8.6M, was signed late last night.

  86. Well said, Yergs. Good argument against me. I just want to add Diaz in place of Miller and use him sparingly.

  87. Something needs to be done to get this pp going. Changes new looks. Can’t continue same looks

  88. XX/XX/14 – The New York Rangers have agreed to terms for an extension with Center Brad Richards. The deal, which spans the next 20 years at an AAV of $8.6M, was signed late last night at Sather’s stable.

  89. XX/XX/14 – The New York Rangers have agreed to terms with Martin Brodeur in exchange for Cam Talbot and Martin St. Louis.

  90. Well, the one thing I _wouldn’t_ change on the PP is Richards on the point. His average-at-best speed into the zone, the way he can snap off 63 foot shots at will and his driven focus on “just please, Brad, be careful and do not allow a counter rush, that’ll mean you have to play one on one defense” even at the expense of actually trying to generate offense is the one thing we can all agree isn’t the problem.

  91. That’s fine with me, Manny.

    Gosh, lets bring in a fewer e righties for pp next year, too.

  92. (But really, Richards working down around one of the faceoff dots would instantly make the PP better. He still has a nice sharp angle shot and has shown so repeatedly this year.)

  93. Messier, Larmer, Verbeek, Jagr.

    Can we name any other players who the rangers traded for that played at the same career statistical pace as a ranger as they did through out their careers.

    Am I missing anyone.

    St. Louis, tbd. Outlook positive

    my dad said it last week. After the Dionnes, Espos, and who-ever else’s. when messier came in, he said as a ranger fan, you saw right away that this guy was gonna be different.

  94. XX/XX/14 – The New York Rangers have agreed to terms with Rinaldo in exchange for three 1st-round draft picks.

  95. I’m going to start a “Hugs 4 Eric” charity this offseason, whenever this offseason may be.

  96. ERIC,

    Of course it is! Shall I go back to September and copy & paste my prediction for these clowns?

    It doesn’t matter if you dress it up in red, white, or blue … it’s still a clown.

  97. Henrik Lundqvist said, “every loss hurts but I think we should see it as a great opportunity to go home and play game seven in New York….that is very special. It’s over, we can’t change this now and we need to see it as a great opportunity.”

    “we’re done. And even if we pull it off, we’ll get swept by the Pens.”

  98. I don’t think any of us seriously thought this team was winning the cup. I certainly don’t think we have much of a shot against Pittsburgh without another historic implosion by Flower.

    But to go out in the first round, to Philly? That’s just so hard to take.

  99. Maybe we can get that Ryan Kesler guy to change his mind about playing for Vigneault?

  100. XX/XX/14 – Rick Nash announces his retirement from the NHL in order to pursue his dream career of becoming Bozo the Clown.

  101. @SeeeDubbb Today is just a precursor to possible the possible ledgeiotomy that will occur if we lose tonight

  102. good morning all, the ledge is looking mighty good today!

    can’t ever remember getting as aggravated or disgusted with a game as i was last night…

    those early pp’s with richards shooting it into the legs of flyers with guys on either side of him open damn near killed me.

    nash is not a playoff performer, no chance he gets moved but really he’s done a lot to make us all non-fans.

    also have had enough of richards and his ‘leadership’… the comments he made after callahan was traded, and the things he’s said throughout this series have really soured me on him.

  103. Rough game to watch but… I’m confident we win tonight. We play MUCH better under pressure and that speaks to a lack of proper leadership on the ice to inspire constant pressure. That being said, we’ve been $$$ in game 7’s. I do believe Nash doesn’t want his legacy tarnished by being soft in the PO’s and is capable of changing that perception. This is why we secured Marty. McMonster will go off and Hank will be the King. Very confident tonight and it’s not wishful thinking. We’ll need a more consistent push if we want to make it out of round 2 however.

    Cheers and LETS GO RANGERS!

  104. _Today is just a precursor to possible the possible ledgeiotomy that will occur if we lose tonight_

    Yeah, I might want to say goodbye for a week or so now just in case. Going to get unbearable in here.

  105. I think AV has been a good change for the Rangers all told, that “meeting” they are having today at noon is one of the few times I wish we had the piss and vinegar of Torts to maybe light a fire under their arses

  106. Would you guys please man-up?

    In my eyes, people are actually acting fairly well this morning.

    You want to read “ledgeiotomy” … just watch this space closer to gametime.

  107. -155 / +135 money line in our favor, with both western games at -140 / +120. So, theoretically, we should feel best of all 6 teams heading into tonight, according the ol’ Vegas.

    (Can’t imagine there are enough Rangers fans out there to actually swing lines.)

  108. Rangers’ history suggests Nash will get 1 more season before moving on. Gretzky, Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Gaborik…the shine on their season ticket salesmen wears off quickly, and they’re gone. St. Louis and probably Richards will be three and out, too. It’s the Rangers’ way. Upside about Nash is, he’ll still have much value as a top 2nd line talent who defends well. Downside is Sather will get less than he should.

  109. _In my eyes, people are actually acting fairly well this morning._

    The Ca(l)m before the storm.

    But I’m calling 3-1, late empty netter to seal it + wake my daughter up + have my wife yell at me for waking my daughter up + me be ok with being yelled at and going upstairs to get my daughter back to sleep + Eric predicting a sweep by the Penguins.

  110. @hockeynight #NHL Masterton Trophy finalists (perseverance, sportsmanship, dedication): Iginla, Malhotra, Dominic Moore

  111. Manny – I hear ya… but I was pretty nervous about last night. Would be more scared if it had been close but we lost last night not because of a herculean effort by Filthy but rather due to the inexcusable but not unfamiliar lethargy associated with thinking we had it locked up. Simmonds used to be a player I wanted – he’s too trash-talky for my liking. We were embarrassed and we’ll answer. We have enough winners to ensure that. Just hope the Garden steps up in the event we dont score first.

    Dorsett needs to beat down Simmonds after drawing the first punch. Maybe not popular on this forum, but it needs to happen.

    We ARE the better team and we’ll show it this evening.

  112. I agree that someone needs to fight Simmonds.

    And how did Boyle actually win a fight? He wasn’t even looking at his opponent. He was staring down the bench or something?

  113. We need a chat….everybody is on the ledge.

    Now we are trading Nash, banishing St. Louis. Resigning Callahan – bringing back Dubi. Hiring Torts. Trading Hank and giving the job to Talbot. Awesome stuff!! Maybe we should get Ovi too!!

  114. @VilleLampinen Former #NYR Coach Mike Keenan just became the first coach to win the both Stanley and Gagarin Cup. #NHL #KHL

  115. Look everyone, I am going to do something for all of you. Back off the ledge. I am a bit cash strapped, but my brother and I have decided to go to the game tonight. We have a 3 year streak, including the playoffs, of nothing buy wins. We arrive early, have a bloody mary during warmups, and we are undefeated. I decided to do this not only for all of you, but for all NYR fans.

    You may love me, you may hate me, because I rig things, but today you will RESPECT me for what I am doing for all of you tonight.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

  116. Is anyone else embarrassed this morning? Or am I overreacting to last nights pathetic performance?

    Was it a case of bad bounces and a tough road game?

    Or another example of how our “star” players are just not as good as they are made out to be?

    Again, feel free to tell me I am overreacting, but I don’t think I am.

  117. I had Kings in 7…NY and Avs for tonight in the pool. I do think all 3 will win, but what do I know?

  118. I’d be embarrassed if they played that way tonight. In a way, if there has to be a game seven (and there does), it’s almost better that they played that way. They’ve bounced back really well from those types of games since the Olympic break.

    I really expect a stellar game tonight. Whether that means a win will be determined.

  119. And, yes, this place will be intolerable for at least a week with who they should fire (everybody), buyout (everybody), trade (everybody) if they lose tonight or ever.

  120. I’m debating in my own head whether having the back to backs is beneficial or not, considering how they played last night.

  121. It’s a great question, Gravy. I have to assume that Mason can’t do that twice in 27 hours. I similarly have to think the Rangers can’t stink that badly in back to backs. Right? Please? Right?

  122. At this stage, I’d trade Nash for Pizza Boy straight up. Pull him out of retirement. That’s how bad Nash is folks..

  123. Never really understood the whole, “We play for home ice in game 7.” If I am playing, I play to sweep the series. But hey, I’m not playing, so what do I know.

  124. _In the Rangers’ last 12 games they have played with a series lead, they are 0-12._

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “we will win Game 7, climb on my shoulders boys, I’ll lead you home”

  126. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    All Home teams win tonight.

    But if I had to pick one road team, its the Wild.

    IF the refs didn’t give game 5 to the AVS, this series would be over. Wild Win.

    That is the ONLY upset tonight!

    Even though in my bracket I picked the Kings, only because of Greene. The Sharks are tough at home.


  127. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Manny – Great Stat. So it’s not like we are surprised of last nights performance, we almost expected it to happen. I did. Didn’t want to, but didn’t rule it out.

  128. I mean, if everyone is going to throw around the 0-11 yesterday, and they followed through, then I’d really be *focusing* on the 5-0 tonight.

  129. Rob in Beantown on

    The Rangers were +1, scored two goals, and Boyle won a fight after I left the bar and stopped watching. Should I even watch tonight? Definitely changing up my drink.

  130. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Tonight is *HEN-RIK* night’s to shine in the shutout.

    MSL – will bust a move and get the game winning goal.

  131. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I told Mrs. Sioux the Rangers have never lost to the Flyers when we are in the building :)

  132. If the Rangers lose, no one will be entirely surprised. If the Sharks lose, it’s another year of choking, this time epically.

  133. Not that they lost 3-2 last night but what scares me is how bad they were. Mentally fragile heading into game 7

  134. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Easy picking for a Hat Trick tonight!

    Get them in to win!

    SeeeDubb and Ranger-in-the-isle are in the Bonehead lead with 4.

    eth21-didn’t use a Bonehead name?

  135. “As for Sutherland, he’s all buffed up and chomps into his signature role with customary gusto. Is he up for a little fiery gunplay and ghastly torture? Sure. Will he unleash a sleeper hold or two? Absolutely. Does he utter his trademark “Dammit!” before the first hour is over? Of course. Even though we’re in the UK, this ain’t no “Downton Abbey.”


  136. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Rob in Beantown – good to know did you miss the memo on the Bonehead name?

    Rob from BX i’ll give you :) not eth :(

    But good luck with that :)

  137. Got out of my work dinner made up some bs about my uncle being in town for business and only for a night and wants to grab dinner.

  138. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Carp – nice Gaborik tip of the hat, the only time he played 82 games in a season. He was ALWAYS hurt as a WILD player.

  139. eric will always be my favorite bonehead… love the excuse making for work, just outstanding

  140. It’s more heartbreaking for me having my dad and brother in law use my tix tonight.

    Dad is 1-5 in 6 games this year

  141. Rob in Beantown on

    I was joking Sioux, in case it wasn’t clear. I am doing *terribly* in that contest.

  142. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Jagr – is a stud. You have to respect his 20+ years, same goes for Marty the Douple Dipping Dunkun Donut of a goal tender that have.

    Numbers don’t lie Manny!

  143. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Contest isn’t over.


    I know you where :)

    Next year I will give it a password. My bad. But we all know who the boneheads are, so it’s really not that big of deal. SeeDubb has only 4.

    I’ll pass him on the outside coming down the stretch :)

  144. Carp

    Do you think last night’s game will have any impact on Philly’s energy level going into game 7 especially with the Rangers having the last change and Berube not being a tactician behind the bench.

    They rolled 3 lines for the first half of the game and Mason had a lot of work. Plus with the way the Rangers play it can be pretty grueling on back-to-backs.

  145. keep telling yourself that, JJP, and completely ignore every series and how each team has either rebounded from a terrible loss or lost the game after an emotional huge win.

    Look across these playoffs, or last year’s playoffs, or any year’s playoffs. Look at all the momentum the Rangers had after Games 1, 3 and 5.

  146. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Oleo – NOT ONE BIT!

    If it has any impact, it will waken the beast inside the blueshirts.

  147. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I will be in the CARD CAVE tonight. Open Bar, a Stout & a Porter on Tap. Game with a last longer, and pay the top 5 spots :)

    With 2 Games in HDTV surrounding the tables!

    It really doesn’t get much better than this. Wednesday is my most productive night, and 3 game 7’s on tonight.

  148. Stranger Nation on

    Wake up people. Game 7 in our barn. Stop crying like a baby in need of a diaper change and get ready to Make Some Noise!!!

  149. It just seems to me that the Rangers do really well in back-to-backs, even the one’s after they lost the first game.

    Back in MSG where the Rangers “own” the Flyers, have dominated play the entire series at home and have never lost a game 7.

    I just don’t the Rangers losing this one.

  150. Problem with the Nash trade, as I see it, and other than ripping apart a ballsy team, is that this Nash isn’t that Nash anymore. Probably the concussions.

    He was never the scorer, even, that Gaborik was. But he was a difference-making type of forward before his coconut got bashed a couple of times. Not an excuse. Just a legit explanation.

  151. Stralman simply cannot be on this team next year?

    Well, perhaps not, but surely not based on this series? Do 3:4 defenders grow on trees? Are experienced, effective 27-year-olds easy to sign? Are these rhetorical questions?

    Tonight, I’ll be watching the 1:2 defenders to see if the Flyers’ targeting has paid off, especially in a back-to-back. If they’re soft again, it will be all about Lundqvist.

  152. Stralman would be Philly’s best defenseman. Just saying.

    Would you like to have Philly’s No. 4, whomever that is, on the Rangers’ second pair?

  153. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Carp – please explain the Nash that played in Columbus?

    That guy put the team on his shoulders, and won the game.

    I want *THAT* guy to play *TONIGHT*!

  154. ThisYearsModel on

    MIAMI–you are on fire! NY Rangers President and general manager Glen Sather announced that the Rangers have acquired forward Erik Cole from the Dallas Stars in exchange for their 2025 first round draft pick. Sakther commented that he was happy the DStars were willing to make a deal for such a future pick because “We did not have another first rounders left to trade until 2025.”

    There is one big problem with the Rangers. The absence of THE.

  155. “Stralman would be Philly’s best defenseman. Just saying.”

    Then please explain to me how we’re in a Game 7.

    It just makes it completely inexcusable if the above statement is true.

  156. 2 of the experienced guys in peel and Rooney. I remember Rooney doing the gabby triple ot game and game 7 two years ago vs caps both wins

  157. @Miami it’s because we’ve been unable to convert on the plethora of great chances their sieve of a defense have given up. See P1 last night

  158. as far as I’m concerned, tonight’s game is a toss up. I had the rangers winning this series in 6 but should have know better that it would go 7.

  159. Nash has had how many turnovers end up on his stick about 3 feet in front of an unguarded goaltender? How many has he put home?

  160. Replacements for tonite game: Carcillo, Diaz & Tabot plus a strong dose of passion and desperation. Henrik is in a slump and its only been the good Defense over the past month that’s disguised his real goals against average. It’s not like baseball where you play many games and in time you get out of your slump. He plays outstanding when it no longer counts, he just not the player he was two years ago where he literally stood on his head each and every game. Nash makes me sick to my freeken stomach. He’s done absolutely nothing, continuing to play around the perimeter. He’s got to go along with Richards who should pay the price of a ticket every night. We need a strong leader and motivator.

  161. Apparently if you follow @ScoutingTheRefs on twitter they tweet who’s assigned to which games.

  162. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Manny – how about that Hat Trick last night?

    Too bad Sather couldn’t wheel & deal and get Simmonds on this team.

    Hated to see the Flyers win, but I like how THAT guy plays the game.

  163. that’s exactly the point I was making Manny

    I’ve seen it all year. We surge, don’t convert and lose because of it

  164. OMG!!! If St. Pepe’ Le Pew is refereeing the ranger game tonight the rangers are screwed. Bad enough goals are hard to come by our beloved team but when they actually score goals and St. Pepe’ Le Pew disallows the goals you know the rangers are in trouble.

  165. I mean, how can anyone blame Lundqvist last night when he had a chance to stop -literally- one of those goals? And that goal was a breakaway…granted he was indecisive.

  166. And you’re SPOT ON Draxen. The chances were numerous in all the games they lost. They should have dominated.

    East/West passing worked in Game 1. Hasn’t worked since. Still doing it.

  167. So I guess Carp that no athlete is affected by the past ever, that’s what you’re saying right? It never, ever enters the player’s mind who won or lost a prior game? It can’t be confidence builder or distraction?

    My question still stands, what percent of players would say they’d prefer to lose a game 6 to force a game 7? That’s all the proof you need that there is a difference between losing or winning the last game and whether it impacts a player’s psyche.

  168. Yea. Last night is 0% Hank’s fault. Zero. He had literally no help or chance on any of the Simmonds goals.

  169. I was hoping that Brassard’s horrendous performance in this series would put to bed the debate on whether or not Stepan gets to stay (according to some of you).

  170. CNN reporting empty Budweiser can located by underwater camera troll at 12,000 feet. May or may not be associated with MH370. Catch the Special all day and into next week with a live panel of experts!

  171. I’ve been trying to avoid the whole Stepan/Brassard thing because I don’t want it to be misconstrued that I *hate* Brassard. I really hope he has a five point night.

  172. JJP, why do I have this discussion every year?

    I don’t say nobody feels anything off a win or a loss, or that it doesn’t enter a players’ thoughts, or that confidence is built or torn down.

    I’m saying, based on pure results, what happened in one game doesn’t affect the outcome of the next. It doesn’t.

    Look at Columbus off those two big wins vs. Pitt. Or Detroit after the big win in Boston. Or any other series ever, including the six the Rangers have played the last three seasons. How did the Rangers win that game vs. Boston after losing all that momentum? Then get squished after winning that big game vs. Boston?

    It doesn’t matter.

  173. I don’t think Stepan or brassard are more than a 2C at best.

    Stepan has played better these playoffs than he has most of the season, brassard has played much worse.

    Step has had some bad bad giveaways and msl is carrying that line

    Brassard is anchoring his line right now and not in a good way.

    Other than the Gustafson goal, which he has to stop, hank was left hanging by his vaunted tough D

    Pouliot, other than the bad penalty when giroux got shot, played a strong physical game and no way the loss is on him.

    If the rangers are so mentally fragile that one bad penalty causes them to wilt like that, all of you should just go to the ledge now.

  174. bull dog line on

    I’m sorry if you think its getting old. it will never get old to me. just seeing that Cecile, and Quendiline are getting upset is worth it to me.

  175. Why don’t you guys just listen to CARP for once!

    Momentum doesn’t matter.

    As JR once said “Momentum is as fleeting as a piece of pie put in front of Brodeur’s face”

  176. If we get to the ECF and lose, Bull Dog, I promise to buy you a Metropolitan Division Champs t-shirt. For real. You even get to pick the color if there’s more than one.

  177. Games are not won by psyches at this level. They are won by execution, puck luck and refereeing. Goals change games, and right now it’s 0-0.

  178. Nash, 2 goals in 22 playoff games. “They’re just not going in.” I’ll say. Try a few from closer than 40 feet, maybe?

  179. I think the weirdest momentum shift in the playoffs this year was when Fleury let in a blue line wrister and actually *gained* momentum to win the next two.

  180. I think I would feel more comfortable headed into tonight’s Game 7 with Callahan playing.

  181. Rick Nash wants all of you to know that he woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual because of the burning desire within him to lead his team to victory.

    Wanna have a fun comparison? Look at video of Messier standing on the line prior to opening faceoff during the playoffs. Look at the stare. Look at the intensity. Look at someone who’s determined to do what it takes to win.

    Look at Nash. Chewing on his mouthpiece, staring cross-eyed into space or the ceiling. Eyes looking around trying to catch a butterfly passing by.

    I know, it’s unfair. And it’s plain that Rick Nash is little more than a middle of the road player who’s gotten by being big and being talented (ie: not having to TRY)

    And since we all know Sather has a fetish for big players who can (supposedly) score, Rick Nash is his dream player.

    You have to wonder if Nash realizes his reputation as a competitive athlete is about to be irreparably tarnished by his lollygag play. Or does he even care? “I’m trying” he says. What I want to hear from someone who’s paid to score and paid to be a leader is “I haven’t got it done. I’ve let my teammates down. I have to do everything possible to change that.”

    Nope, not Ricky. “C’mon guys…i’m trying weally, weally hard!!”

  182. Gravy
    A lot of “ifs” involved here, but if stastny is available and I can get a player for Stepan or brassard that addresses a need that the rangers have, I absolutely trade one of them.

    There will be some available 2/3C via ufa as well as we probably keep one of Boyle/d Moops (I’m guessing Moops), so I think we will be ok at centre especially if stastny is our 1 and brass or step is our 2.

  183. ?@AGrossRecord Both Richards and St. Louis say poise in addition to execution needed on struggling PP. Richards said sticks gripped too hard last night.


    Don’t worry guys. The issue was just their grip.

  184. “Don’t worry guys. The issue was just their grip.”


    I’m loving it.

  185. Impressed Richards didn’t phrase it as “some guys gripped their sticks too hard”.

  186. I remember people changing their avatars before the linesman tripped James Patrick and Claude Lemieux scored on that breakaway.

  187. 1:16PM: Ray Ferraro said on Leafs Lunch today, “this is my pet peeve when I watch players. I was an undersized guys, I see someone who is 6-4 and 230 and he rushes it over the side wall and takes his shot from there? If he cuts to the net and he is almost unstoppable.”

    Ray adds, “there is no anger to his game and you don’t need to be slashing guys but you need some passion or anger and he doesn’t display it. They brought him in for the playoffs. Dom Moore has two in this playoffs. They pay him $7 million. I don’t see how you can see that and think that what you are doing is right. He isn’t even close”

  188. Derek Stepan, Nash’s center, thinks that Rick will “find a way to do it” (NY Times) and called him an “elite player.” (NY Post)

    And I bet Stepan also thinks the McDouble is an elite burger.

  189. I’m not changing my avatar because of puck luck, just like a lot of people around here I’m tired of manny being such an annoying putz so I thought it was time to just go sans avatar in protest.

    It’s either that or just stop coming around so much, but that’s not fair to the carpinator.

  190. ?@NHLGoaliesToday #Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist Confirmed in goal 04/30/14 versus Flyers


    Sorry guys. Talbot isn’t getting start you all hoped for…

  191. 1:19AM: Andrew Gross says that Kreider’s shots today were “softer than soft.” (Twitter)

    TRANSLATION: “they were harder than any shot Richard’s ever taken”

  192. @NHLGoaliesToday #Flyers Goalie Steve Mason Confirmed in goal 04/30/14 versus Rangers


    Sorry Matty

  193. For those with NHL Game Center, do Rangers games get blacked out, or is it just the local feed? Really getting tired of the nickel and dime increases from Dolanvision and thinking of cutting the cord altogether.

  194. @NHLgatoradeflavorofthenight just confirmed it will be passion fruit for the rangers and predictably orange crud for the flyers

  195. Stranger Nation on

    I was thinking of saying Maybe Step can carry the puck and pass it to him in time and space.

    But I won’t…

  196. Czechthemout!!! on

    The truth is that they really miss THE Kreider! He plays big in big games, unlike Nash. They miss his speed and his size and hitting ability.

    I would scratch DD in favor of Carcillo. The 4th line was at its most effective when he was on it. JT Miller has played well the last two games and should not be scratched.

    Dan Girardi should never ever see the PP again.

    If they get eliminated tonight they should strongly consider a retooling. They cant rebuild because Sather traded too many high draft picks for MSL. This team has too many soft players who wont or are afraid to go to the front of the net to bury the plethora of rebounds that Mason leaves out in the slot and top of the crease.

  197. Rangers: Brassard, Richards, D. Moore (EN)

    Flyers: Hartnell

    Flyers will score first, Rangers will score next three unanswered. We will all wonder how momentum could have turned like that forever.

  198. That’s a BOLD move, Vicky.

    I’m still into sitting Miller and Carcillo and dressing Diaz as a 7th D-Man with PP specialties.

  199. Good luck to everyone…I literally have nothing to say and nothing would surprise me about tonight.

    Jaded from too many game sevens.

  200. I said to put Diaz in days ago. Does he go in for Stralman, Klein, or Moore? Personally, I don’t think Stralman is as bad as many of you make him out to be. Not at all.

  201. bull dog line on

    so what you are saying MrD, is that even if the Rangers beat both Philly and Pitt, but lose to Boston in the ECF you would not be happy because of the 1st round pick being lost. what I am saying is good playoff runs do not come around as often as you seem to think. beating Philly and Pitt, to me is worth losing a 1st rounder for. even if they lose to Boston in the ECF.

  202. I’m awaiting moderation for something I called manny…

    Let me put it a different way, knock it off D bag. Seriously, I told you why, so knock it off.

  203. ThisYearsModel on

    Maybe the Rangers can station THE between the benches to glare sat and intimidate the Flyers players. That alone should be enough.

  204. So, I’m a big coffee drinker. Today however I’ve decided to calm myself with a nice Chamomile Tea before the storm of emotions that are G7

  205. Missed the announcers calling the flyers rangers series the least intense of all the series…that’s sad if you think about it

  206. bull dog line on

    if Philly wins the series it will be because of the softy that Hank let up to tie game 4. Rangers up 2 games to 1, and 1 zip in the game. Philly is ready to break if the Rangers score the next goal, and Hank gives up the softy.

  207. Wicky: Feel free to text all insults directly to me if they aren’t blog appropriate!

  208. Thanks everyone. I was so down and upset about last night and thinking they have no chance tonight, and then I came here. The ledge is angry my friends. Like and old man yelling Potvin sucks. It’s always entertaining reading how this guy or that guy sucks. How this trade or that trade has been bad. On Nash, remember after 2012 playoffs how everyone was SCREAMING about Sather not getting us a scorer. So he went out and did just that. Can’t help it if Nash has had his bell rung a few too many times now. Now you all want to break up this whole team for a bunch of guys who can’t score but can play gritty and if we did that, everyone would be screaming we need a scorer :) The cycle never ends!! The difference last night, is that the Flyers finally realized they can’t intimidate us, so they decided to play hockey. They stood up at the blue line, and stopped our speed game. And the team is just not built for dump and chase hockey. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make it work for one game. Or they just play with more speed and better passing. The Flyers could have been HAD last night. There were fat rebounds we either missed or whiffed on early.

    I said it earlier in the season that one key piece of the puzzle was missing and that’s a face off wiz. It helps the PP, it helps the breakout and the PK. It seemed everytime the Rangers had a faceoff on the PP in the Flyers zone, they lost it, and that was that. The best Rangers PP always start with a faceoff win and then puck movement. But it’s not happening.

  209. What I did say and am saying again, Bull Dog, is that in June if I can look back and either have lost to Pitt and kept our 1st or lost to Boston and lost our 1st, I’d prefer just losing to Pitt.

  210. Because, perhaps opposite of you, I don’t really look at that NJ loss two years ago any more fondly than the Boston loss last year or Washington loss three years ago.

  211. Nice, relaxing rainy day, perfect for AV to make a cup of tea, sit back, relax, and read the Freddy Shero handbook on curved stick infractions in case we have to pull our goalie late and affording us a 6 on 3.

  212. The one thing that Torts used to do that I wish AV would do is use timeouts when things start to get out of hand. After the breakaway goal, I would have called timeout. There was still plenty of game to go and he could have gotten the boys to calm down and get back to playing their game instead of looking like a desperate team trying to force everything, they may have come back.

  213. ?@KennyAlbert Team scoring the first goal has won the last 16 Game 7s (thanks @EliasSports) @NHL

  214. ESPN magazine reports that over 100 US golf courses experimenting this summer with 15 inch, large pizza size holes on greens to speed up the game and to encourage youth to take up golf.

  215. Good afternoon all!

    Sigh. Last night was hartnelling awful, especially since I missed a fun night out to have a lousy one in. Trying to stay positive, but my innards are already in knots.

  216. Per Kenny Albert tweet, courtesy of Elias, team scoring first has won the last 16 game sevens.

  217. courtesy of NYRangers: Since 1867, in games where they trailed by 4 or more goals going into the third period, the Rangers are 1-219-2.

  218. @BroadStBull

    In Game 7s, Lundqvist is 3-1, with a 1.00 GAA and .963 SP; Mason, who has been the better G in the series, has never played in a Game 7.

    Mason, the better goalie in the series? Is this fugger serious?

  219. Hank hasn’t been bad, I do think he has failed to “steal” a game, but he hadn’t been hank the tank(ed) by any stretch

  220. I can’t think about anything but tonight. Sitting in work meetings listening to talks I am losing it.

  221. _Mason, the better goalie in the series? Is this fugger serious?_

    I always picture him as being the twitter Jack Edwards.

  222. This is awesome information about the Refs:

    ?@VilleLampinen @MannyOWar Yep. Rooney worked in last year’s G7 vs. Caps, #Rangers are 3-1 (Peel) and 4-1 (Rooney). #Flyers are 1-6 (Peel) and 3-1 (Rooney).

  223. Mason’s play has been absurdly overrated and I’m not really sure what games the dopes who’ve been singing his praises are watching. Was nice to see Duguay actually have the cajones to say the glove save on Pouliot was a nothing save – sad that people who watch games every night for a living like Joe Micheletti are unable to spot when a player shoots a puck straight into a goaltender’s glove.

    All that being said, and for as big fan a him as I am, Henrik Lundqvist’s playoff performances are starting to cement him as the most overrated goaltender in the sport.

  224. “Yeah, this is the first series where Hank hasn’t “stole” a game. He’s due for a shutout. Hopefully tonight’s the night.”

    In fairness, I think part of that is because NYR have outplayed PHI by a pretty considerable margin over the course of the series. Has there really been a game Hank could have stolen? Game 2 is the only one I can really think of.

  225. If someone had the time to compile playoff stats of Lundqvist and his contemporaries, I bet he’d have as good or better stats than most of them. Then, compare the GAA to their team’s GFA, and I’ll bet that Hank plays on teams that score less goals.

  226. How is he supposed to “steal” a game when the Rangers top defensive pair, playing nearly 30 minutes, is God Awful?

  227. bull dog line on

    I don’t look at the series losses fondly. I look at back at the series wins fondly. so I would rather beat Pitt, and take my chances, even if that means they lose to Boston. I would sacrifice my 1st round pick every year for a chance in the ECF.

  228. Lundqvist may have to steal tonight’s if the Rangers stay with that high-energy, all-pucks-to-the-net approach and don’t get a bounce. I hope they’ll try to make plays instead, against Philly’s static defenders, but that takes patience.

  229. bull dog line on

    it is about the big save at the big time for Goalies in the playoffs. the Rangers play a lot of game 7’s because of Hank. he gave game 4 away, and turned this into a 7 games series. give me Crawford in a big spot.

  230. MD and bulldog, not to interject, but it’s an apples and oranges argument. I would trade a first round pick for a chance to play Boston, but I would not trade my first round pick if I knew they lost to Boston.

  231. I don’t buy the cover story the MSG folks were going with about the Rangers not getting any of the bounces. The Rangers played well for about 5 minutes, got flagged for a penalty when Giroux went down like he’d been shot with a cannon, and then they called it a night. Hard to make excuses for lucky bounces when the preponderance of your effort for a night came in the first 5 minutes of the game.

  232. Exactly Gravy. So Bull Dog is either arguing against a strawman or didn’t read my initial comment. It can be found in the Bodie signing thread.

  233. I’ll say this, and I’m serious as a fuggin heart attack. If NYR lose tonight, and The Good One is a non-factor once again, then they seriously need to consider trading him.

    I don’t know what kind of deal he has in his contract, but they have to. Two years of the same crap. I can’t imagine next year being any different.

  234. ORR- would you consider using the buyout on Nash instead of Richards if that’s the case?

  235. bull dog line on

    not even if it meant you beat Philly and Pitt to get there? I find that hard to believe.

  236. The pre-Nash trade team was hard to play against almost every single night. That’s why they were so loved. This team, while not there in terms of consistent effort, almost always bounces back hard when needed. Therefore, I expect that again and I expect a win.

  237. You guys are aware that 90% of the time this team completely WASTES their picks. Right?

  238. I’ve been a Nash supporter (not jock), but his play has declined as the series has gone on.

  239. bull dog line on

    oh I read your original comment MrD. you would rather lose now, than in the ECF, so you don’t have to give up a 1st round pick. I think that is foolish.

  240. bulldog, if they had a 1st round pick, and I could, I would trade it today for a guarantee that they get to play Boston. But, in hindsight, I would be sad and want my pick back if I lost to Boston.

  241. Norm, your 2:45 states exactly what Richie meant, but was hesitant to express, re: Philly’s static defenders. I agree.

  242. The problem with anyone rather lose to Pitt than win and then lose to Boston is that you have to get past Pitt to lose to Boston, and if you make the ECF, you are closer to the Cup finals. Unless you think there’s no chance in heck you could beat Boston. What if you went down the first game against Boston and Rask gets hurt? You have to get there to find out.

    Anyway, reading the gloom and doom here, I’m now positive the Rangers will win tonight. They will come out hard, score two quickies and coast the rest of the way. I look at it this way. We really were the better team for 5 games. Philly is the better team for one game, and suddenly we can’t beat them?

    Oh, and all these stats (both ways) make me more nervous than anything….these type of stats really don’t mean much unless your the Chicago Cubs.

  243. I don’t think draft picks are that important after the first few in the first round.

    You don’t have to buy out one or the other, you can buy out both, just different kind of buyouts.

    You have to use the compliance on secretariat, you can use a regular one on Nash.

    I would also consider the trade option with him.

  244. bull dog line on

    maybe I have been watching this team a lot longer than most of you, so I really don’t get where you are coming from. I was very young in 74, but counting 74, I have seen them play in 7 conference or what they used to be called semi finals. thats it 7. you guys seem to think playoff runs come around all the time. you know if they don’e make the ECF this year, there are no promises that they get to go to the ECF next year. playoff runs do not come around that often.

  245. oh I read your original comment MrD. you would rather lose now, than in the ECF, so you don’t have to give up a 1st round pick. I THINK THAT IS FOOLISH.

    Can you expect anything different from those you are conversing with?

  246. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Rangers win Tonight! 4-1 with an empty netter. It will be close for like 10minuts tops.

    Step away from the ledge. NOW!!!!

  247. Perhaps we should wait until NY concludes their playoff run this year before worrying about buyouts and trades? :-)

    Anyway, this has been a nervous place all day. Looking forward to watching the Game 7 tonight with you, ‘heads.

  248. _which goal did Lundqvist steal last night_

    Simmonds from the left circle fired a shot, Lundqvist kicked out the right pad. It was actually 7 seconds before Simmonds got the first goal.

  249. Nash seems like a nice guy and he’s definitely talented but I have a strong feeling that when all is sudden done, Nash will make that Richards contract look like a smart move.

  250. But you’re acting like the ECF is a deal, Bull Dog, that’s where we disagree. Final four doesn’t matter in hockey and, going forward, logic dictates a 1st round pick stands a better chance of helping than a 2nd round pick. If there’s a cost to losing later *but still losing*, especially before the finals, I don’t see the worth.

  251. Mister D, as good as that pre-Nash team was, this team is MUCH more fun to watch. The grind of watching all those 2-1 games after awhile was tough on the ticker. By the time that team got to the Devils they were done. Their best players were overplayed and tired. This team, if they get past Philly, is much better equipped to not be so mentally and physically exhausted if they got that far.

  252. But you’re acting like the ECF is a deal, Bull Dog, that’s where we disagree. Final four doesn’t matter.

    Final four is a “deal” because it means the team has the opportunity to advance to the Finals and compete for a title.

  253. Mister D, but how do you know they will lose to Boston unless you get there? In hindsight, sure, but I have to take the chance to play Boston, and get a shot at making the Finals, then not, even if it means losing a pick.

    And what if you got the finals and lost? Would it STILL not be worth losing the draft pick?

  254. We’re arguing foresight and hindsight. Anyone would trade a 1st rounder if you knew it would get you to the final four.

  255. routine saves count as stealing goals now?

    Every save made by the King is The. Best. Ever.

    Have you not received the memorandum?

  256. bull dog:

    some of the more recent fans have probably been duped to an extent by the Rangers making the playoffs with regularity since the lockout roughly 10 years ago but you’re basically right.

    to put things in perspective, this team has been in 3 conference finals in the past 20 years. other than the win against the Devils in 1994, they’ve won a total of 3 games in the other 2 series. the Rangers haven’t had this history of deep runs that we can automatically pencil them into anything. it’s good that they make the playoffs, but there’s nothing automatic for this franchise.

  257. I would trade all my picks, The Kreider, McD, and Lunqvist for a guaranteed Stanley Cup. See?

  258. Alain Amour,

    I’ve been one of the biggest Lundqvist defenders but the bloom is definitely coming off the rose.

  259. Jesus, if one more person counters my comment with “but what if you win in the ECF” or “don’t you want a chance” … I’m going to probably respond again because there’s still almost 4 hours until the game.

    Again: LOSING IN THE ECF is the worst case, not getting there. I want to get there right now because that’s the only way to win the Cup. Losing there would be the worst.

    This isn’t that tough.

  260. _Mister D, as good as that pre-Nash team was, this team is MUCH more fun to watch._

    If you add “when they’re playing well”, I totally agree. But this team has a bottom depth the other one didn’t that makes me want to throw up whatever food I have in my stomach.

  261. BickelsPickle on

    Anyone else find this hilarious and insulting?

    A US$2,500 grant from the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association awarded annually to the Bill Masterton Scholarship Fund in the name of the Masterton Trophy winner.

  262. there was nothing remotely fun about the Rangers last night after 5:23 into the 1st period

  263. I wonder what Kenneth is up to these days. Maybe he was at the clincher for Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

  264. Losing in the ECF is the worst case scenario. As an organization or a fan, given a choice, the choice is always to advance to the ECF, because a team in the ECF is then four wins away from competing for a title.

  265. To me the worst case is losing to an inferior Philly team. Losing to Pit is really no disgrace, and getting to Boston, despite losing is still progress in my book, even if it means sacrificing a first rounder. What it means is that the team is making progress, and it’s not that far off from being a serious contender. Having a low first round pick isn’t going to make us a contender necessarily. Besides, we seem to have a better record with our lower round picks. And Sather seems to enjoy trading for someone ELSE’S former first rounders!

  266. count me among the group who considers the Rangers getting to the ECF this year as playing with house money. The Flyers aren’t that great and Pittsburgh is highly beatable. Let the Rangers somehow find themselves in a series (where they’ll be completely overmatched) against Boston and I’ll sign for it right now.

  267. _Losing in the ECF is the worst case scenario. As an organization or a fan, given a choice, the choice is always to advance to the ECF, because a team in the ECF is then four wins away from competing for a title._

    This might be too complicated for you. Maybe just sit it out.

  268. But, if given the choice after a loss to Boston in the ECF, it would be better to have the 1st rounder back.

  269. _no matter how many time you say it MrD, it is still silly._

    Atleast you seem to understand what I’m saying. High five for that, even if we don’t agree, I guess.

  270. I just understand what your point is. Because I would totally trade my first round pick to get to the ECF, but then totally want it back if they lost.

  271. Am I wrong in thinking that the further you go in the playoffs, the less your draft picks are theoretically worth in that you pick later? Or do they go by regular season records?

  272. 3 ECFs in 20 years, guys. Rangers have had plenty of 1st round picks in that time. Take the ECF and to hell with the pick.

  273. You’re right coos. The pick gets one spot lower for every team eliminated ahead of you.

  274. Three things to give you pause as a Ranger fan: 1) I thought, right from the start that the Flyers were better than their play early in this series- last night, I thought they actually played their first good game of the round-is it possible that the Rangers have let them hang around long enough to finally find their game. 2) Is the physical nature of the way the Flyers play, which is designed to wear you down in a long series, finally taking a toll on our D? Last night I thought I saw some guys “flinching”, if you will. Anyway something was causing all that panic in our own zone. And 3) I expect the Flyers to come right at the Rangers tonight (unlike game 1 where it appeared to me they were trying to steal one late on the road). If they get up on us, the building could get suicidal and crazy- booing some of our higher priced players. We’d better be ready with our “A” game when they drop the puck tonight.

  275. Did someone say they’d trade THE Kreider for a Stanley Cup?

    Is this person insane?

    THE Kreider will give you at least 6 Cups in his lifetimes, so that’s a losing proposition if I’ve ever seen one.

  276. No problem, coos. The Cup winner gets 30th, and the loser gets 29th. And, the remaining rankings are based on points in round groupings. So the two teams that lose in the Conference finals get 27th and 28th, with 28th going to the team with the better regular season record.

  277. Rangers win 4-0 tonight. Boiler, McDonuts and Brassard 2.

    Then we beat Pity Burg in 4 straight.

    Then we have trouble with Montreal and lose in 6.

    Then the Dodgers beat Yanks in WS and Jets go 4-12.

    Sent from my iPhone 6s

  278. Am I wrong in thinking that the further you go in the playoffs, the less your draft picks are theoretically worth in that you pick later?

    You are correct. This makes the opinion of Mister D more asinine.

  279. Arriving at worst blog on the web nets late today…..

    Carp, Excellent review.

    Another game tonight with similar results for the team and Nash and that Nash-O-Meter will be pointing out if town. It will be his last game in Ranger Blue. Book It AND Take it to the Bank. NMC and all, he’ll be a goner by draft day.

    Finally, I can’t let this pass. Josh with McDonugh as the 2nd Star of Last nights debacle???? Josh, are you serious?

  280. I think we’ll win tonight and then sweep the Florida Panthers in the next round, before finally bowing to the Islanders in an epic 9-game series in the ECF.

  281. “The Rangers defended Simmonds like he was wearing a non-contact jersey.” – Carp

    Truer words were rarely spoken.

  282. Coos, once you get into the mid-to-late 20s, the value gap is pretty insignificant overall, its not like 23 is great and 26 sucks. The point is 26 is far better than 56 which is the only real comp that matters here, atleast to us.

    Ask Alain to do a variance calc, I’m sure he’ll nail it this time ;)

  283. The best part about last night was POULET coming in alone and shooting it right into Mason’s glove.

    That’s when I turned off the TV.

  284. The Flyers decided last night they weren’t quite ready for their season to be over. The Rangers have the same opportunity tonight.

    In watching the Rangers last night, other than the 4th line and a couple other players, they looked indifferent to whether or not their season ended this week.

    I saw a clearly rattled, timid bunch of players, whose coach couldn’t get them back on track.

    Now this was a game 6, and they knew they had another shot. But it was quite clear that the Rangers lack the size upfront to impose their will on another team.

    If they don’t get their “puck luck” or the other goalie makes key saves, this team, as constructed, has its limits.

    It’s too bad, because we have some nice players, but nice doesn’t cut it in the playoffs.

  285. ABIndy –

    Agree with your first point about Philly finding their game last night and that possibly spelling trouble for the Rangers who I think are in trouble anyway. Disagree about the Garden though – the building wants results and getting behind the team gets those results more than booing. I think if they play a stinker and are well behind late in the game it could get ugly.

  286. _The best part about last night was POULET coming in alone and shooting it right into Mason’s glove._

    Flyers fan friend tried reeeally hard to convince me that was a great save.

  287. stevenj love your positive attitude and I think we win tonight, but to say we need 1 key piece a faceoff wiz???
    we need so much more to compete with the elite teams. imho

  288. Maisòn just throws his glove around AFTER the save to make it look amazing. SO ANNOYING

  289. Flyers fan friend tried reeeally hard to convince me that was a great save.

    It was a great save.

    If it had been the King, it would have been The. Best. Save. Ever.

  290. With this rain, The Orange I buried iny back yard at start of the series is going to grow into a rree and sprout half-gallon Minute Maid containers. (With Pulp)

  291. Future/Cormer Rangers Willie Mitchell is injured and will *not* play in tonight Kings game. Tell LW

  292. “Flyers fan friend tried reeeally hard to convince me that was a great save.”


    The NBC broadcasters didn’t have to be convinced. They immediately called it the best save in the history of the NHL.

  293. The Blues have averaged the most time on the PP so far, with 8:45 per game. Even if that was doubled for each team (a very high estimate), it would still mean that over 70% of the game was played 5 on 5. And that doesn’t include OT.

    More likely, over 80% of the game is 5 on 5.

  294. I wonder if the upcoming Penguins-Flyers series will be as nasty as their previous one.

  295. I am going to shut down my browser, then come back and see if there are still squares. This is *bugging* me out.

  296. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Who wins Tonight’s game 7?

    PHI vs NYR
    MIN vs COL
    LAK vs SJS

    Get your picks in the for the Hat Trick!

  297. Unfortunately, Joe Micheletti has some sort of infection from his achilles surgury.

    Fortunately, Dave Maloney is taking Joe Micheletti’s place on the MSG broadcast tonight!

    (Hope everything checks out okay)

  298. During the course of the day, I’ve had several occasions when john Muckler carrying a large sign with the fraction 2/3 written in bold font has entered my conscious thoughts.

    I take that as a sign that 2 of the 3 home teams will win tonite.

    *i see dead people and fractions*

  299. Why is the NHL blowing it’s load and having *three* Game 7’s on the same night?

  300. It’s a good thing the Rangers finished this off quickly and are fresh for the next round.

  301. No clue as to what that elk thing is about, but I chuckle every time I read it. Guess that’s the definition of a dope.

  302. I’m in my 4th decade of marriage to an absolute gem of a gal.

    How good is she?

    She just sent me a text saying she would be vacating the premise and visiting her sister tonight during the game.

    What a Gal!

  303. Am I being a conspiracy theorist by suggesting the refs will tilt the ice towards our boys tonight so they can move on & have Cindy their boy on the biggest media stage of all for at least 4 games?

  304. Unless we lose, Doc. If we lose I’m going to be unable to watch more hockey and will be in the shower, wearing cutoff denim shorts, biting on a wet washcloth.

  305. Micheletti with Il Duce Francesa: “Anything could happen, a bounce, an injury, a penalty.”

  306. bull dog line on

    no you have gone and done it Alain. you have got Cecile and Guendiline’s panties in a bunch, and they are going to ignore you. do you feel shame?

  307. I didn’t want to say it outloud, Headzo, but yeah. If there’s a Bettman advantage to be had, its ours.

  308. no you have gone and done it Alain. you have got Cecile and Guendiline’s panties in a bunch, and they are going to ignore you. do you feel shame?

    I feel shame and sadness. I am crying in my lunch box. :)

  309. Bull Dog: Which of the incorrectly spelled names am I? I will change my handle to it. Please let me know.

  310. If we’re going to throw the puck in deep, the only guys who can go get it, fight, and feed are Pullout, CaBomb, and Dorsett.

  311. bull dog line on

    run away, run away. we are going to the logging thread to talk about all the bad people here. pathetic!

  312. Glad I wasn’t the only on Mr. D. Then the thought of watching Cindy in the four games with the sound one made me puke in my mouth.

  313. Come on, don’t you guys see it. You’re playing into the enemies hand. They want us fighting amongst ourselves, the old divide and conquer. Enough I say.

    Let’s just join hands in one big prayer circle for the greater good.

  314. LOL, C-Dubs. YOU’RE RIGHT! We need to start a gang with your peaceful demeanor.

    *Mallards for Peace* <– Good name?

  315. SeeeDubbb, this is the time…on the verge of game 7, bad loss last night, no one lending thy elk.

  316. That Rangers Stanley Cup puzzle, to me, is just plain ol’ dumb. Really dumb.

    As was the photo of Richards with the broadway hat smiling as he put in the first piece.

    You want to make a puzzle? Then it should have FOUR pieces. One for each playoff round you gotta win. End of story. Winning three games in a playoff series means NOTHING. Just means you DIDN’T WIN THE SERIES.

    That’s just my own personal opinion.

  317. ?@ScoutingTheRefs Tim Peel’s last #Rangers #Flyers game: 5-2 #NYR on 3/26/13. Chris Rooney’s: 3-1 #NYR on 3/14/10, 4 yrs ago. #NYR #PHI

  318. Coos, no lend thy elk is a super secret anagram used by the Free -Emeries- Masons that unlocks the secret of the universe.

  319. I just cringe when I read the bickering. It’s thanksgiving all over again, when that certain uncle has a little too much whiskey.

  320. Manny-O-War, King of Metal, Membe of Mallards for Peace on

    I love the name C-Dubs. Lead us into the future buddy!

  321. Manny-O-War, King of Metal, Membe of Mallards for Peace on

    I might be that Uncle. Or “Nuncle” if we were of House Greyjoy.

  322. Brad Richards: “There’s going to be someday when a portion of this -whole- team is -retired- bought out and sitting back and wishing -we- I had another day like this.”
    Retweeted by Rangers Report

  323. EAST
    Rangers over Flyers in 5.
    Penguins over Blue Jackets in 6.
    Bruins over Red Wings in 7.
    Canadiens over Lightning in 5.
    Wild over Avalanche in 7.
    Blues over Blackhawks in 6.
    Ducks over Stars in 4.
    Sharks over Kings in 6.

    1st tiebreaker: 5.
    2nd tiebreaker: 29.

    I wonder what I was smoking for prediction # 1?

  324. Break up day is in mid-June after Alternate Captain Brad Richards goes and gets the Stanley Cup. Or tomorrow.

  325. Manny-O-War, King of Metal, Membe of Mallards for Peace on

    _If so ask Nash why he’s such a loser._




  326. I have never been so whatever about a rangers playoff game. I guess I want them to win, if only because the Flyers and Philly sports fans are all such d-bags

  327. Carp- hey Rick, I have question from a bonehead. It comes to me via the Indiana state prison, he was locked up for going insane in a hotel bar after your game seven performance. Why are you such a loser?

  328. JR is the drunk uncle who hits on his nieces at the cookout.
    Milbury is the drunk uncle who beats up his brother’s children at the cookout.
    Brodeur is hitting on his new wife’s lesbian lover.

  329. @rangersreport

    VIDEO: Rick Carpiniello’s Rangers-Flyers Game 7 preview.

    above: click early and often … it’s Game 7 afterall.

  330. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Vegas called Toronto. Toronto called the Garden

    Current line

    Filthy (+ 143)
    Rangers (- 153)

    Rangers will win this game

  331. If the back to back makes Philly even one half step slower, our speed should leave them in shock and awe.

  332. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Vegas computer model simulations averaged together have the Rangers winning 3-2.7

    I’ll take 3-2 win

  333. My post game empty snack wrappers and boxes leaves my family in shock and Awwwwwww,..

  334. Let’s start with smaller aspirations
    First, it’s a must score
    Then it can be a must win

  335. Vegas simulations averaged together have POULET committing 4 dumb, “frequent flyer miles” penalties.

  336. Must Score First, apparently … teams scoring first have won 16 Game 7s in a row and are 111-38 in Game 7s all-time.

  337. Fat Guy – that chip clip is classico. I remember being at a brunch where a guy at the bloody mary barrel filled up his cup to the brim, and then leaned over the barrel, dripping his red saliva into the bloody mary tub, careful not to drip on the floor.

  338. AV already knows which crepes and cheeses he’ll be eating for breakfast in St. Maarten on Saturday

  339. Nice video Carp. Do you shoot weddings too? Is that want the Garden has been sounding like during play?

  340. “AV already knows which crepes and cheeses he’ll be eating for breakfast in St. Maarten on Saturday”

    He’s craving the Nordique Peach Parfait Special

  341. Well, I’m not going to be able to watch the game or participate in the go time thread, so here goes nothing..


  342. Carp, thanks for the video preview. Here’s hoping tonight isn’t the last go time of the year!!

  343. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’m not worried. If its tied at the end of regulation, we’ll get them with the skills competition.

  344. Should have the choice to decline the penalty just like in football. It would benefit the rangers big time.

  345. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Tell that to my wife, SeeeDubbb. (also probibly not saying much since it is SD)

  346. A post so unadulterated by boneheaded commentary as to be not only new, but fresh.

  347. Should there be a national anthem sung before the fresh, new post, or should both anthems be sung?

  348. Now I’m running the Zamboni around my house, so recently surrounded by ice. Game 7s do this to me. My wife is looking at me funny. Why isn’t it 7:05 yet?

  349. Chris Rooney and Tim Peel are the refs in tonight’s game 7 rangers/flyers matchup. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad or should I say if these two refs are good or bad.

  350. “I’m singing. Can you hear it?”

    I can hear it, Norm. Perfect execution. I’m in favor of it! :)

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