Game 6: Flyers 5, Rangers 2 … post-game notes & quotes


Post-game notes courtesy of the NYR; post-game quotes courtesy of the Flyers:

Game 6: Flyers 5, Rangers 2.

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Team notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Philadelphia Flyers, 5-2, tonight in Game 6 of the Metropolitan Division Semifinals at Wells Fargo Center. The best-of-seven series is tied at three games apiece.

–      Four of the Rangers’ last six playoff series have gone to seven games. The Blueshirts have a 6-5 record in Game 7s in franchise history, including a 5-0 record in Game 7s at Madison Square Garden.

–      The Blueshirts recorded 36 shots on goal in the contest, as 17 of 18 skaters registered at least one, and 10 skaters were credited with at least two. The Rangers have registered at least 30 shots on goal in four of the six games in the series.

–      New York was credited with 30 hits in the game, as 14 different Rangers were credited at least one, and eight had at least two.

Player notes:

–      Carl Hagelin tallied a goal, led all skaters with a playoff career-high, seven shots on goal, and was credited with two takeaways in 14:50 of ice time. The Rangers forward is tied for the team lead in goals (two) and tied for third on the team in points (four) in the playoffs.

–      Mats Zuccarello registered a goal, recorded three shots on goal and was credited with three blocked shots in 16:54 of ice time. Zuccarello is tied for the team lead in goals (two), and ranks third in shots on goal (15) in the playoffs.

–      Anton Stralman recorded an assist and was credited with two hits in 17:39 of ice time The Rangers defenseman is tied for third on the team in plus/minus rating (plus-three) in the playoffs.

–      Brad Richards recorded an assist, registered three shots on goal and was 6-for-11 (55%) on faceoffs in 16:19 of ice time. The Rangers alternate captain leads the team, and is tied for third in the NHL in shots on goal 26 in the playoffs. Richards is tied for the team lead in goals (two), assists (four), and points (six) in the playoffs.

–      Benoit Pouliot recorded an assist, was credited with a game-high, six hits, and won all four faceoffs he took in 15:15 of ice time. The Ranges forward is tied for fourth on the team in assists (two) and sixth in points (three) in the playoffs.

–      J.T. Miller tallied an assist, posted a plus-one rating, and was credited with three hits in 12:00 of ice time. The Rangers forward has recorded a point in each of his first two NHL playoff games, and is tied for second on the team in plus/minus rating (plus-two) in the playoffs.

–      Dan Girardi was credited with two hits and two blocked shots in 18:03 of ice time. Girardi skated in his 70th career playoff game, becoming the eighth Ranger to play in 70 playoff contests with the team. The Rangers defenseman is tied with Mark Messier and Jeff Beukeboom for sixth on the Blueshirts’ all-time playoff games played list. Girardi leads the team in blocked shots (16) and is tied for the team lead in hits (20) in the playoffs.

–      Henrik Lundqvist made 19 saves in the contest, and now has a 3-3 record in the playoffs. The Rangers goalie appeared in his 73rd career playoff game, including his 72nd consecutive playoff contest, moving into sole possession of 26th place on the NHL’s all-time playoff appearances list. Lundqvist is four games shy of passing Mike Richter for first on the Rangers’ all-time playoff appearances list.

–      Cam Talbot stopped all five shots he faced in his NHL playoff debut.


Rangers C Brad Richards

On tomorrow’s game.

“We’re in a great position on home ice to win a series and this is over with.”

What does it mean to play a Game 7 in your own building?

“I’ve been part of it here with the Rangers. There’s no better game to be a part of. You always want to close a series out, but when you’re on home ice with your fans in a must-win game, those are great days to be part of. We’re going to embrace it.”

Is this what’s it’s all about for a player since you were a little kid looking forward to playing a Game 7?

“Always. Game 7’s are what brings the best out in people. It’ll be a hard-fought battle. We’re going home. We’ve had success in Game 7’s, especially a lot of these guys in this room. That’s why we battled hard right to the end to get home ice.”

You came out with a nice [chance], just couldn’t poke one home?

“We couldn’t score, but we couldn’t do a lot of things. You never want to have those nights, but it wasn’t lack of focus. We wanted to play well, we just didn’t execute in many areas tonight.”


Rangers Coach Alain Vigneault

Coach, can you talk about the push you guys had in the first period and how you kind of took the momentum a little bit and then they got the goal?

“We had a good start. We had some good looks, obviously didn’t score. They had a power play, we had an opportunity to ice the puck, we didn’t ice it, they made us pay for it. I thought we still came out of there in pretty good shape, and obviously we picked a bad time to have a bad period in the second.”

Coach, what needs to improve on the power play?

“Need to execute. I’ve been saying that for a couple of games now, and we’ve got one more game that if we get a power play to prove that we can execute.”

AV, you’ve talked all series about how there’s nothing separating these teams. Are you surprised at all then that this is going seven?

“Two good teams, two good teams that are battling hard. We’ve got home ice so we’ll go home and get ready.”

How difficult was [Steve] Mason to solve tonight? It seemed like you guys attacked him and attacked him and he came up with save after save?

“Obviously he played really well. He had a really good period in the first, gave his team a chance to come out of there one goal ahead. He’s a good goaltender. We’ve got a good goaltender also, and we’ll be ready for tomorrow.”

How do you turn the page quickly?

“Do we have a choice? We play tomorrow night.”


Rangers G Henrik Lundqvist

With the opportunity that you guys had tonight, how frustrating is it to come out of here with a loss?

“It’s definitely disappointing, but it’s over. We have to move on quickly. Go back to New York, get some rest and get ready for tomorrow. You don’t want to analyze this too much. They just felt better today in all areas. We will move on quickly here.”

How can you as a team get your confidence right back after a loss like this?

“Playoffs are all about having short memory, so you move on and don’t think too much about this game. They did pretty much everything better than us, even goaltending. We all have to step up tomorrow and play our best to try to beat this team.”

Does having so much recent Game 7 success over the last couple of years help going into tomorrow?

“I don’t know, we’ll see. I think and I hope we can go out there and enjoy it and play our best game of the series. We’re going to need it.”

Game 7, Madison Square Garden. Is there anything like that?

“Game 7 at home – I hope we can enjoy it. But it starts with playing a strong game. That’s when you really enjoy it and you have success at home. There’s no better feeling. We’re going back home to play a much better game and to respond the right way here.”

Did you spend the third period thinking about tomorrow, or just trying to purge tonight? What was that like for you?

“I already started thinking about tomorrow. You don’t want to analyze this too much. There were a couple of tough plays. I think I made a bad read on the breakaway, but the other goals, it is what it is. I felt like they were a little hungrier. We just have to respond the right way and go out tomorrow and enjoy a Game 7 at home. It’s going to be great.”

Is it a challenge to forget a Game 6 loss when it’s as one-sided as it is?

“Every loss hurts. But I think we should see it as a great opportunity instead to go home and play Game 7 in New York. That’s very special. Let’s focus on that. It’s over. We can’t change this now. So see it as a great opportunity instead.”

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  1. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    I thought they finished the game well.

    Take my guarantee!

    I, Za’rat Jones, am officially guaranteeing a win tomorrow.

    Now it is said. Now it will happen. Now you can all shut up with the insults.

    Rangers will win tomorrow! It’s been guaranteed by Za’rat Jones! That’s as good as it gets.

  2. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    1000% guaranteed win for the boys. I’ve never made a guarantee that failed. It involves a lot of superstitions and special prayers. But I can’t guarantee any more games for a year.

  3. On a more positive note

    Im watching the clippers-warriors game and I gotta say at this point Marv Alberts voice sounds unfamiliar to me. To me, Kenny Albert sounds like the authentic Albert.

    And a major fist bump to a major victory with the NBA’s decisions. Knocking down the walls of control. Even if it this whole situation was orchestrated to oust him, well played. NO discrimination period, the next step is is for the world to realize its encompasses everyone, every single person.

  4. I actually picked NYR in 7 in the bracket challenge. As angry/psychotic as I am acting, I’m a genius and I see dead people!

    I also picked Sharks over Kings in 7 games.

    Should be some great game 7’s tomorrow. Hopefully our boys don’t let us down. Or else…

  5. Sterling is palpably an old, grizzled fool who deserves whatever he gets. That said, now that no one can make any comment about anything, anywhere, can’t wait until one of the holy roller NBA Management or owners, (or athletes) gets taped in his bathroom and is also totally villified, destroyed, and (eventually) imprisoned. Only a matter of time until anyone denying climate change is stripped naked and sent out in a small boat on a large ocean. Lotsa hypocrites running around town.

  6. Olay, now some time to refresh. There are positives:
    JT Miller’s second point in two games
    Did not have a shutout
    Brian Boyle won a fight

  7. Anyone know who NYR Alumni Report is on twitter. Im assuming its an ex-ranger, who is it, he’s killing nash.

  8. Truthfully Latona.

    I dont have any disrespect for the woman either. I understand the type of girl she is and what she did. She provided something for him, and he provided a lifestyle. But in the same way Sterling is a racist and a slumlord, he probably treated her sub-human and she took it bc of the perks, but obviously resented him. And she manipulated him into giving the public ammo necessary to take him down. Its unfortunate and its something a lot of us may not want to admit and think about because we have daughters, sisters, women in our lives. But there are so many women in come up in environments where they become an object and learn to sell themselves, blatantly or in a masked way, to better their lives or at least their lifestyles.

    You have no respect that the girl played the game. I can say I have no respect for the way much of the world plays the game.

    Some decide their going for the money whatever it involves so long as it not illegal. You wanna not respect her for being willing to sell her body or her companionship. Look straight at the culture we’re all allowing our children and teenagers to come up in. Has anyone noticed all the articles the NYpost puts out about college girls turning to stripping and adult services or videos. They glorify it, they put it out there like their encouraging it.

    This Sterling guy is a fiend, she helped take him down. If he treated her like gold and was a wellington mara type and she blackmailed him, ok.

    But this guy isn’t a good guy and other then financially (which took nothing on his part) he wasnt good to her.

    You treat your wife like Rinaldo and she’s gonna divorce your nASH.

    no different here

  9. Gotcha Carp.

    It’s kinda confusing bc its under your Rangers Players twitter feed.

    I dont mind what he says. I agree with a lot of it. Ive just been thinking who is that

  10. I put it there because I originally thought it was an official Rangers alumni account … then when I found out it wasn’t I left it there because it gives all the birthdays of ex-Rangers every day and stuff like that.

  11. Oh and by the way, I dont think the girl was the only one in on this. I think that was orchestrated by a group that wanted Sterling out and the franchise available for sale.

    There are young sharks out there, who are power hungry and they know the way this new world works, the connectness, the viral nature of thoughts and ideas. Some of us want to use it to empower and help others, others still the world as everyman for themselves, and want to establish themselves as the new power brokers and get theres.

  12. @rangersreport

    According to @JSportsnet NYR/PHI at Pitt starts Friday and Sunday. So 5 games in 8 days for NYR/PHI survivor. That seems fair (sarcasm).

  13. I dig it Carp, its cool.

    I thought to myself this guy is too unfiltered to be an ex-ranger. the MSG ‘fun police’ would shut that down quickly.

    I’ll tel you what carp. Ive been to a lot of arenas. Philly is a circus. I dont leave games early, and I left with about 4 mins left. There are a ton of regular fans, but that are pockets of sketchy people at these flyer games. Like I know we all know it, but its legitimately something we have to be aware of. These fans coming in with all their nyr gear on and then egging on and anatagizing the crowd. Like these ranger fans the nyr beat guys are talking about. I was in the lower bowl, to the bench side of the net, and they were upper bowl, media side of the net. So I had a good view of them all night. they were standing in the aisle holding their jerseys out, doing the the bring it on taunts. I must of left right before they got jumped, but Im not a bit surprised.

    Me, I find the common ground with fans around me of the other team. Let them know I know their team pretty well, name players that i like, get them laughing, let them rag on me.

    Simply put, sometimes these people who get into fights, are looking for fights. Whether or not they actually wanna fight, is another story, but their actions are straight bringing on a fight.

  14. jimG the desertrat on

    YEA, I get it who the hell wants to comment on that gotta have that killer instinct bull rinaldo.

  15. I cant envision a scenario where they win this series tomorrow without Nash doing what he is paid to do.

    Hopefully JT Miller has his head on straight enough to play responsibly defensively and be up to the coaches standards off the ice becuase I like him as a player. I would rather him out there on the 4th line than Dorsett or Carcillo.

  16. Is anyone else embarrassed this morning? Or am I overreacting to last nights pathetic performance?

    Was it a case of bad bounces and a tough road game?

    Or another example of how our “star” players are just not as good as they are made out to be?

    Again, feel free to tell me I am overreacting, but I don’t think I am.

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