Game 6: Rangers-Flyers … It’s Go Time!


Game 6.flyers3
Rangers at Flyers.


The winner of this series, we know now, will open the next round in Pittsburgh, which beat Columbus to clinch its series in six games last night. That series will begin whenever the hell NBC pleases. Of course, if the Flyers win tonight, a Game 7 will be played Wednesday at the Garden, the third game in four days, after four games in the first 10 days of the series.

By now you all know the numbers. Ya boys have 11 straight losses when leading a series (an NHL record) and have lost nine straight games after going up by one in a series. Also, home teams are 31-16 (66 percent) when facing elimination since 2011.

So there’s that.

Not sure if Alain Vigneault sticks with J.T. Miller in Game 6, or goes back to Dan Carcillo in Philadelphia. Miller skated with Carl Hagelin and Brad Richards in warmups. I don’t recall AV ever changing his lineup after a win, and he’s done it twice off losses in this series. Also no idea if Carcillo might have been banged up before Vigneault made the decision to use Miller.

The Flyers will go with Erik Gustafsson in place of poor old Hal Gill, who was steamrolled by the Rangers’ speed while playing for only the seventh time this season in Game 5. Nick Grossmann needs ankle surgery and is out 8-10 weeks. So, barring NBC changing things up, that knocks him out of the rest of this series.


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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – any idea as to when game 1 vs pens starts after this win tonight?

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    EJ Sporadic – “I grew up an Islanders fan and hated the Rangers”

    Ugh, gag me with a spoon

  3. An ark would have to include all the animals two by two, Carp…the includes the Phylthies, so not sure I am in the mood for that

  4. ‘In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
    As modest stillness and humility:
    But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of the tiger;
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard-favored rage;
    Then lend the eye a terrible aspect.’

    Henry V, 3.1.1

  5. Jagr to stay in NJ without shopping around for the best deal? Surprising to say the least…

  6. Only MSG would force its play-by-play crew not do besmirch NYR play while simultaneously employing several folks who dislike the franchise.

  7. inthearmsofbrianboyle (9 or 14-0?edition) on

    This must be a good omen:
    Derek/Dericks name day is 1st of July.
    Thursday is 1st of May.

    That’s gotta mean something?

    Brassard for the gwg.

  8. Ok Coos
    “With profitable labor to his grave.

    And, but for ceremony, such a wretch,

    Winding up days with toil and nights with sleep,

    Had the forehand and vantage of a king.

    The slave, a member of the country’s peace,

    Enjoys it, but in gross brain little wots

    What watch the king keeps to maintain the peace”

  9. inthearmsofbrianboyle (9 or 14-0?edition) on

    Duuuuagy sucks at clothing


  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – go the dinner, and then get up, excuse yourself, say you’ll be right back, then go watch the game. Say you went up to your room and forgot to come back down….

    Works every time

  11. If I was home I so would have drove down for this game knowing there is a tomorrow just in case.

  12. Great moments… are born from great opportunity. And that’s what you have here, tonight, boys. That’s what you’ve earned here tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.

  13. When you see DooGay at the cruiseship pool, you’ll see a white body under an orange head.

  14. inthearmsofbrianboyle (9 or 14-0?edition) on

    Coos – You just made a very disturbing picture pass through my head.

    On repeat…

  15. Please please please please….LGR! Against all Odds it will be Another Day in Paradise!!!

  16. iManny-O-War on

    Norm fell on tough times regarding his granary supplies. He’s not usually that thin.

  17. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t predict 4-1 loss. I feel worse tonight then I did going into game 4 up 2-1 trying to break that streak.




  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    IT IS TIME!!!!!



    LETS gog ogg og go gogo!!!!


  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LETS murder these BUMS!!!










  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Seriously , The FLYERS???

    YOU SUCK!!!


    RANGERS baby!!!

  24. Ans your t-shirt Sally, as a layer?

    Sorry, no offense to anyone, but I prefer Amirante and the anthem…

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Pucks bouncin boys , keep attacking!!!!

    GREAT GAME!!!!


  26. The replay clearly showed Giroux look at Poulet, skate into his lane, and flop as well. But definitely a classic Poulet hold nonetheless.

  27. Another stupid penalty by Pouliot when the Rangers were dominating. Great. These are the kind of PP the other team scores on…

  28. “He actually looked behind him!”

    That’s because it actually went behind him!

  29. Rangers need to quiet that Voracek fellow. He worries me every time he’s on the ice.

  30. iManny-O-War on

    Giroux is an embarrassment but Pouliot is an absolute momentum killing machine.

  31. k, game 7 here we come. i dont have the stomach to watch the good guys lose their 12th straight when up a game in a series

  32. If we’re going to take stupid penalties, might as well play Carcillo and put some meat on Simmonds’ noggin.

  33. How may times can you go cross ice with a puck. Send it down up the boards. A guy have his caliber can’t make those mistakes

  34. >>Simmonds looks like he’s on a crack bender!

    Yeah, I was wondering what was wrong with him.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bad clear by Girardi. But the rangers have dominTed this game. That was a great dive by Jah roo….strong breeze blows over that tool

  36. Dan the Man can also do something other than staring at Simmonds as he whacks the puck in.

  37. I just don’t understand what would possess Pouliot to take that penalty. Completely unnecessary and changed the course of the period from one of total domination to Flyers getting back in it.

  38. 5-5 play we contort all series yet flyers are going to force a game 7. It’s inexcusable to take an off zone pen like that

  39. Rangers dominating but back to shooting and hoping. Flyers have created the grade-A opps. so far.

  40. flyers want it more, and the refs want them to win too. i dont care what anyone says, giroux shouldve been called on a dive. pouliot sucks again, so AV needs to bench him for the period. he hasnt done jack but hurt the team

  41. Reports of a crazy man terrorizing patrons in a hotel restaurant coming in from Indy.

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    It don’t matter folks , These FLYERS ARE BUMS . A desperate team . We keep up our game up and play our game , these clowns are done TONIGHT!!!!



  43. Goal not the D’s fault
    James Dolan emailed the team and told them to stop getting in camera shots with Simmonds

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    LETS gogo go gogg og og googgooo!!!

  45. At some point Nash May touch the puck last as the flyers put it their own net. And then he will hot

  46. Keep the faith boys! The only way Filthy wins is w/ cheap shots and dives. Clearly we’re the better team, stronger skills and mentally tougher.

  47. Not tonight for the Rangers, it seems. Huge amount of energy expended (other than on the PP) for no goals and, really, no great chances. Miller screwed up that 3 on 2 big time, unaware of trailer.

  48. leetchhalloffame on

    Calm down everyone. We ain’t winning the Cup this year or any year that Slats is GM. FIRE SATHER!

  49. Right, Latona? We’re jumping the kid for poorly handling a pass directly in front of the net w/ coverage rather than up the boards?

  50. Rob in Beantown on

    See you all tomorrow. And not just because I post here everyday. Because game 7.

  51. Dan Girardi can’t put miller in that situation. I want carcillo on road miller at home.

  52. Great shift for the 3rd line, but again a lot of energy with no finishing ideas. Flyers parked in front of the net, counting on the Rangers’ inability to create a play.

  53. Momma Bear just asked when the playoffs will be over.

    Yikes. Not a good question to ask a lifelong Ranger fan.

    Momma Bear won’t be coming into the cave again tonight.

  54. Not a bad period so far other than an absolutely useless offensive zone penalty leading to a PP goal against. The Rangers are obviously the better team but keep allowing Philly to hang around and get ahead. The Rangers also have not any real second scoring chances, and seem to think that pretty passes somehow count on the scoreboard.

  55. “weird game so far, mostly all rangers yet there losing.”

    How is this weird? Have you ever watched NYR before? They nearly ALWAYS lose when they play this well.

  56. I went on Friday, ice is horrible and the ice chic are out there cleaning every 2min

  57. Boy
    If we knew how this first period was going to go, it would have added a whole new hilarious dimension to the Chaloney

  58. “1 goal isn’t winning this game.”

    1 goal wins every game, that’s sort of the idea of “winning”..

  59. So Pouliot took a stupidhead penalty that lead to a goal then couldn’t pop one home on a rebound. Great period for him. I’d bench Miller for it.

  60. Dominating period by the Rangers, but the Rangers once again take a stupid penalty that hurts them.

  61. Carp is double fisted with cheesesteaks right now. Oh wait, sorry, one of those is NO cheesesteak…but seriously Carp, you should see someone about that

  62. I love how when a ranger touches Giroux he falls to the ice like he was shot, so much for diving, eh?

  63. Stranger Nation on

    But Step is a very smart player with all the intangibles except hands and feet

  64. Carp

    noticed when philthy scored at end of game 5
    that they had opportunity because the Rangers
    played a more passive pk style in that situation
    and it kinda looked like that
    tonight when they got scored on….
    of course,
    if Wicky’s Crease Clearing Defenseman
    was around the net rather than Girardi and McD
    maybe simmonds wouldn’t have had the chance to put the puck in the net

  65. Home Zambonis will put out the crappiest cuts they can. Home ice needs to be crappy to support the less skilled team. Now to see if the refs can add their special touch. Great invisible period for them in the first.

  66. Muddy Waters is rolling over in his grave. NBC shows Sidney as Muddy sings “ain’t that a man”.

  67. Carp is at blog HQ finishing off a pizza with eggplant, FG. Carp likes spicy chicken. Carp’s gettin’ upset.

  68. 18-6 been good in the series, consistent … but how do Sam and Joe contend they’ve been better than 27-5?

  69. In the slot Nash can’t finish. Seen that how many playoff games.

    Girardi terrible period

    Pouliot what are you thinking.

  70. Stralman having a strong series, but it would be nice if he could find that playoff scoring touch from 2 years back.

  71. Grabby as ur spotting yourself a one goal hockey bet, your pretty generous. I would take your bet, the Rangers are winning tonight, but getting a grand out of bonehead might be tough

  72. Makes me puke when I hear supposedly pro hockey analyst dingbats say Stralman ‘has been our best defenseman.’ The Ray Charles contingent.

  73. How anyone can defend this loser Nash is beyond me. Big deal 4 ass. In July sitting at beach with my 3 yr old I will think of 1 in 18 not the 4 ass

  74. To me, this is starting to look like one of those limited talent, periphery games where it doesn’t look like the Rangers might ever score again

  75. inthearmsofbrianboyle (9 or 14-0?edition) on

    Are the Rangers beeing a bit too polite in front of Mason?

  76. I tried defending The Good One. I’m not going to defend him anymore. He *has* to score goals. Secondary assists and good plays are not going to cut it. Need results.

    No reason why 40 year old midget Saint Looey should be outplaying him.

  77. iManny-O-War on

    Stralman has been surprisingly good in transitory and the neutral zone in this series.

    He’s awful with the puck though.

  78. Nash doesn’t score, he’s useless. Same with Richards. It’s just a fact. They offer little else. Without scoring, they just take up ice time.

  79. This loss is on Hank. He needed to pitch a shutout if necessary. Rangers should have won this game 0-0

  80. “To me, this is starting to look like one of those limited talent, periphery games where it doesn’t look like the Rangers might ever score again”

    How do you ever distinguish this from one game to another?

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Eric , you heads up your azz . Nash plays against the top lines . If we didn’t have him , BRASSARD would be NON existent. Playoffs time no player dominates . Your on glue buddy but I still love you.

  82. 62.1% FF even for us. Stay out of the box and change nothing else and we win this one and not by 1.

  83. The one major problem the Rangers do have offensively is their defenseman are virtually all below average offensively.

    Weak point shots and not great at picking corners…

  84. 4generations 4 cups on

    had a bad dream last night about the rangers losing 2-0 in the 1st period. looks to have happened. i think we may win this game tho…

  85. Agreed, Olga. Worst thing that could happen to us is scoring the next 4 unanswered and get that 2 goal lead ourselves.

  86. Girardi responding to Sterling’s comments in his own special way by standing there doing nothing as Simmonds scores twice.

  87. Can’t blame Nash for missing that one in front of the net…..he never has been there before

  88. Well the team with the 2 goal lead in this series all of a sudden has had the refs slant the game in their in favor so maybe we’re in luck?

  89. Stranger Nation on

    paging rick nash….paging rick nash…

    come in nash….come in nash…

    game in progress… please report for duty

  90. Rangers completely satisfied with grade-B opportunities, hoping for rebounds that the Flyers are hungrier to clear than the Rangers are to convert.

  91. “Can’t wait for cake, can’t wait for cake, can’t wait for cake DAMMIT!!!”

  92. Admiral Akbar on

    No killer instinct with this team.

    Boston and Pittsburgh were able to step on the jugular to end their respective series… The rangers look like their looking for a lost pebble on the ice or something.

  93. Listless play by the Rangers on both goals, but the Flyers had a little luck on both as well.

  94. _Way to stay positive guys_


  95. look at the bright side, if the rangers don’t make it to the conference finals at least they won’t have to give up a first round pick this year.

  96. 4generations 4 cups on

    Whats up with the mutiny already? Its not 4-0, we’re still getting good chances too. Look on the positive side :)

  97. iManny-O-War on

    Always look on the bright side of death….

    Just before you draw your terminal breath…

  98. Mason only playing in his second PO game for the flyers and won his first. That’s from Doc??? Since he didn’t announce Sundays game it doesn’t count. WTF

  99. iManny-O-War on

    What the hell is going on with this team? They’re on a slow descent I to confusion

  100. Carp this is one gutless, heartless team and there playoff record when up in a series just shows us what we already knew. They deserve to lose game 7 at home. In reality it doesn’t really matter because we make the Flyers PP look great. Can you imagine what the Penguins PP would do to us if we advanced. We suck!!!! SEASON OVER!!!!!!

  101. Flyers game plan perfect — challenge the Rangers to make skilled plays they can’t make.

  102. Flyers have inserted a special puck into the game.

    Puck nears Ranger stick, press remote, puck hops over Ranger stick.


  103. jpg's sister on

    why can’t the Rangers ever make it easy for themselves and their fans and sin game 6?

  104. 4generations 4 cups on

    okay NOW we’re playing brutal. completely playing with the tail between our legs.

  105. well Carp
    what was that i said about

    showing it tonight

  106. Lundqvist looked like a minor-league there. This game is going to be ugly from here on in. Flyers have nothing to fear, can head-hunt the rest of the way, set up Game 7.

  107. Not one bright spot nothing from the pp being anemic to Girardi and hank which needs to decide.

  108. Well the Orange I buried in the yard before the game?

    It’s now a friggin Orange Tree.

  109. Like Dorsett’s thinking on that hit, Streit had that payback coming: an eye for an eye

  110. _Smart of Dorsett … he’s going to end up getting some of his teammates beaten up before this is over._

    Wishful Thinking!

  111. Rangers don’t deserve a goal — terrible decisions all night, a completely wasted effort. Time to get Lundqvist out, talk to the team, forget this game, save energy. Will be terrible to watch.

  112. yea the Flyers are going to headhunt going into a Game 7 they have no business being in but now have *momentum*. makes sense

  113. iManny-O-War on

    Yea. Pull Hank. This sucks. Call up Bickel. Put in McLlrath. Get Carcillo out there

  114. Rangers are literally not racist letting Simmonds score a hat trick without touching him.

  115. This is the unregainable momentum (unless the Rangers regain this momentum (which can only happen if there’s a momentum shift)).

  116. Streak hits 13.

    When we decided be diehards this was what we were dealt. Nothing but torture.

  117. This game will mean nothing tomorrow. Not a thing.

    That’s based on who survives this game Carp. This will get ugly.

  118. AV decided to remain silent about the putrid officiating and the elbow to Carcillo’s head. Will he have the gusto to rip this team publicly? I doubt it.

  119. ThisYearsModel on

    Nice of these boys to show up tonight. This is really a shameful performance. This guy has been left to stand around the blue paint with no hassle from our D. AV should pull Henrik. Not because of Henrik, but to give these guys a kick in the teeth.

  120. CraigWeather on

    Who was it that said “you guys act like its 4-0″? This team is soft serve including our GQ d-bag goalie who’s past his prime…. Nauseating. Just disgusting. And don’t get me started again on that dog Nash…

  121. What the h. is Lundqvist doing on the ice? I’m sure he doesn’t want to come off, but that’s why you have a coach. This is crazy.

  122. Dorsett is going to get some Rangers killed? Rangers are going to get Dorsett killed!

  123. Tomorrow’s game won’t mean a thing either. I say we get shut out by the same score. We have the heart of a corpse.

  124. jpg's sister on

    maybe it is time for Calm to play goal. put fire under Hank, though not all his fault.

    Was it last season when AV’s team lost in the first round?

  125. Norm, I think he does it between periods, so the guy doesn’t have to skate to the bench with the place going bananas.

  126. CARP, agreed. However, a good time for Nash to score would have been at some point in Game 2 or Game 5 so this game may not have even existed.

  127. >>This would be a time for a big Nash goal.

    We’re likely to get a goal from Moore than Big Money Nash.

  128. Well…Torts was pretty loud and outspoken…did it help him or the team? Not really….

  129. I can’t understate this: Pouliot ruined this game, possibly this series and almost certainly Eric’s life

  130. Third liner Dubinsky @ 4 million – huge problem with everyone

    Third liner Nash @ 8 million – he’s good.

  131. people really going crazy on here. Did anyone really think the rangers are a cup potential team, really. If the rangers win tomorrow they won’t beat Pittsburgh and if some miracle they did they definitely won’t beat Boston. This two teams were very close in the regular season, hence a 7th game coming up.

  132. Can almost tolerate the soft play when they are winning.

    Can’t stomach it when there getting destroyed and getting manhandled as well.

  133. Nash was being sarcastic too when he said he wanted to help Rangers win a Stanley Cup.

  134. You take Lundqvist off every time after the 4th. You don’t risk getting him hurt.

  135. CraigWeather on

    Alain Vigneault says “get him off the fugging ice.” Wonder if he’s talking about hank.. hmmmm…

  136. I’ll say this though.

    Hank will get the 3rd period off, Flyers rolling 3 lines until just now, going back to the Garden with a coach who has been completely outmatched when it comes to matching lines.

    Very hard to give Philly the edge.

  137. Let’s just prepare for the game tomorrow. Don’t over exert ourselves, work on some issues, and rest Hank.

    The Rangers have done a spectacular job of embarrassing themselves so far.

  138. I completely agree with Carp, btw, they put Calm in for the 3rd. The place would go nuts if the Flyers chased Henrik from the net.

  139. Doesn’t matter who’s coaching, doesn’t matter who’s playing, SAME OLD RANGERS at the end of the day.

  140. Third period needs to be played soft as butter — take your medicine, come out hard tomorrow. Nothing in it for either team, but I’ll watch the stupid thing anyway. Should see a lot of Klein and Moore.

  141. AV goes into Philthy building, game 6, and brings a water pistol to a knife fight. Erudite.

  142. Damnit! Trying to reschedule a date with a chick that I had for tomorrow night…she isn’t responding!

  143. _Third period needs to be played soft as butter—take your medicine, come out hard tomorrow._

    You mean quit?

  144. Agree with Tommy G. Can’t get too upset because no way we beat Pittsburgh or Boston. I present my Claude Rains Award to the entire Rangers team tonite. No one showed up and their inability to adjust to the Flyers’ defensive scheme points to a lapse by Vigneault (second time this has happened this series). They seem unable to cope with any kind of strong forecheck. They continue to take needless penalties and their power play is pathetic. Things could be totally different by tomorrow night’s seventh game but this team’s utter lack of consistency and inability to show any kind of killer instinct have been obvious all year. We need to get some beefy guys who can play the game next year.

  145. 12 straight losses following wins in the Playoffs

    There are very good reasons why we’re on the ledge

  146. Buy out richy

    Trade Nash for future considerations.

    5-0 all time in game 7s at home. Due to lose one.

    Rangers flyers sept 24th preseason opener.

  147. I’m about to invite the wife back into the cave. That bunny outfit doesn’t look half bad. :) :)

  148. Rangers West on

    How are the Rangers doing tonight? I haven’t been able to watch with the center ice blackout. Cup here we come?

  149. Rob in Beantown on

    Even if we would have lost to the Bruins or Penguins, it’s 1000x worse if we lose to the FLYERS

  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Great start , bad in between results .

    WHAT EVER !!! Rangers can’t buy a pass or anything. Game looks bleak but then again there is a full period left.

    We have home ice for a reason . Im not throwin in the towel . Flyers SUCK still to me!!!

    OHHHHH we are losing WAAAAAAAA!!!! ohhhh the Flyers are winning ohhh myyyyyy im so upset . I ain’t letting this game ruin my xmas!!!

    MUHAAAAAA!!! THird period comming up..will the real Rangers please stand up!!!!

  151. Confession time…. When I was an altar boy, we used to eat the unblessed hosts for a snack.

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers came out flying. Tomorrow if they can bring that same energy and get a quick goal, all will be good…

  153. NYR have won three games and lost three games. Really don’t think PHI has done much in this series either way..

  154. Nail biting commences in 3-2-1. Rangers losing and my Mom is going having hip replacement surgery tomorrow. Could The rangers show some onions and win this one ? # Fomooh

  155. Carp, we *already* have a lot of comments tonight, and we’re just getting started.

  156. _The Rangers have NEVER lost a game 7 at home. Get off the ledge_

    Oleo with the major jinx. Season Over.

  157. As far as 67he finishes every check hard, stupid penalty but the goal is on Giardi in fact just about all of them are. Wish someone other than DD or Zuc along with 67 would try to hit someone. Infuriating

  158. Is anybody really supprised . We don t make anything easy. Carp, do you honestly believe this game will mean nothing tomorrow nite. Perhaps just Kismet

  159. Carp, game not over yet. They could be 0-1 if he scores tonight. 3-2 when he doesn’t.

    So, Do we want him to score tomorrow night? Decisions, decisions.

  160. Some doofus on the pre-game radio asked #19 if he considered himself the ‘unofficial Captain.’

  161. If we can’t put away the Flyers ( a team we’re far superior too- that has a coach almost cretinous enough to be one their fans)- what will the Penguins do to us in next round? No thanks- these guys need to have a game 7 loss at home to maybe give them a sense of urgency about putting away series.

  162. Papa, unblessed hosts are called Jeese-its, not quite cheese its but they’ll do.

  163. 4-0 game and the refs are afraid to leave their second-favorite team shorthanded.

  164. I might stop watching hockey. These zebras want to play and decide the game, not the players. Refs were garbage years ago, but now they’re totally bogus.

  165. It’s a bit of a joke that flyers have not received one embellishment call this series

  166. leetchhalloffame on

    Great effort tonight by our boyz. Nash 1 goal, 18 NYR playoff games. What a great trade. FIRE SATHER!!!!!!

  167. Miami Pimp may not have been far off with his 14-0 prediction earlier today. The Krieder is missed.

  168. wow!!! mean while Giroux falls to the ice every time a ranger skates by, refs in the nhl are by far the worse in all pro sports.

  169. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I was worried the Rangers might air mail this game, and set up for game 7.

    But they sure come out solid in the first 5 minutes.

  170. Good teams overcome bad officiating.

    Let’s see if the Rangers advance to the next round.

  171. yeah not really sure what that embellishment was but rangers are allowing flyers to dictate after such a strong start…lots of missed/blocked shots…guys in the first nhl games scoring…impotent pp..average goalie made to look stellar..seems familiar. not sure they get back in this but they better get ready for game 7 cuz the flyers seemed to have figure them out

  172. iManny-O-War on

    It’s really sad how much this Rangers team can unravel and easily be knocked off their game when playing well and something doesn’t go their way

  173. Tweet to Linda Cohn

    King Henrik 0-11 in his last 11 games where his team is leading a playoff series. 3.32 GAA and .877 SV%. Soon to be worse. #NoBueno

  174. _Good teams overcome bad officiating._

    *Good teams usually don’t overcome lack of effort, heart and contribution from superstar players.*

  175. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s really sad how much this Rangers blog can unravel and easily be knocked off their game when playing well and something doesn’t go their way

  176. Would Nash consider this playoff just “pretty good” since he only scored 1 goal less than last years playoffs or is it “really good” since he picked up 4 assists (half of which were due to misplays by the goalies off shots from Spike Lee’s seats)?

  177. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    Stop insulting the boys! They’re the best! They’re so much better looking than the ugly guys in Philly. Who cares what the score is?

  178. Stranger Nation on

    This is some bad hockey all flippin series. Neither of these teams are going anywhere special this year.

  179. For real, if Carcillo comes in and Miller sits after Pouliot played a game like this, I’m going to totally whine a lot tomorrow. Its basically saying vets reach a point of never being accountable.

  180. It’s my fault, I started the day by predicting handshakes. I should have known better. I’ll keep my Pozy comments to myself tomorrow.

  181. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Carp what’s with NBC. 3 Game 7’s on the same day?

    Why does it take 10 days to play 4 games, then you have to play 3 in 4 days?

  182. Man, these refs are embarrassing themselves. Did they not see Moore fall at the end there? Textbook embellishment, should have been 2:00 and 2:00.

  183. Mister D
    -For real, if Carcillo comes in and Miller sits after Pouliot played a game like this,- I’m going to totally whine a lot tomorrow. -Its basically saying vets reach a point of never being accountable.-

  184. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I don’t think Carcillo would save this game, but without him there is no #Carcilloeffect to create energy and distract the Flyers.

  185. am i being biased or is mason really having a good game? i mean some saves..saves i guess that you need to win a playoff game but i think the rangers again have made it easy on him for the most part….why not play diaz…at least he generally hits the net from the point…something we’re just not very good at.

    Great start though…i ok, that was a pretty good save

  186. Rangers are in a no-win situation tomorrow night. Win the game and advance towards possible public humiliation at hands of Pens (MAF not withstanding) while merely holding serve against another inferior team. Lose and, at least, maybe some things (players) get shaken up around here. (Turned to my son 3/4’s thru first period and said “Lundqvist never finishes this game”. This one was a true disgrace from a team standpoint. Soft, soft, soft…”softly, as I leave you…” maybe they could replace New York, New York with that. It’s still Sinatra.)

  187. Watching Nasher in the slot the last shift, I think I’m starting to understand why he doesn’t usually go there. No one to get him the puck.

  188. Rangers skating circles around the Phlyers…puck not bouncing their way tonight. And depend on French Poodle to make a foodle on the ice…always happens this time of year. Mason has outplayed the King…some amazing saves. Not our knight.

  189. Papa, I wake up every day with a big smile on my face thinking “today is gonna be really great”. Its up to AV to ruin that for me.

  190. I think he’s been good Malt. Really good. But Flyers aren’t playing two-hand touch with Rangers forwards as Rangers D did with Simmonds.

  191. Olga Folkyerself on

    ABindy- Maybe we just shoot ’em all in the head before they play game seven?

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Last few games, the PP has gotten way to deliberate. No sense of urgency….like a stroll in the park. For a team built on speed, the Rangers bring the puck up in first gear…

  193. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu??



    Big game tommorow , game 7 baby!!!!