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  1. CARP, thanks for deliberately holding the Dave Maloney chat without me, for not asking me beforehand if I would like to ask Dave any questions, and for not asking Dave if he would like any questions by/from me.

  2. But Dave did tell me to say Hi by/from him to you, Latona.

    and this is what you missed, Eric. Dave Maloney live chat.

  3. RE-POST:


    VIDEO: Alain Vigneault’s post-practice press conference (up above). rangers.lohudblogs.com

    Click early, click often!

  4. “But Dave did tell me to say Hi by/from him to you, Latona.”

    Something tells me you’re fibbing.

    “That needed a repost, Latona?”

    Your face needs a repost.

  5. And by repost I mean it needs to be completely altered so that it no longer terrifies women and children.

  6. Dave likes his “hands” untied on the radio. See how honest he is? Dave, Carp, and the Holy Ghost are the last remaining truth-tellers. And I sometimes wonder these days about the Holy Ghost.

  7. iManny-O-War on

    @RustyMillerAP: Sign held up by a fan down on glass during warmups, stolen from a swimming pool: No Diving Allowed. #Pens #CBJ

  8. Isn’t ‘movies’ a funny word for the 21st century? Like, the people are moving, only they really aren’t there. Or something.

  9. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Ricardo – is captain Maloney a regular reader of this blog? I wish I wasn’t at the job so I could of asked some questions. See what I did there?

  10. iManny-O-War on

    I think I could take you and Eddie out. I’ll spot you fatties a few punches too.

  11. CARP, when you say he reads the blog, does he read only your posts, or our comments as well?

  12. Romeo, eXpecially :)

    coos, how about “computers.” What are we computing with these things?

    Automobiles. They run on their own?

  13. The Dave Maloney chat was outstanding!! I’m sorry I couldn’t take part. I hope he comes back and does it again. What an awesome guy.

  14. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I wanted to ask him about the 12/23/79 game (the Milbury shoe game) – after it all died down, the Captain was alone on the ice screaming, and I mean screaming at the refs….what was he so upset about? Other than the obvious….

  15. He will do it again, NYR_FAN … and the best thing is we figured out a way to do it in the future where we don’t have to be together, so it doesn’t have to be a day when we’re both at practice, like today, for example. It can be whenever he has time.

  16. Latona, I think he dives into the comments from time to time. He seemed to be prepared for what he might face :)

  17. inthearmsofbrianboyle (that's Canada and US, Pierre - edition) on


    Thanks for sharing the link to the E60 with Dom Moore.
    He looks like a guy you would like to have around – both on and off the ice.

    Carp – please – next time you invite to a Charpeloney be sure to alert the KING OF NORWAY FIRST. (The castle, Karl Johans gate, 0202 Oslo) King Harald will dictate a stop in all labour for as long as the Charp goes on, so everyone can participate.

    Nuff said.

    Enjoyed the chat – hope he’s back when the Rangers oficially have lost a 1st round pick to Tampa and are chasing the CUP of cups.

  18. CARP, he did. Unfortunately, you intentionally prevented me from participating, so he didn’t get a respite by/from the boneheadedness in the form of an intelligent question I had planned to provide.

  19. sorry guys, but I did tell youse last week that we would try again Monday, but we couldn’t pin it down until we knew if the Rangers would indeed practice, or if they would practice here or in Philly, between Games 5 and 6. So it sort of came together overnight, and Dave was still uncertain as of this morning if he would be making it to MSG or going directly to Philly.

    And since I pay him so little ($0.00) I can’t really force him to juggle his life to get into NYC for my sake.

  20. LOL! Dave said Dubi would now “eat nails to win”. That’s certainly not the guy we got used to in NYC. But, man, I think the change of scenery was exactly what the guy needed. I would take him back too, at the right price.

    1-0 Pens

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m a huge fan of the entire 70’s Rangers teams even the horrible 76-77 team. Dave Maloney was a big part of all those teams and that 78-79 team was something special…

  22. Dave M had rock star good looks as a young buck and, despite his good humor, racked up his fair share of fighting minutes. Unlike DooooGay, his hair is gray, no earrings, dresses conservatively, and he is who he is rather than trying to be who he was.

    Also our youngest Captain ever, couple years younger than McDonuts is today, as a matter of fact. Though the Charp is not the forum to do so, sorry I missed reminding him of a few real funnies from the olden days.

  23. By the way, I was wrong and I thought McPhee had the Calgary job locked up. Turns out Burke decided to not hire his long time friend, Mr. McPhee. So, I say, the Rangers should give McPhee a front office job. I thought he was a good GM. What do yall think?

  24. Dave’s Chat pay is like Carp’s hot dogs. Keeps getting doubled, but into the never arriving Twilight Zone.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nothing would be sweeter than to hear a silent filthy arena with 10 minutes left in the third.

  26. Expect rangers pens game 1 on NBC sat afternoon 1230 during there window prior to Kentucky detby

  27. I agree! Dave would be great up there. The only problem would be that we wouldn’t get to hear his words of wisdom as often.

  28. Oh gosh, Pierre McGuire now has problem with the word “desperation”. “Urgency is a better word.”

  29. Fat Guy, What will actually happen is…

    Artie scores the season saving goal with 1 second left and gives Fleury the rifle. Then the refs give him an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and the Pens win it in OT

  30. No carp app not working. My cable company cable vision won’t allow me access app outside of my home network. With NBC sports app you need no matter what cable provider you have put in user name and password.

    I really want watch kings can’t sit in a rest for 6 hours

    Any other free links or something easy to use

  31. Carp – Do you think that if I offer to pay him $0.00, Dave M will stand in for me and run my meeting tomorrow?

  32. Check out the Zipay tweet. NHL email about a game 7? Guess the zebras have their marching orders.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – there has to be a sports bar near your hotel. Have the conn see air find one for you….

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He counts to French in Chinese

    Earth revolves around him

    He sees sound.

    The most interesting man in the world

    Stay Thirsty My Friends.

  35. Early memories of going to MSG was Dave Maloney, Dave Farrish, Ron Greshner, Carol Vadnasis then came Mario Marios and Mike Mcquen(sp)

  36. Nash is totally invisible for Columbus… when is he going to man up and help that franchise win their first playoff series?!

    …oh, wait.

  37. Eddie

    Watching pens in rest in my hotel just want to be able watch late games in my bed and sit here till 1am

  38. What’s with the Blue Jackets? Reliving the civil war or something? I know they’re not bees.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My early favorites included Irvine, Neilson, Rousseau, MacGregor, Seiling, stemmer, Tkaczuk, Irvine, Fairbairn, Vickers et al

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – I see…..I’m from an era where sometimes you just had to go out to see them play….

  41. Blueshirts / Penguins 2nd round!!!

    So far, It’s going exactly how I planned.

    Philthy, followed by the Penguins, followed by the Bruins

    Finals against San Jose.

    Followed by a Ranger Victory Parade.

    Followed by Sather retirement announcement.

    Followed by Richards buyout.

    Followed by Nash trade for Evander Kane.

  42. Eddie, I remember those days.

    Jumping out to LI, Jersey or into Manhattan to see the games on cable!

    The good old Pre-cable days.

    Guess we are the old f-/ks around here!

  43. Carp, just thought the same about this series.

    Question is, do the BJ’s follow this by going into the tank next season too?

  44. Making the playoffs last year might have been the worst thing to happen to that franchise – filled them with delusions of grandeur. That’s why I kinda wished the Swamp Rats would have snuck in this season on the backs of Fatso and Jagr.

  45. Papa, remember when the Rangers had the 8, 7 and 6 seeds in their way to the finals, and the West’s 8 seed there too?

    Seems like a pretty rough road you’re mapping out this season.

  46. Eddie, 6 I believe.

    Carp, the champaign will taste sweeter knocking of the hated Flyers, Pens and Bruins.

    And I don’t like the way San Jose manhandled us early in the season. The deserve a thrashing too.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sharks better win next game…..

    Rangers – Sharks has been my prediction.

  48. I think these BJs are much better than those Tire Fires … but it will be tougher for all teams in the East to make the playoffs next year, if you assume Detroit is healthy and that Washington and Toronto might get better. Might.

  49. “And I don’t like the way San Jose manhandled us early in the season. The deserve a thrashing too.”

    I can see it now: D. Moops pokes the puck away from Hertl at NYR blue line, skates down the ice on a breakaway, and scores with a between the legs snipe in triple OT of Game 6 at MSG, NYR claiming the cup 4-2.

    Or we’ll lose before that. It’s one or the other.

  50. EEEVI, it went 6 … Pit, NYI, Pit, NYI, Pit, Pit. the last game was OT. And MAF sucked early in the series, coughed up a game.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    BJs are going to be a good team. Next year Toronto replaces TB, otherwise same playoff makeup.

  52. All these series wrapping up in 6 or less. Only three poss remain for game 7s. Watch us be only one.

    Nothing like screaming your head off over ranger hockey in Indy.

    Asked the bartender put hockey on thought I was nuts.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Liam isn’t just pretty, he’s also incredibly tiny. I bet he sleeps in a drawer.

  54. Eric,

    First ask the bartender for a scotch, then tell him your from LA. Then ask him to put on hockey.

    He’ll think you’re crazy nuts.

  55. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Hey Boys late to the game tonight, but just in time to catch Parise and the Wild.

    Stick a fork in the BJ’s, looks like they aren’t much better without Nash. I kid I kid. Well not so much :)

  56. Not sure that was Comeau’s fault, but that guy has become a Grade A cheap-shot artist. Takes a ton of bad penalties.

    I think he’s the guy who concussed J. Moops, right?

  57. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I just got done with an insurance adjuster, inside my house for the last couple of hours.

    I either need to put some skates on and hit someone or a really big bottle of whiskey :)

    I still feel sorry for the Wild, the refs really blew the end of that game in the last minute.

  58. “I would like 21 Pens hurt and play their AHL team.”

    Game 1 – AHL starter shuts NYR out and three players score first NHL goal 3-0
    Game 2 – AHL starter shuts NYR out and three players score first NHL goal 3-0
    Game 3 – AHL starter shuts NYR out and three players score first NHL goal 3-0
    Game 4 – AHL starter shuts NYR out and three players score first NHL goal 3-0

  59. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Wow what a BIG hit by Stastny. If he hits like that all the time I want him as a Ranger. Wicky would love this guy.

    MN Scores. Yes!

    Tune in quick, the ice is already melting in this one. WOW!

  60. Great start for MIN! They’re a good team – Kuemper is their fourth string goalie!

  61. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Best 5 minutes to start a hockey game I’ve ever seen.

    If you watching the BJ’s game you missing a good one with the Wild.

  62. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Crazy Wild Start, but a 4 goal comeback against the Penguins would be soooooo much better :)

  63. Let the tying goal be so epically painful fleury will forever be known as Phil Buckner fleury

  64. Stranger Nation on

    I stopped watching when Pissburg went up 3-0 only to come back to this diddy!

  65. Back to Minny-Colorado. Rangers win tomorrow and we start in on the overrated heartless beatable crybabies.

  66. NBC had 12:30 game Saturday perhaps game 1 before derby or NBC has a 3:00 pm game Sunday prob game 2 with game 1 being Friday night.

  67. Ryan Whitney ?@ryanwhitney6 6m

    Nathan MacKinnon is Bure in 94 playoffs for Vancouver. Absolute game breaker. Brings you to the edge of your seat when he gets possession

  68. Niemi was replaced due to his lackluster performance lately. He’s been more the Niemi of Oct. than the great Niemi.

  69. Oh sorry, Manny…and thanks! I didn’t see your post. My page wasn’t refreshed.

    I love me new avatar, too! And I <3 Odessa!

  70. You should visit Odessa, Manny… everyone should visit Odessa at least once before they die. Paris of Ukraine.

  71. Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
    Que tu cuerpo es pa’ darle alegria y cosa buena
    Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena
    Heeeeey Macarena

  72. Down 4-0, Jackets lack of discipline hurt them. Bad. Without that trio of penalties, they might have pushed this one to OT.

  73. Milbury said the steaks are high. Can only figure someone poured some 151 Bacardi on them.

  74. I think Crosby can’t grow hair over the scars. And his jaw and face are covered in scars from the Orpik puck to the face.


  75. Wild should have clinched tonight. Instead, thanks to the refs, they’ll be heading to a Game 7.

  76. This LA/San Jose match is a BIG BOY PANTS game…

    Btw, Gaborik is flying…1-1 after 2, Kings had a strong surge to end the 2nd…

  77. I love Parise. I would do the heart thing but I’m not as talented or savvy as ORR

  78. “I will say it however Kathryn Tappen wants is pronounced.”

    What about how I wants is pronounced?

  79. Not true! Those media guys puts words in his mouth. What did you expect him to say with a Devils C on his chest?

    He retracted those comments last year and didn’t want to disrespect Torts!

    Alas, the dream is dead!

  80. Speaking of which, the NHL should put an end to this Intent To Blow rule. Play should be alive until the whistle is BLOWN.

    Haha! 4-1. Where’s Jumbo Shrimp?

  81. Thanks, Latona. Exciting day! That was the first time in my life I cheered for Chelsea. I had to go shower right after the match. I still feel Man City will stumble, though.

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