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  1. _Then what did Nash wear_

    Mr D……Nash wears the No-contact Jersey during the games.

    Oops. My bad. He did, according to Carp’s review, throw 1 check in yesterday’s game.

  2. Orr, thanks for the Susan Sarandon question :) … was it you with the Carol Alt question too? I can’t remember.

  3. _Oops. My bad. He did, according to Carp’s review, throw 1 check in yesterday’s game._

    It was a semi-dishonest joke since he’s been a bit more physical in the postseason. Not Richards levels, but more so.

  4. I really wish we had more time to get in some of the j(g)ibberish questions, because they were outstanding.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    So now that we’ve had Dave, when do we get Sather? I assume right after someone explains to him what the internet is.

  6. _It was a semi-dishonest joke since he’s been a bit more physical in the postseason. Not Richards levels, but more so._

    Although I’ve tried really hard…….Settling (accepting or agreeing to something that I consider less than satisfactory) is, unfortunately when it comes to Nash, not in my DNA.

  7. And Nash satisfaction for me…….would be consistent and determined effort on almost every shift ( shifts preferably longer than 20 to 25 seconds) , like Dubinsky in the Pittsburg series.

  8. I feel like Derek Brassard could be Jon Snow.

    “You know nothing Derek Brassard”

  9. I think Carp should add a post showing the list of all the unanswered Maloney questions. Kind of like Plato’s Phaedo.

  10. You’re really reminding me of that Bull Dog guy who never stops bringing up that thing you said about the first round pick.

    too busy trying not to vomit
    than to take a look and see that a Charp was

    hey Carp
    could you answer one of my questions?
    wondering if you could address the “killer instinct”
    aspect of the Rangers and how it’s not there 99.9999% of the time (even during Cap’n Cally years)


  12. Papa, that Nash thing you crave? Not happening.

    Voice, everybody knew she was there.

    I think it might of been FG who asked about Carol Alt. Very funny actually.

  13. bull dog line on

    not going to stop bringing it up either Manny.
    of all the dumb things said on this blog, and there have been many including by me, that one was with out a doubt the dumbest. every team in the NHL would give up there 1st round pick to play in the CF.

  14. Fantastic Charloney! Sorry to have missed it. Great questions, you guys made this place look good. We know better but I think you fooled Dave.

  15. Teams would, yes, because that drives profit. As a fan, losing in the ECF versus one round prior does zero for me. Like I don’t look back more fondly on losing in 2012 than I do losing in 2013, and certainly not a Kreider/Miller/Skjei more fondly.

    (Not that I want you to stop bringing it up. It makes me feel *special* and *important*.)

  16. bull dog line on

    how often does a good playoff run come around, Wile E.
    are telling me you would rather lose to Philly, or Pitt so you can keep a 1st round pick. do you understand how much fun it will be if the Rangers beat both Philly, and Pitt to get to the conference finals? you are over thinking it just a bit.

  17. Replaying the Anaheim Dallas game from last night on nhl network now. 8 minutes left, what a finish.

  18. It’s a moot point anyway because Sather just traded that pick for the rights to Mark Recchi

  19. okay Carp
    maybe i got a little out there with the
    you know i’m not a stats guy. :-)
    but yes
    the team “finishes the job”
    when it has won Game 7s
    i’m thinking that it doesn’t have the kind of “killer instinct” that finishes a series earlier
    or the numerous games where it comes out seemingly disinterested, loses and makes all the usual statements about how they need to start better, move more on pp, blah blah blah………..
    i know it’s never gonna be perfect
    and it’s harder to deal with as a fan watching
    than as a player participating

    i guess we’ll see how they approach Game 6
    (if they play hard and take QUALITY shots and it just so happens mason pulls a hasek meets dryden meets roy kinda game than that’s more acceptable than shots to the goalie’s chest, no drive in all 3 zones and lack of interest to finish the series early)

  20. I agree bull dog. I mean if you were 100% sure you would lose the CF you might not want to give up the pick. But any team would trade a 1st for a crack at going to the finals. That said, it will be a lot to give up for MSL.

  21. bull dog line on

    I would trade a 1st round pick all ver again for all the conference finals the Rangers got to and lost in my time. 81 was great beating up the Blues, and Kings. 86 beating the Flyers and Caps, and 97 with a beat up team, getting to a conference final on Richters back. would trade a 1st rounder to do them all over again.

  22. Lol, ORR. No kidding, it would be a rubber room for me too. Forty seconds left and the place is rockin. Those poor fans at the game.

  23. Stralman….hm……….Who’s really unlikable but passes as someone competent?

  24. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    MSL might be worth it if he can win/steal some games in the playoffs.

    At least he will go to the net, and the dirty areas to pick up some goals.

    The window is almost closed for Richards…….right?

  25. Anyone with a pulse. I would keep Diaz in Stralman’s place until McLlrath is ready for 3rd pair. I would move Klein up with Staal.

  26. One of these games, Carp. It will happen.

    Has too. Law of averages.

    One of these games he’ll play hard consistently through the game.

    Hoping its tomorrow.

  27. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    The college kids they signed this year will jump over him.

    Skjei will jump over him next year.

    Then they will draft another D that can skate better.

    He will be Bickel’d before to long.

  28. I’m willing to make bets on whether McLlrath or Skej gets here first. Regardless, pretty great D Corps down there.

  29. Sioux
    i know!!!
    was going to post an apology for my looooooooooong winded post.

  30. Kenny Albert’s gonna be seriously jealous that Dave and Carp were doing bingers and Chaloneying all afternoon without him

  31. The only thing that Sioux is ever negative about is Dylan McLlrath. I assume the only reason is because of Mr. Skej and his college affiliation?

  32. Nbc sports network in hotel rest not my room.

    Someone send me a link just in case.

    How does my job send me away this week.

  33. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Little bit of snow today out here where the buffalo roam. Missed the Chaloney, rats.

  34. I think I will ask Kenny and Sam to each do a chat if ya boys can stave off elimination the next two nights :)

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Eric, I’m traveling and in hotels during games 6 and 7, if necessary (pleasepleasedontbenecessary) too. But I checked and my hotel has a sports bar attached so I think I’m set. I’m of the opinion that nothing should ever ever be scheduled during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  36. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Why in the holy hell is Bill Pidto on the NHL Network? And alongside EJ Hradek!? Oh lord.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    The MSG guys seem to show up on NBC telecasts a lot. Is it just because NBC is in NY and they’re easy to get?

  38. @rangersreport

    VIDEO: Alain Vigneault’s post-practice press conference. rangers.lohudblogs.com

    Click early, click often!

  39. CARP, thanks for deliberately holding the Dave Maloney chat without me, for not asking me beforehand if I would like to ask Dave any questions, and for not asking Dave if he would like any questions by/from me.

  40. Downloaded the app.

    So the rest in my hotel closes at 11pm. I said I want to watch kings/sharks at 10. Basically I could watch one period before they close.

    This app better work.

    In Indy they will have the pacers all over the rest. Better have a tv with jackets game on.

  41. But Dave did tell me to say Hi by/from him to you, Latona.

    and this is what you missed, Eric. Dave Maloney live chat.

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