Game 5: Rangers-Flyers in review


Click here for my column on the Rangers’ pre-series advantages all proving out to be advantages in Game 5.

And click here for Josh Thomson, 26’s story about the game.

Finally, click here here for my notebook, which touches on J.T. Miller’s playoff debut, and all the stats about how teams fare after winning or losing Game 5.


1) Well, I’ve kinda been right about this series so far. I picked Rangers in 6, I thought it would be 1-1 after two and 2-2 after four and I told you guys I would be surprised if they didn’t play very well in Game 5. They sure did. But other than my Rangers in 6 pick, I have no feeling for Game 6, and frankly, just going by history — the Rangers having lost nine straight games after going up a game in the playoffs, and having lost a Cup record 11 straight games in series in which they’ve led — I think there’s probably at least a decent chance we’re back at the Garden for yet another Game 7 Wednesday. Don’t forget, though they never played a Game 7 at home before 1992, the Rangers are now 5-0 in Game 7s at the Garden, plus they won Game 7 on the road last year. Also, as we’ve seen over and over, the team that needs the game more often wins it. So …

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers - Game Five

2) There are way, way too many guys who played well in Game 5 to even think about listing. I’m trying to find someone who didn’t? You want to give me Carl Hagelin because of the penalties? Well, OK, but one was an awful call, one was a penalty he had to take to prevent a scoring chance. And I thought otherwise, he had a very good game, too. I actually liked that line with Hagelin and Brad Richards and J.T. Miller. Funny that Richards has played better, and his line has been better, with speed on the wings. And yet, with Daniel Carcillo in Game 3, that line was very effective.

3) And by the way, the move to Carcillo in Game 3 and the move to Miller in Game 5 both make Alain Vigneault look pretty smart, no?

4) Gonna say this about Game 5, too, because you guys who know me know that I often say a team looks better when the puck is going into the net, and looks worse when it doesn’t. The puck went in, somewhat thanks to Steve Mason and poor Hal Gill — his slow, 6-7, 39-year-old frame thrown by Craig Berube into a speeding playoff train with only six games of NHL experience this season. I wonder if the puck had gone in a couple of times in Game 4 if that non-desperate-looking performance might have looked like Game 5. I asked AV if he thought the pace was better in Game 5. He kind of said that he thinks all the games have had great pace and ferocity. He always says that. His team has been pretty consistent the last few months.

5) The Rangers’ biggest edge in the series — and whenever they’ve played the Flyers over the years — stood out again. Very rarely is Henrik Lundqvist not the better of the two goalies in these games. He was again. Very much so. And he didn’t have to be a lot better because the team in front of him defended so well. Again.

6) And it killed penalties brilliantly, especially early when the calls created a herky-jerky start, and when a Flyers PPG could have very much changed the game.

7) Martin St. Louis and Derek Stepan. Both of them fabulous, start to finish. Stepan was so good defensively, so good on the PK. He won two draws before the 1-0 goal. After winning the second draw he won a board battle, then made a great pass to spring St. Louis, and St. Louis dropped it to Marc Staal and went to the net to disturb Mason — who said the puck dipped on him. St. Louis, who is playing like an NHL star again, also had a goal completely incorrectly disallowed by a much-too-quick whistle. Stepan’s been playing at a high level for a while now. I just really think he needs to shoot the puck once in a while, especially when the gameplan is to test these two goalies as much as possible. Ditto for Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello.

8) Which brings us to the fine NHL officiating. Why is Justin St. Pierre not behind the net on that play, where he can — as is his main job — see if the puck went into the net. Because if he’s behind the net or near the side of the net, he sees that puck is loose, and it’s not even close. And he doesn’t blow the whistle. But that play aside, we’ve had five games and five different rulebooks in this series, with ridiculous embellishment calls and non-calls, with ticky-tack hooks called and terrible spears and slashes not called. If that Hagelin slash is going to be a penalty, fine. But it has to be a penalty later in the same game, and it should be a penalty throughout the series. Somebody mentioned this, I think, on the chat the other day. The NHL should consider assigning an officiating crew, or two crews, to each series, and let them just stay with that series. It would lessen the travel and fatigue on the officials, and maybe, just maybe, the two teams fighting their tails off might understand what is and what isn’t a penalty. Because right now, they have no clue what will be called and when. (BTW, for an NHL star, Claude Giroux sure seems to go down easily).

9) Daily Nash-O-Meter: I’m thinking of dropping this feature because too many people see it as black and white with this guy. He scores, he’s great. He doesn’t, he sucks. And I completely understand the frustration with his 1 goal in 17 playoff games since he got here, plus I totally agree that his effort or desperation or compete weren’t nearly good enough in Game 4, and in many games this season. But on Game 5 day, I thought he was good, and not “good” like he claimed to be in the ’13 playoffs. He was engaged, was in the dirty areas, took some, gave some back, threw a body check and again was strong and dangerous on the PK. If he plays that way, you really shouldn’t complain, and if he does, he will score.

10) And while we’re at it, Richards was relatively physical, too. I thought other than the first one, he ran a pretty decent power play. I thought Game 2 was easily his worst, and he’s been much better since.

11) Dan Girardi — climbing the franchise playoff games-played ladder, he will tie two brand names, Mark Messier and Jeff Beukeboom, for sixth place on Tuesday — had another BlockNess Monster game. So did Staal. I thought Ryan McDonagh played his best game of the series. The other three, I had no problems with any of their games.

12) Didn’t even mention the strong, solid game played once again by Dominic Moore, Brian Boyle and Derek Dorsett, though I did in my column (link above). As I’ve said so many times, they’ve been a huge factor since Christmas in dictating zone time, and allowing AV to roll his lines in an up-tempo system. Moore’s been great, and a great story as you know. And when you compare the Rangers third line (whichever one you think is the third line) and fourth line, to the guys Berube throws over the boards, especially that sideshow Zac Rinaldo, well, huge advantage: Rangers.

13) So, thanks to NBC, after four games in 10 days, we’re now looking at the possibility of three in four. I don’t want to be a downer and suggest that Wednesday will be Game 7 at the Garden, but the Murphy’s Law that’s been hammered into my head by the Rangers the last few years says, well, it sure could be. Alsa, hate to say it for by colleagues on deadline Tuesday night … but we’re overdue for an overtime game, no?

14) Speaking of Beukeboom, I saw him on the bridge between periods. Then I had to go ice what was left of my hand.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Dominic Moore.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marc Staal.
2. Dominic Moore.
3. Martin St. Louis.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dominic Moore.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dominic Moore.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Dan Girardi.

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  1. Great work Carp. Josh too.
    Miller looked good, lets hope the message got through because to me that looked like (without Kreider) our best possible lineup given our roster.

  2. Great review of a great game, Carp. UK and Tomb thanks for the links.
    You’re right about AV looking smart. Smart and a whole lot less stubborn then some other head coaches we’ve known.

    Great stuff, great win. I’m all set up for a great day!

  3. Shame on you, Carp….telling the world you injured your hand…instead of just calling it “an upper body injury”! I guess you can expect your “shaking” hand to now be a prime target by everyone you meet. Good news…Player Safety is going to review video of “the shake” to see if Beuke came in high with an attempt to injure. Apparently this is not Beuke first hand-hunting episode…but as a should have known to keep your head up and you hand down…so you may have to absorb partial blame….and part with a few fishnagels for your troubles!

  4. Definitely could be a game seven. Definitely could be closed out tomorrow. One of these days henrik will bail out a team getting overwhelmed for A half period, period of desperation. Flyers have been the more desperate team in games two and four. Probably will be like cornered wild animals tomorrow. I’m getting a sense that this could be had, tho. Take the body shots the first ten-fifteen minutes tomorrow and then counter. Score. Henrik. Repeat. Rinse.


  5. Sitting in delta terminal waiting for flight to Indy. Called my hotel. No nbcsn in rooms perhaps rest in hotel has it. I will be on a man hunt trying to find game. Can’t believe I won’t be at msg for game 7.

    Anyone have good links to watch on iPad.

  6. Funny remark about meeting Beuk…I have a client like that, have to strain my neck to make eye contact and its a little like trying to shake hands with a tree trunk (he’s an amazing mountaineering guide specializing in Mt Everest, they are incredible athletes)

  7. Pretty good write up, Carp, though you seem to be hedging an awful lot over the last two…do not sense you are convinced the Rangers can close it out tonight in Phly, or that you believe the Rangers have what it takes, even when firing on all cylinders.

  8. Danny G has been in cyborg beast mode all series. Rangers best D by a decent margin I’d say.

  9. Nice review carp. the idea of keeping the same crew. Seems that they might get a better feel for the hackers and divers then.
    Was at the game yesterday and really saw how talented MSL is…but was happiest for Dominic Moore.

  10. The same officiating crew was my idea. That’s how they do it in baseball. It leads to consistency in calls. The players know what to expect from game to game.

    Eric, the NBC Sports app (not quite sure what it’s called) might work for you. They stream games live. As long as you’re not in the NY Metro, you should be fine.

  11. Carp, Review was spot on! Best part of the game for the Rangers in my opinion was the strong game by McDonagh. This was the first time back since the shoulder injury that we saw the player that he has been throughout the season.

    I agree, the Rangers are just better than the Flyers. They should win this series. That being said, and even though I have tickets for the game, I WANT NO PART of game 7!

    They need to break this jinx and close this thing out NOW!

  12. Colorado’s young phenom Nathan MacKinnon is listed as 6 ft 182 pounds. He sure looks a lot bigger on the ice. Reminds me of a smaller, earlier and preconcussed version of Eric Lindross.

  13. Steveknj…I knew it was your idea…and I agree with it! I wonder if these crews are graded ala the baseball umps? I was ecstatic with the win yesterday but the blown call on the goal that was disallowed could have really cost us.

  14. MacKinnon is going to be (if he already isn’t one) a beast. I really think, at that age he’s better than Crosby was. And Colorado is going to be the next team to benefit for having a 2 or 3 really bad years, and getting some great draft picks who are developing. Landeskog is another impressive player and their young D is learning and talented. They will have success for a number of years and probably win a cup or two.

  15. Thanks, steve. I couldn’t remember who brought it up. Good job.

    Also, the Avs drafted Shattenkirk, no?

    Good morning, Sally!

  16. steveknj makes a great point about teams having some truly brutal years and then prospering because they have chosen well in the draft! That is one of the problems with the Rangers. They always seem to get middle of the first round or late first round picks and don’t get the “superstar” players. The year that they did have not one but TWO top ten picks; they screwed the organization for YEARS to come by choosing two enormous BUSTS in Brendl and Lundmark. Typical rangers! I do have a feeling that if Gordie Clarke was running the draft board back then; we might have had some significant success.

  17. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice stories, Carp and Josh.

    Disagree that Moore’s goal was unassisted. Secondary assist goes to Hal Gill, primary assist to Greg Berube who went with an old Flyers mantra: when in doubt, go with size. Erik Gustafsson is a much better skater and played in more games this year than Gill.

    Say what you want about this being evenly matched teams, the Rangers are outclassing Philadelphia in many areas, forwards including. Flyers have more talent on their top two lines, but it isn’t that striking anymore because of MSL. After that- no contest.

    Speaking of MSL. When he is at his best, he looks very slippery out there. You can’t catch him, and he is unpredictable. How did this guy go undrafted? Oh, yeah, his size…

  18. By the way, Dom Moore was one of the better players during playoffs for Montreal and for Tampa. They should resign him.

  19. Stranger Nation on

    The entire D played great. Henk didnt have to do that much save for the last 5 minutes. DannyG and Norris had very strong games

    The Carp-Step love affair has reached the bizarro level of Coos-Richards hate affair

    Dinty Moops and the 4th line outplaying any line they are put out against.

    Refs are consistent – rules are…
    1. You cannot touch Crusty Jah Rue
    2. If it may be an infraction, Rangers get called
    3. If it may not be an infraction, Flyers don’t get called
    4. Blow the whistle as soon as the Flyer goal appears to make a save
    5. Flyers can throw punches but not get a major penalty called

  20. Defense was terrific yesterday –all of them…Assigning one officiating crew makes sense but the crew from yesterday should not be assigned to any playoff series. If they just do thier jobs and apply the rulebook its probably a 6-1 win. Ref’s job is not to keep the game interesting or close but to apply the rules. There have been a number of spears by the Flyers not called so far. Still don’t know what Klein did yesterday other that grab someone after one of those spears… Flyers basically grab someone and push every whistle of this series

  21. The broadcast team was refreshing. I never heard this color guy before, but he was way better than Olczyk, Pierre, or Micheletti. Intelligent comments, not a lot of random story-telling. And of course Kenny Albert does a good job.

    Though even he got caught stepping out of play-by-play and instead telling unimportant “facts” while goals were being scored.

  22. Yup, Carp. I though the third period last night was very well executed, as boring as it may have looked. They gave them nothing, until the very end.

  23. I was wondering if Klein might have crossed the line with some language. Because it didn’t appear he did anything in the scrum to get a penalty.

  24. Read speared Zucc in the groin right before the whistle and right in front of the ref so that may have prompted Klein’s language.

  25. morning ‘heads hope everyone had a great weekend. Are more people off the ledge for now?

  26. Yea. The Klein penalty was ridiculous. Also, it was ridiculous when he went to the box and they showed a picture of Darroll Powe next to his name. Also, maybe he got the penalty for pulling someone’s helmet off?

  27. Matty"FromVienna!!"Boy on

    Carpy, great review!!! Being away from the US for a bit it was my quest to ‘find a way’ to read them. Thanks!!!!

  28. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Four lines working! Sorry to say this, but imagine if Sather actually left a good 4th line intact for a couple of years? Rolling 4 is not new to the game, you know! It is to Sather, though. (What a bunch of throw-ins fourth lines have been for years here!) Must have gotten help on this concept.

    Moore is an obvious raise/resign. Dorsett is ok.

    Boyle he SHOULD have been talked to and figured out MONTHS ago, AS USUAL. SHOW THE LOVE, MORON. And sign him before he goes for a higher ‘fair market value’ as an FA. All it takes is one GM, right?

    How many times do we have to see him misplay his hand by being stubborn? He obviously finds Boyle expendable and sees someone else out there that will play solid 4th line, not score much, handle PK, be a checking center/forward, have a good FO percentage, have average speed, and play with some (I said some) physicality, if needed. His ‘size’ is quite helpful for that role.

    Take his size off the 4th line and go with another pygmie (which is what I would expect he will do) or Taylor Pyatt-slow-retread, and you deserve what you get!!

    I saw the conversation yesterday. $2.5 is high, but for a 3 year? I don’t think so, given all the little things he helps the team with? This team has a chance because it can ‘Roll 4’. Keep that!

    I would not do a long term deal for any 3rd or 4th line guy and try to diminish them altogether except for stars, anyway.

  29. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    In this series, Hank is a big part of the difference. So dependable. So reliable.

    If we move on, and it is to Pittsburgh. I know, a bunch of ‘if’s’.

    But, in that hypothetical series, in goaltending: EDGE. Rangers.

  30. Agree with you Matty. Dom Moore and *Boyle* are MUSTS for re-signing. As is the toughest member of the Rangers, Zuccarello.

    Boyle is simply the man. His defensive prowess and PK have been invaluable in this series so far.

  31. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Manny, vibin’…..

    Just imagine Taylor Pyatt, for $1.6M in that role as a replacement. Is his lack of speed, two way game, worth it? I shudder to think that Sather will replace Boyle with a sack of potatoes. He has done it year after year with other players.

    I hope even he can tell that part of the reason this team is better than last year’s (and the year before) is the bonafide ‘roll 4’.

    Remember how the Devil’s creamed us with that 2 years ago and how we are doing same to Flyers right now. Takes the pressure off top 3. Needed. Don’t lose it.

  32. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    Ya know. Save $1M from the bottom line and OVERPAY the next FA Savior!!! Richie Rich!! Nash!!

    Who’s next??

  33. Exactly, Matty. A guy that gets an Empty Net Goal deserves praise because his coach trusts him with the lead very late.

  34. The question is what do they do about a centre if/when they buyout Richards.

    They need a 2nd/3rd line center and don’t have one in internally (unless they feel Lindberg can).

  35. Matty"BackInGoodOleUSA!!"Boy on

    I don’t disagree, there, on Stastny. That team can move on without him.

  36. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Great write-up Carp! What the heck is wrong with NBC? Sunday’s game started at 10 AM MDT! NYC is the largest TV market in the country and the Rangers have tons of out of town fans across the nation — very poor management.

  37. That’s what I say Manny. Don’t bring in any F/A centers and cross your fingers with Brass at the 2.

    Having MSL here alleviates some of the need to overpay for talent this offseason. Just get a little meaner on D.

  38. Great review Carp. I met Jeff Beukeboom on Friday at the Rangers Hockey Town thing at MSG. My childhood hero. He’s a true gentleman too. 7 year old me would’ve been proud, because 25 year old me was bouncing off the walls after the fact. Also, yeah, he’s kind of strong isn’t he?

  39. Also, for what it’s worth, Dom Moore should have gotten the Broadway Hat. He’s having himself a hell of a series.

  40. Miller got it from Carcillo…who probably poisoned it before giving it to him so he can get his spot back.

  41. LOL. That’s nice of them to give it to JT. Is that how it works? The guy that had it last chooses who gets it next?

  42. PRUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea. I like that guy. I think they get a new Broadway Hat each season.

  43. The problem is JT Miller is not someone you want to rely on as your 3rd line centre. He hasn’t shown anything more than being an energy guy.

    I understand that Stastny would be a big gamble, but it is a major need going into next season. The Rangers are fine on the wings with Nash, Kreider, Zuccarello, Hagelin, MSL and Pouliot, but they need another top 6/9 centre.

    That said, if Toews hits the market in 2015 you know the Rangers will throw every dollar they have at him.

  44. Just got word that Dave M will join us for a Live Chat after practice. Guessing between 1 & 1:30. Please don’t bombard him w j(g)ibberish. Save that for me. Thx.

  45. I’m looking at the 2005-2006 Caroline Hurricanes Stanley Cup Championship team. I hate that damn team. Rod Brind’Amour? Seriously?

  46. Today’s Charp has been declared a no (g)jibbs zone. Better unload that stuff here, fellas.

  47. On the plane in airplane mode. Ask Maloney for me why his insight is too damn good. One of the best

  48. I missed the first period (both daughters had soccer games yesterday). That aside, I am surprised that no one has mentioned the referee call that I found most infuriating…the goalie interference call on Stralman. Am I looking at this through Ranger tinted-glasses, or was that a BS call given that it appeared to me that Stralman only interfered because of a cross-check to the back that propelled him into Mason?

    The powerplay goal at the end of the second was a result of this call, and made the game a nail biter in the end.


  49. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Manny – _I’m looking at the 2005-2006 Caroline Hurricanes Stanley Cup Championship team. I hate that damn team. Rod Brind’Amour? Seriously?_

    I *LOVE* that team!

    When a friend of mine, wins the Stanley Cup and brings it home for everyone to enjoy. It really doesn’t get much better than this :)

    It was a VERY good year the Cullen Children Foundation.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I had it Girardi-Moore-St. Louis. Not coincidentally, I think those three have been the best players in the entire series, on either team.

    Honorable mentions to Lundqvist, Staal, Stepan, and Richards.

    Carp, you mentioned all of the great plays by Stepan and St. Louis on the Staal goal except the most important one: Stepan had a stick lift takeaway from Akeson in the neutral zone that let him get the puck to St. Louis.

    Speaking of Akeson, he’s been pretty good since his cry in the penalty box. But Voracek has easily been the best Flyers player. Otherwise, they’ve all been pretty nondescript.

    It was a great game for our boys, although they made it a lot closer than it should have been.

    Carp, I swear we are watching different games when it comes to Nash. I don’t think he went to the dirty areas very much, at all. I remember one time when he cut to the net and-behold!-he drew a penalty. Other than that, everything to the outside. He has no goals in this series for a reason.

    The real first line has not been playing like that lately. Brassard, who I thought had one of the better game 4s for the Rangers, was absolutely dreadful for a long stretch in game 5. Woof. MZA is getting lost as Brassard and Pouliot lose effectiveness.

    It was good to see Boyle’s hard work finally reflected on the scoresheet, but I couldn’t help but having two thoughts on that play: 1) how funny would it have been if he hit the post or just missed entirely? and 2) He should have just drilled it at Giroux when he went down in front of the goal. It’s bad form to wish injury upon someone, but in the heat of battle, I wanted orange blood.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s a novelty and an opportunity to build your brand. You should tweet it out. Even though it’s to my detriment, you deserve the traffic and owe us nothing.

  52. Carp, I usually love your reviews, but the very first point made no sense. The Rangers, if you recall, won Game 5. They have momentum. Game 6 is in the bag.

  53. 9) It sounds as if Carp is using the same measuring stick for Nash as he does for guys like Boyle, D. Moore and Pouliot. I’m pretty sure Big-Money Nash was brought here to perform at a different level than those players. For a guy making his kind of money, having a couple of good shifts and “doing the little things” just won’t cut it.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Icing happen when the puck come down, bang you know, before the other guys you know. Nobody there, you know. My arm go comme ça then the game stop then start up.

  55. _I’m pretty sure Big-Money Nash was brought here to perform at a different level than those players._

    He is. I’m far from a Nash apologist, but he’s doing everything except scoring right now in terms of creating shots and driving possession. The difference seems to fall right into “goals or you suck” mentality.

  56. Any of you Brooklyners hear of Other Half Brewing? Had a Hop Showers on Friday night when I was out not watching the game and it was super-duper.

  57. How hot do you like the bath temperature if you’re just having a soak? #AskMaloney

  58. No, JBytes, I’m not using the same measuring stick. But I am considering the effort put forth and the quality of his game, and not just “he didn’t score, he sucks.”

    Manny, good to see you getting all of this out of your system.

  59. And if he doesn’t score it’s not acceptable.

    But he sure didn’t dog it in Game 5 as so many probably think he did just because he failed to score.

  60. A look at Nash’s assist totals should tell you he’s engaged; he had 13 all season and already 4 in the playoffs. 3 of the 4 are secondary, so its not like he’s the setup man, but he’s in play. Given his floaty, one-on-however-many regular season, this is nice. I still don’t and probably will never like him at $7.8MM, but he’s playing well.

  61. Never had nor heard of Hop Showers, MD. I’ll be on the lookout for it now.

    It was an Avery Maharaja and a Firestone Double Jack weekend for me.

  62. Agree, this player is not the one they thought they were getting, and at $7.8M he’s too expensive and probably not movable. Plus I don’t think they would want to move him.

  63. I usually let the people that don’t post all the time ask questions in the Charp anyways, Carp. I don’t like to take that over.

  64. I thought Nash carried over a bit of the effort from the last :40 seconds of Friday night and was more aggressive carrying the puck through the slot.

  65. Nice write-up as always Carp.

    How do you feel about McD not being a Norris finalist? My take he’s on the cusp of being one.

    LGR!!! Finish it in 6!!!

  66. The Norris finalists are so predictable. Chara? Really? The guy has been moved off the point on the PP. He essentially plays as a Forward on the PP.

  67. I just can’t see giving the Norris to a guy who doesn’t play the toughest minutes on his own team. I get why you might match up that way, but it sort of negates a top individual award in my mind.

  68. Weber also spent his season teaching Seth Jones how to play in the NHL while logging heavy minutes himself.

  69. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if McD has some summer surgery. Hope not. Maybe just rest.

  70. Right, Jones was 20% or something (I don’t want to click back). But I guess Manny is toooooootally right. Its like how Chara was teaching Klug to play.

  71. saw Kreider is doing conditioning drills, how long do you think from there to in game ready?

  72. Or Krug. A failed predictive joke about how soon he’d be forgotten from last year has me perpetually screwing up his name.

  73. Not soon enough, Draxen. I mean, it seems like Kreider won’t play in this series. If the Rangers are fortunate enough to advance, they could really use him.

  74. If Kreider comes back, you sit Miller, but I’m not sure you’re best 12 F doesn’t include Miller.

  75. Yea. The two lines you don’t break up are Nash-Stepan-St. Louis and Zuccarello-Brassard-Pouliot

    What happened to coming up with Game of Thrones names for all these guys?

  76. who do you sit though? I am not even sure where The Kreider fits in right now. Do you just slot him on that Richards/Hagelin/X line?

  77. “If Kreider comes back, you sit Miller, but I’m not sure you’re best 12 F doesn’t include Miller.”

    What about my are best 12 F?

  78. Kreider: KingSlayer
    Zuccarello: Tyrion
    Hank: The Wall a/k/a black brother
    Nash: Varys
    Boyle: Bran [Bole]
    Pouliot: HODOR

  79. _What about my are best 12 F?_

    Oh my god, and I love doing this to others. My day is even more ruined than Manny had already ruined it to this point.

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Thought Nash compete level was up. drew the penalty, was in front on PP and stayed up on skates while taking a beating. Not worthy of a $8MM investment, but at this point you can take anything to keep going.

    PS – really, really do not like him and Step as PK pair, slow and slower. Step is horrible on PK IMHO – never presses the puck, can’t win a board battle… Nash turns like an ocean liner, long reach but those wide turns are killers

  81. I think my boy has played pretty poorly overall but I’m not sure you want to throw Miller into the mix at C or split Boyle and Moore.

  82. Stranger Nation on

    If THE comes back, you have to consider playing him over Pullout. Guy has been a no-show too many periods, save for the painful Ozone penalties.

  83. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    SeeeDubbb & Ranger-on-the-isle lead the bonehead group at 4 Hatties, unless eth21 is a bonehead. I doubt it.

    So get you picks in today.

    How about those Blackhawks! Toews moves on, while Oshie works on his commercials :)

  84. I like Boyle as Hodor. But the Bole thing and Bran lends itself to that. Tough call, Rob.

  85. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Miller had a good game last game, I thought Caricillo had a better game in game 3.

    Do you put Kreider in cold? In the next series?

  86. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    How many screws would Torts have in Hags breezers after 3 penalties? #AskMaloney

  87. “PS – really, really do not like him and Step as PK pair, slow and slower. Step is horrible on PK IMHO – never presses the puck, can’t win a board battle… Nash turns like an ocean liner, long reach but those wide turns are killers”

    I would prefer Step and Hags as a PK pair. Hagelin can press the puck and sometimes wins board battles, but even when he doesn’t, he always engages. Step is more of an anticipatory PKer. He might read Hags’ plays well and intercept pucks for clears.

  88. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    So how bad where the Refs in the MN game on Saturday night?

    Crazy how they don’t call the hold on the Avs when Coyle gets mugged going into the zone, in a race he would have won to an empty net. Just to have the Avs get the puck and go in OFF SIDES, and score a tying goal with 50 seconds left?

  89. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Carp – any thoughts on this one?

    Should they have replay for off sides? When it decides a game like that.

    Not a lot different if baseball has it for the 1’st base call. Or in football if the catch was in or out of bounds.

  90. LOL. That’s a great one, Rob.

    I’m looking for the Dothraki word for horse for Richards. The Stallion that Mounts the World.

  91. OF COURSE you put in THE Kreider.

    He’s a hat-trick-waiting-to-happen … every game.

  92. Kreider: KingSlayer
    Zuccarello: Tyrion
    Hank: The Wall a/k/a black brother
    Nash: Varys
    Boyle: Hodor
    Hagelin: Ser Loras
    Carcillo: King Joffrey

  93. That’s a good one too, Draxen and Rob.

    Kreider: KingSlayer
    Zuccarello: Tyrion
    Hank: The Wall a/k/a black brother
    Nash: Varys
    Boyle: Hodor
    Hagelin: Ser Loras
    Carcillo: King Joffrey
    Dorsett: Bran
    Martin St. Louis: Jojen Reed

  94. Finally sitting down to read the review, it’s been that kind of day. I really appreciate these write-ups, eXspecially when I am not able to see the game live.

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