Game 5: Flyers at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Flyers at Rangers.


Not to be a bummer, but it’s possible today will be the final home game of the season.

When a best-of-seven series is tied 2-2, the winner of Game 5 has gone on to advance 180 out of 227 times (79.3%) in Stanley Cup Playoffs history (courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau). Of course, the Rangers have lost Game 5 of their last four 2-2 series and still won three of those series, so …

Click here to read my preview of Game 5.

There is also a preview video in the console above. Feel free to click on it early and often. :)

Thank you very much, NBC, for this: Today could begin three games in four days for the two teams if this series goes to a Game 7, after four games in the first 10 nights of this series.

Rick Nash and Claude Giroux both are still looking for their first goal of the series. Nash has one in 16 playoff games as a Ranger.

J.T. Miller, Jesper Fast, Justin Falk, Raphael Diaz and Ryan Haggerty are prucha’d. Chris Kreider (hand surgery) remains out indefinitely.
UPDATE: Miller took warmups, as did Dan Carcillo. Looks as if Miller might start in Carcillo’s spot.

Henrik Lundqvist vs. Steve Mason again. The Flyers’ Nick Grossmann is out with a leg injury, so ancient 6-7 defenseman Hal Gill, 39, plays in his place. Gill played six games this season.


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  1. I like Bull Dogs idea of playing 7 D-Men.

    Brian Boyle = Bran Bole
    Pouliot = Hodor


  2. But as per Eric it sounds like JT Miller is playing.

    I don’t even have a Game of Thrones name for him. Yet.

  3. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Best of luck to your mum.

    I watched the vid, you forgot must noogie game!

    I think guy Boucher would be a good coach for the caps, eve tho I’d hate to see him there.

    Crosby cost me a hat trick, jackwagon.


  4. Is Fast hurt? Loving’ me some JT Miller, but loved Fast’s speed, too. Big chance for Miller to step up.

  5. As they say in Ghostbusters: “I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

  6. Need to get up early get the crowd going…..remember when the crowd would get the Rangers going?

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Boston in 5 gave me my first perfect prediction.

    My mathematical ceiling is still 8 of 8, with 6 correctly predicted game totals.

    Rangers in 5 and Canadiens in 7 have been ruined as far as their game totals, but I got the Canadiens winning right, and still have a shot at Rangers winning.

    I still have a shot at perfect series for all other matchups, with Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and Colorado needing to just win their next game to lock me in perfectly on them. And St. Louis has to win out to both have my overall prediction and number of games be correct. So I could very easily be at 6 series right with 5 perfectly predicted.

    I also have SJ in 7, but if that series gets to 7 games, I don’t like their chances of winning.

  8. Nobody said D has been a problem. I was merely suggesting that putting Diaz in might help on the PP. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  9. “Wow Millbury thinks the Rangers are the better team? I heard that correct, right?”

    We’re doomed.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Once again, Milbury shows he knows nothing, as that hit was clearly reviewed, even during the game, as McD hurting his wrist by getting it caught in the photography hole.

  11. Need Emery back. Lundqvist has the pedigree, but not that much difference between his and Mason’s results this season.

  12. Last minute observations: Rangers must play every minute of each period as they did the last two minutes in Phillly the other nite. The door is slowly closing. Nash has to shed his tutu and grow some onions. He along with Richards & St Louis have to play their very best hockey. And as I said all along Henrik has to be better than very good and stand on his head. He’s still not the same goalie he was two years ago and it’s hard to be as he’s getting older, but let’s face it during the season he’s cost us 6-8 games on real soft goals. AV has to stop mixing lines. If the Rangers are out in 6 or 7 games Nash, Richards must go. man do we mix Kreider; he could have been the difference in our going further.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Latona…that was a robbery last night. so in the last minutes you can grab a players arm and hold him to prevent him from getting the puck in open ice.
    Brutal. Minny was robbed

  14. Not only that, Stranger, then you can head up the ice and commit an offside before scoring the tying goal!

  15. I Expect a really big game from Nash.

    He was called out in the media yesterday by Maloney, Dugay, Daneko, Brooks, Katie.

    Ranger 5
    Flyers 3

    Nash – 2 goals, 1 assist

    Book It.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    And don’t forget bashing a players head into the ice in front of the ref as he lies face down

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Amirante is a beaut. That coat, though, it must come with a bowl of soup.

    He must have bought it from the same guy that sold him that great, totally natural, unnoticeable toupee.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Besides a brief moment following Nash, it has literally just been focused on Flyers.

  19. JT Miller with a better shot on his second shift than Nash has had in the entire series.

    LOL at the penalty.

  20. _Flyers 2 on 1 because Hagelin didn’t want to get hit to make a play in the Ozone_

    Called Sacrificing for the team.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, if things continue the way they normally have, Hagelin will score out of the box from his bogus penalty.

  22. Flyers 2 on 1 because Hagelin didn’t want to get hit to make a play in the Ozone.

    That is why a team has two defensemen and a goalie on the ice.

  23. Maloney: “Bogus penalty.” Alain: “Definitely a penalty.” Hmmm, whom to believe.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “Someone in the building needs to cover Engblom’s mouth with duct tape.”

    It could have been Pierre. So I will never, ever complain.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Brassard had a really good third period in the last game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he found his way onto the scoresheet today.

  26. Good thing we didn’t get that clear interference call in the neutral zone.

    Way to give the Phlyers every chance to turn the momentum around.

  27. Good thing Carcillo is scratched. Probably would have been 2 penalties against already,

  28. Maybe HaGOONlin is taking penalties on purpose to get the D. Moops style breakaway.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    ORR!, they swallowed the whistle because it was the end of the game.

    Don’t worry, we will get makeup calls later.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Noon game = family viewing hour; expect a tight game called..against NYR that is

  31. I was ready to post how the rangers aren’t mounting much of offense and than “BANG”!!

  32. Staal’s ridiculously weak shot works in the Rangers favor giving enough time for MSL to screen Mason!

  33. LaGreca: “Rangers take the lead, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a win.” Jeeesh.

  34. Brassard meanwhile, poor defensive coverage forced Lundqvist to make a good save, lost draw and two giveaways on the PP.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    No argument here, Carp. He’s been bad so far today, that one shot notwithstanding.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Can’t stand LaGreca’s game call. And since the game call is the majority of what you hear, gotta go with my man Kenny.

  37. rangers keep giving puck away in neutral zone will lead to a flyer score. I feel rangers are fortunate to be up 1-0.

  38. coos coos. Ive tried doing that. tv and radio feed. can’t match it up. ones always ahead of the other. but yeah, would be the way to go.

    Also on step. Camersas showed him hurting on the bench in game 4. Don’t think its injury, I think he got hit and something ‘s stiff.

  39. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on










  40. Hags and Miller played a little bit together in Traverse, must be such a rush to be playing in a playoff game at the garden 3 years later. For all the criticism, hags has turned himself into a nice little player, Olympian. Those criticizing him have unrealistic expectations of him, he’s borderline top-6, but he’s a unique and versatile third line player.

  41. Clean up the neutral zone….we have been owning it all series, not so much in that period.

  42. Shoe on the other foot now. Flyers squandering chances, Rangers scoring against the run of play.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, can you ask Nash during the post-game press conference why he was able to fiercely attack the net in the final minute of game 4, but has otherwise pirouetted away for the rest of the series?

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Miller doesn’t mind getting in dirty areas and has some hands. Difference is taking dumb penalties, but I see his linemate Hags has taken up that mantle.

  45. When the puck goes behind our net, we should pull Hank and insert Cam, then switch them back quickly.

  46. “those criticizing him have unrealistic expectations of him, he’s borderline top-6, but he’s a unique and versatile third line player.”

    Agreed. I can’t think of another Hags in the NHL – I’m all for keeping him around if the price is right.

  47. Can’t wait to hear Carp tell the radio audience ( Coos and maybe
    4 others! ) how bad Brassard is playing and how good Monster Nash is playing!


  48. Speaking of bench presence, and not that it matters, but I have Falk in the pool of who gets thrown in with our first trade of the off season. Maybe he’ll refuse to move.

  49. It’s in the previous thread, Sally. We are working on the entire team. C-Dubs and someone that isn’t me came up with the idea.

  50. Nash is more engaged today…..well last playoff game he was in a coma! How low can we place the bar for this floater?

  51. ThisYearsModel on

    General observation…….after griping up here for most of the year about the Rangers lack of onions, I think that can be put to rest. Beginning late in the season they began to display some guts. It has continued against this group of goons. They could use more size and toughness, but these guys have brought what they have.

  52. Carp with the shout-out for the worst blog on the interwebs!!!!!

    Get ready for more traffic boys!

  53. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Brassard makes up for 1st period mistakes by scoring a huge goal.

    Book it

  54. Lets hope game 5 isn’t a instant replay of game 4 where the rangers took a 1-0 lead and couldn’t score another goal.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey! He went to the net and he drew a penalty! Look at that! Try it more often!

  56. this is the same clown who called no goal during the season against the rangers that should have been a goal, same dopey ref (clown).

  57. iManny-O-War on

    Eric completely called it that Justin St. Pierre leads to a horrible Rangers record.

  58. Av and st Pierre had issues during re season. Toronto game in march for sure at home late. You would think French connection we benefit.

    Freaking joke

  59. That ref St. Pepé Le Pew shouldn’t even be refereeing in the nhl, maybe the WWE but not the NHL.

  60. my dad said right before the playoffs start that he was concerned the refs were going to impact games directly taking away goals.

    5 games in … What’s so hard about checking the replays on these obvious calls and making the right decision. In all sports. Its so simple

  61. iManny-O-War on

    Great battle by Miller and Hagelin. Great goal by Richards. Awesome. Flat out awesome.

  62. Like an integrity committee. like a panel of 50 ex-nhlers. or some kind of rotating committee. where whenever there are one of these calls. There are a group of 20 or whatever, who are on call for a specific game or night, and if their is a situation in game like that, these guys quickly take a vote and make the right call

  63. NO IDEA how Flyers didn’t score right before Rangers did. 3-0 game now 2-0, thanks to St. Peter.

  64. Didn’t you tired to talk about BRich being “lucky” scoring from bad angles, yet?

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Would have been awesome if Engblom said “Flyers were outmanned because of #Hartnelldown”

  66. Klein’s first trip to the box as a NY Ranger. I’m sure it was a BS penalty though

  67. gee a penalty just for klein? no nhl doesnt want philthy to advance my butt. and that non goal that really was a goal made me punch a hole in my wall. how can that rule not be overturned by toronto?

  68. “Make up call time! Nothing like game management!”

    Male up call for what? Disallowing a perfectly valid NYR goal means that PHI should get a power play?

  69. Girardi. Once again in Full Beast Mode. Having a great series!

    McDonuts is getting there. Much better today.

  70. Wow! They called a real penalty!

    I’m fine with that one, puck would have gone in had he not done something.

  71. Hagelin has a hat trick, unfortunately not in goals but penalties. If torts was coaching he would be ban for life.

  72. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Engblom – “coach, you’re losing 2-0, do you need a score?”

  73. Wait, that looked almost like a penalty — I was assuming St. P. would look for a phantom make-up call somewhere else.

  74. rangers are so scared to give up a shorty theyre really gonna hurt their chances if they make it out of this series

  75. Dom. with the biggest goal of the series. There goes the dangerous two-goal lead. (Should be 4-0)

  76. How bad is this officiating. Hockey needs challenges already. So what it ads a whopping 5 min tops to a game.

  77. Imagine if Lundqvist had given up those three goals. Or any.

    He would receive no blame.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    Richards scoring with both skates behind blue line – classic

    Be ready for a period full of PK

  79. I know it won’t happen but I hope St. Pepé Le Pew doesn’t ref another ranger game in the playoffs.

  80. Referees efforts to help finally worked. Bad goal on the end of period – gives them a life and hope in hopeless so far, game. Proverbial momentum…

  81. Rangers need to keep getting in front of Mason. He is vulnerable.

    Klein either has to block that shot or get out of the way…dumb play by an NHL player who should know better…

  82. AA you are a complete Jackwagon not only on Hank but just about every observation. Go back to your basement and continue to touch yourself.

  83. Strange, strange refereeing here. I do hope St. Pierre gets to see his great save for the Flyers on replay. He’s more than bad enough to think he owes the Rangers something in return. Or did he make the GI call, too?

  84. Stralman clearly tried to hold up and got shoved from behind followed by the flop from Mason.

  85. “If Rangers lose this game after being up 3-0, they deserve to lose series.”

    You mean 4-0.

  86. Yea he’s pretty gay, but it’s been the refs MO to give calls to the trailing team. It happens in every single game. They don’t hide it. Their actions aren’t matching up to the actual rules. Even when DM scored he got hooked on the hand with no call. Would’ve been a sure call for Philly.

  87. ThisYearsModel on

    Now we have to endure the prevent defense and the puck in our zone the entire 3rd period while the Flyers fire away. This game should be 4-1, and probably 5-1 if not for the Stralman who cannot shoot straight.

  88. Rewound the dvr …call on Klein biggest joke of playoffs….really these refs should not be working playoff game

  89. iManny-O-War on

    Does Apple know that the Pixies song _Gigantic_ is about a young girl experiencing a very large male

  90. iManny-O-War on

    How badly does this franchise need to re-sign Dom Moore and Zuccarello? Pretty badly I would say.

  91. *The NHL has a real crisis of OFFICIATING.*

    What’s the plan Gary Bettman?

    It’s worse than it has ever been.

  92. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    JR and Milbury are co-fathers of Liam’s baby. At birth, 8 ounces, 1 inch

  93. Garry would probably say its the best it’s ever been. Remember who won the cup when officiating was this bad? Yea, the penguins. Tough to beat the reffs when they have a MO.

  94. Dangir…. I just told my 11 yr old that about Mason, with the Ref about 1 ft from him. Just like when Carp swings at a golf ball and misses he counts it.

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Game 6

    Rangers 5
    Filthy 0

    GWG goal Brassard

    Rangers win series 4-2

  96. Two referees on the ice.

    How can they lose sight of a puck that is Cleary free on the goal line?

  97. Matty"FromVienna!!"Boy on

    Hey boys, just back at airport waiting for ride. Plug in the radio…..watching on my laptop….who do I hear being introduced on radio?? The Carp man!!

    Nice interview, Carpy!!

  98. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Uh oh, you’re in trouble
    Uh oh, you’re in trouble

    MIA – great jam

  99. Anyone think that Berube was named coach because of his Oxford degree in ice-ometics?

  100. D.Moore could get a bigger role from another team, with a better contract.

    I wouldn’t blame him if he left, but I’d be really disappointed. Always loved that guy, all the back from his rookie season.

    Still remember that last minute goal he scored against the Panthers back in 2005.

  101. Hags blew his career chance at a Gordie Howe with his ‘fight’ the other night sans the other two requisites.

  102. Voice, if D. Moops ends up on another team he could get buried on a fourth line. Here, AV has a fourth line that plays … subject to change if/when Boyle leaves.

  103. iManny-O-War on

    Matty’s here! Sally’s here! NYR’s here! A new person Mazz is here!

    This rules

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, funny that you had that problem with Beuk. When I met him, he shook my hand so lightly that I thought I was holding a handful of feathers. A giant handful, but feathers nonetheless.

  105. Boyle is a good blocker and PKiller. He seems inconsistent with his for he king though, and is sometimes weak and overly concerned to get back of defense.

  106. You guys might laugh but I think Boyle is highly coveted around the league for his role…

  107. also, doesn’t Moore live in Connecticut? I would think he wants to stay playing for the rangers, the team that drafted him.

  108. Boyle is a valuable member of this team. A valuable member of the 4th line that we have been screaming about not having for years. That being said, I would NOT pay him what he is allegedly asking. I think he wants $2.5 per year? NO WAY!

  109. rangers need to pick up there game, worse thing to do is sit on a 3-1 lead, just ask Pittsburgh and Columbus.

  110. Yev… Re: Boyle……He plays every game, kills penalty and wins face-offs too.

    I’d match up to $ 3.0 Million.

    It’s not my money and they’ll have Cap room.

  111. Carp. Nice plug she gave you on the radio. You deserve it. This place is the best!!

  112. Wow, Papa, 3.0M for Boyle. That is rich. for a 4th line guy? But, we do need a 4th line. Having one is so important. Had we had one when we played the Dev’s in the ECF, WE could have gotten smoked in the Finals!


  113. Stranger Nation on

    Enterprise rep ready to get pucks ripped at his nutsack

    didn’t see that in job description…

  114. I hope the rangers keep Moore and Boyle for the 4th line and hope they don’t hold the rangers hostage and take a fare team rate. Something in the 2m-2.5m range.

  115. Stranger Nation on

    You know w are winning when the board starts discussing FA signings

    pay attention fellas!

  116. I think McDonagh has looked much better this game. Looks more like his old self to me. Agree?

  117. If I had to choose I would say D Moore over Boyle. Miller could become the PK specialist.

  118. So-called third line making a great adjustment. Not trading chances and forechecking like a beast. They don’t need to score if they play like this.

  119. Fourth line of the Devils was successful because the top line of the Rangers did not play well.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Called it: Giroux scores before Nash. Also, Philly should consider playing the next game without a goaltender.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s a question, if you ice the puck with your goalie pulled, can you put him back on the ice?

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    Huge game/series for Girardi and Moore. Unquestionably the best players this series for the Rangers.

  123. Dime a dozen.

    You are right. Dominic Moore is not dime a dozen. The other guy that scored an empty netter off the hard work of others is dime a dozen.

  124. Good afternoon all! Helmet nuzzles and stick salute!!!

    That last minute and a half is exactly why I kept stomach knots and hopes and nausea off here for the game…..too frigging nervous….

    I would love this series to end in Philly…..late those fans enjoy our nuzzles at least.


  125. Keith Jones looks a bit butt hurt. I thought Rangers played passionate but smart. Can’t say the same for the Flyers.

  126. bull dog line on

    1 more win closer to MrD’s worse case scenario!
    Callahan and Del Zotto were really good in this game.

  127. “Huge game/series for Girardi and Moore. Unquestionably the best players this series for the Rangers.”

    Add St. Louis to that list.

    Good win! LGR!

  128. The faster you start ignoring him, the faster he’ll abandon his attention seeking behavior. By disappearing. He’ll come back under another name, but that’s a different story.

  129. Useless stat, but good for Miller’s confidence that he had a plus-2 in a huge playoff game. He was solid.

  130. I hope Alain remembers to remind this team that they overcame some horrendous officiating, stuck with the game plan and really overpowered a team that just didn’t have much effort today.

  131. Callahan and Del Zotto were really good in this game.

    Best players on the ice.

  132. Miller sagged in the latter part of game. He’s probably still in AHL shape, not NHL playoff shape.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers aren’t physical and the Flyers have aboot 3 guys who are physical.
    Make a skills content and we win every time unless the refs blow it.

  134. I hope Alain remembers to remind this team that they overcame some horrendous officiating, stuck with the game plan and really overpowered a team that just didn’t have much effort today.

    I will remind them.

  135. Can’t do it every time, but good call by the refs (or the NHL?) deciding to swallow the whistle in the third. St. Pierre will be relieved, probably will be given more games now.

  136. What’s with JT getting the hat? Maybe for his first game?

    Regardless, I did like his game today. Thought he was solid.

  137. bull dog line on

    if you go back to Caricillo it would have to be in Philly. I don’t think he is needed as much at home. I think I would stick with Miller. but you are right, it is a tough call.

  138. Milbury is the biggest tool on the planet. This is the same guy who went into the stands and beat a fan with the fans shoe. Why would anybody in there right mind listen to that idiot.

  139. What more can you ask for than consistent inconsistence?

    When carp’s beaten up late night flannel typing pajamas get raised to the MSG rafters, what number goes with them? 420?

  140. Hank was excellent when he had to be. The first goal was the mandatory soft goal per game. The Rangers should have been four goals to the good when Hank allowed the mandatory softie.

  141. Maybe I’ve been in Buffalo too long, but it’s really weird to me when they don’t play “Oh Canada” at hockey games.

  142. Sure, Boyler scores with seconds left into empty net, ruining my hattrick. You big goof!

  143. iManny-O-War on

    It’s because “Oh Canada” is a better anthem than ours, Sally. I always miss hearing it

  144. Can we have killer instinct now. Is lucky number 12 going to break the streak after a playoff win when leading?

  145. They play “O Canada’ in Buffalo, NY? Figures, they also spell Sabers ‘Sabres.’

  146. jpg's sister on

    Just called J T Miller’s hometown TV station to tell them about JT getting first post season point. hope they cover it

  147. Really interesting when you can’t hear the post game question and AV replies “I thought he played really well.” Who, pray tell?

  148. another one of those soft goals off his defenseman’s leg. Both of them, actually.

    Always an excuse.

  149. Mama! ilb! Hiieeeee!!!

    jpg’s sisters, I think Chicago has won enough. Also, I hate Pat Kane.

  150. “It’s because “Oh Canada” is a better anthem than ours, Sally. I always miss hearing it”


  151. Even if something Sally said wasn’t true and we all knew it, I would still declare it to be true and believe her.

  152. i liked the way JT Miller looked with Hagelin and Richards a lot. I would keep them together.

  153. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Great call, Carp.

    That’s why *I* and the *King of Metal* and you’re *Not*, Latona.

  154. CARP, I was going to ask you the same question. It looked like it subtly changed directions.

  155. Giannone: “Does the team get seriously demoralized going into the locker room after giving up a late goal?”

    Henrik: ‘Yes.’
    MSL: ‘Yes.’
    Richie: ‘Yes.’
    McD: ‘Yes.’
    Team Choir: ‘Yes, oh Yes.’

    Ever hear anyone ever answer ‘Yes’ to a question like that?

  156. Thanks, Carp! Same for you. Carp’s always right, guys!!!

    ThisYear’s obviously never had a buffalo baby buffalo wing sammich.

  157. Berube: “Boys, we have to put our balls on the table.”

    Hartnell: “I think he stole that from Patrick Roy.”

    Giroux: “Roy stole it from Minnesota Fats.”

  158. ThisYear’s, I’m not gonna lie… Buffalo’s not exactly like a culinary epicenter of the universe, but the Anchor Bar is pretty much the WORST restaurant here.

  159. Do not breath on Giroux if you want to stay out of the sin bin. He is wearing solid state sound amplification apparatus for the refs? Good game for the most part…much better fore check, better puck support, more engagement…Gnash was skating today. Fourth line really deserved their scores. Gotta love ’em for their hustle and fore check.

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